Official residence

Official residence


Vale Royal is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Jamaica
24 Sussex Drive, Official Residence of the Canadian Prime Minister
The southeast view of Government House in Victoria, BC
National Palace, Mexico City

An official residence is the residence at which heads of state, heads of government, gubernatorial or other senior figures officially reside. They may or may not be the same location where they conduct their work-related functions, or even actually live.




  • Presidential Palace


  • State House (President)

 Burkina Faso

  • Presidential Palace


  • Kiriri Presidential Palace


  • Unity Palace [1]

 Cape Verde

  • Presidential Palace

 Central African Republic

  • Presidential Palace


  • Presidential Palace


  • Presidential Palace

Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo, Democratic Republic of the

  • Kinshasa Presidential Palace Palais de la Nation

Republic of the Congo Congo, Republic of the

  • Brazzaville Presidential Palace

 Côte d'Ivoire

  • Le Palais de la Présidence (President)


  • Presidential Palace



 Equatorial Guinea

  • Presidential Palace


  • Presidential Palace



  • Presidential Palace


  • State House (President)


  • Osu Castle formal (Presidential) residence
  • Golden Jubilee House current (Presidential) residence


  • Presidential Palace
  • Villa Syli (official guest house)


  • Belle Vue (demolished; former summer residence of the President)


  • Presidential Palace



  • Royal Palace (King)


  • Executive Mansion (President)



  • Iavoloha
  • Ambohitsorohitra


  • Sanjika Palace (President)


  • Presidential Palace


  • Presidential Palace






  • Presidential Palace



  • Village Urugwiro

 São Tomé and Príncipe

  • Presidential Palace



 Sierra Leone

  • State House (President)


 South Africa


  • Leeuwenhof (Premier of the Western Cape)

Provincial, former


  • Presidential Palace


  • Lozitha Palace (King)



  • Presidential Palace


  • Carthage Palace






 Antigua and Barbuda




 Dominican Republic

  • Palacio Nacional, Dominican Republic (President)




 Saint Kitts and Nevis

 Saint Lucia

 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

 Trinidad and Tobago

North America


  • Government House (Governor-General, formerly; kept for official government functions, visiting foreign dignitaries, and as House of Culture Museum)



*The provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec no longer have official residences for their lieutenant governors, but do provide them with accommodations; in the case of Ontario, only if necessary.

 Costa Rica

  • Casa Presidencial, Costa Rica (President)

 El Salvador


  • Casa Presidencial


  • Palacio "José Cecilio del Valle" (President)



*In every state of the Mexico the Palacio de Gobierno, or Government Palace, was the official residence the governor, they are now maintained solely as the relevant governor's offices.



  • Casa de la Corregidora (Governor mansion)


  • Presidential Palace


 United States

White House, Washington
Alabama Governor's Mansion
Colorado Governor's Mansion
Hawaiʻi: ʻIolani Palace
Kansas: Cedar Crest
Kentucky Governor's Mansion
Maryland: Government House
Minnesota Governor's Residence
New Jersey: Drumthwacket
Texas Governor's Mansion
Utah Governor's Mansion
Henry County Sheriff's Residence and Jail

Note that some mayors in cities with an official mayor's residence (notably Detroit and New York) choose instead to reside at their private residence, using the official residence for official functions only.

South America




  • Catete Palace (President, formerly; kept as Museu da República)
  • Paço de São Cristóvão (King and Emperor, formerly; kept as the National Museum of Brazil)
  • Palácio Imperial de Petrópolis (Emperor, summer residence, formerly; kept as Imperial Museum of Brazil)


Palacio de La Moneda, Santiago
  • No official residence for President, uses own private residence.
  • Presidential Palace of Cerro Castillo, Viña del Mar (President, retreat)


  • Palacio de Nariño (President)
  • Casa de Huspedes (Cartagena) (President)
  • Hacienda Hato Grande (President, retreat)





Palacio de Gobierno, Lima


  • Presidential Palace


  • Suarez Residence (President)
  • Anchorena Park (President, retreat)


  • Palacio de Miraflores (President)
  • La Casona


Central Asia


  • Ak Orda Presidential Palace (President)


  • White House, also Government House or Presidential Palace


  • Presidential Palace



East Asia

Zhongnanhai, China
Government House, Hong Kong
Kantei, Japan
Cheong Wa Dae, South Korea
Presidential Building, Taiwan (Republic of China

China People's Republic of China

 Hong Kong

Former British Colony of Hong Kong


  • Kyōto Gosho, also known as Kyōto Imperial Palace (Emperor, until 1869; kept as museum)
  • Edo-jō, also known as Edo Castle (Shōgun, 1603–1867; demolished, now part of Imperial Palace Gardens)
  • Gaishō Kōtei, also known as Prince Asaka Residence (Prime Minister, 1947 and 48–50, now open to the public as museum)

North Korea Korea, North

  • Pyongyang No. 15 (Chairman of National Defense Commission)
  • Sinuiju North Korean Leader's Residence

South Korea Korea, South

- Cheong Wa Dae is the official presidential office and residence complex for the President of South Korea.
- Its address is "1 Cheongwadae-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea". It is located next to Gyeongbokgung, the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty.
  • Cheong Nam Dae ("Cheong Wa Dae in the South") (President; no longer used)
- Cheong Nam Dae used to be one of the two vacation residences for the President of Republic of Korea. It was returned to public in 2003.
- It is located in Cheongwon-gun, North Chungcheong Province.
  • Cheong Hae Dae ("Cheong Wa Dae on the Seashore") (President; no longer used)
- Cheong Hae Dae used to be one of the two vacation residences for the President of Republic of Korea. Although the president no longer uses this facility this compound is still under the administration of the Republic of Korea Navy, and thus is not open to public access.
- It is located on one of the islands of Geoje-shi, South Gyeongsang Province.
  • Chongri Gonggwan ("Official Residence of the Prime Minister") (Prime Minister)
- This is the official residence for the Prime Minister of Republic of Korea. The Prime Minister, however, does not work here.
- Its address is "111-2 Samcheongdong-gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea". It is located close to Cheong Wa Dae.
  • Gukhoeuijang Gonggwan ("Official Residence of the Speaker of National Assembly") (Speaker of National Assembly)
- This is the official residence for the Speaker of the National Assembly of Republic of Korea. The Speaker, also, does not work here.
- It is located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, where many foreign missions to Korea are located.
  • Daebeobwonjang Gonggwan ("Official Residence of the Chief Justice") (Chief Justice)
- This is the official residence for the Chief Justice of Republic of Korea. The Chief Justice, also, does not work here.
- It is also located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.
  • Most ministers of state and heads of administrative regions also have official residences, although they are not listed here.



  • Presidential Palace

Republic of China Republic of China (Taiwan)

  • Chungshing Residence
Guest House
Office and Residence
  • Shilin Official Residence

South Asia


  • Presidential Palace




Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi
Raj Bhavan, Tamil Nadu
Raj Bhavan, Ooty
Union Territories


Theemuge, Maldives


  • Narayanhity Palace (King, formerly)



 Sri Lanka

Southeast Asia



  • Khemarindra Palace (King)

 East Timor


  • Istana Negara (President)
  • Istana Merdeka (President)
  • Istana Bogor (President, retreat)
  • Istana Cipanas (President, retreat)
  • Villa Pelabuhan Ratu (President, seaside retreat)
  • Istana Tampak Siring, Bali (President)
  • Gedung Agung (President)
  • Diponegoro House (Vice President)
  • Wisma Negara (visiting foreign dignitaries)
  • Yogyakarta Sultanate:
    Keraton Ngayokyakarto Hadiningrat (Sultan)
  • Surakarta:
    Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat (Sultan)
  • Kasepuhan:
    Keraton Kasepuhan, Cirebon (Sultan)
  • Kanoman:
    Keraton Kanoman, Cirebon (Sultan)
  • Kacirebonan:
    Keraton Kacirebonan, Cirebon (Sultan)
  • Deli:
    Istana Maimun, Medan (Sultan)
  • Siak:
    Istana Siak Seri Indera Pura (Sultan)
Pagaruyung Palace, since destroyed by fire
  • Aceh:
    Meligoe Aceh (Governor)


  • Haw Kham Palace (President)


The Istana Negara is the official residence of the Supreme Ruler of Malaysia


Malacañan Palace, Manila, Philippines



Grand Palace, Bangkok


Presidential Palace, Hanoi

Western Asia


  • Presidential Palace, also "President House"
  • #1 Government House (Prime Minister)


  • Presidential Palace
  • Presidential Apparatus


  • Rifa'a Palace (King)


  • Presidential Palace


Presidential Palace in Tbilisi
  • Presidential Palace


  • Beit Rahbari Presidential Palace(Supreme Leader of Iran)

Ali Qapu (Safavid dynasty, formerly; kept as museum)





  • Raghdan Palace (King)
  • Basman Palace (King)
  • Al Qasr al Sagheer (King)


  • Sief Palace (Emir)
  • Dar Salwa (Emir)
  • Dasman Palace (Emir, formerly)


Beiteddine Palace


  • Al Alam Royal Palace
  • Bait Barka
  • Hisn Al Shomoukh
  • Royal Court
  • Hisn Salalah
  • Sohar Palace
  • Qasr Mamoora
  • Razat Farm


  • Emir's Palace (Emir)

 Saudi Arabia

  • Riyadh Qasr Malik Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (King)
  • Jeddah Qasr Malik Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (King)
  • Mina Royal Palace
  • Makkah Royal Palace


  • Presidential Palace, also called Tesheen Palace



 United Arab Emirates


  • Presidential Palace



  • Presidential Palace of Tirana
  • Albanian parliament
  • Government House
  • Royal Villa of Durrës


Ballhausplatz Nr. 2



 Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Presidency Building
  • Konak Residence (visiting foreign dignitaries; also used for state receptions)


Euxinograd palace, Bulgaria


 Czech Republic


Amalienborg Palace


  • Kadriorg Administrative Building (President)
  • Paslepa (President, residence)


Presidential Palace, Helsinki



Palais de l'Elysée


  • French Polynesia:
    Presidence (President of French Polynesia)
    Haut Commissariat (High Commissioner of French Polynesia)





  • Palace of Dekeleia (monarch, now planned to be kept as a museum and a national park
  • Mon Repos (monarch, retreat on Corfu, now kept as a museum)
  • Psychiko Mansion (used by Queen-Mother Fredericka, now a private residence)
  • Polydendri Pavilion (monarch, retreat, now a national park)


  • Sándor Palace (President)


Buda Castle, Budapest







Presidential Palace, Vilinus




  • Presidential Palace


  • San Anton Palace (Official Residence of the President)
  • Verdala Palace (Summer Residence of the President)


  • Presidential Palace



  • Presidential Palace


Royal Palace, Amsterdam
  • The Royal Palace (Official reception palace for foreign dignitaries)
  • Huis ten Bosch (official residence of the Queen)
  • Noordeinde Palace (official working palace of Queen)
  • Soestdijk Palace (former royal residence of Queen Juliana)
  • Villa Eikenhorst (official residence of Crown Prince and his family)
  • Catshuis (official residence of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands)


Royal Palace, Oslo


Presidential Palace, Warsaw
Belweder, Warsaw
Presidential Castle, Wisła




Grand Kremlin Palace


  • Alexander Palace (Tsar, formerly; kept as museum)
  • Anichkov Palace (Tsar, formerly; kept as Pioneers Palace)
  • Catherine Palace (Tsar, summer retreat, formerly; kept as museum)
  • Nicholas Palace (Tsar, formerly; kept as commercial offices)
  • Oraniembaum (Tsar, formerly; kept as museum)
  • Pavlovsk (Tsar, formerly; kept as museum)
  • Peterhof Palace (Tsar, formerly; kept as museum)
  • Pella Palace (Tsar, summer retreat, formerly; demolished)
  • Summer Palace (Tsar, summer retreat, formerly; demolished)
  • Tauride Palace (Tsar, formerly; kept as offices for Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States)
  • Vladimir Palace (Tsar, formerly; kept as Academics' House)
  • Winter Palace (Tsar, winter retreat, formerly; kept as museum)
  • Yelagin Palace (Tsar, summer retreat, formerly; kept as museum)


Novi Dvor (New Palace)



Grassalkovich Palace


  • Presidential Palace


Palacio Real (Royal Palace), Madrid

Autonomous communities


Royal Palace, Stockholm
  • Royal Palace (Monarch, used for formal entertaining)
  • Drottningholm Palace (Official residence of the Monarch)
  • Solliden Palace (Official summer residence of the Monarch)
  • Stenhammar Castle (Official country residence of the Monarch)
  • Storlien (Winter retreat of the Monarch)
  • Villa Mirage (Retreat in St Maxime, France)
  • Haga Palace (Official residence of HRH The Crown Princess and HRH The Duke of Västergötland)
  • Villa Solbacken (Official residence of HRH The Duchess of Halland)
  • Koberg Castle (Official residence of Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld and Baron Nils August Silfverschiöld)
  • Villa Beylon (Official residence of Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson and Mr. Tord Magnuson)
  • Sager House (Official residence of the Prime Minister)
  • Harpsund (Country House of the Prime Minister)


 United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace, London
10 Downing Street



 Vatican City

Apostolic Palace, Vatican






Government House, Melbourne
State, former


 Cook Islands




  • State House (President, formerly; kept as immigration detention center)

 New Zealand



 Papua New Guinea


  • Government House (Chief)

 Solomon Islands


Royal Palace, Tonga


  • Government House (Governor General)


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