Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia

Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia

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province = Nova Scotia
shield = Shield-NovaScotia.png incumbent = Mayann E. Francis
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appointed_by = Michaëlle Jean
first_lg = Sir Charles Hastings Doyle
date = July 1, 1867
The Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (Lieutenante-gouverneure de la Nouvelle-Écosse in French [] ) is the vice-regal representative of the Queen of Canada in the province of Nova Scotia. The role of the Lieutenant Governor is to carry out the constitutional and ceremonial duties of the monarch in the province.

The Governor General appoints the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia on the advice of the Prime Minister, and in consultation with the Premier of Nova Scotia. There is no set limit to a Lieutenant Governor's term, the traditional description being "at Her Majesty's pleasure."

The present Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia is Mayann E. Francis, who has served in the role since September 7, 2006.


Since 1867, thirty lieutenant-governors have served Nova Scotia. Previously they acted as Governors of Nova Scotia (1710-1867). There were also twenty Governors of Acadia, representing the French Monarch, between 1603 and 1710.

Mayann E. Francis is the second woman, and first person of West Indian descent, to serve as vice-regal in Nova Scotia. The shortest mandate by a Lieutenant of Nova Scotia was Joseph Howe, for the last three weeks of July, 1873. The longest was MacCallum Grant, from 1916 to 1925.


The Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia is vested with a number of governmental duties, as well as being expected to undertake various ceremonial roles. The Lieutenant Governor, him or herself a recipient of the award as Chancellor of the Order, bestows the Order of Nova Scotia on deserving Nova Scotian citizens. The Lieutenant Governor also attends various functions throughout the province and abroad, either as the host or a guest of honour. The Lieutenant Governor undertook approximately 250 engagements each year between 2002 and 2004. [ [ Guthrie, Gavin and Aimers, John; "$1.54 per Canadian: The cost of Canada's constitutional monarchy, 2005"] ]

For more detailed information on the Vice-regal's responsibilities in Nova Scotia see: Lieutenant Governor (Canada)


Unlike most other provincial vice-regals in Canada, the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia bears a personal flag which consists of a Union Flag defaced with the shield of the Nova Scotia Coat of Arms surrounded by a circle of 18 green maple leaves. This is the last of the Canadian governors' flags to retain the original design set out by Queen Victoria in 1869. Throughout the 1950s, the Lieutenant Governor used a flag bearing simply the Arms of the province, to symbolise his authority. [ [ Flags of the World: Nova Scotia] ] Fact|date=June 2008

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