President of Colombia

President of Colombia
President of the Republic of Colombia
Presidente de la República de Colombia
Presidential Seal of Colombia.svg
Presidential seal
Flag of the President of Colombia.svg
Presidential Standard
Juan Manuel Santos

since 7 August 2010
Residence Casa de Nariño
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Simón Bolívar
Formation 17 December 1819
Salary $23.460.630 ($13.000 USD)
Website Presidencia de la República

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The President of Colombia (Presidente de la República de Colombia) is the head of state and head of government of the Republic of Colombia. The office of president was established upon the ratification of the Constitution of 1819, by the Congress of Angostura, convened in December 1819, when Colombia was part of "la Gran Colombia". The first president, General Simón Bolívar,[1] took office in 1819. His position, initially self-proclaimed, was subsequently ratified by Congress.

The current president of the Republic of Colombia is Juan Manuel Santos.



According to the Colombian Constitution of 1991, Article 188: The President of Colombia is the head of state, head of government and Supreme Administrative Authority. The President of Colombia symbolizes the National Unity and after taking an oath to the Constitution of Colombia and swearing to defend and protect the nation's laws, he is charged to guarantee and protect the Rights and Liberties of all the Colombian nationals. [1]

The Administrative Department of the Presidency of Colombia has the commission to assist or support the President of Colombia on its constitutional mandated functions and legal issues. [2]

Colombian Constitution of 1991 Article 115: States that the National Government is formed by the President of Colombia, the Vice President of Colombia, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Colombia and the Directors of the Administrative Departments of Colombia. Any official from these entities constitute the Government of Colombia in any particular business.

Any act by the President of Colombia, in order to be legal and enforceable, must be sanctioned by any of the ministries or department directors, who will also be held responsible for the act. The only exception is if the President appoints or removes minister, administrative departments' directors and any other officials appointed by him under his administrative authority. Governors of the Departments of Colombia, Mayors of Municipalities of Colombia, as well as regional Superintendents of Colombia, public establishments and industrial and commercial state owned enterprises, are all part of the Executive branch of Colombia.

General description

The Colombian Constitution of 1991, coupled with several articles of amendment, establishes the requirements an eligible candidate must meet in order to become president, as well as the term of office, method of election, and powers.

Requirements for holding office

Colombian Constitution of 1991 Article 191: states that the president must be a natural born citizen of Colombia and at least 30 years of age. [3]

Term of office and election

The president and vice president serve a term of office of four years after being elected by popular vote. Reelection in Colombia was not allowed until November 24, 2005 when the Colombian Congress approved it by introducing the Electoral Guarantees Law (Ley de Garantias Electorales) which modified Article 152, of the Colombian Constitution of 1991. The President or Vice President desiring a reelection must officially postulate its candidacy in the National Electoral Council and guarantee a fair competition for the other contenders, because of this, participation of acting officials in political proselytism was standardized. If the president or vice president are not running for office they are prohibited from participating on political proselytism. If one or both are participating, he/she is authorized to participate in these activities four months prior to the primary elections. Also, if the president and/or vice president are running for office they will also be authorized to participate in their political party's selection mechanism to postulate candidates. [4]

In 2010, the Constitutional Court of Colombia threw out a planned referendum to allow presidents to run for three consecutive terms. It ruled that Colombian presidents cannot serve three terms, even if they are nonconsecutive.[2]

Last election

e • d Summary of the 30 May 2010 and 20 June 2010 Colombian presidential election results
Candidates – Parties First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Juan Manuel Santos – Social Party of National Unity (Partido de «la U») 6,802,043 46.68 9,028,943 69.13
Antanas MockusGreen Party (Partido Verde) 3,134,222 21.51 3,587,975 27.47
Germán Vargas LlerasRadical Change (Cambio Radical) 1,473,627 10.11  
Gustavo PetroAlternative Democratic Pole (Polo Democrático Alternativo) 1,331,267 9.14
Noemí SanínColombian Conservative Party (Partido Conservador Colombiano) 893,819 6.13
Rafael Pardo – Colombian Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Colombiano) 638,302 4.38
Róbinson Devia – Voice of Conscience Movement (Movimiento la Voz de la Consciencia) 31,338 0.22
Jairo Calderón – Liberal Opening (Movimiento Apertura Liberal) 29,151 0.20
Jaime Araújo – Afro-Colombian Social Alliance (Alianza Social Afrocolombiano) 14,847 0.10
Total votes for candidates 14,348,616 98.46 12,616,918 96.60
Blank votes 223,977 1.54 444,274 3.40
Total valid votes 14,572,593 100.00 13,061,192 100.00
Null votes 170,874   198,003  
Unmarked ballots 37,553   37,729  
Total votes cast 14,781,020   13,296,924  
Source: Registraduría Nacional del Estado Civil, Registraduría Nacional del Estado Civil

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