President of Bolivia

President of Bolivia

The President of Bolivia is the head of state of Bolivia. According to the current constitution, the president is elected by popular vote for a single non-renewable five year term. If none of the candidates receive half the popular vote, the president is chosen by vote of the Senate between the two candidates who received the most votes.

List of Heads of State of Bolivia (1825-Present)

Liberators (1825-1826)

Presidents of the Republic of Bolivia (1966-Present)

Historical reputation

In 1983, a poll was taken by the newspaper "Última Hora" to determine which seven historical presidents were regarded as most significant. The "winners" were Antonio José de Sucre, Andrés de Santa Cruz, Manuel Isidoro Belzu, Mariano Melgarejo, Aniceto Arce, Ismael Montes, and Víctor Paz Estenssoro.

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