Financial Secretary (Hong Kong)

Financial Secretary (Hong Kong)

Financial Secretary (zh-t|t=財政司司長), often abbreviated as FS, is a position of the Hong Kong Government. The FS assists the Chief Executive (Governor before the transfer of sovereignty) in supervising the policy bureaux as directed by the CE, mostly finance and economy-related, and plays a key role in ensuring harmonisation in policy formulation and implementation. The FS is also responsible for delivering the annual budget at the Legislative Council.

Before 1940, the position was titled Colonial Treasurer.

List of Colonial Treasurers before 1937

*James Russell (1882)
*Alfred Lister (1882-1883)
*Norman Gilbert Mitchell-Innes (1890-1895)
*A. M. Thomson (acting) (1895-1897)
*T. Sercombe Smith (1897-1898)
*A. M. Thomson (1899-1918)
*C. McI. Messer (1918-1931)
*E. Taylors (1931-1937)

List of Financial Secretaries between 1937 and 1997

*S. Caine (1937-1940)
*H. R. Butters (1940-1941)
*Charles Geoffrey Shield Follows (1946-1951)
*Arthur Grenfell Clarke (1951-1961)
*John James Cowperthwaite (1961-1971)
*Charles Philip Haddon-Cave (1971-1981)
*John Henry Bremridge (1981-1986)
*Piers Jacobs (1986-1991)
*Nathanel William Hamish Macleod (1991-1995)
*Donald Tsang (Sept 1995- June 1997)

List of Financial Secretaries after 1997

*Donald Tsang (July 1997 - May 2001)
*Antony Leung (May 2001 - July 2003)
*Henry Tang (July 2003 - June 2007)
*John Tsang (July 2007 - )

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