October 2006

October 2006

October 2006 was a month that began on a Sunday.

The month was marked by a nuclear test by North Korea that prompted that passing of Resolution 1718 by the United Nations Security Council.

Also at the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon was elected to succeed Kofi Annan as the secretary-general and Belgium, Indonesia, Italy and South Africa were elected to two-year terms on the Security Council; the four nations and Ban Ki-moon began their tenures in January 2007. A fifth temporary on the Security Council was still up for grabs at the end of the month.

The Nobel Prizes for the year were awarded, with Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Lesotho adopted a new flag, Several national elections took place around the world during October 2006 and a scandal involving former United States Congressman Mark Foley was at the forefront just ahead of November elections in the United States. Microsoft Corporation released version 7 of its Internet Explorer internet browser software.

The following events also occurred during the month:

  • A passenger bus plunges into a ravine near the city of Chiantla in northwestern Guatemala, killing 42 people. (BBC)
  • BP shuts down the Prudhoe Bay oil fields due to losing power as a result of high winds. (AP via ABC News)
  • Iraq insurgency
    • Iraqi police announce they have found a total of 110 corpses at locations across Baghdad in the previous 48 hours, thought to be more victims of insurgent death squads. In addition, a bomb planted under a car explodes in the city's southern district of Doura, killing 10 people. (CNN) (Reuters)
    • United States military sources state that a total of 30 militants and 4 US soldiers have been killed since the weekend. (BBC) (Reuters)
    • A mortar fired by insurgents landed on an ammunition dump at Camp Falcon U.S. military base on the outskirts of Baghdad, causing a huge fire. At least 30 explosions were reported. There were no reported casualties. (Reuters)
  • Six people die in a bomb attack on a festival in the town of Makilala in the Philippines. Two others are killed and four injured in a blast at a market in Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat. Officials blame Muslim extremist groups. (AFP) (Sun Star) (BBC) (CNN)
  • A naval base and oil facility in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, are captured by armed attackers who are now thought to be holding 60 people hostage. (CNN)
  • Hundreds of thousands of people made a protest against President Chen Shui-bian in Taipei, Taiwan, surrounding Office of the President, where Chen took part in ceremony marking Double Tenth Day. (BBC)
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