War in Afghanistan (2001–present)

War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
War in Afghanistan
Part of the Afghan civil war and the War on Terror
2001 War in Afghanistan collage 3.jpg
Clockwise from top-left: British Royal Marines take part in the clearance of Nad-e Ali District of Helmand province; two F/A-18 strike fighters conduct combat missions over Afghanistan; an anti Taliban fighter during an operation to secure a compound in Helmand Province; A French soldier patrols a valley in Kapisa province; US marines prepare to board buses shortly after arriving in southern Afghanistan; Taliban fighters in a cave hideout; US soldiers prepare to fire a mortar during a mission in Paktika province.
Date October 7, 2001 – present
(&1000000000000001000000010 years, &1000000000000004400000044 days)
Location Afghanistan
Status Conflict ongoing

2001 Invasion:

Insurgent groups:

2001 Invasion:

Commanders and leaders
United States Barack Obama

United States George W. Bush
United States John R. Allen
United States David Petraeus
United States Stanley McChrystal
United States David D. McKiernan
United States Karl W. Eikenberry
United States David Barno
United States Dan K. McNeill
United States Paul T. Mikolashek
United States Tommy Franks
United Kingdom Peter Wall
United Kingdom Nick Parker
United Kingdom David Richards
United Kingdom John McColl
Germany Goetz Gliemeroth
Germany Norbert Van Heyst
France Nicolas Sarkozy
France Jacques Chirac
France Jean-Louis Py
Italy Mauro del Vecchio
Canada Rick Hillier
Canada Walter Natynczyk
Canada Andrew Leslie
Turkey Hilmi Akin Zorlu
Turkey Levent Colak
Spain Gustavo Delgado
Afghanistan Hamid Karzai
Afghanistan Bismillah Khan Mohammadi

Afghanistan Mohammed Fahim
Afghanistan Abdul Rashid Dostum
Afghanistan Ustad Atta Mohammed Noor

Afghanistan Mohammed Omar

Afghanistan Obaidullah Akhund (POW)
Afghanistan Mullah Dadullah  (KIA)
Afghanistan Bakht Mohammed (POW)
Afghanistan Jalaluddin Haqqani
Osama bin Laden  (KIA)
Saif al-Adel
Ayman al-Zawahiri
Mustafa Abu al-Yazid  (KIA)
Mohammed Atef  (KIA)
Abu Laith al-Libi  (KIA)
Sabar Lal Melma (KIA)[4]
Younis al-Mauritani (POW)[5]
Juma Namangani (KIA)
Tohir Yo‘ldosh (KIA)
Abu Usman Adil[6]
Haji Mali Khan (POW)[7]
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
Afghanistan Sirajuddin Haqqani
Afghanistan Tehrik-i-Taliban command
Afghanistan Abdul Ghani Baradar (POW)
Afghanistan Maulana Fazlullah

NATO – ISAF: 130,638[1]

Afghanistan Afghan National Army: 170,500 (2011)[8]
Afghanistan Afghan National Police: 135,500 (2011)[8]
Total: 436,638 (2011)

Afghanistan Taliban: ~36,000[9]

al-Qaeda: 50-500[10][11]
Hezbi Islami: 1,000[12]
IMU: 5,000–10,000[13]
Afghanistan Haqqani network: 1,000[12]
Afghanistan TTP: 30,000–35,000[14]
Afghanistan TNSM:4,500
Total: 77,000-88,000 (2010)

Casualties and losses

Killed: 2,727 (USA: 1,759, GBR: 388, CAN: 158, FRA: 76, DEU: 53, Others: 293)[15]
Wounded: 22,618+ (US: 14,793,[16] UK: 5,312,[17][18] Canada: 1,859+,[19] Germany: 245, Australia: 209,[20] Netherlands: 140[21] Denmark: 100+[22] Poland: 100[23] Estonia: 60+[24])
Killed: 1,764*[25][26]
Wounded & injured: 59,465*[25][26]
Afghan Security Forces:
9,374+ killed [27][28][29]
Afghan Northern Alliance:
200 Killed[30][31][32][33]
Total Killed 14,128+

Taliban and insurgents

Killed: 38,500+
Wounded: unknown

Civilian deaths: 14,000-34,000 approx.
*Casualty numbers from the US Dept. of Labor for Contractors are combined for Iraq and Afghanistan.