List of World War II films

List of World War II films

Below is an incomplete list of fictional feature films or mini-series which feature events of World War II in the narrative.

A separate list of full-fledged TV series appears at the end.


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  • The film or mini-series must be concerned with World War II (or the Sino-Japanese War) and include events which feature as a part of the war effort.
  • For short films, see List of World War II short films.
  • For documentaries, see List of World War II documentary films.

Films made during the war

Note:  Soviet films are in Russian and originate in the  Russian SFSR, unless otherwise noted.


Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
United States USA Hitler, Beast of Berlin Sam Newfield German political prisoner
United Kingdom UK The Lion Has Wings Michael Powell, Adrian Brunel, Brian Desmond Hurst RAF mobilization - the first British propaganda film of the war


Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
United Kingdom UK Convoy Pen Tennyson The Battle of the Atlantic
 Germany Feinde (Enemies) Viktor Tourjansky Film justifying the German Invasion of Poland.
 Japan Moyuru ōzora Yutaka Abe
United Kingdom UK Secret Journey John Baxter Espionage
United Kingdom UK The Big Blockade Charles Frend The Economic blockade of Germany
United States USA The Great Dictator Charlie Chaplin A satirical film of Nazism and a dictator named Adenoid Hynkel
United States USA The Long Voyage Home John Ford The Battle of the Atlantic
United States USA Watch on the Rhine Herman Shumlin Nazi agents pursue a German freedom-fighter and his family to Washington.
United States USA Waterloo Bridge Mervyn LeRoy While mobilizing, a British officer reminisces about his World War I romance [1]
United States USA Women in War John H. Auer Nurses in the Battle of Britain.


Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
 Germany Annelie Josef von Bákyn A heroic German mother during war.
United States USA Caught in the Draft David Butler Bob Hope gets drafted.
United Kingdom UK Dangerous Moonlight Brian Desmond Hurst The Battle of Britain
United Kingdom UK 49th Parallel Michael Powell Survivors of a sunken U-boat in Hudson Bay trek across Canada to the neutral USA
United Kingdom UK Freedom Radio Anthony Asquith German Resistance
 USSR Frontovye podrugi (The Girl from Leningrad) Viktor Eisymont
United Kingdom UK Pimpernel Smith Leslie Howard The Scarlet Pimpernel updated to World War II
United Kingdom UK Ships with Wings Sergei Nolbandov Battle of Taranto
 Germany Soldaten von morgen (Soldiers of Tomorrow) Alfred Weidenmann Nazi Hitler Youth film
United States USA Sundown Henry Hathaway The North African Campaign
 Germany U-Boote westwärts Günther Rittau U-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic
United States USA Underground Vincent Sherman German Resistance
United States USA A Yank in the RAF Henry King American volunteers in the RAF


Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
 Italy Alfa Tau! Francesco De Robertis Italian submarine warfare; Mediterranean Theatre of World War II
 Italy Bengasi Augusto Genina The North Africa campaign
United States USA The Bugle Sounds S. Sylvan Simon Cavalry and tank warfare
United States USA Captains of the Clouds Michael Curtiz Canadian bush pilots in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, WWI ace Billy Bishop as himself
United States USA Casablanca Michael Curtiz Romantic film in Vichy France-controlled Morocco
United Kingdom UK The Day Will Dawn Harold French Norwegian resistance
United States USA Desperate Journey Raoul Walsh RAF aircrew escape from Germany through occupied Holland
United States USA Eagle Squadron Arthur Lubin Eagle Squadron, American volunteers in the RAF during the Battle of Britain
United Kingdom UK The First of the Few Leslie Howard Development of the Spitfire
United States USA
United Kingdom UK
Flying Fortress Walter Forde B-17 planes
United States USA
Flying Tigers David Miller American Volunteer Group, the Second Sino-Japanese War
United Kingdom UK The Foreman Went to France Charles Frend The Battle of France
 Germany Fronttheater Arthur Maria Rabenalt The Battle of Greece? [2]
 Germany Die große Liebe (The Great Love) Rolf Hansen Some part of battle between Nazi Germany and USSR.
 Japan Hawai Mare oki kaisen (The War at Sea from Hawaii to Malaya) Kajiro Yamamoto Attack on Pearl Harbor and Malayan Campaign.
United Kingdom UK In Which We Serve Noel Coward and David Lean Based on the sinking of HMS Kelly
United States USA Lady from Chungking William Nigh The Second Sino-Japanese War
United States USA Let's Get Tough! Wallace Fox Juvenile delinquents battle the Black Dragon Society saboteurs in New York
United States USA Mrs. Miniver William Wyler The British Home Front
United States USA Navy Comes Through A. Edward Sutherland The Second Battle of the Atlantic
United Kingdom UK The Next of Kin Thorold Dickinson Careless talk costs lives - message and fictional commando raid
Odessa in fiamme (Odessa in Flames) Carmine Gallone
United Kingdom UK One of Our Aircraft Is Missing Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Allied aircrew escaping from the occupied Netherlands
United States USA Pacific Rendezvous George Sidney Spy film about cryptography in the Pacific War
 Italy Un Pilota ritorna Roberto Rossellini
 Estonia Punane udu (The Red Fog) The Soviet occupation of Estonia
United States USA Reunion in France Jules Dassin The French Resistance helps a downed US pilot
United Kingdom UK Sabotage at Sea Leslie S. Hiscott
United States USA Somewhere I'll Find You Wesley Ruggles War correspondents in China and Pacific
United States USA Stand by for Action Robert Z. Leonard The Pacific War
 Germany Stukas Karl Ritter Stuka, German dive bomber
United States USA They Raid by Night Spencer Gordon Bennet Commando raids in occupied Norway
United States USA To Be Or Not To Be Ernst Lubitsch Effects on Warsaw; Polish Air squadron in London
United States USA To the Shores of Tripoli H. Bruce Humberstone
 Japan Tsubasa no gaika (A Triumph of Wings) Satsuo Yamamoto Co-written by Akira Kurosawa
 USSR Uchinari Jani Isidor Annensky and Vladimir Petrov
United States USA Wake Island John Farrow The Battle of Wake Island
United Kingdom UK Went the Day Well? Alberto Cavalcanti A fictional German invasion of England (see Operation Sea Lion)
United States USA A Yank on the Burma Road George B. Seitz The Burma Road


Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
United States USA Action in the North Atlantic Lloyd Bacon The Second Battle of the Atlantic
United States USA Aerial Gunner William H. Pine The B-17 bomber in the Pacific
United States USA Air Force Howard Hawks B-17 bombers in the Battle of the Philippines
United States USA Bataan Tay Garnett The Battle of Bataan, Philippines
United States USA Behind the Rising Sun Edward Dmytryk
United Kingdom UK The Bells Go Down Basil Dearden Auxiliary Fire Service during The Blitz
 Germany Besatzung Dora Karl Ritter All about Luftwaffe men.
United States USA Bombardier Richard Wallace B-17 bomber crewmen in the Pacific
United States USA Bombs Over Burma Joseph H. Lewis
United States USA Chetniks! The Fighting Guerrillas Louis King Chetniks - Yugoslav guerrillas under General Draza Mihailovich
United States USA China John Farrow
United States USA Corregidor William Nigh The Battle of Corregidor, Philippines
United States USA Corvette K-225 Richard Rosson and Howard Hawks The Battle of the Atlantic, RCN corvette
United States USA Crash Dive Archie Mayo US submarine in the North Atlantic
United States USA The Cross of Lorraine Tay Garnett
United States USA Cry 'Havoc' Richard Thorpe
United States USA Destination Tokyo Delmer Daves US submarine patrol for the Doolittle Raid
United States USA Destroyer William A. Seiter The fictional story of the destroyer USS John Paul Jones from commissioning
United States USA Edge of Darkness Lewis Milestone The Norwegian resistance movement
United Kingdom UK Fires Were Started Humphrey Jennings The Blitz
United States USA Five Graves to Cairo Billy Wilder Spy film set after the fall of Tobruk in the North African Campaign
United Kingdom UK The Flemish Farm Jeffrey Dell Commando raids in occupied Belgium
United States USA Guadalcanal Diary Lewis Seiler US Marines in Guadalcanal campaign
United States USA Gung Ho!: The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders Ray Enright Marine Raiders in the Central Pacific
United States USA A Guy Named Joe Victor Fleming The spirit of a deceased US pilot acts as the "guardian angel" of new pilots
United States USA Hangmen Also Die Fritz Lang Operation Anthropoid, the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich by the Czech resistance
United States USA Immortal Sergeant John M. Stahl British and Canadian troops in the North Africa Campaign
( Georgian SSR)
He will come back Diomide Antadze and Nikoloz Shengelaia
United Kingdom UK The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger The Home Guard
United Kingdom UK Millions Like Us Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat The Home Front
United States USA Mission to Moscow Michael Curtiz Various negotiations between Allies
United States USA The Moon is Down Irving Pichel Resistance
United States USA The More the Merrier George Stevens
United States USA The North Star Lewis Milestone Guerrilla warfare on the Eastern Front
United States USA Pilot #5 George Sidney Battle of the Java Sea
United States USA Rookies in Burma Leslie Goodwins The Burma Campaign
United States USA Sahara Zoltan Korda Allied troops at the Second Battle of El Alamein
United States USA Salute to the Marines S. Sylvan Simon The Battle of the Philippines
United Kingdom UK The Silver Fleet Gordon Wellesley Dutch resistance
United States USA So Proudly We Hail! Mark Sandrich The Battle of the Philippines (1941-42)
United States USA The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler James Patrick Hogan
United States USA This Land Is Mine Jean Renoir French Resistance
United States USA Three Russian Girls Henry S. Kesler and Fyodor Otsep The Eastern Front
United Kingdom UK Undercover Sergei Nolbandov Yugoslav guerrillas in Serbia
United Kingdom UK We Dive at Dawn Anthony Asquith Submarine warfare during the Second Battle of the Atlantic


Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
United Kingdom UK 2,000 Women Frank Launder Internment camps for British women in occupied France
 Italian Social Republic Aeroporto Piero Costa Italian aviators flying for the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana; the only surviving film made in the Italian Social Republic
United States USA Days of Glory Jacques Tourneur Soviet partisans
United States USA Dragon Seed Harold S. Bucquet, Jack Conway The Second Sino-Japanese war.
United States USA Four Jills in a Jeep William A. Seiter The experiences of female stars in USO shows; Betty Grable, Carole Landis and others play themselves
United States USA In the Meantime, Darling Otto Preminger
 Germany Junge Adler Alfred Weidenmann Germany during the war
( Georgian SSR)
Jurgais pari Siko Dolidze and Davit Rondeli
 Japan Kato hayabusa sento-tai Kajiro Yamamoto
United States USA Ladies Courageous John Rawlins Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron
United States USA Lifeboat Alfred Hitchcock The Second Battle of the Atlantic
Philippines Second Philippine Republic Liwayway ng kalayaan (Dawn of Freedom) Gerardo de León, Yutaka Abe Propaganda film about Japan–Philippines relations during Japanese occupation of the Philippines.
 USSR Malakhov kurgan Iosif Kheifits and Aleksandr Zarkhi Battle of Sevastopol
United States USA Marine Raiders Harold D. Schuster The Battle of Guadalcanal
United States USA Marriage Is a Private Affair Robert Z. Leonard
United States USA Mr. Winkle Goes to War Alfred E. Green
 Japan Nichijô no tatakai Yasujiro Shimazu
United States USA Passage to Marseille Michael Curtiz
United States USA Passport to Destiny Ray McCarey
 Japan Raigekitai shutsudo Kajirô Yamamoto Japanese torpedo bomber squadron at war.
 USSR Rainbow Mark Donskoy
United States USA Rosie the Riveter Joseph Santley
United States USA See Here, Private Hargrove Wesley Ruggles
United States USA Sergeant Mike Henry Levin
United States USA Since You Went Away John Cromwell Home Front in the United States
United States USA Song of Russia Gregory Ratoff
Squadriglia bianca (The White Squadron) Ion Sava
United States USA Sunday Dinner for a Soldier Lloyd Bacon
United States USA The Eve of St. Mark John M. Stahl
United States USA The Fighting Seabees Edward Ludwig The US Navy Seabees
United States USA The Impostor Julien Duvivier
United States USA The Master Race Herbert J. Biberman
United States USA The Navy Way William A. Berke
United States USA The Purple Heart Lewis Milestone Prisoners of war captured during the Doolittle Raid.
Australia Australia The Rats of Tobruk Charles Chauvel Siege of Tobruk
United States USA The Story of Dr. Wassell Cecil B. DeMille Navy doctor in the Battle of Java
United States USA The Sullivans Lloyd Bacon The Sullivan brothers
United States USA Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Mervyn LeRoy The Doolittle Raid
United States USA Till We Meet Again Frank Borzage
United States USA To Have and Have Not Howard Hawks
United States USA Two-Man Submarine Lew Landers
United States USA U-Boat Prisoner Lew Landers
United States USA Waterfront Steve Sekely
United Kingdom UK The Way Ahead [aka The Immortal Battalion] Carol Reed Conscripts are trained and fight in the North African Campaign
United States USA The White Cliffs of Dover Clarence Brown
United States USA Wing and a Prayer Henry Hathaway The Battle of Midway
United States USA Winged Victory George Cukor


Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
United States USA Back to Bataan Edward Dmytryk Battle of Bataan, guerilla warfare in the Philippines, in the Battle of Leyte
United States USA Blood on the Sun Frank Lloyd An American journalist is persecuted by the Japanese militarist government
United States USA China's Little Devils Monta Bell
United States USA Cornered Edward Dmytryk Ex-Nazis in Argentina
United States USA Counter-Attack Zoltan Korda The Eastern Front
 Denmark Den usynlige hær (The Invisible Army) Johan Jacobsen Danish Partisan
 Denmark De røde Enge (The Red Meadows) Bodil Ipsen, Lau Lauritzen Jr. Young Danish saboteur
 Mexico Escuadrón 201 Jaime Salvador Squadron 201 of the Mexican Air Force in the Battle of Luzon against the Japanese
United States USA First Yank Into Tokyo Gordon Douglas
United States USA
God Is My Co-Pilot Robert Florey The Flying Tigers
United States USA Keep Your Powder Dry Edward Buzzell Women's Army Corps
 Germany Das Leben geht weiter (Life Goes On) Wolfgang Liebeneiner About how the V-2 rocket would turn the tide of the war in Germany's favour
 Japan Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors Mitsuyo Seo The first full length anime film; shows Japanese folk hero and animal buddies driving British soldiers off an island
United States USA Objective, Burma! Raoul Walsh The Burma Campaign
United States USA Out of the Depths D. Ross Lederman Fictional rogue Japanese resistance during the USS Missouri surrender ceremony
United States USA Pride of the Marines Delmer Daves The Battle of Guadalcanal; civilian readjustment
United States USA Prison Ship Arthur Dreifuss
 Italy Roma, Città Aperta (Rome, Open City) Roberto Rossellini About the Italian resistance movement after the Nazis occupied northern Italy
United States USA Samurai Raymond Cannon
United States USA The Story of GI Joe William A. Wellman Ernie Pyle accompanies Company C, 18th Infantry in the North African Campaign and the Battle of Monte Cassino
United States USA They Were Expendable John Ford PT boats in the Battle of the Philippines (1941-42)
United States USA Too Young to Know Frederick De Cordova War in the South Pacific separates a young couple
United States USA A Walk in the Sun Lewis Milestone The Invasion of Salerno
United Kingdom UK The Way to the Stars Anthony Asquith RAF and USAAF bomber crews stationed in England
United States USA What Next, Corporal Hargrove? Richard Thorpe The final comedic adventures of Private Hargrove in Europe

Late 1940s

Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
1946  Philippines Death March Leopoldo Salcedo The Bataan Death March
1946  Philippines Dugo ng Bayan (I remember Bataan) Fernando Poe, Sr. Filipino Resistance.
1946  Philippines Garrison 13 Unknown [3] War crimes committed by Imperial Japanese Army in the Philippines.
1946  Philippines Guerilyera Octavio Silos The guerrilla movement in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines
1946 United Kingdom UK Journey Together John Boulting Follows the life of three RAF pilots from recruitment to first combat
1946  France La Bataille du rail René Clément Stories on railroad French resistance
1946  Philippines Orasang Ginto Manuel Conde The Battle of Bataan and Battle of Corregidor.
1946  Italy Paisà Roberto Rossellini About the Italian campaign
1946 United Kingdom UK School for Secrets Peter Ustinov Operation Biting
1946 United States USA The Best Years of Our Lives William Wyler American servicemen struggle after returning home from the war
1946 United Kingdom UK The Captive Heart Basil Dearden British prisoners of war in Germany
1946 United Kingdom UK Theirs is the Glory Brian Desmond Hurst and Terence Young Operation Market Garden
1946  USSR
V gorach Yugoslavii (In the Mountains of Yugoslavia) Abram Room Yugoslav partisans; Draza Mihailovich; Chetniks
1946  Philippines Walang Kamatayan Tor Villano The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines.
1946  Poland
Wielka droga (La Grande strada) Michał Waszyński, Vittorio Cottafavi Polish Campaign 1939, Russia, Africa, Italy 1944
1946  Poland Zakazane piosenki (Forbidden Songs) Leonard Buczkowski Polish Resistance 1939-1945 - the first post-war Polish film, and a musical
1947  China The Spring River Flows East Cai Chusheng, Zheng Junli The Second Sino-Japanese War.
1947  Poland Ostatni etap (The Last Stop) Wanda Jakubowska Auschwitz-Birkenau
1947  Denmark Jenny and the Soldier (Soldaten og Jenny) Johan Jacobsen
1947 United Kingdom UK Frieda Basil Dearden
1947 United States USA 13 Rue Madeleine Henry Hathaway
1948 United States USA Command Decision Sam Wood Command stresses in the US Eighth Air Force
1948 United Kingdom UK Against the Wind Charles Crichton A Commando raid into occupied Belgium
1948 United Kingdom UK A Piece of Cake John Irwin
1948  Norway Kampen om tungtvannet Norwegian heavy water sabotage
1948 United States USA Fighter Squadron Raoul Walsh P-47 fighters in the US air war in Europe
1948 United States USA
The Search Fred Zinnemann Displaced persons in postwar Germany
1948 Flag of Germany (1946-1949).svg Occupied Germany Morituri Eugen York The first post-1945 German film about the war
1948  Poland Ulica Graniczna (Border Street) Aleksander Ford The Holocaust in occupied Poland
1948  Poland Stalowe serca (The Steel Hearts) Stanisław Januszewski Silesia Poland 1944 / 45
1948  Yugoslavia Na svoji zemlji (On the own territory) France Štiglic People are fighting to kill Germans and Italians
1948  Denmark Støt står den danske sømand (The Viking Watch of the Danish Seaman) Bodil Ipsen, Lau Lauritzen Jr. Tells the true story about Danish sailors
1948  Denmark Tre år efter Johan Jacobsen Situation after the war termination
1949 United States USA Battleground William A. Wellman The 101st Airborne Division in the Battle of the Bulge
1949  Denmark Det gælder os alle Alice O'Fredericks A young survivor from a concentration camp.
1949  France Mission in Tangier André Hunebelle A journalist carries documents to London from Tangiers.
1949  USSR Padeniye Berlina Mikheil Chiaureli The Battle of Berlin
1949 United States USA Sands of Iwo Jima Allan Dwan The Battle of Iwo Jima
1949 United Kingdom UK The Small Back Room Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Bomb disposal
1949  USSR Stalingradskaya Bitva Vladimir Petrov The Battle of Stalingrad
1949 United Kingdom UK They Were Not Divided Terence Young The British Guards Armoured Division
1949 United States USA Twelve O'Clock High Henry King B-17 bombers of the US Eighth Air Force
1949  USSR Vstrecha na Elbe Grigori Aleksandrov and Aleksei Utkin Elbe Day
1949  Poland Za wami pójdą inni (The Others Will Follow) Antoni Bohdziewicz Warsaw, Polish resistance
1949 United States USA Home of the Brave Mark Robson Black soldier is paralyzed after recon unit is attacked on Pacific island


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
1950 United States USA American Guerrilla in the Philippines Fritz Lang The Japanese occupation of the Philippines.
1950 United States USA Francis Arthur Lubin Francis the Talking Mule unmasks a Japanese spy in the South Pacific
1950  Philippines Mapuputing Kamay Fausto J. Galauran Filipina nurses in the battles in Bataan and Corregidor.
1950  Poland Miasto nieujarzmione (Unvanquished City) Jerzy Zarzycki Poland Warsaw 1944
1950 United Kingdom UK Odette Herbert Wilcox SOE agent Odette Samson.
1950 United States USA Three Came Home Jean Negulesco Battle of Borneo (1941-42)
1950 United States USA When Willie Comes Marching Home John Ford
1950 United Kingdom UK The Wooden Horse Jack Lee True story of three British POWs and their attempt to escape from Nazi Germany
1951  Italy Achtung! Banditi! Carlo Lizzani The Italian resistance movement
1951 United Kingdom UK Albert Guy Morgan and Edward Sammis
1951 United States USA Decision Before Dawn Anatole Litvak The American army uses German POWs as spies in Germany in 1945
1951 United States USA Fighting Coast Guard Joseph Kane
1951 United States USA Flying Leathernecks Nicholas Ray A US Marine fighter pilot in the Pacific
1951 United States USA Force of Arms Michael Curtiz The US Fifth Army in the Italian Campaign
1951 United States USA Go For Broke! Robert Pirosh U.S. 442nd Regimental Combat Team in Italy and France
1951  Philippines Makapili [4] Makapili during Japanese Occupation of the Philippines.[5].
1951 United States USA Operation Pacific George Waggner A US Navy submarine's patrols in the Pacific War
1951 United States USA Submarine Command John Farrow
1951 United States USA Target Unknown George Sherman
1951 United States USA The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel Henry Hathaway Biopic of Erwin Rommel from the Second Battle of El Alamein to the July 20 plot
1951 United States USA The Magic Face Frank Tuttle An actor takes Hitler's place
1951 United States USA The Wild Blue Yonder Allan Dwan
1951 United States USA You're in the Navy Now Henry Hathaway A US submarine chaser in development
1952 United States USA Above and Beyond Melvin Frank, Norman Panama The 509th Composite Group and atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima
1952 United Kingdom UK Angels One Five George More O'Ferrall The Battle of Britain
1952 United Kingdom UK Appointment in London Philip Leacock RAF Bomber Command
1952  Japan Children of Hiroshima Kaneto Shindō The dropping of Little Boy on Hiroshima, Japan
1952 United Kingdom UK Gift Horse Compton Bennett The St Nazaire Raid
1952  France Jeux interdits (Forbidden Games) René Clément The Occupation of France
1952  Norway Nødlanding (Emergency Landing) Arne Skouen American bomber shot down in Norway. Surviving crew hidden by Norwegian resistance Milorg and smuggled out of the country.
1952 United States USA Okinawa Leigh Jason The Battle of Okinawa
1952 United States USA Operation Secret Lewis Seiler Espionage
1952 United States USA Red Ball Express Budd Boetticher Transportation units in the European Theater of Operations during World War II
1952 United States USA Thunderbirds John H. Auer The 45th Infantry Division in Italy. Code talkers.
1953 United Kingdom UK Albert RN Lewis Gilbert British POWs in a German camp
1953  Japan Anatahan Josef von Sternberg Japanese soldiers on a remote Pacific island will not accept that the war has been over for years
1953 United States USA China Venture Don Siegel
1953 United States USA Destination Gobi Robert Wise A US Navy weather unit in Mongolia
1953 United States USA El Alaméin Fred F. Sears The Second Battle of El Alamein
1953 United States USA Fighter Attack Lesley Selander The Italian Campaign and Partisans
1953 United States USA From Here to Eternity Fred Zinnemann The attack on Pearl Harbor
1953 United States USA Guerrilla Girl John Christian Greek Resistance
1953 United Kingdom UK Malta Story Brian Desmond Hurst The Siege of Malta
1953 United Kingdom UK Single-Handed Roy Boulting Royal Navy (based on Brown on Resolution)
1953 United States USA Stalag 17 Billy Wilder German Prisoner of War camp for US flyers
1953  Japan Taiheiyo no washi (Eagle of the Pacific) Ishirō Honda Biopic of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
1953 United Kingdom UK The Cruel Sea Charles Frend The Battle of the Atlantic
1953 United States USA The Desert Rats Robert Wise The Australian 7th Division at Tobruk, during the North African Campaign
1953 United Kingdom UK The Red Beret Terence Young British paratroops Operation Biting
1953 Canada Canada Tit-Coq René Delacroix, Gratien Gélinas A French Canadian serviceman comes home
1954  West Germany 08/15 Paul May
1954 United States USA Betrayed Gottfried Reinhardt Dutch resistance in the Battle of Arnhem
1954 United States USA The Caine Mutiny Edward Dmytryk Destroyer warfare in the Pacific
1954  West Germany Canaris Alfred Weidenmann Admiral Canaris was head of the German military intelligence and was part of several plots against Hitler.
1954 United Kingdom UK The Dam Busters Michael Anderson RAF bombers launch Operation Chastise
1954  Spain La patrulla Pedro Lazaga Spanish volunteers on the Eastern Front
1954 United Kingdom UK The Purple Plain Robert Parrish RAF evaders in the Burma Campaign
1954 United Kingdom UK The Sea Shall Not Have Them Lewis Gilbert Air Sea Rescue
1954 United Kingdom UK
Shetlandsgjengen Michael Forlong Shetland Gang; Docu-drama about Norwegian smugglers in the North Sea; most members of the "gang" play themselves
1954 United Kingdom UK They Who Dare Lewis Milestone SAS raid in occupied Greece
1954  China Letter with Feather Shi Hui A story of a young boy who, through his wits, delivers an important message to the 8th Route Army while evading Imperial Japanese forces during the Second Sino-Japanese War.
1955  Denmark Der kom en dag Sven Methling About the last days of the Occupation
1955  West Germany 08/15 - In der Heimat Paul May
1955  West Germany 08/15 - Zweiter Teil Paul May
1955 United Kingdom UK Above Us the Waves Ralph Thomas Submarine attacks on the German battleship Tirpitz
1955 United States USA Battle Cry Raoul Walsh US Marines at the battles of Guadalcanal, Tarawa and Saipan
1955  Poland Błękitny krzyż (Men of the Blue Cross) Andrzej Munk The Tatra Mountains in Poland - the Eastern Front in 1945
1955 United Kingdom UK The Cockleshell Heroes José Ferrer Royal Marine commandos launch Operation Frankton
1955 United Kingdom UK The Colditz Story Guy Hamilton British, Dutch and French POWs in special "escape-proof" camp
1955  West Germany
Der letzte Akt (The Last Act, Hitler: The Last Ten Days) Georg Wilhelm Pabst
1955 United States USA The Eternal Sea John H. Auer Pacific War
1955  Poland Godziny nadziei (The Hours of Hope) Stanisław Bareja, Jan Rybkowski Poland 1945
1955  West Germany Jackboot Mutiny Georg Wilhelm Pabst The July 20 plot to assassinate Hitler
1955 United States USA Mister Roberts John Ford and Melvin LeRoy A US Navy cargo ship in the South Pacific
1955  Poland Pokolenie (A Generation) Andrzej Wajda Polish Resistance
1955  Malaya Sergeant Hassan P. Ramlee war legend
1955 United States USA To Hell and Back Jesse Hibbs Combat biography of Audie Murphy
1955  Finland The Unknown Soldier Edvin Laine Finno-Soviet Continuation War
1956 United Kingdom UK A Town Like Alice Jack Lee British and Australian POWs after the Battle of Singapore
1956 United States USA Attack Robert Aldrich US infantry in France after D-Day
1956 United States USA Away All Boats Joseph Pevney US attack transport in the Pacific
1956 United States USA Battle Stations Lewis Seiler US Navy battleship in the Pacific War
1956 United States USA Between Heaven and Hell Richard Fleischer A National Guard unit in the Philippines
1956 United States USA D-Day the Sixth of June Henry Koster The Normandy invasion
1956  Yugoslavia Dolina miru (Quiet Valley) France Štiglic American soldier saves two children
1956  Spain Embajadores en el infierno José María Forqué Spanish prisoners at a Russian camp
1956  Poland Kanał Andrzej Wajda Warsaw Uprising 1944
1956 United Kingdom UK Reach for the Sky Lewis Gilbert Douglas Bader and the Battle of Britain
1956 United Kingdom UK The Battle of the River Plate Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Battle of the River Plate
1956 United Kingdom UK The Black Tent Brian Desmond Hurst The North African campaign
1956 United States USA The Bold and the Brave Lewis R. Foster The Italian Campaign
1956  Japan The Burmese Harp Kon Ichikawa The Burma Campaign
1956 United Kingdom UK The Man Who Never Was Ronald Neame The Battle of Sicily - Operation Mincemeat
1957 United Kingdom UK
 Sri Lanka
The Bridge on the River Kwai David Lean British POWs work on the Burma Railway
1957  Poland Con bravura Andrzej Munk The Tatra Mountains in Poland - the Polish Resistance
1957  West Germany Der Fuchs von Paris (The Fox of Paris) Paul May The Battle of Normandy from the German soldiers' perspective
1957  West Germany Der Stern von Afrika Alfred Weidenmann Story of Hans-Joachim Marseille, ace of the Luftwaffe.
1957 United States USA The Enemy Below Dick Powell The South Atlantic; cat-and-mouse action between US destroyer and a German submarine
1957  West Germany Haie und kleine Fische Frank Wisbar The Shark and the Little Fish; U-boats
1957 United States USA Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison John Huston A U.S. Marine and Catholic nun trapped on enemy island in the South Pacific
1957 United States USA Hellcats of the Navy Nathan Juran Submarine warfare in the Pacific Theatre
1957  USSR Летят журавли (Letyat zhuravli)
The Cranes Are Flying
Mikhail Kalatozov Damage suffered to the Soviet psyche as a result of World War II.
1957  Norway Ni Liv Arne Skouen Story of Jan Baalsrud, Norwegian resistance man who's forced to make an epic escape to neutral Sweden following a failed sabotage operation in Tromsø, Norway.
1957 United Kingdom UK The One That Got Away Roy Ward Baker True story of German escaper Franz von Werra
1957 United Kingdom UK The Steel Bayonet Michael Carreras
1957 United States USA The Wings of Eagles John Ford A biography of Navy flier Frank W. "Spig" Wead, Pacific theater.
1958 United Kingdom UK Carve Her Name with Pride Lewis Gilbert SOE agent Violette Szabo
1958 United States USA Darby's Rangers William Wellman The Battle of Cisterna and Battle of Anzio.
1958  West Germany Der Arzt von Stalingrad (The Doctor of Stalingrad) Géza von Radványi Battle of Stalingrad
1958  Poland Dezerter (Deserter) Witold Lesiewicz A Pole from Silesia in the Wehrmacht
1958 United Kingdom UK Dunkirk Leslie Norman Operation Dynamo; the Dunkirk Evacuation
1958  Poland Eroica Andrzej Munk The Warsaw Uprising 1944 / POW Camp 1944/45
1958  Poland Historia jednego myśliwca (Story of one Fighter) Hubert Drapella The Battle of Britain 1940
1958  West Germany Hunde, wollt ihr ewig leben (Dogs, Do You Want to Live Forever!, Battle Inferno) Frank Wisbar The Battle of Stalingrad
1958 United Kingdom UK Ice-Cold in Alex J. Lee Thompson North African campaign
1958 United Kingdom UK I Was Monty's Double John Guillermin General Montgomery
1958  Poland Krzyż walecznych (Cross of Valour) Kazimierz Kutz The Eastern Front, 1945
1958 United Kingdom UK Operation Amsterdam Michael McCarthy
1958  Poland Orzeł Leonard Buczkowski The story of ORP Orzeł
1958  Poland Pigułki dla Aurelii (Pills for Aurelia) Stanisław Lenartowicz Polish Resistance
1958  Poland Popiół i diament (Ashes and Diamonds) Andrzej Wajda Polish Resistance 1945
1958 United States USA Run Silent, Run Deep Robert Wise Japanese submarine chase during the Pacific War
1958 United Kingdom UK Sea of Sand (Desert Patrol) Guy Green Long Range Desert Group, North Africa Campaign
1958 United States USA South Pacific Joshua Logan Musical set in the Pacific Theater
1958  Czechoslovakia Tenkrát o Vánocích Karel Kachyňa Czechoslovak army on the Eastern Front, Christmas 1944
1958 United Kingdom UK The Battle of the V 1 Vernon Sewell Polish resisters spy on German rocket tests
1958 United Kingdom UK The Camp on Blood Island Val Guest British and Dutch POWs in Malaya
1958 United Kingdom UK The Key Carol Reed The Battle of the Atlantic
1958 United States USA The Naked and the Dead Raoul Walsh The Pacific War
1958 United Kingdom UK The Wind Cannot Read Ralph Thomas The RAF in Burma
1958 United States USA The Young Lions Edward Dmytryk Story of 3 soldiers during World War II. One is German, Two others are American (one of them is Jewish)
1958 United States USA Imitation General George Marshall [Comedy] Europe. Sergeant impersonates a fallen general in the hope of inspiring his fellow soldiers
1958  Poland Wolne miasto (Free City) Stanisław Różewicz Gdańsk Polish Campaign 1939
1958  China Yong bu xiao shi de dian bo Ping Wang Communist Party undercover agents operate in Shanghai in 1939 against the Japanese.
1959  USSR Ballad of a Soldier Grigori Chukhrai
1959  Poland Biały niedźwiedź (White Bear) Jerzy Zarzycki Poland 1941, Tatra Mountain Zakopane, Holocaust
1959  Poland Cafe Pod Minogą (Octopus Cafe) Bronisław Brok Polish Resistance Comedy
1959 United States USA The Diary of Anne Frank George Stevens The biography of Anne Frank.
1959  West Germany Die Brücke Bernhard Wicki The Western Front
1959  Italy
Estate Violenta Valerio Zurlini Dismissal of Benito Mussolini during the Allied invasion of Sicily.
1959  Japan Fires on the Plain Kon Ichikawa War in the Philippines.
1959  Italy General della Rovere Roberto Rossellini A petty thief, who is hired by the Nazis, impersonating an Italian resistance leader. Based on a novel by Indro Montanelli.
1959  Japan
Hiroshima Mon Amour Alain Resnais
1959  Poland Kamienne niebo (The Stone Sky) Czesław Petelski, Ewa Petelska The Warsaw Uprising, 1944
1959  Poland Lotna Andrzej Wajda The Polish Campaign, 1939
1959 United States USA Never So Few John Sturges The Burma Campaign
1959  Japan Ningen no joken I (The Human Condition: No Greater Love) Masaki Kobayashi Japanese resistance; Manchukuo
1959  Japan Ningen no joken II (The Human Condition: Road to Eternity) Masaki Kobayashi Japanese resistance
1959  USSR Sudba Cheloveka (Destiny of a Man) Sergei Bondarchuk Soviet POWs in Germany, based on short story by Mikhail Sholokhov
1959 United States USA Ten Seconds to Hell Robert Aldrich A German bomb disposal squad in post-war Berlin
1959  Poland Zamach Jerzy Passendorfer Polish Resistance - Operation Kutschera, 1944


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
1960  Denmark Frihedens Pris Annelise Hovmand
1960  Denmark Den sidste vinter Edvin Tiemroth, Anker Sørensen
1960  Czechoslovakia Práče Karel Kachyňa Czechoslovak army on the Eastern Front.
1960  Japan Storm Over the Pacific Shuei Matsubayashi A story about a pilot who serves on the Japanese carrier Hiryu in the battles of Pearl Harbor and Midway
1960  France Un taxi pour Tobrouk Denys de La Patellière A group of Free French commandos in North Africa try to reach Allied lines and capture a German officer.
1960 United States USA Hell to Eternity Phil Karlson The Battle of Saipan; also shows discrimination against Japanese-Americans during World War II
1960 United Kingdom UK Sink the Bismarck! Lewis Gilbert Operation Rheinübung, part of the Second Battle of the Atlantic
1960  Italy Escape by Night Roberto Rossellini
1960  Italy Everybody Go Home Luigi Comencini The Four days of Naples.
1960  Italy Long Night in 1943 Florestano Vancini The Allied invasion of Italy.
1960  Italy Two Women Vittorio De Sica
1960  Italy
United States USA
Under Ten Flags Duilio Coletti The Battle of the Atlantic.
1961  Denmark Alarm i Østersøen Sven Methling
1961 United States USA
Bridge to the Sun Etienne Périer The life of Gwendolen Terasaki.
1961  East Germany Der Fall Gleiwitz (The Gleiwitz Case) Gerhard Klein The 1939 Gleiwitz incident.
1961  Poland Dziś w nocy umrze miasto (Tonight a City Will Die) Jan Rybkowski Dresden, Germany, 1945
1961  India Hum Dono Amarjeet Some part of Burma Campaign.
1961  Poland Kwiecień (Spring) Witold Lesiewicz Germany Eastern Front, 1945
1961  Poland Ludzie z pociągu (Night Train) Kazimierz Kutz Poland - The German Occupation
1961  Poland Samson Barbara Sas, Andrzej Wajda The Holocaust in occupied Poland
1961  Poland Świadectwo urodzenia (Birth Certificate) Stanisław Różewicz The Polish Campaign, 1939
1961  Italy The Fascist Luciano Salce
1961 United Kingdom UK The Guns of Navarone J. Lee Thompson The Mediterranean Theatre
1961 United Kingdom UK Very Important Person Ken Annakin Comedy - British POWs in a German camp
1962  Netherlands Als twee druppels water Fons Rademakers A mystery novel adaptation about the Dutch resistance
1962  Netherlands De Overval (The Raid) Paul Rotha Wartime prison raid
1962 United States USA Hell Is for Heroes Don Siegel The Western front
1962 United States USA Merrill's Marauders Samuel Fuller Merrill's Marauders
1962  Philippines Suicide Commandoes Armando Garces Six Filipino Guerrilas received a task to bring their Lieutenant safe to a Japanese airport in order to destroy it during Battle of Bessang Pass.
1962  Italy The Four Days of Naples Nanni Loy The Four Days of Naples.
1962 United States USA The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Vincente Minnelli Story of a German family, from Germany to Argentina and occupied France, between country, Nazism and anti-Nazism.
1962 United States USA The Gallant Men Various American 5th Army in Italy
1962 United States USA The Longest Day Bernhard Wicki, Andrew Marton and Ken Annakin The Normandy landings
1962 United Kingdom UK The War Lover Philip Leacock American bomber crews station in England
1962  Poland Walter P-38 (TV) Edward Etler Polish Resistance
1962  Greece Psila ta Xeria Hitler (Stick them up, Hitler) Panos Glykofridis Black comedy about the Greek Resistance
1963 United States USA
Cry of Battle Irving Lerner Mercenary fighting with partisans in The Philippines during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.
1963  Poland Gdzie jest generał... (Where is the General?) Tadeusz Chmielewski Comedy, Eastern Front, 1945
1963  Poland Na białym szlaku (On the White Trails) Jarosław Brzozowski War in Arctica
1963  Poland Naganiacz (Manhunter) Czesław Petelski, Ewa Petelska The Holocaust in Poland
1963  Poland Pasażerka Andrzej Munk Auschwitz-Birkenau
1963  Philippines Pinakamagandang hayop sa daigdig Pablo Santiago An heroic Filipina during Japanese Occupation of the Philippines.
1963 United States USA PT 109 Leslie H. Martinson John F. Kennedy's Naval service on the Pacific Front
1963 United States USA The Quick and the Dead Robert Totten The Fantastic Story of a Handful of Men and Two Girls Fighting Against Unbelievable Odds! Italian Campaign 1944.
1963  Philippines Sierra Madre Armando A. Herrera The campaigns of two demolition men during Japanese Occupation of the Philippines.
1963  Philippines Sigaw ng Digmaan Efren Reyes, Sr. Philippine Army (1941) Resistance.
1963  Finland Sissit Mikko Niskanen Guerrilla warfare during the Continuation War
1963 United States USA The Great Escape John Sturges British and American POWs mount mass escape from Stalag Luft III
1963 United Kingdom UK The Password is Courage Andrew Stone True story of Sergeant Major Charles Coward
1963  Philippines
United States USA
The Raiders of Leyte Gulf Eddie Romero Philippines before the Battle of Leyte.
1963 United Kingdom UK The Victors Carl Foreman American soldiers in Europe following D-Day
1964 United Kingdom UK 633 Squadron Walter Grauman Occupied Norway
1964 United States USA The Americanization of Emily Arthur Hiller Planning for the Normandy landings
1964  Czechoslovakia Atentát Jiří Sequens Operation Anthropoid
1964 United States USA Back Door to Hell Monte Hellman Three-man team of United States soldiers preparing the way for Gen. MacArthur's return to the Philippines by destroying a Japanese communications center.
1964  Poland Barwy walki (Battle Colours) Jerzy Passendorfer Polish Resistance, 1944
1964  Japan
United States USA
Flight from Ashiya Michael Anderson USAF pilots relive events in North Africa and the Pacific
1964  Poland Giuseppe w Warszawie (Giuseppe In Warsaw) Stanisław Lenartowicz Cult comedy - Italian soldier in Poland, 1943
1964  Philippines
United States USA
Intramuros (The Walls of Hell) Eddie Romero, Gerardo de León The Battle of Intramuros.
1964  Poland Koniec naszego świata (End of our World) Wanda Jakubowska Auschwitz
1964  Philippines Mga Kanyon ng Corregidor Jose de Villa, Mar S. Torres The Battle of Corregidor.
1964  Poland Nieznany (The Unknown) Witold Lesiewicz Soviet Gulag / Eastern Front, 1943/44
1964  USSR
( Georgian SSR)
Otets soldata (Father of a Soldier) Rezo Chkheidze (Revaz Tchkheidze)
1964  Poland Pierwszy dzień wolności (The First Day of Freedom) Aleksander Ford Germany, 1945, Polish POWs
1964  Poland Ranny w lesie (Wounded in the Forest) Janusz Nasfeter Polish Resistance
1964 United States USA Shell Shock John Hayes Italy during war.
1964 United States USA The Thin Red Line Andrew Marton The Guadalcanal Campaign.
1964 United States USA
The Train John Frankenheimer Resistance in Occupied France
1964  France Week-end à Zuydcoote Henri Verneuil The Battle of Dunkirk
1965 United States USA 36 Hours George Seaton On early June 1944, Germans kidnap an American officer and try to convince him that they are in 1948, that World War II is over, so that they can get details about the Allied invasion of Europe.
1965 United States USA Battle of the Bulge Ken Annakin The Ardennes Offensive
1965 United Kingdom UK The Heroes of Telemark Anthony Mann Norwegian resistance movement Operation Gunnerside
1965 United Kingdom UK The Hill Sidney Lumet Life in a brutal military prison in North Africa
1965 United States USA In Harm's Way Otto Preminger The Pacific Front
1965 United States USA King Rat Otto Preminger POWs in asia. From James Clavell book.
1965  Philippines Iginuhit ng Tadhana Mar S. Torres, Jose de Villa, Conrado Conde Biography of Ferdinand Marcos during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines
1965 United States USA
None But the Brave Frank Sinatra American and Japanese soldiers temporarily rely on each other for survival on a Pacific Island
1965 United Kingdom UK Operation Crossbow (The Great Spy Mission) Michael Anderson Fictionalised version of Operation Crossbow
1965  Poland Potem nastąpi cisza (And All Will Be Quiet) Janusz Morgenstern Polish Resistance, 1944
1965  Philippines
United States USA
The Ravagers Eddie Romero Filipino guerrillas take on the last of the Japanese forces remaining on their country.
1965  Philippines Sa Bawat Hakbang...Panganib Armando A. Herrera Five Filipino guerrillas is on a mission to rescue two American soldiers who have an important information that can help the guerrilla movement.
1965 United Kingdom UK The Sound of Music Robert Wise Drama about the Von Trapp family in Austria
1965  Japan Story of a Prostitute Seijun Suzuki Second Sino-Japanese War
1965  China Tunnel War Ren Xudong Tunnel warfare in China during the Second Sino-Japanese War
1965 United States USA Von Ryan's Express Mark Robson British and American POWs escape from Italian camps
1965  Poland
 West Germany
Czas pokoju (TV) Tadeusz Konwicki Poland - German Occupation
1965  Poland Buty (The Boots) (TV) Czesław Petelski, Ewa Petelska Eastern Front, military hospital
1965  Poland Nazajutrz po wojnie (The Day after the War) (TV) Lech Lorentowicz Eastern Front, 1945
1965  Poland Córeczka (The Little Daughter) (TV) Czesław Petelski, Ewa Petelska Poland, 1944
1965  Poland Śmierć w środkowym pokoju (Death In the Middle Room) (TV) Andrzej Trzos-Rastawiecki Poland - German Occupation
1965  Poland Wózek (The Cart) (TV) Czesław Petelski, Ewa Petelska Poland Soviet POWs
1965  Poland Podziemny front (The Underground Front) (TV series) Hubert Drapella, Seweryn Nowicki Polish Resistance, 1941–45
1966 United Kingdom UK
The Night of the Generals Anatole Litvak The July 20 plot
1966  France La ligne de démarcation Claude Chabrol In 1941, the life in a little town cut in half by a river that forms the border between Nazi-occupied France and the unoccupied zone
1966 United States USA
Is Paris Burning? René Clément The Liberation of Paris
1966  Czechoslovakia Closely Watched Trains (Ostře sledované vlaky) Jiří Menzel
1966 United States USA What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? Blake Edwards The Allied invasion of Sicily
1966  Poland Don Gabriel Czesław Petelski, Ewa Petelska Polish Campaign, 1939 - Comedy
1966  Denmark Der var engang en krig (Once There Was a War) Palle Kjærulff-Schmidt About the life of a boy after the occupation
1966  Poland Kontrybucja (Contribution) Jan Łomnicki Polish Resistance
1966  Poland Mistrz (The Master) (TV) Jerzy Antczak Poland - German Occupation
1966  France La Grande Vadrouille Gérard Oury Comedy about RAF aircrew escaping through occupied France aided by two Frenchmen with very different mindsets
1967 United Kingdom UK Attack on the Iron Coast Paul Wendkos Loosely based on the St Nazaire Raid
1967 United States USA Beach Red Cornel Wilde The Pacific Theater of Operations
1967  Poland Długa noc (Long Night) Janusz Nasfeter Polish Resistance German Occupation, 1943
1967  Poland
 West Germany
Kiedy miłość była zbrodnią (Rassenschande: When Love Was a Crime) Jan Rybkowski Germany during the war
1967  Poland Morderca zostawia ślad (The Killer Leaves a Trace) Aleksander Ścibor-Rylski Polish Resistance
1967  Japan Nihon no ichiban nagai hi (Japan's Longest Day) Kihachi Okamoto The Kyūjō Incident.
1967 United States USA The Dirty Dozen Robert Aldrich Battle of Normandy
1967  Poland Westerplatte Stanisław Różewicz Battle of Westerplatte
1967  Poland Zosia (Zosya) Jerzy Lipman Poland - Eastern Front - Love story
1967  Poland Zwariowana noc (A Crazy Night) Zbigniew Kuźmiński Polish Resistance, Comedy
1968  Philippines Ang Mangliligpit Pablo Santiago Battle of Filipino Guerrillas with the Makapili.
1968  Italy Anzio Edward Dmytryk The Battle of Anzio
1968 United States USA Hell in the Pacific John Boorman Marooned American and Japanese soldiers on an unnamed Japanese island
1968  USSR
( Estonian SSR)
Inimesed sõdurisinelis Jüri Müür Mobilized Estonians in the Red Army
1968  USSR
( Georgian SSR)
Jvartsmuli kundzuli Shota Managadze
1968  Poland Kierunek Berlin (Heading for Berlin) Jerzy Passendorfer Eastern Front, 1945
1968  Philippines Manila, Open City Eddie Romero The Manila Massacre and the Battle of Manila.
1968  Czechoslovakia Nebeští jezdci Jindřich Polák Czech pilots in the RAF
1968  Albania Prita (Ambush) Mithat Fagu Albanian resistance under German occupation, 1943
1968  USSR Shchit i mech (Shield and Sword) Vladimir Basov Soviet spy in German intelligence [6]
1968 United Kingdom UK Submarine X-1 William A. Graham Royal Navy midget submarines
1968 United States USA The Devil's Brigade Andrew V. McLaglen The Devil's Brigade
1968 United States USA The Hell with Heroes Joseph Sargent In 1946 North Africa, two former USAF pilots are forced to work for an international smuggler to get money needed for their return to civilian life
1968  Japan The Human Bullet Kihachi Okamato Story of a kamikaze soldier
1968 United States USA The Secret War of Harry Frigg Jack Smight Comedy about Generals held in a special POW camp
1968 United States USA Where Eagles Dare Brian G. Hutton Allied operation to rescue a captured American General
1969  France
Army of Shadows Jean-Pierre Melville French Resistance
1969 United Kingdom UK Battle of Britain Guy Hamilton The Battle of Britain
1969  Poland Dzień oczyszczenia (Day of Purification) Jerzy Passendorfer Polish Resistance and Soviet Partisans - Poland, 1944
1969  Italy Eagles Over London Enzo G. Castellari British military officers are in pursuit of a merciless team of Nazi saboteurs though war-ravaged London.
1969  Poland Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową (How I Unleashed the Second World War) Tadeusz Chmielewski Comedy - Polish Campaign 1939, Yugoslavia, Africa, Italy, Poland, 1944
1969  Poland Jarzębina czerwona (Red Rowan) Ewa Petelska, Czesław Petelski Battle of Kolberg (1945), on the Eastern Front
1969  Italy La Battaglia di El Alamein Giorgio Ferroni The Second Battle of El Alamein
1969  USSR Liberation Yuri Ozerov Eastern Front chronicle of battles from Battle for Kursk to the Fall of Berlin
1969 United Kingdom UK Mosquito Squadron Boris Sagal A British bomber squadron must destroy Germany's new Vergeltungswaffe at a research camp
1969  Albania Njësiti guerril (The Guerrilla Unit) Hysen Hakani Guerrilla resistance in Tirana during the occupation of Albania by Fascist Italy
1969  Poland Ostatnie dni (The Last Days) Jerzy Passendorfer Eastern Front, 1945
1969  Philippines Pambihirang tatlo Felix Villar A mission to destroy the Japanese bastion along the San Bernardino Strait.
1969 United Kingdom UK Play Dirty Andre de Toth The North African Campaign
1969  Italy Salt in the Wound Tonino Ricci
1969  Poland Sąsiedzi (The Neighbours) Aleksander Ścibor-Rylski Bydgoszcz Polish Campaign, 1939
1969  Yugoslavia The Battle of Neretva Veljko Bulajić The Battle of Neretva
1969 United States USA The Bridge at Remagen John Guillermin Operation Lumberjack, on the Western Front
1969 United States USA The Secret of Santa Vittoria Stanley Kramer The aftermath of the fall of the Fascist government of Benito Mussolini
1969  Poland Wniebowstąpienie (Ascension Day) Jan Rybkowski Poland Lwów Soviet / German Occupation, 1941


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
1970  Denmark Oktoberdage Bent Christensen
1970 United States USA Catch-22 Mike Nichols The Italian Campaign
1970  Japan Gekido no showashi 'Gunbatsu' Hiromichi Horikawa Hideki Tōjō's biography during Pacific War.
1970 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
Hell Boats Paul Wendkos British motor torpedo boats operating in the Mediterranean
1970 United States USA
Hornet's Nest Phil Karlson, Franco Cirino Italian Campaign - Commando and partisan raid to destroy a dam
1970 United States USA
Kelly's Heroes Brian G. Hutton The Western Front
1970  Poland Kolumbowie Janusz Morgenstern Powstanie Warszawskie, 1944
1970  Poland
Legenda Sylwester Chęciński Polish Resistance
1970  Philippines Maharlika (Guerrilla Strike Force) Jerry Hopper Japanese invasion of Manila Bay.
1970 United States USA Patton Franklin Schaffner General George S. Patton
1970  Japan Saigo no Tokkotai (The Last Kamikaze) Yahagi Toshihiko Kamikaze attacks.
1970  Philippines Santiago! Lino Brocka Life in occupied Philippines.
1970  Italy
Sunflower (I Girasoli) Vittorio De Sica The first Occidental film to be made in the USSR.
1970 United Kingdom UK The Last Escape Walter Grauman British commandos on a mission to kidnap a German scientist
1970 United States USA Too Late the Hero Robert Aldrich British commando raid in the Pacific Campaign
1970 United States USA
Tora! Tora! Tora! Richard Fleischer, Kinji Fukasaku and Toshio Masuda The Attack on Pearl Harbor
1970  Poland Twarz anioła (Face of an Angel) Zbigniew Chmielewski Poland - Children in a German concentration camp
1970  Poland Znicz olimpijski (Olympic Fire) Lech Lorentowicz Tatra Mountains in Poland, Zakopane Polish Resistance
1971  Poland Agent nr 1 Zbigniew Kuźmiński Jerzy Iwanow-Szajnowicz, a Polish SOE agent in the Greek resistance
1971 United States USA Bedknobs and Broomsticks Robert Stevenson Disney children's musical - German raid on England in 1940 repulsed with magic
1971 United Kingdom UK Dad's Army Norman Cohen Comedy about the British Home Guard, based on the TV series.
1971  Japan Gekido no Showashi:Okinawa kessen Kihachi Okamoto The Battle of Okinawa from the eyes of the Army, Navy, Air Force, civilians, and the Generals who commanded them
1971 United Kingdom UK Murphy's War Peter Yates The Battle of the Atlantic
1971  USSR Proverka na dorogakh (Trial on the Road) Aleksei German Winter, 1942. A former Russian POW joins the partisans.
1971 United States USA Raid on Rommel Henry Hathaway North African Campaign
1971  Philippines Sangre Armando Garces Battle of Filipino Guerrillas with the Imperial Japanese Army.
1971  Greece Ti ekanes sto polemo Thanasi; (What did you do during the war Thanasis?) Dinos Katsourides Greek Resistance comedy
1971  Poland Trzecia część nocy (The Third Part of the Night) Andrzej Żuławski Polish Resistance
1972  India Lalkar Ramanand Sagar Burma Campaign, 1941–1945
1973  Philippines Dugo ng Bayan Armando A. Herrera Remake Version; Filipino Resistance.[7]
1973  Italy
United Kingdom UK
Hitler: The Last Ten Days Ennio De Concini The last days of Adolf Hitler during the Battle of Berlin
1973  Poland Hubal Bohdan Poręba Polish Campaign, 1939/1940
1973  France Le Train (The Last Train or The Train) Pierre Granier-Deferre A Frenchman and a Jewish German woman met on a train while escaping the German army entering France
1973  China Little 8th Route Army Lei You Chinese animated puppet film; The Second Sino-Japanese War.
1973  France Mais où est donc passée la septième compagnie? (Now Where Did the Seventh Company Get to?) Robert Lamoureux Comic story about 3 French signal corpsmen during the May 1940 débâcle
1973  Italy Massacre in Rome George P. Cosmatos The Ardeatine massacre.
1973  Yugoslavia The Battle of Sutjeska Stipe Delić Battle of the Sutjeska.
1973  Hong Kong When Taekwondo Strikes Feng Huang
1973  Poland Zasieki (Barbed Wire) Andrzej Jerzy Piotrowski Polish Campaign, 1939, Soviet Gulag, Eastern Front 1943
1974  France
 West Germany
Lacombe Lucien Louis Malle French resistance and collaboration
1974  USSR
( Estonian SSR)
Ohtlikud mängud Veljo Käsper The Occupation of Estonia by Nazi Germany
1974  France Les guichets du Louvre Michel Mitrani The first big roundup of Jews in 1942 Paris, and the story of a man who tries to save as many Jews as he can.
1974  Poland Głowy pełne gwiazd (Heads Full of Stars) Janusz Kondratiuk Poland - German Occupation, Eastern Front, 1944
1974  Poland
Zapamiętaj imię swoje (Pomni imya svoye or Remember Your Name) Siergiej Kołosow Tragedy of children in war
1974  Republic of China The Everlasting Glory (英烈千秋) Tin Shan Sui Zhang Zizhong's biography movie during Second Sino-Japanese War.
1975  East Germany
Jacob, the Liar Frank Beyer
1975 United States USA
Operation Daybreak Lewis Gilbert Operation Anthropoid
1975  France On a retrouvé la 7e compagnie Robert Lamoureux Comic story about 3 French signal corpsmen during the May 1940 Débâcle, and in an officers POW camp, in a castle.
1975  Greece The Travelling Players Theodoros Angelopoulos The German invasion and occupation of Greece
1975  France Section spéciale Costa-Gavras During the French Occupation, hours in a special court room where judges are asked to condemn to death penalty people who didn't do anything, to please Germans.
1975  Italy Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom Pier Paolo Pasolini
1975  Poland W te dni przedwiosenne (In the Days Before the Spring) Andrzej Konic The Eastern Front, 1945
1975  Poland Partita na instrument drewniany (A Partita for a Woodwind Instrument) Janusz Zaorski Polish Resistance
1975  Poland Moja wojna, moja miłość (My War - My Love) Janusz Nasfeter Polish Campaign 1939
1975  Poland Opadły liście z drzew (Leaves Have Fallen) Stanisław Różewicz Polish Resistance
1975 United Kingdom UK Overlord Stuart Cooper A young soldier trains with the East Yorkshire Regiment in preparation for the Normandy landings
1975  USSR В бой идут одни старики (V boy idut odni stariki)
Only Old Men Are Going to Battle
Leonid Bykov Soviet World War II pilots.
1976  Japan Barefoot Gen Tengo Yamada Live-action depiction of the dropping of Little Boy on Hiroshima, Japan
1976  Denmark Den korte sommer (The Brief Summer) Edward Fleming Woman gets in love with a German soldier
1976 United States USA Farewell to Manzanar (TV) John Korty The story of the Japanese American internment camp of Manzanar
1976  Republic of China Mei hua Chia Chang Liu The Japanese occupation of Taiwan (1937-1945).
1976 United States USA Midway (The Battle of Midway) Jack Smight The Battle of Midway
1976  France
Monsieur Klein (Mr. Klein) Joseph Losey French resistance and collaboration
1976  Poland Ocalić miasto Jan Łomnicki Kraków - Eastern Front, 1945
1976  Poland Polskie drogi (Polish Roads) (TV series) Krzysztof Prymek, Janusz Morgenstern Poland, 1939–43
1976  Poland Ptaki, ptakom... (Birds to Birds) Paweł Komorowski Silesia Polish Campaign, 1939
1976  Philippines Tatlong taong walang Diyos Mario O'Hara The Japanese occupation of the Philippines.
1976 United Kingdom UK The Eagle Has Landed John Sturges A fictional German plot to kidnap Winston Churchill
1976  Japan Zero Pilot Seiji Maruyama Based on the book Samurai!; Saburō Sakai's biography while piloting Mitsubishi A6M Zero.
1977 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
A Bridge Too Far Richard Attenborough Operation Market Garden
1977  Poland Akcja pod Arsenałem (Operation Arsenal) Jana Łomnicki Polish resistance, 1943
1977 United Kingdom UK
 West Germany
Cross of Iron Sam Peckinpah German soldiers on the Russian Front
1977  France La septième compagnie au clair de lune Robert Lamoureux Comic story about three French veterans who resist the Germans.
1977 United States USA MacArthur Joseph Sargent General Douglas MacArthur
1977  Poland Ostatnie okrążenie (The Last Round) (TV) Krzysztof Rogulski, Ludmiła Niedbalska Poland - History of Olympic champion Janusz Kusociński, murdered by the Gestapo
1977  Poland Palace Hotel Ewa Kruk Poland, 1939–44
1977  Netherlands Soldier of Orange (Survival Run) Paul Verhoeven Dutch resistance
1977  USSR Восхождение (Voskhozhdeniye)
The Ascent
Larisa Shepitko During the Great Patriotic War (World War II), two Soviet partisans go to a Belarusian village in search of food. On their way back they were spotted by a German patrol.
1977  Czechoslovakia Zítra vstanu a opařím se čajem Jindrich Polák
1978  Poland ... Gdziekolwiek jesteś Panie Prezydencie (Wherever You Are, Mr. President) Andrzej Trzos-Rastawiecki Warsaw - Polish Campaign, 1939
1978  Poland Do krwi ostatniej (To the Last Drop of Blood) Jerzy Hoffman Eastern Front, 1943
1978 United Kingdom UK Force 10 from Navarone Guy Hamilton British commando raid in Yugoslavia
1978 United States USA Holocaust Marvin J. Chomsky Four-part miniseries about the Holocaust
1978  Netherlands Pastorale 1943 Wim Verstappen Dutch resistance
1978  Italy Quel maledetto treno blindato Enzo G. Castellari
1978  Poland Sto koni do stu brzegów (A Hundred Horses to a Hundred Shores) Zbigniew Kuźmiński A courier travelling through Europe has to deliver a special letter to London
1978  Poland Szpital przemienienia (Hospital of the Transfiguration) Edward Żebrowski German action T4 in a Polish psychiatric hospital
1978  Poland Umarli rzucają cień (Shadow dead) Julian Dziedzina Silesia Polish Resistance
1979  USSR
( Estonian SSR)
Tuulte pesa Olev Neuland Forest Brothers
1979 United Kingdom UK Yanks John Schlesinger Americans stationed in England
1979 United Kingdom UK Escape to Athena George Pan Cosmatos German-occupied Greece
1979 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
Hanover Street Peter Hyams American bomber crews based in England
1979  Poland Elegia Paweł Komorowski Eastern Front 1945
1979 United States USA Ike (miniseries) Boris Sagal, Melville Shavelson Story (and love) of General Dwight D. Eisenhower during World War II.
1979  Poland Gwiazdy poranne (Morning Stars) Henryk Bielski Eastern Front, 1944
1979  Poland Droga daleka przed nami (A Long Way to Go) Władysław Ślesicki Escape from a POW camp
1979  Poland Zielone lata (Salad Days) Stanisław Jędryka Poland Sosnowiec, tragedy of children in war
1979  Albania Radiostacioni Rikard Ljarja
1979  Poland Sekret Enigmy (Secret of Enigma) Roman Wionczek Poland, France, England - Enigma
1979  West Germany Sergeant Steiner (Breakthrough) Andrew V. McLaglen The July 20 plot
1979  Italy
From Hell to Victory "Hank Milestone"
(Umberto Lenzi)
Occupied Europe
1979 United States USA 1941 Steven Spielberg California, one week after the attack on Pearl Harbor


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
1980  Poland Dzień Wisły (Vistula Day) Tadeusz Kijański Warsaw Uprising, 1944
1980  Poland Godzina "W" ('W' Hour) Janusz Morgenstern Polish Resistance - Warsaw Uprising, 1944
1980  Philippines Kalibre .45 Nilo Saez A story of vengeance set during the near end of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.
1980  Poland Olimpiada '40 Andrzej Kotkowski A POW Camp, 1940
1980 United States USA The Big Red One Samuel Fuller U.S. 1st Infantry Division, 1942-45 in North Africa, Sicily, and Europe
1980 United States USA The Final Countdown (U.S.S. Nimitz: Lost in the Pacific) Don Taylor Science fiction movie. The nuclear aircraft carrier Nimitz is lost in a storm, then arrives at the same place in the Pacific on December 7, 1941, and meets Japanese aircraft en route to Pearl Harbor.
1980  France The Last Metro François Truffaut The German occupation of France during World War II.
1980 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
The Sea Wolves Andrew V. McLaglen Calcutta Light Horse
1980  Poland Urodziny młodego warszawiaka (The Birthday) Ewa Petelska, Czesław Petelski Polish Campaign, 1939 - Polish Resistance, Warsaw Uprising, 1944
1980  Poland Wyrok śmierci (The Death Sentence) Witold Orzechowski Poland, Zamość, Polish Resistance
1981  France Allons Z'enfants Yves Boisset A cadet in a French military school doesn't like the army and is taken in the 1939-40 war.
1981  Poland Bołdyn (General Boldyn) Ewa Petelska, Czesław Petelski Polish Resistance
1981  West Germany Das Boot (The Boat) Wolfgang Petersen The Battle of the Atlantic
1981 United States USA Escape to Victory (Victory) John Huston A football match between German soldiers and Allied POWs
1981 United Kingdom UK Eye of the Needle Richard Marquand A German spy in England before D-Day
1981  Netherlands Het meisje met het rode haar (The Girl with the Red Hair) Ben Verbong Dutch resistance
1981  France Les uns et les autres (Bolero: dance of life) Claude Lelouch Four families with different backgrounds and nationalities are followed from the 1930s to the 1980s as their paths cross time and again.
1981  Japan Rengo kantai (The Imperial Navy) Shûe Matsubayashi The Operation Ten-Go.
1981  Poland Ryś (Lynx: The Smile of the Evil Eye) Stanisław Różewicz Polish Resistance
1981 United States USA The Bunker George Schaefer Based on the book The Bunker; The last days of Adolf Hitler.
1982 Australia Australia Attack Force Z Tim Burstall Z Special Unit
1982  West Germany Die Weiße Rose Michael Verhoeven The execution of White Rose members.
1982  Poland Do góry nogami (Upside Down) Stanisław Jędryka Polish Silesia, tragedy of children in war
1982  Poland Haracz szarego dnia (Tribute of grey day) Krzysztof Prymek, Roman Wionczek Polish Resistance
1982  Philippines Oro, Plata, Mata Peque Gallaga The Fall of Corregidor.
1982  Poland Popielec (Ash Wednesday) (TV) Ryszard Ber A Polish village during the German occupation
1982 United States USA Sophie's Choice Alan J. Pakula Holocaust
1982 Australia Australia The Highest Honour (Heroes of the Krait, Southern Cross) Seiji Maruyama, Peter Maxwell Operation Rimau
1983  Japan Barefoot Gen Mori Masaki Anime film: depiction of the dropping of Little Boy on Hiroshima, Japan
1983  Hong Kong Hong Kong, 1941 Leong Po-Chih The Japanese occupation of Hong Kong
1983  Denmark Forræderne Ole Roos
1983  Poland Kartka z podróży (Postcard from a Journey) Waldemar Dziki Poland Holocaust
1983  Poland Katastrofa w Gibraltarze (The Crash off Gibraltar) Bohdan Poręba General Wladysław Sikorski, 1943
1983 United Kingdom UK
Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence Nagisa Oshima British POWs on Java Island
1983  Poland Nie było słońca tej wiosny (Was not suns this springs) Juliusz Janicki The Holocaust in Poland
1983  China One and Eight Zhang Junzhao Criminals and deserters from the Eighth Route Army battle Japanese in China
1983  France Papy fait de la résistance Jean-Marie Poiré (Comedy) French Resistance in Occupied France
1983  Philippines Roman Rapido Argel Joseph Battle of Filipino soldiers and guerrillas with the Imperial Japanese Army.
1983 United States USA
United Kingdom UK
The Scarlet and the Black Jerry London Biographical film about Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty.
1983  Poland Tragarz puchu (Dawn Porter) (TV) Stefan Szlachtycz The Holocaust in Poland
1983  Poland
 West Germany
Wedle wyroków twoich... (After Your Decrees, Blutiger Schnee) Jerzy Hoffman The Holocaust in Poland
1983 United States USA Winds of War Dan Curtis The saga of a family and events leading up to the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Based on the novel by Herman Wouk.
1984  USSR
( Estonian SSR)
Võõra nime all Peeter Urbla Estonians in a Soviet camp
1984  Poland Na straży swej stać będę (I Shall Always Stand Guard) Kazimierz Kutz Silesia, 1939-42 Polish Resistance
1984  Poland Dzień czwarty (The Fourth Day) Ludmiła Niedbalska The Warsaw Uprising, 1944
1984  Poland Romans z intruzem (Romance with the Intruder) Waldemar Podgórski The Polish Campaign, 1939
1984  Poland Umarłem, aby żyć (I Died to Live) (TV) Stanisław Jędryka Polish Resistance, 1941
1984  China Yellow Earth Chen Kaige The Second Sino-Japanese War.
1984  Australia The Last Bastion Chris Thompson TV mini-series on WWII from the Australian perspective.
1985  USSR The Battle for Moscow Yuri Ozerov Operation Barbarossa to the Battle of Moscow
1985 United States USA Code Name: Emerald Jonathan Sanger Battle of Normandy
1985  USSR Come and See Elem Klimov The Eastern Front
1985  Netherlands De IJssalon (The Ice-cream Parlour) Dimitri Frenkel Frank A romance between a Dutch woman and a German officer
1985  Netherlands Het bittere kruid (Bitter Sweet) Kees van Oostrum A Jewish family hiding in wartime Amsterdam
1985  Poland
Kukułka w ciemnym lesie (Cuckoo in a Dark Forest) Antonín Moskalyk Children in war
1985  Romania Noi, cei din linia întâi Sergiu Nicolaescu Romanians fighting on the western front and in Hungary
1985  Japan Seburi Monogatari (The Seburi Story) Sadao Nakajima Hardships of nomadic Seburi people during wartime.
1985  Poland Tate (Dad) Jan Rutkiewicz The Holocaust in Poland
1985  Japan The Burmese Harp Kon Ichikawa Remake Version; The Burma Campaign
1985  Finland The Unknown Soldier Rauni Mollberg The Finno-Soviet Continuation War
1985  Poland W cieniu nienawiści (In the Shadow of Hatred) Wojciech Żółtowski The Holocaust in Poland, 1943
1986  Netherlands In de schaduw van de overwinning (In the shadow of victory) Ate de Jong Dutch resistance
1986  Poland
Kołysanka (The Lullabye) Federo Sevella The Holocaust in Poland
1986  Poland Okruchy wojny (Crumbs of War) Andrzej Barszczyński, Jan Chodkiewicz Polish Resistance
1986  Netherlands The Assault (De Aanslag) Fons Rademakers An Academy Award for Best Foreign Film-winning novel adaptation
1986  Japan Umi to dokuyaku (The Sea and Poison) Kei Kumai The Pacific War.
1987 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
Escape from Sobibor Jack Gold Sobibor Uprising during the Holocaust
1987 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
The Misfit Brigade (Wheels of Terror) Gordon Hessler
1987  France Au revoir, les enfants Louis Malle Three Jewish boys are given shelter and a new identity in a Catholic boarding school in Vichy France
1987 United States USA Empire of the Sun Steven Spielberg British and American prisoners in a Japanese internment camp outside Shanghai
1987 United Kingdom UK Hope and Glory John Boorman The Blitz
1988  China Evening Bell Wu Ziniu Immediate aftermath of the Second Sino-Japanese War in China
1988 United States USA Farewell to the King John Milius Anti-Japanese resistance on Borneo
1988  Japan Grave of the Fireflies Isao Takahata The Firebombing of Kobe
1988  Poland
United States USA
I skrzypce przestały grać (And the Violins Stopped Playing) Alexander Ramati Gipsy - The Holocaust
1988  Poland Kornblumenblau Leszek Wosiewicz Auschwitz-Birkenau
1988  Hong Kong Men Behind the Sun Mou Tun Fei The Japanese human experimentation on the Chinese.
1988  Poland
Przeprawa (Passage) Wiktor Turow Operation Sturmwind, 1944 - Polish Resistance and Soviet partisans
1988  China Red Sorghum Zhang Yimou Young woman's life working at a kaoliang distillery during the Second Sino-Japanese War
1988 United Kingdom UK Return from the River Kwai Andrew V. McLaglen British POWs in Japan
1988  Netherlands
United Kingdom UK
Shadow Man Piotr Andrejew A refugee hiding in wartime Amsterdam
1988  Japan Tomorrow Kazuo Kuroki The Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
1988 United States USA War & Remembrance Dan Curtis The saga of a family, during the 1930s-1940s. Based on the novel by Herman Wouk.
1989  Japan Black Rain Shohei Imamura The aftermath of atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
1989  Philippines Comfort Women: A Cry for Justice Celso Ad. Castillo The life of a Filipina comfort women during Japanese occupation of the Philippines.
1989 United States USA Fat Man and Little Boy Roland Joffé The Manhattan project
1989  USSR Stalingrad Yuri Ozerov The Battle for Stalingrad
1989  Finland Talvisota Pekka Parikka The Winter War
1989 United States USA Triumph of the Spirit Robert M. Young The story of Salamo Arouch
1989  Poland Virtuti Jacek Butrymowicz The Polish Campaign, 1939


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
1990 Australia Australia Blood Oath Stephen Wallace Japanese war crimes trial for the Laha massacre
1990  France Docteur Petiot Christian de Chalonge Serial killer Marcel Petiot in Occupied France
1990  Germany Europa Europa Agnieszka Holland A Jewish boy, concealing his identity, joins the Hitler Youth
1990  Sweden Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg Kjell Grede Story of Raoul Wallenberg
1990  Poland Korczak Andrzej Wajda The Holocaust in Poland: life of Dr. Korczak in the Warsaw ghetto
1990 United States USA A Man Called Sarge Stuart Gillard Comedy - Western Desert Campaign, Second Battle of El Alamein and capture of Tobruk
1990 United States USA Memphis Belle Michael Caton-Jones Story of the B-17 bomber called the Memphis Belle
1991  Poland Jeszcze tylko ten las (Just Beyond That Forest) Jan Łomnicki The Holocaust
1991  Denmark Drengene fra Sankt Petri (The Boys from St. Petri) Søren Kragh-Jacobsen Danish resistance group
1991  Denmark De nøgne træer Morten Henriksen
1991  Poland
Tragarz puchu (Warsaw - Year 5703) Janusz Kijowski The Holocaust
1991  Italy Mediterraneo Gabriele Salvatores Italian soldiers on a Greek island
1992 Denmark Denmark
United States USA
En dag i oktober (A Day in October) Kenneth Madsen About the movement of Danish Jews out of Denmark to neutral Sweden in the 1940s
1992  Poland Pierścionek z orłem w koronie (Ring with a Crowned Eagle) Andrzej Wajda Polish Resistance, 1945/46
1992  Poland Wszystko, co najważniejsze (All That Really Matters) Robert Gliński Poland Lwów Soviet Occupation, Gulag
1992 United States USA A Midnight Clear Keith Gordon The Western Front
1993  Romania Oglinda Sergiu Nicolaescu Downfall of Ion Antonescu
1993  Estonia
Saatana pisar (Satan's Tear) Marek Piestrak NKVD actions in Estonia and Poland, 1939.
1993 United States USA Schindler's List Steven Spielberg The story of Oskar Schindler, who saves about 1100 Jews from The Holocaust.
1993  Germany Stalingrad Joseph Vilsmaier The Battle of Stalingrad.
1993 United States USA Swing Kids Thomas Carter A college student forced into the Hitler-Jugend but is also a Swing Kid.
1993  Republic of China The Puppetmaster Hou Hsiao-Hsien The Japanese occupation of Taiwan (1937-1945).
1994  France Un jour avant l'aube Jacques Ertaud Story of a French SAS commando in Brittany, during the Normandy battle in 1944.
1995  China Don't Cry, Nanking Wu Ziniu Nanking Massacre
1995 Canada Canada
Hiroshima Roger Spottiswoode The atomic bombing of Hiroshima
1995 Denmark Denmark Kun en pige (Just a Girl) Peter Schrøder About Lise Tønder Jensens life until the end of the war
1995 United States USA The Tuskegee Airmen Robert Markowitz The story of the first African-American pilots
1995  China Red Cherry Ye Ying Boarding school children in the German-occupied Soviet Union
1995 United States USA Sahara Brian Trenchard-Smith The Western Desert Campaign
1995  Serbia Underground Emir Kusturica German invasion and occupation of Yugoslavia
1995 Russia Yuri Ozerov Biopic about Marshal Georgy Zhukov.
1995  Poland
Wielki tydzień (Holy Week) Andrzej Wajda The Holocaust
1996 United States USA The Ring Armand Mastroianni During WW II, a young German woman is separated from her family and imprisoned by the Nazis
1996 United Kingdom UK The Brylcreem Boys Terence Ryan British and German pilots interned in neutral Ireland
1996 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
The English Patient Anthony Minghella Tobruk
1996 United States USA Mother Night Keith Gordon
1996 United Kingdom UK Over Here (TV) Tony Dow Rivalry between British and American aircrews in England
1996  Thailand Sunset at Chaophraya Euthana Mukdasanit The Japanese occupation of Thailand; the Free Thai Movement
1997  France Lucie Aubrac Claude Berri The story of Lucie and Raymond Aubrac, in Occupied France
1997 United Kingdom UK The Land Girls David Leland Women's Land Army
1997  Italy La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful) Roberto Benigni The Holocaust
1997 Australia Australia
United States USA
Paradise Road Bruce Beresford Allied women POWs in Sumatra
1998  Japan Pride Shunya Ito A depiction of Tojo Hideki during the Tokyo Trials
1998 United States USA Miracle at Midnight (TV) Ken Cameron Rescue of the Danish Jews during the Holocaust
1998 United States USA Saving Private Ryan Steven Spielberg The landing at Omaha Beach and fighting inland
1998 United States USA The Thin Red Line Terrence Malick The Guadalcanal campaign
1998 United States USA When Trumpets Fade John Irvin The Battle of Huertgen Forest
1999  France
United States USA
Jakob the Liar Peter Kassovitz A Jewish ghetto
1999  Russia
Moloch Aleksandr Sokurov A visit by Adolf Hitler to the Berghof
1999  Finland
Ambush Olli Saarela The Continuation War
1999  Croatia Četverored Branko Schmidt The Bleiburg massacre
1999  Germany Aimée & Jaguar Max Färberböck While the Gestapo purge Berlin of Jews, a love affair blooms between two women, Felice Schragenheim and Lilly Wust.
1999  China Lover's Grief over the Yellow River Feng Xiaoning A story of an American pilot about to pay his respects to the communist-led Chinese army who rescued him.
Example Example Example Example Example


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
2000  Canada
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace Eric Till German Lutheran pastor, theologian and martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
2000  China Devils on the Doorstep Jiang Wen The Second Sino-Japanese War.
2000  Italy Johnny the Partisan Guido Chiesa Partisan warfare in Northern Italy.
2000  Malaysia Leftenan Adnan Aziz M. Osman Story of Adnan Bin Saidi and the Battle of Pasir Panjang.
2000  Italy Malèna Giuseppe Tornatore Set in Sicily in 1940 just as Italy enters the war. Malèna's husband leaves to serve in the military.
2000  Philippines Markova: Comfort Gay Gil Portes A story based on the life of Walter Dempster Jr., the last surviving comfort gay from the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.
2000  Czech Republic Musíme si pomáhat (Divided We Fall) Jan Hrebejk Czechoslovakia - German occupation, collaboration, resistance
2000 United States USA U-571 Jonathan Mostow American submariners disguised as Nazis infiltrate a German U-boat with orders to capture an Enigma machine that could turn the tide of the war.
2000  Poland Wyrok na Franciszka Kłosa (Judgement on Franciszek Kłos) (TV) Andrzej Wajda Poland - German occupation, collaboration
2001 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
Band of Brothers (TV) Steven Spielberg Easy Company, 506th Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division from D-Day through Holland, Belgium and Germany.
2001 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
Captain Corelli's Mandolin John Madden The Italian occupation of the Greek islands.
2001 United Kingdom UK
Australia Australia
Charlotte Gray Gillian Armstrong Special Operations Executive.
2001 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
Conspiracy (TV) Frank Pierson In 1942, 15 German officials attend a conference in Wannsee headed by SS Chief of Security Reinhard Heydrich to discuss the Final Solution to the Jewish question
2001  Czech Republic
United Kingdom UK
Dark Blue World Jan Sverák Czechoslovakian pilots who participated in the Battle of Britain.
2001 United States USA
United Kingdom UK
Enemy at the Gates Jean-Jacques Annaud Stand-off between Russian sniper Vasily Zaytsev and a German sniper during the Battle of Stalingrad.
2001 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
Enigma Michael Apted Enigma machine mystery.
2001  Philippines Gatas... Sa dibdib ng kaaway Gil Portes A Filipina offers to be a wet nurse to a Japanese soldier's new son for the conditional freedom of her husband.
2001  Japan Hotaru (Firefly) Yasuo Furuhata Based on the true story of a Korean kamikaze pilot.
2001 United States USA Pearl Harbor Michael Bay The Attack on Pearl Harbor and the Doolittle Raid.
2001  China Purple Sunset Feng Xiaoning The unconditional surrender of Emperor Hirohito.
2001  Germany
So weit die Füße tragen (As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me) Hardy Martins Adaptation of Clemens Forell's book: a German soldier walks over 11,000 km to escape from the Siberian gulag.
2001 United Kingdom UK The Bunker Rob Green The Battle of the Siegfried Line.
2001 United States USA The Grey Zone Tim Blake Nelson The Jewish Sonderkommando XII in the Auschwitz concentration camp in October 1944.
2001 United States USA
To End All Wars David L. Cunningham The Burma Railway.
2001 United States USA Uprising (TV) Jon Avnet The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
2001  Philippines Yamashita: The Tiger's Treasure Chito S. Roño The burying of Yamashita treasure and execution of General Tomoyuki Yamashita in the Philippines.
2002  France
Amen. Costa-Gavras Alleged collusion between Nazis and the Roman Catholic Church.
2002 United Kingdom UK Two Men Went to War John Henderson Based on a true story about an amateur commando raid into occupied France.
2002 United States USA Hart's War Gregory Hoblit A trial is conducted in a POW camp in Germany
2002  Russia Кукушка (Kukushka)
The Cuckoo
Aleksandr Rogozhkin A Lapp woman Anni gives a shelter to a Finnish sniper and a captain of the Soviet army at her farm. For Anni they are not enemies, but just men.
2002  France
Laissez passer (Safe Conduct) Bertrand Tavernier France under German occupation
2002  France Monsieur Batignole Gérard Jugnot A butcher hides and protects a Jewish boy in Occupied France
2002  France
United Kingdom UK
The Pianist Roman Polanski Polish pianist Władysław Szpilman
2002 United States USA
United Kingdom UK
The Gathering Storm Richard Loncraine Story of Winston Churchill before the war.
2002  Russia Zvezda Nikolai Lebedev Soviet scouts work behind enemy lines during Operation Bagration
2002  Italy El Alamein Enzo Monteleone The Second Battle of El Alamein
2002 United States USA Windtalkers John Woo Battle of Saipan
2003  France Bon Voyage Jean-Paul Rappeneau France under German occupation
2003 United Kingdom UK Entrusted Giacomo Battiato An 11-year-old chess prodigy, son of a mother working with the underground resistance, is entrusted with a life-saving secret
2003  Poland Pornografia (Pornography) Jan Jakub Kolski The German Occupation of Poland
2003  Germany
Rosenstrasse Margarethe von Trotta Jewish husbands of Aryan women detained in Berlin
2003  Japan Spy Sorge Masahiro Shinoda Biography of a Soviet spy Richard Sorge.
2003  France Strange Gardens Jean Becker French hostages held captive in a giant pit
2003 United States USA Saints and Soldiers Ryan Little A group of Allied soldiers is trapped behind enemy lines with information that could save thousands of American lives
2003  Germany
United States USA
The Fallen (Letters From The Dead) Ari Taub German, Italian and US combatants on the Italian Front, 1944
2003  Czech Republic Želary Ondrej Trojan Two Czechoslovakian resistance fighters are forced into hiding after their group is exposed
2003  Malaysia Paloh Adman Salleh Japanese occupation of Malaya
2004  Philippines Aishite Imasu 1941: Mahal Kita Joel Lamangan The Battle of Bataan, and Bataan Death March.
2004  Japan Chichi to Kuraseba Kazuo Kuroki The aftermath of atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
2004  Germany Der Neunte Tag (The Ninth Day) Volker Schlöndorff An SS officer tries to coerce a Catholic priest into writing to the Vatican on behalf of the Church of Luxembourg demanding that the Pope support Hitler
2004  Germany
Der Untergang Oliver Hirschbiegel The last days of Adolf Hitler in the Führerbunker during the Battle of Berlin
2004  Germany
Edelweisspiraten (Edelweiss Pirates) Niko von Glasow German resistance group, the Edelweiss Pirates
2004 United States USA Ike: Countdown to D-Day Robert Harmon The organization and planning of Operation Overlord at SHAEF
2004 United States USA The Aryan Couple John Daly Eastern Europe in 1944 - An undercover Jewish couple's attempt to escape under the name of the Third Reich's "Europa Plan", then being enacted throughout Eastern Europe
2004 United Kingdom UK Island at War Occupation of the Channel Islands
2004  Croatia Long Dark Night Antun Vrdoljak Croatia under both Fascism and Communism
2004  Germany Napola (Before the Fall) Dennis Gansel Two former Hitler Youth form an unsuspecting bond at a Reich National-Political institution at the height of the war
2004  Russia Nesluzhebnoe zadanie (Неслужебное задание) Vitaly Vorobyev Cossacks shoot; Fascists die.
2004  Philippines Panaghoy sa Suba Cesar Montano The Second Battle of Bohol - Part of Philippines Campaign (1944–45).
2004  China Purple Butterfly Lou Ye Espionage warfare in occupied Shanghai
2004 United States USA Saints and Soldiers Ryan Little Survivors of the Malmedy massacre during the Ardennes Offensive
2004  Germany Stauffenberg (TV) Jo Baier The July 20 plot to assassinate Hitler
2004  USA Straight Into Darkness Jeff Burr 2 American deserters and a group of orphans hold back a Nazi assault.
2005  Lithuania Forest of the Gods Algimantas Puipa An artist and intellectual is imprisoned by both the Nazis and the Soviets
2005  Finland
Framom främsta linjen (Beyond Enemy Lines) Åke Lindman The Continuation War between the USSR and Finland from 1941-1944.
2005  Japan Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean Shinji Higuchi Cellin Gluck A Japanese experimental submarine attempts to prevent the atomic bombing of Tokyo.
2005  India Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero Shyam Benegal Subash Chandra Bose and the Indian National Army.
2005 United States USA Only the Brave Lane Nishikawa The rescue of the Lost Battalion by the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.
2005  China On the Mountain of Tai Hang Chen Jian, Shen Dong, Wei Lian The campaigns of the Eighth Route Army in China.
2005  Germany Sophie Scholl – The Final Days Marc Rothemund The final days and trial of Sophie Scholl, a member of the White Rose resistance.
2005 United States USA
Australia Australia
The Great Raid John Dahl Japanese occupation of the Philippines and the Raid at Cabanatuan.
2005 United Kingdom UK The Last Drop David Teague Operation Market Garden and a secret mission by British forces to steal Nazi gold.
2005  Republic of China The Strait Story Yu-shan Huang
2005  Russia
The Sun Aleksandr Sokurov The life of Emperor Hirohito.
2005 United Kingdom UK
United States USA
The White Countess James Ivory
2005  Russia Vnimaniye, govorit Moskva Artyom Nazarov ? Gorgeous Soviet women snipers [8]
2005  Japan Yamato Junya Sato The Yamato's crew during the Pacific War.
2006  China Tokyo Trial Gao Qunshu Chinese Justice Mei Ru-ao at the Tokyo Trials, the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE)
2006 United States USA Flags of Our Fathers Clint Eastwood The Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of American soldiers
2006  Germany
Ghetto Audrius Juzėnas The Holocaust in Lithuania
2006  France
Days of Glory Rachid Bouchareb Four North Africans enlist in the French Army to liberate France
2006 Australia Australia Kokoda Alister Grierson Kokoda Track Campaign
2006 United States USA Letters from Iwo Jima Clint Eastwood The Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of Japanese soldiers
2006  Russia Svolochi Aleksandr Atanesyan Teenage convicts are sent on a dangerous guerrilla mission
2006  Netherlands
United Kingdom UK
Zwartboek (Black Book) Paul Verhoeven A young Jewish woman joins the Dutch Resistance and becomes entangled in a deadly web of collaboration and betrayal in the final months of the war
2006  Germany The Last Train Dana Vávrová Joseph Vilsmaier A cattle train with 688 Jews bound for Auschwitz in 1943.
2007 United States USA American Pastime Desmond Nakano Love, jazz and baseball at the Topaz, Utah internment camp
2007 United Kingdom UK Atonement Joe Wright Dunkirk evacuation.
2007 Australia Australia Curtin (TV) Jessica Hobbs The wartime Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin
2007  Japan For Those We Love Taku Shinjō Stories of kamikaze pilots
2007  Poland Jutro idziemy do kina (Tomorrow We're Going to the Movies) Michał Kwieciński The Polish Campaign, 1939
2007  Poland Katyń Andrzej Wajda The Katyń massacre of Polish POWs and civilians by the Soviets in 1940.
2007  China
United States USA
 Republic of China
Lust, Caution Ang Lee An espionage thriller set in occupied Shanghai
2007  Germany Mein Führer – Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler Dani Levy
2007  Belgium Surviving with Wolves Véra Belmont A young Jewish girl combs Europe for her deported parents.
2007  Finland Tali Ihantala 1944 Åke Lindman, Sakari Kirjavainen Battles of the Continuation War
2007  Austria The Counterfeiters Stefan Ruzowitzky Operation Bernhard
2007  Estonia Ühe metsa pojad Ats Surva Battles in Southern Estonia in August 1944.
2007  Japan Yunagi City, Sakura Country Kiyoshi Sasabe The aftermath of atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
2008  Germany Anonyma: A Woman in Berlin Max Färberböck Soviet occupation of Berlin
2008 Australia Australia Australia Baz Luhrmann A love story between an Australian soldier and a British aristocrat during the first attack on Darwin.
2008 United States USA
United Kingdom UK
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Mark Herman The Holocaust as seen by two 8-year-olds, one the son of a death camp commandant, the other an interned Jew
2008  Australia
The Children of Huang Shi Roger Spottiswoode The Nanking Massacre, and Three Alls Policy.
2008 United States USA Defiance Edward Zwick Bielski partisans
2008  Denmark Flammen og Citronen (Flame & Citron) Ole Christian Madsen Two members of the Danish Resistance are sent to assassinate Nazis and collaborators
2008  France
United Kingdom UK
Les Femmes De L'Ombre (Female Agents) Jean-Paul Salomé Five female SOE agents parachute into occupied France to assassinate the German head of counter-intelligence) and rescue a Briton with information on the D-Day invasion
2008  Norway
Max Manus Joachim Rønning

Espen Sandberg

The story of Max Manus, a resistance member fighting the Nazi occupation of Norway
2008 United States USA Miracle at St. Anna Spike Lee The Sant'Anna di Stazzema massacre
2008  Netherlands Oorlogswinter (Winter In Wartime) Martin Koolhoven A young boy becomes involved in the Dutch Resistance during the last winter of the war
2008  Israel Spring 1941 Uri Barbash Warsaw female grocer falls in love with the husband of the jewish couple she is hiding
2008  Czech Republic Tobruk Václav Marhoul Siege of Tobruk
2008 United States USA Valkyrie Bryan Singer The July 20 Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler
2009  France The Army of Crime Robert Guédiguian The Manouchian resistance group and the Red Poster
2009  Russia
United Kingdom UK
Attack on Leningrad Aleksandr Buravsky The Siege of Leningrad
2009  China City of Life and Death Lu Chuan The Nanking Massacre
2009  China Cow Guan Hu
2009 United States USA Everyman's War Thad Smith The US 94th Infantry Division at the Battle of the Bulge
2009  Japan
Canada Canada
First Squad Yoshiharu Ashino Anime film about the Nazi-Soviet War.
2009 United States USA Inglourious Basterds Quentin Tarantino Jewish-American soldiers on a mission to kill a group of Nazis.
2009 United States USA
United Kingdom UK
Into the Storm Thaddeus O'Sullivan Biographical film about Winston Churchill and his wartime leadership (sequel to The Gathering Storm).
2009  Hong Kong Ip Man Wilson Yip Yip Man's life in the city of Foshan during the Sino-Japanese War.
2009  Germany
John Rabe Florian Gallenberger The Nanking Massacre
2009  Japan Last Operations Under the Orion Tetsuo Shinohara A naval battle between Japan and the USA
2009  Russia Pop (The Priest) Vladimir Khotinenko A priest in occupied Latvia


Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
2010  Russia Brest Fortress Alexander Kott Defense of Brest Fortress by Soviet troops in June 1941
2010  Japan Caterpillar Kōji Wakamatsu Disfigured Japanese veteran returns home to Japan
2010  Poland
United Kingdom UK
Christine: War My Love Agnieszka Holland Story of Polish spy Krystyna Skarbek
2010  People's Republic of China Death and Glory in Changde City Dong Shen Set during the Second Sino-Japanese War, "Death and Glory in Changde" depicts the 1943 Battle of Changde (a city in the province of Hunan, China). A Chinese division of 8,000-9,000 soldiers defended the city from the attack of 30,000 Japanese soldiers.
2010  People's Republic of China East Wind Rain Yunlong Liu
2010  Czech Republic
Habermannův mlýn (Habermann's Mill) Juraj Herz Life in Nazi Czechoslovakia
2010  Poland Joanna Feliks Falk Krakow, Poland - German occupation and Holocaust
2010 United Kingdom UK The King's Speech Tom Hooper King George VI
2010  France La Rafle Roselyne Bosch The Vel' d'Hiv Roundup
2010  Hong Kong Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen Wai-keung Lau Shanghai prior to the Japanese invasion
2010 United States USA The Pacific Carl Franklin, Tim Van Patten, Graham Yost, Jeremy Podeswa, Tony To 1st Division of the United States Marine Corps's actions in the Pacific Theater of Operations
2010  France Sarah's Key Kristen Scott Thomas Vel' d'Hiv
2010 United States USA The Way Back Peter Weir A motley group of prisoners, including POWs, make a long escape from a Soviet Gulag
2010  Poland Wenecja Jan Jakub Kolski Poland - German occupation, 1939-1945
2011 United Kingdom UK Age of Heroes Adrian Vitoria
2011  India Gandhi to Hitler Rakesh Ranjan Kumar Based on letters written by Mahatma Gandhi to Adolf Hitler
2011  Sweden Gränsen (The Frontier) Richard Holm Two Swedish soldiers travel toward the border of Nazi-occupied Norway
2011  Denmark Hvidstens gruppen Regner Grasten A resistance group from Jutland
2011 United States USA Little Iron Men Jesse Kobayashi Rescue of the Lost Battalion by the 442nd Regimental Combat Team
2011  Japan Taiheiyō no kiseki: Fox to yobareta otoko (Miracle of the Pacific: The Man Called Fox) Hideyuki Hirayama Story of Japanese holdout Captain Sakae Ōba following the Battle of Saipan (1944).
2011  USA Sarah's Key Gilles Paquet-Brenner The Vel' d'Hiv Roundup
2011 United States USA Captain America: The First Avenger Joe Johnston Story of Captain America as he battles a nazi leader the red skull.
2012 United States USA Truth & Treason Matt Whitaker Story of Helmuth Hübener, youngest opponent of the Third Reich to be sentenced by the Volksgerichtshof and executed for high treason
2012 United States USA Red Tails Anthony Hemingway It is based on the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African American combat pilots during World War II

In development

Year Country Title Director Battles, campaigns, events depicted
201X United States USA Agent Zigzag Mike Newell Nazi spy Eddie Chapman turns himself in to the British and becomes a double agent
201X United Kingdom UK
United States USA
 New Zealand
Dambusters Christian Rivers Operation Chastise
201X United States USA Panzer 88 Peter Briggs The crew of a King Tiger tank in the Eastern Front battles an unknown creature.
201X United States USA
The Forgotten Soldier Paul Verhoeven Adaptation of Guy Sajer's autobiography
201X  South Korea My Way[9] Kang Je-gyu
201X  Estonia Nemad (Them) Ilmar Raag A film about the Battle of the Tannenberg Line
201X  Brazil A Montanha - O Filme (The Mountain - The movie) Vicente Ferraz A film about the Brazilian Expedition Force in Italy.

TV series

Years Country Title Battles, campaigns, events depicted
1957 1958 United Kingdom UK O.S.S. The OSS in occupied France
1962 1966 United States USA McHale's Navy The misadventures of a misfit PT Boat crew in the Pacific Campaign
1962 1967 United States USA Combat! A frontline American infantry squad battle their way across France
1964 1967 United States USA Twelve O'Clock High
1965 1966 United States USA The Wackiest Ship in the Army
1965 1971 United States USA Hogan's Heroes Comedy about a POW camp
1966 1966 United Kingdom UK Court Martial During the war, the Judge Advocate General's office investigates crime
1966 1968 United States USA The Rat Patrol Long Range Desert Patrol
1966 1970  Poland Czterej pancerni i pies (Four tank men and a dog) A tank crew, their dog, and their T-34 tank in the 1st Polish Army on the Eastern Front, 1943–45
1967 1968  Poland Stawka większa niż życie (More Than Life at Stake) Kapitan Hans Kloss - Poland / Germany 1941 - 1945
1968 1977 United Kingdom UK Dad's Army Comedy about the Home Guard
1972 1973 United Kingdom UK The Pathfinders RAF pathfinding missions
1972 1974 United Kingdom UK Colditz Colditz Castle POW camp
1973 1973  USSR Seventeen Moments of Spring A Soviet spy operating in Nazi Germany
1975 1975  Poland
Trzecia granica (Third Border) Polish Resistance: Poland, Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, Hungary
1976 1976  Iran My Uncle Napoleon Comedy set in Tehran under Allied occupation
1976 1978 United States USA Baa Baa Black Sheep Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington and a Marine air squadron during the war in the Pacific
1977 1978 United Kingdom UK Backs to the Land Comedy about the Land Girls
1977 1979 United States USA Operation Petticoat
1977 1979 United Kingdom UK
Secret Army Belgian resistance
1978 1981  Denmark Matador The fictional Danish town of Korsbæk between 1929 and 1947
1981 1981 United Kingdom UK Kessler
1982 1992 United Kingdom UK 'Allo 'Allo! Comedy about a café in Occupied France
1985 1985 United States USA Jenny's War A woman launches a rescue of her RAF pilot son, shot down over Germany in 1941
1988 1988 United Kingdom UK Piece of Cake RAF from the Phoney War through the Battle of Britain
1992 1992  Denmark Mørklægning Thriler about the war-tired and sick amusement Denmark.
1997 1997  Singapore The Price of Peace Japanese occupation of Singapore
2001 2001 Australia Australia Changi Changi POW camp
2001 2001  Singapore In Pursuit of Peace Japanese occupation of Singapore
2001 2001  Singapore A War Diary Japanese occupation of Singapore
2002 now United Kingdom UK Foyle's War
2004 2005  Japan Zipang An anime TV series about Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force's destroyer that travels through time to early days of WW2.
2006 2007  China Dàdāo xiàng guǐzi men de tóu shàng kǎn qù The last fight during the Sino-Japanese War in 1945
2007 2007  China Gongxun China, the USSR, and Japan launch a win-or-die spy war
2007 2007  China Sentry Under the Neon Lights (霓虹灯下的哨兵) The Eighth Route Army on the Nanjing Road of Shanghai
2007 2007  Poland Tajemnica twierdzy szyfrów (Fortress of Codes) Polish - German espionage thriller, 1945
2007 2007  Hong Kong War and Destiny The Nanjing Massacre
2007 2007  Iran
Zero Degree Turn An Iranian student in occupied Paris loves a Jewish woman
2007 2008  China Xie Se Xiang Xi The Battle of West Hunan
2007 now  China Soldiers Sortie
2008 2008  Russia Apostol Life and treachery for a Russian teacher trained as a double agent in German intelligence
2008 2008  Estonia Tuulepealne maa Two Estonian families from World War I until 1941
2008 2010  Poland Czas honoru Cichociemni (SOE agents) and the Polish Resistance
2008 2010  Japan Hetalia: Axis Powers An anime in which characters are national personifications showing interactions of Countries during WWII
2009 now United Kingdom UK Land Girls Drama about the Land Girls
2009 now  China My Chief and My Regiment
2009 now  France Un village français An Occupied French village, from May, 1940 to...
1 month of war per episode.
2010 now  Hong Kong No Regrets Set in the late 1930s to late 1940s in Canton, China during Japanese occupation.

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  1. ^ Released on 17 May 1940, this is arguably the first Hollywood film set during the war.
  2. ^ Some details about the film appear here.
  3. ^ The "director".  of this title is still unknown (as of November 2010) on IMDb.
  4. ^ The "director".  of this title is still unknown (as of November 2010) on IMDb.
  5. ^ A 1951 film starring Justina David.
  6. ^ The film is in four parts, and runs to over five hours in length.
  7. ^ Some details of this film appears "here".  This title is not currently (as of November 2010) listed by the IMDb.
  8. ^ Miniseries starring Olga Vechkileva, 176 min., Русское Счастъе DVD, Moscow, 2007. This title is not currently (as of October 2010) listed by the IMDb.
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