List of Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks

List of Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks

The following is a list of Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks as designated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers since it began the program in 1971. The designation is granted to existing artifacts or systems representing a significant mechanical engineering technology. Mechanical Engineering Heritage Sites, or particular locales at which some event or development occurred or which some machine, building, or complex of significance occupied. Mechanical Engineering Heritage Collections, which refers to a museum or collection that includes related objects of special significance to, but not necessarily a major evolutionary step in, the historical development of mechanical engineering.

As of 2011, there are 248 landmarks included on the list.[1]

Ref# Year added Name Image Built /
Location Region/state Country Notes
1 1973 Ferries & Cliffhouse Cable Railway Power House San Francisco Cable Car Power House.jpg 1887 San Francisco California United States One of the most complicated cable-car systems to run from a single station.
2 1973 Leavitt-Riedler Pumping Engine Boston Water Works, Chestnut Hill High-Service Pumping Station, 2450 Beacon Street, Boston (Suffolk County, Massachusetts).jpg 1894 Boston Massachusetts United States Unusual triple-expansion, three-crank "rocker" engine, driving high-capacity, high-speed pumps.
3 1974 A.B. Wood Screw Pump Albert Baldwin Wood01.jpg 1914 New Orleans Louisiana United States The most advanced low-lift drainage pump in use in the early 20th century, later used worldwide.
4 1975 Portsmouth-Kittery Naval Shipbuilding Activity United States Navy Yard at Portsmouth, NH.jpg 1774 Kittery Maine United States First US naval shipyard, achieving notable firsts in technology and producing many well-known US naval vessels.
5 1975 Boyden Hydraulic Turbines Boyden Turbine.jpg 1871 Cohoes New York United States Two of the oldest surviving water turbines, probably the largest and nearly the most powerful ever built in the United States for mechanical drive. Located at Harmony Mills.
6 1975 Curtis 5000-kW Vertical Turbine 1903 Schenectady New York United States The most powerful steam turbine-generator in the world at the time of its construction.
7 1975 Saugus Ironworks Saugus Iron Mill.jpg 1647 Saugus Massachusetts United States Replica museum of the first successful commercial ironworks in North America.
8 1975 Pioneer Oil Refinery California Star Oil Works 1876 Newhall California United States A replica of the first successful commercial oil refinery in the US West.
9 1975 Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Scoop Wheel & Engines C&D Canal Pump House Wheel.png 1852 Chesapeake City Maryland United States 19th-century steam pumps at the (former) summit of the ship canal.
10 1975 USS Texas' Reciprocating Steam Engines USS Texas BB-35.jpg 1914 La Porte Texas United States Last reciprocating marine engines installed in a naval ship.
11 Paige Compositor Paige Compositor.jpg 1877 Hartford Connecticut United States First US typography machine to set, justify, and distribute foundry type from a common case using one operator.
12 1976 Reynolds-Corliss Pumping Engine 1917 Jacksonville Florida United States Early 20th-century water pump driven by a Corliss steam engine.
13 1976 Childs-Irving Hydroelectric Project Fossilcreek.jpg 1909 Phoenix Arizona United States Early 20th-century hydroelectric plant incorporating innovative technologies.
14 1976 Hanford B Reactor Hanford B Reactor.jpg 1944 Richland Washington United States First US plutonium production reactor placed in commercial operation.
15 1976 Magma Copper Mine Air Conditioning System 1937 Superior Arizona United States First air-conditioned mine in North America.
16 1976 Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway Pikes Peak steam loco.jpg 1891 Pikes Peak Colorado United States Highest railway in the US and highest rack railway in the world.
17 1976 Edgar Station, Edison Electric Illuminating Co Edison-Edgar Station Weymouth.jpg 1925 Weymouth Massachusetts United States Power-generation station with one of the world's only high-pressure topping turbines, which set new records in the late 1920s.
18 1976 Mount Washington Cog Railway Mount Washington Cog Railway Ammonoosuc.jpg 1869 Mount Washington New Hampshire United States World's first cog railway.
19 Folsom Power House #1 FolsomPowerHouse.jpg 1895 Folsom California United States One of the first successful uses of hydroelectric power in the world, including the first successful long-distance transmission of power.
20 1977 Crawler Transporters of Launch Complex 39 Crawler-Transporter.jpg 1965 Cape Canaveral Florida United States Two of the largest ground vehicles ever built, including automatic load-leveling systems.
21 1977 Fairmount Water Works Fairmount Water Works LOC 314409cu.jpg 1815 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States First large-scale application of steam pumping, later water power, to public water supply.
22 1977 USS Olympia, Vertical Reciprocating Steam Engines USS Olympia side.jpg 1892 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Two of the first vertical triple-expansion marine engines.
23 1977 Pit-Cast Jib Crane 1905 Birmingham Alabama United States Last US pit-cast jib crane to operate in the casting of iron pipe.
24 1977 State Line Generating Unit 1 State Line Generating Plant by ikcyzrteip.JPG 1929 Hammond Indiana United States World's largest electric-power generator for nearly 25 years, achieving many design firsts.
25 1977 Pratt Institute Power Plant Prattold.jpg 1887 Brooklyn New York United States The oldest steam-generating plant of its kind in the Northeast United States.
26 1977 Monongahela Incline Monongahela Incline.jpg 1870 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States First US passenger incline.
27 1977 Duquesne Incline Duquesne Incline from top.jpg 1877 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States Second US passenger incline.
28 1977 Great Falls Raceway and Power System Great Falls of the Passaic River, April 18, 2007.jpg 1792 Paterson New Jersey United States First major US water power system and basis for integrating urban planning with industrial development.
29 1977 Vulcan Street Power Plant
1882 Appleton Wisconsin United States First Edison hydroelectric central station. ASME was joined in this landmark's dedication by the IEEE and ASCE.
30 Wilkinson Mill Wilkinson Mill.jpg 1810 Pawtucket Rhode Island United States Early 19th-century textile mill and machine shop.
31 1978 Interborough Rapid Trasit System (Original Line) New York Subway.jpg 1904 New York New York United States The first fully electrically signaled railroad in the United States and the first practical subway in New York City.
32 1978 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Old Main Line B&O Railroad equipment of 1830s.jpg 1828 Maryland Maryland United States First US railroad in public service.
33 1978 Ringwood Manor Iron Complex Ringwood Manor Smithy.jpg 1740 Ringwood New Jersey United States Surviving 18th-century iron manufacturing center.
34 1978 Joshua Hendy Iron Works HendyMarineEngine.JPG 1906 Sunnyvale California United States Early 20th-century ironworks demonstrating the adaptability required for industrial survival.
35 1979 Hacienda La Esperanza Sugar Mill Steam Engine Hacienda La Esperanza Engine.jpg 1861 San Juan Puerto Rico United States Typical beam steam engine of the mid-19th century, directly connected to sugar crushing rolls.
36 1979 RL-10 Rocket Engine RL-10 rocket engine.jpg 1958 West Palm Beach Florida United States First rocket engine to use high-energy liquid hydrogen as fuel.
37 1979 A. O. Smith Automatic Frame Plant 1920 Milwaukee Wisconsin United States Prototype of the automated factory. (No longer exists).
38 1979 Morris Canal (Reaction) Turbine Plane 9W Turbine.jpg 1850 Stewartsville New Jersey United States Early reaction, or Scotch, turbine, a type that later found widespread application.
39 1979 Experimental Breeder Reactor I Ebr-1.zdv.jpg 1951 Arco Idaho United States World's first nuclear power plant to demonstrate the breeder concept.
40 1979 Drake Oil Well Drake Well.jpg 1859 Titusville Pennsylvania United States First practical oil recovery system using salt-well drilling techniques and modern pipe-driving methods, marks beginning of US petroleum industry.
41 1980 Springfield Armory SpringfieldMA Oldarm.gif 1794 Springfield Massachusetts United States First US armory noted for machinery for mass production of small arms, including the Blanchard lathe.
42 1980 East Wells (Onieda) Street Power Plant Oneida Street Station Apr11.jpg 1918 Milwaukee Wisconsin United States Pilot plant for US development of pulverized-coal firing in power-plant boilers.
43 1980 Watkins Woolen Mill Watkins Mill, County Highway MM, Lawson vicinity (Clay County, Missouri) crop1.jpg 1868 Lawson Missouri United States The best preserved 19th-century woolen mill in North America.
44 1980 Fusion-welded Test Boiler Drum 1930 Chattanooga Tennessee United States first fusion-welded boiler drum, tests on which led to widespread acceptance in industry.
45 1980 Georgetown Steam Plant Georgetown PowerPlant Museum boiler pan P.jpg 1906 Seattle Washington United States Steam plant with early Curtis turbines, marking the beginning of the end of the reciprocating steam engine as the central station prime mover.
46 1980 Commonwealth Building Heat Pump Commonwealth-Equitable Building - Portland Oregon.jpg 1948 Portland Oregon United States First large commercial building in the United States to pioneer the use of heat pumps for heating and cooling.
47 1980 Shippingport Nuclear Power Station Shippingport LOC 135430pu.jpg 1958 Shippingport Pennsylvania United States First US commercial central electric-generating station to use nuclear energy.
48 1980 Edison 'Jumbo' Engine-driver Dynamo 1882 Dearborn Michigan United States One of six dynamos from Edison's Pearl Street Station, the prototype for US central-station power generation.
49 1980 Marine-type Triple-expansion, Engine-driven Dynamo 1891 Dearborn Michigan United States Sole surviving engine-generator set marking the beginning of large-scale electric power generation in the United States.
50 Cooperative Fuel Research Engine 1928 Waukesha Wisconsin United States Pioneer variable-compression laboratory engine for testing fuels.
51 1980 Port Washington Power Plant 1935 Milwaukee Wisconsin United States The world's most thermally efficient steam plant for many years.
52 1980 Saturn V Rocket (Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center) Saturn V building Johnson Space Center.jpg 1967 Houston Texas United States Three sites (Texas, Florida and Alabama) were simultaneously designated (via satellite) in July 1980.
53 1980 Saturn V Rocket (Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex) SaturnVcenter.JPG 1967 Cape Canaveral Florida United States Three sites (Texas, Florida and Alabama) were simultaneously designated (via satellite) in July 1980.
54 1980 Saturn V Rocket (U.S. Space & Rocket Center) Davidson Center-27527-2.jpg 1967 Huntsville Alabama United States Three sites (Texas, Florida and Alabama) were simultaneously designated (via satellite) in July 1980.
55 1980 Blood Heat Exchanger 1957 Amherst New York United States The first commercial human-blood heat exchanger for controlling hyperthermic temperatures during open-heart surgery.
56 1980 Rocky River Pumped-storage Hydroelectric Plant 1929 New Milford Connecticut United States Early example of the pumped-storage principle, at a power plant.
5 1980 Kaplan Turbine at York Haven Dam 1929 York County Pennsylvania United States One of the first three Kaplan-type hydraulic turbines in the United States.
58 1980 Pioneer Zephyr Pioneer Zephyr, observation end.jpg 1934 Chicago Illinois United States First US diesel-powered, stainless-steel streamlined train.
59 1981 Chestnut Street Pumping Engine 1913 Erie Pennsylvania United States Typical US municipal steam water-pumping engine of the late 19th century and early 20th century.
60 1981 Holt Caterpillar Tractor Holt75pk.jpg 1918 Stockton California United States Earliest track-type gasoline-powered tractor, influencing designs worldwide.
61 1981 Michigan-Lake Superior Power Hydroelectric Plant Soo Michigan hydro.jpg 1902 Sault Ste. Marie Michigan United States An early, extremely large-scale, low-head hydropower plant using many small turbines.
62 1981 Southern Pacific #4294 Cab-in-Front Steam Locomotive SP4294 Neil916.JPG 1944 Sacramento California United States Example of the final phase of US steam locomotive development in size and power.
63 1981 Jackson Ferry Shot Tower Shottower wytheco.jpg 1807 Austinville Virginia United States One of the few surviving shot towers for making spherical lead shot.
64 1981 Graue Mill Graue Water Mill, York Road, Fullersburg vicinity (Du Page County, Illinois).jpg 1852 Oak Brook Illinois United States One of a few survivors of typical US mill machinery with wood as the principal material.
65 1981 Evinrude Outboard Motor located at Outboard Marine Corporation 1909 Milwaukee Wisconsin United States Early model of outboard motor for small boats, now standard.
66 1981 Mount Wilson Observatory, 100-inch Hooker Telescope 100inchHooker.jpg 1918 Los Angeles County California United States Unique telescope mirror support and use of mercury flotation to reduce friction.
67 1981 Hiwassee Dam Unit 2 Reversible Pump-Turbine Hiwassee-dam-1946-tva1.jpg 1956 Cherokee County North Carolina United States The first integrated pump-turbine to be installed in a US power plant and also the largest and most powerful in the mid-20th century.
68 1981 Edison Experimental Recording Phonograph Edison and phonograph edit1.jpg 1877 West Orange New Jersey United States The world's first practical sound recording machine.
69 1981 Creusot Steam Hammer Le Creusot - Marteau Pilon 5.jpg 1876 Le Creusot Saône-et-Loire France The most powerful steam hammer in the world for many years.
70 1981 Newcomen Engine Newcomen6325.png 1712 Dartmouth South Devon United Kingdom Direct descendant of Thomas Newcomen's first atmospheric steam engine. Located at the Dartmouth Museum.
71 1981 ALCOA 50,000-ton Hydraulic Forging Press 1954 Cleveland Ohio United States One of the world's largest fabrication tools, dominant in aircraft and aerospace development.
72 1981 Rotating-arm Model-test Facility at Stevens Institute of Technology 1945 Hoboken New Jersey United States The world's first model-test facility to conduct maneuverability and control experiments for surface ships, submersibles, and airships.
73 1982 Turbinia Turbinia At Speed.jpg 1897 Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear United Kingdom The world's first turbine-driven ship.
74 1982 Anderson-Barngrover Rotary Pressure Sterilizer 1920 Santa Clara California United States The world's first continuous-stream automation of the cooking and cooling system for canned food.
75 1982 Alden Research Laboratory Rotating Boom Alden Research Laboratory - HAER 077088pu.jpg 1908 Holden Massachusetts United States Early 20th-century test facility for current meters, aircraft propellers, ships' logs, pitot tubes, and mine-sweeping paravanes.
76 1982 AC Electrification of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Coscobpowerplant1907.png 1907 Cos Cob Connecticut United States A pioneering venture in mainline railroad electrification. The Cos Cob plant operated until October 1986, demolished in 2001. Artifacts were given to the Smithsonian Institution.
77 1982 Worthington Horizontal Cross-compound Pumping 1925 Erie Pennsylvania United States Corliss-driven pump, typical of early 20th-century US practice.
78 1982 Electro-Motive FT Freight-service Diesel-Electric Locomotive 1939 St. Louis Missouri United States Prototype of the first mass-produced diesel-electric locomotives used for US freight service. Located at Museum of Transportation as Southern Railway Locomotive #6100.
79 1982 Lombard Steam Log Hauler Lombard steam log hauler.jpg 1910 Patten Maine United States The first practical example of crawler-tread vehicles now used in agricultural, construction, and military equipment. Located at the Lumberman's Museum.
80 1982 Aberdeen Range, Aberdeen Proving Ground 1943 Aberdeen Maryland United States The world's first large-scale, fully instrumented ballistic range for producing data on aerodynamics.
81 1983 Corning Ribbon Machine 1926 Dearborn Michigan United States Earliest example of the machine that automated light-bulb manufacture. Located at the Henry Ford Museum.
82 1983 FMC Citrus Juice Extractor 1947 Lakeland Florida United States Early examples of machines that automated extraction of juices from fruit. Item no longer exists.
83 1983 Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 Electric Locomotive #4800 Gg1 4800 2.jpg 1943 Strasburg Pennsylvania United States Locomotive prototype for use on electrified lines in eastern US, also exceptional for its flexible suspension system. Located at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
84 1983 Reed Gold Mine Ten-Stamp Mill 1895 Midland North Carolina United States Typical late 19th-century western-US stamp mill.
85 1983 PACECO Container Crane 1959 Alameda California United States The world's first high-speed, dockside container-handling crane. The cranes were purchased in 1987 by the Port of Nanjing, China where they are now located. They were redesignated in 1988 in conjunction with the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.
86 1983 Owens AR Bottle Machine 1912 Toledo Ohio United States World's first automated bottling machine that introduced cheap and plentiful supply of glass containers. No longer exists.
87 1983 NS Savannah NSsavannah-1962.gif 1962 Newport News Virginia United States The world's first nuclear-powered cargo-passenger ship.
88 1983 Xerography 1948 Columbus Ohio United States Early models of revolutionary dry-copying process at the Battelle Memorial Institute.
89 1983 Wyman-Gordon 50,000-ton Hydraulic Forging Pres Wyman Gordon 50000 ton press.jpg 1955 Grafton Massachusetts United States One of the world's largest fabrication tools, influencing aviation and aerospace technology.
90 1984 IBM 350 RAMAC Disk File BRL61-IBM 305 RAMAC.jpeg 1956 San Jose California United States World's first computer storage device with random access to large volumes of data.
91 1984 Archimedes Screw Pump 1890 Newark California United States One of the US's oldest surviving examples of the wind-driven Archimedes screw-pump.
92 1984 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Stanford-linear-accelerator-usgs-ortho-kaminski-5900.jpg 1962 Menlo Park California United States Unique electromechanical devices and systems in the longest accelerator in the world.
93 1984 Holland Tunnel Ventilation System New York Land Ventilation Building south side 119149pv.jpg 1920 New York New York United States The world's first long underwater tunnel designed for motor vehicles, with innovative ventilating system.
94 1984 Norfolk & Western #611, Class J Steam Locomotive NW 611.jpg 1941 Roanoke Virginia United States The last survivor of US coal-fired passenger locomotives, considered among the most advanced of any 4-8-4. Located at Virginia Museum of Transportation
95 1984 Sikorsky VS-300 Helicopter Sikorsky vs-300.jpg 1939 Dearborn Michigan United States The first practical US helicopter, pioneering the single-main-rotor concept. Located a the Henry Ford Museum.
96 1984 Quincy Mining Company No. 2 Mine Hoist QuincyMineNo2Shafthouse.jpg 1920 Hancock Michigan United States The world's largest mine hoist.
97 1984 SS Great Britain SS Great Britain bow view.jpg 1843 Bristol Bristol United Kingdom The world's first iron-hulled, screw-propelled ship to cross any ocean, leading to Britain's world leadership in maritime commerce.
98 1984 SS Jeremiah O'Brien Jeremiah O'Brien (Liberty ship, San Francisco).JPG 1943 San Francisco California United States One of only two operating survivors of the US emergency-cargo fleet known as Liberty Ships.
99 1984 Idols Station, Fries Manufacturing & Power Company 1898 Winston-Salem North Carolina United States Typical 19th-century small-scale, low-head run-of-the-river hydroelectric plant.
100 1984 Belle Isle Gas Turbine 1949 Schenectady New York United States The first gas turbine used for electric utility power generation in the United States.
101 1984 St. Charles Avenue Streetcar Line New-orleans-strassenbahn.jpg 1835 New Orleans Louisiana United States The oldest surviving interurban-urban passenger rail transport system in the United States.
102 1985 Atlas Launch Vehicle Atlas missile launch.jpg 1957 El Cajon California United States First launch vehicle for the US space program.
103 1985 First Hot Isostatic Processing Vessels 1956 Columbus Ohio United States Early examples of fabrication vessels using gas pressure and temperature to produce advanced alloy and ceramic products. Located at Battelle Memorial Institute
104 1985 Basic-Oxygen Steel Making Vessel 1955 Trenton Michigan United States Vessel that introduced the basic oxygen process to the United States. Presently owned by Detroit Steel Company.
105 1985 Detroit Edison District Heating System 1903 Detroit Michigan United States Early example of typical US district heating plant.
106 1985 Cornwall Iron Furnace CornwallFurnacePA.jpg 1742 Cornwall Pennsylvania United States Typical 19th-century US charcoal-fueled blast furnace, fully intact.
107 1985 Lowell Power Canal System and Pawtucket Gatehouse Suffolk mill turbine exhibit.jpg 1796 Lowell Massachusetts United States Early major US water-power system and the first Francis inward-flow water turbine placed in service and oldest in existence.
108 1985 Jacobs Engine Brake Retarder Jake Brake.jpg 1957 Bloomfield Connecticut United States The first practical mechanism for braking large trucks with engine compression as they descend long, steep grades at controlled speeds.
109 1985 Geysers Unit 1 1960 Sonoma County California United States The first commercial geothermal electricity-generating station in North America.
110 1985 Harris-Corliss Steam Engine 1895 Atlanta Georgia United States Example of a late 19th-century 350-hp Corliss-type steam engine. Located at Randall Brothers, Inc.
111 1986 Boulton & Watt Rotative Steam Engine Boulton and Watt sun and planet gear.jpg 1785 Sydney New South Wales Australia Oldest surviving operable rotative steam engine by Boulton and Watt. Located at the Powerhouse Museum.
112 1985 TV Emery Rice Steam Engine Emory Rice back-acting engine diagram - detail.jpg 1873 Kings Point New York United States Mid-19th-century horizontal compound marine steam engine with return connecting rod.
113 1986 Fairbanks Exploration Company Gold Dredge No. Fairbanks Exploration Company, Goldstream Dredge No. 8, Fox, Fairbanks (North Star Borough, Alaska).jpg 1927 Fairbanks Alaska United States One of the last mammoth gold dredges in the United States accessible to the public.
114 1986 Pitney-Bowes Model M Postage Meter 1920 Stamford Connecticut United States Early model of world's first commercial postage meter.
115 1986 Disneyland Monorail System MonorailOverLagoon wb.jpg 1959 Anaheim California United States The first commercial Wenner-Gren monorail system.
116 1987 McKinley Climatic Laboratory F-117 on ice at McKinley Climatic Laboratory 022808-F-0000P-064.jpg 1944 Eglin Air Force Base Florida United States Test facility with unequalled capacity to simulate a wide range of climatic conditions from arctic cold to jungle moisture for full-scale equipment testing.
117 1987 Icing Research Tunnel, NASA Lewis Research Center 1944 Cleveland Ohio United States The world's oldest and largest refrigerated icing wind tunnel, with unique heat exchanger and spray system.
118 1987 Samson Mine Reversible Waterwheel & Man Engine FahrkunstGrSamson2.jpg 1837 Sankt Andreasberg Lower Saxony Germany Hoists representative of bygone practice, including a waterwheel for ore hoisting and a mechanism to hoist workers.
119 1987 American Precision Museum 1966 Windsor Vermont United States
120 1987 Robbins & Lawrence Machine Shop 1846 Windsor Vermont United States Site of first machine shop to achieve interchangeable manufacture on a practical scale.
121 1987 Holly Fire Protection and Water System 1869BirdsillHollyHydrantSideTop.jpg 1863 Lockport New York United States Site of the first US integrated system to supply water for public safety.
122 1987 Holly District Heating System 1877 Lockport New York United States Site of the first US district heating steam-heating system.
123 1987 Kingsbury Thrust Bearing 1911 Holtwood Pennsylvania United States First and still-operating Kingsbury thrust bearing in hydroelectric service, later used worldwide for all types of large machinery. Located at Holtwood Dam.
124 1987 Chapin Mine Pump 1893 Iron Mountain Michigan United States Late 19th-century steeple compound-condensing engine and one of the largest at the time.
125 1987 Pullman Sleeping Car Glengyle 1911 Dallas Texas United States Earliest known survivor of the fleet of heavyweight, all-steel sleepers built by the Pullman Company. Located at Museum of the American Railroad.
126 1987 Westmoreland Iron Works 1850 Westmoreland New York United States An early and long-running malleable ironworks.
127 1987 Big Brutus Mine Shovel Brutus 2006-07-02 2244.jpg 1962 West Mineral Kansas United States One of the world's largest power shovels.
128 1987 Vallecitos Boiling Water Reactor Vallecitos Nuclear Center.jpg 1957 Alameda County California United States The world's first privately owned and operated nuclear power plant to deliver significant quantities of electricity to a public utility grid.
129 1987 Holyoke Water Power System Map of Holyoke Canal System (Holyoke, Massachusetts).jpg 1859 Holyoke Massachusetts United States Major 19th-century US industrial center for paper and textile industries, known for its machine shops and water-power system. See also: Holyoke Heritage State Park
130 1987 Stirling Water-tube Boilers 1906 Dalton Georgia United States Oldest existing steam generator in a US cotton mill.
131 1988 Roosa Master Diesel Fuel-Injection Pump 1947 Windsor Connecticut United States Early developmental models of distributor-type injection pump for controlling engine speed.
132 1988 Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Roundhouse Aurora Roundhouse.jpg 1858 Aurora Illinois United States Innovative railroad yard machine shop for first railroad linking Chicago and the Mississippi River.
133 1988 Buckeye Steam Traction Ditcher 1902 Findlay Ohio United States Earliest surviving example of the first successful traction ditching machine for laying agricultural drainage tiles. Located at Hancock Historical Museum.
134 1988 Geared Locomotives of Heisler, Shay, Climax RCBT Tuolumne.jpg 1872 Felton California United States Early examples of small slow-speed 19-century geared locomotives.
135 1988 Neuchâtel Gas Turbine 1939 Neuchâtel Neuchâtel Switzerland The world's first successful electricity-generating gas turbine to go into commercial operation.
136 1988 AAR Railroad-wheel Dynamometer 1955 Pueblo Colorado United States The first and only railroad dynamometer to test track wheels using vertical and lateral loads as well as thermal braking at the wheel rim.
137 1989 Texas & Pacific #610 Lima Superpower Steam Locomotive 1927 Rusk Texas United States The sole surviving example of the earliest form of "superpower" steam locomotives.
138 1989 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code 1915 Dearborn Michigan United States The first comprehensive standard for the design, construction, inspection, and testing of boilers and pressure vessels, greatly influencing public safety. Early book on loan to Henry Ford Museum.
139 1981 Roebling 80-ton Wire Rope Machine Roebling 80-ton Wire Rope Machine.jpg 1893 Trenton New Jersey United States The only remaining Roebling machine, largest wire-rope closing machine in 1893.
140 1989 Arnold Air Force Base Wind Tunnel Arnoldafb-3.jpg 1955 Arnold Air Force Base Tennessee United States The world's first large-scale testing facility for jet and rocket engines in simulated high-speed flight conditions.
141 1989 Browning Firearms Collection 1878 Ogden Utah United States Collection of sporting and military firearms designed by John Moses Browning. Located at Ogden Union Station Museum.
142 1990 Pierce-Donachy Ventricular Assist Device Ventricular assist device.png 1973 Hershey Pennsylvania United States The world's first implantable heart pump to receive widespread clinical use.
143 1990 USS Cairo Engine and Boilers Uss Cairo h61568.jpg 1862 Vicksburg Mississippi United States Thesole survivor of the fleet of river gunboats built by the Union during the US Civil War.
144 1990 Curtis 500-kW Vertical Turbine 1903 Indianapolis Indiana United States The first steam turbine electric-generation station.
145 1990 Southern Gas Association-PCRC Analog Facility 1955 San Antonio Texas United States The first computer system to be applied to the design of natural-gas pipeline systems.
146 1990 National Soil Dynamics Laboratory 1935 Auburn Alabama United States The world's first full-size laboratory for tillage tools and traction equipment in all types of soils .
147 1990 Baltimore & Ohio #4500, Freight, USRA 2-8-2A USRA Light Mikado.jpg 1918 Baltimore Maryland United States The first USRA freight locomotive built, representing the first standardized family of US locomotives.
148 1990 Atlantic Coast Line #1504, USRA 4-6-2A 1919 Jacksonville Florida United States An early example of USRA passenger locomotives representing the first US standardization program. Located at the Prime Osborn Convention Center.
149 1990 Hydromatic Propeller 1938 Windsor Locks Connecticut United States Early example of propeller innovations, including variable-pitch control and feathering capability. Located at the New England Air Museum.
150 1990 Pin-Ticketing Machine 1902 Miamisburg Ohio United States Early model of first successful price-marking, tag-attachment machine for US retail merchandising.
151 1991 Victoria Dutch Windmill Victoria grist windmill 2008.jpg 1870 Victoria Texas United States Mid-19th-century wind-powered gristmill of Dutch turret-mill style.
152 1991 Jeep Model MB Wiki Jeep 5.jpg 1947 Toledo Ohio United States Early four-wheel drive, multipurpose field vehicle representing an unusual combination of modern vehicle design.
153 1991 Cruquius Pumping Station Cruquius-gemaal-achter.jpg 1849 Haarlemmermeer North Holland Netherlands 19th-century steam pumping station that drained the Haarlemmermeer.
154 1991 Greens Bayou Generator Plant 1949 Houston Texas United States The first fully outdoor turbine-generator to be placed in commercial operation.
155 1991 Milam High-rise Air Conditioned Building 1928 San Antonio Texas United States The first US air-conditioned high-rise office building.
156 1991 Lookout Mountain Incline Railway Inclinerailway.jpg 1895 Chattanooga Tennessee United States 19th-century 3-rail incline.
157 1991 Pelton Waterwheel Collection Pelton wheel (patent).png ca. 1880 Grass Valley California United States Collection on the origins of the Pelton turbine and its principle of the "splitter" bucket.
158 1991 Fresno Scraper FresnoScraper.GIF 1883 Fresno California United States 19th-century example of the scraper whose design served as the basis for most giant earth-movers.
159 1991 Nassawango Iron Furnace Nassawango Iron Furnace.jpg 1828 Snow Hill Maryland United States The earliest surviving hot-blast furnace in the United States.
160 1992 ABACUS II Integrated-Circuit Wire Bonder Dallas Texas United States The world's first practical production machine for the assembly of integrated circuits, making possible their economical production.
161 1992 Q-R-S Marking Piano 1912 Buffalo New York United States One of the first machines to produce master rolls for player pianos by recording actual performances.
162 1992 Apollo Space Command Module Apollo 14 CM Saturn V Centre.JPG 1968 Titusville Florida United States Apollo command module incorporating many innovations to allow safe transport of humans to moon and back.
163 1992 Meter-type Gas Odorizer 1937 Dallas Texas United States Early safety device for introducing odor into natural-gas lines to make leaks apparent.
164 1992 New England Wireless and Steam Museum 1964 East Greenwich Rhode Island United States Collection of Rhode Island steam engines, including one of the few surviving built at the Corliss Works.
165 1992 Old Mill in Nantucket Nantucket Windmill - Frank C. Brown, Photographer, 1935.jpg 1746 Nantucket Massachusetts United States The oldest operating smock-type windmill in the United States.
166 1992 Milwaukee River Flushing Station 1888 Milwaukee Wisconsin United States One of the earliest water-pollution control systems, reducing the concentration of pollutants in an urban stream.
167 1993 Ginaca Pineapple Processing Machine Ginacamachinepatent.jpg 1911 Honolulu Hawaii United States Example of automated peeling and slicing machine that led to commercial pineapple production.
168 1993 Pegasus 3 Engine BS 916 Rolls-royce pegasus engine arp.jpg 1960 Bristol Bristol United Kingdom Earliest surviving example of the prototype engine for vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) jets, namely Harriers and AV-8Bs.
169 1993 Cryogenic Cooling System, Fermilab Tevatron 1983 Batavia Illinois United States The largest cryogenic system ever built, providing benchmark for superconducting magnet designs.
170 Advanced Engine Test Facility at Marshall Redstone Arsenal Testing Platform.jpg 1964 Redstone Arsenal Alabama United States Unique cooling system for the testing of aerospace engines.
171 1993 Voyager Spacecraft Interplanetary Explorers 2007 jpl open house.jpg 1972–1977 Pasadena California United States The two most intelligent machines ever built by NASA space program. Display located at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
172 1994 Bay City Walking Dredge Collier-Seminole SP dredge pano03.jpg 1924 Naples Florida United States The last remaining dredge in the United States with unique propulsion system, designed for a wetlands environment.
173 1994 Burton Farmers Gin Mill 1914 Burton Texas United States The earliest known survivor of an integrated cotton ginning system widely used in the southern United States.
174 1994 Crown Cork and Soda Filling Machine 1892 Baltimore Maryland United States One of two surviving automated machines that founded the bottling industry.
175 1994 Bergen County Steam Collection 1987 Hackensack New Jersey United States A collection of operational steam engines and auxiliary equipment from the 19th century to the 1940s.
176 1994 Union Pacific Big Boy 4023 and Centennial 690 Big Boy 4023.jpg 1941 Omaha Nebraska United States Two heavy-tonnage locomotives incorporating the best features of the day.
177 1994 Barker Turbine/Hacienda Buena Vista Barker Turbine Rotor located at .jpg 1853 Ponce Puerto Rico United States The only known example of a Barker hydraulic turbine, the earliest practical reaction type.
178 1994 Boeing 367-80 Air to air photo of the Dash 80 FA239925.jpg 1954 Fairfax County Virginia United States Prototype of the Boeing 707 and most jet transport systems, establishing economic feasibility of commercial air travel. Located at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.
179 1994 Newell Shredder 1969 San Antonio Texas United States The second and earliest surviving automobile shredder for recycling scrap metal.
180 1994 Johnstown Incline Johnstown Inclined Plane.jpg 1891 Johnstown Pennsylvania United States One of the world's steepest vehicular inclines, typical of several built in 19th century in Western Pennsylvania.
181 1994 BF Clyde's Cider Mill 1898 Mystic Connecticut United States The oldest steam powdered cider mill in the US. A rare survivor of a once-commonplace rural US industry.
182 1995 Knight Foundry and Machine Shop KnightWheels SuttersCreekCA.jpg 1873 Sutter Creek California United States One of the earliest US water-powered foundry-machine shops, including Knight impulse turbines.
183 1995 Wright Field 5-foot Wind Tunnel 1921 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Ohio United States Early example of the "modern" wind tunnel for aircraft-model testing.
184 1995 Gravimetric Coal Feeder 1957 Cleveland Ohio United States The earliest known coal feeder, representing innovations that influenced nearly all industries using coal-fired boilers.
185 1995 Ljungstrom Air Preheater 1920 Stockholm Stockholm County Sweden Experimental model of the industrial air preheater, now used worldwide.
186 1995 Steamboat William G. Mather SteamshipWilliamGMather.jpg 1925 Cleveland Ohio United States Prototypical ore boat on the Great Lakes.
187 1996 NASA Ames Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel Modification Project 1996.jpeg 1956 Mountain View California United States R&D facility for testing of supersonic aircraft and spacecraft.
188 1996 Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel 1949 State College Pennsylvania United States Unique experimental facility for hydrodynamic research and testing. Located at Pennsylvania State University
189 1996 Montgomery Glider 1883 San Carlos California United States First heavier-than-air human-carrying aircraft to achieve controlled piloted flight. Located at Hiller Aviation Museum.
190 1996 Hart Parr Tractor 1903 Charles City Iowa United States Earliest known internal-combustion-engined agricultural tractor in the United States.
191 1996 SS Badger Carferry SSBadgerDockedManitowocWisconsinUS10.jpg 1952 Ludington Michigan United States One of the last operating American steam lake boats with reciprocating engines and coal-fired boilers.
192 1996 Thermo King© C Refrigeration Unit 1940 Minneapolis Minnesota United States Earliest known refrigeration unit for trucks, having worldwide impact on food preservation.
193 1997 Alligator Amphibian 1940 Quantico Virginia United States Prototype of all tracked ship-to-shore landing vehicles. Located at the Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum
194 1997 Kew Bridge Cornish Beam Engines 90 inch engine valves,Kew Bridge Steam Museum.jpg 1975 Brentford Greater London United Kingdom Five notable 19th-century Cornish beam engines for municipal water supply.
195 1997 Bay Area Rapid Transit System BART TrackGeometryCar.jpg 1972 San Francisco Bay Area California United States The most advanced automated urban rail transit system incorporating many innovations, marking a new generation of rail travel.
196 1997 Bessemer Conversion Engine ca. 1900 Rockford Michigan United States An early example of the successful conversion of steam engines to internal-combustion engines.
197 1998 David Taylor Model Basin David Taylor Model Basin - exterior view, c. 1946.jpg 1939 Bethesda Maryland United States Among the world's largest test facilities for the development of ship design
198 1998 GE's Ultra High Pressure Apparatus for the Production of Diamonds 1954 Schenectady New York United States The first apparatus to consistently produce industrial diamonds, demonstrating fundamentals of producing and containing very high pressures and becoming the basis for the industrial-diamond production that followed. Located at the Schenectady Museum.
199 1998 Hulett Ore Unloaders Pennsylvania Railway Ore Dock (Whiskey Island, Lake Erie).jpg 1912 Cleveland Ohio United States The largest and oldest surviving example of a highly efficient materials-handling machine unique to the Great Lakes that revolutionized ore handling and led to its rapid adoption throughout the lower-lake ore ports. In 2000, two of the four loaders have been demolished and scrapped, while the other two were dissambled.
200 1998 Paddle Steamer Uri 1901 Lucerne Lucerne Switzerland The oldest operating vessel with a diagonal, compound steam engine, with disc valve gear.
201 1998 Cooper Steam Traction Engine Collection 1860–1883 Mount Vernon Ohio United States Engines from the collection are among the oldest surviving agricultural steam engines, from 1860 to 1883, showing the conversion to mechanized farming. Located at the Knox County Historical Society.
202 1998 William Tod Rolling-Mill Engine 1914 Youngstown Ohio United States Representative of steam-powered rolling-mill-engine drives early in the transition to electric drive and typical of the largest work pieces produced by U.S. foundries and forges.
203 1998 Siegfried Marcus Car MW2 05 02 24 klein.jpg ca. 1875 Vienna Austria Direct predecessor of the modern automobile. Located at the Technical Museum, Vienna.
204 1999 Kinne Water Turbine Collection 1907–1937 Watertown New York United States The largest collection of American turbine development. Located at the Jefferson County Historical Society.
205 1999 Peterborough Hydraulic (Canal) Lift Lock Pliftlock.JPG 1904 Peterborough Ontario Canada The world's highest operating hydraulic lift lock, operating on the balance principle.
206 1999 Merrill Wheel Balancing System 1945 Englewood Colorado United States Innovative method of wheel balancing (on the vehicle) adopted worldwide.
207 2000 Refrigeration Research Museum 1890–1960 Brighton Michigan United States A private collection that represents many of the advances in mechanical refrigeration for US residential and commercial use from the late 19th century up to 1960.
208 2000 Fairbanks-Morse Y-VA Engine Diesel 1924 Lee County Florida United States The earliest (perhaps only) existing example of early high-compression, cold-start, full-diesel engines developed in the United States for isolated or rural power generation machinery before widespread electrification was available.
209 2000 USS Albacore Uss albacore 03-2006.jpg 1953 Portsmouth New Hampshire United States An experimental submarine that pioneered the teardrop-shaped hull, high-strength steel, and many other test concepts affecting speed, depth changes, and underwater maneuvering.
210 2000 Link C-3 Flight Trainer Link-trainer-ts.jpg ca. 1935 Binghamton New York United States An early flight simulator representative of the first truly effective mechanical device used to simulate actual flight processes.
211 2000 Tokaido Shinkansen JR Central Shinkansen 700.jpg 1964 Tokyo to Shin-Ōsaka Japan The world's first high-speed railway, which operated at about 210 km/h (130-160 mph).
212 2000 EIMCO Rocker Shovel Loader, Model 12B 1938 Park City Utah United States The first successful mining device to replace human labor in removing the rubble from underground hard-rock blasting. Plaque located at

Miners Plaza in historic Old Park City.

213 2000 George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering George Waldo Woodruff 1917.gif 1888 Atlanta Georgia United States Leader in transforming mechanical engineering education from a shop-based, vocational program to a professional one built on rigorous academic and analytical methods.
214 2001 Colvin Run Mill Colvin Run Mill.jpg ca. 1810 Great Falls Virginia United States A good example of a typical early 19th-century (US) water-powered, Evans-type flour mill, restored into operating condition.
215 2001 Coolspring Power Museum 1890–1929 Coolspring Pennsylvania United States An impressive variety of internal combustion engines, built primarily between 1890 and 1920 and consisting mainly of stationary engines used in industrial applications.
216 2001 Arecibo Observatory Arecibo Observatory Aerial View.jpg 1963 Arecibo Puerto Rico United States The largest single-aperture telescope ever constructed. Joint designation with IEEE.
217 2001 Radio City Music Hall Hydraulically Actuated Stage RadioCityMusicHallStageLift1.JPG 1932 New York New York United States One of the largest movable stages in the world with innovative hydraulic equipment and controls, a forerunner of other stage designs as well as early aircraft carrier elevator systems.
218 2002 Apollo Lunar Module LM-13 LEM-linedrawing.png 1972 Garden City New York United States First piloted vehicle designed to operate solely in the vacuum of space. Located at the Cradle of Aviation Museum.
219 2002 Howard Hughes Flying Boat, HK-1 H-4 Hercules 2.jpg 1947 McMinnville Oregon United States The largest wood-constructed and the largest wingspan airplane ever built. Located at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.
220 2002 Pilatusbahn Pilatus railway track.jpg 1882 Mount Pilatus Switzerland The world's steepest cog railway.
221 2002 Brandywine River Powder Mills Hagley Mill Equipment.jpg 1803–1921 Wilmington Delaware United States The largest U.S. maker of explosive black powder, a once-important and now-obsolete 19th-century technology.
222 2002 Ditch Witch® DWP Service-Line Trencher Early Ditch Witch Assembly Line.jpg 1952 Perry Oklahoma United States The first mechanized, compact service-line trencher.
223 2003 Solar Energy and Energy Conversion Laboratory 1954 Gainesville Florida United States Pioneering developments in solar-energy applications, with global accomplishments in training and innovation.
224 2003 Wright Flyer III Wright Flyer III above.jpg 1905 Dayton Ohio United States The first practical airplane. Part of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park
225 2003 Rumely Companies' Agricultural Products Rumely OilPull model H.jpg 1853 La Porte Indiana United States Produced a line of agricultural equipment that played a vital role in the evolution of farming.
226 2003 Eddystone Station Unit #1 1960 Eddystone Pennsylvania United States The second U.S. (earliest extant) supercritical steam-electric generating unit, pioneering significant increases in steam pressure, steam temperature, and unit size.
227 2003 First Ram-Type Blowout Preventer (BOP) Cameron Ram-type Blowout Preventer (1922).jpg 1922 Houston Texas United States First ram-type blowout preventer, which sealed the wellhead and controlled pressure during drilling and oil production operations.
228 2003 Philo 6 Steam-Electric Generating Unit 1957 Columbus Ohio United States The world's first commercial supercritical steam-electric generating unit.
229 2003 Great Northern 2313 — Montana Western 31 Gas 1925 North Freedom Wisconsin United States The oldest-surviving Electro-motive Company (EMC) gas-electric rail motorcar and the oldest with Lemp control. Located at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum
230 2004 Lapeyre Automatic Shrimp Peeling Machine 1949 Biloxi Mississippi United States For decades, this elegantly simple solution – known as the Model A Automatic Shrimp Peeler – has proven to be the most effective and widely used method of automatic shrimp peeling, despite attempts by others to develop alternative approaches.
231 2004 R.G. Letourneau Mountain Mover Rg-machines-eliotlandrum.jpg 1922 Longview Texas United States This innovative scraper moved four times as much earth as conventional machines of the era which required a tractor and two operators.
232 2004 Reuleaux Collection Of Kinematic Mechanisms 1882 Ithaca New York United States The world’s largest collection of 19th-century kinematic mechanisms. Located at Cornell University
233 2005 Model T Late model Ford Model T.jpg 1908–1927 Dearborn Michigan United States 15 millionth Model T to come off the assembly line, marking the end of its production. Located at The Henry Ford.
234 2005 The United States Standard Screw Threads 1864 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States The first US system of standardized screw threads.
235 2005 Ottmar Mergenthaler's Square Base Linotype Machine 1886 Carson California United States One of two surviving square-base linotypes. Located at the International Printing Museum
236 2005 Birome Ballpoint Pen Collection Bolígrafo marca birome I.jpg 1938–1948 Buenos Aires Argentina First ballpoint pens; utilized the concept of a quick-drying ink whose flow is controlled by gravity and a metal ball housed in a socket.
237 2005 Eiffel Drop Test Machine and Wind Tunnel 1903 & 1912 Paris France Most accurate to date drop-test device and wind tunnel to measure drag on falling objects of various shapes.
238 2006 Grumman Wildcat “Sto-Wing” Wing-folding Mechanism F6F-3 fighters landing on USS Enterprise (CV-6).jpg Kalamazoo Michigan United States First functional wing-folding mechanism, enabling aircraft to take up less space on ships. Located at Air Zoo.
239 2006 Hughes Glomar Explorer Glomar color 300.jpg 1972 Houston Texas United States A deep-sea drillship platform initially built for the United States Central Intelligence Agency Special Activities Division secret operation Project Azorian to recover the sunken Soviet submarine, K-129, lost in April 1968.
240 2006 Cooper-Bessemer Type GMV Integral-Angle Gas E 1944 Mount Vernon Ohio United States Providing efficient compression energy for natural gas, petrochemical, refinery, and power industries around the world. Located at the Knox County Historical Museum.
241 2006 Noria al-Muhammadiyya Hama-3 norias.jpg 1361 Hama Hama Governorate Syria A set of seventeen large water wheels operating on the River Orontes as they have for many centuries.
242 2006 Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Apparatus (1962) 1962 San Antonio Texas United States The first apparatus able to directly generate a complete dynamic (high-rate) stress-strain curve in a single experiment.
243 2008 Digital Micromirror Device Abe.jpg 1996 Plano Texas United States Modulating digital light pulses using up to 2 million micromirrors.
244 2008 Johnson Controls Multi-Zone Automatic Temperature Control System 1895 Milwaukee Wisconsin United States The first automated temperature control system.
245 2008 John Penn & Sons Oscillating Steam Engine Elbdampfer Diesbar 1-2.JPG 1841 Dresden Saxony Germany The first steam engine to utilize oscillatory cylinders. In the steamboat Diesbar.
246 2009 Hughes Two-Cone Drill Bit 1909 The Woodlands Texas United States Key technology that allowed drilling through medium and hard rock, tapped vast oil reservoirs much deeper below the surface than previously possible, and significantly improved the efficiency and cost of drilling.
247 2010 Belle of Louisville Belle of Louisville 2.jpg 1914 Louisville Kentucky United States The oldest operating “western rivers” steamboat.
248 2011 Southern Railway Spencer Shops NCTM Roundhouse2.jpg 1896 Spencer North Carolina United States One of the few remaining intact 20th-century railroad locomotive facilities in the United States. Now the North Carolina Transportation Museum.

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