List of NATO country codes

List of NATO country codes

This is the list of NATO country codes. Up to and including the seventh edition of STANAG 1059, these were two-letter codes (digrams). The eighth edition, promulgated February 19, 2004, and effective April 1, 2004, replaced all codes with new ones based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes. Additional codes cover gaps in the ISO coverage, deal with the imaginary countries used for exercise purposes, and designate large geographical groupings and water bodies (ranging from oceans to rivers). It consists of two-letter codes for geographical entities, four-letter codes for subdivisions, and lists the ISO three-letter codes for reference. The digrams match the FIPS 10-4 codes with a few exceptions.

The ninth edition's ratification draft was published on July 6, 2005, with a reply deadline of October 6, 2005. It replaces all two- and four-letter codes with ISO or ISO-like three- and six-letter codes. It is intended as a transitional standard: once all NATO nations have updated their information systems, a tenth edition will be published.

For diplomatic reasons, Macedonia is designated as the « Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia » and receives a (temporary) code explicitly different from the ISO one.

Digram Trigram Entity Comment
AA ABW Aruba
AB ABB Asia 9th ed. adds the trigram
AC ATG Antigua and Barbuda
AF AFG Afghanistan
AG DZA Algeria
AJ AZE Azerbaijan
AL ALB Albania
AM ARM Armenia
AN AND Andorra
AO AGO Angola
AR ARG Argentina
AS AUS Australia
AT ACI Ashmore and Cartier Islands Appears with 9th ed.; the entity is omitted from 8th ed.
AU AUT Austria
AV AIA Anguilla
AY ATA Antarctica
BA BHR Bahrain
BB BRB Barbados
BC BWA Botswana
BD BMU Bermuda
BE BEL Belgium
BF BHS The Bahamas
BG BGD Bangladesh
BH BLZ Belize
BK BIH Bosnia-Herzegovina
BL BOL Bolivia
BM MMR Myanmar
BN BEN Benin
BO BLR Belarus
BP SLB Solomon Islands
BR BRA Brazil
BT BTN Bhutan
BU BGR Bulgaria
BV BVT Bouvet Island
BX BRN Brunei
BY BDI Burundi
CA CAN Canada
CB KHM Cambodia
CE LKA Sri Lanka
CF COG Republic of the Congo
CD COD Democratic Republic of the Congo
CH CHN People's Republic of China
CI CHL Chile
CJ CYM Cayman Islands
CK CCK Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CM CMR Cameroun
CN COM Comoros
CO COL Colombia
CQ MNP Northern Mariana Islands Also listed under the subdivision code US-MP-
CR CSI Coral Sea Islands Appears with 9th ed.; the entity is omitted from 8th ed.
CS CRI Costa Rica
CT CAF Central African Republic
CV CPV Cape Verde
CW COK Cook Islands
CY CYP Cyprus
CZ CZE Czech Republic
DA DNK Denmark
DJ DJI Djibouti
DO DMA Dominica
DR DOM Dominican Republic
EC ECU Ecuador
EE EEE Europe 9th ed. adds the trigram
EG EGY Egypt
EI IRL Ireland
EK GNQ Equatorial Guinea
EN EST Estonia
ER ERI Eritrea
ES ESP Spain
ET ETH Ethiopia
FF FFF Africa 9th ed. adds the trigram
FG GUF French Guiana 9th ed. lists it under France as FR-973
FI FIN Finland
FK FLK Falkland Islands
FM FSM Federated States of Micronesia
FO FRO Faroe Islands
FP PYF French Polynesia 9th ed. lists it under France as FR-PYF
FR FRA France
FS ATF French Southern Territories 9th ed. lists it under France as FR-FST
FY FYR Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Temporary code; the ISO 3166 code is MKD
GA GMB The Gambia
GB GAB Gabon
GC n/a East Germany Obsolete 1990
GE DEU Germany
GG GEO Georgia
GH GHA Ghana
GI GIB Gibraltar
GJ GRD Grenada
GL GRL Greenland
GP GLP Guadeloupe 9th ed. lists it under France as FR-971
GQ GUM Guam Also listed under the subdivision code US-GU-
GR GRC Greece
GT GTM Guatemala
GV GIN Guinea
GY GUY Guyana
HA HTI Haiti
HK HKG Hong Kong Also listed under the provincial code CN-91-
HM HMD Heard and McDonald Islands
HO HND Honduras
HQ HQI Howland Island Appears with 9th ed.; also listed under IQ
HR HRV Croatia
HU HUN Hungary
IC ISL Iceland
ID IDN Indonesia
IN IND India
IO IOT British Indian Ocean Territory
IQ UMI U.S. Minor Outlying Islands Baker, Howland, Jarvis, Johnston, Kingman Reef,
Midway, Navassa, Palmyra, and Wake Islands
Also listed under the subdivision code US-UM-
IS ISR Israel
IT ITA Italy
IV CIV Côte d'Ivoire
JA JPN Japan
JM JAM Jamaica
JN JNM Jan Mayen Island Appears with 9th ed.; also listed under SV;
Also listed under the subdivision code NO-22-
JO JOR Jordan
JQ JQA Johnston Atoll Appears with 9th ed.; also listed under IQ
KE KEN Kenya
KG KGZ Kyrgyzstan
KN PRK Democratic People's Republic of Korea
KR KIR Kiribati
KS KOR Republic of Korea
KT CXR Christmas Island
KU KWT Kuwait
KZ KAZ Kazakhstan
LE LBN Lebanon
LG LVA Latvia
LH LTU Lithuania
LI LBR Liberia
LO SVK Slovakia
LS LIE Liechtenstein
LT LSO Lesotho
LU LUX Luxembourg
LY LBY Libya
MA MDG Madagascar
MB MTQ Martinique 9th ed. lists it under France as FR-972
MC MAC Macau
MD MDA Republic of Moldova
ME MNE Montenegro Since 8th ed.
MG MNG Mongolia
MH MSR Montserrat
MI MWI Malawi
MN MCO Monaco
MO MAR Morocco
MP MUS Mauritius
MR MRT Mauritania
MT MLT Malta
MV MDV The Maldives
MX MEX Mexico
MY MYS Malaysia
MZ MOZ Mozambique
NA ANT Netherlands Antilles
NC NCL New Caledonia 9th ed. lists it under France as FR-NCL
NF NFK Norfolk Island
NG NER Niger
NH VUT Vanuatu
NI NGA Nigeria
NL NLD Netherlands
NN NNN North America 9th ed. adds the trigram
NO NOR Norway
NP NPL Nepal
NR NRU Nauru
NS SUR Suriname
NT NTT NATO countries 9th ed. adds the trigram
NU NIC Nicaragua
NZ NZL New Zealand
PA PRY Paraguay
PC PCN Pitcairn Islands
PF PFI Paracel Islands Appears with 9th ed.; the entity is omitted from 8th ed.
PK PAK Pakistan
PL POL Poland
PM PAN Panama
PO PRT Portugal
PP PNG Papua New Guinea
PS PLW Palau In 9th ed., the digram is also assigned to Palestine
PS PSE Occupied Palestinian Territory Temporary code; 8th ed. has no digram for Palestine
9th ed. also assigns PS to Palau
PU GNB Guinea-Bissau
QA QAT Qatar
RE REU Réunion 9th ed. lists it under France as FR-974
RM MHL Marshall Islands 8th ed. omits the trigram (mistakenly?)
RO ROU Romania
RP PHL Philippines
RQ PRI Puerto Rico Also listed under the subdivision code US-PR-
RS SRB Serbia 8th ed.
RU RUS Russia Original code RS is not to be used 8th ed. Now assigned to Serbia.
RW RWA Rwanda
SA SAU Saudi Arabia
SB SPM Saint Pierre and Miquelon 9th ed. lists it under France as FR-975
and assigns SB to "Serbia and Montenegro"
SC KNA Saint Kitts and Nevis
SE SYC Seychelles
SF ZAF South Africa
SG SEN Senegal
SH SHN Saint Helena
SI SVN Slovenia
SJ SJM Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Also listed under the subdivision code NO-21-
SL SLE Sierra Leone
SM SMR San Marino
SN SGP Singapore
SO SOM Somalia
SR SRR South America 9th ed. adds the trigram
SS ASM American Samoa Also listed under the subdivision code US-AS-
SS WSM Samoa Some sources (other than the STANAGs
themselves) claim the digram was WS
ST LCA Saint Lucia
SU SDN Sudan
SV SLV El Salvador
SW SWE Sweden
SX SGS South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
SY SYR Syria
SZ CHE Switzerland
TC ARE United Arab Emirates
TD TTO Trinidad and Tobago
TH THA Thailand
TI TJK Tajikistan
TK TCA Turks and Caicos Islands
TL TKL Tokelau
TM TLS Timor-Leste
TN TON Tonga
TP STP São Tomé and Príncipe
TS TUN Tunisia
TU TUR Turkey
TV TUV Tuvalu
TW TWN Republic of China (Taiwan) Also listed under the provincial code CN-71-
TX TKM Turkmenistan
TZ TZN Tanzania
UG UGA Uganda
UK GBR United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
UP UKR Ukraine
UR n/a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Obsolete 1992
US USA United States
UU UUU Oceania 9th ed. adds the trigram
UV BFA Burkina Faso
UY URY Uruguay
UZ UZB Uzbekistan
VC VCT Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VE VEN Venezuela
VI VIR U.S. Virgin Islands 8th ed. lists "VI or VS";
Also listed under the subdivision code US-VI-
VM VNM Vietnam
VS VGB British Virgin Islands 8th ed. lists "VI or VS"
VT VAT Vatican City (Holy See)
WA NAM Namibia
WF WLF Wallis and Futuna Islands 9th ed. lists it under France as FR-WLF
WI ESH Western Sahara
WZ SWZ Swaziland
XB XXB "Brownland" 9th ed. adds the trigram
XE XXE SHAPE (ACO Command) 9th ed. adds the trigram
XG XXG "Greyland" 9th ed. adds the trigram
XI XXI "Indigoland" 9th ed. adds the trigram
XL XXL "Limeland" 9th ed. adds the trigram
XN XXN NATO "Blue" Command 9th ed. adds the trigram
XP XXP "Purpleland" 9th ed. adds the trigram
XR XXR "Redland" 9th ed. adds the trigram
XS XXS SACLANT (HQ SACT Command) 9th ed. adds the trigram
YT - Mayotte Former NATO code ME is not to be used since 8th ed.;
8th ed. omits the trigram (mistakenly?);
9th ed. lists it under France as FR-976
XW XXW "Whiteland" 9th ed. adds the trigram
XY XXY "Yellowland" 9th ed. adds the trigram
YE YEM Yemen
YO n/a Yugoslavia Obsolete 1993
SCG Serbia and Montenegro 9th ed. lists SB for the digram, which
8th ed. assigns to Saint Pierre and Miquelon
YU YUG Yugoslavia (Federal Republic of) Temporary code; Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Vojvodina
ZA ZMB Zambia
ZI ZWE Zimbabwe
Water Bodies (9th edition)
Digram Trigram Entity Comment
1A- 1A North Atlantic Ocean
1B- 1B Bay of Biscay
1C- 1C Bristol Channel
1D- 1D Denmark Strait
1E- 1E English Channel
1F- 1F Bay of Fundy
1G- 1G Gulf of Guinea
1H- 1H Hudson Bay
1I- 1I Lake Volta
1J- 1J Panama Canal
1K- 1K Inner Seas Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland, a.k.a. Inner Scottish Sea,[2] including the Minch, the Sea of the Hebrides, and stretching to Ireland
1L- 1L Labrador Sea
1M- 1M Gulf of Mexico
1N- 1N North Sea
1O- 1O Niger River
1P- 1P Baffin Bay
1Q- 1Q St. George's Channel
1R- 1R Irish Sea
1S- 1S Skagerrak
1T- 1T Gulf of St. Lawrence
1U- 1U Hudson Strait
1V- 1V Davis Strait
1W- 1W Magdalena River
1X- 1X Caribbean Sea
1Y- 1Y Gulf of Cadiz
1Z- 1Z Cantabrian Sea
2A- 2A South Atlantic Ocean
2B- 2B Amazon River
2C- 2C Congo River
2D- 2D Drake Passage
2E- 2E Gulf of Campecha Gulf of Campeche (typo)
2F- 2F Gulf of Fonseca
2G- 2G Lake Granada Lake Nicaragua
2H- 2H Gulf of Honduras
2I- 2I Río de la Plata Bay
2J- 2J Gulf of San Gorge Golfo San Jorge (typo)
2K- 2K Sargasso Sea
2L- 2L Magellan Strait
2M- 2M Gulf of San Matias San Matias Gulf
2P- 2P Putymayo River Putumayo River (typo)
2Q- 2Q Orinoco River
2R- 2R Río de la Plata
2S- 2S Scotia Sea
2W- 2W Weddell Sea
2X- 2X La Pérouse Strait
2Y- 2Y Salomon Sea Solomon Sea (typo)
2Z- 2Z Yucátan Sea
31- 31 Tonle Sap
32- 32 Song Hua Giang Bassac (Hua Giang) River
33- 33 Chhâk Kâmpóng Saôm Kompong Som Bay, Cambodia
34- 34 Chhâk Veal Renh Veal Renh Bay, Cambodia
35- 35 Chhâk Kaôh Kŏng Kaôh Kŏng Bay, Cambodia
36- 36 Huang Pu (Yellow River)
37- 37 Yangtze River
38- 38 Hang Chou Wan Kwang-Chou-Wan
39- 39 Sunda Strait
3A- 3A North Pacific
3B- 3B Sakhalinskiy Zaliv Sakhalin Gulf/Bay/Bight
3C- 3C Celebes Sea
3D- 3D Tatar Strait
3E- 3E East China Sea
3F- 3F Formosa Strait
3G- 3G Gulf of Tonkin
3H- 3H Halmahera Sea
3I- 3I Luzon Strait
3J- 3J Sea of Japan
3K- 3K Zaliv Shelikhova Shelikhova Gulf
3L- 3L Gulf of California
3M- 3M Molucca Sea
3N- 3N Inland Sea
3O- 3O Amur River
3P- 3P Philippine Sea
3Q- 3Q Sea of Okhotsk
3R- 3R Korea Bay
3S- 3S Sulu Sea
3T- 3T Gulf of Thailand
3U- 3U South China Sea
3V- 3V Teluk Tomini Gulf of Tomini
3W- 3W Mekong River
3X- 3X Bo Hai
3Y- 3Y Yellow Sea
3Z- 3Z Singapore Strait
4A- 4A South Pacific Ocean
4B- 4B Banda Sea
4C- 4C Coral Sea
4D- 4D Amundsen Sea
4E- 4E Teluk Bone Gulf of Bone/Boni
4F- 4F Flores Sea
4G- 4G Bellingshausen Sea
4I- 4I Lake Titicaca
4J- 4J Java Sea
4K- 4K Bismarck Sea
4L- 4L Bali Sea
4M- 4M Makassar Strait
4N- 4N Napo River
4O- 4O Pacific Ocean
4P- 4P Gulf of Carpentaria
4Q- 4Q Ceram Sea
4R- 4R Ross Sea
4S- 4S Solomon Sea
4T- 4T Tasman Sea
4U- 4U Arafura Sea
4Z- 4Z Antarctic Ocean
5A- 5A Arctic Ocean
5B- 5B Barents Sea
5C- 5C Chukshi Sea Chukchi Sea
5D- 5D Bering Sea
5E- 5E Alaska/BC Coastal Waters
5F- 5F Gulf of Alaska
5G- 5G Greenland Sea
5K- 5K Kara Sea
5L- 5L Lincoln Sea
5N- 5N Norwegian Sea
5P- 5P Laptev Sea
5R- 5R Bering Strait
5S- 5S East Siberian Sea
5T- 5T Northwest Passage
5U- 5U Beaufort Sea
5W- 5W White Sea
5Y- 5Y Anadyrskiy Zaliv Anadyrskiy Gulf
62- 62 Strait of Hormuz
6A- 6A Indian Ocean
6B- 6B Bay of Bengal
6C- 6C Strait of Malacca
6D- 6D Gulf of Aden
6E- 6E Red Sea
6F- 6F Bass Strait
6G- 6G Great Australian Bight
6H- 6H Gulf of Mannar
6I- 6I Lake Malawi
6J- 6J Ussuri River
6K- 6K Zambezi River
6L- 6L Laccadive Sea
6M- 6M Gulf of Oman
6N- 6N Andaman Sea
6O- 6O Limpopo River
6P- 6P Persian Gulf
6Q- 6Q Gulf of Aqaba
6R- 6R Arabian Sea
6S- 6S Savu Sea
6T- 6T Timor Sea
6U- 6U Suez Canal
6V- 6V Lake Victoria
6W- 6W Gulf of Suez
6X- 6X Lake Nyasa
6Y- 6Y Lake Tanganyika
6Z- 6Z Mozambique Channel
7B- 7B Baltic Sea
7E- 7E German Bight
7F- 7F Gulf of Finland
7G- 7G Gdansk Bay
7H- 7H Gulf of Riga
7K- 7K Kattegat
7L- 7L Leba River
7M- 7M Baltic Approaches
7P- 7P Pomeranian Bay
7T- 7T Gulf of Bothnia
81- 81 Gulf of Sirte
82- 82 Naama Bay Sharm el-Sheikh's Naama Bay??
83- 83 Gulf of Hammamet
84- 84 Gulf of Sollum Khalîg el Salûm
89- 89 Mediterranean Sea
8A- 8A Danube River
8B- 8B Black Sea
8C- 8C Caspian Sea
8D- 8D Adriatic Sea
8E- 8E Mediterranean, Eastern
8F- 8F Durrës Bay Bay of Durrës, Albania
8G- 8G Agean Sea Aegean Sea (typo)
8H- 8H Mediterranean, Central
8I- 8I Lake Tiberias
8J- 8J Balearic Sea
8K- 8K Kotor Bay
8L- 8L Ligurian Sea
8M- 8M Sea of Marmara
8N- 8N Ionian Sea
8O- 8O Lake Ohrid
8P- 8P Istanbul Strait Bosphorus
8Q- 8Q Lake Scutari
8R- 8R Aral Sea
8S- 8S Strait of Gibraltar
8T- 8T Tyrrhenian Sea
8U- 8U Çanakkale Strait Dardanelles
8V- 8V Vlorë Bay Bay of Vlorë, Albania
8W- 8W Mediterranean, Western
8X- 8X Gulf of Lion
8Y- 8Y Alboran Sea
8Z- 8Z Sea of Azov
9A- 9A Atlantic Ocean
9E- 9E Lake Erie
9H- 9H Lake Huron
9L- 9L St. Lawrence Seaway
9M- 9M Lake Michigan
9N- 9N Lake Ontario
9S- 9S Lake Superior
9W- 9W Lake Winnipeg
9Z- 9Z Great Lakes
IW- IW International Waters


  • NATO STANAG 1059 INT (Ed. 7, 2000) Distinguishing Letters for Geographical Entities for Use in NATO
  • NATO STANAG 1059 INT (Ed. 8, 2003) Letter Codes for Geographical Entities
  • NATO STANAG 1059 INT (Ed. 9 Ratification Draft, 2005) Codes for Geographical Entities


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  2. ^ "Limits of Oceans and Seas, 3rd edition". International Hydrographic Organization. 1953. Retrieved 6 February 2010. 

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