Bellingshausen Sea

Bellingshausen Sea

The Bellingshausen Sea is an area along the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula, between Alexander Island and Thurston Island. It takes its name from Admiral Thaddeus Bellingshausen, who explored in the area in 1821.

In the late pliocene, about 2.15 million years ago, the Eltanin asteroid impacted here. This is the only known impact in a deep-ocean basin in the world. [cite journal |last=Gersonde |first=Rainer |coauthors=F. T. Kyte, T. Frederichs, U. Bleil, H.-W. Schenke, G. Kuhn, Frank T. |year=2005 |title=The late Pliocene impact of the Eltanin asteroid into the Southern Ocean – Documentation and environmental consequences |journal=Geophysical Research Abstracts |volume=7 |id=1607-7962/gra/EGU05-A-02449 |url= |accessdate=2008-06-22]


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* [ USGS Bellingshausen Sea map]
* [ NASA Bellinghausen Sea satellite photo]

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