Digestive disease

Digestive disease
Digestive disease
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All diseases that pertain to the gastrointestinal tract are labelled as digestive diseases. This includes diseases of the esophagus, stomach, first, second, and third part of the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, the ileo-cecal complex, large intestine (ascending, transverse, and descending colon), sigmoid colon, and rectum.


Upper GIT Disease

Oral Cavities



Intestinal Disease

Small intestine

Enteritis (Duodenitis, Jejunitis, Ileitis) — Peptic (duodenal) ulcer (Curling's ulcer) — Malabsorption: Coeliac · Tropical sprue · Blind loop syndrome · Whipple's · Short bowel syndrome · Steatorrhea · Milroy disease

Large intestine

Appendicitis · Colitis (Pseudomembranous, Ulcerative, Ischemic, Microscopic, Collagenous, Lymphocytic)Functional colonic disease (IBS, Intestinal pseudoobstruction/Ogilvie syndrome) — Megacolon/Toxic megacolon · Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis Template:Mhmmm

Both Large intestine And Small intestine

Enterocolitis (Necrotizing· IBD (Crohn's disease) — vascular: Abdominal angina · Mesenteric ischemia · Angiodysplasia — Bowel obstruction: Ileus · Intussusception · Volvulus · Fecal impaction — Constipation · Diarrhea (Infectious)

Rectum and Anus

Proctitis (Radiation proctitis· Proctalgia fugax · Rectal prolapse · Anal fissure/Anal fistula · Anal abscess

Accessory digestive glands Disease


Hepatitis (Viral hepatitis, Autoimmune hepatitis, Alcoholic hepatitis· Cirrhosis (PBC· Fatty liver (NASH· vascular (Hepatic veno-occlusive disease, Portal hypertension, Nutmeg liver· Alcoholic liver disease · Liver failure (Hepatic encephalopathy, Acute liver failure· Liver abscess (Pyogenic, Amoebic)  · Hepatorenal syndrome · Peliosis hepatis · Hemochromatosis · Wilson's Disease


Pancreatitis (Acute, Chronic, Hereditary· Pancreatic pseudocyst · Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency · [[Pancreatic fis a]]

Gall Bladder and Bile Ducts

Cholecystitis · Gallstones/Cholecystolithiasis · Cholesterolosis · Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses · Postcholecystectomy syndrome Cholangitis (PSC, Ascending· Cholestasis/Mirizzi's syndrome · Biliary fistula · Haemobilia · Gallstones/Cholelithiasis
common bile duct (Choledocholithiasis, Biliary dyskinesia)


Diaphragmatic: Congenital diaphragmatic · Hiatus — Abdominal hernia: Inguinal (Indirect, Direct· Umbilical · Incisional · Femoral — Obturator hernia · Spigelian hernia


Peritonitis (Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis· Hemoperitoneum · Pneumoperitoneum

GI bleeding

Upper (Hematemesis, Melena· Lower (Hematochezia)

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