Immune disorder

Immune disorder

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An immune disorder is a dysfunction of the immune system. These disorders can be characterized in several different ways:
* By the component(s) of the immune system affected
* By whether the immune system is overactive or underactive
* By whether the condition is congenital or acquired

According to the International Union of Immunological Societies, more than 150 primary immunodeficiency diseases (PIDs) have been characterized.cite journal |author=Geha RS, Notarangelo LD, Casanova JL, "et al" |title=Primary immunodeficiency diseases: an update from the International Union of Immunological Societies Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases Classification Committee |journal=J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. |volume=120 |issue=4 |pages=776–94 |year=2007 |month=October |pmid=17952897 |doi= |url=] However, the number of acquired immunodeficiencies exceeds the number of PIDs.cite journal |author=Kumar A, Teuber SS, Gershwin ME |title=Current perspectives on primary immunodeficiency diseases |journal=Clin. Dev. Immunol. |volume=13 |issue=2-4 |pages=223–59 |year=2006 |pmid=17162365 |pmc=2270780 |doi=10.1080/17402520600800705 |url=]

It has been suggested that most people have at least one primary immunodeficiency.cite journal |author=Casanova JL, Abel L |title=Primary immunodeficiencies: a field in its infancy |journal=Science (journal) |volume=317 |issue=5838 |pages=617–9 |year=2007 |month=August |pmid=17673650 |doi=10.1126/science.1142963 |url=] Due to redundancies in the immune system, though, many of these are never detected.

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* Disorders of human immunity


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