Skin appendage

Skin appendage

Skin appendages are appendages that are associated with the skin and serve a particular function. In humans some of the more common skin appendages are hairs (sensation, heat loss, filter for breathing, protection), arrector pilli (smooth muscles that pull hairs straight), sebaceous glands (secrete sebum onto hair follicle to oil the hair), sweat glands (can be sweat secreted with strong odour (apocrine) or with a faint odour (eccrine)) and nails (protection).

It is derived from the skin, and is usually adjacent to it. [cite web |url= |title=European Hair Research Society - Abstract |accessdate=2007-11-14 |format= |work=]

p63 is involved in development.cite journal |author=Mikkola ML |title=p63 in skin appendage development |journal=Cell Cycle |volume=6 |issue=3 |pages=285–90 |year=2007 |pmid=17264678 |doi=]


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