Cushing ulcer

Cushing ulcer
Cushing ulcer
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A Cushing ulcer is a gastric ulcer produced by elevated intracranial pressure. It is also called von Rokitansky-Cushing syndrome. Apart from in the stomach, it may also develop in the proximal part of the duodenum and the distal esophagus.

It is named for Harvey Cushing.[1][2]


One possible explanation for the development of Cushing ulcers is the stimulation of vagal nuclei due to the increased intracranial pressure which leads to increased secretion of gastric acid. The vagus nerve releases acetylcholine, which stimulates the M3 receptor on the parietal cell and activates the second messenger to stimulate IP3/Ca2+ to stimulate the Hydrogen/Potassium ATPase pump which will increase gastric acid production.

May also be a direct result of Cushing reaction.

See also

  • Curling ulcer


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