Outline of the Palestinian territories

Outline of the Palestinian territories
A map of the Palestinian territories with the West Bank and Gaza Strip highlighted in red
An enlargeable map of the Palestinian territories and central Israel
An enlargeable map of the West Bank
An enlargeable map of the Gaza Strip

The Palestinian territories or Occupied Palestinian Territory are two conventional name used, among others, to describe the territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, which were designated as the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority in the Palestinian-Israeli agreement of 13 September 1993.[1] Occasionally these territories are also referred to as Palestine, which creates some ambiguity with the term Palestine as a geographic region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, and various adjoining lands.[2]

The final status of the Palestinian territories and their final boundaries are two issues that have been subject to deep dispute within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The names and terminology used to describe the territory or locations within its current boundaries are also often disputed. In the Palestinian National Charter, the Palestinian homeland is defined as the territory of British Mandate Palestine (excluding Transjordan).[3] The State of Israel was established as a national homeland for the Jews in approximately three-quarters of this territory in May 1948, amid the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. The remaining quarter, comprising the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (including what is now known as East Jerusalem), were occupied by Egypt and by Jordan, and later by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War.

The Palestinian people, including the Palestinian diaspora, have been represented before the international community by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) since its establishment in 1964. In November 1988, the Palestinian National Council (PNC), the parliament-in-exile of the PLO proclaimed the establishment of the State of Palestine, diplomatically recognized by several tens of countries.[4] Deviating from the usual criteria governing the classic definition of a state or country, the precise boundaries of Palestine have yet to be determined and full autonomy has yet to be secured.[5][6] The Palestinian National Authority, established pursuant to the Oslo Accords, is an interim administrative body responsible for governance in population Palestinian centers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip until final status negotiations are concluded.[7]

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to the Palestinian territories:


General reference

  • Pronunciation: /ˈpælɨstaɪn/
  • Common English country names: Palestinian territories; Occupied Palestinian Territories/Occupied Palestinian Territory/Palestinian Territory, Occupied; Palestinian Authority territories; Palestinian Authority areas; West Bank and Gaza Strip
  • Official English country name: U.S. State Department: Palestinian Territories [2]; E.U. ISO 3166-1: Palestinian Territory, Occupied [3]; UN-affiliated organizations: Occupied Palestinian Territory [4]
  • Common endonym(s): al-ʼarāḍi-l-filasṭinīya (Arabic: الأراضي الفلسطينيّة‎); filasṭīn (Arabic: فلسطين‎, also transliterated falasṭīn and filisṭīn; al-ʼarāḍi-l-muḥtalla
  • Official endonym(s): N/A
  • Adjectival(s): Palestinian
  • Demonym(s): Palestinian people (aš-šaʿb al-filasṭīnīy), Palestinians (al-filasṭīnīyūn), or Palestinian Arabs (al-ʿarab al-Filasṭīnīyūn)
  • Etymology: Timeline of the name Palestine, Name of Palestine, Place names in Palestine
  • International rankings of the Palestinian territories
  • ISO country codes: PS, PSE, 275
  • ISO region codes: See ISO 3166-2:PS
  • Internet country code top-level domain: .ps

Geography of the Palestinian territories

An enlargeable topographic map of Israel and the Palestinian territories. Outlined in red are the 1949-designated boundaries of the West Bank and Gaza Strip
  • Total: 466 km (290 mi)
 Israel 358 km (222 mi)
 Jordan 97 km (60 mi)
 Egypt 11 km (6.8 mi)

Environment of the Palestinian territories

An enlargeable satellite image of Israel and the Palestinian territories.
Inflorescence of the Pistacia palaestina, a shrub native to Palestine
The Dead Sea on a rough day, with salt deposits on cliffs.
Colored postcard of the Jordan River by Karimeh Abbud circa 1925.
Palestinian refugees going towards Lebanon from the Galilee in October–November 1948

Natural geographic features of the Palestinian territories

Regions of the Palestinian territories

Ecoregions of the Palestinian territories

Administrative divisions of the Palestinian territories

Administrative divisions of the Palestinian National Authority

Demography of the Palestinian territories

Government and politics of the Palestinian territories

Main article: Government of the Palestinian territories and Politics of the Palestinian territories

Branches of the government of the Palestinian territories

Executive branch of the PLO

Yasser Arafat and Abu Jihad meet Gamal Abdel Nasser upon arrival in Cairo to attend first emergency Arab League summit, 1970

Executive branch of the PNA

Legislative branches of the government of the Palestinian territories

Judicial branch of the government of the Palestinian territories

  • According to the Constitution of Palestine, all courts relating to the country shall be independent.

Foreign relations of the Palestinian National Authority

  • Diplomatic missions in Palestine
  • Holy See – Palestinian relations
  • India-Palestine relations
  • Iran-Palestine relations
  • Palestine-Russia relations
  • Pakistan-Palestine relations
  • Romania-Palestine relations

Palestine and the United Nations

UN 1947 partition plan for Palestine

International organization membership

UN stamp commemorating the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people

Palestine is a member in a number of international organizations. In others, it enjoys affiliation in a lesser capacity or under another designation (such as PLO or Occupied Palestinian Territory). In the list below, if the membership is not full or not for the state of Palestine, the type and name of affiliation is denoted in parentheses.

International aid to the Palestinian territories

International solidarity movements

  • Palestinian solidarity organizations

Law and order in the Palestinian territories

A veteran of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in 1969, cleaning his rifle in Jordan. Palestinian fedayeen groups were driven out to Lebanon after Black September in Jordan.
Palestinian fedayeen from Fatah demonstrating in Beirut, Lebanon, 1979

Military of the Palestinian territories

  • Command
  • Forces
    • Army of the Palestinian territories: N/A
    • Navy of the Palestinian territories: N/A
    • Air Force of the Palestinian territories: N/A
    • Special forces of the Palestinian territories:
  • Military history of the Palestinian territories
  • Military ranks of the Palestinian territories: N/A

Paramilitary forces of the PNA

  • Preventive Security Force

Irregular Palestinian forces

Israeli military and intelligence forces

International civilian forces

Local government in the Palestinian territories

History of Palestine

Main article: History of Palestine, Timeline of the history of Palestine, and Current events of Palestine
Interior of the house of a Palestinian Christian family in Jerusalem. By W. H. Bartlett, ca 1850
Old postcard of men native to Gaza, Palestine
Propaganda label issued by Fatah, 1968-1969

Palestinian culture

Mosaic detailing on the Dome of the Rock in the Old City of Jerusalem
Old postcard depicting a woman, in traditional Palestinian costume, and children from Ramallah, British Mandate of Palestine
200pxNabulsi soap, a Palestinian handicraft, stacked for drying in "Camel" factory in Nablus in 2008
The Church of Bir Ya'acub (Jacob's Well) in Nablus, West Bank
Hebron glass n display in a shop in Hebron, West Bank
An artist's rendering of Palestinian pottery practices in Jaffa, Palestine in 1859, entitled, "The Potter and Wheel"
The ruins of Khirbet al-Mafjar, an Umayyad era palace in Jericho, West Bank

Art in the Palestinian territories

Sports and leisure in the Palestinian territories

Economy and infrastructure of the Palestinian territories

The Palestine pound, the currency of British Mandate Palestine
Logo of the Taybeh Beer company
The Yasser Arafat International Airport in Gaza. Severely damaged by an Israeli airstrike in 2001, the airport has remained closed ever since.

Education in the Palestinian territories

The main building of Bethlehem University in Bethlehem, West Bank
The amphitheatre of An-Najah National University overlooking the city of Nablus, West Bank

Books on the Palestinian territories

See also


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