College rivalry

College rivalry

Pairs of schools, colleges and universities, especially when they are close to each other either geographically or in their areas of specialization, often establish a college rivalry with each other over the years. This rivalry can extend to both academics and athletics, the latter being typically more well known to the general public. These schools place an added emphasis on emerging victorious in any event that includes their rival. This may include the creation of a special trophy or other commemoration of the event. While many of these rivalries have arisen spontaneously, some have been created by college officials in efforts to sell more tickets and support their programs.



Each sport has an annual intercollegiate showdown between the two prestigious schools, known as the "Intercol". These are considered by the two colleges to be the most important games of the season, and the fiercely fought matches draw big crowds of students and old scholars from both schools. The Intercols have been played for over 100 years. The Cricket Intercollegiate match has been competed in since 1878. According to Richard Sproull this is "the oldest unbroken annual contest in the history of cricket" (Weekend Australian 5/6 December 1992).

  • Nudgee College and Gregory Terrace

In 1991, the following legend was printed in the Centennial Rugby Programme, dubbed - "The Battle of The Colours", for the 100th anniversary of the annual Nudgee vs Terrace rugby match.


Rivalry starts in the 1830s when the Free University of Brussels is created as non-religious and freethinking university whereas the old Catholic University of Leuven - refounded in 1835 - remains under the Church's control. Rivalry has survived the splitting of the two institutions on linguistic grounds (Dutch-speaking vs. French speaking) in 1968 (Leuven) and 1970 (Brussels). Nowadays control of the Church on the two catholic has diminished and these universities are largely puralistic, accepting students and professors from all religions and backgrounds, but the rivalry with Brussels' universities remains. It is mainly concentrated in academics and student folkore as intercollegiate sports competition is not very developed in Belgium.


Historically, the two institutions compete at the Annual Red/Blue Bowl Football Game, which attracts alumni and many students from both universities. Other rivalries exist in hockey, rowing and academics, which both score quite well.


  • Universidad de Chile and Universidad Catolica de Chile



Lycée Louis-le-Grand and Lycée Henri IV in Paris[citation needed]

The "Critérium" of the Institut d'études politiques (IEP) is an annual multi-sport competition between the 9 IEPs. It is traditionally held on the last weekend of March with the host city changing every year. It is the occasion for the IEPs located in French regions to challenge the more prestigious IEP Paris (known as "Sciences Po"). A final opposing Paris to, for example, Lyon would see students from all over France cheering for Lyon, especially with the anthem "Province unie, tous contre Paris !" ("Province united, all against Paris !", the "province" being a somewhat pejorative term used to designate any place in France outside of Paris). The Paris students would respond by boasting their status as a Grande école and élite institution.[citation needed]

ESSEC Business School and HEC Paris have been fierce rivals with HEC topping most rankings and ESSEC often coming second. However, ESSEC has long been considered an entrepreneurial powerhouse, more dynamic and open-minded than HEC, whilst the latter has constantly been accused of snobbish attitudes due to the elitist mindset of its student population. Whether either assumptions are true or false, those two schools have produced the elite of French business circles, alongside the other "Parisian" business school ESCP-EAP, Sciences Po Paris and leading engineering institutes such as the Ecole Polytechnique.






  • Kyoto University and Tokyo University —dating back to 1869, the oldest in the country; primarily an academic rivalry since 1950s.[4]

Tokyo Rivalries


  • Sekolah Menengah Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah and MRSM Taiping


University Athletic Association of the Philippines

National Collegiate Athletic Association (Philippines)

Other leagues

South Korea

Sri Lanka




-The two faculties are situated side by side. When İnek Bayramı (Literal meaning, The Cow Festival, idiomatic meaning: The Nerd festival), the traditional festival of the Faculty of Political Sciences is being celebrated, the booing from the Faculty of Law is also a long tradition.

United Kingdom

United States

School rivalries are important in the United States, especially in intercollegiate sports.

ACC rivalries

Basketball and football are typically the hot-button sports in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), though most rivalries bridge across all sports. The most notable rivalries include:

All sports



America East rivalries

Basketball is typically the hot-button sport in the America East Conference, though most rivalries bridge across all sports. The most notable rivalries include:

Big East rivalries

The Big East Conference, originally founded as a basketball conference, has evolved into a league of 16 Division I schools, of which eight play Division I Football Bowl Subdivision–level football within the conference. The conference, while centered in the northeast, is also geographically diverse, stretching from Florida to New England and across the Midwest. This has created a variety of sectional and intersectional rivalries. The most traditional basketball rivalry in the Big East Conference is Georgetown University versus Syracuse University, while the most notable football rivalry is the Backyard Brawl involving the University of Pittsburgh and West Virginia University.

Big Ten rivalries

Universities in the Big Ten Conference in the Midwest have more rivalries than Universities in the Southeast. In football, these rivalries are usually marked by traveling trophies, which are indicated in the list below:

Big 12 rivalries

Rivalries in the Big 12 Conference include:

Other rivalries involving Big 12 schools include:

  • University of Missouri and University of Nebraska — The Missouri–Nebraska Rivalry is the second oldest football rivalry in the Big 12 Conference and third oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi River. However, it is now dormant after Nebraska joined the Big Ten in 2011.
  • University of Nebraska and University of Oklahoma— This rivalry was once one of the most storied rivalries in the history of college football, highlighted by the 1971 "Game of the Century" between #1 Nebraska and #2 Oklahoma.[1] However, the rivalry diminished somewhat after the conference expanded in 1996 placing the two teams in separate divisions ceasing it being played annually and may have ended in 2010 due to Nebraska joining the Big Ten.[16] No future games are scheduled at least until 2020 where the two may meet but nothing has been confirmed.[17]

Colonial Athletic Association rivalries

Rivalries in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) include:

Northeastern University and Hofstra University. Basketball team plays for the Frank Barone Trophy after an episode of edit] Ivy League and service academy rivalries

Rivalries between and among the Ivy League schools and the service academies include:

Pac-12 rivalries

The Pacific-12 Conference (Pac-12) falls neatly into six regional pairings, leading to strong natural rivalries. Three of these pairs are cross-state rivals, one pair is within the same metropolitan region (San Francisco Bay Area), and one pair vies for bragging rights within the same city (Los Angeles).

Other Pac-12 rivalries:

Additional non-conference rivalries involving Pac-12 schools (the most famous of which is arguably Notre Dame-Southern Cal) can be found in other sections of this article.

Notre Dame rivalries

The University of Notre Dame has numerous football rivals, the most notable of which include:

  • Boston College—A game between the only two Catholic colleges that have Football Bowl Subdivision football programs. They compete for the Ireland Trophy. The rivalry has also been dubbed "The Holy War"
  • Michigan State University—a series that includes one of several "Games of the Century", the 1966 matchup that ended in a 10-10 tie. The teams play for the Megaphone Trophy.
  • Northwestern University—a rivalry that had its heyday in the 1920s and 1930s and even featured a Shillelagh trophy much like the ones that go to the winner of the Notre Dame-USC and Notre Dame-Purdue games. This rivalry game has been played infrequently in recent years.
  • Purdue University—The Shillelagh Trophy
  • University of Miami—initially an easy win for the Irish, became a rivalry that was at its peak in the 80's and often held national title implications. See also: Catholics vs. Convicts.
  • University of Michigan—a game between two of the winningest college football programs of all time.
  • United States Military Academy (Army)—a rivalry that used to be held almost every year in the 1940s and 1950s, when the two were two of the top schools in the nation.
  • United States Naval Academy (Navy)—an annual event that almost always results in a Notre Dame win[weasel words]—Navy won this game in 2007 for the first time since 1963, and again in 2009—but is one of the longer-running series in college football and is always hard-fought on both sides. The two schools are the longest-standing independents in Division I FBS.
  • University of Pittsburgh—longtime rivals that share Big East conference affiliations (except in football). Many of Notre Dame's most famed talents such as Joe Montana, Lou Holtz and Johnny Lujack hail from the Pittsburgh area. The "public vs. private" aspect as well as always having opposing team members that have played with or against each other since grade school has given the contest a unique distinction of dividing neighborhoods or even families during a fall Saturday.
  • University of Southern California[13]—Playing for the Jeweled Shillelagh, it is a game between two of the three teams with the most Heisman Trophies. See also: Notre Dame – USC rivalry
  • Georgia Tech Played on and off since the early mid-20th Century as a North vs. South rivalry of sorts. Last played in 2006 & 2007 with one win each.

Additionally, Notre Dame has a traditional rivalry with UCLA in basketball.

Midwest rivalries

See also: #Big East rivalries and #Big 12 rivalries (above)

Northeastern rivalries

See also: #Big East rivalries (above)

Southeastern rivalries

See also: #ACC Rivalies and #Big 12 rivalries (above)

Universities in the Southeastern U.S., including those in the Atlantic Coast Conference, Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, Southwestern Athletic Conference, Southeastern Conference, Southern Conference, and Sun Belt Conference, have perhaps the most complex jumble of rivalries, many associated with annual football games, and often with colorful nicknames:

Old Southeastern rivalries seldom played due to conference obligations, divisional changes etc.:

Texas rivalries

See also #Big 12 rivalries (above)

These rivalries involve Texas schools that are not currently members of the Big 12 Conference. In two of these rivalries, both sides involved were members of the old Southwest Conference, four of whose schools were founding members of the Big 12. Another rivalry involves an old SWC team against an Oklahoma rival. The last one listed is a football rivalry involving Texas and Louisiana schools in the second-tier Division I FCS.

Western rivalries

See also: #Pac-10 Rivalies (above)

HBCU rivalries

Xavier University of Louisiana and Dillard University- Crosstown Rivalry by two NAIA schools located in New Orleans. The women's and men's basketball team typically play this Crosstown Classic game twice a year.

Religious schools rivalries

See also


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