National Register of Historic Places listings in Orange County, New York

National Register of Historic Places listings in Orange County, New York
Location of Orange County in New York

List of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Orange County, New York

This is intended to be a complete list of properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Orange County, New York. The locations of National Register properties and districts (at least for all showing latitude and longitude coordinates below) may be seen in a Google map by clicking on "Map of all coordinates".[1] Eight of the properties or districts are further designated National Historic Landmarks of the United States.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted November 18, 2011.[2]

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County-wide listings

[3] Landmark name Image Date listed Location City or town Summary
1 1841 Goshen Courthouse
1841 Goshen Courthouse
01975-03-04March 4, 1975 101 Main St.
41°24′10″N 74°19′20″W / 41.402778°N 74.322222°W / 41.402778; -74.322222 (1841 Goshen Courthouse)
Goshen (village) Greek Revival building by local architect Thornton Niven used until well into the 20th century
2 African-American Cemetery
African-American Cemetery
01996-08-16August 16, 1996 NY 416, approximately .5 mi. S of jct. with NY 284
41°30′16″N 74°15′17″W / 41.504444°N 74.254722°W / 41.504444; -74.254722 (African-American Cemetery)
Montgomery Early, mid-19th century cemetery for slaves and descendants recently cleaned and restored
3 Arden
01966-11-13November 13, 1966 NY 17
41°17′42″N 74°07′20″W / 41.295°N 74.122222°W / 41.295; -74.122222 (Arden)
Harriman Home of railroad magnate Edward H. Harriman in the last years of his life. Currently owned by Columbia University and used as a conference center
4 Balmville Cemetery
Balmville Cemetery
02010-01-19January 19, 2010 Albany Post Road41°30′42.07″N 74°0′46.9″W / 41.5116861°N 74.013028°W / 41.5116861; -74.013028 (Balmville Cemetery)
Balmville New listing; refnum 09001229
5 Amelia Barr House
Amelia Barr House
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 Mountain Rd.
41°25′34″N 74°01′26″W / 41.426111°N 74.023889°W / 41.426111; -74.023889 (Amelia Barr House)
Cornwall-on-Hudson Summer, and later full-time, home of Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr, bestselling American female novelist of the 19th century
6 John G. Beakes House
John G. Beakes House
02010-11-29November 29, 2010 134 West Main Street
41°26′53″N 74°25′36″W / 41.448056°N 74.426667°W / 41.448056; -74.426667 (John G. Beakes House)
Middletown New listing; refnum 10000939
7 Belknap Stone House
Belknap Stone House
02001-08-15August 15, 2001 NY 17K
41°30′34″N 74°05′32″W / 41.509444°N 74.092222°W / 41.509444; -74.092222 (Belknap Stone House)
8 John Blake House
John Blake House
01984-12-20December 20, 1984 924 Homestead Ave.
41°29′37″N 74°12′33″W / 41.493611°N 74.209167°W / 41.493611; -74.209167 (John Blake House)
Maybrook 1794 home of early settler and later town supervisor is largely intact; shows intersection of Federal style and pre-Revolutionary building traditions of English settlers
9 Bloomer-Dailey House and Balmville Tree
Bloomer-Dailey House and Balmville Tree
02000-12-07December 7, 2000 83 Balmville Rd.
41°31′57″N 74°00′46″W / 41.5325°N 74.012778°W / 41.5325; -74.012778 (Bloomer-Dailey House and Balmville Tree)
Balmville Eastern cottonwood tree dating to ca. 1699, early center of Balmville and today New York's smallest state forest. Local legend has it that it was George Washington's walking stick
10 Blooming Grove Church
Blooming Grove Church
01996-12-06December 6, 1996 W side of NY 94, jct. with Old Dominion Rd.
41°24′12″N 74°11′55″W / 41.403333°N 74.198611°W / 41.403333; -74.198611 (Blooming Grove Church)
Blooming Grove Federal style-church built in 1824 for congregation that dates to 1758
11 Bodine Farmhouse
Bodine Farmhouse
02006-05-03May 3, 2006 50 Wallkill Rd.
41°34′25″N 74°11′52″W / 41.573611°N 74.197778°W / 41.573611; -74.197778 (Bodine Farmhouse)
Town of Montgomery William Bodine was a grandson of Jean Bodine, but that the record of his birth has not been found. He was granted a large tract of land in Montgomery, outside the village of Walden, and his homestead was built in 1769 and occupied by several generations of his descendants, the last about 1908.
12 Jacob Bookstaver House
Jacob Bookstaver House
01996-06-03June 3, 1996 198 Schmitt Ln.
41°33′22″N 74°14′40″W / 41.556111°N 74.244444°W / 41.556111; -74.244444 (Jacob Bookstaver House)
Montgomery Greek Revival home of early Palatine settler of western Town of Montgomery
13 The Boulders 02001-08-08August 8, 2001 99 Shore Ave.
41°11′18″N 74°18′46″W / 41.188333°N 74.312778°W / 41.188333; -74.312778 (The Boulders)
Greenwood Lake
14 Oliver Brewster House
Oliver Brewster House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 66 Willow Ave.
41°26′25″N 74°02′22″W / 41.440278°N 74.039444°W / 41.440278; -74.039444 (Oliver Brewster House)
Cornwall 1850 home of berry farmer later renovated for summer boardinghouse use with accessory farm buildings remaining; all mostly unaltered.
15 Bridge Street Historic District
Bridge Street Historic District
01980-11-21November 21, 1980 Bridge St.
41°31′42″N 74°14′23″W / 41.528333°N 74.239722°W / 41.528333; -74.239722 (Bridge Street Historic District)
Montgomery Oldest cluster of buildings in village of Montgomery, dating to when it was named after nearby Ward's Bridge-
16 Samuel Brooks House
Samuel Brooks House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 Pleasant Hill Rd.
41°25′16″N 74°04′12″W / 41.421111°N 74.07°W / 41.421111; -74.07 (Samuel Brooks House)
Cornwall 1860 Gothic Revival cottage used as boardinghouse for summer guests
17 Brotherhood Winery
Brotherhood Winery
02000-04-21April 21, 2000 Brotherhood Plaza
41°25′55″N 74°09′46″W / 41.431944°N 74.162778°W / 41.431944; -74.162778 (Brotherhood Winery)
Washingtonville Oldest continuously-operated U.S. winery, dating to 1838
18 Brown Farmstead
Brown Farmstead
02005-12-07December 7, 2005 238 Browns Rd.
41°32′15″N 74°08′34″W / 41.5375°N 74.142778°W / 41.5375; -74.142778 (Brown Farmstead)
Montgomery Early farmhouse of Town of Montgomery settler
19 Bull Stone House
Bull Stone House
01974-07-18July 18, 1974 Hamptonburgh Rd.
41°26′04″N 74°15′41″W / 41.434444°N 74.261389°W / 41.434444; -74.261389 (Bull Stone House)
Hamptonburgh 1722 home of early settler William Bull and his wife Sarah Wells. Nearby New World Dutch barn one of the best-preserved examples of that building, and the only one still standing in Orange County
20 William Bull III House
William Bull III House
01986-09-25September 25, 1986 Bart Bull Rd.
41°28′23″N 74°17′12″W / 41.473056°N 74.286667°W / 41.473056; -74.286667 (William Bull III House)
Wallkill 1780 home of one of William Bull's grandsons. Remained in family for five generations
21 Bull-Jackson House
Bull-Jackson House
01974-05-17May 17, 1974 NY 416, NW of Campbell Hall
41°28′07″N 74°16′39″W / 41.468611°N 74.2775°W / 41.468611; -74.2775 (Bull-Jackson House)
Campbell Hall 18th-century stone home of one of Thomas Bull's sons remained in family for almost two centuries. Today a county museum.
22 Camp Olmsted
Camp Olmsted
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 114 Bayview Ave.
41°26′17″N 74°00′19″W / 41.438056°N 74.005278°W / 41.438056; -74.005278 (Camp Olmsted)
Cornwall-on-Hudson Summer camp built in 1900 to allow children of New York's Five Points neighborhood to get fresh Hudson Valley air for a few weeks.
23 Canterbury Presbyterian Church
Canterbury Presbyterian Church
01996-06-03June 3, 1996 30 Clinton St.
41°26′07″N 74°01′55″W / 41.435278°N 74.031944°W / 41.435278; -74.031944 (Canterbury Presbyterian Church)
Cornwall Federal-style church used until early 2000s.
24 Carvey-Gatfield House
Carvey-Gatfield House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 375 Angola Rd.
41°24′37″N 74°03′21″W / 41.410278°N 74.055833°W / 41.410278; -74.055833 (Carvey-Gatfield House)
Cornwall Surviving stone house of early Cornwall settler
25 Checkerboard Inn
Checkerboard Inn
02006-11-29November 29, 2006 1292 Orange Turnpike
41°18′00″N 74°11′08″W / 41.3°N 74.185556°W / 41.3; -74.185556 (Checkerboard Inn)
Monroe Ca. 1790 house later used as inn serving travelers on the Orange Turnpike
26 Christ Church
Christ Church
02008-08-15August 15, 2008 6 Orchard St.
41°26′45″N 74°25′04″W / 41.445958°N 74.41775°W / 41.445958; -74.41775 (Christ Church)
Middletown (new listing, refnum 08000771)
27 Church of the Holy Innocents and Rectory
Church of the Holy Innocents and Rectory
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 112 Main St.
41°22′24″N 73°57′54″W / 41.373333°N 73.965°W / 41.373333; -73.965 (Church of the Holy Innocents and Rectory)
Highland Falls 1841 Episcopal church designed by Robert Walter Weir in memory of his children. Louis Comfort Tiffany stained-glass window depicting creation donated in memory of J. Pierpont Morgan, a congregant in summer months.
28 Church Park Historic District
Church Park Historic District
01980-11-17November 17, 1980 Park Pl., Main and Webster Sts.
41°24′14″N 74°19′20″W / 41.403889°N 74.322222°W / 41.403889; -74.322222 (Church Park Historic District)
Goshen (village) Core of 19th-century village of Goshen, with many surviving buildings
29 A. J. Clark Store
A. J. Clark Store
01996-12-06December 6, 1996 286 Main St.
41°26′08″N 74°02′04″W / 41.435556°N 74.034444°W / 41.435556; -74.034444 (A. J. Clark Store)
Cornwall Intact Italianate commercial building with balcony, built during Cornwall's ascendancy as a resort town in the mid- and late 19th century
30 Hulet Clark Farmstead
Hulet Clark Farmstead
01998-11-05November 5, 1998 207 S. Plank Rd.
41°21′20″N 74°32′28″W / 41.355556°N 74.541111°W / 41.355556; -74.541111 (Hulet Clark Farmstead)
Westtown Largely intact early 19th-century home of Clark, a contemporary settler who later became Minisink town supervisor, in English vernacular style
31 Isaac Cocks House 01996-03-08March 8, 1996 Old Pleasant Hill Rd.
41°25′34″N 74°03′54″W / 41.426111°N 74.065°W / 41.426111; -74.065 (Isaac Cocks House)
32 Colden Family Cemetery
Colden Family Cemetery
02005-02-09February 9, 2005 Off of Maple Ave.
41°31′17″N 74°08′45″W / 41.521389°N 74.145833°W / 41.521389; -74.145833 (Colden Family Cemetery)
Montgomery Final resting place of immediate descendants of Cadwallader Colden, area landowner and one of the last colonial governors of New York.
33 Colden Mansion Ruins
Colden Mansion Ruins
02007-07-24July 24, 2007 NY 17K
41°31′35″N 74°07′56″W / 41.526389°N 74.132222°W / 41.526389; -74.132222 (Colden Mansion Ruins)
Montgomery Remains of 18th-century home of Cadwallader Colden Jr., fallen into disrepair after mid-20th century neglect
34 Cornwall Friends Meeting House
Cornwall Friends Meeting House
01988-12-08December 8, 1988 275 Quaker Ave.
41°26′02″N 74°02′36″W / 41.433889°N 74.043333°W / 41.433889; -74.043333 (Cornwall Friends Meeting House)
Cornwall Intact Quaker meeting house from late 18th century still in use. Oldest religious building in Cornwall.
35 Cosman Family Cemetery 02006-11-08November 8, 2006 Lattintown Rd.
41°34′54″N 74°00′22″W / 41.581667°N 74.006111°W / 41.581667; -74.006111 (Cosman Family Cemetery)
Middle Hope
36 John A. Crabtree House
John A. Crabtree House
01998-08-06August 6, 1998 15 Factory St.
41°31′43″N 74°13′36″W / 41.528611°N 74.226667°W / 41.528611; -74.226667 (John A. Crabtree House)
Montgomery Home of cofounder of nearby Montgomery Worsted Mills
37 Cragston Dependencies 01982-11-23November 23, 1982 NY 218
41°21′09″N 73°58′14″W / 41.3525°N 73.970556°W / 41.3525; -73.970556 (Cragston Dependencies)
38 David Crawford House
David Crawford House
01972-09-27September 27, 1972 189 Montgomery St.
41°30′32″N 74°00′30″W / 41.508889°N 74.008333°W / 41.508889; -74.008333 (David Crawford House)
Newburgh 1834 Greek Revival home of river captain
39 John I Crawford Farm
John I Crawford Farm
01998-08-06August 6, 1998 NY 302, 1 mi. NE of jct. of NY 302 and Thompson Ridge Rd.
41°34′36″N 74°20′12″W / 41.576667°N 74.336667°W / 41.576667; -74.336667 (John I Crawford Farm)
Crawford Home of settler who gave Town of Crawford its name
40 Cromwell Manor
Cromwell Manor
01996-06-03June 3, 1996 Angola Rd., approximately .25 mi. S of jct. with US 9W
41°25′27″N 74°02′42″W / 41.424167°N 74.045°W / 41.424167; -74.045 (Cromwell Manor)
Cornwall 1835 Greek Revival home of, among others, Joseph Sutherland, son of major early landowner. Today a bed and breakfast. One of the first large houses built in Cornwall not intended to be a farmhouse.
41 Deer Hill 01982-11-23November 23, 1982 58 Deerhill Rd.
41°25′27″N 74°00′59″W / 41.424167°N 74.016389°W / 41.424167; -74.016389 (Deer Hill)
42 Delaware and Hudson Canal
Delaware and Hudson Canal
01968-11-24November 24, 1968 Delaware and Hudson Canal
Cuddebackville, Deer Park, and more Coal-carrying canal historic district that runs through other counties in New York and Pennsylvania as well. Key link in supplying New York City with anthracite coal in the 19th century.
43 Abraham Dickerson Farmhouse
Abraham Dickerson Farmhouse
01995-11-03November 3, 1995 171 W. Searsville Rd.
41°34′21″N 74°15′11″W / 41.5725°N 74.253056°W / 41.5725; -74.253056 (Abraham Dickerson Farmhouse)
Montgomery Home built in late 18th century by migrant from Long Island. Later a boardinghouse and dance hall.
44 District School No. 9
District School No. 9
01988-09-15September 15, 1988 NY 17A
41°22′35″N 74°20′59″W / 41.376389°N 74.349722°W / 41.376389; -74.349722 (District School No. 9)
Goshen (town) School building dating to at least 1790s; according to legend Washington stopped to talk to students one day when passing by
45 Dock Hill Road Extension Stone Arch Bridge
Dock Hill Road Extension Stone Arch Bridge
0Error: invalid timeNone Dock Hill Rd. Extension
Cornwall on Hudson New listing; refnum 09001230
46 Dodge-Greenleaf House
Dodge-Greenleaf House
02008-03-05March 5, 2008 2009 NY 211
41°28′37″N 74°32′29″W / 41.476944°N 74.541389°W / 41.476944; -74.541389 (Dodge-Greenleaf House)
Otisville Well-preserved Gothic Revival home of local businessman from mid-19th century; built when that style was very new. Later home to workers constructing the Otisville Tunnel, which runs beneath the property.
47 Dubois-Phelps House
Dubois-Phelps House
01997-08-21August 21, 1997 90 Walkill Rd.
41°34′32″N 74°11′42″W / 41.575556°N 74.195°W / 41.575556; -74.195 (Dubois-Phelps House)
Montgomery Greek Revival home of early Town of Montgomery settlers.
48 Dunning House
Dunning House
02001-12-28December 28, 2001 633 Ridgebury Rd.
41°23′05″N 74°27′26″W / 41.384722°N 74.457222°W / 41.384722; -74.457222 (Dunning House)
Wawayanda Late 18th-century house rebuilt and added onto in different, changing styles over the next century.
49 Dutch Reformed Church
Dutch Reformed Church
01970-12-18December 18, 1970 132 Grand St.
41°30′16″N 74°00′32″W / 41.504444°N 74.008889°W / 41.504444; -74.008889 (Dutch Reformed Church)
Newburgh 1835 Alexander Jackson Davis church is his only surviving one in Greek Revival style, also his latest surviving church largely unaltered from his design. Currently the focus of intensive restoration efforts.
50 Dutchess Quarry Cave Site
Dutchess Quarry Cave Site
01974-01-18January 18, 1974 Address Restricted
Goshen (town) Artifacts from earliest known inhabitants of Wallkill Valley, 12,000 years ago, found in and around actively-used quarry.
51 East End Historic District
East End Historic District
01985-09-12September 12, 1985 Roughly bounded by Robinson Ave., LeRoy Pl., Water St., Bay View Terr., Monument & Renwick Sts.
41°30′05″N 74°00′47″W / 41.501389°N 74.013056°W / 41.501389; -74.013056 (East End Historic District)
Newburgh Most contributing properties of any historic district in state, consisting of intact 19th-century buildings and homes.
52 Echo Lawn Estate 02009-03-23March 23, 2009 River Road at Stone Gate Drive
41°32′05″N 74°00′26″W / 41.534722°N 74.007222°W / 41.534722; -74.007222 (Echo Lawn Estate)
53 Edmonston House
Edmonston House
01979-03-02March 2, 1979 NY 94
41°27′12″N 74°03′45″W / 41.453333°N 74.0625°W / 41.453333; -74.0625 (Edmonston House)
Vails Gate Medical facilities for Continental Army troops encamped nearby during the last years of the Revolutionary War
54 Erie Railroad Station
Erie Railroad Station
01980-04-11April 11, 1980 Jersey Ave. and Fowler St.
41°22′20″N 74°41′30″W / 41.372222°N 74.691667°W / 41.372222; -74.691667 (Erie Railroad Station)
Port Jervis Old Queen Anne-style station built by Erie Railroad and used for passenger service until 1970s. Today restored and used as professional offices.
55 Everett-Bradner House
Everett-Bradner House
02004-10-27October 27, 2004 156 South St.
41°23′22″N 74°19′35″W / 41.389444°N 74.326389°W / 41.389444; -74.326389 (Everett-Bradner House)
Goshen (village)
56 First Congregational Church of Middletown
First Congregational Church of Middletown
02005-12-07December 7, 2005 35 E. Main St.
41°26′44″N 74°25′10″W / 41.445556°N 74.419444°W / 41.445556; -74.419444 (First Congregational Church of Middletown)
Middletown One of the oldest buildings in contemporary Middletown, predating city's establishment.
57 First Presbyterian Church of Chester
First Presbyterian Church of Chester
01998-01-07January 7, 1998 106-108 Main St.
41°21′24″N 74°16′40″W / 41.356667°N 74.277778°W / 41.356667; -74.277778 (First Presbyterian Church of Chester)
Chester Mostly intact 1854 Greek Revival building is third home to a congregation that dates to 1783
58 First Presbyterian Church of Highland Falls
First Presbyterian Church of Highland Falls
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 140 Main St.
41°22′19″N 73°57′55″W / 41.371944°N 73.965278°W / 41.371944; -73.965278 (First Presbyterian Church of Highland Falls)
Highland Falls 1868 Romanesque Revival church by Frederick Clarke Withers
59 Firthcliffe Firehouse
Firthcliffe Firehouse
01996-06-03June 3, 1996 196 Willow Ave.
41°26′29″N 74°02′30″W / 41.441389°N 74.041667°W / 41.441389; -74.041667 (Firthcliffe Firehouse)
Cornwall Former firehouse now a hair salon
60 Fort Decker
Fort Decker
01974-06-13June 13, 1974 127 W. Main St.
41°22′43″N 74°42′07″W / 41.378611°N 74.701944°W / 41.378611; -74.701944 (Fort Decker)
Port Jervis Oldest building in Port Jervis, made from stones of demolished eponymous trading post. Currently used as local history museum.
61 Fort Montgomery Site
Fort Montgomery Site
01972-11-28November 28, 1972 Address Restricted
Fort Montgomery Site of unsuccessful Colonial stand against British.
62 Fury Brook Farm
Fury Brook Farm
02004-09-15September 15, 2004 Kings Highway
41°19′34″N 74°16′50″W / 41.326111°N 74.280556°W / 41.326111; -74.280556 (Fury Brook Farm)
Sugar Loaf First farm established on the old Wawayanda Path in 1731. Horses for Continental Army bred here.
63 Silas Gardner House
Silas Gardner House
01980-03-28March 28, 1980 1141 Union Ave.
41°31′36″N 74°04′13″W / 41.526667°N 74.070278°W / 41.526667; -74.070278 (Silas Gardner House)
Gardnertown Stone home of early settler for whom neighborhood is named
64 Gatehouse on Deerhill Road
Gatehouse on Deerhill Road
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 Deerhill Rd.
41°25′32″N 74°01′14″W / 41.425556°N 74.020556°W / 41.425556; -74.020556 (Gatehouse on Deerhill Road)
Cornwall Rare example of Norman Revival style gatehouse in Hudson Valley; today in use as residence.
65 Grace Episcopal Church
Grace Episcopal Church
02010-11-29November 29, 2010 58 North Street
41°26′48″N 74°25′10″W / 41.446667°N 74.419444°W / 41.446667; -74.419444 (Grace Episcopal Church)
Middletown New listing; refnum 10000945
66 Benjamin Haines House
Benjamin Haines House
01996-06-03June 3, 1996 114 Coleman Rd.
41°32′05″N 74°11′04″W / 41.534722°N 74.184444°W / 41.534722; -74.184444 (Benjamin Haines House)
Montgomery House of an early Montgomery farm family
67 Elias Hand House 01998-08-28August 28, 1998 NY 32
41°24′01″N 74°04′51″W / 41.400278°N 74.080833°W / 41.400278; -74.080833 (Elias Hand House)
68 Walter Hand House
Walter Hand House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 520 Angola Rd.
41°24′20″N 74°03′52″W / 41.405556°N 74.064444°W / 41.405556; -74.064444 (Walter Hand House)
Cornwall Built in 1870 for use as both boardinghouse in summer and farmhouse year-round
69 Harrison Meeting House Site and Cemetery
Harrison Meeting House Site and Cemetery
01999-03-09March 9, 1999 Co. Rd. 416, S of jct. of NY 211 and Co. Rd. 416
41°30′39″N 74°15′09″W / 41.510833°N 74.2525°W / 41.510833; -74.2525 (Harrison Meeting House Site and Cemetery)
Montgomery Site of early meeting house for Palatine settlers of Montgomery; never rebuilt after fire
70 Haskell House
Haskell House
01973-06-04June 4, 1973 W of New Windsor off NY 32
41°28′50″N 74°02′33″W / 41.480556°N 74.0425°W / 41.480556; -74.0425 (Haskell House)
New Windsor Demolished 1720s-era home
71 Vermont Hatch Mansion 01995-05-02May 2, 1995 Old Pleasant Hill Rd.
41°25′28″N 74°03′35″W / 41.424444°N 74.059722°W / 41.424444; -74.059722 (Vermont Hatch Mansion)
72 John R. Hays House
John R. Hays House
02002-08-22August 22, 2002 45 Maple St.
41°33′33″N 74°11′19″W / 41.559167°N 74.188611°W / 41.559167; -74.188611 (John R. Hays House)
Walden Second Empire-style home of Walden businessman and Union Army officer in Civil War
73 Highland Falls Railroad Depot
Highland Falls Railroad Depot
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 Dock Rd.
41°22′28″N 73°57′41″W / 41.374444°N 73.961389°W / 41.374444; -73.961389 (Highland Falls Railroad Depot)
Highland Falls 1880 Shingle Style building, now house, is one of only two passenger stations left on west side of Hudson
74 Highland Falls Village Hall
Highland Falls Village Hall
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 Main St.
41°22′15″N 73°57′57″W / 41.370833°N 73.965833°W / 41.370833; -73.965833 (Highland Falls Village Hall)
Highland Falls 1894 Italianate building that originally housed local bank
75 Nathaniel Hill Brick House
Nathaniel Hill Brick House
01978-01-05January 5, 1978 E of Montgomery on NY 17 K
41°31′34″N 74°10′34″W / 41.526111°N 74.176111°W / 41.526111; -74.176111 (Nathaniel Hill Brick House)
Montgomery 1760s Georgian home built by Irish immigrant who had to import bricks from England as they were not then made in the area.
76 Hillside Cemetery
Hillside Cemetery
01994-09-07September 7, 1994 Mulberry St.
41°26′32″N 74°25′51″W / 41.442222°N 74.430833°W / 41.442222; -74.430833 (Hillside Cemetery)
Middletown Calvert Vaux-designed cemetery is final resting place of many notable local residents from the 19th century.
77 Historic Track
Historic Track
01966-10-15October 15, 1966 Main St.
41°24′11″N 74°19′07″W / 41.403056°N 74.318611°W / 41.403056; -74.318611 (Historic Track)
Goshen (village) Oldest continuously-operated horse racing facility in U.S., site of Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame
78 Hopewell Presbyterian Church
Hopewell Presbyterian Church
01998-01-07January 7, 1998 NY 302, at jct. of County Road 17
41°34′14″N 74°20′08″W / 41.570556°N 74.335556°W / 41.570556; -74.335556 (Hopewell Presbyterian Church)
Thompson Ridge 1831 stone Gothic Revival church; home to congregation established in 1778
79 Webb Horton House
Webb Horton House
01990-04-26April 26, 1990 115 South St.
41°26′19″N 74°25′34″W / 41.438611°N 74.426111°W / 41.438611; -74.426111 (Webb Horton House)
Middletown Ornate 1902 mansion of Middletown businessman; now administration building at SUNY Orange
80 House at 116 Main Street
House at 116 Main Street
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 365 Main St.
41°22′23″N 73°57′53″W / 41.373056°N 73.964722°W / 41.373056; -73.964722 (House at 116 Main Street)
Highland Falls Most significant Italian villa-style house in village, dating to 1865. Now at 365 Main Street due to renumbering
81 House at 37 Center Street
House at 37 Center Street
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 20 Center St.
41°22′12″N 73°58′04″W / 41.37°N 73.967778°W / 41.37; -73.967778 (House at 37 Center Street)
Highland Falls Mid-19th century Greek Revival house is possibly one of the oldest extant buildings in Highland Falls
82 Huguenot Schoolhouse
Huguenot Schoolhouse
01997-08-21August 21, 1997 Old Grange Rd., S of jct. of Old Grange and Big Pond Rds.
41°25′11″N 74°37′58″W / 41.419722°N 74.632778°W / 41.419722; -74.632778 (Huguenot Schoolhouse)
Deerpark Well-preserved one-room schoolhouse now used as local history museum
83 The Kellogg House 02001-04-16April 16, 2001 Old Pleasant Hill Rd.
41°25′31″N 74°03′57″W / 41.425278°N 74.065833°W / 41.425278; -74.065833 (The Kellogg House)
84 Knox Headquarters
Knox Headquarters
01972-11-09November 9, 1972 Quassaick Ave. and Forge Hill Rd.
41°27′15″N 74°02′56″W / 41.454167°N 74.048889°W / 41.454167; -74.048889 (Knox Headquarters)
Vails Gate Stone house built by William Bull for Ellison family ca. 1730; later used as headquarters by General Henry Knox during nearby Continental Army encampment
85 LeDoux/Healey House
LeDoux/Healey House
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 60 Deerhill Rd.
41°25′27″N 74°01′05″W / 41.424167°N 74.018056°W / 41.424167; -74.018056 (LeDoux/Healey House)
Cornwall One of the best Shingle style houses in the Hudson Highlands. Built in 1910
86 Lower Dock Hill Road Stone Arch Bridge
Lower Dock Hill Road Stone Arch Bridge
02010-04-28April 28, 2010 Dock Hill Road
Cornwall-on-Hudson New listing; refnum 10000227
87 Maple Lawn
Maple Lawn
01984-06-28June 28, 1984 24 Downing St.
41°31′26″N 74°00′44″W / 41.523889°N 74.012222°W / 41.523889; -74.012222 (Maple Lawn)
Balmville Exemplary 1859 Picturesque Frederick Clarke Withers cottage-style house nearly intact
88 Thomas McDowell House
Thomas McDowell House
02004-07-28July 28, 2004 517 Lake Rd.
41°28′09″N 74°06′35″W / 41.469167°N 74.109722°W / 41.469167; -74.109722 (Thomas McDowell House)
New Windsor 1770s-era house is well-preserved home of one of Little Britain's original Irish American settlers.
89 Gomez Mill House
Gomez Mill House
01973-01-29January 29, 1973 Mill House Rd.
41°34′42″N 73°58′56″W / 41.578333°N 73.982222°W / 41.578333; -73.982222 (Gomez Mill House)
Newburgh Earliest known residence of a Jewish American still extant. Foundation and first story date to 1712. Home to papermaker Dard Hunter during early 20th century; today a museum
90 Johannes Miller House
Johannes Miller House
01980-11-21November 21, 1980 272 Union St.
41°30′43″N 74°15′11″W / 41.511944°N 74.253056°W / 41.511944; -74.253056 (Johannes Miller House)
Montgomery Home of investor in Newburgh-Cochecton Turnpike and other early 19th-century roads
91 Milliken-Smith Farm 02009-03-25March 25, 2009 279 Bailey Road
41°32′04″N 74°12′36″W / 41.534444°N 74.21°W / 41.534444; -74.21 (Milliken-Smith Farm)
92 Gilbert Millspaugh House
Gilbert Millspaugh House
02005-11-07November 7, 2005 32 Church St.
41°33′32″N 74°11′16″W / 41.558889°N 74.187778°W / 41.558889; -74.187778 (Gilbert Millspaugh House)
Walden Victorian cottage-style home of local merchant
93 Moffat Library
Moffat Library
01994-08-19August 19, 1994 W. Main St.
41°25′42″N 74°10′06″W / 41.428333°N 74.168333°W / 41.428333; -74.168333 (Moffat Library)
Washingtonville Built for the village by native son David Moffat with Tiffany stained-glass windows
94 Montgomery Water Works Building
Montgomery Water Works Building
02005-02-09February 9, 2005 239 Ward St.
41°31′30″N 74°13′38″W / 41.525°N 74.227222°W / 41.525; -74.227222 (Montgomery Water Works Building)
Montgomery Built for the village in 1895 by Montgomery Mills cofounder Arthur Pratchett
95 Montgomery Worsted Mills
Montgomery Worsted Mills
01980-11-21November 21, 1980 Factory St.
41°31′51″N 74°13′26″W / 41.530833°N 74.223889°W / 41.530833; -74.223889 (Montgomery Worsted Mills)
Montgomery 19th-century textile mill on Wallkill still in business today, although primarily as power generator
96 Montgomery-Grand-Liberty Streets Historic District
Montgomery-Grand-Liberty Streets Historic District
01973-07-16July 16, 1973 Montgomery, Grand, and Liberty Sts.
41°30′25″N 74°00′35″W / 41.506944°N 74.009722°W / 41.506944; -74.009722 (Montgomery-Grand-Liberty Streets Historic District)
Newburgh 19th-century homes and churches of city's wealthier residents.
97 Jeremiah Morehouse House
Jeremiah Morehouse House
02006-04-12April 12, 2006 11 Hathorn Rd.
41°14′42″N 74°22′08″W / 41.245°N 74.368889°W / 41.245; -74.368889 (Jeremiah Morehouse House)
Warwick 1767 house extensively renovated in 1840s
98 Moses Mould House
Moses Mould House
02002-08-22August 22, 2002 1743 NY 17K
41°31′44″N 74°15′57″W / 41.528889°N 74.265833°W / 41.528889; -74.265833 (Moses Mould House)
Montgomery Home of early Palatine settler in Montgomery
99 Mountainville Grange Hall
Mountainville Grange Hall
01996-06-03June 3, 1996 NY 32, S of jct. with Creamery Rd.
41°24′01″N 74°04′46″W / 41.400278°N 74.079444°W / 41.400278; -74.079444 (Mountainville Grange Hall)
Cornwall Surviving Grange hall from early 20th century used as local Masonic Lodge
100 Newburgh Colored Burial Ground
Newburgh Colored Burial Ground
02010-03-31March 31, 2010 Broadway & Robinson Avenue (US 9W)
41°30′03″N 74°01′17″W / 41.500703°N 74.021358°W / 41.500703; -74.021358 (Newburgh Colored Burial Ground)
Newburgh Slave cemetery discovered during courthouse expansion. New listing; refnum 10000137
101 New Windsor Cantonment
New Windsor Cantonment
01972-07-31July 31, 1972 Temple Hill Rd.
41°28′09″N 74°03′35″W / 41.469167°N 74.059722°W / 41.469167; -74.059722 (New Windsor Cantonment)
New Windsor Last encampment of the Continental Army; here Washington put down the Newburgh Conspiracy
102 New York State Armory
New York State Armory
01981-06-18June 18, 1981 Broadway and Johnson St.
41°29′59″N 74°00′50″W / 41.499722°N 74.013889°W / 41.499722; -74.013889 (New York State Armory)
Newburgh John A. Wood-designed late 19th-century building now used as local offices of Orange County Department of Social Services
103 Old Town Cemetery and Palatine Church Site
Old Town Cemetery and Palatine Church Site
02000-06-30June 30, 2000 Grand St.
41°30′27″N 74°00′36″W / 41.5075°N 74.01°W / 41.5075; -74.01 (Old Town Cemetery and Palatine Church Site)
Newburgh Burial ground of early Newburgh settlers features Robinson mausoleum, only Egyptian Revival tomb in the world with both a mastaba and a pyramid, possibly designed by Alexander Jackson Davis.
104 Oliver Avenue Bridge 01984-07-19July 19, 1984 Oliver Ave.
41°27′14″N 74°26′00″W / 41.453889°N 74.433333°W / 41.453889; -74.433333 (Oliver Avenue Bridge)
Middletown Now-demolished railroad bridge
105 Olivet Chapel
Olivet Chapel
02010-06-09June 9, 2010 201 W. Main St.
41°24′05″N 74°19′40″W / 41.401458°N 74.327883°W / 41.401458; -74.327883 (Olivet Chapel)
Goshen New listing; refnum 10000336
106 Orange Mill Historic District
Orange Mill Historic District
01997-05-01May 1, 1997 Powder Mill Rd., near jct. with NY 52
41°31′25″N 74°03′39″W / 41.523553°N 74.060811°W / 41.523553; -74.060811 (Orange Mill Historic District)
Newburgh Ruins of extensive 19th-century gunpowder mill complex scattered around county park
107 Palisades Interstate Park
Palisades Interstate Park
01966-10-15October 15, 1966 W bank of the Hudson River
40°57′19″N 73°55′54″W / 40.955278°N 73.931667°W / 40.955278; -73.931667 (Palisades Interstate Park)
Fort Lee and vicinity
108 Paramount Theatre
Paramount Theatre
02002-03-06March 6, 2002 South St.
41°26′39″N 74°25′17″W / 41.444167°N 74.421389°W / 41.444167; -74.421389 (Paramount Theatre)
Middletown 1930 Art Deco movie theatre in Middletown
109 Parry House 01982-11-23November 23, 1982 Michel Rd.
41°22′09″N 73°57′45″W / 41.369167°N 73.9625°W / 41.369167; -73.9625 (Parry House)
Highland Falls
110 Patchett House
Patchett House
01980-11-21November 21, 1980 232 Ward St.
41°31′34″N 74°13′40″W / 41.526111°N 74.227778°W / 41.526111; -74.227778 (Patchett House)
Montgomery (village) Old way station on Newburgh-Cochecton Turnpike, later home to cofounder of Montgomery Worsted Mills; now an art gallery
111 James "Squire" Patton House
James "Squire" Patton House
02008-05-12May 12, 2008 NY 207 W. of jct. with Temple Hill Rd.
41°29′07″N 74°04′24″W / 41.485294°N 74.073211°W / 41.485294; -74.073211 (James "Squire" Patton House)
New Windsor Well-preserved home of early landowner is excellent example of local vernacular styles; today used as Newburgh police K-9 training facility.
112 Peachcroft
01995-03-10March 10, 1995 River Rd.
41°32′48″N 74°12′49″W / 41.546667°N 74.213611°W / 41.546667; -74.213611 (Peachcroft)
Montgomery 1810 Federal farmhouse made over in Queen Anne Style in 1893
113 Peale's Barber Farm Mastodon Exhumation Site
Peale's Barber Farm Mastodon Exhumation Site
02009-10-20October 20, 2009 Rt. 17K
Montgomery Site of Charles Willson Peale's 1806 exhumation of a mastodon
114 Gideon Pelton Farm
Gideon Pelton Farm
01995-11-03November 3, 1995 250 Rockefellow Ln.
41°30′16″N 74°14′25″W / 41.504444°N 74.240278°W / 41.504444; -74.240278 (Gideon Pelton Farm)
Montgomery Combination of 1770 stone house and later Greek Revival farmhouse
115 Patrick Piggot House
Patrick Piggot House
01998-08-28August 28, 1998 105 Angola Rd.
41°25′40″N 74°02′32″W / 41.427778°N 74.042222°W / 41.427778; -74.042222 (Patrick Piggot House)
Cornwall Old farmhouse converted to boardinghouse during Cornwall's resort days.
116 Pine Terrace 01982-11-23November 23, 1982 Main St.
41°21′52″N 73°57′54″W / 41.364444°N 73.965°W / 41.364444; -73.965 (Pine Terrace)
Highland Falls
117 Powelton Club
Powelton Club
01999-12-20December 20, 1999 2963 Balmville Rd.
41°31′21″N 74°01′02″W / 41.5225°N 74.017222°W / 41.5225; -74.017222 (Powelton Club)
Balmville One of the five oldest golf courses in New York, and among ten oldest in U.S.
118 Primitive Baptist Church of Brookfield
Primitive Baptist Church of Brookfield
01976-11-13November 13, 1976 US 6
41°23′25″N 74°28′25″W / 41.390278°N 74.473611°W / 41.390278; -74.473611 (Primitive Baptist Church of Brookfield)
Slate Hill 1792 church is one of the first two buildings in Slate Hill's history
119 Culver Randel House and Mill
Culver Randel House and Mill
01998-05-20May 20, 1998 65 Randall St.
41°20′29″N 74°21′11″W / 41.341389°N 74.353056°W / 41.341389; -74.353056 (Culver Randel House and Mill)
Florida House, built 1850, is considered an excellent example of Picturesque mode applied to Italianate house
120 River View House 01982-11-23November 23, 1982 146 Bayview Ave.
41°26′24″N 74°00′08″W / 41.44°N 74.002222°W / 41.44; -74.002222 (River View House)
121 Rushmore Memorial Library
Rushmore Memorial Library
02008-04-11April 11, 2008 Weygant Hill Rd. & NY 32
41°20′57″N 74°07′30″W / 41.349053°N 74.125092°W / 41.349053; -74.125092 (Rushmore Memorial Library)
Highland Mills 1924 Arts and Crafts library built with donation from area resident Charles E. Rushmore
122 St. Andrew's Cemetery 02008-12-23December 23, 2008 St. Andrew's Rd. and Plains Rd.
41°34′08″N 74°08′44″W / 41.568853°N 74.145547°W / 41.568853; -74.145547 (St. Andrew's Cemetery)
123 St. Andrew's Episcopal Church & Rectory
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church & Rectory
02008-06-13June 13, 2008 13 & 15 Walnut St.
41°33′36″N 74°11′24″W / 41.559967°N 74.189942°W / 41.559967; -74.189942 (St. Andrew's Episcopal Church & Rectory)
Walden 1871 Gothic Revival church designed by Charles Babcock in Ecclesiological mode
124 St. Mark's Baptist Church 02004-01-28January 28, 2004 213 Main St.
41°22′02″N 73°57′59″W / 41.367222°N 73.966389°W / 41.367222; -73.966389 (St. Mark's Baptist Church)
Highland Falls
125 St. Mark's Episcopal Church
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 Canterbury Rd. and US 9W
41°19′49″N 73°59′18″W / 41.330278°N 73.988333°W / 41.330278; -73.988333 (St. Mark's Episcopal Church)
Fort Montgomery Built in 1923 to serve weekend vacationers coming over the nearby Bear Mountain Bridge
126 St. Thomas Episcopal Church
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
02006-07-12July 12, 2006 47 Old Rte 9W (188 River Rd.)
41°28′13″N 74°01′05″W / 41.470278°N 74.018056°W / 41.470278; -74.018056 (St. Thomas Episcopal Church)
New Windsor
127 Sands-Ring House
Sands-Ring House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 Main St.
41°26′23″N 74°01′57″W / 41.439722°N 74.0325°W / 41.439722; -74.0325 (Sands-Ring House)
Cornwall Home of early Quaker settler in Cornwall; George Washington reportedly dined here
128 Sawyer Farmhouse
Sawyer Farmhouse
02005-06-30June 30, 2005 178 Maple Ave.
41°22′28″N 74°22′46″W / 41.374444°N 74.379444°W / 41.374444; -74.379444 (Sawyer Farmhouse)
Goshen (town)
129 Scribner House
Scribner House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 19 Roe Ave.
41°26′15″N 74°01′27″W / 41.4375°N 74.024167°W / 41.4375; -74.024167 (Scribner House)
Cornwall 1910 summer home built for Charles Scribner II combines Shingle and Colonial Revival styles
130 William Henry Seward Memorial
William Henry Seward Memorial
01999-12-09December 9, 1999 Main St.
41°20′00″N 74°21′26″W / 41.333333°N 74.357222°W / 41.333333; -74.357222 (William Henry Seward Memorial)
Florida Daniel Chester French-sculpted memorial to native who later become Secretary of State
131 Jacob Shafer House
Jacob Shafer House
01996-08-16August 16, 1996 388 Kaisertown Rd.
41°31′23″N 74°16′15″W / 41.523056°N 74.270833°W / 41.523056; -74.270833 (Jacob Shafer House)
Montgomery Greek Revival home of early settler
132 Shorter House
Shorter House
01998-08-24August 24, 1998 Andrews Rd.
41°34′13″N 74°20′39″W / 41.570278°N 74.344167°W / 41.570278; -74.344167 (Shorter House)
Crawford Greek Revival home of early settler
133 Smith Clove Meetinghouse
Smith Clove Meetinghouse
01974-01-11January 11, 1974 Quaker Rd.
41°21′40″N 74°06′40″W / 41.361111°N 74.111111°W / 41.361111; -74.111111 (Smith Clove Meetinghouse)
Highland Mills 1803 Quaker meeting house still used once a year. Oldest religious building in the town and village of Woodbury.
134 The Smith House
The Smith House
01996-08-08August 8, 1996 2727 Albany Post Rd.
41°33′09″N 74°14′13″W / 41.5525°N 74.236944°W / 41.5525; -74.236944 (The Smith House)
Montgomery Greek Revival house built on site settled in mid-18th century
135 Southfield Furnace Ruin
Southfield Furnace Ruin
01973-11-02November 2, 1973 S of Monroe off NY 17
41°15′14″N 74°11′40″W / 41.253889°N 74.194444°W / 41.253889; -74.194444 (Southfield Furnace Ruin)
Tuxedo Remnants of 19th-century iron smelting furnace; ancillary buildings today used as museum
136 The Squirrels 01982-11-23November 23, 1982 225 Main St.
41°22′03″N 73°57′52″W / 41.3675°N 73.964444°W / 41.3675; -73.964444 (The Squirrels)
Highland Falls
137 Sterling Mountain Fire Observation Tower and Observer's Cabin 02006-07-28July 28, 2006 Sterling Forest State Park
41°11′42″N 74°16′44″W / 41.195°N 74.278889°W / 41.195; -74.278889 (Sterling Mountain Fire Observation Tower and Observer's Cabin)
Greenwood Lake
138 General John Hathorn Stone House
General John Hathorn Stone House
02001-03-12March 12, 2001 Hathorn Rd.
41°14′48″N 74°22′16″W / 41.246667°N 74.371111°W / 41.246667; -74.371111 (General John Hathorn Stone House)
Warwick First built in 1773, home of general who led militia at Minisink Ford and later served in state legislature and Congress shows German influence on English building traditions.
139 Stonihurst 01982-11-23November 23, 1982 NY 218
41°21′24″N 73°58′01″W / 41.356667°N 73.966944°W / 41.356667; -73.966944 (Stonihurst)
Highland Falls
140 Storm King Highway
Storm King Highway
01982-11-23November 23, 1982 NY 218
41°26′15″N 73°59′49″W / 41.4375°N 73.996944°W / 41.4375; -73.996944 (Storm King Highway)
Cornwall and Highlands Scenic highway built in 1916 along mountainside 420 feet (130 m) above Hudson River
141 Daniel Sutherland House
Daniel Sutherland House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 32 Angola Rd.
41°26′00″N 74°02′15″W / 41.433333°N 74.0375°W / 41.433333; -74.0375 (Daniel Sutherland House)
Cornwall Stick-Eastlake-styled house of descendant of early Cornwall landowner, on family lands.
142 David Sutherland House
David Sutherland House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 70 Angola Rd.
41°25′50″N 74°02′21″W / 41.430556°N 74.039167°W / 41.430556; -74.039167 (David Sutherland House)
Cornwall 1770 fieldstone house built by descendant of one of Cornwall's early landowners.
143 Taylor-Corwin House
Taylor-Corwin House
02005-01-05January 5, 2005 112 Maple Ave.
41°36′34″N 74°18′10″W / 41.609444°N 74.302778°W / 41.609444; -74.302778 (Taylor-Corwin House)
Pine bush One of the earliest houses in Pine Bush when built in 1840. A popular destination for local railroad passengers due to view of Shawangunk Ridge
144 John Tears Inn
John Tears Inn
01997-08-21August 21, 1997 1224 Goshen Tnpk.
41°30′02″N 74°22′22″W / 41.500556°N 74.372778°W / 41.500556; -74.372778 (John Tears Inn)
Wallkill 1770s-era inn was major stopover on the Goshen Turnpike
145 Alexander Thompson House
Alexander Thompson House
01997-06-13June 13, 1997 Jct. of NY 302 and Thompson Ridge Rd.
41°34′14″N 74°20′03″W / 41.570556°N 74.334167°W / 41.570556; -74.334167 (Alexander Thompson House)
Thompson Ridge Home of son of original settler of era, later expanded with Federal-style addition in early 19th century
146 Andrew Thompson Farmstead
Andrew Thompson Farmstead
02005-01-05January 5, 2005 RD Rte 302
41°33′44″N 74°20′23″W / 41.562222°N 74.339722°W / 41.562222; -74.339722 (Andrew Thompson Farmstead)
Thompson Ridge 1810 home of son of early settler combines late Federal and early Greek Revival elements; has remained intact since
147 Robert A. Thompson House
Robert A. Thompson House
01998-01-30January 30, 1998 NY 302, S of jct. of NY 302 and Dickerson Ave.
41°33′37″N 74°20′31″W / 41.560278°N 74.341944°W / 41.560278; -74.341944 (Robert A. Thompson House)
Thompson Ridge 1822 stone house of settler for whom Thompson Ridge is named
148 Tuxedo Park 01980-03-13March 13, 1980 Tuxedo Lake and environs
41°12′05″N 74°12′24″W / 41.201389°N 74.206667°W / 41.201389; -74.206667 (Tuxedo Park)
Tuxedo Park First gated community in U.S.
149 Tuxedo Park Railroad Station
Tuxedo Park Railroad Station
02000-12-13December 13, 2000 NY 17
41°11′36″N 74°11′14″W / 41.193333°N 74.187222°W / 41.193333; -74.187222 (Tuxedo Park Railroad Station)
Tuxedo Surviving 1885 structure; built around same time as Tuxedo Park
150 Tweddle Farmstead
Tweddle Farmstead
01999-09-09September 9, 1999 263 Beaver Dam Rd.
41°30′27″N 74°13′42″W / 41.5075°N 74.228333°W / 41.5075; -74.228333 (Tweddle Farmstead)
Montgomery Early 19th-century farmhouse renovated in Greek Revival style in 1830s.
151 U.S. Military Academy
U.S. Military Academy
01966-10-15October 15, 1966 NY 218
41°23′43″N 73°58′18″W / 41.395278°N 73.971667°W / 41.395278; -73.971667 (U.S. Military Academy)
West Point Oldest continuously-operated military post in U.S., and alma mater of many notable American generals and Army officers.
152 Union Street-Academy Hill Historic District
Union Street-Academy Hill Historic District
01980-11-21November 21, 1980 Roughly bounded by Ward St., Wallkill Ave., Sears and Hanover Sts.
41°31′30″N 74°14′18″W / 41.525°N 74.238333°W / 41.525; -74.238333 (Union Street-Academy Hill Historic District)
Montgomery (village) Historic core of village of Montgomery, with houses and other buildings dating from late 18th
153 Upland Lawn 01996-12-06December 6, 1996 16 Duncan Ln.
41°26′25″N 74°01′13″W / 41.440278°N 74.020278°W / 41.440278; -74.020278 (Upland Lawn)
154 US Bullion Depository, West Point, New York
US Bullion Depository, West Point, New York
01988-02-18February 18, 1988 Address Restricted
West Point Known in the past as the "Fort Knox of silver", 1937 facility produced pennies and still makes commemorative coins
155 US Post Office-Goshen
US Post Office-Goshen
01989-05-11May 11, 1989 Grand St.
41°24′07″N 74°19′34″W / 41.401944°N 74.326111°W / 41.401944; -74.326111 (US Post Office-Goshen)
Goshen (village) Brick Colonial Revival post office built as New Deal project in 1935; features interior mural of Historic Track
156 US Post Office-Newburgh
US Post Office-Newburgh
01989-05-11May 11, 1989 215-217 Liberty St.
41°30′11″N 74°00′41″W / 41.503056°N 74.011389°W / 41.503056; -74.011389 (US Post Office-Newburgh)
Newburgh Two-story Colonial Revival post office from early 1930s
157 US Post Office-Port Jervis
US Post Office-Port Jervis
01989-05-11May 11, 1989 20 Sussex St.
41°22′30″N 74°41′33″W / 41.375°N 74.6925°W / 41.375; -74.6925 (US Post Office-Port Jervis)
Port Jervis Colonial Revival building from mid-1920s.
158 Mary Van Duzer-Sayer House
Mary Van Duzer-Sayer House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 Taylor Rd.
41°24′37″N 74°05′13″W / 41.410278°N 74.086944°W / 41.410278; -74.086944 (Mary Van Duzer-Sayer House)
Cornwall 1832 Federal-style stone farmhouse
159 Village of Monroe Historic District
Village of Monroe Historic District
01998-11-19November 19, 1998 Roughly bounded by Lake St., Carpenter Place, Clark St., Monroe Race Track Site, Ramapo St., and Oakland Ave.
41°19′28″N 74°11′09″W / 41.324444°N 74.185833°W / 41.324444; -74.185833 (Village of Monroe Historic District)
Monroe Early 19th-century residential core of Monroe, mostly spared in 1892 fire. Little new construction since 1940. Contributing properties include birthplace of Velveeta and oldest Masonic lodge in New York.
160 Jacob T. Walden Stone House
Jacob T. Walden Stone House
02002-03-12March 12, 2002 N. Montgomery St.
41°33′55″N 74°11′44″W / 41.565278°N 74.195556°W / 41.565278; -74.195556 (Jacob T. Walden Stone House)
Walden 1730s-built stone house is both oldest in Walden and, later, home to miller the village is named for
161 Walden United Methodist Church
Walden United Methodist Church
02008-02-28February 28, 2008 125 W. Main St.
41°33′39″N 74°11′32″W / 41.560714°N 74.192278°W / 41.560714; -74.192278 (Walden United Methodist Church)
Walden Intact 1893 brick Victorian Gothic church
162 A. Walsh Stone House and Farm Complex
A. Walsh Stone House and Farm Complex
02001-12-28December 28, 2001 1570 NY 94
41°26′27″N 74°06′03″W / 41.440833°N 74.100833°W / 41.440833; -74.100833 (A. Walsh Stone House and Farm Complex)
Cornwall Stone Greek Revival house at center of working farm
163 Walsh-Havemeyer House
Walsh-Havemeyer House
02010-03-23March 23, 2010 10 Plympton St.
41°29′20″N 74°01′05″W / 41.488972°N 74.018042°W / 41.488972; -74.018042 (Walsh-Havemeyer House)
New Windsor Rare remaining Greek Revival house overlooking Hudson River
164 Daniel Waring House
Daniel Waring House
01995-11-03November 3, 1995 730 River Rd.
41°31′44″N 74°14′14″W / 41.528889°N 74.237222°W / 41.528889; -74.237222 (Daniel Waring House)
Montgomery 18th-century home later renovated into only Greek Revival home in Montgomery with columns
165 Warwick Village Historic District
Warwick Village Historic District
01984-09-07September 7, 1984 Roughly bounded by NY 17A, High, and South Sts., Oakland, Maple, and Colonial Aves.
41°29′46″N 74°21′32″W / 41.496111°N 74.358889°W / 41.496111; -74.358889 (Warwick Village Historic District)
Warwick Core of village of Warwick; buildings date from mid-18th to early 20th century, reflecting changing economy of area
166 Washington's Headquarters
Washington's Headquarters
01966-10-15October 15, 1966 Liberty and Washington Sts.
41°29′52″N 74°00′39″W / 41.497778°N 74.010833°W / 41.497778; -74.010833 (Washington's Headquarters)
Newburgh Oldest house in city of Newburgh was home to Washington during Continental Army encampment; later became first property in U.S. acquired by a state government for historic preservation purposes.
167 Webb Lane House 01982-11-23November 23, 1982 Webb Lane
41°22′14″N 73°57′44″W / 41.370556°N 73.962222°W / 41.370556; -73.962222 (Webb Lane House)
Highland Falls
168 George T. Wisner House 02005-06-30June 30, 2005 145 South St.
41°23′23″N 74°19′29″W / 41.389722°N 74.324722°W / 41.389722; -74.324722 (George T. Wisner House)
Goshen (village) Victorian home of successful local businessman
169 Wilford Wood House
Wilford Wood House
01998-08-28August 28, 1998 58 Pleasant Hill Rd.
41°24′40″N 74°04′25″W / 41.411111°N 74.073611°W / 41.411111; -74.073611 (Wilford Wood House)
Mountainville Built ca. 1890 in an early application of the Colonial Revival style. One of the rare farmhouses built in Cornwall during its resort period; now owned by Storm King Art Center.
170 Woodlawn Farm
Woodlawn Farm
02008-04-11April 11, 2008 20 Mount Orange Rd.
41°23′36″N 74°28′34″W / 41.393306°N 74.476219°W / 41.393306; -74.476219 (Woodlawn Farm)
Slate Hill Farm complex with oldest building component dating to 1790; oldest house in Slate Hill
171 Woodruff House
Woodruff House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 NY 32
41°26′56″N 74°03′29″W / 41.448889°N 74.058056°W / 41.448889; -74.058056 (Woodruff House)
Cornwall Rare remaining 19th-century stone house in Cornwall
172 Wyant-Talbot House
Wyant-Talbot House
01996-03-08March 8, 1996 42 Clark Ave.
41°26′38″N 74°01′41″W / 41.443889°N 74.028056°W / 41.443889; -74.028056 (Wyant-Talbot House)
173 Yelverton Inn and Store
Yelverton Inn and Store
01980-03-28March 28, 1980 112-116 Main St.
41°21′22″N 74°16′41″W / 41.356111°N 74.278056°W / 41.356111; -74.278056 (Yelverton Inn and Store)
Chester Wooden 1765 inn entertained Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr during local land dispute, in addition to George Washington during Revolution; 1841 store is rare surviving Greek Revival commercial building in area.

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. For about 1% of NRIS original coordinates, experience has shown that one or both coordinates are typos or otherwise extremely far off; some corrections may have been made. A more subtle problem causes many locations to be off by up to 150 yards, depending on location in the country: most NRIS coordinates were derived from tracing out latitude and longitudes off of USGS topographical quadrant maps created under the North American Datum of 1927, which differs from the current, highly accurate WGS84 GPS system used by Google maps. Chicago is about right, but NRIS longitudes in Washington are higher by about 4.5 seconds, and are lower by about 2.0 seconds in Maine. Latitudes differ by about 1.0 second in Florida. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards.
  2. ^ "National Register of Historic Places: Weekly List Actions". National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior. Retrieved on November 18, 2011.
  3. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmark sites and National Register of Historic Places Districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.

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