List of JAG episodes

List of JAG episodes

This is a list of JAG episodes, encompassing the ten seasons of JAG, along with the original airdate, locations and relevant themes & issues. Locations only list the locations where the story did take place and do not list the actual shooting locations. The first season was broadcast on NBC; subsequent ones on CBS. Further information regarding broadcasters in the US and abroad that airs JAG can be found on the main JAG page.


Season 1: 1995–1996

The second episode establishes the structure of the episodes for most of the rest of the run of the series: a short teaser (usually less than a minute, rarely more than two) usually not involving any of the regular characters, the opening credits with the theme song, commercial break, followed by four acts separated by commercial breaks, and the end credits with the theme song.

# Title Locations Air date
1 / 2 1 / 2 "A New Life" The Adriatic Sea, Washington D.C., Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, Naples, Italy September 23, 1995
When a female US Navy F-14 Radar Intercept Officer is killed at sea, Lt. Harmon Rabb and his partner Lt. (j.g.) Caitlin "Kate" Pike must find out who tossed her overboard. The episode takes place aboard the fictional carrier USS Seahawk (usually depicted in the series by the real life USS Enterprise CVN 65). It includes the first appearance of Bud Roberts (played by Patrick Labyorteaux) as the Seahawk's Public Relations Officer. Roberts was an Ensign at the time and became a regular cast member in later seasons, first seen as an Ensign and then rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. This episode also includes the first appearance of Michael Bellisario, who would later play the character of Mike "Mikey" Roberts, Bud Roberts younger brother, although at this point he is the little boy named Antonio in the small boat in the opening scene. 
3 3 "Shadow" Bermuda Triangle, Washington D.C., Northeast of Cuba, Off The Coast of Miami, Florida September 30, 1995
Harm and his new partner Lt. (j.g.) Meg Austin must prevent a civilian contractor from using a new experimental torpedo to sink a cruise ship. 
4 4 "Desert Son" Twenty Nine Palms Marine Base, California October 7, 1995
When the rebellious son of a former Commandant of the Marine Corps is accused of killing a fellow Marine during an exercise, Harm and Meg must discover if the young man is truly responsible. 
5 5 "Déjà Vu" Arlington National Cemetery, McLean, Virginia, Washington D.C., Bethesda, Maryland October 21, 1995
Harm's past comes back to haunt him while he and Meg investigate a series of murders at Arlington National Cemetery. 
6 6 "Pilot Error" Miramar Naval Air Station, California October 28, 1995
When one of Harm's friends is killed testing a new type of auto-navigation system, he and Meg must determine whether it was pilot error or a mechanical failure. 
7 7 "War Cries" Lima, Peru, Santa Rosa, Peru November 4, 1995
A Peruvian boy is killed inside the U.S. Embassy in Lima, and Harm and Meg must determine his intent before the country explodes in anger. 
8 8 "Brig Break" Seatac Island Naval Base, Washington December 2, 1995
Meg is taken hostage during a "brig break", but Harm suspects that the target is much larger than just one prisoner. 
9 9 "Scimitar" Kuwait, Washington D.C., Quantico, Virginia, Basra, Iraq December 9, 1995
A Marine Humvee crosses into Iraqi territory, and Harm and Meg are sent to defend the surviving crew member in an Iraqi court. Harm is also given a secondary task - help the Marine escape regardless of the trial's outcome. 
10 10 "Boot" Parris Island, South Carolina, Washington D.C. January 6, 1996
Meg goes undercover as an enlisted boot camp recruit at Parris Island after a USMC recruit is found dead and suspicion falls on the drill instructors. This episode was supposed to be aired after "Defensive Action" (Since Harm already got his promotion, and that case is referenced in the beginning). 
11 11 "Sightings" Del Rio, Texas January 13, 1996
A little girl goes missing and Harm and Meg go looking for her around a closed naval airfield in Texas where several "UFO sightings" have been reported. 
12 12 "The Brotherhood" Camp Pendleton, California, Los Angeles, California February 3, 199
When a marine is found unconscious on a beach, Harm and Meg get drawn into a "turf war" between the Marines and a prominent L.A. street gang. 
13 13 "Defensive Action" Bosnian "No-fly zone", Washington D.C., Neretva River, Bosnia, The Adriatic Sea, Naples, Italy March 13, 1996
Newly promoted Lt. Commander Rabb must defend Captain Boone (the CAG from "JAG") when he is accused of shooting down a Serbian helicopter. 
14 14 "Smoked" Off The Coast Of Cuba, Washington D.C., 20,000 Feet Over Florida March 20, 1996
A lightning-damaged Tomcat makes an emergency landing in Cuba, so Harm and Meg go there to try to "talk" it back before the Cubans have a chance to download the avionics and sell them to Iran. There is a new JAG, Rear Admiral A.J. Chegwidden, a lawyer and a Navy Seal. 
15 15 "Hemlock" The Pentagon, Virginia, Washington D.C., Bethesda, Maryland, Leesburg, Virginia March 27, 1996
After having received a mysterious message on the fax machine, Meg is critically wounded by an assassin, posing as a Commander in the British Royal Navy. The assassin’s real target is Russian President Boris Yeltsin who is secretly coming to the United States to sign a treaty. Former U.S.M.C. Lt. Col. Oliver North makes a guest appearance. 
16 16 "High Ground" Quantico, Virginia April 3, 1996
A top Marine sniper refuses to be deployed to Bosnia and goes AWOL after being accused of trying to kill his CO. 
17 17 "Black Ops" Washington D.C., Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean Sea April 10, 1996
A pilot and son of a female U.S. Senator attached to a team of SEALs dies, apparently due to negligence on the part of the SEALs; the Senator wants the SEALs permanently disbanded but Admiral Chegwidden and Harm find out the real cause of the pilot's death lies elsewhere. 
18 18 "Survivors" Vietnam (1972), Santa Ana, California, Tustin, California, Big Pine, California, Bishop, California April 17, 1996
A Marine Colonel believes his son is the reincarnation of his Vietnam War comrade, so he kidnaps the child amidst child custody court proceedings to fulfill an old promise. 
19 19 "Recovery" Vandenberg AFB, California May 1, 1996
An emergency procedures drill during a space shuttle "dry run" goes wrong when a cable breaks and an astronaut falls to his death. Harm and Meg have to determine if it was sabotage before the shuttle goes up. 
20 20 "The Prisoner" Nantou, China, Hong Kong May 8, 1996
Harm is kidnapped by the Chinese and interrogated about anticipated American reaction should China try to take the Matsu Islands by force. While imprisoned, Harm believes the man in the cell next to him is his missing father. 
21 21 "Ares" Okinawa, Japan, Kyushu (Sasebo), Japan, The Sea of Japan, Off the North Korean Coast May 22, 1996
When the computerized Aegis Combat System onboard a U.S. destroyer suddenly malfunctions, Harm and Meg have to figure out how to keep it from falling into North Korean hands. 
22 22 "Skeleton Crew" Norfolk, Virginia 1999[1]
An old friend of Harm's turns up dead, and the prime suspect in her death also dies under mysterious circumstances, so Harm falls under suspicion by the NCIS Agent in charge of being a murderer. It includes the second appearance of Bud Roberts (played by Patrick Labyorteaux) as the Seahawk's Public Relations Officer. NBC did not air the episode at the time, and the basic storyline and most of the original shooting (including Andrea Thompson's parts) were later recycled in "Death Watch" (episode 3.19). NBC never aired this episode due to cutting the show from their lineup. When CBS picked up the show, not all the characters came with it; as such, the second part of the story was never made, and the "Death Watch" episode takes the story in a different direction. 

Season 2: 1997

This is the first season broadcast on CBS. The cliffhanger from the previous season is simply ignored, though the first episode of this season has flashbacks to the previous season's finale that establish that Lt. Schonke (a guest character last season) and Major MacKenzie (a regular character from this point forward) look the same (both are played by the same actress, Catherine Bell).

All episodes of this season have between the teaser and the opening credits a prologue with voiceover explaining Harmon Rabb's backstory, that he used to be a pilot but because of his night vision problems he transferred to JAG.

# Title Air date Locations Plot outline
"We the People" January 3, 1997 White House Complex
JAG Headquarters, Falls Church, Virginia
After having received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions in the pilot episode at a White House ceremony, Harm and his new partner, Major Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie, investigate when Marine Colonel Matthew O'Hara and Medal of Honor recipient (who turns out to be Mac's uncle) steals the Declaration of Independence for ransom. The concluding scene shows a brief snippet of a trial. This episode contains the first appearance of CIA agent Clayton Webb.
"Secrets" January 10, 1997 JAG HQ A Marine corporal defended by Admiral Chegwidden over 8 years ago escapes from Grotton brig and takes the Admiral, Mac and Bud hostage in his office. He demands a retrial right here and now in the Admiral's office; he was convicted of giving classified information about the Patriot missile system to Israel. Harm and Agent Clayton Webb have to work from the outside to rescue them without killing the corporal. They must also be wary of CIA operative Gail Osborne, who may be trying to prevent the truth about the corporal's case from coming out.
"Jinx" January 17, 1997 Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
USS America (CV-66)
Harm must prove that an F-14 squadron that accidentally bombed a mosque during Operation Desert Storm is not "jinxed" after a mid-air accident kills his best friend.
"Heroes" January 24, 1997 JAG HQ Harm and Mac engage in a tense courtroom battle when a Navy SEAL is accused of murdering his friend during a mission, and Harm goes way overboard to prove a point about firearms. This is the first episode of the series in which a trial takes place in the JAG HQ courtroom.
"Crossing the Line" January 31, 1997 USS Seahawk crossing the Equator Harm and Mac face political pressure when a female pilot accuses Captain Boone of sexual harassment, the Captain says she's simply a bad aviator, and a prominent Congresswoman intervenes in the investigation.
"Trinity" February 7, 1997 London Heathrow Airport
Belfast, Northern Ireland
The infant son of a female U.S. Navy officer (daughter of CINCPAC) is kidnapped from a submarine base in Scotland and the evidence implicates the boy's father, an Irish Republican Army leader. Harm and Mac are assigned to work with the Royal Ulster Constabulary in Belfast to help get the child back, but the local cop is hiding a vengeful secret.
"Ghosts" February 14, 1997 JAG HQ, civilian courthouse, Chegwidden's residence, hospital Admiral Chegwidden's life is in danger when the last surviving members of his SEAL team from the Vietnam War is killed and it appears someone is eliminating the witnesses to an atrocity committed 30 years earlier.
"Full Engagement" February 21, 1997 Appalachian Mountains, JAG HQ When Harm's Stearman biplane crashes in the Appalachian Mountains, he and Mac must avoid poachers who killed a game warden and do not want to leave any witnesses.
"Washington Holiday" February 28, 1997 Brussels, Belgium; Willard Hotel and Romanian Embassy in Washington, D.C.; JAG HQ Harm is assigned to escort a Romanian Princess while her father the King is in D.C. to request Romania be admitted to NATO, as an assassin closes in on all of them. (Note: In real life, Romania is not a monarchy but it did join NATO seven years after this episode's airdate).
"The Game of Go" February 28, 1997 American Embassy in Colombia, drug plantation Harm and a Colombian drug lord play a high-stakes game of "Go", with the prize being a Marine that was left behind during a covert mission, as Webb and the JAG team once again butt heads.
"Force Recon" March 7, 1997 Camp Pendelton, California Harm goes undercover as a Gunny for a Marine Force Recon Squad at Camp Pendelton, while Mac and Bud investigate whether their Captain (known as The Duke like John Wayne) is using unsafe techniques as a means of hardening his men for unexpected combat conditions.
"The Guardian" March 28, 1997 Civilian courtroom, convenience store, church Harm and Mac defend a homeless former Navy SEAL who is accused of killing three men while thwarting a convenience store robbery.
"Code Blue" April 4, 1997 Mercy Hospital in Washington, D.C. When Hamas takes over the hospital where an Israeli diplomat is undergoing a heart transplant, an injured Harm becomes the FBI's inside man to thwart the terrorists. This episode shows Mac speaking fluent Persian.
"Cowboys & Cossacks" April 11, 1997 USS Arleigh Burke, Russian Destroyer Vasiliev, both ships "somewhere in the Black Sea" A joint exercise between American and Russian naval forces becomes deadly when the two captains decide to settle their Cold War grudges, trapping Harm, Mac and Bud in the middle. This episode shows Mac can speak at least a little Russian.
"Rendezvous" April 18, 1997 Norfolk Naval Complex Mac's past clouds her judgment while she defends an abusive Chief Petty Officer accused of killing his wife's boyfriend.

Season 3: 1997–1998

The episodes of this season also have the voice-over prologue introduced in the second season.

NBC cancelled JAG before the sequel of the first season episode "Skeleton Crew" was written, and that episode was not broadcast until the first season went into syndication on the USA channel. The third season episode "Death Watch" used much of the footage from this episode but the story's plot was changed and told in flashbacks.

# Title Air date Locations Plot outline
"Ghost Ship" September 23, 1997 The USS Hornet, docked at the former Alameda Naval Air Station After a skeleton is discovered in the hull of a decommissioned Navy carrier, Harm becomes obsessed with discovering a link between the body and his missing father.
"The Court-Martial of Sandra Gilbert" September 30, 1997 Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton The trial of a Marine pilot accused of fraternization is complicated when an activist Congresswoman interferes in the name of "fairness".
"The Good of the Service" October 7, 1997 Palmi Christi, Haiti; JAG HQ Courtroom Harm and Mac must face the Admiral in court when he defends a Marine Colonel who disobeyed orders in rescuing his team from a Haitian warlord. Mac is doubly concerned because she and the Colonel used to be lovers.
"Blind Side" October 14, 1997 Naval Air Station Fallon When a training accident kills two civilians, Harm may have to end the career of his mentor to save the pilot from taking the fall. Guest-starring Sarah Silverman as Lt. Schipperelli.
"King of the Fleas" October 21, 1997 M Street in Washington, D.C., JAG HG A paraplegic Vietnam vet comes to JAG HQ and confesses to a murder, but the situation is complicated by the possibility that the man knows something about what happened to Harm's father.
"Vanished" October 28, 1997 USS Coral Sea on the Florida coast, Florida When a fully armed F-14 disappears without a trace, Harm and Mac must determine what happened to the plane and its pilot.
"Against All Enemies" November 4, 1997 USS Reprisal on international waters close to Japan and Korea When the U.S. is accused of shooting down a North Korean civilian plane Harm, Mac and Bud must work to find the truth before the North Koreans sink a U.S. salvage vessel in retaliation.
"Above and Beyond" November 11, 1997 Coast of Lebanon, Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado, California, Arlington National Cemetery Lt. Rivers, a SEAL up for the Medal of Honor for rescuing a Washington diplomat from Hezbollah may not get the award when evidence shows that he may have left one of his men behind on the mission. Rivers refuses to clarify the matter one way or the other. Guest-starring Montel Williams as Lt. Rivers, incorporating news archive footage of Bill Clinton at an award ceremony.
"Impact" November 18, 1997 JAG HQ, Washington DC, Twentynine Palms Base, nearby Bradenhurst facility Harm and Bud encounter resistance when investigating the mid-air collision between a Marine helicopter and an "unknown" aircraft. Meanwhile, Mac leaves JAG for civilian practice at her boyfriend's law firm.
"People v. Rabb" November 25, 1997 Washington, D.C., a Russian import warehouse, FBI HQ, JAG HQ A member of the Russian mob is shot, and Harm is accused of murdering him and now-civilian Mac must defend him. In the end, Mac returns to JAG.
"Defenseless" December 9, 1997 Washington, D.C., Ensign Lang's apartment, Harm's apartment, JAG HQ Harm and Mac work to defend a Navy Ensign who claims she killed a Turkish military attaché because she believed he was going to hurt her. At first Harm does not entirely believe Ensign Lang's story, but gradually becomes so convinced he rejects Chegwidden's advice to give in to political pressure and take the case.
"Someone to Watch over Annie" January 6, 1998 Andrews Air Force Base, Pendry's residence in Baltimore, Harm's apartment, JAG HQ Harm tries to protect Annie Pendry (his best friend's widow in "Pilot Error") and her son, Josh, when he witnesses a murder on a class field trip to Andrews Air Force Base. A German weapons buyer for Saddam Hussein puts out a hit on the kid, then later kidnaps him. This is the second episode in a row in which Harm takes a woman to his apartment after she gets shot at her house.
"With Intent to Die" January 13, 1998 Pheasant hunting grounds, The Pentagon, JAG HQ When an old mentor of Admiral Chegwidden's dies during a hunting trip with the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the coroner concludes it was suicide but Chegwidden remains convinced it was murder and starts his own investigation.
"Father's Day" February 3, 1998 Fayeteville, North Carolina; JAG HQ A marine corporal accused of dereliction of duty steals a tank and engages the military in a stand-off because a conviction will guarantee that he will lose custody of his son. Donald Bellisario has an uncredited cameo in this episode as the guest of honor to a Quantum Leap convention at the Treetop Inn.
"Yesterday's Heroes" February 24, 1998 Miami Beach, Florida; Naples, Florida; JAG HQ Harm and Mac encounter three WWII vets engaged in a guerrilla war with a South American drug kingpin. At Mac's suggestion, Bud goes to Naples, Florida, to meet Harriet's parents.
"Chains of Command" March 3, 1998 USS Seahawk, JAG HQ A Chief aboard the USS Seahawk is accused of sexual harassment. He hires a civilian lawyer, Dalton Lowne (Mac's boyfriend) to defend him. The case becomes personal for Mac when Dalton shows up at her apartment to steal confidential information from her.
"The Stalker" March 17, 1998 Washington, D.C., JAG HQ, Washington Dulles International Airport After her ex-boyfriend is gunned down, Mac tries to stay one step ahead of someone who is determined to get her. The Admiral's daughter, Francesca, from Italy pays a visit.
"Tiger, Tiger" March 24, 1998 The USS Stockdale (in real life the USS John A Moore) on the Gulf of Mexico, JAG HQ A "Tiger" cruise for Navy personnel and their kids turns deadly serious when Cuban terrorists seize the ship. Harm prevents the terrorists from using the ship's weapons to assassinate Fidel Castro while ensuring the hostages are not hurt. Harm brought along Annie's son Josh on the cruise without telling Annie about it. At the end of the episode, Bud proposes to Harriet almost at the same time Annie dumps Harm.
"Death Watch" March 31, 1998 Norfolk, Virginia Harm's mental state becomes questionable when he starts having flashbacks about Lt. Schonke, who was murdered and the case closed when the prime suspect committed suicide. Mac finally learns of the woman who looked just like her.
"The Imposter" April 21, 1998 JAG HQ Disgraced ex-spy Special Agent Clark Palmer assumes Harm's identity to kill a key witness in a trial that Harm and Mac are prosecuting, leaving Harm to die in his booby-trapped apartment. Bud gives Harriet a ring.
"The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse" April 28, 1998 Blue Canyon, Arizona; MCAS Yuma; Wellington Bay, New Zealand A Navajo medicine woman refuses to believe the coffin the Marines brought actually has the remains of her brother-in-law, a WWII Navajo code talker. The people also refuse to allow DNA testing and are opposed to the Navy naming a ship after Jimmy Blackhorse. It isn't until Harm and Mac go to New Zealand to find Jimmy Blackhorse Jr. that the medicine woman accepts the remains, as well as a suggestion to name the ship after one of Blackhorse's comrades. Harm also quits smoking cigars in this episode.
"Clipped Wings" May 5, 1998 Dora Tea Valley in the Italian Alps; Naval Air Station, Genoa, Italy When an F-14 clips an Italian helicopter, killing 6 people, Harm and Mac must face each other in court and an Italian government eager to prosecute the pilot themselves. With the help of Francesca (Chegwidden's daughter), Harm finds a teenage girl who piloted the craft that actually collided with the F-14, a small plane she flew without her father's permission. The episode was aired three months after American pilots clipped the cables supporting a cable car near Cavalese, Italy, killing 20.
"Wedding Bell Blues" May 12, 1998 D.C. Jail; the Senator Hotel; JAG HQ The marriage of Bud Roberts to Ensign Harriet Simms is complicated by Bud's father "Big Bud" Roberts, Harriet's ante bellum mother, and a fight in a strip club that lands Harm, Bud and the Admiral in jail. Bud Jr. is concerned that Bud Sr. is abusive of his younger brother, Mikey, whom he believes does not want to enlist in the Navy as his father insists. After getting out of jail, Bud Jr. marries Harriet in a military wedding concluding with an honor guard commanded by Harm.
"To Russia with Love" (part 1 of 2) May 19, 1998 Vorkuta, Siberia; Dulles International Airport; Shermyetevo Airport, Moscow; Posolskaya Hotel, Moscow; Lubyanka Prison, Moscow; Komsomolsky Prospekt, Moscow; United States Embassy, Moscow; Vnukova Military Air Field Harm receives a picture which suggests that after Vietnam his father was sent to Siberia. Harm requests leave to California, which Chegwidden immediately suspects is really to go to Russia. Chegwidden reluctantly grants the leave and sends Mac along with Harm. After visiting his mother in California, Harm proceeds to Russia, where he is assisted by a taxi driver named Alexei who claims to be loyal only to the highest bidder. In Russia, Harm and Mac once again encounter "Falcon" (Sokol) and Colonel Parlovsky. The trail points to Lubyanka. Harm and Mac steal a MIG-29 to go to Lubyanka, but before they can go far, they are chased and fired upon, and the season closes with a cliffhanger.

Season 4: 1998–1999

The prologue (between the teaser and the opening credits) from the second season is now dropped. The opening credit sequence now includes a shot of Bud and Harriet's wedding (from the third season episode "Wedding Bell Blues"), and a few other minor changes.

# Title Air date Locations Plot outline
"Gypsy Eyes" (part 2 of 2) September 22, 1998 Lake Uchenskoya in Russia; Svischevo, Siberia With a voice-over, Harm updates the viewer on his search for his father up to the previous episode. The Russians claim Harm and Mac died while on a demo ride in a MIG-29. The truth is they punched out before the plane went down. They encounter a Gypsy brother and sister, Vasya and Rusza, who take them by wagon to a train station and dress them up as gypsies. Rusza has a vision in which Russian soldiers rape her and kill Harm before he can save her. Harm is convinced the vision will not come true. At the train station, before Harm and Mac can get on the train to Lubyanka, they are detected by Falcon. After some hesitation, they decide to trust him and let him take them back to Moscow, where they find Chegwidden, Agent Webb and Alexei, who is in reality a double agent most loyal to the CIA, who pay him best. Harm and Mac finally arrive in Svischevo, where they meet a woman who cared for Harm Sr. after he escaped from Vorkuta. The woman tells a story which is the same as Rusza's vision, except with Harm Sr. instead of Harm Jr., and herself instead of Rusza. The woman says Harm Sr. died and was buried in the Taiga.
"Embassy" September 29, 1998 Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. A covert investigation during a party at the Sudanese embassy becomes a life-or-death struggle when a rebel group seizes the building with Harm and Mac trapped inside, along with an influential Sudanese pacifist who has been kidnapped.
"Innocence" October 6, 1998 Sagami Bay, USS Reprisal, Yokosuka Naval Base, United States Embassy Tokyo, Yokohama District Court When Ensign Guitry (Sean Murray) is accused of raping a Japanese woman, Harm and Mac must struggle with both the Japanese legal system and reluctant witnesses to clear the young man who has a life imprisonment sentence awaiting him if he's found guilty.
"Going After Francesca" October 13, 1998 Gaeta, Italy; USS Belknap; Naples; 6th Fleet HQ Harm and the Admiral must rescue Chegwidden's daughter Francesca ("The Stalker") from the Mafia while preventing the sale of stolen Navy missiles to Iran.
"The Martin Baker Fan Club" October 20, 1998 Paley VA Medical Center; County Circuit Court in Towson, Maryland; JAG HQ Roscoe Martin ("King Of The Fleas") and three other patients at a V.A. hospital escape and hide out at Harm's apartment. But the reason for Roscoe's actions may lie in the way traumatized patients are treated.
"Act of Terror" October 27, 1998 Saudi Arabian coast; FAST Co HQ; JAG HQ; Navy Brig When a Marine guard executes a suspected terrorist on national television, it seems like an easy win for Mac. But when Harm is replaced by a civilian defense attorney and other discrepancies crop up, the case quickly becomes a tangled web involving the CIA and an ultra-conservative American defense contractor.
"Angels 30" November 3, 1998 Iraqi no-fly zone; USS Coral Sea on the Persian Gulf; JAG HQ After a pilot claims that God told him not to shoot down an Iraqi fighter, Mac and a skeptical Harm search for a more earthly explanation.
"Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington" November 10, 1998 El-Bakkar, Kuwait; Washington DC; JAG HQ Harm is asked to assist in a Congressional investigation into whether the U.S. military used Sarin gas during the Gulf War on Americans who were making chemical weapons for Saddam Hussein. At the same time, Mac's ex-husband Chris shows up looking for money and Royal Australian Navy Lt. Commander Mic Brumby joins the office.
"People v. Mac" November 17, 1998 Washington D.C.; JAG HQ; Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia; Washington D.C. public library; Lincoln Memorial Chris is found dead, Harm (representing Mac) and Mic (representing Mac's mentor and lover, Lt. Colonel John Farrow) clash when Mic's defense strategy places the blame on Mac. Farrow claims he deliberately killed Chris, while Mac claims that she killed Chris. Chris' bookie testifies that Mac accidentally killed Chris when he pulled a gun on her. Cmdr. Lindsey leads the military's prosecution and permanently alienates himself from the JAG regulars.
"The Black Jet" November 24, 1998 Dasht-E-Kavir Desert, Iran; JAG HQ; aboard the USS Seahawk on the Persian Gulf; Mehrabad Airport, Bakkar prison and Prince Darius Hotel, Tehran, Iran. An investigation into the crash of a Stealth fighter piloted by Harm's friend, Lt. Commander Jack Keeter, in Iran turns into a secret recovery op when Harm and Mac learn the plane is intact and hidden. Webb suggests Harm and Mac break Keeter out of jail and transport him to Turkey. Chegwidden doesn't like that idea, so instead Marines are sent to get them.
"Jaggle Bells" December 15, 1998 JAG HQ; Washington, D.C. A sudden appearance by Mac's "little sister", a Navy psychiatrist accused of DUI and a snowstorm in Washington D.C. create a chaotic atmosphere at JAG HQ. Mac's sister turns out to be the daughter of a submariner who'd been presumed dead. Chegwidden tries in vain to get a plane to Italy to see his daughter. After failing to get a commercial plane, Bud gets him a spot on a C-130.
"Dungaree Justice" January 12, 1999 Norfolk, Virginia; JAG HQ; Mercy Hospital, Norfolk, Virginia; aboard the USS Montana en route to the Caribbean; Chelsea Apartments, Washington, D.C.; the Breakers Bar, Norfolk, Virginia; Navy Art Gallery, Washington, D.C. A civilian bar owner is severely beaten by three sailors, who claim the man raped a female shipmate, Lopez. But it turns out that the man is actually impotent due to an injury he suffered in Vietnam. Harm and Mac eventually discover Lopez was left at the bar by herself, and that all the bar owner did was take her to the backseat of her car, where she was later raped by one of her shipmates. The episode's last couple of minutes are a preview of the next episode.
"War Stories" January 13, 1999 Near Suva Reka, Kosovo; JAG HQ; Admiral Chegwidden's house in McLean, Virginia; Naval Station, Norfolk, Virginia; Field of Gold set in Norfolk; Warehouse, Naval Station A hostage situation gone bad results in the SEAL rescue team being blamed for their deaths. Mac and Bud are assigned to defend their leader, Commander Risnicki, but Risnicki is wary of Bud's lack of experience. While on mandatory leave, Admiral Chegwidden gets roped into the world of being a Hollywood consultant for the film Field of Gold, which is about a court-martial.
"Webb of Lies" February 9, 1999 North of Union Station, Washington, D.C.; JAG HQ; Bethesda Navy Hospital, Maryland; CIA HQ; Alexandria, Virginia; Great Falls, Virginia When CIA Agent Clayton Webb is supposedly killed, Harm and Mac must once again face off with Clark Palmer, who is trying to acquire the high-tech Japanese weapons system Webb was carrying.
"Rivers' Run" February 16, 1999 Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia; JAG HQ; Hemmings, West Virginia; paramilitary compound in West Virginia; Naval Special Warfare Center, Coronado, California When Lt. Rivers ("Above And Beyond") seemingly kills a 14-year-old boy during a training exercise, Harm and Mac must defend him before a "kangaroo court" of government separatists. The SEALs were diverted from their normal training ground in an effort by FBI agent Al Grenin to involve them in the hunt for fugitive Warren Toobin. Harriet Simms is promoted to the grade of Lieutenant (junior grade).
"Silent Service" February 23, 1999 JAG HQ; aboard the USS Watertown in the Norwegian Sea and Arctic Ocean A series of mishaps aboard a Navy submarine require a squabbling Harm and Mac to share very close quarters. But when the mishaps become fatal, the two put aside their differences and figure out who is trying to injure the crew. Harm figures out that it's the ship's chief medical officer, whose service record includes three incidents in which he cured relatively rare diseases.
"Nobody's Child" March 2, 1999 Potomac Naval Annex, Washington DC; JAG HQ; Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland; Andrews Air Force Base; North of Union Station, Washington DC; Tubman Projects, Washington DC; Office of Social Services, North Mountain, Maryland The unidentified body of a young girl strikes a nerve in Harm, and he pulls out all the stops to find out who she was and why someone killed her, as Harriet deals with her own emotions regarding the case. Bud is given his lawyer insignia. Harm and Lt. Coulter (Trisha Yearwood) go to Maryland where they identify the dead girl and find her sister. The end of the episode gave the phone number for the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse.
"Shakedown" March 30, 1999 No-fly zone in the Persian Gulf; aboard the USS Coral Sea; JAG HQ; Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland; The installation of new systems on the USS Coral Sea causes a blackout during combat operations and Harm and Mac are dispatched to investigate. Harm suspects the civilian hazmat technician Newman, while Mac suspects another civilian technician, the electrician Yarbrough. There is a big power outage and a million dollars are stolen from the ship's disbursing office in a joint plan by both men. Newman then throws Yarbrough overboard and stows the money in a hazmat container. Harm has a Navy psychiatrist examine the little girl he and Coulter discovered in the previous episode.
"The Adversaries" April 13, 1999 JAG HQ; Roberts residence in Rosslyn, Virginia; Dobie Electronics ; aboard the USS Wake Island After being promoted, Bud's first case as an attorney is defending his father "Big Bud" Roberts from charges of fraud and larceny, with Harm as the prosecutor. Bud Jr. gets the charges against his father dismissed at the Article 32 hearing, but out of court Harm orders Bud Sr. to never tell his son the truth and he won't either. This episode was dedicated to the memory of Edward S. Vance.
"Second Sight" April 27, 1999 JAG HQ; sky over Virginia; Hamilton Ophthalmology Center, Georgetown; Hospice of the Sacred Heart, Fresno, California. Mac has trouble dealing with her resentment for her father who is about to die, while Harm undergoes laser surgery to correct his vision and possibly return him to flying. At the end, Mac's mother shows up and tells her what she did after leaving her with her father. Harm's civilian doctor tells him that he was misdiagnosed with night blindness and that his actual vision problem can be corrected with laser surgery. Chegwidden and Roberts video conference with the Captain of a ship at sea.
"Wilderness of Mirrors" May 4, 1999 JAG HQ; North of Union Station, Washington DC; Chegwidden's house in McLean, Virginia; Bethesda Naval Hospital; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Agent Clark Palmer pretends to be Harm's father and makes him think he's hallucinating. Palmer kidnaps Jordan. The Admiral enlists the help of Bud, Mac, and Mic while preparing to argue a case before the Supreme Court, with Bud as mock Chief Justice.
"Soul Searching" May 11, 1999 North of Union Station, Washington DC; JAG HQ; Piazza Santa Maria, Rome, Italy; car dealership in Alexandria, Virginia; near Cavalese, Itay; American Embassy in Rome Admiral Chegwidden and Clayton Webb go to Italy to rescue Webb's mentor (who saved Chegwidden's life in Vietnam) from Italian terrorists who are going to sell him to Serbian extremists if they can't get him free in time. At home, Harm deals with the loss of his Corvette while Bud and Harriet shop for a family vehicle.
"Yeah, Baby" May 18, 1999 North of Union Station, Washington DC; JAG HQ; Mac's apartment in Georgetown; West Potomac Park Harm puts in his paperwork to return to flight status, and the SECNAV approves because he wants Harm out of Washington. Bud prosecutes a Marine sergeant who got herself pregnant by a subordinate, and she goes into labor at the same time as Harriet. On the steps of JAG, Harm and Mac make a baby deal.
"Goodbyes" May 25, 1999 Mercer Dry Cleaners, New London, Connecticut; sky over Virginia; JAG HQ; Roberts' house in Rosslyn, Virginia; Boomer's Bar, Wilmington, Delaware; Office of Social Services, North Mountain, Maryland; Transient Lodging Facility, Washington Navy Yard; the Pentagon; Chapel of the Seas, Washington DC; Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Charlie Lynch ("Nobody's Child") resurfaces and threatens the twin sister of the girl he killed. Harm tracks Lynch down to a ship he used to serve on and gets him to release Dar-lin before killing him. After saying goodbye to the little girl, Harm returns to JAG where Chegwidden tells him he has orders for Florida and gives him one last chance to cancel those orders and stay at JAG. Harm declines and leaves. After Bellisario's credit, the phone number 1-800-THE-LOST was put on screen.

Season 5: 1999–2000

The Region 1 DVDs for this season use a 16:9 aspect ratio for the overall frame but a smaller 4:3 title safe in the center of the frame.

# Title Air date Locations Plot outline
"King of the Greenie Board" (part 1 of 2) September 21, 1999 Kosovo no-fly zone; USS Patrick Henry; JAG HQ Harm's back flying Tomcats, and Lt. Buxton, a hot-shot pilot, is making things difficult for him. Mac is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Mac's case involving a Marine who drank too much before testing a new weapons system brings a new member to the office. At the end of the episode, Lt. Buxton fires on what he believes is a Serbian truck. Back on the carrier, Buxton is confronted by a Russian officer who tells him he in fact blew up a Russian truck.
"Rules of Engagement" (part 2 of 2) September 28, 1999 Kosovo no-fly zone; USS Patrick Henry; JAG HQ Lt. Buxton forces Harm to defend him in the court martial for the Russian truck he destroyed in the previous episode. Mic joins Harm on the defense team, while Mac and Bud prosecute.
"True Callings" October 5, 1999 USS Patrick Henry; JAG HQ; Bosnian airspace; Harm's career as a pilot is in jeopardy because of his long legal career, while a mission over Serbia turns into a crisis when his wingman's plane is crippled. Harm uses his F-14's windscreen and his wingman's tailhook to push him back to the USS Patrick Henry, saving his wingman's life (this is based on an actual historical event known as Pardo's Push: a title card at the end of the episode explains that "On March 10th, 1967, U.S. Air Force Captain Robert Pardo used his F-4 Phantom to push a fellow American's badly damaged jet from North Vietnam into friendly territory."). Back at the office, Bud, Tiner, and Gunny seek to curry the Admiral's favor by procuring tickets to a Limp Bizkit concert.
"The Return" October 12, 1999 Atlantic Ocean close to Bermuda; JAG HQ; Naval Station, Norfolk, Virginia; Harm's return to JAG is rocky, as his first case is to defend the SECNAV's son for disobeying an order during a refuelling, and he deals with a sympathetic SECNAV and the unyielding ship captain who was being tough on his son.
"Front and Center" October 19, 1999 Construction Site, Norfolk, Virginia; JAG HQ; Camp Elmore, Norfolk, Virginia; Mac's Apartment, Georgetown; Thomas Edison High School, New Brunswick, New Jersey; Anacostia, DC; Chester Street, Anacostia, DC; North of Union Station, Washington, DC; When a Marine corporal goes AWOL rather than testify at an attempted rape trial, Harm and Mac must discover his secret, Harm is awarded his second Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions in "True Callings".
"Psychic Warrior" November 2, 1999 Naval Psychic Research Lab, Washington, DC; JAG HQ; Bethesda Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland; While Harm and Mac investigate the death of a Navy officer involved in a "psy-ops" project, Mac must also deal with someone close to her going missing.
"Rogue" November 9, 1999 U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Morrow, Virginia; JAG HQ; Waterfront, Little Creek, Virginia; Atlantic Fleet HQ, Norfolk, Virginia; Admiral Kly's Home, Ghent, Virginia; Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut; Long Island Sound; USS Ellyson, off Nantucket Island; USS Ellyson, off Long Island; USS San Pedro, various positions, North-East Seaboard; Atlantic Ocean, South of Long Island; When a security consultant hijacks a Navy submarine and threatens to attack New York, Harm must play cat and mouse with the man to rescue Bud and thwart the attack.
"The Colonel's Wife" November 16, 1999 Golden Hill, San Diego, California; JAG HQ; Panama City, Panama; U.S. Embassy, Panama City, Panama; El Chorillo District, Panama City; Roberts' Residence, Rosslyn, Virginia; Casco Viejo District, Panama City; Plaza De Francia, Panama City; A Marine colonel's wife is accused of smuggling drugs, and her weak denials convince Mac that she is guilty.
"Contemptuous Words" November 23, 1999 Silver Spring, Maryland; JAG HQ; Mac's Apartment, Georgetown; Bethesda Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland; Military Penitentiary, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; Roanoke Liberty Foundation, Chevy Chase, Maryland; Roberts' Residence, Rosslyn, Virginia; Harm's career is on the line when he is accused of writing an editorial highly critical of the President. After Harm is cleared of any wrong doing he receives his promotion to Commander from the SECNAV. Mac deals with a squabble between a late Marine's girlfriend, who wants to use his sperm to have children, and the Marine's estranged wife, who is opposed to such usage.
"Mishap" November 30, 1999 USS Patrick Henry, Atlantic Ocean; JAG HQ; Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia; USS Patrick Henry, Norfolk, Virginia; Harm's former RIO, Lt. Elizabeth Hawkes, is charged with causing a "mishap" that crashed an F-14, and Harm defends her at court-martial.
"Ghosts of Christmas Past" December 14, 1999 Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC - December 24, 1999; USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14), Gulf of Tonkin - December 23–24, 1969; During his annual visit to the Vietnam Memorial, Harm meets Jenny Lake, a former singer in Bob Hope's USO band, who was there the Christmas his father (in 1969 a pilot on CVA-14 USS Ticonderoga) was shot down. The 1969 timeline is recreated through Harm's interpretation, with actors of the main cast portraying characters from 1969 and seen by Harm as the characters of the 1999 timeline. The episode includes Harm Jr as Harm Senior, Sarah MacKenzie as Jenny Lake, Harriet Sims as Phyllis Diller, Congresswoman Bobby Latham as Diana Ross, Mic Brumby as the USS Ticonderoga CAG, Bud Roberts as Lt Gibson (Harm Senior's navigator, shot down with him at the end of the episode), Victor Galindez as Lt Garcia, SecNav Nelson as press photographer Morton Steele, Admiral Chegwidden as CPO Burns, Mikey Roberts as Ensign Everett and Jason Tiner as Lt Bond.
"Into the Breech" January 11, 2000 USS Minnesota (BB-65), 300 Miles North of Puerto Rico - March 20, 1990; JAG HQ; Iron Forge Naval Academy, Richmond, Virginia; Norfolk, Virginia; Little Creek Tavern, Hampton Roads, Virginia; During a "mock trial" of a 10-year-old incident where an unpopular sailor blew up a battleship turret and killed 29 sailors, Harm and Mac's students discover that the man may not have done it. The opening scenes take place aboard the fictional USS Minnesota (BB-65) but the episode is based on an actual turret explosion that occurred aboard battleship USS Iowa on April 19, 1989. The actual explosion was surrounded by controversial testimony, including allegations of a gay relationship between two of the sailors involved (who both lost their lives in the explosion).
"Life or Death" January 18, 2000 Camp Pendleton, California - July 1987; JAG HQ; U.S. Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; North of Union Station, Washington, DC; Mac's Apartment, Georgetown; Bethesda Naval Hospital, Maryland; McMurphy's Tavern; An outcast Marine kills three other Marines, and his capital case is up for its final review. Mac doesn't want to defend him but ends up taking the case, while Harm takes on the prosecution and AJ is reflective because the convicted killer was formerly his client. Harm has dinner with Renee, while the office wishes Mic well as he heads to an Australian deployment in East Timor.
"Cabin Pressure" February 1, 2000 USS Suribachi, Atlantic Ocean; USS Manassas, Atlantic Ocean; Harm is trapped below decks with a sailor accused of murder. As the room they're in floods, Harm must find a way for them to escape. The Admiral deals with the slow diminishment of his skills due to age.
"Boomerang" (part 1 of 2) February 8, 2000 100th Episode - Harm, Mac and Bud head Down Under to defend a U.S. Navy deserter accused of killing an Australian sailor and assuming his identity.
"Boomerang" (part 2 of 2) February 15, 2000 The trial takes an unexpected twist when the defendant's wife changes her story, and Harm and Mic come to blows over Mac.
"People v. Gunny" February 22, 2000 North Charles St, Baltimore, Maryland; JAG HQ; Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland; 8th Circuit Court, Baltimore; Keflavik, Iceland; Admiral Chegwidden takes the case when Gunny Galindez is accused of "gay-bashing", and one of the key witnesses is Petty Officer Tiner.
"The Bridge at Kang So Ri" February 29, 2000 Kang So Ri Bridge, Korea - 1950; JAG HQ; Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC; CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia; 2950/1850/1350/850/300/75 Miles East of North Korea; Osan Air Base, South Korea; Harm and Mac have to deal with Korean radicals who hijack an Oceanic Airlines passenger plane carrying a Marine General whom they accuse of ordering a mass murder at a chaotic bridge crossing during the Korean War.
"Promises" March 28, 2000 USS Hartung (DD-998), Norfolk, Virginia; Armed Forces Museum, Washington, DC; JAG HQ; Naval Station, Norfolk, Virginia; Naval Air Warfare Center, Patuxent River, Maryland; Navy Recruiting Office, Baltimore, Maryland; Georgetown Urological Center, Washington, DC; Caputo's Market, Baltimore, Maryland; A Navy sailor is charged with desertion, but she claims that her recruiter lied to her about what the service was about. Admiral Chegwidden helps a Naval Aviator friend of his who is facing being grounded for life after he took Viagra before flying. This episode contains the first appearance of Dr. Walden.
"Drop Zone" April 4, 2000 When a file implicating a Navy SEAL in the drowning death of a trainee ends up in the hands of Mac, the prosecutor for the case, she is accused of prosecutorial misconduct by Lt. Singer, who is part of the defence. Admiral Chegwidden tries to decide where to take Dr. Walden for a romantic weekend.
"The Witches of Gulfport" April 25, 2000 Mac goes undercover to assist in the investigation of a Chief Petty Officer (and local Wiccan leader) accused of sexual misconduct. Mic has his own undercover operation in Australia, but this leads to long-distance romance between him and Mac.
"Overdue & Presumed Lost" May 2, 2000 Harm and the Admiral try to prevent a salvage hunter from recovering a submarine that disappeared just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, and find out the sub may have been involved in a long-forgotten conspiracy. Bud defends an overweight sailor who is a computer genius and wants to stay in the Navy.
"Real Deal Seal" May 9, 2000 Lt. Rivers is in trouble again, this time for punching a Congressional candidate and accusing him of pretending to be a SEAL. Rivers complicates things by using Harm as bait in a lethal trap to lure out another phony SEAL. Admiral Chegwidden is the top choice for nomination as a Federal District Judge.
"Body Talk" May 16, 2000 When Harm decides to re-investigate a 10-year-old case of murder, he incurs the wrath of the victim's daughter - Lt. Commander Teresa Coulter ("The Return Of Jimmy Blackhorse").
"Surface Warfare" May 23, 2000 When Bud's brother nearly shoots a Marine craft during a landing exercise in Key West, it leads to a series of events that gets almost everyone at JAG involved in the case. Mic returns, saying he resigned his commission to come back to Mac.

Season 6: 2000–2001

# Title Air date Locations Plot outline
"Legacy" (part 1 of 2) October 3, 2000 Harm goes to Russia to assist in modernizing the Russian military justice system, while Mac and Bud prosecute a Navy Commander with selling secrets to the Russians before he is killed by a car bomb along with two Marine guards...
"Legacy" (part 2 of 2) October 10, 2000 Harm's half-brother is accused of a capital crime, while Mac rushes to the scene to prevent an assassination.
"Florida Straits" October 17, 2000 A Cuban girl is rescued by a Navy frigate, setting off a dispute whether the child should be returned to Cuba or be treated as a refugee.
"Flight Risk" October 24, 2000 The crash of a newly modified F-14 that kills two aviators leads Harm to investigate the civilian contractor in charge of the project.
"JAG TV" October 31, 2000 Mac is thrown into a vexing situation when her prosecution of a Navy Ensign accused of murder is chosen to be the first televised court-martial, while Harm investigates a sailor on the USS Seahawk who apparently committed suicide by jumping in front of an F-14 during recovery operations.
"The Princess and the Petty Officer" November 14, 2000 Mac defends an Arab princess who eloped with a Navy Petty Officer who smuggled her into the U.S. Bud and Harriet suffer through a personal tragedy.
"A Separate Peace" (part 1 of 2) November 21, 2000 When Admiral Boone is nominated to become Sixth Fleet Commander and promotion to Vice Admiral, a letter accusing him of slaughtering a village in Vietnam may derail his career. Harm and Mac have just four days to discover the truth.
"A Separate Peace" (part 2 of 2) November 28, 2000 Harm defends Admiral Boone at his court-martial. Mac prosecutes.
"Family Secrets" December 12, 2000 Bud's obsession with blaming the doctor for the death of his second child endangers his career and marriage. Harm decides to tell his mother about his half-brother when he learns Sergei was shot down over Chechnya and taken prisoner.
"Touch and Go" January 9, 2001 Harm's former partner Kate Pike is offered a post at JAG HQ, but rumors that she was sexually harassed by her former CO (who is in line to be Inspector General) may keep her from taking the job. Bud helps a female officer avoid a court-martial.
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" January 16, 2001 Harm takes up the defense of a former Marine drill instructor who is facing a life sentence under a "three strikes" law, while the Admiral is asked to chair the Promotion Board for Captain and Mac is named Acting JAG.
"Collision Course" January 30, 2001 When U.S. and Turkish vessels collide during a NATO exercise, Harm and Mac must defend the U.S. commander while political pressure mounts to pin the accident on him. Mikey and Gunny's sister hit it off while she's visiting D.C.
"Miracles" February 6, 2001 Harm must defend a Marine Sergeant Major accused of killing his wife. The Sergeant Major says he was led to her body by the ghost of his Vietnam unit's chaplain, which draws attention from the Vatican because the chaplain is up for sainthood.
"Killer Instinct" February 13, 2001 An apparent suicide may be anything but as Harm and Bud look into the inept young sailor's life. Mac defends a Marine who is a bigamist.
"Iron Coffin" February 20, 2001 Harm is asked to convince a Russian sub commander that a Russian submarine was not sunk by an American sub, and Mac is asked to observe a Congressional investigation into why women aren't allowed to serve on submarines (The Ehime Maru and USS Greeneville collision that occurred 11 days earlier is mentioned in this episode.).
"Retreat, Hell" February 27, 2001 Gunny's life is threatened when he is asked to transport a Marine accused of desertion who served at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir back to Washington, D.C. for court-martial. The Admiral goes on vacation fishing with Gunny's sister as his guide, and Harm is named acting JAG. After falling off the Admiral's chair and hitting his head, Harm begins seeing romantic hallucinations of Mac. Meanwhile, Mic returns, but his plan to be the lawyer for people suing the Navy annoys Harm.
"Valor" March 13, 2001 After an attempted terrorist attack against a Navy destroyer fails, Harm and Mac must determine whether a female Marine found aboard the terrorist's boat assisted them.
"Liberty" March 27, 2001 Bud's brother Mikey is accused of killing a man in a barroom brawl while on liberty, and Bud must work with his father to clear his name. Mac has to deal with a Marine bulldog with a tendency to escape from his base and impregnate local female dogs.
"Salvation" April 10, 2001 Sergeant Major Krohn ("Miracles") needs Harm's help again when a murder weapon, with his fingerprints on it, shows up at JAG HQ. But a plan by an old adversary of Harm's puts everyone in danger. Bud is assigned to carry the nuclear football for a short period of time.
"To Walk on Wings" April 24, 2001 When a Marine Osprey with a Congressional delegation aboard nearly crashes, Harm and Mac must determine who or what is responsible. Harriet learns about a secret love affair between a Marine and his friend's wife.
"Past Tense" May 1, 2001 One of Harm's ex-girlfriends is found dead in her apartment, and he is convinced that she was the victim of foul play. Admiral Chegwidden arranges for his ex-girlfriend's son to join the Navy instead of going to prison.
"Lifeline" May 8, 2001 While the Admiral throws an engagement party for Mac and Mic, Harm and Mac reflect on their up-and-down relationship as partners. Harriet is promoted to Lieutenant. (David James Elliott directed this episode of JAG; his first time behind the camera)
"Mutiny" May 15, 2001 Mac deals with her feelings re: Mic and Harm while preparing a lecture on the attempted mutiny aboard the USS Somers in the 19th Century.
"Adrift" (part 1 of 2) May 22, 2001 Mac and Mic's wedding plans are disrupted when Harm's Tomcat goes down during an intense storm and he is lost at sea.

Season 7: 2001–2002

# Title Air date Locations Plot outline
"Adrift" (part 2 of 2) September 25, 2001 Harm's rescue is complicated by his amnesia, and Mac makes a choice not to set another wedding date. Mic moves out of Mac's Apartment, feeling that his relationship with Mac is failing. Mac visits Harm's apartment and they try to discuss their relationship once more. Mic rings and tells Mac that he feels that she has made her choice, and that he is going back to Australia. Mac follows him to the airport and just misses him. She phones Harm in tears and he asks her come back to his apartment. However, Renee beats Mac to Harm with news that her father has died. Harm says that they can't talk now, but when Mac arrives at Harm's building she sees Harm & Renee embracing and is left in the alley alone as it starts to rain.
"New Gun in Town" October 2, 2001 Mac requests an assignment away from JAG HQ, and Harm's old Naval Academy friend, Commander Sturgis Turner, arrives. Mac's first case is to investigate the disappearance of the JAG officer on the vessel she and Gunny are assigned to.
"Measure of Men" October 9, 2001 When Harm is assigned to defend a Major accused of negligent homicide during a training exercise in bad weather, Mac is forced to confront the feelings she is running from.
"Guilt" October 16, 2001 During the transfer of a Marine accused of rape from Indonesian to U.S. custody, the U.S. consulate comes under siege and the Marine CO is killed. Mac, the senior officer present, must take command and lead the evacuation of American personnel before the consulate is overrun. Singer gets on Harm's bad side by attacking Harriet during a trial for a Navy SEAL who killed a dangerous passenger on an airline.
"Mixed Messages" October 23, 2001 A friend of Harm's that works in the Navy cryptography division is killed and evidence indicates that he was passing secrets to the Chinese. Mac is awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for her actions in "Guilt". Meanwhile, Mac continues to search for a young Indonesian girl she befriended during the consulate siege. Guest-stars Gabrielle Carteris.
"Redemption" October 30, 2001 Harm faces disbarment after his investigation into allegations of fraternization uncovers suspected espionage and he is forced to break attorney-client privilege. Allegations of abuse against a Navy father lead to help from a very unexpected source.
"Ambush" November 6, 2001 When a Marine disobeys the Rules of Engagement and 6 of his men are killed in an ambush, Harm must prove that the man was relying on verbal orders from his commander. Mac has to deal with a high-tech Peeping Tom case involving a teenager on a Navy base.
"Jagathon" November 13, 2001 A friendly marathon for charity amongst the JAG office becomes much more than that as grudges and pride come into play. Harm and Mac reconcile their friendship after finishing joint second in the race behind Sturgis. Harm runs into a man who keeps impersonating Navy officers.
"Dog Robber" (part 1 of 2) November 20, 2001 USS Thomas Jefferson on the straits of Taiwan, Fuzhou Airbase in Fuzhou, China Admiral Boone is called out of retirement to handle a diplomatic incident when a U.S. plane collides with a Chinese fighter jet. Mac deals with two Naval Academy pledges who staged a duel with disastrous results.
"Dog Robber" (part 2 of 2) November 27, 2001 USS Thomas Jefferson on the straits of Taiwan, Fuzhou Airbase in Fuzhou, China When a Navy pilot destroys the captured U.S. plane, Harm has to keep the incident from sparking a conflict between the U.S. and China. Mac investigates a Marine commander who has been accused of sexism.
"Answered Prayers" December 11, 2001 When Christmas closes the Navy brig, Harm is stuck watching a larcenous Petty Officer. Bud's brother Mikey is nominated for an appointment to the Naval Academy. Harm gets a wonderful holiday present courtesy of Clayton Webb. Harm's 1968 Corvette is "stolen," from his garage, only to be brought back to him by Sturgis, who took it to have the new top placed on it.
"Capital Crime" January 8, 2002 Mac and Sturgis get involved in the murder of a Navy Commander that leads to a much larger conspiracy involving Russian nuclear weapons. Caught up in the moment Mac admits to Sturgis that she's in love with Harm and makes Sturgis promise to never tell another soul. Harm investigates a mishap involving a refueling exercise during bad weather.
"Code of Conduct" January 15, 2002 Harm must defend a Navy SEAL who went back against orders to rescue a wounded member of his team in a firefight, killing another officer. Admiral Chegwidden is asked to resign after he slaps a loudmouth student at a high school.
"Odd Man Out" January 22, 2002 Harm and Mac's case involving a medical corpsman accused of killing a Marine is complicated when Bud is put on the jury. Sturgis reaches out to help a Navy wife whose husband is on a long submarine deployment.
"Head to Toe" February 5, 2002 Harm and Mac go to Saudi Arabia to defend a female pilot who refuses to wear traditional Muslim garb when off-base, creating tension between the base commander and a local religious leader. Sturgis and Congresswoman Latham have their first dinner date.
"The Mission" February 26, 2002 During a mission to brief troops about the new Rules of Engagement, Harm is asked to fly a special bombing mission into Afghanistan. Sturgis works closely with and gets closer to the Congresswoman. Singer gets mad when Bud is earmarked for a promotion over her, but Bud's problems in court lead to more trouble for him.
"Exculpatory Evidence" March 5, 2002 Bud is accused of failing to properly defend his client (in "The Mission"), and Mac is the key prosecution witness. The staff try very hard to set up Admiral Chegwidden with a nice woman.
"Hero Worship" March 12, 2002 A fire aboard a Navy destroyer on a training cruise may be the result of negligence or the ship's advanced age. Admiral Chegwidden tries to clear a Medal of Honor recipient of a minor offense so that he can attend a White House gala.
"First Casualty" March 26, 2002 Harm and Mac are tasked with a delicate case when the government decides to court-martial a reporter that may have given away a SEAL unit's position in Afghanistan. Bud is given his orders to deploy overseas.
"Port Chicago" April 9, 2002 Sturgis' father asks him to help clear a man who was court-martialed for refusing to return to work after the Port Chicago disaster in WWII. Harriet purchases a new home without telling Bud.
"Tribunal" April 30, 2002 Harm and Mac go up against the Admiral and Sturgis in the military tribunal of a 9/11 mastermind captured in Afghanistan. Mac heads into Afghanistan with Webb to get information on a larger Al-Qaeda terror plot. Singer runs the office and makes no new friends.
"Defending His Honor" May 7, 2002 When one of the JAG judges is accused of vehicular manslaughter, Harm must determine if the man's personal life cause him to act out violently on the road. Singer causes trouble between Bud and Harriet.
"In Country" (part 1 of 3) May 14, 2002 While "in country" to investigate an attack that killed three civilians, Harm and Mac become trapped overnight in a minefield when their Humvee crashes. Bud's unique approach to interrogations produces results. Webb teaches Gunny hard lessons about love and the cost of war.
"Enemy Below" (part 2 of 3) May 21, 2002 The clock is ticking as Harm, Mac and Sturgis have to prevent a terrorist commandeered Russian submarine from launching a "dirty nuke" cruise missile at a U.S. carrier group. Bud's life takes a tragic turn when he steps on a landmine during a mission to apologize to an Afghan village whose schoolhouse was accidentally bombed.

Season 8: 2002–2003

# Title Air date Locations Plot outline
"Critical Condition" (part 3 of 3) September 24, 2002 USS Seahawk, Afghanistan Bud's life hangs by a thread, and the JAG team reflect on how much he means to them. The Admiral and Lt. Singer testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about the "dirty bomb" attack (in "Enemy Below").
"The Promised Land" October 1, 2002 Harm and Mac defend a Marine who converted to Judaism, deserted his unit after facing prejudice from them and his family, and joined the Israeli Army, where he became a hero. Sturgis becomes the latest, and final, member of the office to decide Singer is unredeemable. Bud returns home to begin his rehabilitation after losing part of his leg.
"Family Business" October 8, 2002 Harm defends a Marine Gunnery Sergeant accused of murdering his wife, but the man's refusal to let his son testify hampers the claim of self-defense. Singer leaves and everyone's happy to see her go except Sergei, which doesn't make Harm happy. Bud's father gets over himself and arrives at the hospital to help his son with rehab.
"Dangerous Game" October 15, 2002 Harm must break in a new JAG officer, Lt. Commander Tracy Manetti, while defending a Navy SEAL accused of recklessness during a wargame exercise that killed a deputy sheriff. Senator Sheffield (from "Critical Condition") is appointed the SECNAV position.
"In Thin Air" October 22, 2002 A Navy pilot is dead, and Harm's less-than-stellar defense of the mechanic accused of causing his death draws the ire of the Admiral. Bud is eager to return to work but Harriet is looking to slow down his plans out of concern for his health.
"Offensive Action" October 29, 2002 Harm and Manetti defend a Navy pilot accused of ruining the career of an officer under her command because he rejected her sexual advances.
"Need to Know" November 5, 2002 When the Secretary of the Navy asks JAG to get the story of a submarine USS Angel Shark (SSGN-559) that was lost on a CIA mission declassified after over 30 years, Harm, Mac and Sturgis must take on the Byzantine system of the U.S. intelligence machine to find answers.
"Ready or Not" November 12, 2002 Harm's defense of a two-star General accused of disobeying orders and reckless endangerment becomes even more problematic when Mac is appointed as the judge.
"When the Bough Breaks" November 19, 2002 USS Seahawk When Lt. Singer recommends that seven sailors be court-martialed for a mishap aboard ship, the ship's CO asks for an independent review. Harm and Mac also have to investigate whether Lt. Singer's pregnancy is the result of a shipboard romance.
"The Killer" November 26, 2002 Harm and Manetti travel to Naples to investigate whether a series of prostitute murders in Europe is related to a U.S. destroyer that makes ports of call in the same cities. Harriet learns of Singer's plight and tries to help her.
"All Ye Faithful" December 17, 2002 Various problems (including a missed flight and missing pay) complicate the JAG team's attempt to get together for Christmas.
"Complications" January 7, 2003 Harm and Mac are asked to investigate claims by a Marine General that a Navy doctor was negligent and killed his daughter during surgery. Bud is frustrated by the low-level work he is given, until he stumbles onto a disability case that doesn't sit well with him. Harm angrily confronts Singer about her pregnancy. Bud is granted permanent limited duty, bringing him back to JAG on a full time basis.
"Standards of Conduct" January 21, 2003 A Navy whistle-blower claims a high-tech combat system is severely defective, but when Mac gets him released from the service she discovers that he had an ulterior motive. Harm is targeted by an ambulance-chasing lawyer in a scam.
"Each of Us Angels" February 4, 2003 Arlington National Cemetery,
Battle of Iwo Jima (flashback)
A special episode focusing on Navy Nurses in WWII before and during the Battle of Iwo Jima.
"Friendly Fire" February 11, 2003 Kandahar, Afghanistan Mac's case against an American pilot accused of negligently bombing allied forces has a very tough audience - Judge Harmon Rabb.
"Heart and Soul" February 18, 2003 Virginia When Admiral Chegwidden accidentally ejects from an F-14 piloted by Rabb over a state park, he must call upon all his SEAL training to try to survive until help arrives. While Rabb searches for him, Mac has to judge a case with Sturgis and Roberts as advocates.
"Empty Quiver" February 25, 2003 Norfolk Naval Base When a nuclear warhead disappears from a Navy submarine in Norfolk, Sturgis must determine whether it was an accident - or something worse. While locked down in Norfolk, Harm uncovers a plot to steal millions of dollars from the base.
"Fortunate Son" March 18, 2003 When a Marine pilot confesses to human trafficking, Harm and Mac must dig deeper to find the truth before the man's career is destroyed. Commander Theodore Lindsey (from Season 1) audits the JAG office and recommends that most of the senior staff be reassigned.
"Second Acts" April 1, 2003 The JAG office must come together to prevent Commander Lindsey's recommendations from being enacted, while a returning hero is revealed to be a man believed killed on September 11.
"Ice Queen" (NCIS spinoff, part 1 of 2) April 22, 2003 Harm becomes the prime suspect when Lieutenant Singer who has been missing for three weeks since leaving JAG is found dead in a tree by a young boy scout searching his stray arrow and the evidence implicates his half-brother as the father of her child while Harm himself is believed to be responsible for Singer's murder.
"Meltdown" (NCIS spinoff, part 2 of 2) April 29, 2003 As the evidence mounts against Harm, only the efforts of the NCIS team may keep him out of the brig for life but with Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs off trying to stop another terrorist attack, it falls to his colleagues Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo and Vivian "Viv" Blackadder to find evidence leading them to the real killer and stop Harm from being punished for a crime he didn't committ. Thanks to DiNozzo's efforts, it's soon discovered that the JAG team's old enemy Commander Theodore Lindsey is responsible for Lt Singer's murder, and he set Harm up as a measure of revenge.
"Lawyers, Guns, and Money" May 6, 2003 Paraguay, Falls Church Clayton Webb reappears and recruits Mac for a special undercover assignment in South America. Bud must defend Sturgis when he is accused of incompetence on a case, but he doesn't do a great job.
"Pas de Deux" May 13, 2003 Paraguay With Mac undercover and out-of-touch, Harm turns to a CIA attorney for help. Harm also plays along when the CIA attorney from "Need To Know" asks him to pose as her boyfriend in front of her mom.
"A Tangled Webb" (part 1 of 2) May 20, 2003 Paraguay When Webb and Mac go missing in South America, Harm quits JAG and heads off to rescue them.

Season 9: 2003–2004

# Title Air date Locations Plot outline
"A Tangled Webb" (part 2 of 2) September 26, 2003 Paraguay Harm and Mac must escape pursuers determined to kill them, while also sorting through their feelings. Gunny Galindez must get an injured Webb to a hospital before he dies. At the end of the episode, there is a tribute to Trevor Goddard.
"Shifting Sands" October 3, 2003 Al-Muntassir - Iraq, JAG HQ, Camp Babylon - Iraq, Kresge Medical Center - Virginia, Pentagon - Washington, CIA HQ - Virginia Harm returns to Washington and finds that the Admiral has processed his resignation. A Navy Petty Officer believed killed in the Gulf War turns up married to a local Bedouin sheik and is charged with desertion. With his Navy Career over Harm visits Webb in the Hospital and takes a job flying for the CIA. (The end of the episode shows Mac waiting outside of Webb's room and appears totally devastated at the news).
"Secret Agent Man" October 10, 2003 Manila - Phillippines, CIA HQ - Virginia, USNA Annapolis - Maryland, Anderson Air Force Base - Virginia, JAG HQ Harm is recruited by the CIA and his first mission is to drop a bugged limo in the Philippines, but he and his partner end up as impromptu field agents trying to stop an anti-U.S. bombing. Mikey Roberts asks for advice from Mac when he is asked to testify at an honor code hearing. Bud and Harriet have a party after their son is born.
"The One That Got Away" October 17, 2003 Northwestern Iraq, JAG HQ, Diamond Lake, Camp Lejeune Marine Base - North Carolina, The Pacific, Sea of Japan, Airspace over North Korea While conducting a flight test in the experimental Aurora Spy Plane, Harm and his co-pilot must conduct a surprise mission over North Korea. Mac deals with a Marine who let a 10-year-old Iraqi boy leave a combat area unhindered, which led to the boy notifying Iraqi fighters of the Marine's position and then the deaths of two Marines.
"Touchdown" October 24, 2003 Tripoli - Libya, Malta, JAG HQ, USMC CDC - Virginia, Northern Libya, Gulf of Sidra, USS Seahawk Harm's mission to extract an agent from Libya goes awry when the man wants his family evacuated as well. Mac is asked to defend a Marine accused of working with al-Qaeda. With his mission in dire straits Harm attempts the impossible by landing his C-130 on board the USS Seahawk, which appears to be the only safe landing point. After successfully landing on the Seahawk Harm is inadvertently shown on ZNN which puts his CIA career at risk.
"Back in the Saddle" October 31, 2003 JAG HQ, Naval Station Anacostia - Maryland, Blacksburg Municipal Airport - Virginia Fired from the CIA (for the events in "Touchdown"), Harm takes a job as a crop-duster. He meets Mattie, a young girl and owner of "Grace Aviation". Mac and Bud are surprised when a former colleague, who returns to JAG as Harm's replacement, reveals that her law credentials are fake.
"Close Quarters" November 7, 2003 Sea of Japan, JAG HQ, USS Cathedral City Sturgis must determine the intent of 10 North Koreans rescued by an American sub when their vessel sinks while dealing with an angry Korean-American officer and a possible SARS outbreak. The Admiral asks the Secretary of the Navy to reinstate Harm's commission due to the massive backlog created from Commander Caroline Imes' failure to pass the bar exam and having to review all her previous cases. Harm helps out a veteran who was part of the Great Lakes Experience.
"Posse Comitatus" November 14, 2003 Yuma - Arizona, JAG HQ, Marine Corps Air Station - Arizona, Bently Medical Practice - Virginia, Pentagon - Washington Harm and Mac investigate when a Marine helicopter pilot intervenes in a hostage situation and fires on civilians. Bud helps a Navy dentist who claims his Quaker beliefs make him unsuited to remain in the service.
"The Boast" November 21, 2003 POW Camp - Central Iraq, Pentagon - Washington, Blair Field - California, Quantico Marine Base - Virginia, JAG HQ, Norfolk Sun Office - Virginia, Bethesda Naval Hospital - Maryland, Norfolk Navy Base - Virginia Mac investigates when a Marine is accused of boasting about killing an Iraqi prisoner. Harm and the Admiral witness a Navy pitcher hit a Marine batter during a friendly baseball game, leading to the pitcher being charged with assault.
"Pulse Rate" December 2, 2003 Mediterranean Sea, USS Gillcrist, JAG HQ, USNA Annapolis - Maryland When a sailor is killed while repairing a radar dish, Harm and Mac must determine if his death was an accident.
"A Merry Little Christmas" December 12, 2003 Blacksburg Municipal Airport - Virginia, JAG HQ Harm's attempts to become Mattie's legal guardian (from "Back In The Saddle") are complicated due to his single status and lifestyle.
"A Girl's Best Friend" January 9, 2004 Antwerp - Belgium, American University - Washington, JAG HQ, CIA HQ - Virginia, Naval Research Laboratory - Washington The Admiral's investigation into a diamond ring he purchased leads to an international smuggling operation, while Harm adjusts to having Mattie around full-time. The Admiral's investigation leads him to a Navy lab, and a Lieutenant smuggling lab made diamonds on the black-market.
"Good Intentions" January 16, 2004 Fishermans Wharf - Virginia, Norfolk Naval Station - Virginia, Naval Amphibious Base - Virginia, Norfolk Police Station Mac must defend a Petty Officer accused of murdering a female officer, but the man has no memory of the night in question, while a Navy officer who purchased nerve gas needs Bud's help to avoid prison.
"People v. SECNAV" February 6, 2004 Tikifa - Iraq, JAG HQ, Pentagon - Washington, International Criminal Court in The Hague - Netherlands When civilians are killed in a bombing raid, the Secretary of the Navy is charged with war crimes by the International Criminal Court. A babysitting incident creates a rift between Bud and his brother Mikey.
"Crash" February 13, 2004 Mediterranean Sea, JAG HQ, USS Bennington A crash aboard an aircraft carrier appears to be a case of the pilot committing suicide, and Harm and Mac face-off when Mac wants to hold the pilot's CO responsible.
"Persian Gulf" February 20, 2004 JAG HQ, Marine Brig - Virginia The terrorist that held Mac and Webb prisoner in Paraguay returns, and Mac must determine what he wants with her. Harm suffers temporary deafness when his car battery explodes in his face.
"Take It Like a Man" February 27, 2004 Southern Central Panama (1989), JAG HQ, Bethesda Naval Hospital - Maryland The fallout from Mac's killing Sadik Fahd (from "Persian Gulf") affects her ability to work, Mac badgers a witness on the stand, shouts at the Admiral for sending her to a shrink, and questions Harm's personal life about Mattie and his brother Sergei, while Mattie continues to work through her feelings about her father. (The Episode finishes when Mac says "He hurt someone I love" and Webb thinks she means him when she really meant Harm for the battery explosion)
"What If?" March 12, 2004 Lucky Dream Palace - Falls Church, Virginia, JAG HQ A look at "roads not taken" finds Harm and Mac as a bitter divorced couple, the Admiral a civilian prosecutor, Bud a hot tub salesman, Sturgis as the manager for his fiance, Verase, Coates back to her old habits as a master thief, and Harriet a well-to-do but lonely socialite.
"Hard Time" April 2, 2004 JAG HQ, MCCDC Quantico - Virginia, Mac gets a handful of trouble when she is assigned to guard a female Marine prisoner after being critical of the Marines originally assigned to the task. A Navy Senior Chief who contracted HIV after getting a blood transfusion in Africa seeks help, after being exposed by his Commanding Officer. Guest-stars Dennis Haskins.
"Fighting Words" April 30, 2004 Pentagon - Washington, Quantico - Virginia, JAG HQ, Camp Lejeune - North Carolina, Fleet Training Center Norfolk - Virginia, Hopkins International Airport Cleveland - Ohio, Skyhawk Motel in Cleveland - Ohio, Erie General Hospital in Cleveland - Ohio Harm and Mac square off over a Marine General who made public speeches equating Islam with terrorism, and Sturgis must deal with the complaint of anti-Korean bias against him from "Close Quarters".
"Coming Home" May 7, 2004 Village of Tifka - Northern Iraq, 1st Marine Division Field HQ - Northern Iraq, JAG HQ, Anderson Industries - Virginia, Aberdeen Proving Grounds - Military Test Center in Maryland, Dover Air Force Base - Delaware Harm helps a woman whose son was killed in action in Iraq, while Mac and Bud investigate why the armor given to the troops fails to protect them.
"Trojan Horse" May 14, 2004 Northwest Arabian Sea, JAG HQ, USS Wake Island - Arabian Sea, MCB Camp Pendleton - California, Cosmo Disk Records - Hollywood When a kilo of heroin seized during a SEAL operation goes missing, Harm and Mac must determine where it went. Bud defends a Marine who won an American Idol-type competition, only to have the record company object when he is deployed.
"Hail and Farewell" (part 1 of 2) May 21, 2004 Straits of Malacca - Indonesia, JAG HQ, USS Thomas Lyons, Bethesda National Naval Medical Center - Maryland, CIA HQ in Langley - Virginia, Washington The Admiral announces his retirement as Judge Advocate General, Mac receives some bad medical news, and Harm must let go of someone close. Harm and Mac attended Admiral Chegwidden's dining out and once again discuss their relationship. Bud is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Season 10: 2004–2005

# Title Air date Locations Plot outline
"Hail and Farewell" (part 2 of 2) September 24, 2004 Mac's Apartment in Georgetown - Washington, JAG HQ, Clayton Webb's Condo in Alexandria - Virginia Sturgis is named Acting JAG, and Mac is unable to accept that Clayton Webb is dead and investigates the circumstances surrounding his death. Mac and Harm track a still-alive Webb to his family's beach front house and discover that undercover MI-6 agent Simon Tanvier is a deadly assassin known only as "The Hawk". Mac breaks up with Webb, unable to live with the lies of their relationship.
"Corporate Raiders" October 1, 2004 Harm and Mac investigate when a private military contractor is implicated in the death of a Marine in a "friendly fire" accident and are shocked to find out he's the formerly honorable Captain from "Collision Course".
"Retrial" October 15, 2004 Harm re-opens a 20-year-old murder case when evidence appears that clears the Navy seaman who was convicted.
"Whole New Ball Game" October 29, 2004 A Marine colonel is the SECNAV's pick to be the new JAG, while Harm and Mac deal with a Navy Ensign accused of firing on a Canadian fishing boat.
"This Just In from Baghdad" November 5, 2004 Major General Gordon Cresswell is appointed the new Judge Advocate General, and Harm and Mac head to Baghdad to investigate the circumstances around the death of a Defense Department official.
"One Big Boat" November 12, 2004 A midshipman on the Naval Academy sailing team is swept overboard during a storm, and questions arise whether the team's commander was negligent in making the team sail through the weather.
"Camp Delta" November 19, 2004 Harm defends Marine guards stationed at Guantanamo Bay when they injure a fellow soldier during an exercise involving detainees who resist. Bud has an altercation with an anti-war civilian and is forced to take anger management courses.
"There Goes the Neighborhood" November 26, 2004 An old criminal friend of Petty Officer Coates makes her life difficult, while Bud defends a naval aviator who gave her father lessons in an F-18 that he purchased.
"The Man on the Bridge" December 10, 2004 A Navy Commander assigned to the Bio-Weapons Defense Laboratory goes missing, and Harm and Mac must work with the FBI to find him. Bud is asked to intervene when a female Marine wants to participate in the Corps boxing competition.
"The Four Percent Solution" December 17, 2004 Mac is knocked unconscious in an auto accident on Christmas Eve, and we see her meetings with her therapist Lt Commander McCool along with flashbacks of her life at JAG.
"Automatic for the People" January 7, 2005 An F-14 testing a joint U.S.-Israeli anti-missile system crashes near an elementary school in California, and Harm must deal with an eager junior officer as well as local tensions. Bud's anger management class doesn't go well when a fight breaks out.
"The Sixth Juror" January 14, 2005 When a murder investigation on a small Navy base depletes the jury pool, Petty Officer Coates is forced to serve as the sixth and final juror.
"Heart of Darkness" February 4, 2005 Harm and Mac are sent to Afghanistan to retrieve a Marine Captain who has "gone native" to find Osama bin Laden and is accused of murdering civilians. Bud is asked by his father to help him avoid service when he is recalled to duty.
"Fit for Duty" February 11, 2005 A Navy psychologist is accused of malpractice by letting a Marine under her care return to the front lines with severe PTSD after he dies in combat. A retired Marine in his 60's wants to return to active duty and seeks Bud's help.
"Bridging the Gulf" February 18, 2005 Harm is back under the microscope when he shoots down a civilian aircraft that had crossed into a "no-fly zone". Lieutenant Gregory Vukovic joins the JAG team and immediately rubs Mac the wrong way.
"Straits of Malacca" February 25, 2005 Mac and Vukovic are sent to deal with a confrontation between a Navy vessel and a ship seized by modern-day pirates, while Bud and Harriet hold a party celebrating the birth of their twins.
"JAG: San Diego" March 11, 2005 General Cresswell changes the location of the annual JAG conference to San Diego. Mac and Vukovic investigate an incident involving victims of a hurricane who clashed with Marines delivering relief supplies. Harm must deal with a personal situation when Mattie is critically injured in an accident.
"Death at the Mosque" April 1, 2005 Harm keeps a bedside vigil over Mattie, while Vukovic is sent to Iraq to defend a Marine who killed an allegedly unarmed Iraqi in full view of a reporter. General Cresswell asks Mac to convince his daughter not to abandon a military career.
"Two Towns" April 8, 2005 Mac goes to Iraq to investigate a bombing that killed a squad of Marine reservists, while Harm and Bud go to Oklahoma to help the town cope with the devastating loss. Things are complicated when the unit's sole survivor is accused of firebombing the Marine Reserve Center.
"Unknown Soldier" April 15, 2005 General Cresswell's brother believes the remains of an unidentified Vietnam soldier are those of a pilot who saved his life, so Vukovic and Lt. Catherine Graves ("Automatic For The People") are sent to find a relative for a DNA test.
"Dream Team" April 22, 2005 Harm and Vukovic defend a sailor accused of manslaughter because of a shipboard fight. Mac defends a Navy sailor who set several dolphins free.
"Fair Winds and Following Seas" (series finale) April 29, 2005 General Cresswell announces a change that affects the entire staff. Harm is promoted to Captain. With Harm being sent to London and Mac to San Diego, they must sort out their personal feelings quickly. Bud must decide what he will do with his career when both Harm and Mac want him to come with them to their new stations. Vukovic is told by Mac she doesn't want him on her staff, and is asked to intervene when an underage teen enlists in the Marines to avenge his father's death in Afghanistan.


  1. ^ (Never aired on NBC, but aired on USA and included on DVD)

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