Oceanic Airlines

Oceanic Airlines

Oceanic Airlines and less frequently Oceanic Airways are fictional airlines used in several films and television programs.

The most well known version of an Oceanic Airlines logo from the ABC television series Lost.

The most famous use of this brand is in the TV show Lost, where Oceanic Airlines is featured branded with a highly-stylized logo depicting an Aboriginal dot painting that resembles a nazar, a bullseye, an island, or an "O" (for Oceanic). The show's fictional storyline begins with the crash of an airline flight called Oceanic Flight 815.

Airlines with this name have also been featured in many other media. The original occurrence of Oceanic Airways was in the 1996 film Executive Decision. The film's producers shot extensive footage of two actual Boeing 747s but with a different logo and livery to that used on the later Lost Oceanic flight. This stock footage has been reused in several films and television programs, spreading the Oceanic Airlines brand across various and unrelated fictional universes.


Occurrences of Oceanic Airlines

The following sources feature an airline called Oceanic Airlines:



Oceanic Airlines' most repeated appearances are in the TV series Lost. The show explores the aftermath of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 (a Boeing 777) from Sydney to Los Angeles. The producers of Lost also created a website (now defunct) for the fictional airline, including clues and references to the show's plot. In flashforwards, a group of the characters that survive the crash are nicknamed the "Oceanic Six" (Hurley, Kate, Jack, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron). In January 2008, viral marketing billboards for Oceanic Airlines were placed by ABC in various large cities around the world as part of the Find 815 alternate reality game. Fictitious TV advertisements for the company also aired on ABC and the internet, including one advertisement that apparently airs in an alternate universe where flight 815 did not crash and Oceanic has a "perfect safety record".

Other media

  • For Love of the Game: An Oceanic flight is announced over the PA system in the airport lounge near the end of the movie.
  • Nowhere to Land: A Boeing 747–200 from Sydney to LAX flying with a bomb programmed to detonate one hour prior to landing.
  • Code 11–14: an FBI agent searches for a murderer aboard Oceanic Flight 816, a Boeing 747SP, bound for Los Angeles from Sydney.
  • Alias: Oceanic's flight to Sydney is briefly mentioned in an announcement when the show's lead character Sydney Bristow is at Los Angeles International Airport. Alias and Lost were both created by J. J. Abrams.
  • LAX: 01.13 "Senator's Daughter" (first aired 16 April 2006): Advertisements and computers in airport terminals in LAX read "Oceanic Airlines."
  • Pushing Daisies: 01.01 "Pie-lette" (2 October 2007): An Oceanic Airlines advertisement is displayed in the travel agency.
  • Chuck: 01.02 "Chuck versus the Helicopter" (1 October 2007): Chuck is viewing a series of photographs when one prompts him to recall the secret information to which he had been exposed by Bryce Larkin. He begins revealing apparently unconnected secrets, including, "Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by a surface-to-air..."
  • Fringe: 01.09 "The Dreamscape" (25 November 2008): When the FBI was checking the apartment of a murdered Massive Dynamic employee, Special Agent Olivia Dunham found an airline ticket from Oceanic Airlines. The flight destination printed on the ticket was Omaha, Nebraska, and the date of the flight, 22 December. Fringe and Lost were both created by J.J. Abrams.
  • Alex: Bankers Alex Masterley and Clive Reed appear as the only survivors of an Oceanic Airlines aircrash in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.
  • FlashForward: When the FBI agents Mark Benford and Demetri Noh are staking out taking photos of a woman, a billboard with the Oceanic Airlines logo can be seen. The tagline states "Perfect Safety Record".
  • Flipper: In the two part season two episode "The Ditching", Sandy and Flipper's plane Oceanic Flight 17 crashes in the sea.
  • Oceanic Airlines advertises on a cab in the opening page of Daredevil (Marvel Comics) #104.
  • Buffy Season 8 had an Oceanic flight lose a wing and almost crash before being saved by one of the major protagonists.
  • The X-Files: 01.19 "Synchrony" (13 April 1997): On a note in the future guy's hotel room.
  • Futurama: on the episode Möbius Dick
  • Dead Island: After the first boss fight, the player hears a radio dispatch from Oceanic Flight 1012 stating that the plane will land in the jungle. When the player gets to the roof of the building, they can actually see the plane pass by the coast as it prepares to crash in the jungle. The plane has also broken into 3 parts (cockpit, mid-section and tail), as did Oceanic 815.
  • Pan Am: Pilot inquires about a Purser and Oceanic Airlines answers the call mid-flight.
  • Apple "iOS 3.0" launch (17 March 2009): While demonstrating cut and paste features on the iPhone 3G, Steve Jobs is seen creating an email which shows the times of a flight he has booked on Oceanic Flight 815.

Reused footage

Stock footage from Executive Decision was also reused in the following:

List of fictional Oceanic Airlines flights

Flight number Incident description Occurrence Aircraft used
1012 Crashed onto the island. Dead Island
816 Serial killer pursued by FBI agent on aircraft. Code 11-14 Boeing 747SP
815 Explosive decompression caused by electromagnetic pulse. Lost Boeing 777, Lockheed L-1011 used as prop wreckage.[7]
815 Shot down by surface-to-air missile. Chuck: 01.02 "Chuck versus the Helicopter" around 06:55
762 Forced landing caused by lightning strike. Category 6: Day of Destruction Boeing 747-400
762 Nerve agent attack threatened by mental illness sufferer. Nowhere to Land Boeing 747-200
456 First officer murdered in-flight and aircrew members afflicted by illness. Diagnosis: Murder: 04.23 "Murder in the Air"
408 Brought down by magical storm over Canada. Champions Online
343 Skyjacking by Islamic terrorists; aircraft retaken in-flight by special forces. Executive Decision Two aircraft used: Boeing 747-200 and Boeing 747-100
343 Skyjacking by North Korean extremists; aircraft retaken in-flight by JAG personnel. JAG: 05.18 "The Bridge at Kang So Ri"
017 Aircraft ditched in the Atlantic Ocean, 80 miles south of Miami, Florida. Flipper: 02.07 "The Ditching" Douglas DC-3
009 [8] Out to Sea

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