Seal may refer to:


* Seal (contract law), a legal formality for contracts and other instruments
* Seal (device), an official stamp or symbol used as a means of authentication
* Seal (Chinese), a stamp used in East Asia as a form of a signature
* Cylinder seal, an engraved cylinder used to roll an impression onto a flat surface, such as clay
* Record sealing, the practice of sealing or destroying court records


*Pinniped, a diverse group of semi-aquatic marine mammals many of which are commonly called seal
**Earless seal (True seals)
**Eared seal
***Fur seal
***sea lion

Naval and scouting

*United States Navy SEALs, the Special Operations Forces of the American Navy
*USS Seal, two American submarines.
*HMS Seal, two Royal Navy ships and one submarine.
*SEALA, a training course for Sea Scouts.


*Seal (musician) (born 1963), UK-born soul singer-songwriter.
**"Seal (1991 album)".
**"Seal (1994 album)".
**"Seal (2003 album)".
*Barry Seal (1939 - 1986), a drug smuggler and CIA informant
*Brajendra Nath Seal (1864 - 1938), an Indian humanist philosopher and educator
*David Seal (born 1972), Australian soccer player
*Jaynie Seal (born 1973), an Australian television presenter
*Jimmy Seal (born 1950), an English footballer
*Manuel Seal, Jr., an American songwriter-producer
*Tong Seal (born 1346 AD), legendary Burmese ruler
*Lou Seal, the mascot of the San Francisco Giants baseball team


* Seal, Kent, a village in England.
* Seals, Georgia, in America.


*Seal of the Prophets, a title given to the prophet, Muhammad.

cience and Technology

* Seal (mechanical), a device preventing leaks where two systems join.
* SEAL (cipher), a cryptographic algorithm.
* SEAL GUI, an open source interface for DOS.
* Digital Signature And Electronic Authentication Law known as "SEAL", a bill that sought to update banking regulations in America.

ee also

* Sealing (disambiguation)
* Seale (disambiguation)
* Seals (disambiguation)

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