Outline of software engineering

Outline of software engineering

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to software engineering:

Software engineering – application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software; that is the application of engineering to software.[1]


Technologies and practices

Skilled software engineers use technologies and practices from a variety of fields to improve their productivity in creating software and to improve the quality of the delivered product.

Software applications

Software engineers build software (applications, operating systems, system software) that people use.

Applications influence software engineering by pressuring developers to solve problems in new ways. For example, consumer software emphasizes low cost, medical software emphasizes high quality, and Internet commerce software emphasizes rapid development.

Software engineering topics

Many technologies and practices are (mostly) confined to software engineering, though many of these are shared with computer science.

Programming Languages
COBOL Pascal C C++
C# Clojure Common Lisp D
ColdFusion Delphi Dylan Eiffel
Erlang Fortran F# Groovy
Java Lasso ML OCaml
Perl PHP PL/SQL Prolog
Haskell Python Ruby Scala
Scheme Smalltalk Tcl T-SQL
Verilog VHDL Visual Basic Visual Basic .NET
Assembly language • • • Scripting language • • • List of programming languages

Programming paradigm, based on a programming language technology


Graphical user interfaces

Programming tools


  • Software componentry

Design languages

Patterns, document many common programming and project management techniques

Processes and methodologies


A platform combines computer hardware and an operating system. As platforms grow more powerful and less costly, applications and tools grow more widely available.

Other Practices

Other tools

Computer science topics

Skilled software engineers know a lot of computer science including what is possible and impossible, and what is easy and hard for software.

Mathematics topics

Discrete mathematics is a key foundation of software engineering.


Life cycle phases


Deliverables must be developed for many SE projects. Software engineers rarely make all of these deliverables themselves. They usually cooperate with the writers, trainers, installers, marketers, technical support people, and others who make many of these deliverables.

Business roles

Management topics

Business topics

main qulities

Software engineering profession

History of software engineering

Main article: History of software engineering


Many people made important contributions to SE technologies, practices, or applications.

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Software has played a role in many high-profile disasters.

  • Ariane 5 Flight 501
  • Mars probe
  • Denver International Airport
  • TAURUS — UK share settlement system and dematerialised central share depository.
  • Therac-25 — A radiation therapy machine responsible for six overdoses due to faulty software.
  • Airbus A320 —[citation needed] The Airbus A320, while was controversial in software engineering circles, being the first civilian Fly-by-wire aircraft. In the Airbus flight control systems, the computer has the final say on all decisions, meaning the safety of passengers depends upon the accuracy of the software specification, and the competence of the engineering teams producing the (multiple, independent) software stacks. The Strasbourg A320 crash of Jan 21, 1992 is partially related to software in that poor user interface design was a contributing factor.
  • Failure at Dharan — Patriot Missile clock issue.

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"Software engineering" in different languages

  • In Arabic , software engineering is called handast albrmjeyat (هندسة البرمجيات).
  • In Catalan, software engineering is called enginyeria del software.
  • In Chinese, software engineering is called ruǎnjiàn gōngchéng(软件工程 软件工程)
  • In Danish, software engineering is called Software ingeniør.
  • In French, software engineering is called Génie logiciel.
  • In Persian, software engineering is called مهندسی نرم‌افزار.
  • In German, software engineering is called Softwaretechnik.
  • In Hebrew, software engineering is called הנדסת תוכנה.
  • In Icelandic, software engineering is called Hugbúnaðarverkfræði.
  • In Italian, software engineering is called Ingegneria del software,
  • In Korean, software engineering is called 소프트웨어 공학,
  • In Norwegian, software engineering is called Programvareutvikling.
  • In Polish, software engineering is called Inżynieria oprogramowania.
  • In Portuguese, software engineering is called Engenharia de software,
  • In Spanish, software engineering is called Ingeniería del software,
  • In Turkish, software engineering is called yazılım mühendisliği.
  • In Greek, software engineering is called τεχνολογία λογισμικού.

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  1. ^ Pierre Bourque and Robert Dupuis, ed (2004). Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge - 2004 Version. IEEE Computer Society. pp. 1–1. ISBN 0-7695-2330-7. http://www.swebok.org. 

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