Implementation is the realization of an application, or execution of a plan, idea, model, design, specification, standard, algorithm, or policy.

In computer science, an implementation is a realization of a technical specification or algorithm as a program, software component, or other computer system. Many implementations may exist for a given specification or standard. For example, web browsers contain implementations of World Wide Web Consortium-recommended specifications, and software development tools contain implementations of programming languages.

In the IT Industry, implementation refers to post-sales process of guiding a client from purchase to use of the software or hardware that was purchased. This includes Requirements Analysis, Scope Analysis, Customizations, Systems Integrations, User Policies, User Training and Delivery. These steps are often overseen by a Project Manager using Project Management Methodologies set forth in the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Software Implementations involve several professionals that are relatively new to the knowledge based economy such as Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, Solution Architect , and Project Managers.

In political science, implementation refers to the carrying out of public policy. Legislatures pass laws that are then carried out by public servants working in bureaucratic agencies. This process consists of rule-making, rule-administration and rule-adjudication. Factors impacting implementation include the legislative intent, the administrative capacity of the implementing bureaucracy, interest group activity and opposition, and presidential or executive support.

Types of implementation

* iPower
* Phased
* Big Bang (financial markets) / Direct Changeover
* Hot Standby
* Parallel Running
* Pilot Introduction
* Well Trade

See also

* Interface (computer science)
* Programming language implementation
* Java programming language
* Algorithm
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* Code
* Computation
* Function
* Method
* Process
* Proceeding
* Procedure
* Scheme
* Solution
* System
* Technique

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