List of energy abbreviations

List of energy abbreviations

This is a list of abbreviations found in the context of energy issues.

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  • G&T—Generation and transmission utility cooperative (electricity)
  • GAL—gallon (measurement)
  • GAO—Government Accountability Office (General Accounting Office) (US) (government)
  • GATT—General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (government)
  • GDP—gross domestic product (economics)
  • GEF—Global Environmental Facility (environment)
  • Genco—Any company doing electricity generation (US) (electricity)
  • GFN—Global Footprint Network
  • GFSE—Global Forum on Sustainable Energy (organization)
  • GHC—Gross Inland (energy) Consumption (EU) (energy)
  • GHG—Greenhouse gas (climate)
  • GIC—Gas Inventory Charge (natural gas)
  • GISB—Gas Industry Standards Board (now NAESB) (US) (natural gas)
  • GLDF—Generator to Load Distribution Factor. See Load balancing (electricity)
  • Gm3—Billion cubic metres (measurement – gas)
  • GMO—Genetically modified organism
  • GMP—Green Mountain Power (US) (electricity)
  • GNP—gross national product (economics)
  • GNSED— Global Network for Sustainable Energy Development
  • GRI—Gas Research Institute (US) (natural gas)
  • GridCo—Any company running a transmission grid (electricity). Also known as a TransCo (US) (electricity)
  • GSF—Generator to Load Distribution Factor. See Load balancing (electricity)
  • GSR—Gas Supply Realignment (natural gas)
  • Gt—Gigaton (1 billion tons) (measurement)
  • GTCC—Gas Turbine Combined Cycle (electricity)
  • GTI—Gas Technology Institute (US)
  • Gtoe—One billion tons of oil equivalent(EU) (measurement- oil)
  • GVEP—Global Village Energy Partnership (organization)
  • GVW—gross vehicle weight (transportation)
  • GW—Gigawatt (one billion watts) (measurement- elect)
  • GWE—Gigawatt of electric energy (measurement- elect)
  • Gwh—Gigawatt hour (one billion watt hours) (measurement- elect)
  • GWP—global warming potential (climate)


  • HCA—Host Control Area (electricity)
  • HDD—Heating degree days a qualitative index used to reflect the demand for energy to heat a business (conservation)
  • HERS—Home energy rating standard (conservation)
  • HHI—Hirschman Herfindahl Index (markets)
  • HID—high intensity discharge (electricity)
  • hp—Horsepower (measurement)
  • HTGR—high temperature gas cooled reactor (nuclear)
  • HVACHeating, ventilation, and air conditioning (conservation)
  • HVAR—Highly Valued Aquatic Resource
  • HVDC—High Voltage Direct Current


  • I/C—Interruptible /Curtailable (electricity)
  • ICAP—Installed Capacity (electricity)
  • ICAP-SCR—Installed capacity special case resources (electricity)
  • ICE—Internal combustion engine (transportation)
  • ICT—Independent Coordinator of Transmission (US) (electricity)
  • IDC—Interchange Distribution Calculator (electricity)
  • IEA—International Energy Agency (Paris)
  • IEM—Internal electricity market (electricity)
  • IEEE—Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • IEPE—Institute of Energy Policy and Economics (France)
  • IER—Incremental Energy Rate
  • IET—International emission trading (policy)
  • IGCC—Integrated coal gasification combined cycle
  • IGIC—Interim gas inventory charge (natural gas)
  • IGSC—Interim gas supply charge (natural gas)
  • IGT—Institute of Gas Technology (natural gas)
  • IHR—Incremental Heat Rate- plant monitoring (electricity)
  • IIASA—International Institute for Applied System Analysis
  • IJC—International Joint Commission
  • ILP—Integrated Licensing Process
  • INGAA—Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
  • IOS—Interconnected Operations Services (electricity)
  • IOU—Investor owned utility (electricity)
  • IPAA—Independent Petroleum Association of America (oil)
  • IPCC—Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (climate)
  • IPP—Independent Power Producer (electricity)
  • IPS/UPS—Integrated Power System/United Power System, consisting of Independent Power Systems of 12 countries bordering Russia and the Unified Power System of Russia
  • IROL—Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit (electricity)
  • IRP—Integrated Resource Planning
  • IRR—Internal Rate of Return (finance)
  • ISO—Independent System Operator (US) (see also TSO) Responsible for grid management, but does not own assets. (electricity)
  • ISO-NE—Independent System Operator of New England, a Regional Transmission Organization. (US) (electricity)
  • ISO—NE ISO New England, Inc. (electricity)
  • ISS—Interruptible Sales Service
  • IT—Interruptible Transportation is gas shipment via pipeline whose delivery may be interrupted in favor of "firm shipment" contracts if there is lack of capacity. (natural gas)
  • ITC—Investment tax credit (policy)
  • ITS—"Interruptible Transportation Service" is gas shipment via pipeline whose delivery may be interrupted in favor of "firm shipment" contracts if there is lack of capacity. (natural gas)



  • koe—One kilogram oil equivalent (EU) (measurement)
  • kV—Kilovolt (one thousand volts) (measurement)
  • KVA—One thousand volt Ampere (measurement)
  • kvar—one thousand vars (measurement)
  • Kw—Kilowatt (one thousand watts) (measurement)
  • KWE—kilowatt electric (measurement)
  • kWh—Kilowatt hour (one thousand watt hours) (measurement)


  • LaaR—Load acting as a resource (ERCOT category) (electricity)
  • LBNL—Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (US)
  • LDC—Local Distribution Company (electricity)
  • LEVP—Low Emissions Vehicle Program
  • LHV—lower heating value
  • LIHEAP—Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • LIPA—Long Island Power Authority (US) (electricity)
  • LMP—Locational marginal price/pricing. See explanation in electricity markets.
  • LNG—Liquified Natural Gas
  • LODF—Line Outage Distribution Factor (electricity)
  • LOLE—Loss of Load Expectation (electricity)
  • LPG—liquefied petroleum gas
  • LPN—Lender Participation Notes
  • LRG—liquefied refinery gases
  • LSE—Load serving entity
  • LSF—Load Shift Factor
  • lsfo—Low sulfur fuel oil
  • LWR—light water reactor




  • O&M—Operation and Maintenance Expenses
  • O3Ozone
  • OASIS—Open Access Same-Time Information System
  • OATT—Open Access Transmission Tariff (US)
  • OCS—Outer Continental Shelf (oil)
  • OCSLA—Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (oil)
  • OECD—Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • OEM—original equipment manufacturers
  • OFO—Operational Flow Order
  • OMP—Operation and Maintenance Plan
  • Ontario—IESO Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (Canada)
  • OPEC—Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries (oil)
  • OPRG—oxygenated fuels program reformulated gasoline (oil)
  • ORNL—Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S.) (nuclear)
  • OSHA—U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • OTAG—Ozone Transport Assessment Group
  • OTDF—Outage Transfer Distribution Factor
  • OTEC—ocean thermal energy conversion (electricity)


  • PA—Planning Authority
    • —Programmatic Agreement
  • PADD—Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts (US)
  • PBR—pebble bed reactor (nuclear)
    • —performance based rates (electricity)
    • —Performance Based Regulation
  • PCB—polychlorinated biphenyl
  • PCM—Project Cycle Management
  • PCT—Programmable Communicating Thermostat (electricity)
  • PD—Preliminary Determination
  • PDC—Phasor data concentrator. See description in phasor measurement unit article. (electricity)
  • PDCI—Pacific Direct Current Intertie (US) (electricity)
  • PEM—Proton Exchange Membrane
  • PFC—perfluorocarbons
  • PG&E—Pacific Gas & Electric (US) (electricity)
  • PGA—Purchased gas adjustment
  • PHA—Production Handling Agreement
  • PHFFU—Plant held for future use
  • PIDX—Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (oil)
  • PIER—Public Interest Energy Research (CEC)
  • PIFUA—Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978
  • PJM—PJM Interconnection, LLC, a Regional Transmission Organization. (US) (electricity)
  • PLC—Power line communication (electricity)
  • PLMA—Peak Load Management Association (US) (electricity)
  • PM—Particulate matter
  • PM&E—Protection, mitigation and enhancement
  • PMA—Power Marketing Administration or Fed. Power Marketing Agency (US) (electricity)
  • PMU—Phasor measurement unit (electricity)
  • PNNL—Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (DOE) (US)
  • POD—Point of Delivery
  • POLES—Prospective On Long Term Energy Systems
  • POLR—Provider of last resort (electricity)
  • PPA—Power Purchase Agreement (electricity)
  • PPI—producer price index
  • ppmv—Parts Per Million by Volume
  • ppp—Purchasing power parity
  • PPR—Potential peak reduction
  • PREP—Pacific Regional Energy Programme
  • PRESSEA—Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in South East Asia (PRESSEA)
  • Prim—Primary (electricity) nuclear, hydro, geothermal, wind, solar
  • PSC—Public Service Commission
  • PSD—Prevention of Significant Deterioration
  • PSE—Puget Sound Energy (US) (electricity)
  • PTDF—Power Transfer Distribution Factor (electricity)
  • PTP—Point to Point Transmission Service (electricity)
  • PUC—Public Utility Commission (electricity)
  • PUD—Public Utility District (electricity)
  • PUHCA—Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 (US) (electricity)
  • PURPA—Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (US) (electricity)
  • PV—photovoltaic (solar)
  • PVC—photovoltaic cell (solar)
  • PVC—polyvinyl chloride
  • PWR—pressurized water reactor (nuclear)
  • PX—Power exchange


  • QF—qualifying facility
  • QSE—Qualifying scheduling entity
  • QUAD—1015 Btu (a quadrillion in the short scale)


  • R/P—Reserve on Production
    • —Reserves to Production
  • RAB—Regional Advisory Body (US)
  • RAC—Refiners' acquisition cost
  • RAP—Regulatory Assistance Project
  • RAR—Reasonable assured resources
  • RAS—Remedial Action Scheme
  • RATC—Recallable Available Transmission Capability
  • RBMK—Russian: Реактор Большой Мощности Канальный = "High Power Channel Type Reactor" (RU)
  • RBOB—reformulated gasoline blendstock for oxygenate blending
  • RC—Reliability Coordinator
  • RCIS—Reliability Coordinator Information System
  • RCRA—Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (US)
  • RDF—refuse derived fuel (electricity)
  • REA—Rural Electrification Administration (US)
  • RECS—Residential Energy Consumption Survey (US)
  • REEEP—Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
  • RES—Renewable energy source
  • RET/EE—IAF Renewable Energy Technology & Energy Efficiency Investment Advisory Facility
  • RF—Radio frequency
  • RFA—Regulatory Flexibility Act (US)
  • RFC—ReliabilityFirst Corporation (US) (electricity)
  • RFG—reformulated gasoline (oil)
  • RFI—Request for Interchange
  • RFP—Request for proposals
  • RM—Rulemaking
  • RMATS—Rocky Mountain Area Transmission Study (US) (electricity)
  • RMR—Reliability Must Run (electricity)
  • RMU—Removal Units
  • ROA—Return of Assets (finance)
  • ROE—Return of Equity (finance)
  • ROFR—Right of First Refusal (finance)
  • ROI—Return on Investment
  • ROW—Right of Way
  • RPM—Reliability Pricing Model. See explanation in electricity markets#Electricity market experience. (electricity)
  • RRO—Regional reliability organization (US)
  • RSE—Revenue Stream Estimate (finance)
  • RSE—relative standard error
  • RTEP—Regional transmission expansion plan
  • RTG—Regional Transmission Group (US)
  • RTO—Regional transmission organization (US)
  • RTP—Real time Pricing
  • RTU—Remote Terminal Unit
  • RUS—Rural Utilities Service
  • RVP—Reid Vapor Pressure


  • SCADA—Supervisory control and data acquisition a remote control and telemetry system used to monitor and control the electrical system
  • SCE—Southern California Edison (US)
  • scf—Standard cubic foot
  • SCO—Stranded Cost Obligation (finance)
  • SCR—Special Case Resources (US- NYISO category)
  • SDG&E—San Diego Gas & Electric (US)
  • SEA—Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • SEC—Securities and Exchange Commission (US)
  • SEER—seasonal energy efficiency ratio
  • SEFI—Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative
  • SEIA—Sustainable Energy Industry Association
  • SERC—Southeastern Electric Reliability Council (US)
  • SF6sulfur hexafluoride
  • SFC—Solid oxide fuel cell (transportation)
  • SFEIS—Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Statement (US)
  • SFV—Straight Fixed Variable
  • SGR—State game refuge (US)
  • SHPO—State Historic Preservation Office (US)
  • SI—International System of Units (Système international d'unités)
  • SIC—Standard Industrial Classification
  • SMPs—Special Marketing Programs
  • SNG—Synthetic Natural Gas or Substitute Natural Gas
  • SO2Sulfur dioxide
  • SOL—System Operating Limit
  • SPCC—Spill Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure Plan
    • SPM—Synchronized phasor measurement- a WAMS network with synchrophasor sensors (PMUs). (electricity)
  • SPP—Southwest Power Pool Inc., a Regional Transmission Organization (US)
    • —Statewide Pricing Pilot (US-California)
    • —Small power producer (electricity)
  • SPR—Strategic Petroleum Reserve (US)
  • SPS—Special Protection System
  • SR—Speculative resources For example, regarding uranium deposits. (nuclear)
  • SRP—Salt River Agricultural Improvement & Power District (US) (electricity)
  • SSG—WI PWG Seams Steering Group of Western Interconnection PlanningWork Group (US) (electricity)
  • SSM—Synchronized system measurement-a WAMS with synchronous sensors in addition to PMUs. See Phasor networks.
  • STEP—Southwest Transmission Expansion Plan group (US) (electricity)
  • SVC—Static VAR compensator (electricity)
  • SWAT—Southwest Area Transmission (US) (electricity)
  • SWU—Separative work unit


  • TAME—Tertiary amyl methyl ether
  • TAPS—Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (natural gas)
  • TBA—tertiary butyl alcohol
  • TBL—Transmission business line (electricity)
  • TBS—Town border station
  • Tcf—Trillion cubic feet (measurement)
  • TCR—Transition Cost Recovery (Mechanism)
  • TDU—Transmission Dependent Utility (electricity)
  • TEFRA—Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1985
  • TEN—Trans-European Networks (electricity)
  • TLR—Procedures Transmission Line Loading Relief Procedures (electricity)
  • TO—Transmission owner (electricity)
  • toe—Ton of oil equivalent (EU)
  • TOP—Transmission Operator (electricity)
  • TOU—Time of use (rate) (electricity)
  • Transco—Transmission Company (US) (electricity)
  • TRM—Transmission Reliability Margin (electricity)
  • TSO—Transmission System Operator) (electricity)
  • TTC—Total Transfer Capability (electricity)
  • TVA—Tennessee Valley Authority (US) (electricity)
  • TW—terawatt (one trillion watts) (measurement)
  • TWH—terawatt-hour (one trillion watt hours)




Appendix: Residential energy abbreviations

The following table lists a number of terms that are used in the United States for residential energy audits.

  • AFUE—annual fuel utilization efficiency
  • BTL—building tightness limit (building tightness)
  • CDH—cooling degree hours (climate)
  • CFL—compact fluorescent light
  • COP—coefficient of performance
  • CRI—color rendering index
  • EEM—Energy Efficient Mortgage
  • EER—energy efficiency ratio
  • EF—energy factor (clothes washers)
  • EIM—Energy Improvement Mortgage
  • ERV—energy-recovery ventilator
  • HDD—heating degree day
  • HHI—home heating index
  • HID—high-intensity discharge
  • HRV—heat-recovery ventilator
  • HSPF—heating seasonal performance factor
  • HVI—Home Ventilating Institute
  • IECC—International Energy Conservation Code
  • K-value—thermal conductance
  • Low-e—low emissivity
  • LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, standard for Green Building design
  • MEF—modified energy factor (clothes washers)
  • MINHERS—Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Systems Standards
  • MVG—minimum ventilation guideline (building tightness)
  • MVL—minimum ventilation level (building tightness)
  • NAECA—National Appliance Energy Conservation Act
  • ODS—oxygen depletion sensor
  • RESNET—Residential energy services network
  • R-value—thermal resistance
  • SC—shading coefficient (windows)
  • SEER—seasonal E efficiency ratio
  • SHGC—solar heat gain coefficient
  • SIR—savings-to-investment ratio (energy conservation investments)
  • SLA—Specific leakage area
  • SPB—Simple Payback (energy conservation investments)
  • SSE—steady-state efficiency
  • U-value—thermal transmittance (also called U-factor)
  • WF—water factor (clothes washers)

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