California Energy Commission

California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission is California’s primary energy policy and planning agency. Created in 1974 and headquartered in Sacramento, the Commission has responsibility for activities that include forecasting future energy needs, promoting energy efficiency through appliance and building standards, and supporting renewable energy technologies.


Al Alquist, a Californian politician co-authored the 1974 Warren-Alquist State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Act that created the Commission. [ [ Full text of the Warren-Alquist Act] ]

Dr. Arthur H Rosenfeld has been a Commissioner of the energy agency since 2000.

On 17 January 2001 a state of emergency declared during the California electricity crisis allowed the state to buy electricity for the financially strapped utility companies. The emergency authority allowed Davis to order the California Energy Commission to streamline the application process for new power plants

On 21 August 2006, the Governor signed Senate Bill (SB 1) which directs the CPUC and the CEC to implement the CSI program consistent with specific requirements and budget limits set forth in the legislation.

Current Activities

In 2007 the Commission set up relatively strict laws which forbid the signing of energy supply contracts between utilities and coal-fired power plants. This was a major initiative to greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. [ [,1,2572315.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california&ctrack=1&cset=true State acts to limit use of coal power] . May 24, 2007. Retrieved on 27 May 2007.]


*Appliance Efficiency Program.
*California Fuel Cell Partnership.
*California Solar Initiative.
*PHEV Research Center.

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*California Air Resources Board
*California Public Utilities Commission

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