List of most-listened-to radio programs

List of most-listened-to radio programs

In the United States radio listenership is gauged by Arbitron and others for both commercial radio and public radio.[1][2] Arbitron and similar services provide estimates by regional market and by standard daypart, but does not compile nationwide information by host. Because there are significant gaps in Arbitron's coverage in rural areas, and because there are only a few markets where Arbitron's proprietary data can be compared against competing ratings measurers, there is a great deal of estimation and interpolation when attempting to compile a list of the most-listened-to radio programs in the United States.

Talkers Magazine, a trade publication focusing on talk radio, compiles a list of the most-listened-to commercial long-form talk shows in the United States, based primarily on Arbitron data and estimated to the nearest 250,000 listeners. In addition to Talkers' independent analyses, radio companies of all formats include estimates of audience in news releases. The nature of news releases allows radio companies to inflate their listener totals by obscuring the difference between listeners at any given time, cumulative listenership over a time frame, and potential audience.

The total listenership for terrestrial radio in the year 2005 was 230 million.[3] Sirius XM Radio has a base of 18.5 million subscribers as of 2009.[4] American Top 40 attracts over 20 million listeners per week.[5] Rush Limbaugh's show has been the number one commercial talk show since at least 1991 when record keeping began.[1][2][6] NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered are the two most popular news programs.[7]

Until the development of portable people meters, Arbitron did not have the capability to measure individual airings of a program the way Nielsen Ratings can for television, and as such, it only measures in three-month moving averages each month. Portable people meters are currently only available in the largest markets Arbitron serves. Thus, it is impossible under current survey techniques to determine the listenership of an individual event such as the Super Bowl.


Popular radio shows in the United States

Talkers Magazine compiles Arbitron's data, along with other sources, to estimate the minimum weekly audiences of various commercial long-form talk radio shows.[8] NPR also compiles Arbitron's data for its public radio shows and releases analysis through press releases.[7][9][10][11]

Program Weekly Listeners
in Millions
American Top 40 20+ worldwide
The Rush Limbaugh Show 15+
The Sean Hannity Show 14+
Morning Edition 13+
All Things Considered 13+
Glenn Beck Program 9+
The Savage Nation 9+
The Mark Levin Show 8.5+
The Dave Ramsey Show 8.5+
Delilah 8+
The Neal Boortz Show 6+
The Laura Ingraham Show 6+
Fresh Air 5+
Car Talk 4+
Coast to Coast AM 3+ (Most listened to late-night radio show)

Other terrestrial programs, such as news and music, are not generally estimated in as much detail.

Sirius XM Radio was monitored directly by Arbitron from 2007 to early 2008. The latest numbers available, from early 2008 (prior to when XM and Sirius merged), have The Howard Stern Show being the most listened-to show on either platform, with Stern's Howard 100 channel netting a "cume" of 1.2 million listeners. Eastlan Ratings, a service that competes with Arbitron in several markets, includes satellite radio channels in its local ratings; Howard 100 has registered above several lower-end local stations in the markets Eastlan serves, the only satellite station to do so.[12]

The highest rated local talk program in the United States is John and Ken in Los Angeles. Talkers estimates their audience at 1 million listeners.

Past top programs in the United States

From 1933–1935 Maxwell House Show Boat was the top radio show in the United States.[13] In 1948 Walter Winchell had the top rated radio show when he surpassed Fred Allen and Jack Benny.[14][15]

A. C. Nielsen rated the top ten radio shows in 1955:[16]

Paul Harvey had an estimated audience of between 20 and 22 million prior to his death in 2009.

Current top stations in the United Kingdom

Total listenership in the United Kingdom in December 2010 was 46.73 million, all BBC programming had 34.51 million listeners, and all commercial programming had 33.06 million listeners. The figures counted listeners over the age of 15 who tuned in for at least five minutes.

As of December 2010[17]
Program Listeners
in Millions
BBC Radio 2 13.94
BBC Radio 1 11.42
BBC Radio 4 10.32
BBC Radio 5 Live 7.09
Classic FM (UK) 5.72
talkSPORT 3.09
BBC Radio 3 2.22
Magic 105.4 FM 2.05

Worldwide broadcasts

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