List of Red vs. Blue characters

List of Red vs. Blue characters

This is a list of characters in the Rooster Teeth series Red vs. Blue.


Red Team

The Red Team, from left to right: Sarge, the Warthog, Grif (Warthog driver's seat), Simmons (Warthog gunner) and Donut


  • Full Name: Unknown (possibly literally "Sarge")
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
  • Armor Color: Red
  • Appearances: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, The Recollection, Season 9
  • Status: Alive

Sarge is the staff sergeant[1] and leader of the Blood Gulch Red Team for the majority of the series. He is voiced by Matt Hullum, co-creator of the series, and first appeared at the end of Episode One. A military man from Moscow, Iowa with a Southern United States accent, Sarge exhibits more discipline than the other Reds (and most of the Blues, for that matter), but is also somewhat sociopathic, bloodthirsty, and the only Blood Gulch soldier on either team actually serious about the war. It was mentioned that he graduated from Sergeant school and joined ODST, but after participating in several combat jumps developed a strong fear of heights (which probably resulted in his transfer to Red team). He has a passionate hatred for Grif, demonstrated by his repeated willingness to sacrifice Grif during combat missions even when not required and the many occasions in which he endangers his own life just to mock or insult Grif. He has something of a father-son relationship with both Simmons and Grif, and Grif could be seen as the delinquent who wants to slack off, which only infuriates Sarge more, and has incrementally throughout the series. However, by the end of The Recollection, specifically after finding out that his stationing in Blood Gulch was merely a simulation training ground for the Freelancers, Sarge reevaluated his motives and relationships and shows to have some respect and admiration for his teammates, both red and blue, if for nothing else that they've stuck around and helped each other over the years. Sarge's actual name is never revealed, though evidence suggests that it is actually "Sarge". Despite displaying little understanding of tactics, going so far as to risk the lives of his men over irrelevant goals or suicide missions, Sarge is the most skilled soldier on the red team, and the second most skilled soldier on either blue or red team (second to Tex). His preferred weapon is a shotgun, which he'll insist on using even when not at close range. On some occasions his plans have worked. He is shown to be a good mechanic, since he is able to repair their jeep and build robots. He also seems to have a rather good knowledge of medicine and how to treat injuries, though he often displays seeming ineptitude, such as when he substituted a chart of the human body for that of a cow. However, none of those he has operated on have died yet.


  • Full Name: Richard "Dick" Simmons
  • Voice Actor: Gustavo Sorola
  • Armor Color: Maroon, briefly Blue with Maroon "Trim" (BGC Episodes 64-73)
  • Appearances: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, The Recollection, Season 9
  • Status: Alive

Private First Class Simmons is voiced by Gustavo Sorola, co-creator of the series. Simmons is from Dublin, Ireland and is on the Red Team. His position is strengthened by his sycophantic demeanour to his superior, Sarge, due to complex father issues he's developed over time. Simmons shows extensive knowledge of technology as the storyline progresses. Along with Grif, Simmons is one of the first characters to ever appear in Red vs. Blue; the pair debuted at the start of episode 1. Simmons shows little aptitude in combat, but nevertheless is competent with computers. He manages in one instance, to hack into the Freelancer mainframe and delete all records of Blue team, inadvertently creating a situation where Project Freelancer could not locate the Epsilon unit because they had no record of the Blue base where Epsilon was being kept by Caboose. Despite his lack of combat effectiveness, Simmons continuously demonstrates an ability to formulate effective battle plans and strategies, though they are almost always overlooked by his superior officer. Simmons also appears to be the most level headed of the Red team. He often sees the obvious and logical explanation for events while Sarge believes in ludicrous theories. It is also possible that Simmons is the only Red member worthy of true military status. When the Reds finally find out the true purpose of the Red and Blue teams (being training grounds for the freelancers) is it said that the bases are staffed by the 10th percentile. To this Simmons complains that it's not important how fast he knows the information on the tests but that he know it at all. This alludes to the idea that Simmons truly is a competent soldier and simply a product of poor luck. He is shown to have proficiency with the rocket launcher.


  • Full Name: Dexter Grif
  • Voice Actor: Geoff Ramsey
  • Armor Color: Orange
  • Appearances: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, The Recollection, Season 9
  • Status: Alive

Private Grif is voiced by Geoff Ramsey, co-creator of the series. Grif is from Honolulu, Hawaii and is the slacker of the Red Team, and a wise-cracking loudmouth to boot. Along with Simmons, Grif is one of the first characters to ever appear in Red vs. Blue; the pair debuted at the start of episode 1. Apparently unlucky, Grif was the one person forced into the Red Army after the first military draft in thousands of years. This only encourages him to be extremely lazy in the hopes of being court-martialed. In Reconstruction it is revealed that he is promoted to the rank of Sergeant, but is later demoted back to his original rank (it's presumed "Minor Junior Private Negative First Class" was facetious). Throughout The Recollection, Grif's character has somewhat evolved, still prone to avoiding work, but revealed to be not solely out of sheer laziness, but as a way of disrespecting a constantly overbearing Sarge by being indignant to his orders. He has a begrudging kinship with his teammates, though, and when they're in mortal danger he will in the end come to their aid. Over the series Grif has shown to be relatively adept at maneuvering a variety of vehicles, which include a Warthog, Hornet, and even a Pelican. Grif is also shown to be exceptionally hard to kill, where other character can be killed or hurt badly from a single shot, Grif was able to survive being shot multiple times with rifles, fall from extreme heights, had his groin repeatedly hit by Tex and even a shotgun shell to the head did not leave much lasting damage. Grif also has a Halo 3 and Halo: Reach mini game based on him being killed by a red or blue team with Gravity Hammers or Energy Swords called "Grifball."In the 5th season, Grif shows an apprent fear of bats.


  • Full Name: Franklin Delano Donut
  • Voice Actor: Dan Godwin
  • Armor Color: Pink; originally Red
  • Appearances: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, The Recreation, The Revelations, Season 9
  • Status: Alive

Private Donut is from Leggat Plains, Iowa. He first appears in Episode 3 of Season 1 as a new recruit, whose garrulous personality tends to annoy other members of the Red Team. When Red Command found out that the Blues were receiving a tank, Command found that sending Donut and the Warthog would offset the Blue's tank. He originally sported the same standard issue red armor color as Sarge. In an inadvertent series of events that involved him successfully capturing the blue flag, he ended up getting seriously injured by Tex via plasma grenade. He was quickly evac'd, and returned with his own congratulatory color armor: pink. Initially insecure about this, he insists on calling it "lightish red," which only invites more teasing from his teammates, and for the first two seasons the Blues even think he's a girl. After The Blood Gulch Chronicles, he's shipped out to Sandtrap with Tucker to investigate a strange energy reading, but after a mysterious attack and infiltration on his base he makes his way back to Valhalla to tell Church about what happened, almost dying of dehydration in the process. He is unwittingly caught up in the aftermath of the goings-on of Reconstruction, eventually getting shot in the stomach by a short-tempered Washington. Doc tells Simmons he is dead, but he is later revealed to simply be in Recovery Mode, which locks down the user's armor and places them into a form of sleep stasis in the event of heavy injuries. He is indirectly brought out of Recovery Mode by Epsilon-Church. In Season 9, Donut returns in Epsilon-Church's mind as the leader of the Reds (though Sarge is still the Sergeant). However, when Epsilon-Church comes up to the Reds to explain their true personality, Donut then starts to revert to his old self. This is shown as he accidentally reveals the fact that he keeps a diary and tells Simmons that he is going to light a scented candle to calm down. Donuts then has a really long chat with Sarge and after that is done, he seems to have become himself again. Rooster Teeth had a plan for the character from the outset. In the multiplayer games of the Halo video game series, which was used to film Red vs. Blue, human characters wear futuristic MJOLNIR battle armor. In changing Donut's armor to pink in the later part of season 1, the producers made his armor color, gender, and sexual orientation a running gag, and fully developed his personality during season 2. It is later explained that after he was blown up by Tex, he received sensitivity training while in recovery, leading him to develop a more feminine attitude. Godwin ad-libbed some of Donut's lines, to the approval of other Rooster Teeth personnel. In some scenes, the filming was adapted to complement Godwin's interpretation of the script. Early in season 1, fans reacted well to Donut; as a result, Burnie Burns, the main writer for Red vs. Blue, focused the storyline on Donut and Caboose (Joel Heyman), the Blue Team's rookie.


  • Full Name: Droid #01011331123[1]
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns (in poorly spoken and accented Spanish)
  • Armor Color: Brown; Cobalt (BGC Episodes 2037)
  • Appearances: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, The Reconstruction, The Recreation, Season 9
  • Status: Deceased or Destroyed, but with backup copies of himself.

Lopez is a robotic mechanic built by Sarge. Unfortunately, when Sarge built him, Red Command was out of speech units, so he was effectively mute for most of Season 1, even fooling Grif into thinking he was a human. Even more unfortunately, when the speech unit finally does arrive it gets damaged by a static electric discharge during the installation process, which makes him speak nothing but Spanish, although he can still understand English perfectly. English subtitles are provided for most of the Spanish dialogue. After his voice card is installed, Lopez begins to call himself "Lopez la Pesado" [sic] ("Lopez the Heavy")("Lopez the Annoying" would be the proper translation) in episode 17 and demonstrates a stoic, tough personality. He also tends to exhibit characteristics that are stereotypically Latin American, such as a strong socialist ideology. As he had been programmed by Sarge, Lopez also dislikes Grif, though he shows frequent disdain for all the other members of both the red and blue teams.

Near the end of Season 1, Church possesses Lopez, and later has the other Blues paint his body cobalt to match the color of his old armor. Initially, Church can only speak in Spanish while possessing Lopez. However, before the events of Unknown episode "Episode 20". Please see Template:Rvbep/doc for usage information., the beginning of Season 2, the Blues manage to partially disable Lopez's Spanish language setting, allowing Church to speak English. After being temporarily freed from Church's control, Lopez defects to the Blue Team when the Reds, mistaking him for a Blue soldier, attempt to kill him. As a Blue, he repairs and falls in love with Sheila. He eventually develops a resistance to possession and shortly afterward has his old armor color restored.

At the end of Season 2, O'Malley captures Lopez and uses him as another tool in his plan to conquer the universe. O'Malley uses a weather control system that had been built into Lopez. This system, left unfinished by Sarge, is capable of eliminating both teams. Red Command also had embedded top-secret strategic information inside Lopez's head. As such, the Reds are forced to cooperate with the Blues to chase O'Malley and attempt to recover Lopez.

In the explosion that propelled both teams into the future, Lopez is reduced to a disembodied head. Somehow, he is still able to fire a machine-gun turret and even build an army of robot soldiers. As Simmons explains, "He's very determined." Absent for most of season 4, Lopez had been in hiding with Doc and O'Malley in a secret lair. He is without a body, and his frustration with the two has increased. In Unknown episode "Episode 75". Please see Template:Rvbep/doc for usage information., the Reds find Lopez and the recorded instructions that Red Command had embedded in his head. However, somehow his Spanish setting even translates the recording into Spanish, and none of the Reds can understand them.

Having served under Red, Blue, and O'Malley, Lopez is increasingly tired of the conflict and makes numerous requests to simply die, asking Caboose to bury him. However, because no one understands what he says in Spanish, his requests are in vain. He pointed out to the Reds in episode 76 that the instructions were disappointing, a prediction that was confirmed in Episode 77, when, after hearing the useless instructions translated by Andy, Sarge sinks into a brief depression.

After another lengthy absence, Lopez's head is rediscovered in the caves by Sister and Doc. Sister manages to communicate with Lopez in Spanish, only to be mocked by him. Lopez goes on to reveal in an off-screen conversation how he came to be in the caves, described by Doc as being "strange yet totally believable", before being interrupted by the possessed Captain Flowers. He is left behind in the caves and was in the same cavern as Andy.

In the final episode of the series, Lopez reunites with Sheila, who was recently transferred to the large ship that brought Sister to the Gulch, and shortly before she may or may not have been blown up to prevent O'Malley from using her to escape the canyon. Lopez's fate beyond this was left unanswered until Reconstruction, where it is shown he remained at Red Base, and was given a new body, staying with Sarge. In Chapter 9 of Reconstruction, Lopez is left behind while Sarge heads off to find Simmons and Grif. Lopez openly states that the call was fake, that he plans to wipe his memories of Sarge like he did Grif and Simmons and urges Sarge to leave, but Sarge, still with almost no knowledge of Spanish, mistakes this for a farewell. The sponsor's cut shows at the end Lopez is feeling lonely. He reappears in Relocated, where he is called to Valhalla by Sarge to build a new underground holographic testing room. Also caught up in the aftermath of Reconstruction surrounding the Epsilon unit and the Meta, a patience-tested Washington abruptly shoots him in the head. However, Lopez took preemptive measures in light of the threat of the Meta, making back-up copies of himself.


  • Full Name: M12-LRV Warthog (a.k.a. Puma or Chupathingy)
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns (briefly from episodes 23-25)
  • Color: Gun-Metal Green[1]
  • Status: Eight Destroyed

The Warthog (the vehicle's actual name in the Halo video game series) is a battle jeep delivered to the Reds in episode 2 season 1. Failing to see much resemblance to a warthog, Grif suggests the name Puma. Believing that Grif is suggesting the name of a mythical creature, Sarge and Simmons suggest several other mythical creatures (mockingly) — such as Bigfoot, the unicorn, leprechaun, and "Chupathingy" (after the Chupacabra) — as names. Chupathingy is the name listed on the character biography, available as an Easter egg for the season 3 DVD.

The Warthog has a homing beacon and remote control system linked to Lopez. This system is accidentally activated in season 2 when Church, then possessing Lopez, and Tucker attempt to activate Lopez' repair sequence. Burns suggests that, as with Sheila, the vehicle was originally going to be a full-blown character and maintain a personality throughout the series, in a parody of Speed Buggy. This idea was, however, abandoned shortly after the remote control gag.[2] The Warthog is frequently blaring loud Mexican ranchera music, and it can often be heard approaching because of it. Grif notes in episode 2 that it "kinda looks like a puma", Sarge criticizes this as always stating that a puma is a mythological creature.

In episode 29, Grif notes that the Warthog seems to be "really bad luck." During its two seasons of appearance, it spends most of its time out of commission. The teams leave it behind when they leave Blood Gulch at the end of season 2, but find another similar jeep after blasting forward in time from the explosion on Sidewinder, which plays the same ranchera music upon being activated, and also in episode 99. Upon returning to Blood Gulch, there has been no sign of the original jeep in the canyon.

During the events of Reconstruction, Sarge leaves the canyon with the Warthog in order to regroup the scattered Red Team. After saving Grif and Simmons from death by firing squad, the jeep is used to travel to the power station facility where Church and Washington are fighting the Meta. Later, the Meta hurls the jeep, and it is irreparably damaged.

Following the raid on Project Freelancer command, the UNSC rewards the Red Team with a new jeep along with their posting in Valhalla and Sarge attempts to upgrade the weapon system. To do this, Sarge builds a holodeck and creates a holographic prototype Warthog armed with a gauss cannon instead of the standard chaingun. However, the weapon has a low rate of fire and its resulting electro-magnetic pulse causes the vehicle to short out. Grif crashes it in Chapter 10 of Recreation, but it is shown to be working in Chapter 18. They get a new warthog in Revelation episode 2, and Grif and Sarge use the radio along with Epsilon Church as a booster to call Simmons and it is seen being driven away by Grif as he and Sarge go off to rescue Simmons. This is a new warthog, as shown by Sarge asking "How do you like the seatbelts on the NEW jeep?" before driving off. This is why this warthog has the original chaingun design.

In Revelation episode 3, Grif drives the warthog through the wall to run over Washington after Sarge repeats the codeword "shotgun" several times. Later in Revelation episode 4, Simmons jumps to get in the warthog after abandoning Doc and barely avoiding the Meta's shots, only to be able to grab on to the turret and later the bumper as he struggles to hold on. The warthog is severely damaged when the Meta uses the grav-lift to jump on to the hood of the warthog, forcing Grif and Sarge out with Simmons still holding on to the bumper. The Meta fires several shots at the jeep with Simmons still hanging on, destroying the vehicle. When Washington, Grif, Simmons, Sarge, Tucker and Church were fighting the Meta, they got him caught in the Warthog hook and he slid down the edge of a large glacier cliff sheet causing the Meta and the Warthog to be destroyed. The "Warthog vs. Puma" argument is mentioned as Sarge asks the Meta if the Warthog looked like a big cat to him.

Blue Team

The Blue Team, from left to right: Tucker, Sheila (the tank), Caboose (Sheila's cockpit), Church, Tex


  • Full Name: Leonard L. Church
  • Voice Actor: Michael Burnie Burns
  • Armor Color(s): Cobalt; White as a "ghost"/A.I.
  • Seasons as Alpha-Church: The Blood Gulch Chronicles and Reconstruction
  • Seasons as Epsilon-Church: Recreation, Revelation and Season 9
  • Status: Deleted (Alpha); Alive (Epsilon).

Private Church is voiced by Burnie Burns, co-creator and main writer of the series. He is from Texas and the de facto leader of the Blood Gulch Blue Team, a group of soldiers engaged in a futuristic civil war against the Red Team. Rooster Teeth often uses Church, who has an irate disposition,[3] to advance the plot by managing the situation at hand.[4] To provide a twist in character development, Burns decided to kill Church early in the series and have him return as a ghost. In episode 16 of Reconstruction, Washington tells Church that he is the alpha AI, from which the other Freelancer Program AIs originated. In this setting, as in Halo canon, smart AIs are based on an actual person, and episode 19 of Reconstruction reveals that Church, as the alpha, was based on the director of Project Freelancer, the original Dr. Leonard L. Church. Church is last seen assisting Washington in detonating an EMP at the end of Reconstruction. Burns confirmed that Alpha-Church truly dies in the EMP. During the course of Recreation his character is largely replaced by Epsilon-Church, with most information being told to him by Caboose. In the finale of Revelation, Epsilon-Church gets locked in the Epsilon Unit searching for Tex, and decides to wait inside it until they meet again, living in his memories of Blood Gulch. Despite all that Tex does to him (such as cheating and stealing his money), he is very much in love with her and tries to protect her (even though she is much more competent than he is), but in the end he decides to forget her to find inner peace. Caboose brings Church out of the memory unit directly after he lets Tex go. This enrages Church as he has just found inner peace. Church is also known for carrying his Sniper Rifle throughout the Red vs Blue series. However, Church can only use the Sniper Rifle for recon due to the fact that he cannot hit anything with the sniper, he is also shown to be an exceptionally poor shot with all other firearms (possibly the worst in the series), his lack of skill is often a joke (for Tucker)and a source of frustration for himself.


  • Full Name: Lavernius Tucker
  • Voice Actor: Jason Saldaña
  • Armor Color: Aqua (Cyan in older halo versions); Blue before death of Capt. Flowers
  • Apperances: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, The Recollection and Season 9
  • Status: Alive

Private First Class[1] Tucker is voiced by Jason Saldaña. Tucker is from Detroit, Michigan and debuted in episode 1. His character has a running gag of never getting a sniper rifle, rendering him ineffective at spying on the Reds (the one opportunity he had at actually getting a sniper rifle, he turned down because he was fascinated with an energy sword he found). Tucker appears to have excellent sight, because he never gets the sniper rifle. In Season 5, he was able to spot that Sister was a female from halfway across the canyon. A few episodes after Tucker finds the energy sword, he is taken on a quest by an Alien who has been placed with a gag of only saying blarg and honk. The Alien eventually impregnates Tucker with a parasitic embryo, and he later gives birth to Junior. In Season 2 and on, he also is the only one whose armor gets coated with a black substance when he goes through the teleporter, which is a continuous source of his frustration. In season 3, it is revealed that he is Black, and when asked by Church, he finds the question offensive , and in Revelation Episode 10 as he's fighting Tex he falls through a teleporter and gets covered in the black substance and when Tex punches it off of him Sarge makes a comment to him and he calls him a racist. In Season 5, Episode 94, he finally manages to get the sniper rifle, only to shoot Tex in the rear. Church takes the sniper rifle back, but gets blamed for Tucker's mistake, and is punched in the face by Tex. In the episodes leading up to 100, after breaking the time loop set in place by Wyoming, Tucker manages to procure a sniper rifle. During the fights in the following episodes, Tucker is shown to be quite adept at handling it, killing multiple "copies" of Wyoming, using skill and his knowledge of coming events.

After the Blood Gulch Chronicles, Tucker was recruited as an agent and mediator between the aliens and humans. At some point during this time he was reunited with Junior and regained his sword. He makes a brief voice appearance in Reconstruction, calling Freelancer Command and requesting help with his mission in the desert. He officially reappears in Recreation, fending off C.T.'s team single-handedly. He assists Caboose and the Reds for the rest of the season. He is a season regular during Revelation, showing his improved fighting skills. He even is able to stab the Meta with his sword in the final fight of Revelation. Tucker then returns with Caboose, Washington, Doc and the Reds to Valhalla after they are debriefed by UNSC recovery team.


  • Full Name: Michael J. Caboose
  • Voice Actor: Joel Heyman
  • Armor Color: Blue
  • Seasons: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, The Recollection, Season 9
  • Status: Alive

Private Michael J. Caboose is voiced by Joel Heyman. Caboose first appears in episode 3 of season 1 as a new recruit for the Blood Gulch Blue Team, a group of soldiers engaged in a futuristic civil war against the Red Team.

Caboose is from the Moon (Southern Colony number 6) portrayed as one of the most eccentric characters in the series. Consistently shown to be mentally abnormal, his behavior varies from merely somewhat dim-witted in Season 1 to almost completely divorced from reality in Season 3 and onwards. This is most likely due to the strong possibility of Omega ('O'Malley') possessing him in Season 1 and permanently damaging his mental faculties (provided he had any in the first place). His unusual behavior frequently earns him the scorn and disrespect of the series' other characters. It is a running gag that he injures or kills anyone that he attempts to help. In several instances, characters get him to shoot targets by telling him that "they are friends and we are trying to help them". In the original series, he killed Alpha-Church with the Blue Team's tank, Sheila. In Reconstruction, while the cast is being assembled, Washington finds him in a military stockade, apparently for accidentally killing several squad-mates. Later in Reconstruction, in an attempt to stop Freelancer Agent South Dakota, Church tells Caboose to "Help her", in which Caboose immediately shoots her. Despite his shortcomings, he is arguably the most genuinely loyal character and frequently displays above-average physical strength.

Oddly enough, whenever Church possesses Caboose (allowing viewers to see inside the workings of Caboose's mind), Caboose's mental representation of himself seems completely sane and reasonable, like a calmer version of how he acted in his first few episodes before he was taken over by O'Mally. A few episodes take place partly in Caboose's mind, and it is shown that he pays little attention to what some of Red Team look and act like. For example, Sarge spoke like a pirate, Grif originally was yellow (Before Sister came), Simmons was called Simon, Donut was a girl, and Sister was "Church's twin brother that crashed from the moon and now lives with Caboose and the people from the tail section of the space ship now live on the other side of the island."Delta also appeared but as a recording not a memory.

According the backstory released by RoosterTeeth, Caboose is the youngest in a large family. He apparently joined the Blue Army by mistake; he thought he was signing up for a study abroad program in France.

Even though Caboose always causes damage to someone when he tries to help, he is shown to be very good with weapons, this was shown for example when they were chasing South and Church told him she was a friend causing Caboose to shoot and mortally wound the running South.

In an early episode of the Drunk Tank Podcast, a series of candid conversations between the creators of Red vs. Blue, Joel Heyman, Caboose's voice actor, revealed that his motivation for the character was that Caboose is "the only character who is aware that he's in a video game."

In the first few series Caboose falls in love with Sheila the tank, but loses her when Lopez comes into the picture. Caboose is the one who brings Epsilon-Church to Vallhala and the desert area with Tucker in the hopes of getting a new best friend.

In part due to positive early fan reaction, Burnie Burns, the main writer for the series, focused the storyline on Caboose and Donut (Dan Godwin), the Red Team's rookie.


  • Full Name: Allison (last name unknown)
  • Codename: Texas
  • Voice Actor: Kathleen Zuelch; Burnie Burns while in use of her voice filter
  • Armor Color: Black
  • Armor Ability: Cloaking
  • Implanted A.I.: Omega
  • Seasons as AI Tex: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, Out of Mind, Reconstruction (voice only), Recreation (trailer only), Revelation
  • Seasons as Epsilon-Tex: Revelation, Season 9
  • Status: Deleted (A.I. Tex); Deleted (Epsilon-Tex)

Freelancer Tex is voiced by Burnie Burns in her initial appearance, and Kathleen Zuelch thereafter. Of the eight main characters, Tex was the last to appear, not debuting until Episode 10.

Though she is associated with the Blue Team, she is not an official member, but rather a mercenary "paid" to help them. Her backstory with Project Freelancer and previous affiliation with fellow Blue Team member Church are key elements in the plot. Her first name is Allison, but her common nickname is Tex, based on her codename from Project Freelancer, as was common amongst most of the Freelancers. She used to date Church, and even though they are no longer together, they both still display affection and attachment to each other during the series. With her Special Operations training, she is the most competently lethal member of the Blood Gulch cast, and especially so while she is still implanted with the Omega AI. Her adeptness at mixed martial arts and devastating resourcefulness in combat are finally fully demonstrated in Revelation, wherein she mercilessly and repeatedly beat and pummel Sarge, Simmons, Grif and Tucker, without a scratch to show for it. Despite her skill, she is shown to comparitively lacking in endurance and durability as seen in Episode 19 of Revelation in which her combat ability diminished significantly after taking a bullet, whereas the Meta and Washington were both shown to hold up despite similar, if not worse, injuries.

Tex escapes in a ship at the end of Blood Gulch Chronicles, with Andy, Sheila, Gamma, and Omega. This ship crashes in Reconstruction and The Meta steals Gamma, Omega and possibly Tex. She briefly reappeared in the trailer of Recreation along with Church, but does not appear in the actual series, and is discounted. However Tex has returned in Revelation, resurrected by Epsilon-Church with the aid of Caboose. In chapter 19 of Revelation, Epsilon reveals that Tex was a by-product of the creation of the Alpha. She manifested from the Director's memories of his long-lost love, Allison, in the form of another seemingly fully formed AI. Because all the Director could remember of Allison was her death, Tex is always doomed to failure just as victory is in her grasp. Then while she was trapped with Epsilon-Church in the capture unit, Epsilon said to her "I forget you" allowing her to leave his memories at last.

It was suggested in season 9 episode 17 that she might have had a rivalry with agent Carolina.

In season 9 she was revealed to be the best of the freelancers.


  • Full Name: Sheila, originally FILSS (M808V Main Battle Tank, later D77-TC Pelican Dropship)
  • Voice Actor: Yomary Cruz
  • Armor Color: Gun-Metal Green
  • Appearances as Sheila: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, Reconstruction, Recreation (ship, does not speak)
  • Appearances as F.I.L.S.S: Revelation and Season 9
  • Status: Alive

Sheila, originally named F.I.L.S.S. (Freelancer Integrated Logistics and Security System and pronounced like "Phyllis"), is the AI Training Program of the Blue team's M808V Main Battle Tank. She is friendly and cheerful, but, being a tank, she has a habit of blowing people up, including her own teammate Church, owing to a disabled Friendly Fire protocol. Sheila is bombed out of action by Sarge's drop ship early in the first season, but is repaired by Tex several episodes later. Donut later disables her again by pitching a grenade into her cockpit at the end of season 1.

Sheila shows some indications of liking Caboose. However, in the middle of season 2, she falls in love with Lopez, much to Caboose's dislike. Before long, the two attempt to lead a robot revolution against the humans in response to perceived abuse that they have received: being constantly blown up or possessed by ghosts. This idea stemmed from Church's attempt to deter them from doing so, in his endeavors to change the past. After O'Malley kidnaps Lopez, however, she puts aside her differences in order to help the soldiers retrieve him.

Because Sheila cannot fit through the teleporter (and because her AI was hardwired into the tank by her manufacturers), she remains behind on Blood Gulch while the Reds and Blues leave to pursue O'Malley. After a brief encounter with a time-traveling Church, who whispers a plan to her, Sheila powers down and presumably remains alone as the sole inhabitant of Blood Gulch for the better part of a millennium. It is thought that she may be the source of the distress signal that the Reds hear in season 3, as Church's plan included the words "a thousand years." A deleted scene on the Season Four DVD confirms that she is ordered to send out the distress signal and disguises her voice. In addition, all of the Reds except Sarge see her drive past the Red Base in Blood Gulch upon their return. When Sarge demotes Simmons for his talk of "imaginary" tanks, she helps Simmons attempt his revenge on the Reds, despite being unable to recognize the team as her enemies due to faltering memory units. She also expresses dissatisfaction when Church later collects all the vehicles available to the Blue Base in Blood Gulch; Church perceives her reaction as jealousy (this scene was relocated to the Deleted Scenes section of the Season 4 DVD for continuity reasons).

As of Season 5, Church notes that Sheila has been acting aggressive lately and saying "random threatening things." Soon after this, when Tex arrives, Church inquires if O'Malley, the evil AI who had just recently jumped out of Doc, could be possessing Sheila. After Sheila had been shut down in order to find out what was wrong with her, Caboose demanded that she be turned back on, as she was about to tell him whom O'Malley was possessing. Tex explained that the tank was far too damaged to be reactivated (possibly explaining her increasingly violent behavior), so they decided to transfer Sheila's AI into the Pelican that Sister had arrived in. She is pleasantly surprised by the roominess of her new home, and later tells Caboose that O'Malley has moved into the Blue leader (Captain Flowers). Her tank body is then taken over by the AI Gary. Later they link the ship up to the tank and she locks Gary behind a firewall.

She is believed to be killed by Andy when her space ship appears to explode in the final episode of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. However, it is revealed in Reconstruction that Sheila survived the explosion and is still present within the crashed ship at Outpost 17-B. As a result of the damage from the explosion, she functions only at minimal capacity and stutters when speaking. Later in Relocated Caboose is seen taking parts.

Caboose tells the other Blues in episode 54 that Andy has known Sheila from previous encounters, but gives no specific explanation. Caboose brings Andy back to the gulch in season 4, but no interaction between Sheila and Andy has occurred to support or refute Caboose's claim. Rooster Teeth stated that Andy was originally to be Sheila's ex-boyfriend; however, the idea was pushed to Season 5, along with, according to Hullum, "a really interesting character trait related to that [Andy's relationship with Sheila]."[5] However, no such traits are shown within the season.

It was told on the Rooster Teeth podcast "The Drunk Tank"[when?] that the late actress Brittany Murphy was considered for the role of Sheila. Unfortunately, she declined.


  • Full Name: Blarggity Blarg-Tucker[6]
  • Voice Actor: Jason Saldaña[5]
  • Armor Color: Cyan and Blue
  • Appearances: Episode 77-78 (voice only), 8082, 84, 86, 91, 94, 96, 99-100
  • Status: Alive

Junior first appeared at the end of episode 77, in voice only. It is the result of the Alien supposedly impregnating Tucker, who is the "mother", with a parasitic embryo. The exact details of the birth are unknown as they take place off screen. He returns in season 5, and because he has "lots of energy", causes havoc in the Blue Base. Doc feeds him with some of Caboose's blood by exposing some bare skin. Junior first appears physically in episode 80, and is a mini-version of the Alien, with cyan and blue armor. Its existence has quickly caught the ire of a frustrated and enraged Church who has threatened to kill it in multiple instances. In episode 84, Church introduces Tucker, the creature's "mother" to it, to Tucker's confusion. Tucker has briefly been shown acting protective of it, snapping at Church when the latter refers to it in his flippant manner. In episode 91, Tucker is heard to call him Junior, and in episode 94, Junior channels Tucker's catch phrase by saying "Bow-Chicka-Honk-Honk". Following this, Junior is sent through the caves with Doc and Sister, where he is found by a very interested Captain Butch Flowers, the current host of O'Malley. According to episode 97, Junior apparently has a grand destiny to fulfil; this is revealed to be the fact that he is to be the savior of the Alien race noted in the Prophecy told by his Alien father. The villains, however, intend O'Malley to infect him and use the control of their religion for their own purposes.

Junior was on the ship that Tex used to blast off from Blood Gulch which was believed to have blown up; however, the ship was later found crashed in Valhalla with no sign of either Junior or the Other Alien on board. In Recreation, however, Tucker mentions that Junior is with him and together they act as ambassadors between the humans and Aliens. Despite this, Junior does not make an appearance in Recreation.

Rooster Teeth released a video detailing how Junior was filmed at such a small size; the video is included on the Season Five DVD. According to the video, fans speculated upon an outside modification being used, but in reality the crew simply used forced perspective. In shots where Junior is standing next to other characters, the crew deposited the Junior avatar in the background of the shot and kept the feet of all the characters obscured so the distance between the characters was not noticeable. In perspective shots where the characters looked down at Junior, the "camera" was simply positioned on top of the Warthog so that it was higher; similarly, in shots from Junior's perspective, the characters would then stand on top of the Warthog. Matt Hullum edited the image of a foot of one of the characters to look larger than it was, and deposited it next to Junior in perspective shots to make Junior look smaller than he really was.


  • Full Name: Kaikaina Grif[6]
  • Voice Actor: Rebecca Frasier
  • Armor Color: Yellow
  • Appearances: Episodes 81-91, 93-96, 99-100, Reconstruction Chapter 2
  • Status: Possibly Deceased (allegedly killed by Lopez)

In episode 81, it is revealed that a tapping noise inside the large ship that dropped into the gulch has been coming from Grif's sister, who is referred to as "Sister" by both teams. She tells the Reds she joined in order to be reunited with Grif, and that Command had sent her as a new recruit since one team member will be promoted to replace their deceased commanding officer. She did not age on her 800-year journey due to the effects of the theory of relativity in traveling near light speed. It is revealed in episode 84 that she is color-blind, and thus enlisted in the Blue Army by mistake. In episode 85, Grif releases her to the Blue Team in order to protect her from Sarge, and in the next episode the Blues give her an orientation but are interrupted by Tex firing on them. When Tex calms down, she expresses indignation at the fact that the Blue Team has acquired a new girl after she'd only been gone for a few weeks. In episodes 88 and 89, Tex and Sister have a private conversation while Church and Tucker discuss the consequences of having two girls on the team.

Soon after, Doc says that he needs to give her a physical due to her being a new soldier; Tucker is left jealous at the fact that Doc was giving her a physical while she was naked. Meanwhile, the Red Team, who are underground at the time, find some surveillance equipment and see her naked, infuriating Grif but intriguing Sarge and Simmons, while Donut is interested in the room's decor. When Church follows Vic Jr's orders to attack the Reds, he sends Doc, Sister and Junior into the caves as per his orders. In the caves, the trio find Lopez's disembodied head, and as they talk to him, they are approached by a new Alien and its friend, a very much alive Captain Flowers. She, Doc, and Junior are then held captive by Flowers and the new Alien in the underground cavern, until O'Malley leaves Flowers's body in episode 100.

Sister is the only remaining Blue soldier in the canyon come Reconstruction. She apparently throws raves every night, charging five dollars per person, being ecstatic at only two attendees. She is quite useless to Washington, whom she assumes is a cop.

In episode 3 of Relocated, when Sarge calls Lopez to tell him to relocate to the new base, Lopez informs Sarge that he has killed Sister and won the battle in Blood Gulch in favor of the Reds. When Grif is informed that Sister is dead, he refuses to believe it on the grounds that Sister had previously survived being trapped under ice in a freezing river for three hours, and had been pregnant when pulled out (this is also exampled when Grif saw Sister's bodiless armor and assumed that she was dead because of the "proof").

A running gag throughout her appearance in Season 5 is that she would frequently make unbelievably ridiculous comments that would prompt other characters to say "Wait, what?". Such includes comments about attempting Aspirin overdose and surviving, having the ability to ejaculate, having seven abortions, and giving the idea of raiding the supplies for morphine.

But in Red vs Blue D.I.V., Doc and Sister are seen racing mongeese on Rat's Nest. D.I.V. is after recreation, so it is presumed that she is alive, but it is unclear if D.I.V. is part of the story line or if it is just an extra.

Although Rebecca Frasier was a good friend of the Rooster Teeth production crew, Burnie Burns intended to allow other women to audition for the role of Sister despite the pressure of the other members. He notes two other girls auditioned for the role before Frasier was given her chance, but when she began auditioning the team made something of a joke out of the audition, slipping in more and more lines of dialogue which got increasingly more vulgar to see how far Frasier would go before refusing to do a line. Upon realising she had no such limits, Frasier was cast as Sister and the role was re-written as a far more promiscuous character to fit with the lines she had read in the audition.[7]

Captain Flowers

Captain Butch Flowers was the Blue Team's previous commanding officer at Blood Gulch. His character is introduced when Church arrives at the past Blood Gulch after traveling back in time. Flowers and Tucker had planned to pull out of Blood Gulch, but when the then current Church arrived with the news that the Blue base on Sidewinder had been wiped out, they were forced to abandon this effort. Flowers had been planning to lead a Blue offensive to destroy the Red Team in Blood Gulch, and knew the key to the Blues' victory. However, before he can lead the attack or reveal his plans—and order a sniper rifle for Tucker—he dies from what Church and Tucker assume is a heart attack in his sleep. It turns out that the time-traveling Church's attempt to save Flowers' life is exactly what causes his death; Flowers suffers a fatal allergic reaction to the aspirin in the medication that Church gives him. After Flowers' death, Tucker, who had been wearing regulation blue armor, claims his captain's armor for himself. In season 5, it is revealed that one of the Blues is to be promoted to sergeant, and Grif's sister is sent to fill the discrepancy.

Captain Flowers returns in episode 96, wearing regulation blue armor, accompanied by a new alien. He is revealed to be O'Malley's current host, and expresses a strong interest in Junior. Andy reveals in episode 97 that the New Alien brought him back to life to help him locate the previous Alien. In episode 99, he talks to Vic Jr. where they discuss their plans concerning Junior, and Flowers mentions that the New Alien is still unaware of their intentions to corrupt his race. Once O'Malley leaves his body he rejoins the Blue team in the final episode, but is shot in the head before he has a chance to reveal the information key to the Blues' victory, due to delaying for an overly extended dramatic pause. Tucker said he was glad since he did not want to give back his armor.

Project Freelancer

The mysterious Freelancer program is an organization that has been mentioned numerous times throughout the various Red vs. Blue series. Not much is known or made public about the shadowy organization, which has gone through a few changes in its existence. To begin with, the program was designed to create a unit of exemplary soldiers, hiring 49 members to take part, one of the many programs to create the 'magic bullet' during the Great War. These members were all codenamed after one of the remaining states of the USA, except for Florida which no longer existed prior to the events of Red vs. Blue, and while many of the agents have not appeared in the series, most of the ones who have are predominantly referred to by their codenames. Each member was also given an armor enhancement to give them more advantages in the field. The unit was also split into smaller divisions, with the first being assigned a partner AI for each member.

According to Delta and Washington, the program was largely experimental, as they tried to copy several AIs from the original AI, Alpha, since that was the only AI given to the program. But they couldn't accomplish this, so they repeatedly tortured Alpha until it was forced to separate itself into fragments, in order to protect itself.[8] These fragments were then converted into the current Freelancer AIs. Each AI had unique traits, as the fragment represented different parts of the human mind the Alpha was based on, e.g. Epsilon being the Alpha's memory, and Omega being its anger. The program then put its agents under various other experiments with their AIs to see how they performed; for example, the siblings North and South Dakota were partnered, and North received an AI while South did not. The operative known as Carolina, suggested to be dead, suffered after an experiment in which she received two AIs, thus-far unnamed; Delta claims she did not last for very long, and did not function very well while she did, as she had three minds in her head at once. Washington also mentions an AI named Sigma, which was the Alpha's creativity. The AI fragments began to regard their benefactor, Alpha, as a messianic figure and after an undisclosed period of time, some AIs attempted to break into the lab where it was being held. As a result, Washington states that the Alpha (who is actually Church) was sent to Sidewinder, and after Freelancer Tex killed the Blue team there (except for Church), Blood Gulch, the most remote locations that Project Freelancer could think of.

In Revelation, it is revealed that Red and Blue armies and outposts were created by Project Freelancer for the sole purpose of training Freelancers in live combat situations as well as test experimental weaponry. As a result, the Red and Blue armies consist only of incompetent or unwanted soldiers who would not be missed by the regular armed forces.

After several disasters, including the breakdown of the Epsilon AI and the rampancy of the Omega AI, the program was forced to cancel the AI part of the program. The other divisions did not receive partner AIs, and most of the AIs in the first division were removed and apparently destroyed, but were in reality recovered and stored, revealed in the Recovery One mini-series.[9] Some time later, the program has undergone changes. While still known as Project Freelancer, operatives working for the unit are now referred to as Recovery agents and it is unknown if all or only some of them were members of the original project. At least one member of the original project, York, is shown to be unemployed, and other agents Wyoming and Freelancer Tex operate instead as private mercenaries, hiring their services to the highest bidder. Other agents, such as Washington, North and South still work for the program, and North and York both retain their AIs.

The project is overseen by the Director, an unseen character, who Washington claims is responsible for everything that happened to the Alpha and all the events that followed. At present, the Director is the subject of a criminal investigation. This is the result from an investigation which discovered the torture of Alpha. The investigation was launched by another unseen character known as the Chairman.

The Director

  • Full Name: Dr. Leonard Church
  • Voice Actor: John Marshall Reed
  • Appearance: White male, with black hair with grey streaks, black goatee, wears black square full frame glasses
  • Appearances: Reconstruction (voice only), Revelation (voice only), Season 9 (in person, but only partially showing face)
  • Status: Alive, Also assumed to be incarcerated for replicating or "pulling apart" the original Alpha A.I.

The Director is from Texas and is the head of Project Freelancer, and he is responsible for most of the scenarios that the Red and Blue armies encounter. He and the Chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee are heard in the introductions of most Reconstruction episodes, alternating in a series of messages. He apparently uses both armies as test subjects for his experiments. His own forces wear white armor and run the Command Center that the armies call for missions. Throughout Reconstruction, he was suspected by the Chairman of wrongdoing with his experiments and underwent a criminal investigation for his misuse of military equipment and the Alpha AI, eventually leading to his arrest. In the epilogue, it was revealed that the Director is the original Leonard Church, and the soldier and AI Church was based on his own mind. He is haunted by memories of Allison, a woman he loved who died some time previously, and it has been confirmed that he inadvertently implanted his memories of her into an AI which became Tex.

The Counselor

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Asaf Ronen
  • Appearance: African-American Male, Bald
  • Appearances: Recovery One part IV (voice only), Reconstruction episode 1, 16, 19, Recreation chapter 4, Season 9
  • Status: Alive

The Counselor, as named by Burnie Burns, is apparently a high-ranking member of the Freelancer Project. He is depicted as a bald African-American whose voice, due to being transmitted via com-link, has so far been slightly distorted.

The Counselor first appears in a flashback during part IV of Recovery One, where he interrogates Agent Washington about the failure of the Epsilon AI and informs him he is a candidate for Recovery. His next appearance is in Reconstruction, where he appears on a monitor and interrogates Pvt. Henderson before exchanging dialog with Agent Washington about where to begin his search for the Meta. He also speaks briefly with Washington in Chapter 19 and attempts to negotiate with the Meta. He is also seen during a flashback in Recreation debriefing Donut after his transfer from Blood Gulch.


  • Full Name: Vickory[1]
  • Voice Actor: Randall Glass (episode 10); Burnie Burns thereafter
  • Appearances: Episodes 10, 20, 34, 38, 41, 51
  • Status: Deceased (allegedly)

Vic is an AI whose computer terminal is located under Blood Gulch. He takes the personality of a sardonic and frequently unhelpful communications officer, is the Blue Team's contact at Blue Command. A misunderstanding between him and a time-traveling Church retcons events and leaves Vic under the impression that Red and Blue are the same, with the result that Vic also becomes the Red Team's contact at Red Command. The miscommunication is unrealized by Church, and this change is entirely unknown to him and the rest of the Reds and Blues, except for Tucker, who accidentally intercepts a communication between Sarge and Vic. However, no member of either team believes Tucker, as he is knocked unconscious when he makes the discovery, and Vic manages to contact Sarge and warn against listening to Tucker before the latter tells everyone. Vic is apparently working with O'Malley to some degree, although he seems to regard O'Malley as more of a necessary annoyance than a partner, and O'Malley hires an assassin called Wyoming to kill Tucker in order to preserve the secret that Red and Blue are the same.

Vic behaves like an annoying, ineffective technical support guy, constantly calling people "dude" and often offering obtuse and unhelpful advice and biting insults. He can be quite inappropriate, at one point forcing Doc into a lengthy conversation about Vic's sterility in episode 34. Burnie Burns notes that Vic was portrayed as over-the-top annoying from Episode 20 so the character would be memorable to viewers.[2]

Vic, Jr.

  • Full Name: Virtual Intelligent Computer v20
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
  • Appearance: Episodes 71, 77 (voice only), 80 (voice only), 93, 96, 99 (voice only), 100 (ending 2 only)
  • Status: Alive

Vic Jr. originally appears at the end of episode 71, when Church accidentally contacts him via radio, and reveals himself to be a distant future descendant of the Vic from the present. Vic Jr. scoffs at Church's mention of Blue Command and notes that there is a lot of information to divulge. Neither this information nor the nature of the organization to which Vic Jr. actually belong has yet been revealed. It has also not yet been explained how Vic has been able to have descendants, as he had previously mentioned his vasectomy to Doc. This fact was acknowledged in episode 75, but not resolved. Toward the beginning of Season 5, Church attempted to contact Vic Jr. for reinforcements, but Vic was not at his post and his message box turned out to be full after a lengthy and somewhat nonsensical set of instructions. He later contacted Church, telling him to immediately attack the Red base, going through the caves, then hanging up before Church could get any more information. Not long after, he is contacted by the Reds, but hangs up when he somehow notices Simmons arriving at the surveillance console in the caverns. It is yet to be revealed where he is located, though Simmons, unaware of who Sarge was talking to, maintains that Vic Jr. is in the cavern somewhere. In episode 99, Flowers is seen standing in front of the computer screen talking and Vic Jr. is heard responding, although his exact location is still unclear. He appears in the second ending of episode 100, where Sarge calls him for reinforcements. Vic Jr. tells Sarge that he ruined the plan by destroying the ship, making Sarge destroy the underground computer in anger. He does not appear in the first and the third endings.

Burnie Burns notes that the mystery surrounding Vic and Vic Jr was deliberately left unexplained, as the crew felt that sufficient information had been given in the episodes already for fans to draw their own conclusions. A logical explanation, based on information discovered by the main characters towards the end of Revelation, is that Vic and Vic Jr. are the same person, and Vic simply pretended he was his own descendant to fool the Red and Blue teams into thinking they're in the future. [7]

Four Seven Niner

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Lee Eddy
  • Appearance: Season 9 Trailer, Number One, Evacuation Plan
  • Status: Alive

Four Seven Niner is an unnamed pilot working with Project Freelancer. She first appears in the trailer, flying her Pelican to get the critically injured Agent Maine to treatment. The ground control of the medical station "Angel On My Shoulder", initially deny her clearance to manual dock and tell her to throttle down or go around the station on the basis she will damage the station, but allow her to proceed to Docking Bay Six at the request of the Director. She later reappears at the end of "Number One", extracting Agents Carolina, South and the injured North. She also reappears in "Evacuation Plan" and is shown to be an excellent pilot, and is able to evade two hostile Longswords.

Four Seven Niner seems to be somewhat sarcastic and free-thinking. She responds to Carolina remarking on her being late for extraction by saying she could take it out off her tip. In their proceeding escape on-board her Pelican, she responds to Agent South's complaints by sealing the pilot door to the landing dock in her face.

Freelancer Agents


  • Full Name: Reginald (last name unknown)
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
  • Armor Color: White
  • Armor Ability: Temporal Distortion
  • Implanted A.I.: Gamma
  • Appearances: Episodes 38.2 (season 3 DVD deleted scene), 4043, 52, 71, 93, 97-100, Red vs. Blue: Out of Mind Parts One, Two, Four and Five, Red vs. Blue: Recovery One Part One Season 9
  • Status: Deceased

A ruthless mercenary with a British accent—his character profile on the DVDs states his place of birth as "somewhere British"[10]Wyoming is hired by O'Malley to kill Tucker. Like Tex, Wyoming had been trained in a secret project, in which all the participants were paired with an AI and code named after one of the 49 American states still in existence at the time.[11] Little to anyone's knowledge until late in the series, Wyoming's AI had been Gamma.

Wyoming has a habit of giving an insincere "sorry" to his victims just prior to killing them,[12] but, in one instance, retracts this apology when Tex complains to him that he has destroyed what she considers her alien ship.[13] He also is never shown getting agitated, showing no signs of annoyance when he can't spot his target during an assassination - instead, he seems impressed.

During Wyoming's search for Tucker, one of his targets, he single-handedly eliminates the entire Sidewinder Red Team (Tex had already killed the Sidewinder Blues before the events of the series proper, as depicted in a flashback in episode 10). In episode 43, he is also responsible for shooting a rocket launcher out of Tucker's hands, thereby preventing Tucker from killing Church before the bomb inside the latter explodes (although according to one of the time-traveling Churches, this act had little consequence, as the present was destroyed either way). In the middle of season 4, the quest team discovers that Wyoming has survived the explosion: He appears in the temple in the Great Freezing Plains, for a purpose yet to be revealed, and kills the Alien and destroys his ship. He then runs from the scene, pursued by a furious Tex.

In Out Of Mind he uses a Warthog to escape Tex, but she manages to place a homing device on it. However, Wyoming has a conversation with a thus-far unnamed associate in which it is evident that both he and his benefactor are planning something for Tex. Later in the mini-series, York's AI mentions Wyoming underwent mental damage after his AI, Gamma, removed itself from his system, and York mentions that "Reggie" had a penchant for knock-knock jokes, something Gary is notorious for. After O'Malley leaves his base behind to travel to Blood Gulch (as seen in Season Four), Wyoming remains behind to safeguard the base. Tex and York stage an assault, and Wyoming, with two underlings, confronts them. Wyoming kills York but finds himself at the mercy of Tex, who threatens to "pummel [Wyoming] senseless" and extract information from his gear after he reveals he knows of O'Malley's jump into someone else. After the threat, Wyoming decides to tell her, but Tex decides to use her method anyway. According to Tex, Wyoming teleported away before she could interrogate him, although in Recovery One, Wyoming reappears at the base to attack Washington before leaving to Blood Gulch.[14] After learning the name of Wyoming's AI, Gamma, Church deduces that the computer Gary is in actuality Gamma, and therefore is the one responsible for teleporting Wyoming to his location.

At some point after he was transported to the future, he hired at least four red and blue bodyguards, two of them having accents. Little is known about these guards, or when, how, or even why Wyoming hired them. One of the few things certain is that the four that appeared are all dead, three of them at Tex's hands, the last one by York. These guards only appeared in Out of Mind. He has since retrieved Gamma from the computer terminal of O'Malley's fortress, and reappeared in Blood Gulch, taking the Blues hostage with the help of Gamma, controlling the tank which used to house Sheila.

As part of the same super-soldier program as Tex, Wyoming was granted not only an AI but an armor enhancement as well. This enhancement is revealed during Wyoming's attack on the Blues (occupying the Red Base at the time) when he continually loops a particular stretch of time in order to modify events in his favour. His use of the time looping is discovered by Tucker, who was aware of the time loop thanks to a side-effect of carrying the energy sword. Tucker eventually lulled Wyoming into complacency and stabbed him with the sword early in the loop, killing him. However, he and Church quickly discovered that as with the time loop that Church once experienced, several copies of Wyoming were being created and were congregating under the Red Base. In the resulting chaos, Gary was disabled and, to the surprise of the Blues, the Reds attacked the Wyomings, leaving only one alive. Cornering him, the Blues discovered the villain's ultimate plot. In episode 100, the final Wyoming is dispatched by Tex, while Church tries to broadcast to hide Tex from Omega. Tex then uses Wyoming's helmet to obtain coordinates for the ship in which she later escapes. The helmet is believed to be destroyed along with everybody else when the ship appears to explode. However, it would later appear that the helmet survived, as the ship is known to have crashed at Outpost 17-B.

In Reconstruction it is revealed that the ship crashed landed in Outpost-17B (Valhalla) and Wyoming's armor enhancement was taken by the Meta and is now capable of distorting time.

In Season 9 episode 9 he is seen getting hit by Tex with an electric staff along with Maine and York. This is continued in episode 10 where he and the other two are beaten repeatedly by Tex at staff-fighting, hand-to-hand combat and "paint-ball". In the last round of eight, all of which Tex won, he and Maine use live ammo, and are still beaten by Tex. In all of this time he remains silent, though as yet it is unclear why.

The auditions for Wyoming are described by the cast as "terrible"; with the exception of Gus Sorola, every cast member auditioned for the role doing various accents-for example, Joel Heyman performed a Cockney accent, Burnie Burns an Australian accent-and eventually Matt Hullum's British accent was chosen because everything else was so bad.[15]


  • Full Name: David (last name unknown)
  • Codename: Washington
  • Voice Actor: Shannon McCormick
  • Armor Color: Steel with Yellow Trim
  • Armor Ability: Original unknown, Healing (taken from York)
  • Implanted A.I.: Epsilon
  • Seasons: Recovery One, Reconstruction, Recreation, and Revelation, Season 9
  • Status: Alive

Another member of the Special Ops unit that included Tex, Wyoming and York. Washington, originally David, is an embittered member of the unit who is infamous for an incident in the past where his AI, Epsilon, malfunctioned while still in his system; as a result of the accident, Washington supposedly distrusts AI constructs and refuses to allow them to be placed in his system (it is revealed in Reconstruction that his refusal is due to his fear of another AI discovering the memories of Alpha's torture that Washington acquired through Epsilon). Washington is voiced by Shannon McCormick. According to Washington, Epsilon's mind allegedly broke down and the confused mental activity mixed with his own, and Washington had trouble distinguishing which thoughts were his and which were Epsilon's. Epsilon would later "commit suicide" while still in Washington's head. This left his sanity questionable and after the accident, Washington refused to be paired with AIs or even other agents again. His commanders eventually decided to send him on a mission to retrieve other AIs from their dead hosts, knowing full well he would not place them in his system. Agent Washington's armor enhancement is a healing device as seen in Recovery One . Having thus received his mission and having been codenamed Recovery One, Washington went about his business finding AIs and transporting them, including York's AI Delta. After retrieving the latter from O'Malley's base and being attacked by Wyoming, Washington was ordered to locate a pair of twins codenamed North and South Dakota and recover North's AI, Theta.[14] Upon reaching the twins, he discovered North already dead, South distraught, and Theta gone. His commanders ordered him to execute South to keep the situation quiet, but Washington instead only pretended to, and kept South alive, believing the unit members were being hunted and their AIs stolen, and thinking he would need South's help to stop their enemy. However, once he gave Delta to South and ordered her to get the AI back to base, she double-crossed him and shot him in the back to distract their attacker; it turned out his commanders had been counting on him keeping South alive so that the attacker would be drawn into the open and a strategy against it could be devised. South told the attacker that she had set a charge on Washington's armor to explode, and reported Washington to command as Killed In Action by the enemy.

In Reconstruction, it is revealed that Washington survived, as he was in possession of York's healing mechanism at the time he was shot. He also retains feelings of anger and vengeance towards South, and openly expresses a desire to hunt her down. His superior is willing to acquiesce, but first he is sent on a mission to find the last people involved with the Omega AI, since it is believed that the enemy that he encountered has come into possession of Omega. Washington is then told to get back into his old suit of armor and is sent to Blood Gulch, where he encounters Sister, Sarge and Lopez, in a series of meetings he finds bewildering. When he reveals he is gathering information about Omega, Sarge gives him the location of Caboose. Proceeding there, Washington takes Caboose with him and departs to get Church, after which the three set out to Outpost 17-B. Eventually the trio get to the crashed ship but while at the outpost Washington receives a beacon telling him where South is. After a brief battle with the Meta, he finds South injured. Delta informs him that South's ultimate goal is self-preservation, and that she would only get in their way, which leads to Washington executing South with a gunshot to the head. They then pursue the Meta to the windmill, where Washington engages it in battle. He is defeated, but survives, and they attempt to continue following the Meta when the Reds appear. In the confusion, Washington manages to engage and drive off the Meta once more. Shortly after, he discovers Church in his ghost form, a fact Church had tried to hide from him. Despite the oddities he is confronted with, Washington does not allow the situation to get the best of him and decides the group must go to Command. After successfully gaining access inside of Command, Agent Washington took Church to the AI Storage facility and revealed his AI was stored inside of Command along with the rest of the failed AIs, and informs Church of the true nature of the program and the fact that Church himself is the Alpha AI. After the Reds and Caboose escape with Epsilon, he and Church remain behind to activate the EMP. Then after a tense confrontation with The Director, The Counselor, and The Meta, Washington is able to activate the EMP. Despite not being affected by the EMP, he is injured from a gunshot wound inflicted by the Meta, which he survived.

As revealed in Episode 4 of Recreation, Washington is no longer an agent for Command and is currently being held in the UNSC Maximum Security Detention Facility. He got a call from Caboose asking for help. Afterward, he told the guard that he had to see the Commander, because he "found the missing piece to [the Commander's] puzzle". The Commander is revealed to be the Chairman of Oversight, who implies that all the equipment from Project Freelancer was lost. However, Washington strikes up a deal, where he will recover Epsilon from the Blue Team (who had not been searched due to being wiped from the records) in exchange for his own freedom. He makes his reappearance in Valhalla at the end of Recreation, ordering the Meta to stand down, and demands the remaining Reds hand over Epsilon, shooting Donut and Lopez in the process, transitioning to an antagonist. In a flashback to his interview with the Chairman, he claims he has no intention of simply asking for Epsilon back, since it is the key to finally leaving his history of endless betrayals behind him.

At the start of Revelation, he orders Simmons to call for a medic, with the pretense of having the medic check on Donut. Doc arrives and Washington takes him hostage, with his true intention to have him make sure that the Meta is physically healthy. Wash is incapacitated by Sarge and Grif during their attempt to save Simmons. As they flee Valhalla, the sight of the pursuing Washington sparks Epsilon-Church's memory. The new memory of Washington sends him into a rage, causing him to accidentally collapse the canyon wall, hindering Washington and the Meta's pursuit. They resort to interrogating the abandoned Doc for leads. He follows the trail to Sandtrap where he is surprised to discover C.T.'s corpse and notes that she was a Freelancer. He laters finds the former shell of Epsilon in the desert with the help of the Meta. In Episode 15 of "Revelation" it is revealed that Washington was a bed-wetter. In the finale, Washington is wounded by the Meta but survives. However, the Red and Blue teams fake his death by having him swap his armor with Epsilon Church's vacant body. Washington then joins the Blue team and returns with them back to their base.

He appears in the Season 9 trailer, revealing that Washington and Maine were friends that were overwhelmed by some simulation troopers, explaining the Meta's growls. He discusses with York about the new AI's, commenting on how the universe seems to be moving too fast.

Washington has a habit of exaggerating when something ludicrous or inconceivable happens. One such event was when Caboose and Washington, while fighting the Meta, were taking cover behind a wall. When told to throw a spike grenade at the the Meta, Caboose instead throws it into the wall between them, prompting Washington to say "That was the worst throw ever..... of all time", seconds before they moved to avoid the grenade's detonation. This has slowly become a running gag since later in Revelation Doc threw a chain towards Wash to help him climb up the crumbling ice destroyed on the fight with Tex, Doc had such a bad arm he could not throw it more than a meter prompting Washhington to say, "That was the second worst throw ever... of all time". Later/Earlier, in Season 9 while on the mission for the Sarcophagus, he took a fuel cannon and shot it aiming next to an enemy, only to find out that the shot bounced from the floor completely missing his target and saying, "What the hell? It bounces?! Who designs a gun that bounces?! This is the worst gun ever... of all time".

In Season 9, it is revealed that Washington is in the top 6 of all freelancers in the program and throughout the series has been shown to be a very competent soldier in all areas.


  • Full Name: James (last name unknown)
  • Codename: New York
  • Voice Actor: Sean Duggan
  • Armor Color: Tan with White Trim
  • Armor Ability: Healing Mechanism
  • Implanted A.I.: Delta
  • Appearance: Out of Mind Parts Three, Four, Five, Season 9 Trailer, Season 9
  • Status: Deceased

York is another member of the AI experimental program, along with Tex and Wyoming. York is an infiltration specialist who seems to have become unemployed since the program closed down. When it was commonly believed by the characters that the megaton bomb in Church's stomach had sent them 800 years into the future, Tex theorized that the reason York was most likely able to survive that long was because of his armor's ability, which over time would've just kept constantly healing in order to stave off the effects of old age. Despite his armor's healing mechanism, however, it did not heal his injured eye, nor did it later save his life. His only appearances are outside the series proper; he is found by Tex during Part Three of the miniseries Red vs. Blue: Out of Mind, trying to break into a store. He also appears in the trailer episode for as yet unnamed season 9, including a shot with his helmet removed, revealing the broken eye, and brown/red hair. This marks him as the first character aside from Vic/Vic Jr. to have his face fully revealed.

Somewhere in his history with Tex and Wyoming, his left eye was "broken" in an attempt to defeat Tex while Omega was still implanted in her head. This event has left him bitter toward Omega, and he accepts Tex's proposal of infiltrating his base out of pride.

At the end of Out of Mind, he and Tex attempt a raid on Omega's base. The two are caught in a firefight against Wyoming and two of Wyoming's minions. Tex tries to shoot Wyoming, but her gun malfunctions. As the two scramble for cover, York is shot twice in the upper left chest by Wyoming; Delta reports that the bullets were fatal. The AI stays with York and manages to fool Wyoming with a hologram of Tex, until York's death, with Delta appearing to perish as York's armor shuts down, having chosen to stay with York to maintain his pain medication as opposed to going with Tex. The healing mechanism in his armor would have future repercussions, however, as it was retrieved, along with Delta, by the operative named Washington, and it saved his life when he sustained a few bullet wounds to the back.

In Season 9, how his left eye was broken is revealed. During a 3 on 1 "paintball" training simulation battle between York, Wyoming, and Maine versus Tex, Tex handily beats them over and over. Wyoming and Maine resort to using live rounds and grenades, while York attempts end the conflict. After neutralizing Wyoming, Maine uses his last grenade on Tex but misses and the grenade lands next to a weak and thoroughly beaten York. Tex shoots his armor with paintballs, hardening it, and the grenade goes off next to him a couple feet away. York is thrown back, and the left side of his helmet is shattered. He is immediately taken by a medical team to surgery.

York is shown to be somewhat sarcastic according to the situation he's in. This was shown specially during his sparring with Tex, when he tried to talk to his companions for a plan and he was ignored he usually came up with a statement highlighting what just happened to either Maine or Wyoming, and during the Sarcophagus mission he more than once came up with sarcastic comments when he was trying to open and close the doors.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Full Codename: South Dakota
  • Armor Color:Violet with Lime Green Trim
  • Armor Ability: Domed Energy Shield (taken from North)
  • Implanted A.I.: Originally none, later Delta (taken from York)
  • Appearances: Recovery One Parts 2-4, Reconstruction Episodes 4, 6 and 7, Season 9 Episode 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Status: Deceased

South Dakota, referred to as South, is another member of the freelancer operation in which Tex, Wyoming, York and Washington enlisted. South signed up with her twin brother, who was appropriately given the codename North Dakota, or North. Unlike some of the other operatives, however, South was not given an AI partner; according to South, there was more than one group of soldiers for implantation, and after complications with the first group, specifically Washington himself, no more AIs were given to operatives in the next group, including South.[16] Later, Delta states she was part of an experiment alongside her brother, North, to analyze how some agents without AIs would respond to working with agents who did have AIs. She still, however, received an armor enhancement, able to create a domed energy shield. She had told Washington that this enhancement had been stolen, but this was not the case.

South's first appearance is in part two of the mini-series Recovery One, where she is encountered by Washington alongside her deceased brother. South claims that she found North already dead when she arrived, and North's AI, Theta, was already missing. Washington called his commanders to let them know of the situation while South has a long monologue about growing up with North and wondering what life will be like now that he's dead. Washington is ordered to kill South, but instead keeps her with him, as he believes the freelancers are being hunted and their equipment, including their AIs, are being stolen. As he refuses to have an AI implanted into himself, he resolves to giving South the Delta AI he had already recovered so Delta can be protected. He orders her to use a nearby ship to escape, but she shoots him in the back so she can make an easier getaway from their enemy. She then radios the same commander, and it is revealed she also operates under the codename Recovery Two, and that she was using Washington to draw out the enemy so that command could devise a strategy against it with the promise of an AI as a reward. She then refuses to return to base, flying away with Delta. Command threatens to locate her with other agents, but South claims she is more worried about something else.

In the opening episode of Reconstruction, South's whereabouts are listed on a communications screen as still unknown. A very much-alive Washington states his desire to hunt her down, and his superior states that they are not far from letting him, also feeling the sting of her betrayal, although Washington harbors some resentment towards Command as well, given that South was under their orders when she attacked him. In Chapter 4 it shows South and Delta are following Washington, but unbeknownst to them, the Meta is as well and spots them, coming up behind them at the end of the episode. In the next episode, Washington receives a call from his commanders alerting him to the fact that South is in critical danger, as shown by a distress beacon sent by Delta.

When Washington and the others arrive, they find South under heavy fire from the Meta, using her energy shield enhancement to protect herself, but she is attempting to abandon Delta and her enhancement so she could escape. Caboose guns her down and after the Meta leaves, Washington interrogates her. According to Delta, South also betrayed her brother North much like how she betrayed Washington and Delta. Delta says that there is a high probability she would betray them again, so Washington kills her, then destroys her body per Recovery procedure. Although her armor is destroyed as well, it is shown that the Meta is also in possession of a shield enhancement as shown in chapter 20 of Revelation.

Season 9 has featured South as an active operative under Project Freelancer, carrying out a mission with her brother North, during which they frequently employ a tag-team style of combat, perfectly in sync with each other. She's much more impulsive in her actions, though, ignoring half of his advice, charging into most situations without thinking too far ahead, and much more eager to get her hands dirty.

South is thus far the third of the Freelancers to remove their helmet during the course of Season 9, the second being her brother North and the first being York. She is shown to be a blonde headed woman with what appears to be a large scar on her left cheek. Ironically ( or perhaps coincidentally), North sustained an injury to his left cheek during the escape in episodes 3 & 4.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Codename: North Dakota
  • Voice Actor: John Erler[17]
  • Armor Color: Purple with Green Trim[18]
  • Armor Ability: Domed Energy Shield
  • Implanted A.I.: Theta
  • Appearance: Recovery One Episode 2, Season 9 episodes 2-5
  • Status: Deceased

North Dakota, referred to as North, is South's twin brother, enlisting in the Freelancer Program at the same time. He is only seen before Season 9 after having been killed, offscreen, by the Meta, when Washington follows the distress signal sent out by North's armor. When Washington arrives, he finds North and South together, South having claimed that she had heard a cry from North and found him already deceased. Like York, North still had his AI partner, Theta, in his possession at the time of his death, but Washington and South surmise that it was stolen by his attacker. While surveying his dead body, South gives a lengthy spiel about growing up with North and how the two of them were both so alike in almost every way.

It is revealed in Reconstruction that South actually betrayed him in a similar way she betrayed Washington, in order to lure the Meta into stealing North's armor components, giving South the time she needed to flee. Delta claims she lured him into a position where he could be killed as opposed to killing him directly.

Season 9 has featured North as an active operative under Project Freelancer, carrying out a mission with his sister South, during which they frequently employ a tag-team style of combat, perfectly in sync with each other. He's much more methodical in his actions than his sister, attempting to rein her in by being her voice of reason, but he also appears to have no problem adapting to sudden changes in the plan.

North has provided an example of what happens when the enhanced armor abilities are utilized without the assistance of an AI unit. Applying a domed energy shield on top of a Pelican mid-flight to block oncoming missiles, North nearly knocks the ship out of the sky, almost cancelling out the crash he just prevented, and afterward collapses with his armor overheating. Wash later points out how dangerous such an action is, citing the vaguely dismal outcome of Agent Utah's similar actions as an example, implying the armor abilities are still in early experimental stages.

North is the second of the Freelancer operatives to remove his helmet to show his actual face during the course of Season 9(York was the first to do so in the trailer). He is a blonde man having recently sustained an injury to his left cheeck during the mission (episode 3 & 4). Interestingly, his sister South has a scar on her left cheek as well as revealed in episode 5 when South herself removes her helmet after dropping in ranking during the mission debrief.


The Meta, shown with seven A.I.. Delta (green; top left) is shown. The remaining six are unnamed, but it is noted that Gamma(possibly the grey AI, top right), Theta, Sigma, Omega(possibly red) and the Original Tex AI(possibly fuzzy black, bottom left) are also in the Meta's possession, so it can be assumed they are also here.
  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Codename: Maine, "The Meta"
  • Voice Actor: Unknown
  • Armor Color: White with Brown Trim As Meta, White with Orange Trim as Maine
  • Armor Ability: Original Super Strength, Cloaking (from Tex), Temporal Distortion (from Wyoming), Domed Energy Shield (from South, originally from North), and unknown other abilities stolen from dead agents
  • Implanted A.I.: Sigma
  • Appearances: Recovery One Part IV, Reconstruction Trailer, chapters 3-4, 6-8, 10-11, 14, 18-19, Recreation chapters 12-15, 19, Revelation chapters 1-4; 6-9, 11-14 16-20, Season 9
  • Status: Deceased

The Meta, the primary antagonist of the Recollection trilogy, is a mysterious character, who is hunting down Freelancers, killing them, and taking their equipment and AIs. At the end of Reconstruction Chapter 3, a blue soldier is seen dropping an illusion and becoming a white soldier with brown shoulder pads; this character was confirmed to be the Meta by Burns in the commentary for the episode. He also stated that the reason behind the brown-on-white color scheme is because the Meta scavenges the armor of those it kills as well as the equipment.[19] Prior to this, only a brief glimpse of it had been shown in part IV of Recovery One, where it only growled and wielded a grenade launcher, the Reconstruction trailer, and a flashback sequence in Reconstruction Chapter 1, where it additionally possessed Tex's armor enhancement to cloak itself. It is later revealed that Meta's inability to speak comes from an injury to throat he sustained in earlier missions.

Its name was unknown until episode one of Reconstruction, where it is referred to as "The Meta" by Agent Washington and the Counselor, in reference to a cryptic message scratched into a wall of Outpost 17-B's Red base. It refers to itself as 'we,' presumably due to the number of AI's it has incorporated. The Meta altered a message to be sent to Sarge at the Blood Gulch Red Base and tricked him into pursuing Washington, Church and Caboose. The Meta then sneaked up behind the AWOL agent South. During the fight in which Washington, Church, and Caboose arrived, it is revealed to have possessed Wyoming's time-distortion enhancement as well as his AI, Gamma. In the aftermath of the encounter Washington receives a recovery beacon from Agent Maine, who is later confirmed to be the Meta. The Meta retreats to the windmill facility and attempts to recharge using the generator. It is also during this time that it steals Delta from Caboose (who became his temporary host after the death of agent South) and shown to be carrying 6 or more AI's at once. After a minor encounter with Washington and the Blues it completes this task and proceeds to attack the Reds for an unknown reason, but retreats after Washington attacks it with a ripped-off turret. It reappeared some time later, hiding on the tank that the Reds and Caboose used to infiltrate the Freelancer base with Washington and Church. Soon after, it engages numerous Recovery agents attempting to capture Washington and the others. Washington believes the Meta is attempting to infiltrate the facility to locate and steal the remaining AIs. It pursues and injures Washington, demanding to see the Alpha. The Director and Counselor attempt to negotiate with it to secure its co-operation, but Church, who had been inside of Washington's AI slot, jumps into its head, causing the Meta to shudder and jerk, giving Washington time to set off the EMP before a deal can be brokered.

The Meta was revealed to have survived his encounter with Washington, appearing at the Blue Base in Valhalla during Episode 12 of Recreation. Donut mistakes him for a new member of the Blue Team after several failed attempts on his life. He then attacks the Red Base, but was driven off momentarily by Lopez. The Reds later attempt to flee and steal The Meta's jeep, however they fail and find themselves cornered. Before he can attack Agent Washington appears, telling The Meta to stand down. The Meta, for reasons unknown, grudgingly obeys.

In Revelation, it's revealed that the Meta lost all of the AI fragments he had acquired (due to the EMP set off in Reconstruction) and now has difficulties using his armor enhancements, as is seen in chapter 2 when his cloaking ability begins to glitch. According to Doc's analysis of him in the early chapters, the Meta is still physically healthy and capable of embedding a fully armored soldier into a solid stone wall with a single punch. The Meta later captures Tex's AI and betrays Washington, using the captured Tex to power its cloaking field. Later, when the Reds and Tucker attack, the Meta manages to fight them off, but Sarge challenges Meta in order to lure him closer and attaches the Warthog's tow-hook to his chest. On Sarge's signal (yelling 'Shotgun' over and over again) Grif and Simmons push the Warthog off the edge of a nearby cliff. Sarge manages to dislodge the capture unit from Meta's back just before he is yanked off his feet by the tow cable and pulled over the edge, where he falls to his death. In season 9 episode 7 the initial scene shows the back of Agent Maine while he watches and pelican enter the landing bay and walks away before the talk between Washington and C.T.

The Meta is shown to be comparitively less skilled in hand-to-hand combat than other Freelances such as Tex and Carolina, relying primarily on basic punches rather than martial arts; however, he more than makes up for this through his strength and superhuman endurance. He is consistently shown to continue fighting despite suffering debilitating injuries that would cripple, if not outright kill, anyone else. Such injuries include being stabbed in the back and the chest, getting impaled on an energy sword, taking a sniper bullet to the chest, and having an entire clip of bullets emptied into his neck then shortly after that he was rammed by a truck but even then he survived.

In season 9, Agent Maine can be heard speaking briefly in three episodes. In episode 11, he tells a medic to get off of him after the fight on the training room floor against newly arrived Agent Texas. In episode 15, he responds to Carolina's improvised plan for using him as a counter-weight for the Sarcophagus as "Too high" before being forcibly kicked off the building. In episode 17, he responds to a compliment from Carolina with "Thanks". These have been the only times we have heard his voice since his first appearance in "Recovery One."


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Jen Brown
  • Armor Color: Teal with White Trim
  • Armor Ability: Chameleon Armor and Super Speed
  • Implanted AI: Two as-of-yet unnamed cohabitating AIs
  • Appearance: Mentioned in Episode 93 and in Reconstruction Episode 8, Season 9.
  • Status: Alive

Agent Carolina was a female member of the AI experimental program that participated in one of the many case studies near the programs end. Unique to the program, Carolina was implanted with not one but two artificial intelligence units to see what would happen to her. The experience of having three minds in her was too difficult, and she was not able to function well or long with the AIs in her head. When relating the events of Out of Mind to Church in Season 5, Tex mentioned that Carolina was already dead.

Delta later mentions Carolina to Church and Caboose in Reconstruction episode 8 when Church asked about the experiments of the AI program.

She appears in Season 9, assisting North and South Dakota in an escape. She displays the ability to change armor color, and later in another mission she demostrates her abilities to run at inhuman speeds. Her 2 AI's have not appeared yet, possibly to be consistent with the trailer, where Washington and York discuss the AI's, which were newly developed at the time. Carolina is the fifth freelancer so far to be shown without her helmet, she is depicted as a caucasian young red-haired woman.

She was shown to be the best of the freelancers until Tex turned up. In the finale she was shown to still be alive. She helps the Blues and Reds infiltrate a military compound to find the storage unit Epsilon is locked in. After telling the Blues and Reds how to free Epsilon from the storage unit she confronts him (belive that Epsilon is Alpha) and wants him to help her kill the Director.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Codename: Connecticut, initially shortened to "Connie"
  • Voice Actor: Michael Joplin (Recreation) Samantha Ireland (Season 9)
  • Armor Color: Brown with White Trim
  • Armor Ability: Unknown
  • Implanted AI: None
  • Appearance: Recreation Episodes 7-12, 18, 19, Revelation Episode 8, Season 9
  • Status: Deceased

The soldier currently only known as C.T. appears in the desert excavation site where she claims to be working with a team of humans and aliens to uncover a structure. Tucker revealed that she had deceived Grif, Sarge and Caboose and had in fact killed the actual dig crews, becoming the main antagonist of Recreation. C.T. first appeared as the driver of a UNSC Elephant, assisting Sarge, Grif, and Caboose through an active minefield protecting the location of the temple. She appeared in the following chapter physically and introduced one of her alien "co-workers", Smith. She allows the trio to scavenge spare parts to fix their jeep so they can depart swiftly, but secretly makes plans to "deal with" them to Smith. When the temple door opens, she leads the dig team to try and kill Tucker, but is forced to call a retreat. After breaching the temple, C.T. manages to capture Epsilon Church, angering the Aliens and causing them to revolt. C.T. flees the temple with Epsilon Church while the Reds, Blues, and the Aliens give chase. Eventually the Reds and Blues catch up, destroy C.T.'s jeep, and she is finally killed by Epsilon-Church after refusing to reveal her identity. In Chapter 8 of Revelation, Agent Washington and the Meta dig up C.T.'s corpse and reveal that C.T. was female and a member of Project Freelancer. It is likely she was disguising her voice much like Tex had done in Season 1. Washington tells the Meta that she did not receive an A.I. when he orders him to scavenge her armor for parts.

As of Season 9, CT has been shown to be much more unnerved and anxious about the rankings and missions that go on in Project Freelancer. She shows a wariness of the reason they're pushed as far as they are and to what end, and especially so regarding how they're pitted against each other, suspecting that the rankings based on their action in the field has an underhanded motive behind it. Prior to being called CT it seems she was known amongst the Freelancers as "Connie," (most likely simply short for Connecticut) but during a conversation with Wash she snaps at being called as such, feeling it sounds childish. It's here that she makes a conscious decision to be referred to as "CT" from then on.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Codename: Utah
  • Voice Actor: Unknown
  • Armor Color: Grey
  • Armor Ability: Domed Energy Shield
  • Implanted AI: Unknown
  • Appearance: Season 9 Deleted Scene Chapter 12.5
  • Status: Unknown/Possibly Alive

Agent Utah is briefly mentioned by Washington in the aftermath of North's hasty decision to use enhanced armor abilities in the field, which are presumably still in early experimental stages. Utah is provided as an example of how dangerous it is to use said equipment without the assistance of an A.I. unit, as during training it's implied such an action did not end well for Utah, possibly leading to death or severe injury.

In a deleted scene, Utah is shown to have been testing his bubble shield in training. Despite activating the armor enhancement in Project Freelancer facilities under a supervised environment, the shield only materialized around his head, quickly forcing him to pass out. This may or may not imply his death.

Artificial Intelligences

The AI's are programs created and partnered with the Freelancers for improved performance (similar to Cortana in the original Halo). There was originally one AI, the Alpha (Church), that was then tortured in order to force it to multiply itself by splitting its programming, creating new AI's, each one possessing a fragment of the Alpha's personality. However, some of the AIs malfunctioned, resulting in events like Epsilon's suicide and Omega's rampage and thus no more AI's were dispensed among the Freelancers. In Reconstruction the Meta seeks to possess the AIs and armor upgrades of all other Freelancers. Other known AIs besides the ones seen in the series include Theta and Sigma (Sigma being the Alpha's creativity). A large number of AI's were harvested by the Meta including Delta and Omega, the precise number is unknown but he has been shown having at least seven in his possession. These AIs were apparently engulfed by the EMP at the end of Reconstruction. The AI fragmented from the Alpha AI currently only survive inside the memories of Epsilon, as revealed in Revelation.


  • Alternate Names: O'Malley, Om-Alli, Doctor O'Malley[1]
  • Voice Actor: Voice Actor of whomever he possesses (except Kathleen Zuelch)
  • A.I. Fragment: Rage
  • Color: Red
  • Status: Deleted

The common enemy of both the Red and Blue Teams, O'Malley is the primary antagonist of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, and an AI that was put into Tex's armor during training in order to make her more aggressive and dangerous. According to the agents of the program, O'Malley's real name is Omega. The name O'Malley originates from a portmanteau of Omega and Tex's real name, Allison (Om'Alli). The Omega AI, Tex claims, was a program designed to enhance her skills and attitude. According to Agent Washington, he developed the ability to jump via radio to other hosts entirely of his own device, and would jump from person to person numerous times while a part of the program, although Washington notes he had a preference for Tex; Wyoming, too, notes that Omega strongly desires to be reunited with Tex.

O'Malley is evil and aggressive, a parody of over-the-top megalomaniacal supervillains. O'Malley wants to annihilate both teams, either to destroy or take over the universe, and to "crush every living soul into dust". He expresses these desires in long monologues accompanied by extended fits of evil laughter and extreme close-up shots of his visor. He is also able to understand Lopez's Spanish, but needs help to issue commands to Lopez's robot army, and occasionally mispronounces words (pronouncing nuclear as nucular and struggling with the word fruition).

Toward the end of season 1, just before Tex attacks the Reds for the second time, O'Malley assesses that Tex has little chance of survival and leaps via radio into Caboose. Under O'Malley's possession, Caboose periodically makes threatening statements in "a scary voice," but O'Malley is never able to take full control. After being forced out of Caboose by Church and Tex, O'Malley possesses Doc, of whom he is able to take almost total control and use to further his own agenda. He seems to work for Vic to some degree, hiring Wyoming to take out Tucker, claiming Vic will give them a bonus for killing him, but it is unknown if this deal was permanent or temporary.

O'Malley's confrontation with the Alien near the end of season 3 leaves his fate ambiguous, but it is revealed in episode 73 that Lopez, Doc, and he was still alive and have been hiding in a secret lair. In the following episode, O'Malley, Doc, and Lopez return to Blood Gulch, at the request of Church, to diagnose Tucker's illness. In return, O'Malley demands something to be named later. He never does name his price, however, as at the end of Season Four, he takes his chances and jumps via radio out of Doc.

Throughout most of season 5 his location is unknown; the Blue Team assuming he is in Sheila because of her erratic and violent behavior. The suspicion then falls on Church when Sheila reveals O'Malley's current location to be "the Blue leader." This is quickly dispelled by Church in episode 96 as he was never officially promoted, and it is then revealed that O'Malley is currently inhabiting Captain Butch Flowers. It is ultimately revealed that he is intending to infect Junior as soon as the latter takes possession of Tucker's sword, so that he can control Junior because an Alien prophecy in which they believe that a Great Destroyer will come and destroy humanity. They believe that The Great Destroyer is Junior because he is half human and half Covenant. They hope to exploit Junior by controlling him, via AI, in hopes for a long term victory against the Covenant. In episode 100, after Tex begins broadcasting on an open channel to lure O'Malley, the AI instead jumps into Simmons, leading to his being knocked out by Tex, and continues to jump from character to character. When he finally jumps into Tex, they take the ship and begin to lift off, but Andy, who was already placed on the ship by the Red team, detonates, apparently killing everyone on it, including O'Malley. However, in Reconstruction, Washington and his superior officer ponder whether O'Malley is actually alive and has been stolen by a mysterious new enemy. In Chapter 16, it revealed that Omega is a fragment of the Alpha's emotions: anger. He is meant to have a larger role in chapter 19, where a battle scene between the Meta and the Recovery Agents is shown. One projected idea was Omega possessing a Recovery Agent and using the body to kill other agents.[20]

In episode 2 of Revelation, Washington comments that O'Malley has "been accounted for." He is also mentioned to survive with all the AI in Epsilon's locked memories, using the memory of Delta to communicate for brief periods with the other Blues and Reds, mainly Caboose.

One of the few characters to be voiced by more than one actor, several of the production crew, including Burnie Burns, have claimed they prefer the O'Malley presented by Matt Hullum (while the AI controls Doc) rather than the O'Malley in Caboose (voiced by Joel Heyman). Hullum brings about more depth to the role, and the O'Malley presented by him has been regarded as a combination of Stewie Griffin, Dr. Evil, Gollum and many other villains.[2] In the final episode, O'Malley jumps to nearly everyone in the canyon, and is then voiced by each character's respective voice actor.


Gary[21] is a computer, similar to Durandal in Marathon, that Church meets after being propelled into the past. He claims the facility is the housing facility of the Great Weapon, which is later revealed to be the fortress that O'Malley occupies in the future. In the future, Gary is seen as the base computer of the fortress, although he does not talk until Church arrives there. He is fond of jokes, and sometimes uses knock-knock jokes to communicate instead of giving a straight answer. Claiming to have been built by the race of the Alien, Gary knows nothing about his creators, but only of The Great Destroyer and his race, the Shisno, a pejorative of humans described as the equivalent of the feces (of the feces) of the foulest-smelling animal on the planet.

Upon learning of The Great Prophecy, Church has Gary research and build a teleporter to transport him back to Blood Gulch in the recent past, in an attempt to prevent everything that has gone wrong. At near full processing power, Gary takes slightly over a millennium to finish this task, having spent some processing time telling jokes.

Despite his humorous disposition, Gary is polite and well-mannered, which makes his relationship with Andy very tense. At one point, the two bicker with each other, and Gary gets irritated at Andy's uncouth nature. But when the "Sacred Quest" team leave the fortress, and Church returns to Blood Gulch, Gary is left behind, and nothing is seen of him until Season 5.

After learning the name of Wyoming's AI (Gamma), Church concludes that Gary is actually Gamma and not an alien computer. Church phones Gary, and after an awkward conversation of Gary saying he is not Gamma, Gary hangs up, and has a short conversation with Wyoming himself, who instructs Gary to "hop in." It is later apparent that Gary used Wyoming's special time traveling ability to transport himself back in time to contact Church.

At the end of Episode 97 Gary is now in the tank which previously housed Sheila's AI. He begins to shoot at the Blues under the command of Wyoming, but Tucker, taking control of the situation, plugs a cable from the ship housing Sheila into the tank and downloads Gary into the ship, where Sheila manages to lock him behind a firewall. His fate beyond this is unclear. In Reconstruction, the ship that crash landed in Outpost 17-B is confirmed to be the same that Gary was in episode 100 of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, apparently not exploding, but rather crash landing. Afterwards, the Meta took both Gamma and the armor enhancement in Wyoming's helmet. In Chapter 16 of Reconstruction, it is revealed Gamma was the deceitful fragment of the Alpha AI. Gamma, along with the other AI the Meta collected, was seemingly destroyed in an EMP blast at the end of Reconstruction.

In chapter 16 of Revelation the computer that Gary is normaly represented by is seen while Tex and Epsilon Church are talking.

Also in Revelation it is revealed that all the AI survive in Epsilon's locked memories, using the memory of Delta as communicate for brief periods with the other Blues and Reds, mainly Caboose.


  • Nickname: "D"
  • Voice Actor: Mark Bellman
  • A.I. Fragment: Logic
  • Color: Green
  • Appearances: Out of Mind Parts 3-5; Recovery One Parts 1, 3-4; Reconstruction Chapters 4, 6-8, 10-11, 19; Recreation Chapter 6; Revelation Chapter 6; Season 9 Chapter 18
  • Status: Deleted

Another AI created in the same program as Omega and Gamma, Delta ("D" for short) is the AI originally assigned to the operative codenamed York. Unlike the other experimental program recruits, York still has his AI with him. This is because unlike the other AIs, Delta does not pose a threat to anyone; instead, he is extremely logical and analytical, to the point of being largely unfamiliar with human emotions. Matt Hullum has described Delta as "largely devoid of personality."[14] York often asks for Delta's advice on certain situations, such as whether or not to help Tex, and uses Delta to watch his left side during combat owing to his visual impairment. Burnie Burns also notes that Delta was useful in Recovery One as a way of reminding the audience indirectly of the various rules of the freelancer program and the AIs.[22]

Delta often appears as a holographic miniature soldier beside York's head; the green glow was created in-game by using the plasma pistol according to Burnie Burns.[7] However, Delta can modify his appearance to match the situation. When threatened by Tex, he went "on alert" and his glow turned red. Later, in a ploy to trick Wyoming, Delta managed to change his size and color, and effectively stopped the green glow surrounding him, although it faded back in when he began to speak. Much like his fellow AI Gamma, Delta is polite and well-mannered, even bidding good luck to his enemy Wyoming when he believed himself to be shutting down.

After York was fatally wounded at O'Malley's base, Delta began administering some anesthetics and decided to remain with York, having picked up a fond attachment for his host despite repeatedly getting confused over other human emotions. When an operative dies their armor shuts down AIs within them, and so it was believed Delta perished with York. However, some time later, another agent named Washington came to collect Delta, very much alive and confused as to why he was not shut down, which turns out to be because AIs are too expensive to simply destroy, and are instead encrypted for a Recovery Agent to pick up. Washington manually removes Delta from York's suit and takes him away.

He is to be implanted in another freelancer, referred to as South, in order to help Agent Washington combat an unknown enemy that has been hunting the remaining freelancers. Following this, South betrays Washington and her commanders and escapes with Delta, claiming to have been intending to collect him all along. In Reconstruction, Delta is still shown to be in the possession of South, warning her about the risks of following Washington.

South attempts to abandon Delta as bait for the Meta, but she is stopped by Washington, Caboose, and Church. He is then given to Caboose as a new host just before Washington, on Delta's advice, kills South. Not long after, the Meta finds an unconscious Caboose, who split off from the group on Delta's insistence. Several other unidentified AIs appear around Delta as the Meta collects him, welcoming him while he remains silent. In Caboose's mind, Church discovers critical information that Delta left in order to help Washington: the prerecorded message, "Memory is the key." Caboose's mental projection of Delta's message also warns Church that the next time they meet, the AI may not want his help. In Chapter 16, it is revealed that Delta is the logic fragment of Alpha which the Alpha shed so as to not be able to analyze the suffering it endured.

Delta reappears in Revelation, when Epsilon-Church is temporarily disabled. He reveals that he and the other collected AI fragments have been able to secretly maintain their existence within Epsilon without him noticing. However, he fears Epsilon will eventually discover their existence. Delta then warns Caboose that Epsilon is trying to regain his memories, some of which may risk having him slip into insanity again.


  • Alternate Name: Church
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
  • A.I. Fragment: Memory
  • Color: Cobalt (The Alpha AI is Blue, Epsilon can be considered a "Lighter" blue)
  • Appearances: Recovery One Episode IV, Reconstruction Episode 15, 16, 17, 19 (storage unit), Recreation (as Delta and Epsilon Church), Revelation ( as Epsilon Church), Season 9 (as Epsilon Church)
  • Status: Trapped in an extensively damaged A.I. recovery unit

Epsilon was originally the AI partner of Agent Washington at the start of the program. Physically, he appeared as a holographic soldier much the same as Delta, except he glowed with a blue luminescence. Epsilon is somewhat infamous among the soldiers of Project Freelancer, as he is revealed to be the first AI to break down. While the others that went rampant were soon to follow, South claims that all plans for future AIs were put on hiatus because of Epsilon. He is described as having committed suicide, the only known case of such an occurrence, while still inside Washington's helmet, and thus, while still interfacing directly with Washington's mind. Washington notes that as Epsilon broke down, he had trouble distinguishing which thoughts were his own and which belonged to Epsilon. The event left Washington bitter towards AIs and other agents in general. However, at the end of episode 15 of Reconstruction, it is revealed that some remnant of Epsilon is still intact, within the AI vault at the Freelancer Outpost. Washington gives him to Caboose and instructs the latter to turn him over to the authorities. In the final episode, Caboose manages to save Epsilon from an impending EMP wave. At the end of Reconstruction Caboose is shown to have taken Epsilon's container to safety at Blue Base. However, it is revealed in episode 4 of Recreation that Caboose is attempting to combine Epsilon with Tex's body and Sheila to create a "super best friend", but has so far been unsuccessful. Later, in episode 6, it was revealed that Epsilon has the ability to maintain memories of anything it is told, and as such has memories of all the Alpha fragments. Thanks in part to the Red Team's hologram room at their base in Valhalla, Epsilon takes on the appearance of Delta and orders Caboose on a mission to the desert Tucker and Donut were sent to prior to Reconstruction.

Later, Caboose creates a new body for Epsilon using a robotic avatar, dubbed Epsilon Church. Epsilon Church has residual memories of the original Church he was based on, therefore inheriting his voice and personality. However, his full memories have not yet returned and they are limited to the stories that Caboose had told him. In his new avatar he possesses some form of telekinesis and a laser that fires from his optical unit. In Revelation, it's revealed that Epsilon Church is suffering from periodic memory flashes of his past life, and they becoming more frequent. For reasons unknown, Epsilon Church is unconsciously hostile to Washington, automatically firing his laser just at the sight of him. After leading Caboose to a secret Freelancer facility to find Tex, he brings her back to life with the aid of Caboose. Epsilon Church transfers himself into a more human-like body, whose armor is the exact same color as the old Church's. He then confronts her in his new body after she brutally beats the Reds and Tucker, only for her to start beating him over the head with his robotic avatar. After Caboose activates a lock down on both the Reds, Blues and Tex's armor so as to stop her from abusing them, Epsilon convinces both sides to cease hostilities despite Tex's antagonistic attitude. He later accompanies her to a Freelancer base after she announces her departure from the facility. However Tex had anticipated he would do so and shoots him, so as to activate his recovery beacon, drawing Washington and The Meta to them. After the Meta captures her in Epsilon's former holding unit, Church decides that he owes it to Tex to try retrieve her. He is currently trapped inside the Epsilon Capture Unit, reliving his memories of Blood Gulch and waiting for Tex's return.

The main reason that Epsilon was broken and went 'insane' was the fact that it is the memory portion of the Alpha AI. During the process of acquiring more AI from the Alpha, the heavy stress from excessive simulation and torture, forced it to sever the memory portion of itself for self-preservation. Since Epsilon is the memory of Alpha, Epsilon began to replay the memories of the torture in Washington's mind and 'feeling' the pain of its former life, committed suicide. As such, Washington is fully aware of what happened to the Alpha AI and refuses to put another AI in his head as he wasn't sure that he could keep it a secret from a program. Ironically, this refusal for AIs is why he was recruited to be a Recovery agent. Washington says the reason Epsilon went insane was "it was meant to." Epsilon appears to suffer something of a split personality, as he refers to himself as "we" due to him remembering all of the other AIs until he takes a physical form again in the robot unit Caboose created.


  • A.I. Fragment: Unknown
  • Color: Unknown
  • Appearances: Mentioned in Recovery One Parts Two, Three, and Four, appeared in Reconstruction Chapters 11 and 19
  • Status: Deleted

Theta was agent North Dakota's artificial intelligence unit during the A.I. experimental program. Towards the program's end, Theta was assigned to North while North's twin-sister South was given no AI, to see how the three would react. Later on, when The Meta began to hunt down and kill the Freelancers, taking their equipment and A.I.s, Theta, North, and South were attacked by the rogue Freelancer. In order to survive, South killed North (off-camera) and let The Meta take Theta so that she could escape.

Theta remained with The Meta while he hunted down and took several more A.I. units. In Reconstuction Chapter 11, Theta is among the A.I.s that welcome Delta into the Meta's stolen A.I. collection, and in Chapter 19 is later seemingly destroyed along with the rest of The Meta's A.I.s in the EMP explosion created by Agent Washington.

In Revelation, however, it is revealed that all of the A.I. survive in Epsilon's locked memories, using the memory of Delta to communicate for brief periods with the other Blues and Reds, mainly Caboose.


  • A.I. Fragment: Creativity
  • Color: Unknown
  • Appearances:
  • Status: Somehow Unknown

Sigma was agent Maine's artificial intelligence unit during the AI experimental program. Sigma was behind The Meta's rampage to kill fellow Freelancers and steal their A.I. and equipment. Sigma believed that if it brought together the A.I. fragments then he would become the Alpha, however this ultimately didn't happen since Sigma, along with all the other A.I.s captured by The Meta were destroyed in the EMP. His intentions if he had been given the chance to become the Alpha remain unknown. During when Church is found in Washington's head a little voice can be heard from The Meta - this might be Sigma as he wants to become the Alpha.

In Revelation, however, it is revealed that all the AI survive in Epsilon's locked memories, using the memory of Delta to communicate for brief periods with the other Blues and Reds, mainly Caboose.

Recurring unaffiliated characters


  • Full Name: Frank DuFresne[23]
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
  • Armor Color: Purple
  • Seasons: 2, 3, 4, 5, and Revelation
  • Status: Alive

Medical Officer Doc is a medic who is from the delta quardent system sent to Blood Gulch to treat both armies, despite the lack of medical skill that he often displays. As he is not a qualified doctor, he doesn't take to his new nickname of Doc, forced upon him by Church because of his refusal/inability to pronounce his surname. He is also a pacifist of the most extreme kind, and tries to avoid doing or even saying anything that would seem remotely aggressive or competitive. His extreme pacifism in the middle of a war quickly earns him the ire of both teams, and he is eventually exiled to a cavern equidistant from both bases. As revealed in the bonus material on the season 3 DVD, this pacifism had also caused him to be released from the Red Army before the events of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, thereby necessitating the draft that has forced Grif into military service. The profile also states he is the only person in history to enlist in an army as a 'conscientious objector'.[1] He has also stated that he is a vegetarian It is also found out that he went to medical school at Jamaica State.

When Tex and Church force O'Malley out of Caboose, O'Malley finds a new host in Doc. Split-personality Gollum/Sméagol conversations and arguments between O'Malley and Doc frequently occur. However, the difference between Doc and O'Malley is even greater than it is for the former pair. Doc apologizes on occasion for O'Malley's trash talk and conduct; O'Malley, on the other hand, frequently tells him to shut up. As the series progresses, both personalities apparently grow more accustomed to each other.

Although Doc has failed medical school and his lack of medical knowledge is apparent — he rubs Caboose's neck with aloe vera to treat a bullet wound in the foot, agrees with Grif's using CPR to treat the bullet wound to Sarge's head, and has no idea what his medical tool does except glow green when something is wrong — Church seems to depend on him to treat injury and illness. In episode 38, Church wants to pursue Doc — who, under O'Malley's possession, had fled to Sidewinder — to have him help Tucker, who had been hit by a rocket. Later, when Tucker becomes ill in episode 73, Church calls Doc for help. In episode 77, O'Malley leaves Doc to possess another person after the Reds, unaware of his presence, contact their Command via radio. Free of O'Malley, Doc continues to aid the pregnant Tucker and subsequently the newborn alien. In addition, Church uses Doc as someone expendable to determine the cause of Sheila's erratic behavior, on the grounds that he will either fix Sheila, break her so that Church himself can freely examine her, or get blown up trying; all of which are beneficial to Church. He is later sent into the caves with Sister and Junior to ambush the Reds, and is confronted by Captain Flowers, O'Malley and an alien, who take him, Junior, and Sister hostage and bring them down to the underground computer terminal. When Captain Flowers collapses, he and Sister return above ground, where Doc is briefly reinfected after O'Malley leaves Grif, only to just as quickly pass to Church.

At the end of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, Doc is only seen briefly wandering around with the Blue Team. Some time later, when Washington comes to Blood Gulch, he finds most of the characters, including Doc, have departed the location. Doc's whereabouts are not disclosed. Doc is next seen briefly in Reconstruction after Simmons and Washington attempted to call a medic to assist a comatose Caboose. Washington's team departed the area before Doc arrived, much to his dismay. Doc is seen again in Revelation, when Simmons calls on a medic, Command sends the nearest one, Doc, who is soon attacked by Washington and made his prisoner. In the finale of Revelation, Doc manages to escape with the Red and Blue teams.

The original plan for Doc's character, as noted by the Rooster Teeth crew, was simply to provide a vessel for O'Malley to jump into, and also to display his pacifism. Matt Hullum notes going through several different accents for the character, such as Cockney, French and Australian, before settling on his own voice to use, as he was unsure in which direction to take the character.[2]


  • Full Name: Andrew D. Kaboom[10]
  • Voice Actor: Nathan Zellner
  • Color:Black
  • Appearances: Episodes 5457, 5961, 6373, 7577, 92, 97, 100, Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction Chapter 5 (voice only)
  • Status: Deceased

Built by Tex, Andy is the short-tempered, rude, and vulgar bomb that Caboose carries into the fortress. Andy also expresses a desire to destroy things by detonating himself, much to the worry of the Blue Team, who attempts to calm him down. However, Andy later wishes to avoid detonation when Tex threatens to detonate him if he will not translate for them. However, this desire resurfaces later when Andy attempts to convince Church to let him guard, and destroy in the process, the Blue Base. Caboose reveals that Andy had told him about the Reds' secret meeting, but the rest of the Blues refuse to believe Caboose at first, as Andy remains silent when they approach. However, he has an outburst when Gary insults him and reveals that the two "are not on speaking terms."

Because Tex built Andy from the remains of an old protocol droid found on the perimeter of the base, he is able to understand the Alien's language, and, as such, joins the sacred quest group to act as a translator. After the failure of the quest, Caboose brings him back to the gulch. In episode 76, the Reds steal Andy to translate a recording for them, and their methods leave Caboose with the impression that Andy is dead. In the next episode, Andy explains to Church that the Alien had impregnated Tucker. Late in Season Five, it is revealed Andy is also in the underground cave, working with the mysterious alien and Captain Flowers as a translator. He is also fully aware of the importance of Junior to Wyoming and O'Malley, but no one has listened to his explanation thus far before cutting him off.

Andy is apparently self-conscious about his weight. In episode 75, after O'Malley repeatedly calls him "bowling ball," Andy asks Caboose if he does indeed resemble one, claiming that he has been working out. When Sarge steals Andy, and then remarks that Andy is much lighter than the last time he tried to pick him up, Andy is relieved that someone has noticed. Later, he worked for O'Malley (who had possessed Captain Flowers) but was left in the caves after Flowers learned enough Alien language to get by. Andy is soon found by the Red Team, but they also leave him behind. They return to pick him up in episode 100 and plant him in the ship as a contingency plan, and order him to detonate if O'Malley tries to escape in the ship. In almost all of the endings, Andy does so, seemingly killing everyone aboard. Andy's fate is expanded upon somewhat in the fifth chapter of the Reconstruction series. Andy had exploded, but while the blast did not destroy him it caused major damage to the ship. Andy's fate after the crash landing is unknown. He is mentioned in the Halo Reach mini-series, suggesting he may return to the series

In the season 4 DVD commentary, the series creators stated that they originally wanted to explain Andy's rudeness by making him bitter about being rejected by Sheila, but it was never incorporated into the series.


The Alien.

Appearing for the first time at the end of season 3, the Alien scares Church's spirit out of his host body after having already wiped out Lopez's robot army and defeated O'Malley single-handedly. This prompts the Blues to attempt to hunt him down, but they suffer a series of humiliating defeats. Even Tex is cut down seconds after attempting to attack the Alien, and, like Church, is forced to flee her host body. Eventually, however, Caboose manages to befriend the Alien, who had found him unpalatable after biting him once. Conversely, the Alien has a strong odor to the Blues, who describe the smell with a series of unpleasant analogies.

The Alien has a habit of staying crouched, and its language appears to consist entirely of blarg and honk. It seems to understand English to some degree, as Andy is only heard to speak in its language once and it responds to other characters when they speak English, but it is unable to communicate in English. When asked for a name, the Alien replies, "Honk Honk," though it is never established whether that is indeed his name. Caboose has called the Alien "Crunch-bite" and "Fluffy," and Tex speculates at one point that the Alien might be named Honk-Honk. Andy initially suggests Crouchasaurus, a name that, according to the season 3 DVD commentary, had been initially suggested by a fan unfamiliar with Halo. However, the character is listed as "Alien" on the credits of the season 4 DVD. Gary later claims that the Alien is a member of the species that built him (though this later proves to be a lie).

The Alien reveals in episodes 63 and 64 that he was on a quest to retrieve the sword that Tucker had discovered when he fell into the hole under the windmill so that he could save his race from extinction. When the Alien first spots Tucker with the sword, he begins to attack and beat Tucker to a pulp relentlessly, apparently upset that Tucker had discovered the sword first; the sword only works for its original finder. The Alien consequently forces Tucker to join him on his quest, threatening to kill everyone otherwise. When the sacred quest team reaches the temple in the Great Freezing Plains, the Alien has Tucker use the sword to unlock the gates to an alien ship, whose existence had been previously undisclosed, even to Andy. The Alien takes off in the ship, but he is almost immediately killed by Wyoming, thus leaving the Alien's true intentions unclear.

In episode 69, Tucker complains that the Alien is always standing over him when he awakes. This is not discussed at length in that episode, as Tex assumes that the Alien is simply obsessing over the sword. However, Andy accidentally reveals at the end of season 4 that the Alien's race reproduces by implanting parasitic embryos in other beings. Soon after, Tucker gives birth to the "baby" or Junior who is heard off-camera speaking in higher-pitched honks and blargs.

In 99 Tucker explains that the Alien's prophecy concerning the sword providing salvation for the Aliens did not fail with his death; instead, Junior, the son of Tucker and the Alien, is the intended savior of the Alien race.

In Revelation, it was revealed that the Alien's claims of a "prophecy" was all a ruse. The entire plot of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, was a simulation battle test for Freelancers, in this case, specifically for Tex.

Red Zealot

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice actor: Burnie Burns with altered pitch
  • Armor Color: Red
  • Appearances: Episodes 39, 40, 43, 4648, 53.3 (season 3 DVD deleted scene)
  • Status: Deceased

The Red Zealot is one of the eternally respawning Red Team Grunts from Battle Creek, a hyperactive, frantic, melodramatic fellow with a high-pitched voice who has seemingly devoted his life to worshipping "The Flag". Although all of the Battle Creek soldiers seem to share this faith, the Red Zealot has a far more staunchly religious mindset than his comrades do, and his fast-paced speech consists almost entirely of Biblical-type quotes and religious dogma, often speaking about crusades and promised lands during battles. He later teams up with O'Malley after being separated from the other Grunts, having been convinced the rogue AI is in fact the guardian of the Holy Temple. O'Malley, Doc, and Lopez find him annoying, but tolerate him because he performs menial tasks without complaint and even with a degree of enjoyment. Ultimately, Tucker kills him when the Red and Blue alliance launches its attack on O'Malley's fortress. A deleted scene in the season 3 DVD shows the Red Zealot resurrecting and vowing revenge, but as he is not seen again after this, it is not confirmed if this scene is canon.


  • Full Names: Unknown
  • Voice actors: Various with altered pitches
  • Armor Colors: Red, Blue
  • Appearances: Episodes 39, 40, 43, 6971
  • Status: Several Deceased, Several Alive

The Grunts[15] are a group of eternally respawning Reds and Blues originally from Battle Creek. Except for The Red Zealot, they have no known official individual names. Initially engaged in Halo's version of Capture the Flag, the group parodies the multiplayer games available in Halo and the stereotypical yet accurate behaviors of Halo gamers, using terms like "rocket whore," "camper", and "noob."

Having been teleported to Battle Creek at the end of season 2, Sarge and Caboose first encounter the Grunts near the beginning of season 3 and soon have to avoid being caught in the group's fire; eventually, they manage to escape with Simmons' help. Simmons later teleports the group to Sidewinder and convinces them to defeat O'Malley by claiming that the latter has their flag, but are thus caught in the time-shattering explosion. In the future, both teams are seen working together to guard the temple in the Great Freezing Plains. Despite the team-up, they still exchange trash talk with each other over armor color. It is unknown why they were guarding the Freezing Plains, or why they decided to team up together at all.

Other Alien

  • Armor Color: Green and Blue
  • Appearance: Episode 96, 99, 100
  • Status: Unknown

When Captain Butch Flowers returned and revealed himself to be O'Malley's new host, he introduced a new alien, referred to as the Other Alien on his DVD profile, as his partner. The Other Alien carries a weapon similar to the first Alien's. In episode 97 it was revealed that the Other Alien is seeking the original Alien for unknown reasons, and it revived Captain Flowers to assist him. The pair of them then begin searching for Junior as well. Flowers is working with O'Malley, Vic Jr. and Wyoming to exploit the Alien's race, however Flowers' dialogue with Vic Jr. reveals that the Other Alien is unaware of this fact. The Other Alien follows O'Malley and Junior onto the ship in episode 100, but its fate is unknown.


  • Armor Color: Purple
  • Appearance: Recreation Ep 8-10, 12, 18
  • Status: Deceased

Smith is one of the Aliens working with the soldier known as C.T, and the secondary antagonist of Recreation due to being the de facto leader of the aliens and C.T.'s unofficial second-in-command. He appears to be driving a human warthog, and is disturbed by the appearance of Sarge, Grif and Caboose. He is injured in Chapter 12 of Recreation by a plasma grenade thrown by Tucker. He reappears in Chapter 18 where he beats down another Jones in retaliation for shooting Epsilon Church. When CT flees with Epsilon Church, Smith commandeers an Alien vehicle and gives chase, but is taken out when CT destroys his vehicle. Though, he again appeared to survive, and is seen standing in front of the temple at the end of the scene. Later in Revelation, he is seen, along with the other aliens, worshipping Epsilon Church. He is later killed along with the rest of the aliens by Washington and the Meta.

Lopez's Robot Army

  • Armor Colors: Brown
  • Appearances: Episodes 5557
  • Status: Destroyed

Lopez's robot army is a group built by Lopez's head and programmed to do O'Malley's bidding. Having the same armor color as Lopez, they first appear in episode 55 as O'Malley prepares to attack his now-captured fortress and reclaim an unnamed "device." However, as Lopez had taken O'Malley's demand for a "day of victory" literally, their maximum speeds are programmed to achieve victory "in exactly 24 hours," causing extremely slow advancement on the fortress. Once they finally reach the fortress they manage to cause a large degree of chaos, but ultimately, the army is destroyed by an unseen character, later revealed to be the Alien.


  • Full Name: James[10] (last name unknown)
  • Voice Actor: John Ferrell
  • Armor Color: Blue
  • Appearance: Episode 10, Out of Mind Part Two
  • Status: Deceased

Private Jimmy appears briefly in episode 10 from Texas and a friend of Church. In a parody of old war movies, Jimmy reminisces about how he will marry his girlfriend when he gets back from the war, only to be killed moments later by the enemy. Jimmy was killed when Tex ripped his skull clean out of his head and beat him to death with it. Jimmy's last words were "This doesn't seem physically possible!"[25] There is occasionally an allusion to this in later seasons. A short character profile for Private Jimmy — or parts of him — can be found as an Easter egg on the season 4 DVD. In Part Two of the miniseries Out of Mind, Jimmy makes an appearance in flashback at the training facility Church, Tex and Wyoming were a part of. In the season 4 DVD easter egg it is revealed that the skull that turns up randomly throughout the season is that of Jimmy. In Red vs. Blue Revelation, Episode 4, the skull showed up again, along with graffiti reading "Pvt Jimmy wuz here" on the side of the hole in Valhalla leading into the next area.

Yellow Church

  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
  • Armor Color: Yellow
  • Appearance: Episode 52, Episode 100
  • Status: Unknown

Appearing first in Episode 52 as one of the time traveling Churchs, Yellow Church appeared with the group of other Churchs in Sidewinder when they discussed their failed plans to stop the bomb. He never states his plan out loud, instead replying that "it didn't work" and that "it seemed like such a good idea at the time."

However, in Episode 100, he reappears with an apparently conflicting back story. As Caboose's mental image of Sister, he is mistakenly imagined to be Church's twin brother who came on a spaceship from the moon. He says he lives with Caboose in the front of the ship, while everyone from the end of the ship lives on the opposite end of the island, this line being a reference to the television show Lost. Despite being Caboose's own thought, Yellow Church/Mental Sister admits that this is an inherently flawed idea, but doesn't care. The mental image is killed when the real Church, chasing Tex and O'Malley into and out of Caboose's mind, throws a grenade at his feet. Yellow Church had been close by, and as being killed ejects people from Caboose's mind and into the real world, the character appeared in the real Blood Gulch. He appears next to a recently deceased Wyoming, however, whose armor malfunctions and uses its special ability to rewind segments of time and teleport. The corpse and Yellow Church are then transported to Sidewinder, where the Churchs are gathering. After noticing where he is, he simply states "Well, fuck!"

The Chairman

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Jack Lee
  • Appearance: Caucasian Male with Grey Hair
  • Appearances: Reconstruction (voice only), Recreation
  • Status: Alive

The Chairman is the head of an "oversight subcommittee" that apparently has some sort of authority in the military. He and the Director of Project Freelancer are heard in the introductions of most Reconstruction episodes, with the Chairman suspecting him of criminal acts with his experiments. He eventually presses charges against the Director and sends officers to place him under arrest in Reconstruction's epilogue. In Chapter 9 of Recreation, the Chairman is revealed to be a commander and is stationed at the UNSC Maximum Security Detention Facility. In Chapter 13 he strikes a deal with Washington that he will free him and clear all the charges provided Washington returns Epsilon to him.

One-time characters


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
  • Armor Color: Green
  • Appearance: Episode 100 DVD alternate ending.
  • Status: Deceased

Jacobs appears in one of the alternate endings featured on the DVD of Red vs Blue season 5 as a member of the "real" Blue Team. Church wakes after being shot by Caboose in the tank instead of dying and coming back as a ghost. Church states that he had a long dream about their team, and that his ex-girlfriend was there, and so was Tucker, and the rookie. Jacobs appears and asks if he was there, to which Church says no, he must have forgotten him. Jacobs brushes it off, saying "Maybe next time." Almost immediately after, Jacobs and the other Blues are killed by the Reds.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
  • Armor Color: Brown
  • Appearance: Episode 40
  • Status: Deceased

Phil briefly appears in episode 40. A single parent, he complains about having to "do everything" around the base. After sneaking up on Phil and knocking him out, Wyoming attempts to extract some information from him when he recovers. However, Wyoming is interrupted by a call from O'Malley hiring him to assassinate Tucker. No longer having time to interrogate Phil, Wyoming simply decides to kill him.

Max Gain

  • Full Name: Max Gain
  • Voice Actor: Geoff Ramsey[15]
  • Armor Color: Tan
  • Appearances: Episode 38, 41.1 (season 3 DVD deleted scene)
  • Status: Alive

Lieutenant Max Gain appears only briefly in a deleted scene featured on the season 3 DVD. According to the commentary, he was originally planned to have a much larger role in the series. However, in the midst of having to condense the amount of plot into different episodes and yet make the deadline for the Halo 2 launch, Rooster Teeth decided to omit most of his appearances. He first appears at the end of episode 38 as a Red Team soldier who captures Church and Grif. His only other scene is a deleted scene on the season 3 DVD where he lectures Church and Grif about a healthy lifestyle and financial stability.


  • Full Name: Mickey
  • Voice Actor: Lance McKee
  • Armor Color: Blue
  • Appearance: Episode 10
  • Status: Deceased

Private Mickey appears briefly in episode 10 as the first to be killed in Tex's slaughter of the Blue team on Sidewinder. Church recounts how Mickey died, literally screaming "Bloody murder!" and randomly blasting a shotgun as a cloaked Tex attacks him.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Armor Color: Olive with Sage Trim
  • Appearance: Episode 86.5 (Season 5 Deleted Scene)
  • Status: Alive

In a deleted scene on the Season 5 DVD, Grif and Sister explore the interior of the ship, where they encounter the only other survivor of the ship's voyage, the Pilot. Grif approaches him and begins asking him questions; each of the Pilot's lines of dialogue begin with the words "Hey, fuck you." When Grif asks him if he can give them a ride out of the canyon, the Pilot claims to be in the union and therefore is obligated to do nothing. On hearing this, Grif tells him that automatically makes him an idol to Grif, to which the Pilot responds, "Hey, fuck you...thank you!" The character was left out of the series canon and scenes inside the ship in later episodes do not show any sign of him.


  • Other Names: SuperSpark Junior, Eyeball 3000, Richard
  • Appearance: 'DIY' (Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack Preview)
  • Status: Alive

Ralph is the supposed representative of Bungie designed to give the Red and Blue teams a tour of the new maps released for Halo 3. He is identical in every respect to Guilty Spark, and is mentioned to be his lighting and stunt double. On arrival the two teams mock the name of "Ralph" and start referring to him as "Eye-ball 3000".


  • Full Name: Walter Henderson
  • Voice Actor: Michael Joplin
  • Armor Color: Red
  • Appearance: Reconstruction Chapter 1
  • Status: Unknown

The only survivor of the events at outpost 17-B, Private Walter is interrogated by the Freelancer Organization. He reveals that the spaceship crash started a series of events in which both the Blue and Red teams were obliterated. He explains that the Blues destroyed both the communications towers before turning on each other. Afterward, the Reds began to become "infected" as well, before they were wiped out by the Meta, leaving only Walter alive. He was found hiding in a cave nearby and brought to the Freelancer Organization's HQ to give a report, and is last seen being led away to his "new quarters" with the promise that he will only be kept there "as long as absolutely necessary". As the Chairman was informed that there were no survivors, he may have been silenced.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Gavin Free
  • Armor Color: Blue with White Trim
  • Appearance: Reconstruction Chapter 3
  • Status: Deceased

Jones is part of the Blue Team stationed at Outpost 28, "Rat's Nest". The other members of the team constantly mispronounce his name, saying it as "Jo-ENN-ess".[26] He is shot in the back by Caboose and dies soon after. In Recreation there is a private named Jones, who disables Epsilon Church with a weapon similar to Doc's. CT congratulates him, but he says his name is pronounced Jo-ENN-ess and is killed by Smith immediately after.


  • Full Name: Miller
  • Voice Actor: Ray Murphy
  • Armor Color: Blue with Grey Trim
  • Appearance: Reconstruction Chapter 3
  • Status: Deceased

Lieutenant Miller is the commanding officer of the Blue Team at Outpost 28. He expresses immense frustration at Private Caboose and is elated when Washington comes to take the private away. He tells Caboose to never, ever return to Outpost 28 and remains joyful at his leaving even when informed that Jones had died. He was then later seen dead along with the rest of his team, all of them killed by the Meta.

Red Mutineer

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Ben King
  • Armor Color: Red with Maroon Trim
  • Appearance: Reconstruction Chapter 9
  • Status: Alive

The red mutineer appears at the new base of Grif and Simmons, leading their execution. He is disgruntled at the fact that Grif is his unit's commanding officer and that he and Simmons betrayed the team by selling their ammunition to the Blues in their outpost. Upon hearing him insult Grif (then, a staff sergeant), Sarge accuses the soldier of insubordination and knocks him out twice.

Recovery Six

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Armor Color: Black/Steel with Blue Trim
  • Appearance: Reconstruction, Trailer
  • Status: Deceased

Recovery Six was in the same recovery program as Agent Washington. Recovery Six and Recovery Nine were both killed by the Meta while investigating the incident at outpost 17-B Valhalla. He is killed when the Meta surprises them and hits him off his Mongoose by the blade of the Meta's Brute Shot. Recovery Six's Freelancer State name, Armor Enhancement, and AI (if any) are currently unknown. He is the first character to be killed by the Meta in the Halo 3 Engine.

Recovery Nine

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Armor Color: Black/Steel with Red Trim
  • Appearance: Reconstruction, Trailer
  • Status: Deceased

Recovery Nine was in the same recovery program as Agent Washington. Recovery Nine and Recovery Six were both killed by the Meta while investigating the incident at outpost 17-B Valhalla. He dies after his companion, Recovery Six is killed and he battles the Meta until he falls to his death under "The Ship" he was investigating. Recovery Nine's State Name, Armor Enhancement and AI (if any) are currently unknown.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Jack Pattillo
  • Armor Color: White with Black Trim
  • Appearance: "Season 9", Episode Two: The Twins
  • Status: Deceased

Murphy was a UNSC Army Soldier or Marine that defected to the Insurrection stationed at the Bjordinal Cryogenics Research Facility, located on Earth, specifically the Arctic Ocean. He was on patrol duty with another soldier who complained about the temperature, having to be on patrol duty in the middle of the night, and about another soldier named Jenkins. Murphy mainly ignored these comments, and was killed by Freelancer Agent South Dakota who had infiltrated the base with her brother North Dakota, who strangled him to death with rope while his partner was using a terminal. South then proceded to use a voice modulator to lure his partner across the bridge into another room and kill him.


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Brandon Farmahini
  • Armor Color: White with Black Trim/Black with Red Trim
  • Appearance: "Season Nine Episodes 2,3, and 4"
  • Status: All are dead or incapacitated

There are many marines stationed at the cryogenic research facility. One is Murphy's patrol partner and is hit into the ocean by South Dakota. A marine captain with black armor corner's North and South before Carolina comes and incapacitates him. A glimpse of his body can be seen when North, South, and Carolina fall over the edge onto the Pelican. Also there is a marine that finds a rifle on the ground though another marine insists that it is his rifle (These two are voiced by Ian and Anthony from Smosh). Both are then incapacitated by North.

The Great Destroyer

According to "The Great Prophecy" of the race that had allegedly built Gary, The Great Destroyer is a "blue being" who will steal "The Great Weapon" and use it to bring "The Great Doom" to billions of people. The prophecy also states that The Great Destroyer "will be known as the stupidest life form in the universe." Initially, Church assumes that this description refers to Caboose. However, it is Tucker who obtains the sword presumed to be the Great Weapon, apparently contradicting this hypothesis. Later, in the season 3 finale, something appears (off-camera) and single-handedly annihilates Lopez's robot army and then confronts O'Malley himself as Gary announces the arrival of The Great Destroyer. The Blues assume that Tex had done the damage, but she insists that she had been attempting to activate Tucker's sword, without any success. While Church questions Gary about this, the Alien sneaks up on him. Nevertheless, Gary insists that the Great Destroyer is a Shisno (Human), another conflicting point. The entire story behind The Great Destroyer has not been fully revealed.

In the fifth season, it is revealed that Gary was not built by the Aliens, as he claimed, but is actually Wyoming's old AI, Gamma. It is revealed in episode 99 that he and Wyoming are working with O'Malley and Captain Flowers, to corrupt the alien's religion from within, but it remains unclear how much his version of the Great Prophecy is linked to this goal.

However, in Revelation, it's heavily implied that the entire "Great Prophecy" may have been a fabrication created by Project Freelancer as a training scenario.

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