List of Sonic the Comic characters

List of Sonic the Comic characters

This article is for fictional characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise that appear exclusively in the Sonic the Comic continuity, produced by Fleetway.

For the characters of Johnny Lightfoot, Porker Lewis and Tekno, see Freedom Fighters (Sonic the Comic); for Sonic, see Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Comic).

For minor characters in mainstream Sonic continuity, see list of Sonic the Hedgehog characters, and for those appearing in Archie comics continuity see Minor characters in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie).

The writers and artists on Sonic the Comic never received or signed contracts selling the copyright of original characters to Egmont Fleetway; because of this, under British copyright law, they technically own the characters.



B.A.R.F., the Badnik Army Repair Functionaries, were a division of Robotnik's workers who repaired the Badnik robots destroyed by the Freedom Fighters. How big the division was is unknown: only two of its Search and Repair operatives, Cam (a cat) and Bert (a bull) were ever seen. Bert was the general 'handy-man' (with a strong fondness for hammers and hitting things with them); Cam, easily his intellectual superior, dealt more in re-programming computers. Both of them were highly devoted to Robotnik and the "improvements" he'd made to Mobius.

The two appeared in two of their own Sonic's World stories - No More Mr. Nice Bug (STC 32-34) and The Seven Badniks (STC 59-62). In their first appearance, Sonic's ally Porker Lewis made a weapon that could change the programming of Badniks to make them pacifist "Niceniks" (pacifist up until the point you stepped on a flower, anyway). While reprogramming the corrupted Moto Bugs back, B.A.R.F managed to lose two of them and they had to track them down for fear they would infect other Moto Bugs. When the Niceniks launched a vicious assault on them for harming flowers, Cam and Bert retaliated by smashing them.

In their second appearance (wearing new uniforms and with Cam having less jagged teeth), they were tasked with transporting Badniks from the Miracle Planet's Palmtree Panic Zone to Mobius' Green Hill Zone, in order to catch Sonic off guard by having him face Badniks he would not expect to find in that Zone. However, the Palmtree Panic models refused to share a Zone with the older Green Hill Badniks and ran amok, exterminating all the older models. The titular Seven Badniks - Metamoto, Buzzorgsky, Crabaton, Crabinator, Buzznik, Motobotnik and Choppalien - were then built out of Green Hill Badniks by B.A.R.F to pacify the Palmtree Panic models, which they did with ease. The unruly Badniks were then taken back to the Miracle Planet (where they were promptly smashed by the vacationing Freedom Fighters). Cam & Bert never returned again, and neither did the Seven Badniks despite the writer deliberately setting them up to be used again.

Buzzorgsky, Buzznik, Crabbaton and Crabnik use Newtron parts, with the latter two using Crabmeats as well; Metamoto and Motobotnik appear little more than souped-up Motobugs; Choppalien is clearly a modified Chopper, with a secondary mouth.

Notes: though it ran at the same time, 'The Seven Badniks' must be set before the story 'Brotherhood Of Metallix' because of the use of the Palmtree Panic Zones and the Miracle Planet without the Brotherhood's involvement.

The Seven were inspired by cult film Seven Samurai (which would be the basis for The Magnificent Seven also)

Big the Cat

In Sonic the Comic, Big makes a single-panel appearance when Chaos, drained of power and restored to its original fish form, lands next to Big, who is fishing in those waters, prompting him to turn and mumble "Hmmm?"

By #226 of Sonic the Comic Online, Big has fished out Chaos - whom he calls "Buddy" - and the two form an unlikely partnership , with Big unwittingly being used to help Chaos regain his powers. This ended after the encounter with The King Of Ghosts in the Haunted Hill Zone mines; Big, having commented several times in the story that he was hungry, finally looks at Chaos while licking his lips and saying "Really hungry...".

Big returned, however, in a later Christmas Special, it was shown Big has gone from chef to owner of his own restaurant - "Buddy's Bistro" - with Chaos (uneaten) impotently swimming around a fish tank.

Captain Plunder

Captain Plunder leads a band of "Sky Pirates". Plunder himself wears a traditional eyepatch, a black hat, and a wooden leg. Although he first appeared as an antagonist in stories featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies, the character soon became popular enough to receive his own stories. Although Captain Plunder is highly feared by the people of Mobius, he is less respected by his peers. Several encounters with Sonic and his friends have shown him to be little more than a nuisance, and he has a bad reputation among other pirates. Most sensible pirates steer well clear of the dunderhead who has earned himself a place in Queen Zorabel’s bad books. His second-in-command is a reptilian poltergeist called Filch, with a large hole in his head; Plunder shot him dead for taking the last biscuit without asking.

Colonel Granite

A colonel in the British army, Percy Granite suffered from megalomaniacal tendencies and xenophobia - so it was an extremely bad situation when he ran into Amy Rose and Tekno, who had just been transported to Earth during their adventures spent working for the Eternity Ring. He attempted to arrest them on grounds of being aliens and to discover how to get to Mobius, reasoning Earth had to attack it pre-emptively to be on the safe side. The girls were able to teleport back to Mobius, but Granite was able to commandeer the technology they used. By diverting military funds, he used this science to develop a time machine, intending to conquer nineteenth century America with advanced weaponry from the twentieth. This brought him into conflict with Amy and Tekno once again, who chased him back to his own time. Threatening the heroes with his superior numbers and firepower, he commanded Tekno to give him the co-ordinates for the location of Mobius. Tekno complied, but destroyed Granite's computers in the process and escaped with Amy, believing they had seen the last of the villainous colonel. Unbeknownst to them, Granite had managed to create a copy of the co-ordinates he needed and started over once more.

Granite finally rebuilt his dimensional gateway, and set about planning his invasion of Mobius. On New Year's Eve 1998, he went AWOL with an army regiment and invaded the Emerald Hill Zone, trouncing the Freedom Fighters with superior firepower and planning to sell off the conquered Zones to human industrial developers (and rename Mobius "Planet Percy" after himself). Although Sonic managed to block off Granite's main portal to Mobius- although he was forced to use the back-up portal in Granite's Scotland base when the explosion left him trapped on the Earth side of the portal-, Grainte was only finally defeated by a freak storm that took out his regiment and blew them back through the dimensional gateway to Earth, as though the spirit of nature itself had fought back against Granite and his plans to destroy the ecosystem. He was last seen being arrested on the order of the Prime Minister, who had met Sonic and discovered Granite's plans.

Commander Brutus

Commander Brutus is former trooper of the Special Badnik Service, who is selected by Robotnik to be programmed with a copy of his brainwaves in order to create the ultimate trooper. Operating as Robotnik's second-in-command, he quickly manages to capture Sonic and his allies, but an enraged Super Sonic defeats him and rips off his arm. He eventually takes on Robotnik's desire to rule Mobius, and soon rebels against Robotnik. After gaining an army, he launches an attack against him, but he is killed after being doused in liquid nitrogen and shattered. He returns for a brief period of time when Robotnik becomes a god after absorbing energy from the Chaos Emeralds and resurrects Sonic's most powerful adversaries; Sonic himself notes that Brutus is "a figure I'd hoped never to see again". Sonic brings down the villains by knocking Brutus into Plasmas, which disrupts Plasmas's electrical makeup and causes a chain reaction that destroys them all.

His skills make him a highly formidable opponent for Sonic and his friends to fight. Thanks to the invulnerable nature of his Megatal armour, Brutus is superhumanly strong and highly resistant to physical damage. Equipped with an anti-gravity device, Brutus is also capable of flight at great speed. When his hand is destroyed in battle with Super Sonic, he repaires it with a replacement part that double as a powerful laser gun. He is also capable of viewing the infrared spectrum and seeing through solid objects.

It is interesting to note that Brutus is one of the few foes that Sonic has never actually been able to defeat. In every battle with him, Sonic has been completely outmatched and had to resort to becoming Super Sonic to defeat him the first time around. It was Robotnik himself who was responsible for finally finishing Brutus by freezing him with ice cannons attached to an exoskeletal suit of armour, thus weakening his atomic structure, and with an almighty punch smashed Brutus into pieces.

Dr. Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik is initially known as Doctor Ovi Kintobor, a kindly scientist from Earth who, through unexplained means, accidentally stranded on Mobius. He decides to make the world into a true paradise by eradicating the negative energy from it. He befriends Sonic and helps him attain his speed and blue coloration, and begins his plan to use the chaos emeralds to absorb the evil energy. He is eventually exposed to the evil energy after an accident, which transforms him into Robotnik. He manages to take over the planet after sending Sonic and his friends six months into the future, and he makes it his goal to acquire the reality-warping power of the Chaos Emeralds for his own.

He manages to obtain their power twice, but he is defeated both times. After his second defeat, he is drained of all of his power, including the negative engery, which returns him to Kintobor. Kintobor becomes the grand vizier of Shanazar, a planet residing in a sub-atomic universe, and greatly helps them with technological improvements. Despite his best efforts, he eventually turns back into Robotnik and fuses the two universes together. He eventually goes into a spiral of depression, finding all of his battles to be meaningless, and he attempts to destroy Mobius outright. After finding Chaos and unleashing it upon Sonic, he helps gather the emeralds, so that they can all die after Chaos absorbs them, though his plan fails.

Doctor Zachary

Doctor Zachary
Publication information
Publisher Egmont Fleetway
First appearance Sonic the Comic #65 (November 1995)
Created by Richard Elson, Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn
In-story information
Alter ego Doctor Zachary
Team affiliations The Syndicate, Doctor Robotnik, The Ancient Echidnas
Abilities Enhanced physical attributes, Genius intelligence, Flight, Energy bolts

Doctor Zachary is a fictional character who first appeared in Sonic the Comic #65 as an enemy of Knuckles the Echidna, and has featured more prominently in the online continuation of the series as leader of The Syndicate. Zachary is one of only two Echidnas known to still be alive. He has secret knowledge of the Echidna people, and may even know where they went.

When he first returned to the Floating Island, he claimed he was being hunted by a dangerous robot (in actuality an Echidna Guardian robot he had reprogrammed); the surprised Knuckles was tricked into taking him to the Emerald Chamber. Zachary then had the robot invade the Chamber and destroy the Master Emerald, absorbing its Chaos Energy into itself. He then boarded the super-charged robot and set off to devastate Mobius & get an unknown revenge on the other Echidnas, leaving the Floating Island to crash. However, Knuckles caught him before he could escape and decapitated Zachary's robot.

However, before Knuckles could take him prisoner, an inopportune quake threw Zachary from the island, sending him plummeting towards Mobius. While airborne, Zachary was able to use the robot's body to soften his landing, but the impact left him horribly injured. He would have died if not found by a Badnik patrol.

Dr. Robotnik took a special interest in Zachary, believing that Knuckles was the only Echidna on Mobius, and saved Zachary's life by integrating him with Badnik technology, replacing his right arm with a laser cannon and the entire right side of his head and face. In return, Zachary was able to provide Robotnik with important information, namely that the Emerald Hill folk were hiding out on the Floating Island. The pair attacked and successfully took control of the Island, using a gang of reprogrammed Guardian robots and planning to use the Emerald Hill folk as organic components in a vast supercomputer. However, an electromagnetic pulse caused by Super Sonic surged across the planet shutting down all of Robtonik's computer networks and Badniks. The Guardian robots, products of ancient echidna science, were unaffected, but the software that Zachary used to control them was destroyed and they ceased obeying him. Knuckles fought Zachary one-on-one, though halfway through Sonic the Hedgehog suddenly intervened and knocked the villain out. In the ensuing confusion over arresting Robotnik, Zachary burrowed into the heart of the Floating Island to escape. Due to STC's cancellation, his fate remained a mystery.

On the sonicthecomic E-group, Nigel Kitching revealed that an unused plan for Zachary was that he was still on the Island when it sunk (during the last storyline), and was trying to release a gang of Echidna criminals that had been placed in suspended animations. (Kitching admitted elsewhere that he had not taken Zachary into consideration when he wrote the island's submergence.)

In Sonic the Comic Online, Zachary resurfaced and attempted to take control of Super Sonic. When that failed, he assembled a gang of supervillains called the Syndicate and brought to life a dormant Shadow the Hedgehog, with the intent of using the Chaos Emeralds to ignite all of Mobius' residual Chaos Energy and literally blow up the planet. The plan failed and Zachary's mysterious ally Vichama betrayed him; Knuckles was able to capture him and took him to the Floating Island for questioning. This has not gone well, with Zachary refusing to answer questions and instead taunting Knuckles over the death of the Special Zone.

Archie comics echidna villain Dr. Finitevus, introduced almost a decade later, has a similar look to Zachary. As a cyborg Echidna dedicated to Mobius' subjugation, Zachary could serve as a counterpart to Archie's Dark Legion due to his cybernetic replacements and apparent skill with programing.

There is some debate amongst fans about what Zachary is actually a Doctor of. Many presume that he is a doctor of engineering or robotics given his demonstrated expertise.


An acronym for Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe, D.R.A.T. were a recurring group of enemies for Sonic and the Freedom Fighters before and after Robotnik's downfall. Despite their best efforts to be evil, the group is usually ridiculed by Sonic's gang and finally suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Tails and Charmy Bee. Their leader and best known member is Grand Chief Whip, a rooster who wears "The Golden Mustache" on a chain around his neck who takes incredible pride in his position.

The initiation ceremony for the group seems decidedly strange, as candidates must balance on one foot in a bucket of custard while kissing The Golden Mustache and reciting the initiation oath.


Ebony is an anthropomorphic cat and a skilled magic-user. She ran a coffee bar named the Groovy Train and was best friends with a slightly senile seer called Pyjamas. She first appeared in the Knuckles the Echidna story Roots, trying to prevent sentient trees from being cut down. After Robotnik was defeated, she took in the homeless Super Sonic in his pacifistic phase and tried to hide him from both the law and Lord Sidewinder's thugs. Despite her knowledge of what Super Sonic truly was, she was convinced that he had made a genuine change, ultimately putting her at odds with Sonic and his team. When Super Sonic began to die from a loss of Chaos energy, Ebony helped him to recharge by bringing him to face the monstrous Perfect Chaos, confident that the power would not bring back his insane rage. When Super Sonic was transformed back into a raging demon, Sonic convinced her to rejoin the two hedgehogs once more.

Ebony has also appeared in Sonic the Comic Online, the unofficially official continuation to the series; first accompanying Sonic and Porker Lewis to the bottom of the sea to recover the sunken Floating Island, and then on the island itself to purge eight thousand years of fear and pain from the memories of Tikal the Echidna.

Ebony makes a brief non-canon cameo appearance in #134 of the Archie Sonic comics, done as an in-joke tribute by the artist Jon Gray.

Fabian Vane

A recurring comic-relief character in the post-#100 issues, Fabian Vane is the worst singer that ever lived. He was a major star until Amy and Tekno uncovered how much money he owed to various debtors for writing his songs, designing his clothes, plastic surgery et al.; revealed as a fake and having to pay what he owed, he was left relying on his fans to support him - just as the new hot star Peter Android debuted. Fabian tried time and again to make a comeback, including faking his own kidnapping, and took many rubbish jobs and became a major annoyance for the Freedom Fighters. Finally, a group of Mobians encouraged him to use the Eternity Ring to spread his music to other worlds, hoping to ensure he'd be gone from Mobius forever, but Amy and Tekno saved him.


Fleabyte is a bounty hunting anthropomorphic cat who speaks with a Texan dialect. Though he believed Dr. Robotnik to be a "fair and glorious ruler" while the villain ruled Mobius, he appears to have no actual links to the doctor, like B.A.R.F. or Metamorphia, but instead is free-lance. While good at his job, Fleabyte is not very intelligent. He has a robotic arm that he can pick locks with.

Fleabyte pursued Tails twice; first in the story Fox On The Run (STC 73-76), where he ran into Tails and a mouse named Tantrum in the Flower Zone. While Tails and Tantrum fought their way though a trap-filled underground cavern, Fleabyte simply tracked their heat signals from above and when the two emerged, apprehended them. Unfortunately for him, he made a mistake in not tying Tails' tails and Tails flew in the air, dragging Fleabyte with him. Although he fell some distance after shooting through the rope, Fleabyte landed on his feet (as cats 'always do') and took Tantrum hostage. Tantrum's incredibly loud voice caused nearby rocks to fall and knock the cat out and the two escaped.

Fleabyte's only other appearance was Fleatbyte Returns (STC 80), another Tails story. Having lost all his money in the Casino Night Zone, Fleabyte captured Tails only to be captured himself by Commander Brutus' Trooper forces. Tails and Fleabyte worked together to escape, and once free Fleabyte tried to trap Tails again. Tails caught him this time and tied him in his own net. Fleabyte was not seen again except for a small cameo in the online series as an inmate of the same asylumn Robotnik was dwelling in.


Grimer is Robotnik's lab assistant, a green-skinned Igor-type character who bears the brunt of much of his master's wrath. Grimer is shown to be the main technical genius in Robotnik's organization (comparable to Robotnik himself), and in this universe was the main force behind creating the Metallix robots (see Metal Sonic). Indeed, the Metallix robots were created by Grimer, even in an alternate reality in which Robotnik had never existed.

Grimer was pathologically loyal to Robotnik, willingly taking all the abuse meted out to him and staying at his side throughout. When he was briefly left in charge of the Metropolis Zone, he was as draconian as possible in order arrest many citizens (for crimes such as being outside during the 5:00pm curfew that was announced at 5:05 and having 'longer than regulation' ears) so Robotnik would be pleased. When driven to help Robotnik, he has proven to be a very competent and dangerous enemy: when imprisoned, he secretly took over the jail and used it as a base of operations to launch multiple assaults on Sonic and to hack the Kintobor computer.

Several times he was in positions where he could have become an independent villain but he always remained loyal to Robotnik - when Robotnik was overthrown (and Grimer was still free), he rescued his master from his trial; he pretended to defect to the Drakon Empire as part of Robotnik's grand plan when he could've just as easily genuinely defected; and when Robotnik was shrunk to the size of an atom, Grimer plotted tirelessly from behind the scenes to retrieve him. His only act of weakness occurred when Robotnik attempted to kill the entire planet; realizing this included him, Grimer helped the Freedom Fighters. However, he returned to his master's side immediately afterwards.

Trying to cheer up Robotnik, who was left depressed after his plan to kill Mobius had failed, Grimer released Chaos. In the following story, Grimer realised his master had gone suicidally insane when he found out Robotnik's new plan consisted of summoning the Chaos creature to the Chaos Emeralds and watching Mobius die in the process. Grimer finally snapped, calling his old boss crazy and quitting his service. In the online continuation of Sonic the Comic, it is revealed Grimer, feeling guilty and depressed, has built a Robotnik robot and spends his days pretending his master is still sane.

Desiring revenge against Sonic for driving Robotnik insane, Grimer concocts an elaborate plan: with the help of the Kane Broadcasting Company, he begins a media smear campaign against Sonic, claiming that Sonic was responsible for turning Kintobor into Robotnik and that Sonic was merely a front for Super Sonic, the hero's demonic alter ego. He also designed a new, shapeshifting model of Metallix (based on the Neo Metal Sonic from Sonic Heroes) to take Sonic's form and go on a crime spree. These deeds have completely destroyed Sonic's reputation; the hedgehog is now hated and feared worldwide, and his friends no longer trust him. His vengeance fulfilled, Grimer appeared as a hologram to taunt Sonic, boasting that the hero will never be trusted again.


He is named after Gríma Wormtongue from The Lord of the Rings, and an editorial error in #178 gave "Grimer Wormtongue" as his full name. On the sonicthecomic Yahoo mailing list, Nigel Kitching has revealed that originally Snively was going to be Robotnik's assistant as he thought that he was required to use the character (as the television cartoon was debuting); when Kitching discovered he did not have to, he created Grimer instead. The script for "Girl Trouble", Grimer's first appearance, has all his lines attributed to Snively.

Hobson and Choy

A pair of criminal escapees from the Drakon Empire, Hobson and Choy made a single appearance in a two-part story of the same name. Choy, a small, cowardly purple beaver, is allegedly the brains behind the pair; his partner, a hulking, super-strong blue walrus named Hobson, is the muscle.

Slated for execution by the Drakon authorities, the pair staged an escape. While Hobson subdued their guards, Choy was able to activate a Drakon Sword, opening a portal to the planet Mobius through which they escaped. Materialising in Doctor Robotnik's hidden base on Flickies' Island, the pair were easily coerced into the villain's service ("They were easier to fool than Knuckles was!") when he informed them that he was a heroic rebel and Sonic was simply a cover identity for an evil dictator named Super Sonic. The pair left to confront Sonic at the Emerald Hill Zone, where they were quickly beaten. Fleeing back to Robotnik's base, they were not seen again during the run of the comic.

The duo made a reappearance in Sonic the Comic Online, an online continuation of the cancelled STC series. They work for the Kane Broadcasting Company, working as "investigative reporters" for a televised smear campaign intended to ruin Sonic's image. They still believe Sonic is a cover for Super Sonic.

King Sonic

In an alternate reality where it was Sonic that had the ROCC accident instead of Kintobor, King Sonic was a ruthless dictator who controlled an Orwellian-style Mobius with an iron fist. He looks identical to Sonic, but wears a red cape and crown. Little information is given about him, but he appears to command a large army of Badniks and resides in a dark castle built in his image.

His constant foes are his worlds Freedom Fighters, led by Amy Rose and Tails. During their dimension hopping adventures in the Time Zone arc, Sonic and Amy encountered and defeated the villain by driving him into an insane rage during battle, turning him into Super Sonic. Given the reversed nature of Sonic in this dimension, 'King Super Sonic' was not evil like the mainstream version, instead appearing as a pacifist. It may be worth noting that this benign Super Sonic lacked scarlet spirals in the place of pupils, unlike his malevolent counterpart.

In the book Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension, an alternate-past Sonic has the same accident and is transformed into "Cinos the Anti-Sonic", with an inverted colour scheme and a personality rather like the STC Super Sonic.


Dr. Ovi Kintobor is a fictional character from Sonic the Comic and related British publications, who originally attempted to absorb all of Mobius' evil into the Chaos Emeralds (for more detail, see Robotnik). He plays a prominent role in the backstory of Sonic the Hedgehog, having provided Sonic with his red-and-white sneakers and facilitated his transformation from a brown, prickly hedgehog to his current, streamlined, blue look. He is even more important in the history of Dr. Robotnik, as an accident involving the Emeralds (and a rotten egg) transformed him into the evil doctor prior to the first issue of the series. Being rather more slight than Dr. Robotnik, Kintobor coincidentally resembles the later canonical character of Gerald Robotnik.

Nevertheless, Kintobor continued to play a role in the series in the form of the computer used by the Freedom Fighters. In an early issue, Sonic explained to Tails that he merely used a hologram of Kintobor's head to help him access some restricted files on Kintobor's personal computer, but this was soon retconned, and for much of the series' run the computer was Kintobor himself, his personality and brainwaves having been preserved on a single gold ring. He loyally served as the Freedom Fighter's computer for the duration of the series, though he was briefly hacked into and turned evil by Grimer.

Kintobor appeared twice more in later issues of the comic, in person. The first instance of this was during a scheme by the Brotherhood of Metallix to erase Robotnik from history, and thus allow Metallix to take over the whole of Mobius. Only Sonic the Hedgehog was preserved from the original timeline, and he discovered that it had been Robotnik's associate Grimer that had constructed Metallix, and that Robotnik's contribution had been the installation of a self-destruct device, which could have kept the Metallix in check. Sonic then found himself in the unenviable position of having to travel back in time and actually cause the accident that first turned Kintobor into Robotnik.

Kintobor later appeared on the planet Shanazar. Once Robotnik had been drained of some temporary powers (possibly Chaos radiation) granted by the Chaos Emeralds, he shrank to subatomic size and found himself on Shanazar. Here he transformed into Kintobor and was taken on as the vizier of Princess Kupacious. Unfortunately, he found that his transformation back into Kintobor was not permanent, and developed an elixir to keep Robotnik "at bay", but this ultimately failed and Robotnik regained control. (Nigel Kitching proposed using this as a way of bringing in the "Dr Eggman" design for Robotnik, but this did not go through)

In the "unofficially official" online continuation, STC-Online!, Kintobor appeared once more in flashback, it was revealed he had accidentally ended up on Mobius while on the way to the supermarket. It was shown he'd found the six Chaos Emeralds in a hollow hill in the Emerald Hill Zone, along with a cache of Echidna-Drakon war detritus and an experimental chaos-energy being dubbed Shadow. As well as researching the Emeralds and making contact with the Equinox Crocodile Research Team in the Special Zone (as well as the Omni-Viewer), he tutored Shadow. Due to his transformation into Robotnik and subsequent insanity, Shadow later resurfaced with the intention of following his friend's last wish - to kill the world.

The novel Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension had Sonic using time-travel to ensure Kintobor never had his accident, only to be forced to ensure he did become Robotnik after it was revealed that otherwise nothing could stop an other-dimensional gang of mythological creatures from altering the universe.

Marxio Brothers

One of the earliest of Sonic The Comic's thinly vieled parodies. The Marxio Brothers (Grouchio, Chicio, Harpio) are a strange mix of 1930 comedians The Marx Brothers and video game icons the Super Mario Bros., debuting at a time when Sega and Nintendo were major rivals in the video game industry.

The Marxio Brothers were three electricians who came from 'Marxio World', a place they are terrified of (most likely poking fun at the 'horror' of being in a Mario or Nintendo game and not a Sonic Universe) who became agents of Dr. Robotnik running his 'commercial ventures'.

They debuted running the Casino Night Zone in 'Casino Night' (STC 18) where they were scamming Mobians using hypnosis to make them compulsive gamblers. In 'Carnival Night Conspiracy' (STC 39-44) the Brothers had another theme park, this time the Carnival Night Zone being built on the Floating Island as another money-maker for Robotnik; initially they managed to convince Knuckles Robotnik was not involved and that he could use the money from the Zone to renovate the older Zones on the island, and an attempt at killing him on a roller coaster convinced him to let them stay ("I loved the ride!"). The Guardian found them out anyway (due to Chicio's incompetence), and he split the Carnival Night Zone from the Floating Island to drop to Mobius below.

Following Robotniks' removal from power, the Marxio Brothers convinced the Mobian authorities that Robotnik had duped them and were able to buy the Chemical Plant Zone, with the intent of making it environmentally friendly. They called Sonic in because of a problem that they felt might cause the zone to detonate, which turned out to be Megatox; whether or not this was a deliberate trap for Sonic is left unknown, though the Marxios denied it.

The Marxio Brothers also star in a series of Mobian video games as seen in STC #26, which Sonic is not a fan of - "who cares about the adventures of three electricians?"

In the unofficial continuation of Sonic the Comic, Chicio appears in #239, being interviewed for a tabloid smear campaign against Sonic; there was a small cameo before this for the game Super Marxio Sunshine.

Max Gamble

Max Gamble is a money-obsessed stereotypical gangster based out of the Casino Night Zone and running many casinos, as well as various dangerous fly-by-night enterprises. He is so obsessed with money that when Tails was defending the Zone from being exterminated by Commander Brutus, Gamble threatened violence against him unless Tails did it quicker so people would go back to his casinos. He would later try to have Tails killed for humiliating him, as well as loyally helping Robotnik turn people into Badniks.

When Robotnik was overthrown, he made a bid to have his mob assume control over the whole Zone; Tails rallied the citizens against him, and the mobsters themselves turned on him when it was revealed Gamble was sending money to Robotnik. He and his criminal activities would occasionally pop up to harass the Freedom Fighters, including running holidays to Robotnik's old Flickies Island base (which nearly killed several people) before he was finally forced to go on the run. He used the Eternity Ring to escape Mobius and ended up in a world shaped by people's thoughts; he created a world based around gangster films to amuse himself before Amy Rose and Tekno took him down.

In Sonic the Comic Online, he has become a lackey for the Insect Family crime organisation.


Megatox was a scientist working for Robotnik on a chemical called Mega Mack, the pink liquid that floods the Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and is designed to kill Sonic, but the compartment he was working in was flooded with the poisonous substance. By some quirk of fate the scientist, instead of dying, became one with the Mega Mack, and as Megatox he haunted the sewer systems of the Chemical Plant Zone. He faced Sonic early into the hedgehog's rebellion against Robotnik (issue 10); unable to defeat him with simple violence, Sonic drained him from the tunnels he was fighting him in and dispersed him over wasteland.

Megatox returned much later, when Robotnik had been overthrown and the Marxio Brothers had bought the Zone. The Marxios asked Sonic and Tails to check out strange happenings in the Zone, which turned out to be Megatox charging himself up to be blown out of the chemical plant and dump himself all over Emerald Hill Zone, leaving it uninhabitable. Annoyingly for Megatox, Sonic had forgotten who he was and even when he remembered he manages to get his name wrong. Megatox was more powerful now, able to change from liquid to solid state and back again. Sonic, despite being heavily poisoned by Mega Mack, deduces that Megatox has to be solid to hit him and manages to attack him a split second before contact. This defeated Megatox, and he was swept up and removed by the Marxios.

Megatox's last appearances was as one of the enemies that Robotnik, in his god-like state, resurrected to battle Sonic in Showdown (issue 130).

Megatox can bend the Mega Mack around him to his will, shooting it at high pressure and splitting his consciousness into multiple Mega Mack 'bodies'.

Nigel Kitching once revealed that Megatox was only brought back at the request of his son.


Mesmer the Goat, was an agent working for of Dr. Robotnik with a 'talent for hypnosis'. He used a large staff with a ruby red jewel to control a whole village into thinking that they were worshippers of an Ancient Sun Goddess, as a test of his powers, in the Knuckles the Echidna Story 'Village Of The Damned' (STC 85-86).

When Knuckles stumbled upon the village, Robotnik (watching from a disguise as a Tavern Landlord, a chicken) used the ruse as an attempt to kill the guardian, by having Mesmer convince the townspeople that they needed to sacrifice him to their god, shortly before being sacrificed Knuckles deduced what was happening and took Mesmer's staff from him, using it to break the spell.

Knuckles was, at the time, on a journey back from Mobius to the Floating Island, and after an explanation from Robotnik, he left. Mesmer was never used again.

Note: though Knuckles used the staff, and Robotnik revealed he intended to use Mesmer to control the whole populace of Mobius, the staff was never smashed.


Metamorphia is a female 'shape shifter', able to both transform herself into anything she wanted and change parts of her body independly of the rest of it, such as turning her hand into an anvil or blade. Metamorphia was created by Dr. Robotnik and idolised & loved him (her room in #52 has self-drawn pictures of him on the wall), desperate to please him and have her feelings reciprocated. She failed every attempt to destroy Sonic The Hedgehog and his freedom fighters, and when not in battle appeared to be very insecure and self-conscious.

Sonic first met Metamorphia when she, posing as a sweet bear, lured him into a trap in The Grim Zone, where Sonic thought she had perished after falling into one of the Zone's fiery pits, she in fact assumed a fireproof form and survived. Metamorphia returned in the guise of a rival green hedgehog named Cosmic, who challenged Sonic to a race, once lured away from help and the Green Hill Zone, Metamorphia revealed herself and attacked him, only to be defeated again (# 30 & 31). She would resurface pretending to be Sonic's long-lost twin Tonic, though her cover was quickly blown and she was easily defeated by the Freedom Fighters (#51 & 52).

Metamorphia's fall from grace occurred in The Cybernik Strikes Back (issues 63-67); while she was able to defeat Shortfuse the Cybernik and capture Tekno, she failed to stop them detonating a large part of the Chemical Plant Zone. As punishment, Robotnik removed her shape-shifting powers and had her turned into a Badnik. Sometime later Tails was attacked in the Grim Zone by the Badnik Metamorphia, angrily blaming Tails and the other Freedom Fighters for making her like this. Once the Badnik was destroyed and Metamorphia was free, sobbing that she had failed again, she turned her back on being evil and said that she now hated Robotnik. Suddenly Metamorphia then experienced one last final change into a sweet bear (not much different from the form she took in her first appearance) and left to live a new life (#83).

Metamorphia was one of the enemies that Robotnik, in his god-like state, resurrected to battle Sonic in Showdown (issue 130), though this was not the real Metamorphia.

Notes: Exactly what species Metamorphia was is unknown. Her final form was an anthropomorphic bear and in her debut she also resembled a bear, however after, she looked much more like an evil cat similar to Cam from B.A.R.F. Regardless, she is now a bear.

Nack the Weasel

For his appearance in the Archie Sonic comic series, see Nack the Weasel, and for his appearances in the games, see Fang the Sniper.

Nack used to be a member of the Chaotix Crew, but betrayed them to the Brotherhood of Metallix for money. The Metallix then betrayed him in turn, but he'd come prepared with a neural disruptor gun. He was however blasted in the back before he could use it (Knuckles later took and used it instead), and spent the next few months in a prison hospital. He broke out and appeared sporadically throughout the comic, working solely for financial gain either through mercenary work or robbing banks/ancient treasures, and he twice battled the Chaotix.

His character was said to be a scientific genius, as shown with his development of the neural disruptor and knowledge of how to hack the Omni-Viewer, with the main focus in the comic being on his use of shrinking objects. He first used a shrink ray in order to shrink down echidna treasures in the Sandopolis Zone so he could more easily steal them & then re-expand them before hopefully selling them on. He later developed gas cartridges that let him shrink and grow objects, people and even himself. He used this several times for combat purposes but on both occasions he was defeated.

He finally teamed up with Robotnik's loyal lackey Grimer, developing a belt-like device that could shrink people down to sub-molecular levels. It is never officially stated why he did this, but it is assumed he was paid, or promised payment, by Grimer. Using this, he and Grimer intended to retrieve Robotnik (who had been shrunken to these levels and was presumed dead); in the process, they came across the sub-molecular, mystical world of Shanazar. Nack would eventually help Robotnik not only return to Mobius but also merge it with Shanazar in the process, after which he was never seen again. Oddly, after having such a crucial role in starting the Shanazar run of stories, Nack never really had much of a role in those stories. Nigel Kitching, as revealed on the sonicthecomic Yahoo group, revealed that he originally planned to have Sonic chase after Nack through Shanazar so he could use his belt device to return to Mobius, but he was fired off the comic before that could happen (he was rehired by a later editor).

In the unofficial online continuation of Sonic the Comic, Nack reappeared going on a crime spree across the city, with Tails hot on his trail. After constantly remaining one step ahead of the cops and also nearly killing Tails with a bomb, Nack was finally brought down when Tails caused his getaway plane to crash into a river. Though no body was found, he was presumed dead. In actuality, he survived. After vowing revenge on Tails, he decided to lie low for a while.


The Omnipotent Omni-Viewer, or Omni for short, was a sentient energy field who served as the founder and guiding force for the Chaotix team. It resembled a floating flat-panel television with a force field instead of a screen, and a face formed out of deviations on its surface. Introduced in Sonic the Comic #8 as an old friend of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Omni-Viewer was forced by Dr. Robotnik to transport Sonic and his friends into the future, thereby allowing the evil scientist to take over. However, Omni tricked Robotnik and sent Sonic six months into the future, thus obeying Robotnik while leaving Sonic in a position to set things right.

Omni could travel anywhere in the Special Zone or Mobius instantly (or transport other characters if they passed into his energy field). For a lengthy run, Omni attempted to imprison Super Sonic, a murderous and powerful entity who by that time had been separated from Sonic entirely, within his energy field by stopping time. However, Super Sonic was not completely trapped in Omni, a hand remained outside the field, allowing a small allowing time to pass, the best Omni could achieve then was to slow time down to a crawl. Because of Super Sonic's great speed, he eventually managed to escape, and was instrumental in ridding Mobius of Robotnik's rule as the explosion he used to escape caused and EMP wave destroying all electronic circuitry, freeing every badnik on the planet.

Nutzan Bolt

Nutzan Bolt is a fictional antagonist of Miles "Tails" Prower and The Flock in Sonic the Comic.

Nutzan Bolt was a general for Robotnik, running operations in the Chemical Plant Zone. He was originally able to pass himself off as being sensible and open to negotiation, convincing Sol Furic of the Flock that he could be worked with; Nutzan swiftly proved himself to be, in fact, a total nutter, killing with gleeful abandon and becoming enraged at the mere mention of Sonic ("he said the S-Word!"). He sported a giant muscular body, armed with neck-saws and subservient robot heads all round his neck, and his head would heat up & steam when he got enraged.

When Sonic and Tails became separated from each other at Chemical Plant, Tails accidentally inside Nutzan Bolt’s lair whilst he was communicating with Robotnik. It was there that Tails overheard Nutzan’s plan to flood the surrounding Zones with Mega Mack, and the psychotic droid decided to silence him. After becoming angry at the mere mention of "the S-word!" Nutzan Bolt was distracted by a flash bomb and Tails was rescued by Sab as they fled into the sewers. Tails and the Flock attempted to prevent Nutzan and his cronies from dismantling the barrier that held the Mega Mack in place out of the other Zones, and while the Flock handled the cronies Nutzan Bolt decided to deal with the fox personally. Tails was pursued to a side entrance to the Zone, finding himself completely outmatched, and he only won by a complete fluke - because he accidentally the door's computer to open and close three times: the door closed, opened (letting Nutzan in), closed (coming down on Nutzan as he came in), opened once again and then on its final close it decapitated the robot. However, the head sprouted wheels and Nutzan fled screaming that he would have his revenge eventually.

Nutzan Bolt managed to find himself a new body eventually, but rather than a new mechanical frame he attached himself to an invulnerable body of living ice. Nutzan Bolt became obsessed with finding Tails and began ripping apart the Zone, causing it to be frozen by chemical ice & snow which made it uninhabitable to anyone but him, and finally succeeded in killing most of the Flock. However, Sab managed to bring Tails back to the Zone and Nutzan's former ally Sol Furic defected to their side. Together the three of them emerged on the surface and fought Nutzan Bolt in his new Ice Palace. They were easily dispatched and Tails was on the verge of being killed when he accidentally Sonic's name several times in succession; Nutzan's head overheated with rage, causing his body to melt. Reduced once again to just his head, Nutzan Bolt decided to finish off his enemies by melting the Ice Palace which inversely caused Nutzan himself to drown. It is unknown if he was ever salvaged but is unlikely because the Ice Palace consisted of frozen Megamac, melting back into liquid state and making any salvage process nearly impossible to any unprotected Mobian.


A minor villain who appeared as an adversary in the four-part Knuckles story "Roots", Omen is an old rival of Ebony and a skilled magician himself. Apparently a lackey of Dr. Robotnik, he was sent with two cronies wearing powerful suits of armour to destroy an enchanted forest of living trees. He fought Knuckles and Ebony, temporarily defeating the latter with his spells. However, when his thugs destroyed the eldest of the sentient trees, the others in the forest retaliated and defeated the villains.


Sab was the leader of the freedom fighters group The Flock, based in The Chemical Plant Zone and against its tyrannical overlord Nutzan Bolt. She was one of the many sheep living in the Zone before it was turned into the Chemical Plant. She and her partner Sol Furic had fought side by side, until Sol defected to Nutzan Bolt thinking that the robot could be worked with to improve the Zone.

Sab first appearing in the second part of the Tails' story Zonerunner and The Flock (issue 36). It is she who dubs Tails a Zonerunner, a freedom fighter who travels between Zones fighting Robotnik; Tails has repeatedly protested against this but this has fallen on deaf ears. While a strong and capable leader, Sab seemed to fail to notice Tails actually only succeeded by accident throughout the whole story.

In Tails' next encounter with her, all of the Flock were thought to have been murdered in an explosion at the hands of Sol Furic. Sab had survived and, despite initial misunderstanding, it turned out Sol was innocent and wanted to turn against Nutzan. With Sab and Sol's help, Tails managed to destroy Nutzan Bolt for good, melting the chemical ice that had crippled the Chemical Plant Zone.

Sab & Sol were not used again, though the Chemical Plant Zone has reappeared several times; in its return appearances, it bore little resemblance to the Zonerunner stories.

Unlike the regular freedom fighters, who all appear in their teens, Sab and the Flock appear much older.


The self-proclaimed "God of Chaos", Seth was a powerful alien exiled from his home planet to Ancient Egypt along with his reluctant allies Horus and Thoth, where he masqueraded as the Egyptian god Seth and enslaved the Egyptian people. Sonic, Amy and Tekno encountered him on a journey to Earth through the Eternity Ring, where they exposed his trickery, causing the Egyptian slaves to rise up against him. Unwilling to admit defeat, Seth tried to follow Sonic back to Mobius, intending to conquer the planet if he could not have Earth. However, Tekno was able to control the Ring manually to trap Seth in the space between dimensions, seemingly saving reality from his evil.

In Sonic the Comic Online, Seth reappears, commanding an army of slaves, as the surprise opponent of Tekno the canary and Shortfuse the Cybernik

Shortfuse the Cybernik

Shortfuse the Cybernik Badnik, who manages to regain his own self-awareness and declares his own personal war on Robotnik. His armor is made of Megatal, an indestructible material. He is originally Shorty, a short tempered squirrel, who attempts to rescue his friends from being changed into Badniks. He is captured and used to test a new model, the Cybernik. Due to equipment he damaged while trying to free his friends, he is able to resist programming, allowing him to fight against Robotnik. He declines to join the Freedom Fighters initially, but after Sonic is trapped in the Special Zone, he joins the group. His temper eventually gets him kicked out, and he later gains the ability to leave the suit after a number of events.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic is a powered-up form of Sonic the Hedgehog, who appeared in Sonic the Comic, the UK publication by Fleetway Editions. Unlike in other continuities, the Fleetway Super Sonic is portrayed as a psychotic demon-like entity who manifests himself in Sonic's body under conditions of extreme stress or exposure to Chaos Energy. Sonic frequently had to battle to keep this alter-ego in check, because Super Sonic's immense destructive powers, hyperaggression, sadistic humour and lack of restraint frequently endangered innocent civilians and even Sonic's own friends. Indeed, Super Sonic seems to enjoy the prospect of killing Sonic's friends: in issue #184 he deliberately holds back to prolong the pleasure of killing them.

Super Sonic was created when Sonic absorbed a dose of evil energy that had been absorbed by the Chaos Emeralds.


Early appearances

Super Sonic's first appearance, in Sonic the Comic Issue 7|Sonic the Comic #7. Art by Richard Elson. Sonic first transformed into Super Sonic shortly after the events of the first Sonic the Hedgehog video game, having successfully regained all seven of the Chaos Emeralds. However, when brought together in Sonic's Secret Underground Base, the Chaos Emeralds become unstable, and radiate Chaos Energy, generating a spatial warp that sends them into the Special Zone (Sonic the Comic)|Special Zone. When they did so on this occasion, Sonic took the full force of the energy, and transformed into Super Sonic.[1]

Some time later (but before the events of the series proper, presumably during the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2), Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic the Comic)|Tails witnessed Sonic transform into Super Sonic when he absorbed too much Ring Energy from the Golden Rings of Mobius.[2] (In Sonic the Comic, the Golden Rings had been used as a means of channelling evil energy into the Chaos Emeralds by Doctor Ovi Kintobor's Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor|ROCC.)[3]

Super Sonic's first appearance in the series occurred while Sonic and Tails were helping to clean up the Oil Ocean Zone. An Aquis badnik attempted to burn Sonic alive, having lured him into an oil trap, but failed when Sonic transformed into Super Sonic. This was the first time that Sonic had transformed without absorbing Energy from external sources: Sonic later revealed that he had absorbed so much energy over the years that he could now tap into his latent Chaos powers whenever he became stressed or extremely angry which is somewhat like becomin a super saiyan in the anime Dragon Ball Z. Super's uncontrollable nature, these transformations were extremely risky: on this first occasion, Super Sonic attacked the small rabbit he had freed from the Aquis, as well as Tails and their friend Red, until Tails was able to remind Sonic who he was and calm him down enough that he reverted to his usual cool blue persona.[2]

Sonic continued to transform into Super Sonic, first to escape a volcano in the Hill Top Zone,[4] and then again in the Oil Ocean Zone while searching for a Super Bomb.[5] On these occasions, he was still aggressive, but his power could be directed. For example, in the Hill Top Zone, Tails managed to curb Super Sonic's destructive instincts through reverse psychology, leading him to prevent the destruction of a village just to show that he could.[4]

As time went on, Super Sonic became both more powerful - able to fire energy beams from his eyes and wield explosive Chaos Energy - and more dangerous. After intentionally dosing himself with Emerald Power from the Master Emerald, Super Sonic tore apart a Metallix robot, then began to savagely beat Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Comic)|Knuckles until Sonic returned to normal.[6] In #64, where Super forced Commander Brutus into a retreat (tearing off the robot's hand), he almost killed Amy Rose (Sonic the Comic)|Amy Rose when Brutus tried to use her as a human shield, noticing too late that Super was not stopping.

Separate entities

A turning point came when Sonic went to visit Porker Lewis on the Floating Island and accidentally fell into the pit where the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald were suspended. Super Sonic was even more deranged (sporting jagged fangs) and, with no immediate threat to occupy him, decided to go destroy Amy Rose and the other Freedom Fighters. After a destructive battle, the Freedom Fighters used the Tornado as a decoy while they escaped; when Sonic returned to normal, he believed he'd killed his friends and so went underground. The Freedom Fighters managed to track Super Sonic's energies, after he had transformed again during a bar brawl. To save Sonic from himself, his friends channelled the Chaos Energy out of him, through a Star Post into the Special Zone; but so great was the energy that Super Sonic was now given an independent existence in the Special Zone.

The new Super Sonic allied himself with a crime kingpin called Lord Sidewinder, but turned on him the instant the original Sonic arrived, leading to a showdown. It ended when the Omni-Viewer absorbed Super Sonic into his energy field and used his space-time manipulation powers to freeze time inside it, immobilizing both of them. Eventually, however, it transpired that the Omni-Viewer had merely reduced time to a crawl and that Super would eventually emerge. Sonic and Chaotix sealed the Omni-Viewer in the Black Asteroid so that nobody could get to Super Sonic and that even if he escaped, he would be trapped.

Nevertheless, Super Sonic was able to escape by charging himself up so much that he made himself into a sort of electron bomb in order to destroy the Asteroid. This explosion produced an electro-magnetic pulse that spread all over planet Mobius, deactivating all of Doctor Ivo Robotnik (Sonic the Comic)|Doctor Robotnik's badniks and computers, and contributing to the downfall of the doctor's dictatorial rule over the planet. Super Sonic was so drained of energy by this that he lost both his memory and his powers, and he was taken in by two old-age pensioners (Madge and Arthur) once back on Mobius' surface. (#97-100)

While the Freedom Fighters remained unable to find the amnesiac Super Sonic, the hedgehog himself applied for work at the Groovy Train, a coffee bar owned by the witch Ebony and her psychic friend Pyjamas. They attempted to help Super Sonic recover his memory before finding the truth behind his identity. In the process of fighting a villain, Super's memory returned but his new amiable personality remained; he immediately renounced the use of his powers for fear of becoming his former demonic self once more. He then resided with Ebony and Pyjamas from then on, living a peaceful life.

During the comic's adaptation of Sonic Adventure (STC's final story), it was revealed that Super Sonic was dying as his Chaos Energy was running out. Ebony helped him reach the site of the confrontation between Sonic, Robotnik, and the monstrous Chaos creature, hoping to recharge him. Super Sonic hurled himself into Perfect Chaos, absorbing all the Chaos Energy from the creature and reverting it back into its Drakon state. Unfortunately, the re-energized Super Sonic had reverted to his demonic state. In order to save the planet from him, Sonic and Ebony worked together to trick Super Sonic into getting close enough so that Sonic and Super Sonic could be reintegrated into a single being.

Powers and abilities

Super Sonic possesses even greater speed and physical strength than Sonic normally does, an example being that he was able to carve a giant statue of himself out of lava as a volcano erupted. In addition he is also capable of high speed flight and is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space without breathing apparatus.

His favoured attack is his energy beam. He can fire highly destructive blasts of pink energy from his eyes in rapid succession.

In one instance, he superheats his own body to supernova-like temperatures to escape the asteroid that he was trapped in.

Tekno the Canary

Tekno was a former convict and scientist of Dr. Robotnik, and she was set free by the Freedom Fighters. She is like Rotor the Walrus and Miles Tails Prower (in Sonic Adventure) in personality, loving machines and building them. She went on an adventure with Amy Rose through the Omni Viewer, and saw many worlds. She was absent from the Sonic Adventure adaptation.

Tekno has short green hair which covers half of her face. She wears big golden earrings, has blue eyes, and does not have wings, only tail-feathers. Tekno wears a Red-Black striped jumper, and a short black skirt. She also wears Amy-Sonic CD-esque trainers. She does not have the trademark Sonic-cyclops eye.


Born in the ancient past, Tikal was the daughter of the Echidnas (Sonic the Hedgehog) #In Sonic the Comic|Echidna's spiritual leader Pochacamac during the war against the Drakon Empire. Their power was gifted with the ability to see glimpses of the future, and they were able to see Sonic would serve as a champion in the future against the Drakon Empire. Using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Tikal transported Sonic into the ancient past to assist them. However, when a Drakon assault on Megapolis City inadvertently created the monster Chaos, Sonic had to be sent back to the future to prevent him from being killed. Tikal had time enough to ask Sonic what happened to the Echidnas but he was unable to bring himself to tell her they no longer existed in his time.

In Sonic the Comic Online, it was discovered that when the Echidnas imprisoned Chaos, Tikal's spirit was accidentally trapped within him. She spent 8000 years trapped in a state of constant fear until her spirit was able to pass into Sonic (due to his briefly being submerged in Chaos) and through Chaos energy exposure she gained physical form. Tikal decided to remain on the Floating Island, but the memory of her torment soon became so prominent there was a real danger of her being driven insane. Ebony the witch had to erase Tikal's memories to save her, with the side effect of erasing most of her memories of ancient times. Knuckles has tried to bring back her memories by taking her to the ruins of Megapolis City, which lead to her being involved in a battle against Rouge and an encounter with the King of Ghosts.

Recently, she revisited an old Echidna shrine and encountered countless ghosts of murdered Echidnas; this has led to an increasing amount of premonitions about a returning entity named Vichama. She has also been having problems interacting with Knuckles, who is unable to connect with her socially. In #242, Vichama made his presence felt and both Tikal & Knuckles are attempting to stop him.

Tikal is also probably the only Echidna left, next to Knuckles the Echidna.


Trogg, originally named Shirob, was once the oldest and most powerful of the Enchanter Kings, however through his studies he made contact with the "Dark One", driving him insane. Consumed by his power Shirob fled the Nameless Zone across the Dimension Bridge and his form was corrupted along with his mind, transforming him into the monstrous Trogg. He quickly took control of the savage beings, primarily Goblins, who dwelled on this side of the Dimension Bridge and planned to gather a massive army. However, when he attempted to return and invade the Nameless Zone he was humiliated in a fluke victory by Tails who tricked him into falling of the bridge, he saved himself by grabbing onto a rope and pulling himself back up to safety. Humiliated, Trogg briefly revealed himself to the other Enchanter Kings and pretended to be Trogg’s prisoner so they would send help to rescue him, Tails and Errol Blackthorn arrived in the Land Beyond and discovered him, but after he revealed himself they escaped through a portal and told the Enchanter King’s to give up on Shirob.

A while later Trogg managed to kidnap the remaining two Enchanter Kings and even defeated Errol Blackthorn when he tried to rescue them, sending him back transformed into a monster. Shaman Warpfull summoned Tails who had defeated Trogg twice before, and accompanied by Knuckles and Morain (Error’s sister) and broke into Trogg’s fortress by surrendering. Trogg showed them the Dark One which he summoned and used to begin the transformation of the Enchanter Kings into creatures like himself. However, Knuckles stole the orb Trogg had used to summon the Dark One and they escaped with it to the Dimension Bridge, Tails dropping it over the edge. Soon the Dark One was gone and the Enchanter Kings returned to their old state. Trogg attacked but Knuckles knocked him off the bridge, but once again Trogg pulled himself back up and this time managed to attack Tails. But as he was about to kill Tails he began to transform back into Shirob, the transformation took longer as he had been Trogg longer. When they returned to the Nameless Zone Shirob joined the Enchanter Kings; finally free of the Dark One’s touch.

Vermin the Cybernik

Vermin first appeared in #90, and was created by Lew Stringer and Roberto Corona. Originally an anonymous anthropomorphic, humanoid rat, he was an informant for the Freedom Fighters but betrayed them to Robotnik out of the desire to be a Cybernik. He proved to be a vicious thug and bully in his armour, relishing the power and the ability to do damage to weaker Mobians. As well as superhuman strength and indestrutible metal armour, he shoots laser from his eyes and his tail can inject a crippling computer virus.

He lured the Freedom Fighters into a trap in the Gum Tree Zone, defeated Shortfuse the Cybernik and almost wiped out the team in his first appearance; only by using the Zone's natural resources was Amy Rose able to force Vermin to retreat. He clashed once more with Shortfuse at a later date, this time losing after the desire to beat him consumed the hero. He then was part of Grimer's Badnik army sent in to put down a Metropolis Zone uprising, cornering the Freedom Fighters and only being defeated when Super Sonic's EM pulse offlined his armour.

Vermin was incarcerated after Robotnik was defeated but broke out at New Year's Eve. Going on one last rampage, he battled Shortfuse for a final time; attempting to use his computer virus on his enemy, it was his armour that became infected with a program that caused it to open up. Shortfuse destroyed the armour while it was vulnerable, leaving Vermin as a regular criminal.

In Sonic the Comic Online, Vermin is locked up in the same asylum as Robotnik, wearing a replica of his Cybernik armour. It was stated on the message board that wearing that is what had him be judged insane and sent to the asylum.[7]

Characters in Sonic the Comic Online

Vichama, The god of Death

A character unique to Sonic the Comic Online, the 'unofficially official' continuation of Sonic the Comic, Vichama appeared early on in the series run as the partner of Dr. Zachary and a member of his Syndicate, helping to use the Chaos Emeralds to literally blow up Mobius. He was seemingly a superpowered mass murderer from ancient times, sealed away by the Ancient Echidnas of Mobius before being freed by Zachary eight millennia later. A tall, muscular and imposing echidna, Vichama served as added muscle and showed both an eager desire for slaughter & a boredom with the more convoluted parts of Zachary's plot. When Zachary's plot was thwarted, he abandoned him (deliberately knocking him out) and, referring to himself as 'the god of Death', used the Chaos Emeralds to escape his "shell". At this point, a malign, shapeless entity abandoned the echidna body, leaving it shrivelled and lifeless.

A solo story featuring Tikal, taking place halfway through the Syndicate story, involved her visit to an ancient temple on the Floating Island known as The Place of Voices. She encountered countless mournful spirits, Vichama's victims from the past, bearing grave tidings of his return. As she leaves after the incident, a prophetic sentence carved into a nearby rock declares that "Vichama is coming home". It was later revealed she was having an increasing number of premonitions of Vichama.

Issue 242 began a 4-part Knuckles story titled Vichama. It was confirmed that Vichama is a literal god of Death in Echidna mythology and that the temple Tikal visited had been built over his old temple. Vichama's temple manifested on the Floating Island once more, and whole Zones across Mobius suddenly died leaving scrawled messages of Vichama's return. In #243 Vichama appeared in full glory, summoning armies of ghosts and living dead. After revealing his plan was simply to kill everything, deadpanning, "I'm the god of Death, mate, what do you think my plan is?", he incinerated Knuckles with a single blast of energy and started spreading his power throughout the Floating Island.


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