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Rouge, as she appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)"

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Lani Minella
Caren Manuel
Caren Manuel
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nihongo|Rouge the Bat|ルージュ・ザ・バット|Rūju za Batto is a character in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game series, who is a determined treasure hunter and part-time government agent who plans to make all the gems and treasures of the world hers. Her main jewel obsessions are the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds. She made her debut in "Sonic Adventure 2", released June 18, 2001, and has been featured in several games following it.

In seven of the ten games she has appeared in to date, Rouge wears a skintight black body suit with a large pink heart-shaped breast plate, long white gloves, and white thigh-high boots with pink hearts on the toes. She also has long eyelashes and wears blue or pink make-up on her eyelids. In "Sonic Heroes" and the two "Sonic Riders" games, she wears different outfits, but often with similar color schemes and heart-shaped details. [ [] ("Sonic Heroes") and [] ("Sonic Riders").]


Rouge has been confirmed to have been created by Sonic Team USA. Details of whether her final design was originally going to look as it does is unknown, although Rouge was originally going to called Nails the Bat, it is unknown why the name "Rouge" was eventually chosen over this, although speculation has lead to believe that it could be because Rouge means red in French, and she was originally designed as a love interest for Knuckles the red Echidna. She was created along with "Shadow the Hedgehog" as the two characters both made their first appearances in the game "Sonic Adventure 2".

Game appearances

Rouge first appears in "Sonic Adventure 2" as the treasure-hunting character of the Dark Story, making her the equivalent of Knuckles, her goal being to seek out the pieces of the Master Emerald. She primarily attacks with kicks. She makes a deal with Eggman, that she would help him find the Chaos Emeralds to power his Canon if he gave her an Emerald tracker to find the Master Emerald pieces. She constantly butts heads with Knuckles and the two engage in a battle which afterwords Rouge almost falls into some lava-like substance which would have killed her but she was saved by Knuckles the two then have a tender moment fter which she retuns his emerald pieces and runs off and smiles. Rouge does find many of emeralds during the game after breaking into "Secruity Hall" and stealing them, however she is revealed by Shadow the Hedgehog to be a Secret Agent and stops Rouge from taking the emeralds from the Eclipse Canon. Rouge cheers Sonic and Shadow on during the final battle to save the earth from the Biolizard and is given Shadow's bracelet by Sonic after his supposed death.

In "Sonic Heroes", Rouge is the flight member (and presumptive captain) of Team Dark, as the player can have the abilty to fly when they choose her to be playable. She releases Shadow from his stasis pod, and (accidentally) activates E-123 Omega, who attempts to destroy all of Eggman's robots, including Shadow, who Omega thinks is a robot clone. Rouge stops Shadow and E-123 Omega from fighting, suggesting that they work together as a team to find Eggman. She looks different than in "Sonic Adventure 2", with the heart being on her belt.

In "Sonic Battle", Rouge is one of the most prominently featured characters in the game, with her story being the third to be played through. She is the owner of "Club Rouge" in the "Night Babylon" area in the story mode. Most of her fighting techniques appear to be derived from kickboxing. Her special attacks include sending a round bat that blows up towards her enemies, doing a powerful kick and sending what appears to be a ball of glittering energy into her oppnents.

Rouge also appears in "Shadow the Hedgehog", and helps on hero missions in the "Digital Circuit", "Death Ruins", and "GUN Fortress" levels. In Expert Mode, Caren Manuel lends her voice to Rouge at the beginning of "Cryptic Castle", "Lava Shelter" (along with Omega's), and "The Last Way" (along with the voice of every other character that appears in Expert Mode). She is working for GUN in this game, in her levels she rescuses the Chaos Emerald, and fights the Black Arms army when they are pushed back into the forest and Defends the GUN base when it comes under attack by them.

Rouge appears in "Sonic Riders" as an unlockable racer. She is a "Flight" type, and is the strongest Flight type character in the game. Rouge plays no role in the story of the game. Rouge returns in "" as a secret character. The offical website states that Rouge has some kind of Rivalry with Wave the Swallow.

In "Sonic the Hedgehog", Rouge appears as an "Amigo" character, playable in stages "White Acropolis", "Kingdom Valley", "Flame Core", and "Tropical Jungle". She first appears escaping Eggman's base with Shadow after stealing the "Scepter of Darkness" as part of a mission from GUN. After escaping, Rouge and Shadow go to "Kingdom Valley" to find the GUN rendezvous point, however they are ambushed by Eggman and the Scepter is broken after a struggle. Mephilis the Dark emerges from the broken scepter and is re-born in Shadow's shadow and sends the two into the future. Rouge then teams up with Sonic and his friends to find two Chaos Emeralds that enable them to return to their own time. Rouge returns to the present alone and realises that Shadow has stayed in the future. Rouge then goes about finding E-123 Omega and programs him to wake up in the future and help Shadow. Rouge eventually finds Omega and Shadow have found a way back from the future and so she teams up with them once again to find Mephelis and after an encounter with him, Omega confesses he betrays Shadow in the future and that one day the whole world will turn against him. Rouge assures her friend that if the whole world does turn against him, she will always remain by his side. Rouge then helps Shadow defeat Mephelis. She later helps the rest of the cast Save Sonic.

Rouge appears as a playable character in "Sonic Rivals 2". During the storyline she teams up with Knuckles the Echidna to find the "Master Emerald" and the "Chaos Emeralds". She steals Eggman's emerald tracker to find them. She and Knuckles find themselves having to battle with other rivals and Eggman Nega in order to find the Chaos Emeralds while Knuckles is unable to find the Master Emerald. Rouge finds six emeralds which are then taken by Eggman Nega who opens a portal to another dimension, Rouge is dragged into the portal by Knuckles, leading to her finding herself separated from Knuckles in another dimension. When she finds Knuckles, she sees that his mind is being control by the Ifrit, a big fire monster that could destroy the world. Rouge manages to defeat the Ifrit and saves Knuckles, she then finds the emerald detector destroyed and sees the Master Emerald inside it. The two return to their own dimension. Knuckles takes the Master Emerald but is then distracted when Rouge calls him dashing, giving her enough time to steal it and run from the scene.

Rouge is a playable in "". [ [ IGN: "Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood" nulls (DS) 2400195 ] ] She, as one of the playable characters plays only a minor role as one of the 'fighters'. She generally, comparing to the others has quite low level moves some including Tornado Kick and Distract. Tornado Kick, a wind offensive move and Distract is used to distract the enemies from the current battle.She is first met in Central city as a helper sent from the GUN.


Rouge is depicted as a professional treasure hunter devoted to the pursuit of jewels.Sega (2004). "Sonic Heroes" instruction manual, pp. 9] Sega (2001). "Sonic Adventure 2" instruction manual, pp. 11] She also calls herself the "World's Greatest Thief," and she fearlessly does whatever needed, disregards personal cost, and ignores abstract morality or manners for potential profit.Sega (2003). "Sonic Battle" instruction manual, pp. 5] cite web |url= |title=Sonic Central/about/characters|accessdate=2007-07-07 |format=HTML ] Additionally, she serves as a part time spy for the government's G.U.N. Federation. Her "feminine charm" makes her appear careless, but she is actually scheming and manipulative. She may have a secret crush on Knuckles the Echidna, that she won't admit to, which is influenced by his determination to protect the Master Emerald. Rouge fights using kicks, especially her signature "Screw Kick," and she can fly using her wings.cite web |url= |title=Sonic Channel Official Profile for Rouge the Bat|accessdate=2007-01-25 |format=HTML ] She has grown loyal to her friends and shows concern for Shadow during "Sonic Heroes" and "Sonic the Hedgehog" and will help Sonic and his friends save the world, such as in the last story in "Sonic Adventure 2".

In other media

"Sonic X"

In Sonic X, Rouge is a main character, and often appeared throughout episodes. The character can often be seen hanging from the top of Dr. Eggman's base, presumably spying on him.

In the storylines of the anime, she generally shares the same personality traits as her video game counterpart, and also plays the same role. She first appears trying to capture "The World's Biggest Diamond," and she eventually does. News about the crisis was spread around about the robbery. She later tries to rob another building with another jewel in it, although when she entered the building, she didn't find the jewel she was looking for. Instead, she fell into a trap. GUN military men and women popped out of everywhere, although she wasn't freaked out. She was then taken to the president, and they had a talk. Here she became a GUN military spy, because she had said that she would help destroy Eggman's base. Rouge was voiced by Caren Manuel in the anime, Manuel would later go on to voice the character in game series too.

The character has also appeared in the comic series based on the anime, and had a leading role in one of the issue's plot where she was framed for stealing several rare gems.

"Sonic the Hedgehog" (comics)

Rouge is featured in the American "Sonic the Hedgehog" comics, having appeared first in the comic adaptation of "Sonic Adventure 2". For the most part, she seems to be exactly the same as her video game counterpart in the plot, even being shown working as a covert operative for the President of Station Square, even rescuing him from an assassination attempt by Eggman.


Upon Rouge's introduction in "Sonic Adventure 2", many game reviewers commented on her similarity to Knuckles,cite web |url= |title="Sonic Adventure 2" Hands-On |accessdate=2008-07-11 |work= | |date= ] cite web |url= |title=Sonic Adventure 2 Review for DreamCast |accessdate=2008-07-29 |work= |publisher= Ken Innes |date= ] including such critical remarks as "Knuckles with bat wings and breasts", whilst some further criticized her design.cite web |url= |title=GameJam: Yuji Naka Unleashes "Sonic Adventure 2" |accessdate=2008-07-11 |work= | |date= ] Her "daring attitude" and her "self-centered" nature received further comment. [cite web |url= |title=A brief description of Rouge's traits |accessdate=2008-07-11 |work= |publisher=Game Revolution |date= ] cite web |url= |title=Rouge the Bat is detailed here |accessdate=2008-07-29 |work= | |date=July 6, 2008 ] Rouge appeared on GamerRadar's list of "The Sexy Lady Beasts of Gaming", in which she is described as "Proof that voluptuous curves, thigh-boots, sexy eyes and rubber gloves can make any animal in the kingdom an object of lustful furverted desire. No matter how freaky-looking their real-world inspiration might be." [ [] ]


Rouge has been featured in many advertising campaigns and advertising for the "Sonic the Hedgehog" Series in North America and Japan. At the launch of "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle", Rouge and a few other characters were featured in a line of plushes advertising the game. Another Rouge plush was released as a prize for crane games in Japan at the launch of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.cite web |url= |title=A description of all plush lines of "Sonic the Hedgehog" Characters|accessdate=2008-07-29 |work= |publisher= |date= ] cite web |url=|title=A description of all plush lines of "Sonic the Hedgehog" Characters|accessdate=2008-07-29 |work= |publisher= |date= ] As a campaign for the "Sonic X" anime in North America and Japan, keychains were distributed for the main characters in the show, one of whom was Rouge.cite web |url= |title=Sonic the Hedgehog Pins & Keychains of the USA|accessdate=2008-07-29 |work= |publisher= |date= ] Sega and McDonalds released a series of LCD Sonic Themed Games at McDonalds in 2004, the games were bundled with Happy Meals. Rouge was featured in the game "Amy & Rouge Volleyball" in which, "Players are challenged to move Amy from side to side to return Rouge's serves and volleys.".cite web |url=|title=McDonald's and SEGA Reveal Details of New Happy Meal Promotion Featuring Sonic and 'Search for the Silver Game' Eight New Handheld Videogames Based on SEGA's Classic Character Sonic The Hedgehog Make Stopping at McDonald's During the Holidays a Fun-Filled, Interactive Adventure|accessdate=2008-07-29 |work= |publisher=Game Zone |date=12/2/04]

Theme songs

The "Sonic the Hedgehog" video games have featured several theme songs for the character.

*"Sonic Adventure 2": "Fly in the Freedom" - Tabitha Fair, Todd Cooper. [ Sonic Adventure, Vol 2: Various Artists: Music] ]
*"Sonic Heroes": "This Machine" - Julien-K. [ [ TeamARTAIL "Sonic Heroes" Triple Threat Vocal Trax] ] This was a team theme shared with Shadow and Omega.

The background music for the stage "Security Hall" (titled "I'm a Spy") by Tabitha Fair in "Sonic Adventure 2" and "Sonic Adventure 2: Battle", is generally attributed to Rouge. Like most characters, Rouge is associated with a genre of music, specifically smooth jazz/bossa nova/fusion with some feminine sighs thrown in (similarly to how Knuckles is associated with the rap genre). In Sonic Adventure 2 level music was ussually made in same genre as the character's theme song, so many of Rouge's level music was Smooth Jazz. It is interesting to note that the background music in her "Club Rouge" stage from "Sonic Battle" also has feminine sighing. No other BGM in the game has any form of vocal.

Also in the anime, "Sonic X" a BGM plays in the background of most of her events and appearances. The BGM is called "Mysterious & Sexy Thief Rouge" [ [ TeamARTAIL "Sonic X" Original Soundtrack] ] and was first heard in episode 11. In the American 4Kids dub, a saxophone jingle often plays in the same scenes.


External links

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