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Demand 5 is the brand name of video on demand services offered by Channel 5 in the United Kingdom. The service, which was previously known as 'Five Download', went live on 26 June 2008.[1]

As Five Download the service offered Windows Media Video format downloads of the US imports CSI, House and Grey's Anatomy. Individual episodes of these series could be 'rented' with some episodes available 7 days before they appear on TV.

More varied content from Channel 5's programming has become available since June 2008 with a wider prevalence of free content offered for 30 days after broadcast. In January 2009, Demand 5 began to offer content in the Flash Video format, allowing users with Apple Macintosh computers to access their content.[2]


Web platforms

Demand 5 website

Demand 5 is the main source of on demand programs from Channel 5, 5* and 5USA.[3] It offers a 7 day catch-up service as well as an archive of shows from the past.[4]


Demand 5 launched on Facebook in August 2010, becoming the first television network in the world to embed its programming into the social networking site.[5]


Demand 5 had been available on SeeSaw since the launch of the service, with access to Demand 5's archive of shows such as Cowboy Builders, Fifth Gear, Home and Away, Neighbours and many more.[6] In September 2011, all Demand 5 content was removed from SeeSaw.[7]

In February 2010, Demand 5 launched on with around 250 hours of archive content as well as catch-up.[8] This represented the first major deal for long-form content in Europe for As part of the deal, advertising is sold by CBS Interactive.


Demand 5 is also partly available on YouTube, launching in the United Kingdom on 4 December 2009.[9] Demand 5's catch-up content reaches YouTube shortly after TV transmission and users are able to browse 250 hours of the broadcaster's archive content.

Television platforms

BRAVIA Internet Video

Demand 5 is available through Sony's Blu-ray Disc players, Blu-ray home cinema systems and Smart TVs, via the BRAVIA Internet Video service.[10]

BT Vision

Demand 5 launched on BT Vision on 7 October 2008.[11] Demand 5 was removed from BT Vision on 6 October 2010,[12] although the two companies continued discussions in a bid to reinstate the service, having previously stalled during contract renegotiations.[13] The service returned to BT Vision in May 2011.

Samsung Smart TV

Demand 5 is also available on Samsung's Smart TVs through their Samsung Smart TV service.[14]

Virgin Media

Demand 5 is available on Virgin Media's cable television service, offering programmes for 7 days after broadcast since November 2010.[15]


Demand 5 will be available on YouView which is a upcoming internet-connected television platform set for release in February 2012.[16]

Game consoles

Xbox 360

On 5 October 2011, it was announced that Demand 5 will be available to all Xbox Live members by Christmas.[17][18] The service will also integrate with the Xbox 360’s Kinect controller.

Mobile platforms

iOS devices

A Big Brother Demand 5 app for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone launched on 19 August 2011, the app offers a 30-day catch-up service for Big Brother content. The app is compatible with iOS 4.2 or later.[19] The app will be extended to incorporate catch-up content from Channel 5, 5* and 5USA, creating overall Demand 5 app in the coming months.[20]


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