List of software categories

List of software categories

Computer software can be organized into categories based on common function, type, or field of use. A list follows of common software categories.

Categories of software

**Enterprise Resource Planning

**CD copying software
**Data access
**Data analysis
**Data recovery
**Database Management System (DBMS)
**Digital Asset Management (DAM)
**Document Management System (DMS)
**Backup software
**File archiver

**Disk image emulator

**Game Engine

*Graphics software
**3D computer graphics software
**Bitmap graphics editor
**Graphics suite
**Image viewer
**Vector graphics editor

*Internet software
**Booking system
**Email client
**File sharing (P2P)
**FTP client
**HTML editor
**IRC Client
**Internet suite
**Instant messaging client
**Offline browser
**Web browser

* Scientific software
**Mathematical software

* Office software
**Office suite
**PDF software
**Personal information manager
**Project management

*Operating system

*Software engineering
**Software build
**Continuous integration
**Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
**Revision control
**Documentation generator

**Audio editor
**Media player
**Video editing software

***Disk encryption
**Password cracking/recovery/auditing

*System software
**Input method editor (IME)
**System optimizer
**Task manager

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