List of characters in Transformers (film series)

List of characters in Transformers (film series)

The following is a list of characters featured in the Transformers film series, directed by Michael Bay and distributed by Paramount Pictures.



Sam Witwicky

Shia LaBeouf stars as Sam Witwicky, the main protagonist of the films Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He is the teenager who unknowingly buys Bumblebee as his first car. As a result, he becomes involved in the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, as he has location of the Allspark inscribed on his grandfather's glasses, which are in his keeping. After obtaining the Allspark during his detainment by Sector 7, he eventually uses it to kill Megatron, stopping his rampage. The character is based upon the mechanic Spike from the television series,[1] but the nickname was considered inappropriate because the character's profession was dropped from the adaptation.[2] Bay wanted Sam to be an "average Joe", and not a geek. He initially considered LaBeouf too old, having only seen his performance in Constantine, but he was bowled over by the actor's enthusiasm.[3] A Transformers fan,[4] LaBeouf also reminded the filmmakers of the young Tom Hanks.[5] He worked out five days a week for three months and gained twenty-five pounds of muscle to prepare for the role, but realized during shooting that his role required agility rather than strength. LaBeouf performed his own stunts, including a scene in which Sam clings to a statue as Megatron approaches, with only a safety harness to protect the actor. "There are action stars who wouldn’t have been as dumb," he joked.

Two years after destroying Megatron, Sam attends college, leaving Bumblebee behind.[6] Before departing, a fragment of the AllSpark falls out of his sweatshirt and hits the ground. He picks it up and immediately has a seizure and sees flashes of Cybertronian language symbols and images of the Fallen in his mind. This knowledge, trapped in his mind, is the key to finding Energon. It turns out the Energon source is Earth's sun, which will be taken by a Sun Harvester, a machine that creates Energon from destroying stars (thereby destroying any life on the planet). The Decepticons pursue Sam to pry this knowledge from him, find the Sun Harvester and attempt to use it to create Energon to sustain their race. Sam finds the Matrix of Leadership, which activates the Sun Harvester, and uses it to resurrect Optimus Prime, who died protecting Sam, who then goes on to defeat the Fallen.[7]
On July 27, 2008, Shia LaBeouf was involved in a car crash with fellow actress Isabel Lucas,[8] injuring his left hand,[9] which required immediate hand surgery.[10] LaBeouf said production was only delayed by two days after his accident because director Michael Bay made up for it by filming second unit scenes, and he recovered from the accident a few weeks earlier than expected, allowing him to return to the set. Bay had a light cast specially made for LaBeouf, so he could shoot despite his injury,[11] and performed rewrites to put the injury into the story, making it so that Sam falls and injures his hand when Jetfire teleports the characters to Egypt.[12] Screenwriter Roberto Orci said on-set rewrites were done to protect his hand for the remainder of the shoot.[13] Towards the end of filming, LaBeouf was accidentally hit by a large prop, getting a cut in his eye, which required seven stitches.[14] Having narrowly escaped blinding himself, he resumed filming two hours later,[15] and the injury is noticeable in certain scenes in the finished film.

Two years later, Sam is out of college and living with his new girlfriend, Carly, and the small Autobots, Wheelie and Brains and joins the Autobots in there final battle against the Decepticains he also kils Starscream. [16]

Mikaela Banes

Megan Fox plays Sam's love interest and later girlfriend, Mikaela Banes in Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Mikaela is mechanically skilled because her father was a grease monkey and former car thief. Fox had previously auditioned for Bay's production of The Amityville Horror. To encourage a tough performance from Fox, Bay often threatened to repeatedly film takes at night so she would appear frustrated and tired.[3] Fox gained ten pounds of muscle during shooting to support the physicality of the role.[17]

Two years later, Mikaela could not afford to attend college with Sam. So She worked alongside her father, Cal, at a motorcycle repair shop. Fox cannot ride bikes in reality and had to have someone push her around on the Aprilia RS125 she rides in the film.[18] Fox had lost a lot of weight for her role in Jennifer's Body, and had to gain ten pounds within two weeks. She explained "Michael doesn't like skinny girls."[19]

According to representatives for Paramount, Megan Fox's absence from the film was due to Bay ultimately choosing not to renew for role,[20] although representatives for the actress said that it was her decision to leave the film franchise.[21] It was later said that Fox's comments comparing Bay to Hitler particularly angered Steven Spielberg, which would have affected the decision to let Fox go.[22] With Fox not reprising her role, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was chosen to play Sam's new love interest. She is referred in Transformers Dark of The Moon when Wheelie mentions if Carly will dump Sam like "the last girl".

Carly Spencer

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley plays Carly Spencer in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.[23][24] Sam's new love interest, a girl from the UK loosely based on the character with the same name from the original 1984 animated series.

Huntington-Whiteley had worked with Bay before in various Victoria's Secret commercials.[25] Previously Bay had considered several actresses and models for the role, finally narrowing it to three final candidates: model Brooklyn Decker, actress Sarah Wright, with Huntington-Whiteley being the front-runner, even though she had no acting experience.[26]


General Morshower

Glenn Morshower plays General Morshower in the films Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. NEST's leader who communicates with the squad in the Pentagon. Having had a small role in the 2007 film's opening action sequence as Colonel Sharpe, a marine presumably killed during Blackout's attack in Qatar, he now returns playing a character named after himself.[27]

William Lennox

Josh Duhamel plays William Lennox in all three films. With Robert Epps, he is part of a seven-man Joint Special Operations Command team in Qatar, who survive Blackout's attack on the base. Lennox has a wife and newborn daughter in the United States. Duhamel was a fan of the toy line as a child, and with Tyrese Gibson, they spent three days in boot camp to prepare for the role.

In the first film, Lennox is United States Army Special Forces Captain. In the second film, he is promoted to Major, and is now part of NEST, an international taskforce battling Decepticons with the Autobots. In the third film, Lennox is again promoted to U.S. Army Lt. Colonel.

Robert Epps

Tyrese Gibson plays United States Air Force Combat Controller Technical Sergeant Robert Epps in all three films. Duhamel and Gibson was a fan of the toy line as a child,[4] and Gibson paid the filmmakers so he could be in the film.[1] Gibson spent time learning technical terms and military code from an actual combat controller to make his dialogue sound convincing.[4]

In the second film, Epps is promoted to USAF Master Sergeant, a Combat Controller and a member of NEST. He was given different first names in merchandise, like Ray Epps in The Last Prime storybook, and Julius Epps in The Movie Universe book.

In the third film, Epps left NEST and it is seen helping the Wreckers with repairs to the Autobot ship Xantium and he also joined the final fight.


Matthew Marsden plays Graham in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. An agent of the fictional SASF, and a member of the United Kingdom Special Forces who joins NEST

Marsden grew up reading the comics and loved the 2007 film. Bay was impressed with his audition and decided to increase the character's screentime.[28]

Hardcore Eddie

Lester Speight plays Hardcore Eddie in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a new NEST member.[29] He is an experienced soldier who has fought in war along with Epps' father many years ago.[30]

Sector 7

Seymour Simmons

John Turturro plays Seymour Simmons, an arrogant and paranoid Sector 7 agent and Sam's unlikely ally in all three films. Sector 7 is a group of agents created by President Hoover. Bay wanted Steve Buscemi for the role, but he was busy, so Turturro, whom Bay had wanted to work with ever since seeing The Big Lebowski, was cast instead.[3] Turturro gave a slapstick performance, which was intended to be in contrast to the serious military scenes, so that a sense of fun would not completely disappear.[31] The actor claimed to have based his performance on the director, although Bay stated he couldn't see anything of himself in Turturro's performance.[citation needed] A backstory was fashioned for Simmons, explaining his family had served in Sector 7 for generations, giving him a "mother's boy" personality. Bay cut these jokes as they were too crude.[3]

Two years later, Simmons is now off-duty working in his mother's deli. After he left Sector 7, Simmons took extensive alien documentation with him, which aided Sam in his quest for the Sun Harvester. He is known online by his nickname "Robo-Warrior", and runs a website called, Leo Spitz's (Sam's roommate in the second film) rival site.

In the third film, set another two years later, Simmons has written a book, Codename Hero: How Seymour Simmons and the Aliens Saved the World about his adventures with the Autobots, and is revealed to have had a relationship with Charlotte Mearing.

Tom Banachek

Michael O'Neill plays Tom Banachek, the head of Sector 7's Advanced Research Division in Transformers.

Maggie Madsen

Rachael Taylor plays Maggie Madsen in Transformers. She assists the Department of Defense in decoding the virus left by Frenzy. She realizes that those hacking into the government's data files cannot be human, due to the ease with which they made the attack. The writers had initially envisioned Maggie as quirkier and more cyberpunk.[31] The filmmakers opted for Taylor's natural Australian accent to give the film a global sensibility.[17] She found many of her scenes difficult because of the high heels she wore.[1]

Glen Whitmann

Anthony Anderson plays Glen Whitmann in Transformers. A computer hacker and friend of Maggie.

John Keller

Jon Voight plays the United States Secretary of Defense John Keller in Transformers. He is the first one to believe Maggie Madsen's theories. He announces that Sector 7 is dismantled in the end of the film.

Ron and Judy Witwicky

Kevin Dunn and Julie White play Sam's parents, Ron and Judy in all three films. They learn the truth about the Transformers while off-screen in the first film.[32]

Archibald Witwicky

Captain Archibald Witwicky appeared in the Transformers: Movie Prequel comic, and the Transformers film itself. Archibald Witwicky was a Dutch/English sea captain leading an exploration of the Arctic in 1897 when a crew member found something beneath the ice. They started digging and discovered the frozen Megatron. Witwicky then accidentally activated the Decepticon leader's inertial navigation system which led to a sudden power surge. Unbeknownst to him, the discharge etched a digital map to the All Spark onto the lenses of his glasses. Blinded and forever marked by his vision, Witwicky was committed to a mental institution for life, constantly ranting about visions of the future. A few of his personal items were given to his family, including the pair of glasses. These were passed down over time and eventually given to his great-great-grandson Sam.

The other Autobots and Decepticons arrived on Earth, both searching for the All Spark and the captured Megatron.

Fig and Donnelly

Amaury Nolasco and Zack Ward play ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figueroa and First Sergeant Donnelly in Transformers respectively. They are two soldiers who survive the destruction of the SOCCENT base and trek to rescue alongside Lennox, Epps, and other soldiers. Donnelly is impaled by Scorponok and Figueroa is wounded by a rocket fired by Scorponok. In a deleted scene in the Blu-ray version of the film, "Fig" is seen dying after getting wounded by Scorponok, but his character was made to stay alive in the finished film, and he was even offered to reprise his role in Revenge of the Fallen, which he had to refuse due to scheduling conflicts.[33]

Leo Spitz

Ramón Rodríguez plays Leo Spitz in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Sam's college roommate who owns a website on conspiracy theories called Rodríguez endured 100 mph winds created by electrical fans while filming in Egypt, which resulted in him dislocating his shoulder and having to spend 45 minutes having his eyes flushed of sand.[34] At some point, the character was supposed to be called "Chuck" and Jonah Hill was considered for the role.[35]

Ramón Rodríguez was initially planned to be in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but he was dropped during early production.[36]

Theodore Galloway

John Benjamin Hickey plays Theodore Galloway, the American National Security Adviser who believes the Autobots' presence on Earth is the reason for the Decepticons still remaining on the planet. He serves as a supporting antagonist of the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.[37]

R. A. Colan

Rainn Wilson plays Professor R. A. Colan in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He is Sam's college lecturer who initially disliked Sam because of his bizarre behavior which upstaged Colan during the first day in class, but later respects him after learning of Sam's involvement in saving the world once again.[38][39]

Bay based the character on one of his professors at Wesleyan University, who was rumored to be chatting up his female students.[40]

Dylan Gould

Patrick Dempsey plays Dylan Gould, the main human antagonist in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.[41][42] Carly's boss, who is a playboy-type accountant with a huge collection of cars and the first human who works with the Decepticons.[43][44] He is electrocuted to death by one of the pillars after being beaten in a confrontation with Sam. Initially cast to play Mikaela's boss, Dempsey's role was reassigned when Mikaela was written out of the film.[45]

Bruce Brazos

John Malkovich plays Bruce Brazos, Sam's employer in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Charlotte Mearing

Frances McDormand plays Charlotte Mearing, the Director of National Intelligence in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.[46] She has a history with Agent Simmons.


Alan Tudyk plays Dutch, Agent Simmons' assistant in the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon.[47] The name "Dutch" is a reference to the thug in The Transformers, and the character Lugnutz's rifle.

Jerry Wang

Ken Jeong plays Jerry "Deep" Wang in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. A paranoid software programmer and conspiracy theorist who stalks Sam at work.[48] Jerry then gives Sam information about the moon program, assassinations and the "Dark of the Moon". It turns out he is also in league with the Decepticons, but falls to his death after Laserbeak pushes him through a window.

Cosmonaut Dimitiri

Elya Baskin plays Cosmonaut Dimitiri in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. A former cosmonaut who was supposed to travel to the dark side of the Moon. He gives Sam, Simmons, and Dutch the information about the Moon, showing them pictures and revealing Pillars being stockpiled on the Moon.


Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin plays himself, who greets Optimus Prime in the 2011 film Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly makes a cameo as himself interviewing Agent Simmons on his show, The O'Reilly Factor.


Minor roles include Peter Jacobson as the humorless high school teacher Mr. Hosney; Travis Van Winkle as Trent, Mikaela's mean football jock boyfriend before Sam came along; Bernie Mac as Bobby Bolivia, a used car dealer from whom Sam purchases Bumblebee; Tom Lenk as a member of Maggie's hacker team; Rick Gomez as a Sheriff who attempts to apprehend Sam after finding his dog's pain pills; J. P. Manoux as a Witness, Brian Stepanek as a Sector 7 agent and driver of Simmons, he contacts the Sector 7 agents,[49] an officer at the SOCCENT base, John Robinson as Miles Lancaster, Sam's best friend.

Kym Whitley shot scenes for both Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon, but they were ultimately discarded in both of them.[50][51]

Deep Roy has a cameo appearance as an Egyptian border guard.

Iqbal Theba makes a cameo appearance as the secretary-general of the United States.[52]


Dynasty of Primes

The Dynasty of Primes are the first Cybertronians who came into distant galaxies looking for planets where they could build Sun Harvesters that are capable to harvest the sun's energy while producing Energon. The Sun Harvesters can be activated by the Matrix of Leadership. The Dynasty of Primes had one rule: Sun Harvesters were not to be used in solar systems containing life.

Seven Primes

Michael York, Kevin Michael Richardson and Robin Atkin Downes voice three members of the Seven Primes in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. A group of which The Fallen is a original member. In 17,000 BC, the Fallen defy the rule about destroying the planet with life by powering up the Sun Harvester and it ignited the war. In order to stop it from happening, they must steal and hide the Matrix from the Fallen and sacrificed themselves to seal the Matrix itself as they made the tomb right out of their very own bodies. When Sam dies, he has a vision of the Dynasty and they tell him he has earned the Matrix and this was always his destiny. The Dynasty then resurrects Sam, who in turn brings back Optimus Prime to kill the Fallen.

Sentinel Prime

Leonard Nimoy[53][54][55] voices Sentinel Prime, the main villain in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He is Optimus Prime's predecessor and mentor, who transforms into a Rosenbauer Panther airport crash tender fire truck. Former Autobot leader, served as the captain of the Ark.[56] Apparently, his intention to restore Cybertron to its former glory after the war drove him mad, causing him to go against his ideals by siding with the Decepticons. After betraying the Autobots, Sentinel activates the space bridge pillars in Chicago, intending to summon Cybertron itself to Earth's atmosphere and repair the planet using Earth's resources and mankind as a workforce. Optimus engages Sentinel in battle but is overpowered by his old mentor, until Megatron steps in and takes out the traitor by blasting him with his rifle and slamming him across the bride defeating Sentinel after being convinced to by Carly Spencer. After Bumblebee destroyed the pillars and Cybertron Sentinel complains and attempts to justify his actions, but Optimus executes him for betraying the autobot and human races over his obsession with Cybertron, claiming Sentinel "betrayed himself".

In Revenge of the Fallen, Sentinel Prime is briefly mentioned in the rambling speech given by Sam Witwicky while under an AllSpark fragment-induced trance, with Sam mentioning a "mission".

Nimoy provided the voice of Galvatron in The Transformers: The Movie, and had been considered for voicing The Fallen in Revenge of the Fallen before the role was given to Tony Todd.

Sentinel was physically modeled after Sean Connery.[57]

Optimus Prime

Peter Cullen voices Optimus Prime, the main Autobot protagonist and the leader of the Autobots[58] who comes to Earth to destroy the All Spark in order to end the war. Don Murphy decided after discussions with fans on his website that they wanted the surviving voices from the original 1980s cartoon series, The Transformers.[59] Cullen described reprising the role as easy as "slipping into an old pair of very comfortable shoes that you haven't worn for a while", and was grateful to the fans for wanting him back.[60] His performance consisted of much improvisation with Bay, and portraying the traditional heroism of the character as well as bringing a sense of humor.[61] Bay told the animators to seek inspiration from Liam Neeson to inspire Optimus' body language.[3] Optimus transforms into a Peterbilt 379 truck built by truck designer Dave Porter of Wright City, MO. The selection of the Peterbilt, a more aggressive truck compared to the original flat-nosed truck from the animated series was also made as a nod to Spielberg's film Duel.[62] The original cab over design was rejected because that would only transform into a twenty-feet tall model of the character, whereas the filmmakers wanted him to stand thirty feet tall.[3] Optimus has red flame artwork on his blue body. This was a compromise between Hasbro, who wanted to retain the character's iconic red chest, and Bay, who felt red alone would not photograph well.[63] Hasbro had previously rejected designs of Optimus which were too blue.[63] Optimus' head was built on set as a prop.[3]

For Revenge of the Fallen, conceptual essays were made in an attempt to use his classic trailer for his powerup mode,[64] but this was ultimately dropped in favor of the incorporation of Jetfire's parts. Cullen recorded a voiceover for the opening scene in August 2008, but began the majority of voice work in November.[65][66] Optimus is killed by Megatron during a battle along with Starscream and Grinder, though he kills Grinder. Near the end of the film he is revived by Sam with the Matrix of Leadership, wounds Megatron and kills The Fallen. Originally, a cameo was written for Cullen, but it was not included in the final cut of the film.[67]

For Dark of the Moon, Optimus Prime revives Sentinel Prime using the Matrix of Leadership though later Sentinel betrays the Autobots and joins the Decepticons. During the film Optimus kills the Driller, Shockwave, Megatron and Sentinel Prime along with dozens of other Decepticons. Optimus has added a trailer similar to his Generation 1 counterpart,[68] and has been redesigned to look more heroic.[69] The trailer contains enhanced weapons, a shield and a flight gear.


Mark Ryan voices Bumblebee for the character's two lines at the end of the first film, when he regains his voice. For most of the first film's duration, Bumblebee communicates with radio soundbites because of his damaged vocal processor, but his throat begins healing after Ratchet fires a regenerative laser when they meet again on Earth: this was not clarified on screen, and Orci feels that Bumblebee being healed by touching the AllSpark is also a valid explanation.[70] Before being cast in the role, Ryan had acted as a stand-in for the robots during filming, reading out their lines.[71] The decision to make Bumblebee silent was inspired by Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, to show that his bond with Sam was beyond words.[72] The filmmakers had considered using lines from various Paramount films, including "I feel the need for speed!" from Top Gun, but decided such lines would be too obvious.[73] Credited clips used in the film include John Wayne from El Dorado and Nichelle Nichols as Uhura from the Star Trek television series. A full scale puppet of Bumblebee was also used for the film. The animators modeled Bumblebee's performance on Michael J. Fox's character in Back to the Future.[17] Bumblebee transforms into a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro, and upgrades into the 2009 model.[17] Bay rejected the character's 1980s form of the Volkswagen Beetle, as it reminded him of Herbie the Love Bug. Hasbro did not mind as long as the car remained yellow. In reference to his original form, the Beetle is parked next to Bumblebee when Sam is buying him.[63] The modern Camaro was chosen for its friendly appearance,[17] while the old model was chosen to show that Sam's father could only buy him the cheapest car he could find.[63]

Two years later, despite being repaired at the end of the 2007 film, Bumblebee's voice still uses radio soundbites to communicate. Sam tells Mikaela that Bumblebee's "playing it up". Mark Ryan reportedly reprised his role as the voice for Bumblebee, but ultimately no spoken lines by the character were included in the finished film. Ryan also continued his role as stand-in for the robots on set.[74] The filmmakers updated Bumblebee's previous appearance as the 2006 Camaro Concept based on the Super Sport version of the 2010 production model.[75] Ed Welburn, vice president of GM Global Design, said the redesigned car emphasized Bumblebee as becoming stronger after having his severed legs reattached in the 2007 film, with the new intakes and spoilers showing him as a sturdier character.[76] Concept designs were made that portray Bumblebee as the convertible version of the Camaro, but they were ultimately not used.[77]

Two years later, Bumblebee[78] has gone through some changes. His vehicle mode features a new body kit and paint job.


Darius McCrary voices Jazz, a lieutenant who develops a fondness for urban culture and is Optimus Prime's second in command.[79] McCrary said he was honored to follow in the footsteps of Scatman Crothers, who voiced Jazz on The Transformers. "When I was actually [recording], I really did feel Scatman's presence," he said.[80] Mark Ryan had tried out numerous voices for Jazz, including a Sean Connery impersonation, before McCrary was cast.[71] Jazz transforms into a modified Pontiac Solstice, a car the director felt was too small, but he decided not to argue with GM.[81] Hasbro felt it was still a "cool sports car" reminiscent of his original Porsche 935 form.[63]

He was killed by Megatron during the battle in Mission City in Transformers. The screenwriters chose to kill off Jazz as they felt he was the most likable character after Optimus and Bumblebee, although they did not have time to make it effective due to budget constraints.[70]


Jess Harnell voices Ironhide, who transforms into a modified GMC TopKick C4500 medium-duty truck. The character is a cantankerous weapons specialist.[82] Peter Cullen also voiced Ironhide on television and auditioned to reprise the role.[83] When Harnell was voicing the character on set, he used a Southern accent as Cullen did.[71]

He is killed by Sentinel Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon when Sentinel betrays the Autobots.


Robert Foxworth voices Ratchet, the team's medical officer.[84] He transforms into a search and rescue Hummer H2. The writers had wanted to keep his original ambulance form, but the producers wanted something else. Hasbro did not mind if the character was either an ambulance or a fire apparatus.

For Dark of the Moon, Ratchet had some changes done to his vehicle mode, which was painted green and white.[85]

Skids and Mudflap

Tom Kenny and Reno Wilson voice Skids and Mudflap in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen respectively. They're also known as the twins.[86] These Autobot infiltrators transform respectively into a green Chevrolet Beat and a red Chevrolet Trax.[75] Mudflap is very hyperactive, while Skids believes himself to be the smarter of the two and tries to come across as mature, but nevertheless appears unable to keep quiet.[87] Skids and Mudflap share an almost psychic link which enables them to coordinate their attacks in battle, when they are not bickering among themselves.[88] Bay compared the message of the bumbling but heroic characters to the story The Little Engine That Could[89] He chose the Beat and Trax for the Autobot twins because he thought those two small cars looked good together.[90] Ed Welburn added when they had designed the cars before Bay selected them, the "character" they wanted to bring to the concepts was a sense that small cars could be as cool as large ones.[91] The twins have the ability to combine. They start the film by combining into a pink and white ice cream van, and although it was dropped at some point during production, it was initially said that they would have the ability to combine to form a bigger robot.[92]

Despite Michael Bay's initial denial of their return in Dark of the Moon,[93] Skids and Mudflap, now both transforming into black Chevrolet Sparks, did have scenes shot for the film.[94][95][96] However, they were not used in the film's final cut. The novel and comic book adaptations of the film reveal that they would have died at Sentinel Prime's hands alongside Ironhide.

Wilson previously voiced Frenzy in the 2007 film, and Kenny voiced Starscream in Transformers Animated.


André Sogliuzzo voices Sideswipe, a silver Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept.[75] His arms sport detachable sword-like blades, and having wheels for feet, he moves around skating, similarly to the way Bonecrusher did in the 2007 film. For his development, its creators were inspired by roller derby players.[97] Sideswipe was originally scripted to be a Lamborghini as he was in G1, but Bay ultimately decided to change him into the Stingray.[98]

For Dark of the Moon, Sideswipe's vehicle mode was upgraded into a convertible.[99] Also, his voice actor was recast, and the role was later taken by James Remar, who would later star in Transformers: Prime.


Grey DeLisle voices Arcee, three female Autobots driven by a single consciousness, that transform into motorcycles. Functions as a field commander.[100] Although given individual names in the official toyline, the sisters are collectively addressed as "Arcee" in the movie.
During development, the three bikes were first conceived to be able to combine into a single robot,[101] and this ability can still be seen in the film's novelization.[102] The three sisters are:

All three motorcycles feature customizations performed by custom sportsbike builder retroSBK.[107]

Arcee was initially meant to appear in the 2007 film as a robot that transformed from a single bike, but was ultimately dropped from it due to concerns of her being too small compared to the other bots,[108] and the fact that the writers felt there was not enough time to explain her gender, despite her and several other female Transformers appearing in the 2007 film's toyline and tie-in comics.[89] Whether to explain robotic gender or not was something the writers were unsure about, and it remained undecided until post-production, with the issue eventually remaining unaddressed in the finished film.[109]

Arcee's holographic riders are played by Erin Naas.[110]


Jolt is a technician[111] armed with a pair of electric whips, befitting his electric car alternate mode is a Chevrolet Volt.[112] He was a last-minute addition to the cast as General Motors wanted to promote the Volt. The writers had already wanted to include the car in the script before the Writers Guild strike, so they had to work out a character that would fit well within the Autobot team afterwards and convince Bay to approve the addition.[113] Welburn was pleased the Volt's character was christened Jolt by the filmmakers, as it reflected that car's design character.[91]


Mark Ryan voices Jetfire, a Yorkshire accented Seeker[114] and former Decepticon who transforms into a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. His wounds and age have made him choose to fight on the side of the Autobots.[115] The writers wanted a geriatric robot, and during scripting they gave Jetfire that personality.[116] He creaks, does not transform well, and is said to be running out of energon.[117] Also, he walks with a cane, which doubles as a battle axe. In the 2009 film, he sacrificed his spark to allow his parts for Optimus Prime to destroy the Fallen.


Tom Kenny voices Wheelie, a blue radio-controlled toy monster truck. Speaking with a Brooklyn accent, Wheelie initially serves the Decepticons just because he is scared of them, but during the 2009 film, upon learning that Jetfire had switched sides, he chooses to do so himself.[118] He is called "Wheels" in the 2009 film novel.

In Dark of the Moon, he lives with Sam, Carly and Brains whom he becomes friends with.[119] His fate is unknown when he and Brains crash a Decepticon ship in the Chicago River.


Reno Wilson voices Brains, a small and intelligent Autobot who transforms into a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop computer, and is friends with Wheelie.[120][121] His fate is unknown when he and Wheelie sabotage a Decepticon ship and crash landed in a river.

According to the movie prequel comics, he was originally a Decepticon mobile "brain unit" drone that had gained sapience and escaped.


Francesco Quinn voices Dino, an Autobot Spy who transforms into a red Ferrari 458 Italia and speaks with an Italian accent.[48]

He was initially set to be called Mirage, and he goes by that name in the film's related media and toyline, but for the film his name was changed by request from Ferrari due to a Trademark claim, into the nickname given to Alfredo Ferrari, the son of the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari.[122] In early concept art for the film he is named "Rush".[123] The closing credits of the film list the character as "Dino".

This was Quinn's final role right before his death in August 2011.


George Coe voices Que, an Autobot scientist who speaks with an Irish accent and whose head design resembles Albert Einstein and transforms into a blue Mercedes-Benz E550. He is an inventor and is seen giving the Autobots weapons and equipment he has created. He is later killed when Soundwave orders his execution; an unidentified Decepticon shoots him in the chest and Barricade finishes him by shooting him in the back.

He was initially set to be called Wheeljack, going by that name in the film's related media and toyline but this was changed late in post production, as an homage to the James Bond character Q. The closing credits of the film list the character as "Que/Wheeljack".

The Wreckers

The Wreckers are an Autobot sub-team that transform into heavily armed NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impala stock cars equipped with machine guns.[124][125] They function as a Commando Unit, and are mechanics, helping Epps rebuild an Autobot spaceship, the Xantium.[126]


Ron Bottitta voices Roadbuster (called "Amp" in the film, referring to his NASCAR vehicle mode's primary sponsor, AMP Energy), a Wrecker who is a no-nonsense bot[127] who speaks with a Scottish accent. He transforms into a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #88 AMP Energy/National Guard car. The closing credits list him as "Roadbuster/Amp".


John DiMaggio voices Leadfoot (called "Target" in the film, referring to his NASCAR vehicle mode's primary sponsor, Target), the leader of the trio who applies his knowledge of science to create bigger and louder weapons for his Autobot allies[128] and speaks with a Cockney accent. He transforms into a Juan Pablo Montoya #42 Target car. The closing credits list him as "Leadfoot/Target".

DiMaggio previously voiced Sideways in the 2009 Revenge of the Fallen video game.


Topspin is a Wrecker who pushes himself to the limit in combat, even when up against the biggest and baddest Decepticons.[129] He transforms into a Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's/Kobalt car.


A January 2010 interview with actor James Avery claimed that he would be providing the voice of an Autobot named "Silverbolt" in the third film,[130] but no such character appeared in the finished movie. Similary, a January 2011 article in the Idaho Times-News claimed that voice actor Bill Fagerbakke, who voiced Bulkhead in Transformers Animated, would be voicing one of the Wreckers, but the actor's voice did not appear.[131] Mark Ryan, who voiced Bumblebee and Jetfire in the first two films, participated in the early production of Dark of the Moon, but his work wasn't ultimately featured in the film.[132]


Decepticon Leaders

The Fallen

Tony Todd voices The Fallen, the original leader of the Decepticons who was one of the Dynasty of Primes and Megatron's master and the main antagonist of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Although in the film, he is initially shown to be in the Nemesis in some kind of stasis for an unexplained reason, the prequel novels for the film say the Fallen was imprisoned in another dimension thousands of years ago by his brethren as a punishment for his betrayal. During this time, he was able to communicate with the Decepticons via an interdimensional window, and it was the image of his face, seen through this wind, that served as inspiration for the Decepticon insignia. He is capable of opening Space Bridges at will.[133] Although he does not transform in the film, his toy versions transform into a "Cybertronian destroyer" aircraft.[134] The writers selected The Fallen after looking through various cartoons and comics for new characters, because he was the most "elemental" villain.[109] At some point, Leonard Nimoy[135][136] and Frank Welker[137] (the original voice of Megatron) were considered for voicing the Fallen, before Todd came in (who had previously worked with director Michael Bay on The Rock).

Todd would later voice Dreadwing in Transformers: Prime.


Hugo Weaving voices Megatron, the ruthless and current leader of the Decepticons and the main antagonist of the film series. He is a master of warfare and a disciple of the Fallen.[138]

Megatron crash-landed in the Arctic years ago in his quest to obtain the All Spark. When he is defrosted, he keeps his original alien jet form out of vanity.[63] Frank Welker, who played the part on television opposite Peter Cullen, auditioned to reprise the role. Bay considered his voice too soft and felt it would be disrespectful to ask Welker to change it. Weaving's voice had been the inspiration Bay gave to his animators for the character, and the character's voice had become that of Weaving in the director's mind. Weaving recorded his lines in Australia, directed by Bay through iChat.[3] The deviation from Megatron's 1980s Walther P38 pistol form was done to avoid morphing. Orci and Kurtzman also felt it would be "the equivalent to Darth Vader [becoming] his own lightsaber and having someone else swing him around".[63] Fans disliked leaked images of the character's head design, so it was redesigned during filming. The prototype design had a much narrower face than the one seen in the finished film.[63] Optimus calls Megatron his brother; Cullen interpreted this line literally,[139] but while the writers state this was the case in early drafts, they consider the line in its final context to be metaphorical.[31] Megatron serves as the primary antagonist of the first film.

Two years later, Megatron is the secondary antagonist after his master, the Fallen.[140] Despite Michael Bay's initial claims of him not returning after he was killed and thrown into the Laurentian Abyss in the first film,[141] Megatron is resurrected by the Decepticons with an AllSpark shard as a Cybertronian winged tank, although in some adaptations of the film he can also change into 2007's Cybertronian jet mode, making him a Triple Changer. He has become stronger as a result of absorbing the AllSpark that originally killed him.[142] When reviving the character, the writers chose not to rename him Galvatron so as to not confuse the general audience.[137]

In Dark of the Moon, Megatron changed his vehicle mode to an armored rusty Mack Titan 10-wheeler fuel tank truck equipped with heavy weaponry.[143] After Optimus Prime destroyed half of his face in Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron sometimes hides it by using a cowl.[144] Instead of using a Fusion Cannon integrated into his arm, he uses a handheld version of it. After defeating the Autobot traitor Sentinel Prime, Megatron is finally killed by Optimus Prime, using his energon axe, which rips Megatron's head and spine from his body.


Frank Welker voices Shockwave, who transforms into a Cybertronian self propeller Cannon(seen in the Dark of the Moon toyline).[145][146] A scientist, Shockwave is a cruel and emotionless Decepticon who is also extremely logical.[147] He commands a worm-like Cybertronian creature called the Driller that is used for drilling purposes. He is killed by Optimus Prime.

Likes his original G1 appearance, Shockwave's head features a single eye, and has a gun in place of one of his hands, with a tube connecting it to his body.[148] Visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar said that the lack of eyes and mouth in Shockwave's design means "you have to read Shockwave through just the emotions of his face, almost like a silent-era film star," which caused the eye to have an intrinsic design, with a lens, a moving iris and an oscillating light.[149]

Corey Burton, who voiced Shockwave in The Transformers and Transformers Animated was offered the role, but he declined it stating he does not want to be in a big budget movie, so actor David Warner was considered to voice him before the role was given to Welker.[150]


Charlie Adler voices Starscream, the Air Commander and Megatron's second-in-command.[151] Despite being a popular character, his role is limited because of the film's running time.[31] A post-credits scene of him escaping Earth was added because audiences at test screenings wanted to know what happened to him.[3] He transforms into a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor jet, which is the successor to his original form, the F-15 Eagle. This keeps the character's role as the powerful and technologically advanced air commander.[63]

He flew into space at the end of the 2007 film, and returns bearing Cybertronian symbols on his body and commanding a new Decepticon army (actually gained in the pages of an IDW prequel comic book). Orci explained that it was their intention to let Starscream have more dialogue than in the 2007 film, and that dialogue additions made during post-production edged Starscream closer towards his G1 incarnation.[152]

In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Starscream is killed by Sam Witwicky who blows off his head with a small bomb that was designed and given to him by Que/Wheeljack.

Adler provided the voice of the Aerialbot Silverbolt in The Transformers.


Frank Welker voices Soundwave, Megatron's Communication Officer.[153][154] In the 2009 movie he doesn't adopt any robot or vehicle modes and is only seen in what the toyline calls "satellite mode", which he uses to attach himself to a military satellite to coordinate the Decepticons' movements around the world. His toy version, however, apart from this mode, has a proper robot mode and transforms into a Cybertronian craft. The concept artists also designed an Earth form of a Chevrolet Silverado for him to upgrade into, which was ultimately dropped.[155]

The filmmakers had tried to work Soundwave into the 2007 film twice, and these roles eventually evolved into Blackout and Frenzy. The latter character was particularly thought to be too different from the original.[156][157]

In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Soundwave transforms into a silver Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG who poses as a car given to Carly by Dylan, ultimately getting killed by Bumblebee.


Ravage, a minion of Soundwave that resembles a large one-eyed puma.[89] An Infiltration Expert, he is a fierce hunting machine.[158] He is killed by Bumblebee.

Early in production, he was meant to adopt a fish/submarine-like form right after he first falls into the ocean,[159] and while this was ultimately left out of the movie, it can still be seen in the film's toyline.[160]


Keith Szarabajka voices Laserbeak, Soundwave's minion that resembles a mechanical condor.[161] An Infiltration Expert like his predecessor, Ravage, Laserbeak serves as a scout and spy for the Decepticons,[162][163] and transforms into a Gyrodyne[164] and a variety of electronic devices, such as a desktop computer, and an audio system and even a child size pink version of Bumblebee. Laserbeak is later killed on a Decepticon ship (piloted by Bumblebee) when Sam holds his head in front of a gun barrel which Bumblebee fires, blowing off Laserbeak's head for interfering with Sam's confrontation with Dylan. Unlike other robots in the film series, he has multiple alternate modes. Unique to this incarnation, he is intelligent and able to speak.

In early production, Laserbeak was known as "Buzzard".[165]

Szarabajka previously voiced Ironhide in the Transformers: War for Cybertron video game.


An MH-53 representing Blackout in alternate mode lands at Holloman Air Force Base during filming on May 30, 2006.

Blackout, a Decepticon who transforms into a MH-53J Pave Low III helicopter. Blackout is a first-strike soldier with his minion Scorponok attaching to him.[166]

Soundwave had been considered for this role,[167] with Ravage as his minion,[72] but Hasbro insisted Soundwave have a music-based role.[168] During production, Blackout was preliminary named Incinerator,[169] Grimlock,[170] Devastator[171] and Vortex,[172] being referred to by Ben Procter as the Transformer with "the most name changes during development".[173]

Air Force Maj. Brian Reece played Blackout's hologram pilot. Reece was talking to Bay while filming at Holloman Air Force Base in May 2006, when one of Reece's men "walked by singing that stupid Team America song." Reece gave what he called a "death glance," and Bay chose him to play Blackout's pilot when the robot makes his attack. Reece was later called to Los Angeles, where ILM scanned his head and took pictures of him in different costumes for other scenes. Reece wore a fake moustache.[174][175]

Blackout features in the Mission in the battle against the Autobots. Towards the end of the battle he attempts to help Megatron finish off Optimus Prime; however, he is attacked by Captain Lennox and his team, the former racing underneath him on a motorcycle and firing at him with a sabot round, along with human pilots in F-22s firing a barrage of missiles from the air, eventually killing him.


Scorponok, a mechanical scorpion who is Blackout's minion. A Decepticon Tracker whose core programming is only a tiny bit more complex than pure instinct.[176] Scorponok was chosen after the writers discovered him in the pages of The Ultimate Guide and felt he was appropriate to the setting. A model of his head and tail was built, while primacord explosives were used for his ripple movements in the sand. This was potentially dangerous to cast members, generating genuine terror in the actors' performances.[177]

After the events of the 2007 film, Scorponok repaired his tail. He participates in the battle in Egypt where he manages to wound Jetfire before the ancient Transformer kills him in response.


Jess Harnell voices Barricade, a Saleen S281 police car, whom Frenzy guides to Sam. Functioning as a scout, Barricade is the perfect Earth infiltrator and inquisitor.[178]

The character was inspired by the G1 Autobot Prowl, because the writers thought a Decepticon displaying authority would use the police car form.[63] Barricade is able to house Frenzy in a compartment in his chest, ejecting him from his front grill. Takara and Hasbro had designed the flap for his toy and were unaware ILM had taken inspiration from their depiction of the character.[179][180]

Barricade disappeared in the end of the first movie, but briefly reappears again in Dark of the Moon - this time voiced by Frank Welker - during the battle in Chicago, soon getting killed.


Reno Wilson voices Frenzy, a small and vicious Espionage Expert[181] who transforms into a GPX BCDW9815CNP boombox, and later into a mobile phone. For most of the film, Frenzy speaks in Cybertronian and has only a few English lines. He was primarily animated by one man, who gave the character quirky movements: Bay could tell which shots were not done by him and felt the character totally changed in those scenes.[3] A puppet was also used on set.[17] Frenzy was originally meant to be Soundwave, but the writers decided to rename him because he was significantly different from the original character.[63] Other names given to him during production include Boombot[182] and Soundbyte.[183] Also, in early scripts, before Bay determined there would be no mass shifting in the movie, Frenzy — called Soundwave at the time — could turn into a humvee.[170] His vehicle transformation eventually became the character we now know as Barricade.[63]


Brawl, a robot turning into an M1 Abrams. For his portrayal, the crew chose to use an Abrams prop built for xXx: State of the Union.[17] The character was intended to be named Brawl (which appears on all the merchandise), but a subtitled Cybertronian line in the film reads "Devastator reporting". Despite recognition of the error, the line was not fixed for the home media release of the film.[184] Killed by Bumblebee.


Jimmie Wood voices Bonecrusher, who attacks Optimus on the highway to Mission City. The animators modeled his fighting styles on hockey and football players.[3] His alternate form of the Buffalo H Mine-Protected vehicle had been chosen based on a promotional image in which the fork looked much bigger than it really was, so for the movie, the vehicle was modified to fit a larger fork.[62][63] He is killed when he is decapitated by Optimus Prime. In Revenge of the Fallen, Bonecrusher's model was reused, appearing briefly in the background scenes during the final battle in Egypt.


The Constructicons are a Decepticon sub-faction of robots that transform into construction vehicles.


Calvin Wimmer voices Demolishor, who transforms into a white and red Terex O&K RH 400 hydraulic mining excavator.[185] In robot mode, his treads turn into huge wheels, enabling him to roll either on the two of them, or only on the front one, with the rear lifted behind his head. During production, the film writers simply called him "Wheelbot",[109] and he is listed by that name in the film's credits. Also, he is referred to as "Demolishor" in the film novel.


Scrapmetal was an initially an unnamed Constructicon turning into a yellow Volvo EC700C crawler excavator fitted with a Stanley UP 45SV attachment, seen only briefly in vehicle mode in the freighter when the Constructicons first arrive. He joins Mixmaster, Long Haul and Rampage on the retrieval mission to recover Megatron, and being referred to as "the little one" by The Doctor, he is then ripped apart by the others in order to provide spare parts for Megatron. Hasbro has said they like to called him Scrapmetal.[186]


Mixmaster,[187] who transforms into a black and silver Mack concrete mixer truck. He is briefly seen to have a third "battle mode" which appears to be a gun emplacement.[188] According to his toy bio, he is an expert in chemistry and explosives who makes explosives and poisons for the other Decepticons' weapons.[189] Some of the concept art shows him as a McNeilus mixer truck.[190] Killed by Jetfire.

Long Haul

Long Haul,[187] whose alternative mode is a green Caterpillar 773B dump truck. Long Haul's robot mode was designed by freelance artist Josh Nizzi as fan art of the original character, by the time Revenge of the Fallen had just been greenlit.[191] The fan art impressed Bay enough to hire him on to the film.[192] He is killed in an airstrike during the final battle in Egypt.

Although in the movie Long Haul's alt mode is a Caterpiller 773B, a relatively small truck, Nizzi had originally meant Long Haul to be a Caterpillar 797, one of the largest dump trucks in the world.[193]

Long Haul's model was reused, appearing briefly in the background scenes during the battle in Chicago in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


Kevin Michael Richardson voices Rampage,[187] who transforms into a red Caterpillar D9L bulldozer. His robot mode resembles an upright-standing snake with his treads coming out of his hands, which he uses as whips. In the toyline, this mode is called "jackhammer mode", with his actual robot mode resembling a centaur with four spider-like legs.[194]

He was originally intended to be yellow, but was later changed to be red, to improve the clarity of his fight with Bumblebee.[195] Due to the fact that he moves around by jumping, during production he was known as "Skipjack",[196] and is erroneously listed by that name in the film's credits.

Richardson made a guest appearance as Omega Supreme in Transformers Animated, and would later star as Bulkhead in Transformers: Prime.


Scrapper, a Constructicon that turns into a yellow Caterpillar 992G scoop loader. He is seen to be able to use his left arm as a chain mace similar to the one seen on Megatron in the 2007 film. Scrapper's likeness is briefly seen during the final battle in Chicago in "Dark of the Moon".[197]


Frank Welker provided vocal effects for Devastator, a 46 feet (14 m) tall (hunched over) massive robot formed by several combining construction vehicles, who walks in a four-legged fashion resembling a gorilla. He is physically unable to stand upright, but would be 100 feet (30 m) to 120 feet (37 m) tall if he did.[133] His jaws can open up to form some sort of suction vortex, and he has grappling hooks he is seen using to climb a pyramid.[117] A Combiner, Devastator is the Decepticons' ultimate weapon.[198] Killed by a railgun.

In the 2007 film, the name "Devastator" was mistakenly given to Brawl, a tank.

Although Devastator was originally conceived to be made up of the other Constructicons (which is also reflected in the toyline) in the film Devastator was made to be independent from them, and his components are never seen to adopt any individual robot modes. As a result of this change, Overload and Hightower were dropped as robots, only their once-intended vehicle modes being seen in the movie.[199][200] Both Overload and Hightower's robot modes can still be seen in toy form in Takara Tomy's EZ Collection DX Devastator.[201]

The vehicles that make up Devastator are:[199]

  • A yellow Caterpillar 992G scoop loader forms the right arm. Called Scrapper in the toyline.
  • A red Terex O&K RH 400 hydraulic mining excavator forms the torso. Called Scavenger in the toyline.
  • A black and silver Mack concrete mixer truck forms the head. Called Mixmaster in the toyline.
  • A green Caterpillar 773B dump truck forms the right leg. Called Long Haul in the toyline.
  • A yellow Caterpillar D9L bulldozer forms the left leg. Called Rampage in the toyline.
  • A yellow KOBELCO CK2500 crawler crane fors the left arm. Called Hightower in the toyline.
  • A red Caterpillar 773B end dump truck[64] forms the rear torso. At some point it was planned to be a Komatsu HD465-7 articulated dump truck.[199] Called Overload in the toyline.
  • A yellow track loader bearing model M930, first seen in the freighter where the Constructicons first land, forms the left hand.


Sideways, a silver Audi R8 hiding with Demolishor in Shanghai, China until he is discovered by the Autobots. After getting chased by Arcee NEST brought in Sideswipe he was then sliced in half and killed by the Autobot.[202]

A Surveillance agent, Sideways prefers to lurk behind larger Decepticons to stay out of danger.[203]


Frank Welker voices Reedman, a one-eyed razor-thin robot. Reedman appears when at a certain point in the film, Ravage is seen deploying a load of marble-sized "microcons"[64] that adopt an intermediate bug-like robot form, and end up grouping together to form Reedman. Reedman's extremely thin frame serves him as his main ability, by making him virtually invisible as long as he is facing directly at his enemy.

The Doctor

John Di Crosta voices Scalpel (known as The Doctor in the film), a small spider-like robot who turns into a microscope. He is a medic and scientist equipped with tools he is seen using to extract information from Sam's brain. The packaging of his Scout-Class figure details he is skilled in dissecting and rebuilding almost any living organism.[89][204] His fate isn't shown in the film. The novelization and comic depict him being destroyed by Optimus Prime upon arrival.

In Dark of The Moon, a group of miniscule Decepticons who resemble Scalpel serve as medics attempting to repair Megatron's head after his battle with Optimus.


Isabel Lucas plays Alice, a Decepticon Pretender in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen who is sented from the Decepticons to get the information that Sam has when he came in contact with the fragment of the AllSpark and she is killed by Mikaela Banes. Though not covered in the film, the novelization and comic adaptation explains her adopted earth mode as her duplucating the appearance of a theme park animatronic figure of Alice in Wonderland.


Greg Berg voices Igor in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. A deformed Decepticon that scurries about Megatron at his base in Africa. Igor wasn't seen during the final battle, meaning his fate is unknown.

In early production, Igor was known as "Undermine".[165]


The Dreads are a trio of Decepticons who follow the Autobots back from the moon and turn into Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicles.[205] They also seem to vaguely resemble the Predator.


Crankcase is the leader of the Dreads, specializes in stealing information.[206] Crankcase is killed by the Autobot Ironhide with Sideswipe's help.


Crowbar specializes in getting into secured areas and systems. He and Crankase fought Sideswipe and Ironhide holding both his guns at them.[207] He then threw one of his two explosive darts at Sidswipe before getting shot by the Autobot Ironhide. During the highway scene Bonecrusher's growl from the first movie was reused for Crowbar.

In the toyline, Crowbar is depicted as turning into a Carbon Motors E7 police car.


Hatchet is a master strategist for the Decepticons,[208] who has an animal-like robot mode. He attacked Sam and some Autobots. Hatchet is killed by Bumblebee and Dino/Mirage on the highway.

In the toyline, Hatchet is depicted to turn into a Eurofighter Typhoon.

AllSpark mutations

The AllSpark is also shown giving life to a Decepticon's. Orci explained: "Prime intended to use the Allspark to repower Cybertron as it was intended. Megatron wants to abuse it by creating Transformers directly, which makes souless, primal Transformers."[70]


A character named Stryker, with a M1126 Stryker ICV as his alt mode, had been designed, but eventually didn't get used in the film.[170][209] Michael Bay also considered a character turning into an aircraft carrier, which was dropped for cost reasons.[210] The character was included in one of Orci and Kurtzman's drafts of the script,[211] and concept art was even created for it.[212]

The 2009 film features other minor robots, including unnamed Decepticons with no earth modes, a small insect-like robot (called Insecticon in the toyline), Decepticon hatchlings, and some kitchen appliances from Sam's kitchen brought to life by the AllSpark shard. Among these kitchen bots, is a pyromaniac toaster bot, named Ejector in the toyline[213] who had also appeared unnamed in Mountain Dew commercials tying in to the 2007 Transformers film.[214] Several characters dead or disappeared in the 2007 film reappear in the 2009 film or in the 2011 film. One Decepticon is also seen scanning a Waste Management, Inc garbage truck.

In the second film, Simmons kept information of the Primes hidden in his butcher shop. Some pictures showed vehicle modes of Seekers (ancient Decepticons.)


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