Buffalo (mine protected vehicle)

Buffalo (mine protected vehicle)

Infobox Weapon
name=Buffalo H

used_by=United States Armed Forces, United Kingdom, French Army, Canadian Forces
wars= Iraq War, Afghanistan
manufacturer=Force Protection Industries
weight= convert|45320|lb|abbr=on [http://www.forceprotection.net/models/buffalo/specs/buffalo_spec.pdf]
length= convert|27|ft|m|abbr=on
width= convert|8.5|ft|m|abbr=on
height= convert|13|ft|m|abbr=on
armour= 7.62 x 51 mm NATO ball standard
All wheels and centerline mine protected
engine= Mack ASET AI-400
engine_power=330 KW (450 HP)
transmission=Allison HD-4560P
payload_capacity=38,680 lb
fuel_capacity= 85 gal
suspension=6x6 wheeled
clearance=410 mm (15 in)
vehicle_range=483 km (300 mi)
speed=105 km/h (65 mph)

The Buffalo mine protected vehicle built by Force Protection Inc is based on the successful South African Casspir mine-protected vehicle. [ [http://www.defensetech.org/archives/001233.html Defense Tech: More On Warlock'S Tricks ] ] As of late 2004, the United States has a limited number of Buffaloes in service, with an order for 15 more, at a cost of $10 million. [cite web | title = Buffalo helps protect from bullets, blasts | url = http://www.dix.army.mil/PAO/Post04/post111904/bullets.htm | publisher = Department of Defense |date=2004-09-10 ]

While the Casspir is a four wheeled vehicle, the Buffalo has six wheels. They are also fitted with a large articulated arm, used for ordnance disposal. Both vehicles incorporate a "V" shaped monohull chassis that directs the force of the blast away from the occupants. [cite web | title = Combat engineers comb streets of Iraq for IEDs | url = http://www.ngb.army.mil/news/story.asp?id=1660 | publisher = Department of Defense |date=2005-07-08 ] It is also now equipped with BAE Systems' LROD cage armor for additional protection against RPG-7 anti-tank rounds. [ [http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/baes-lrod-cage-armor-03473 BAE’s LROD Cage Armor - Defense Industry Daily ] ]

On June 6, 2008 Force Protection, Inc delivered its 200th Buffalo to the U.S. Military. [ [http://www.upi.com/Security_Industry/2008/06/06/200th_Buffalo_MRAP_delivered_to_military/UPI-15781212771850/ 200th Buffalo MRAP delivered to military - UPI.com ] ]

Production history


* Buffalo H


* - 200
*/Canadian Forces - 5 [ [http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/2007/05/canada-bringing-buffalos-cougars-to-afghanistan/index.php Buffalo vehicle coverage on DefenseIndustryDaily.com] ]
* - 5 to be delived November 2008 [fr [http://www.ttu.fr/francais/Articles/tf700.html "La Task Force 700 se prépare au théâtre afghan", 06/28/2008, TTU] [ [http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/080723/20080723005244.html?.v=1 "French Military Orders Buffalo Vehicles from Force Protection", 07/23/2008] ]


The Buffalo appeared as the vehicle aspect of the Decepticon Bonecrusher in the movie "Transformers" (2007). Production designer Jeff Mann stated, "We found this image of a mine-sweeping vehicle that had a huge arm with what appeared to be a fork on the end. So we called the people who owned it, hoping there was a chance we could rent it or buy it, but when we got the data, it turned out the fork was only convert|14|in|mm wide—they had totally cheated the whole thing in Photoshop.... We had to make an appliance to fit over the existing arm, that wouldn’t bounce around too much because it was about convert|10|ft|m wide." [cite news | title = The Making Of The Transformers Movie - Production Design: The Robots, The Vehicles, The Sets | publisher = ENI | date = 2007-06-15 | url = http://enewsi.com/news.php?catid=190&itemid=11213 | accessdate=2007-09-13]

ee also

* Casspir
* Cougar
* RG-33
* Cheetah MMPV
* MRAP (armored vehicle)



External links

* [http://www.forceprotection.net/models/buffalo/ Buffalo product page on ForceProtection.net]
* [http://www.armyrecognition.com/Amerique_du_nord/Etats_Unis/vehicules_a_roues/Buffalo/buffalo_Mine_protected_clearance_vehicle_united_states_army_description_identification_pictures.htm Buffalo MPCV EOD Technical Data Sheet and Pictures to Army Recognition]

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