Bumblebee (other incarnations)

Bumblebee (other incarnations)

As the Transformers franchise has grown, other character have appeared with the name "Bumblebee".

Transformers: Armada

The "Armada" character Perceptor is named Bumble (Bumblebee's Japanese name) in Japan. The Mini-Con Sparkplug is also a physical homage to the original Bumblebee.

Transformers: Energon

Bumblebee's likeness has made brief appearances in Transformers: Energon. He is seen standing next to Rodimus in a picture with other members of Rodimus' group, with an Autobot flag in the background.

2007 Transformers film

Transformers character
name = Bumblebee

caption = Bumblebee in the 2007 Transformers movie
affiliation = Autobot
subgroup = Deluxe Vehicles
Micro Vehicles
rank = 8
function = Scout
partner =
motto = "The least likely can be the most dangerous."
alternatemodes = Cybertronian Car
1976/2009 Chevrolet Camaro
weapons = Arm-Energy Cannon
Shoulder Missiles
height = 16 feet tall
series = Transformers movie toys
engvoice = Mark Ryan
japanvoice =
Bumblebee makes an appearance as one of the Autobots in the 2007 live-action movie "Transformers".The cautious but brave Bumblebee is expected to make an apprearance in . Instead of a VW Beetle, he is a Chevrolet Camaro (the model year of which is upgraded in the movie). Due to a battle injury, he is rendered effectively mute, and communicates through use of selected playback of radio and television signals. The biography for the Decepticon Hardtop toy states that Hardtop and Bumblebee are old rivals and it was not Megatron who damaged Bumblebee's ability to speak, but a shot from Hardtop's gun. This, however, is in almost direct opposition of the movie's prequel.

Michael Bay stated in an early interview that Bumblebee stands about 17 feet tall [ [http://www.latinoreview.com/news.php?id=907 Transformers Set Visit Preview! - Movie News - Latest Movie Reviews and trailers ] ] , but the scale of his Deluxe concept toy suggests he stands closer to 18 feet tall. The official guide to the Transformers video game says he's 16 feet tall.

The vehicles used for Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz and Ratchet were put on display by General Motors at the 2007 Detroit River Walk Festival a little over a week before the U.S. release of the film. [cite news | title = Transformers Movie Update: We Have An Exclusive Robogasm With Ironhide, Bumblebee, Jazz And Ratchet | publisher = Jalopnik | date = 2007-06-22 | url = http://jalopnik.com/cars/robots-in-disguise/transformers-movie-update-we-have-an-exclusive-robogasm-with-ironhide-bumblebee-jazz-and-ratchet-271505.php | accessdate = 2007-06-23]

In Hot Rod magazine's Nov. 2006 issue, Bumblebee was a feature article. Originally a worn-out 1969 Camaro, producers settled on a 1976 model.cite web |url=http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Features/articleId=121138 |title= Driving the Transformers Beater Bumblebee 1976 Camaro |accessdate=2007-11-22 |last=Huffman |first=John Pearley |date=2007-06-10 |format=HTML |publisher=Edmunds |language=English] It is painted yellow with black stripes, primer and rust patches, riveted hood scoop, Cragar SS wheels up front, Eric Vaughn Real Wheels in the back, marine-grade vinyl seats, and even an eight-track player. The fifth-generation Camaro model was built using a 2006 Pontiac GTO by Saleen, the body was built from the same GM R&D molds that were used in the 2006 Camaro Concept. Early photos show that Bumblebee can transform his right arm into a plasma cannon and has missile launchers in his shoulders. In addition to his firearms, In the game Bumblebee can extend an axe-like "stinger" from his wrist, in a similar fashion to how Optimus releases his sword. Bumblebee uses this in close-quarters combat. It was most notable in the video game. The 1976 Camaro movie vehicle was sold on eBay with a winning bid of U.S. $40,100.01.

IDW Publishing

The "" revealed that in the battle of Tyger Pax, Megatron's forces attacked searching for the Allspark. Bumblebee's squad (which included Arcee) attempt to hold off the Decepticons, but are eventually overwhelmed. They are captured and tortured by Swindle, with Megatron intervening personally to torture Bumblebee for information. However, they refuse to speak long enough for Prime's secret plan to take effect - launching the Allspark into outer space. Megatron attempts to pursue it, but Bumblebee stops him. An enraged Megatron rips Bumblebee's arms off and crushes his voice capacitor, promising to seize the Allspark for himself eventually. Bumblebee recovers and is repaired, although his voice is damaged beyond repair. Bumblebee then volunteered to head into space to stop Megatron from acquiring it.

Eventually arriving on Mars in his protoform mode, Bumblebee then proceeded to Earth in 2003, his arrival tracked by the Hubble space telescope.

Upon landing in New York City, Bumblebee assumes the form of a beat-up Chevrolet Camaro, all the while avoiding the agents of the government organization known as Sector 7, who refer to him as NBE-2 (or Non-Biological Extraterrestrial 2). Bumblebee then downloaded information on Captain Archibald Witwicky. Arriving at the asylum where he had once been incarcerated, he found it was now a dilapidated ruin. Damaged by a pursuing Barricade, he then found emissions of something like the Allspark - unaware he was heading into Sector 7's trap. However, their plan to capture him was thwarted when Starscream, Barricade and Blackout arrived. As the Decepticons shot Sector 7's trap to pieces, Bumblebee escaped, pursued by Barricade. He escaped - unaware the Decepticons had let him go so that they could follow him and see what he knew about the Allspark. He is last seen in the series heading for Tranquility, Nevada - home of Captain Witwicky's descendant Sam.

He also appeared in the official movie sequel comic called "The Reign of Starscream". [ [http://fromthetip.blogspot.com/2008/04/rain-of-starscream-part-deux.html From the Tip: Rain of Starscream Part Deux ] ]

Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

Bumblebee also appeared in the prequel novel "". Here it was revealed he could still communicate with the other Autobots via digital link. Bumblebee was part of Prime's Autobot team searching for the Allspark, and was described as one of the Autobots' best scouts. He was sent after the human vessel Ghost-1 (reverse engineered from studies of Megatron) to make contact, but was ambushed and forced underground by Starscream. Encountering giant rock-chewing worms, he was saved by Optimus Prime. Heading into the atmosphere once again, he and Ratchet took on Barricade, but were unable to stop Starscream from destroying the human vessel.

Target Robo-Vision

According to his extended biography from the Target store exclusive Robo-Vision web site Hardtop came to Earth and uncovered the Witwicky home before any of the other Decepticons, but was unable to attack the Witwickys because Bumblebee found him first and buried under a hundred tons of rubble in the Rocky Mountains.

Movie plot

Bumblebee appears in the live-action "Transformers movie" in 2007, returning to his role as the friend of the Autobots' human ally - in this case, Sam Witwicky. Sam possesses the glasses of his great-great-grandfather Captain Archibald Witwicky, a famous explorer. Unknown to Sam, the glasses are engraved with the coordinates showing the location of the life-giving Allspark. Bumblebee is assigned to guard Sam from the Decepticons, and poses as a dilapidated 1976 Chevrolet Camaro as Sam and his father are buying a car for Sam. They eventually purchase Bumblebee, due in no small part to Bumblebee damaging every other car at the dealership to ensure his purchase.

Later, Bumblebee drives away from Sam's home to summon the Autobots. Sam thinks Bumblebee is being stolen, and chases the car on his bike. Sam then witnesses Bumblebee transforming into robot mode and reports it to the police, who believe he is on drugs.

Bumblebee returns to Sam and his crush Mikaela Banes and protects them from an attack by Barricade and Frenzy, earning Sam's trust. When Mikaela criticizes the poor condition of Bumblebee's vehicle mode, he scans a passing fifth-generation Camaro and transforms into the same model (in the comic adaptation he simply downloads information on the new model car over a wireless internet connection.) Bumblebee then drives Sam and Mikaela to an alley where they meet the other Autobots.

They return to Sam's house and retrieve the glasses, but a secret government organization, Sector 7, arrests Sam and Mikaela. The Autobots attempt to rescue them but Bumblebee is captured and taken by Sector 7. Sam eventually negotiates his release.

Bumblebee survives the massive battle at the film's climax, although he loses the use of his legs after helping Ironhide deflect missiles from Starscream. With Mikaela's aid, he is able to rejoin the battle supported by a tow truck, and destroys Devastator. After the battle, Bumblebee is fully repaired and asks to stay with Sam and is granted permission from both Sam and Optimus Prime. He is later seen alongside Ironhide, Ratchet, and Optimus watching the sunset at the end of the movie.

Bumblebee is voiced by Mark Ryan in the film, but he mostly speaks with his radio, having had his voice processor damaged (though his actual voice squeaks and whines laboriously through much of the movie). He also speaks with quotes from television shows and movies, in a way similar to Wreck-Gar from the 1986 film and season three of the G1 cartoon series. Screenwriter Roberto Orci explained Bumblebee regained his voice through the regenerative laser Ratchet fires at his neck as they meet, and it eventually works its magic by the end of the film. He agreed this was not made clear. [cite news |author=Roberto Orci|title=Orci and Kurtzman Questions: Post movie|publisher=Official site|date=2007-07-06|url=http://boards.transformersmovie.com/showpost.php?p=384946&postcount=33|accessdate=2007-09-08] It should be noted that Frenzy is regenerated upon coming into contact with the Allspark, and so it is entirely plausible that Bumblebee's voice, along with his legs, is also healed by the Allspark, though no mention of this is made in the film. It was said that making Bumblebee mute was to show that his bond with Sam went beyond words.

As a tribute to the original form of Bumblebee, a yellow Volkswagen Beetle appears next to him at the car dealership. Bumblebee damages the Beetle in order to ensure that Sam purchases him. He also has a bee-shaped air freshener attached to his rear view mirror with the words "bee-otch". The air freshener was the subject of a lawsuit for $850,000 due to its alleged resemblance to another design. [cite news
last = Gregorian
first = Dareh
coauthors = Cohen, Stefanie
title = Giant robots stole my idea
publisher = New York Post
date = 2007-12-26
url = http://www.nypost.com/seven/12262007/news/nationalnews/giant_robots_stole_my_idea_473566.htm
accessdate = 2008-03-28

Video game

Bumblebee is a playable character, and is the most-used character in the Autobot campaign, where the character uses Bumblebee in 9 missions in the Autobot campaign, out of the total 18. He is playable in both the old and new camaro cars. Bumblebee also appears as a boss in the Decepticon campaign, with a radial blast attack.

Movie toys

*Movie Legends Bumblebee (2007):Released as part of the first wave of Movie Legends toys, this 8 centimeter long Classic Camaro is 1/64 scale to the real vehicle.:A bootleg of this toy was manufacted by a toy maker in China called "Deform Formers". This version of the toy is nearly identical to the original toy, except it stands about 7 inches tall in robot mode and has the Autobot symbol removed.

*Movie Legends Bumblebee Scanning Version (2007):A Japanese exclusive bundled with the September 2007 issue of "Hyper Hobby" magazine, this version of Legends Bumblebee is molded in transparent yellow, depicting him in scanning mode before being formatted into his alternate mode. [http://tfkenkon.com/g/?mode=album&album=Collection/act464]

*Movie Legends Bumblebee Metallic Version (2007):A limited Japanese exclusive release that was available with pre-orders of the "Transformers" movie DVD.

*Movie Legends Bumblebee redeco (2008):A repaint of Legends Bumblebee with battle damage. Comes in a 2-pack with Legends Class Scorponok. [http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/ProductsByBrand.htm?BR=496&SBR=526&ST=SO&ID=21476&PG=1 Transformers Allspark Battles: Bumblebee Vs. Scorponok - Product Detail ]

*Movie Jollibee Bumblebee (2007):A kids meal toy promotional item available at Jollibee restaurants in the Philippines from June to July of 2007. This toy was a slightly enlarged and simplified version of the Movie Legends mold. [ [http://www.cybph.com/archives/318 Cybertron Philippines » Blog Archive » Jollibee The Transformers Movie Kiddie Meal Toys ] ]

*Movie Cyber Slammers Bumblebee (Classic Camaro) (2007):A Scout Class toy designed for younger children, with a very simple transformation and a pull back motor. The upper portion of the vehicle pops up into robot mode when it hits an object.

*Movie Cyber Slammers Bumblebee (Camaro Concept) (2007):Similar to the first version of Bumblebee, only with the new Camaro design.

*Movie Fast Action Battlers Plasma Punch Bumblebee (Camaro Concept) (2007):A Deluxe Class transforming toy with simplified transformation for younger children. Features launching plasma bolt projectile.

*Movie Deluxe Class Bumblebee (Classic Camaro) (2007):A Deluxe class toy with a detailed transformation and Automorph technology. Aside from black stripes, Bumblebee is decorated with burn marks all over, signifying battle damage rather than his dirty, rusted-up condition depicted in the film. The Japanese version released by Takara Tomy comes with clear blue plastic windows and projectiles. This toy is 14 centimeters long in vehicle mode. This toy was designed by Alex Kubalsky.:This mold was made into a Chinese bootleg figure in late 2007 under the name Distortion Hornet.

*Movie Deluxe Class Metallic Bumblebee (Classic Camaro) (2007):A Lawson exclusive in Japan. This Deluxe toy is repainted in metallic gold with black stripes. [http://tformers.com/article.php?sid=8212]

*Movie Deluxe Class Bumblebee vs. Barricade: First Encounter (2007):A Wal-Mart exclusive gift set featuring Deluxe Bumblebee (Classic Camaro) and Barricade. [http://www.hasbro.com/transformers/default.cfm?page=Products/Detail&product_id=19848]

*Movie Deluxe Class Bumblebee (Camaro Concept) (2007):Like the Classic Camaro version, this Deluxe toy features Automorph technology and a complex transformation. Comes with a laser cannon that opens to become a clear blue blade. Arguably the closest transforming toy in resembling his film counterpart, this Deluxe Bumblebee is the fastest-selling in the entire movie toy line and has been fetching large numbers on eBay. This toy is about 14 centimeters long in vehicle mode. With a real Concept Camaro being 473 centimeters long this toy has a scale of about 1/32. With the toy standing 16 centimeters tall in robot mode, the real robot would stand about 18 feet tall.:Also released in red as Cliffjumper.

*Movie Deluxe Class Bumblebee Repaint (Camaro Concept) (2008):A Target exclusive, packaged in robot mode and inside a clear, cylindrical package. Features light blue highlights on parts of the robot's body to simulate the Allspark's effects.

*Movie Premium Deluxe Class Bumblebee (Camaro Concept) (2008):Similar to the Deluxe Bumblebee released a year prior, but with notable differences. First, the head is sculpted in Armored mode. Second, the car mode is in a metallic yellow finish with more detailed black stripes. And third, the limbs and Plasma Cannon are molded in gray instead of black. [http://www.seibertron.com/energonpub/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=35459 Seibertron.com - The Ultimate Transformers Resource ]

*Movie Deluxe Class Stealth Bumblebee(2008):A repaint of Deluxe Class Bumblebee with black stripes and yellow body colors switched.

*Movie Deluxe Class Bumblebee: Evolution of a Hero (2007):A Target exclusive, featuring both versions of Deluxe Bumblebee. The Camaro Concept in this package is a "battle damaged" repaint. [http://www.hasbro.com/transformers/default.cfm?page=Products/Detail&product_id=20387]

*Screen Battles: "Capture of Bumblebee" Deluxe Class set (2007):Deluxe Bumblebee (Camaro Concept) comes packaged in this mini-diorama with figurines of Agent Simmons and two Sector 7 operatives. Unlike the regular packaged version, this version of Bumblebee has his limbs molded in gray instead of black, and his mouth has been painted silver as well [http://www.collectiondx.com/node/2329 review of "Movie Scenes" Capture of Bumblebee set on CollectionDX.com] . [http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h246/optimuspot/Transformers/010.jpg]

*Screen Battles: "Final Stand" Deluxe Class set (2007):This package includes a non-transformable Camaro Concept Bumblebee in robot mode and a more movie-accurate repaint for the Deluxe-class Autobot Longarm toy. While some of the labels on Longarm are more movie-accurate than his first regular release, the figure of Bumblebee is shown as missing his lower legs (they were crushed in the finale of the movie), it cannot transform, and has limited poseability; though his arm cannon is shown deployed [http://www.collectiondx.com/node/2358 review of "Movie Scenes" Final Stand set on CollectionDX.com] .

*Movie Ultimate Bumblebee (2007):The largest - and effectively, the most expensive - "Transformers" movie toy in the market. This represents Bumblebee's New Camaro form, and it also has eyes that light up, creates sounds (robotic transformations and voices), and stands up to more than 12 inches tall in height. The arms and door "wings" also move at the push of a button. Plays more than 17 different sounds and nine samples of songs, including "Whip It" by Devo. Oddly enough, this version of Bumblebee is less accurate than the Movie Deluxe Bumblebee (Camaro Concept). [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaMfRTAI3OY] The toy is mistransformed in the package, and all promo photos of the figure made the same mistake, presenting the car hood as a solid block resting on Bumblebee's chest. In reality, it splits up into five separate pieces to fold and collapse into a more movie-like appearance.:A Wal-Mart exclusive version was bundled with Deluxe Class Decepticon Brawl and Scorponok. [http://seibertron.com/news/view.php?id=11873 Ultimate Bumblebee bonus pack with Deluxe Scorponok and Deluxe Brawl found!] :Ultimate Bumblebee was among the toys chosen as "12 Best toys of 2007" by Parija B. Kavilanz, senior writer at CNNMoney.com. [ [http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/news/0709/gallery.hot_toys/12.html 12 Best toys of 2007 - Transformers Arm Blasters & Movie Ultimate Bumblebee (12) - CNNMoney.com ] ]

*Micro IR Bumblebee (Camaro Concept) (2007):A RadioShack exclusive. This micro Radio-controlled car moves forward and back, and features simple transformation to robot mode. The gun-shaped controller doubles as a ball-point pen. [http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2737919&cp=&sr=1&origkw=transformer-sku-list&kw=transformer-sku-list&parentPage=search]

*3D Battle Card Game Bumblebee (2007):Bumblebee is among the characters which appeared in the 1st wave of Transformers 3D Battle Card Game by Wizards of the Coast.

*Movie Legends Concept Bumblebee (not released yet):In September 2008 pictures of a mold for a Legends class Concept Bumblebee appeared online. [http://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/new-tf-rotf-legends-pics-of-jetfire-incinerator-more/13930/]

Non-transforming merchandise

*Movie Cyber Stompin' Bumblebee (2007):This is a large, non-transforming toy than can create sound effects and play a sample of the original "Transformers" theme song.

*Movie Robot Replicas Bumblebee (2007):A poseable, non-transforming action figure that comes with a Plasma Cannon that can be attached on either arm.

*Movie Robot Replicas Bumblebee Screen Battle: Final Stand (2007):A legless version of Robot Replicas Bumblebee comes packaged in this mini-diorama with Deluxe Class Longarm (which is decorated with "Mike's Towing" labels as seen on the film instead of "Orson's Towing" on the regular packaged version). In addition, Longarm has a Mikaela figurine inside the driver's compartment. [http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h246/optimuspot/Transformers/013.jpg]

*Movie Unleashed Bumblebee (2007):A fully detailed, non-transforming sculpture featuring Bumblebee in an action pose. A Kmart exclusive version includes Issue #1 of the comic book. [http://www.hasbro.com/transformers/default.cfm?page=Products/Detail&product_id=20181]

*2-in-1 Beamers Bumblebee (2007):A fully detailed sculpt of Bumblebee's head that doubles as an LED flashlight and night light. Also emits sound effects at the push of a button.

*Beatmix Bumblebee (2007):This is a large, non-transforming unit that can be connected to an iPod or other MP3 player. He dances, lights up, plays the music in the player, and can add Transformers movie sound effects to said music.

*XMODS Evolution Bumblebee (Camaro Concept) (2007):A RadioShack exclusive. This Radio-controlled car is part of the XMODS line, featuring digital proportional steering and upgradeable parts. A weapons & light kit is also available, featuring a hood-mounted machine gun and door-mounted missile launchers. [http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2776071&cp=&sr=1&origkw=transformer-sku-list&kw=transformer-sku-list&parentPage=search]

*ZipZaps Micro RC Bumblebee (Camaro Concept) (2007):A RadioShack exclusive. Part of the ZipZaps line, this is a micro Radio-controlled car that runs on a rechargeable battery (the controller doubles as the charger). [http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2737921&cp=&sr=1&origkw=transformer-sku-list&kw=transformer-sku-list&parentPage=search]

Transformers Animated

Transformers character
name = Bumblebee

caption =
affiliation = Autobot
subgroup =Activators, Deluxe Vehicles, Micro Vehicles
rank =
function = Speedster
partner = Bulkhead
motto = "Enough talk. It's time for action!"
"I'm so hot it hurts!" (Elite Guard)
"I'm the fastest thing on wheels!" (Bumper Battlers)
alternatemodes =Futuristic undercover police car similar to a Chevrolet Beat
series =

engvoice = Bumper Robinson
japanvoice =
Bumblebee appears in the series in 2008 as a combat police detectives car. The character of Bumblebee in Animated is described as a hot headed racing young Autobot, making him more akin to "Armada" Hot Shot than the original Bumblebee. He does however retain the traditional warm-heartedness and human-friendly attitude of the original due to his friendship with Sari Sumdac and Bulkhead.

Bumblebee has a retractable face plate he uses when he goes into combat and a retractable weapon (called "energy stingers") in both hands. He can use the wheels on his feet in robot mode as motorized roller blades.

Animated series

In the episode "Autoboot Camp", Bumblebee has flashbacks to his days as an Autobot trainee. During training, he met Bulkhead, Longarm, Ironhide, and Wasp. The group was under the command of Drill seargent Sentinel Minor, who gave Bumblebee his name (after calling him a "bumbler"). Bumblebee would often say or do the wrong thing, resulting in the entire platoon receiving Transformation sit-ups as a result, which made him unpopular with Wasp and Ironhide. One day, Bumblebee heard someone communicating with Megatron. Believing the traitor to be Wasp, Bumblebee (with help from Longarm) discovered evidence in Wasp's locker. For discovering the traitor, Sentinel was prepared to give Bumblebee Elite Guard membership. However, Bumblebee gave up that chance by taking the rap for Bulkhead, who had previously knocked a building onto Sentinel, and was about to be removed from training, joining his new friend as a Space Bridge technician.

In the episode "Transform & Roll Out" Bumblebee and his fellow Autobots were stranded on Earth and he adopted an Earth car alternate mode. He met and became friends with the young human Sari Sumdac.

In the episode five, "Total Meltdown", Bumblebee is coerced by Prometheus Black into fighting a bio-enhanced human, Cyrus "The Colossus" Rhodes. During the battle, some of his hydraulic fluid is spilled. Black experiments on the fluid, but accidentally spills it on himself, transforming him into the corrosive Meltdown.

In the episode "Nanosec", Bumblebee's self-proclaimed title as "fastest thing on wheels" is threatened by Nanosec, a super speedster crook on a deadly mission that could destroy all of Detroit. Bumblebee defeats him using new jet boosters, and some forward thinking.

In the episode "Along Came a Spider", Bumblebee is attacked by the Decepticon Blackarachnia, who absorbs his stinger powers for a brief period.

In episode 14, "Nature Calls", Prowl, Bumblebee and Sari Sumdac get more than they bargained for when they head out to the remote woods to investigate a mysterious Cybertronian energy signal. The signal came from some mutant space barnacles latched on to Megatron's body. Before the barnacles were defeated, they infected Prowl, turning him into a zombie-like Transformer. Prowl ended up stabbing Bumblebee and infected him with the barnacles as well. They were both saved by Sari using a hot water hose.

In the season finale, "Megatron Rising, Pt.I", Bumblebee got a serious lashing out from Optimus and ran away to find Sari, but not before telling Prime that he wasn't much of a good leader. He then disobeying Optimus to take on Starscream alone. He was overpowered even when Megatron used a mechanical arm to throw Starscream outside. Starscream hit Bumblebee with a laser and sent him cliff hanging. Bumblebee was rescued by his fellow Autobots, and in the subsequent battle with the Decepticons, used his greatest weapon, his obnoxiousness, to trick Blitzwing into changing into tank mode in mid-air, causing him to fall into lake Erie.

In the episode "Velocity", Bumblebee particiates in underground races in hopes of beating a mysterious blue race car. When the Decepticon Blitzwing arrives to recover an Allspark fragment, Bumblebee is assisted by the Blue racer.

In the episode "SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy" Bumblebee attempts to apprehend Detroit's new crime society, and the Decepticon Swindle by himself. When Swindle betrays the Society and freezes all technology in Detroit, Bumblebee is forced to team up with the criminals to stop him.

In the "A Bridge Too Close" two-parter, the Autobots are captured by the Decepticons, and Longarm appears on the communications screen. Revealing himself to be the Decepticon Shockwave, he taunts Bumblebee with the realisation that Wasp was innocent, and therefore imprisoned for nothing.

Fun Publications

Bumblebee appeared in the 2008 BotCon voice actor play "Bee in the City", voiced by Bumper Robinson. In this story Professor Sumdac attempted to create a teleportation system to get the Autobots to Cybertron, but an interaction with Sari's key ended up transporting Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sari to Transtech Cybertron, where they met Flamewar and were detained by Shockwave. Bumblebee teamed up with "Beast Wars" Megatron to free his comrades, but then had to stop Megatron from taking the key for himself. Afterwards the Autobots and Sari returned to their own dimension.

IDW Publishing

Set shortly after the events of "Total Meltdown" was the "Transformers: Animated" comic issue #2 by IDW Publishing. In it Bumblebee and Prowl apprehended the Angry Archer as the villain attempted to steal money from a used car salesman. In doing so they revealed the holographic trickery of the Detroit super hero known as The Wraith. With the secret of his power revealed The Wraith lost much of the respect he used to command in Detroit. The Wraith attempted to stop Cyrus "The Colossus" Rhodes from escaping prison, but was unable to fool the villain now that the secret was public, forcing the Autobots to stop the Rhodes and making The Wraith look foolish. The Wraith then attempted to discredit Bumblebee at a college football game by trapping the Autobot with a car boot and using his holograms to make a fake Bumblebee attack the stadium. Bumblebee eventually escaped and the other Autobots helped capture The Wraith and he was placed in a mental institution.


*Universe Animated Legends Bumblebee (2008/unreleased):A Micro class toy released in the Universe Legends line. [ [http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=HT83791C Transformers Universe Legends Wave 3 - HASBRO - Transformers - Transformers at Entertainment Earth ] ]

*Animated Activators Bumblebee (2008):A Scout class toy with a one-touch transformation. [ [http://www.hasbro.com/transformers/default.cfm?page=News/Item&newsid=2CABA218-D56F-E112-48E329339C6958D6 transformers-fr_FR - default ] ] A special Toys-R-Us value pack of Leader Bulkhead comes with Animated Activators Bumblebee as a bonus.

*Animated Activators Patrol Bumblebee (2008/unreleased):A redeco of Animated Activator Bumblebee in black in white police car colors. [ [http://www.allspark.com/index.php/200804252727/Transformers-News/More-Repaints-at-Botcon.html The Allspark: Transformers News, Transformers The Movie News, Beast Wars, G1 - More Repaints at Botcon! ] ]

*Animated McDonalds Bumblebee (2008):Given away as a premium with Happy Meals. [ [http://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/the-mcdonalds-animated-toys-youll-be-buying-next-week/13415/ The McDonald's Animated Toys You'll Be Buying Next Week ] ]

*Animated Deluxe-class Bumblebee (2008):The toy comes with two removable rocket boosters which can be attached in either robot or vehicle mode, as first seen in the episode "Nanosec". This toy's transformation causes the black stripe to switch from the left side of the vehicle mode to the right side of the robot mode. The current animation model maintains this stripe on Bumblebee's left side, regardless of current transformation.

*Animated Deluxe-class Elite Guard Bumblebee [http://tformers.com/transformers_database/animated/330/Bumblebee%20-%20Elite%20Guard_Autobots_Deluxe.html TFormers.com toy review of "Deluxe-class" Elite Guard Bumblebee] (2008/unreleased):This is a repaint of the original "Deluxe-class" figure. While the majority of him is now black, there are equal highlights of yellow and gold across both modes. The eyes are now a plain transparent-blue (as opposed to the original's light blue). The retractable Energy Stinger weapons and removable boosters are still included, though now in the newer plain transparent blue; the boosters have no paint this time, while the Stingers now use gold highlights. His mouth is still painted silver, and there are silver Autobot Elite Guard symbols printed onto his forearms and chest.:With the exception of the blue and silver, this mostly-black repaint more closely matches the natural coloring of a real bumblebee- mostly black with yellow highlights along its body.


Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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  • Cliffjumper (other incarnations) — As the Transformers franchise has grown, more continuities separate from the original series and its subsidiaries have come into existence, some featuring Cliffjumpers of their own. Transformers: Armada Transformers character name = Cliffjumper… …   Wikipedia

  • Optimus Prime (other incarnations) — As the Transformers franchise has grown, more continuities separate from the original series and its subsidiaries have come into existence, each featuring Optimus Primes of their own.Transformers: Robots in DisguiseTransformers character name =… …   Wikipedia

  • Starscream — is the name of several the fictional characters in the various series Transformers universes. Transformers: Generation 1Transformers character name = Starscream caption = affiliation = Decepticon subgroup = Micro Vehicles, Seekers, Pretenders,… …   Wikipedia

  • Grimlock — is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers universes.Transformers: Generation 1Transformers character name = Grimlock caption = affiliation = Autobot subgroup =Action Masters, Deluxe Vehicles, Dinobots, Pretenders rank = 9 5… …   Wikipedia

  • Transformers (fiction) — Superteambox imagesize= caption=A battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. In the center are Optimus Prime (right) and Megatron (left). team name= Transformers debut= 1984 creators= Takara/Hasbro base= Cybertron subcat= hero= villain= sortkey …   Wikipedia

  • Iron Man's armor — refers to the powered metal suit worn by Tony Stark when he assumes his superhero role of Iron Man. The first version of the armor was created by Stark with the help of Ho Yinsen. Unlike most other superheroes, the appearance of Stark s armor has …   Wikipedia

  • Autobot — Autobots Autobot insignia Founder Primus, Dynasty of Primes Current leader Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus Home world Cybertron, Earth …   Wikipedia

  • Megatron — For other uses, see Megatron (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Pegatron. Megatron is a character from the Transformers franchise, created by toy companies Hasbro and Takara. He is the primary antagonist and leader of the evil faction… …   Wikipedia

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