Scavenger, Bonecrusher, Longhaul, Scrapper & Mixmaster - five of the original six Constructicons (Constructicon Hook not shown)

The Constructicons are a group of fictional characters from the various Transformers continuities. Although they vary from depiction to depiction, they are usually Decepticons who turn into construction vehicles and combine into a larger robot.[1]


Transformers: Generation 1

The Constructicons (known as Buildrons in Japan), so named for their group job of design, engineering and construction for the Decepticon forces, are particularly notable for their status as the very first combining sub-group of Transformers, able to merge their bodies and minds together to form the gigantic Devastator.[2][3] The individual members of the team include:[4]

  • Scrapper (Construction Engineer)
    He transforms into a wheeled front end loader.
    He forms the right leg of Devastator
    He is the leader of the Constructicons even though he does not form Devastator's torso.
    He is a master designer who conceives the myriad structures the Constructicons assemble.
    Although he is genuinely modest about his work, he is prone to bragging amongst his fellow Constructicons.
    As indicated by a cut line from the original script of the Constructicons' debut animated episode,
    Scrapper was originally to be named Gravedigger.
    Voiced by Michael Bell.
  • Hook (Surgical Engineer)
    He transforms into a crane truck.
    He forms the head and shoulders of Devastator.
    He is the team's perfectionist second-in-command,
    who considers himself far too elite to deal with most of the "ruffians" that call themselves Decepticons.
    He is excellent at performing tasks which require extreme precision (including surgical operations), but the time he takes to perfect his work and his arrogance are his weaknesses.
    Voiced by Neil Ross.
  • Bonecrusher (Demolitions)
    He transforms into a bulldozer.
    He forms the left arm of Devastator.
    He is a brawler by nature and specializes in demolitions work.
    Under this vicious personality is an underlying motive; he is a perfectionist at heart and wishes to destroy all he deems imperfect, including the Autobots. He would enjoy the extra potential for destruction as Devastator if it did not mean sharing the same mind space as his fellow Constructicons. A different Bonecrusher was in the 2007 live action version of Transformers.
    Voiced by Neil Ross.
  • Scavenger (Mining and Salvage)
    He transforms into an excavator.
    He forms the right arm of Devastator.
    He is an unashamedly pathetic Decepticon.
    Desperate to prove his worth to his team-mates, he uses his one true gift - his shovel's ability to detect various magnetic, ionic, electrical or gas readings - to locate items of value, although invariably, all he can usually find is junk.
    Originally to be named Scrounge, this became a derogatory nickname for him from the other Constructicons and Decepticons.
    Voiced by Don Messick.
  • Long Haul (Transport)
    He transforms into a dump truck.
    He forms the lower torso of Devastator.
    He is not fond of his role as transport, ferrying construction materials to and from on a Constructicon building site, and although he accepts its importance, he would much rather be a full-time warrior.
    In a children's coloring book,
    Long Haul is once mistakenly referred to by Scrapper's early name, Gravedigger.
    Voiced by Gregg Berger.
  • Mixmaster (Materials Fabrication)
    He transforms into a cement mixer truck.
    He forms the left leg of Devastator.
    He might have a few chips loose in his logic center, judging by the cackling with which he undertakes his role of materials fabrication.
    Although manic and erratic by nature, he is a genius of a chemist, able to mix chemicals in the drum of his concrete mixer alternate mode.
    He has also been known to insert solid objects—such as cars—into his mixing drum in order to turn out new building materials.
    Voiced by Frank Welker.

The team's combined form of Devastator is brutality in its purest form—his sole purpose is to destroy anything and everything that gets in his way. It is ironic that the suitably intelligent Constructicons should sacrifice their thinking ability in their combined form, but simple-mindedness is a common limitation of the assorted other first-generation combining Transformers, because Devastator's thoughts and actions are limited to what his six components can agree upon at any given time. Consequently, Devastator seems like a being of instinct, lashing out at everything around him before contemplating the consequences, but he is also slow and lumbering and very easy to trip up. It should also be noted that Devastator is composed of 6 individual robots, compared to most other combiner teams who had 5 components (the exceptions being Monstructor and Piranacon). The only contradiction to Devastator's lack of a display of intelligence is in The Core, when his components' minds were temporarily controlled by the Autobots. He was able to detach the portion of himself made by Hook and complete a complex surgical procedure on Jazz (which put even Ratchet's skills to shame). When the surgery was complete, Hook returned to Devastator's combined form as if the whole operation was performed by the Autobot-controlled Devastator.

Marvel Comics

The origins of the Constructions in Marvel Comics' Transformers series was not nearly so complicated. Seeking to bolster the size of his forces on Earth in 1985, Decepticon Commander Shockwave arranged for the construction of six new Decepticon bodies, which were then infused with life by the power of the Creation Matrix, tapped from the head of the imprisoned Optimus Prime. Thus, the Constructicons were born, and were immediately put to work building a massive radio transmission dish that Soundwave used to beam a message to Cybertron. When the Autobots attempted to interfere, the Constructicons revealed their hidden power and merged into Devastator to fight them off, allowing the message to successfully go through.

The Autobots, intrigued by Devastator's unique combining power, attempting to replicate it with the construction of Omega Supreme. But as Omega was composed of only three (non-sentient) components, unlike the six Constructicons that made up Devastator, the Autobots conducted a raid on the Decepticon base, luring out Devastator so that they could gather data on him. This allowed them to accomplish the construction of the new combiner team, the Aerialbots, capable of forming Superion, whom Devastator battled during the Transformers' adventure alongside G.I. Joe.

Although the United Kingdom's exclusive Transformers comic series shone the spotlight on the Constructicons when they were charged with hunting down Buster Witwicky, and again when the time-travelling Galvatron co-opted their services to build a gigantic laser cannon, the team's special talents were not required in the US title again until they and the Predacons stole large amounts of rocket fuel and raw materials, with which the Constructicons rebuilt the Decepticons' mobile island headquarters as a spaceship. With the entire Earth-based Decepticon army aboard the ship, under the command of Ratbat, they attacked an Autobot congregation on the moon, and while the battle raged, the Constructicons penetrated the Ark and recovered the deactivated bodies of several Decepticons defeated in an earlier clash with Omega Supreme.

Although the Constructicons did not appear again in the US Transformers title, they were not among the Transformers deactivated by the Underbase-empowered Starscream, and briefly appeared as part of the Autobot-Decepticon Alliance, both in group shots and as part of their last stand against Jhiaxus' forces. In the alternate future universe of 2008 featured in the UK Transformers comic, Mixmaster was briefly indicated to have ascended to leadership of the Constructicons. (This had, in fact, already been implied in the present day UK story "Second Generation", in which Mixmaster is seen viewing the transmissions from Buster Witwicky's mind alongside Shockwave and Soundwave.)

Animated series

According to the Autobot, Omega Supreme, millions of years ago, the Constructicons were the creators of the beautiful Crystal City on the Transformers' homeworld of Cybertron, which he was assigned the task of guarding. As a friend of the Constructicons, he was hurt the most when they were attacked by Megatron, who, seeking to bolster the forces of his then-small army, subjected the Constructicons to the Robo-Smasher, a device which reprogrammed their minds and turned them into Decepticons. In their first act as Megatron's troops, the Constructicons lured Omega away from Crystal City and demolished it, enraging Omega, who pursued the Constructicons across the planet. Eventually, he succeeded in capturing them and apparently restored their programming to its original state, but as the group returned to rebuild Crystal City, Omega learned that Megatron's reprogramming could never be undone—the Constructicons were still Decepticons, and more than that, Megatron had given them a new power: the ability to combine their bodies and minds into the giant known as Devastator. In the ensuing struggle with Devastator, the Robo-Smasher attacked Omega's mind. He was able to stop it before the reprogramming was complete, only to wind up losing his emotions. Filled with only hatred for the Constructicons, Omega relentlessly pursued them, until they finally fled Cybertron in a spacecraft, which Omega chased across the galaxy.

In 1984, the Constructicons joined with Megatron's forces on Earth, and their first mission was an impressive one - Scrapper designed a machine to transfer the other Decepticons' powers to Megatron, and while he battled Optimus Prime, holding the attention of the Autobots, the Constructicons invaded the Ark to destroy Teletraan I. Unfortunately for them, the Ark was protected by the Dinobots, but by merging into Devastator, they became more than a match for their prehistoric foes. The return of the other Autobots and the discovery of Megatron's deception spelled the end of the battle, however, as Hound distracted Devastator with a gigantic hologram, and Optimus Prime blasted the giant at just the right spot to force the Constructicons to disengage. They and the other Decepticons were then forced into a river of lava.

The Constructicons survived the river of lava along with the other Decepticons and continued to assist in Megatron’s plans of conquest. In the year 2005, Devastator was the Decepticons' primary weapon in the Battle of Autobot City with the absence of Menasor and Bruticus, tearing through the defenses and walls of the city and battling the Dinobots once more. On the return trip to Cybertron, it was Bonecrusher who advocated the "survival of the fittest" policy that saw many wounded Decepticons ejected from the shuttle, among them Megatron, prompting Scrapper to nominate the Constructicons for the new leaders of the Decepticons. Hook took great offense to the notion that the unpopular Soundwave would make a better leader than they would, leading to a mass brawl to decide who would be Decepticon leader. Later, on Cybertron, the Constructicons were blowing trumpets during Starscream's coronation but were cut off due to Starscream's impatience.

In the remainder of 2005 and throughout 2006, the Constructions maintained a smaller, but still present, role in the Decepticon army, lending their talents to the Decepticon/Quintesson alliance by constructing Trypticon out of a populated human city in only one night. Later, they built a planetary engine on an asteroid and battled on the planet Eurythma, aided in the overthrow of Paradron and took part in an attack on Japan. Although brief, the Constructicons even played a part in the battle for the Plasma Energy Chamber in 2007.

The Constructicons' voices were performed by Michael Bell (Scrapper), Neil Ross (Hook, Bonecrusher), Gregg Berger (Long Haul), Frank Welker (Mixmaster), Don Messick (Scavenger) and Arthur Burghardt (Devastator). The individual Constructicons are six of only ten characters to have appeared in all four seasons of the Transformers animated series (the others being Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Bumblebee/Goldbug, and Spike Witwicky), and they would continue to make brief, token appearances throughout the Japanese-exclusive Transformers: Headmasters series. Later, in the single episode of 1990's Japanese Transformers: Zone series, Devastator was among the nine Decepticon Generals assembled by the villainous Violenjiger. The veteran Decepticon was almost immediately defeated in this series, entombed beneath the earth by a river of magma unleashed by Dai Atlas. It's unclear if Devastator was killed or only incapacitated, due to fact that the Constructicons already survived magma's effects in "Heavy Metal War."

One of the most frequent animation errors concerning Devastator is that at some points he has a visor covering his eyes: at others the eyes themselves are visible. This was due to his full-figure profile on the animation model sheet being drawn with eyes, while the close-up head profile showed the visor. Another inconsistency involves the color of Mixmaster's mixing drum, usually seen in purple on Devastator. This is due to toy models (as seen in the 1985 Transformers product catalog) showing the drum as green on vehicular-mode Mixmaster, but in a soft gray (unique only to this unreleased version of Mixmaster) on a combined Devastator.

Conflicting origins & Load Hauler

The original Transformers animated series is infamous for its seeming slip-ups regarding the Constructicons, presenting contradictory stories that give different origins for the group. In their debut episode, the season one finale, "Heavy Metal War", Megatron professes that the Constructicons were built on Earth. Yet, in the season two episode, "The Secret of Omega Supreme," the secret history of the eponymous character and the Constructicons comes out, which reveals their past on Cybertron together, where the Constructicons were formerly not evil, though they still showed the Decepticon insignia, but were turned to evil by Megatron. Scrapper also makes a comment in "The Master Builders" that he admired the buildings of the Autobot Grapple on Cybertron, indicating a past there.

Interestingly, the official bible to the series originally describes the Constructicons as having "no explained origin." Presumably, this encouraged David Wise, the writer of "The Secret of Omega Supreme", to give the characters an explained origin, unaware that it conflicted with the one-line reference to their being built on Earth from "Heavy Metal War". Nevertheless, it is not impossible to reconcile these two stories, if one simply assumes that when Megatron said the Constructicons were "built," he was referring to their new Earth bodies after their arrival from Cybertron (ironically, "The Secret of Omega Supreme" neglected to give the Constructicons redesigned Cybertronian modes, making it appear as if they always turned into Earthly construction vehicles).

The third seeming contradiction emerges in the third season, with the episode "Five Faces of Darkness, Part Four", in which Rodimus Prime witnesses Megatron's creation in a flashback, and the animation shows the Constructicons surrounding him, however later fiction reveals that there were many Constructicons on Cybertron, and the ones who made Megatron need not have been the ones who formed Devastator.

Other Constructicons

The presence of a larger than usual number of Constructicons in the "Five Faces of Darkness" scene was referenced somewhat by the release of Load Hauler, a Constructicon-colored repaint of the Autobot, Grapple, released exclusively by online retailer E-Hobby in 2003. His biography presents him to have once been a member of the Constructicons, before they were Decepticons, who joined up with the Autobots after Megatron co-opted his team-mates with the Robo-Smasher, and accompanied Optimus Prime's crew aboard the Ark. This in itself is a reference to the anomalous character of Hauler, an Autobot clearly based on the Grapple toy who features in the first animated series episode, but never appears again. Orange in his animated appearance, Load Hauler's bio explains this color discrepancy by presenting Load Hauler as a "highly capricious self-expressionist," who frequently changes his coloration.

In a biography printed for the 2011 nominations for the Transformers hall of fame it was revealed that the Autobot Erector was also a former Constructicon, but was kicked out of the team in favor of Hook.

Action Master Devastator & the New Constructicons

In 1990, the final year of the Transformers toyline in the US, an Action Master figure of Devastator was released, with a transforming partner named Scorpulator. Two years later, in 1992, the Constructicons' toys were re-released (exclusive to Europe), now in a yellow, purple and grey color scheme, with no individual names for the individual toys and lacking the additional pieces that allowed their original releases to combine into Devastator. A story published in issue 264 of the UK's Transformers comic is often cited as an attempt to explain both releases, but since the "new" Constructicons would not be released for another two years, the only toy the story could actually be based upon would be the Action Master version of Devastator. In the story, it was revealed that the Constructicons had lost the ability to combine and were attempting to rebuild Devastator as a singular, separate entity. The Autobots Ironhide and Bumblebee arrived on the island to investigate, and Ironhide was able to bypass the security grid and plant explosives to destroy the site, and Devastator with it.

Fun Publications

Based on the Transformers Classics toy line, the Timelines 2007 story is set 15 years after the end of the Marvel Comics story (ignoring all events of the Marvel UK and Transformers: Generation 2 comics). Megatron survived the crash of the Ark on Earth, reformatted himself into a new form and now leads Ramjet, Skywarp, Soundwave, Starscream and the Constructicons. Optimus Prime has also returned to Earth commanding Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Grimlock, Jetfire, Mirage and Rodimus (formerly Hot Rod).

When the Cybertronians Skyfall and Landquake arrive on Earth unexpectedly Megatron attempts to destroy them, but Optimus Prime and his Autobots are able to drive Megatron away.

Dreamwave Productions

In Dreamwave Productions's 21st Century re-imagining of the Generation One universe, it was revealed gradually that the Constructicons were responsible for pioneering the Combining process through a series of experiments on themselves, thus creating Devastator. The plans to Devastator's combining process were eventually stolen by the Autobots and refined, resulting in Superion as a counter. This in turn led to more Special Teams being built by both sides.

In the initial Transformers: The War Within series, the Constructicons were responsible for activating Cybertron's planetary engines, under the command of Megatron eight million years ago. When Megatron disappeared into the depths of the planet fighting Optimus Prime, Starscream temporarily took command and had Scrapper prepare a process for the resurfacing of Cybertron, which would transform it into a mobile war-world. Scrapper cautioned against such an action, but Starscream ignored him, and prevented him from stopping it when the process was underway. 1.5 million years later, when Megatron and Optimus Prime were thought to have died in an early test of the Space Bridge transport system, and the Autobots and Decepticons splintered into several smaller factions, the Constructicons broke the treaty that had downgraded the combining teams to non-combat status by siding with Ratbat's Ultracons and battling Defensor. The various War Within series showed that the Constructicons' alternate modes were the Cybertronian variants of their Earth designs.

It is apparent that the Constructicons were not aboard the Ark when it crashed on Earth four million years ago, but they did eventually find their way to Earth and joined Megatron's forces there after they awoke in 1984. All the Transformers were rendered inactive in the explosion of the Ark II in 1999, but when they reactivated in 2001, Devastator was the main weapon in Megatron's attack on San Francisco. Rampaging through the city, he battled and defeated Superion, but was defeated by Optimus Prime through a point-blank blast to the face, which toppled the giant. His remains were recovered by the Earth Defense Command, and dissected and studied in their underground base. The ultimate fate of Devastator was not revealed, however, as a result of Dreamwave's closure.

iBooks Trilogy

The Constructicons also featured prominently in the iBooks trilogy set in the Dreamwave universe. Siding with Starscream after Megatron's disappearance, Devastator acted as Starscream's muscle, destroying Sideswipe at one point, and helping his new leader to take over Las Vegas. When Megatron returned, Devastator helped Starscream to force him into submission, but subsequent battles against the Keepers, a powerful race of aliens responsible for Megatron's disappearance, left the Constructicons unable to separate from their combined form. Eventually Devastator was taken out for good when Megatron's reprogrammed Omega Sentinel, turned good by exposure to the Matrix, sacrificed both itself and Devastator to close the Keepers' warp gate. Later, Devastator's body was found floating in space by the humans—setting up the events seen in Dreamwave's Generation One ongoing series.

Devil's Due Publishing

The Constructicons would also put in an appearance in the pages of Devil's Due Publishing's G.I. Joe vs the Transformers crossover. They were seen as part of the force of Transformers under the control of the terrorist organization Cobra and were used for labor on the Cobra Island base. However, when they broke free they began to manufacture energon cubes for Megatron. When the Autobots and G.I. Joe attacked the Constructicons merged to form Devastator and killed Hound. He was then mobbed and taken down by Wheeljack, Bumblebee and various members of G.I. Joe. Unlike many of the other Transformers, the Constructicons were not reformatted into Cobra vehicles.

IDW Publishing

After Dreamwave's bankruptcy, IDW Publishing was awarded the Transformers comic book license. In their rebooted Generation One universe, the Constructicons would first be seen in The Transformers: Megatron Origin prequel miniseries. Set long before the Transformers arrived on earth, they possess Cybertronian modes very similar to the designs used in the War Within series. The Constructicons are tasked with building the gladiatorial stadiums in which Megatron and others battle. According to The Transformers: Spotlight issue featuring Optimus Prime, the only Transformers gestalt is currently Monstructor, meaning the Constructicons cannot combine into Devastator at this point.

Spotlight Ramjet introduced the Mini-Constructicons, robotic bubble headed helpers to Ramjet in the colors of the actual Constructicons. These had become infected by human radio transmissions, causing them to talk like rappers. Two were killed by Ramjet after they asked for a reward. Ramjet also talked of Micro-Constructicons, nanobots that would be used to subjugate Earth by injection into human bloodstreams - but Ramjet was killed by Megatron before this could go any further.

The Constructicons eventually joined Megatron on Earth, during the full scale Decepticon invasion of the planet. They now possessed the power to combine into Devastator, most likely acquired due to the Decepticons getting their hands on Monstructor. They were put in charge of building the new Decepticon citadel in the heart of New York. Eventually, their leader Scrapper is killed by Spike Witwicky on Earth, however the remaining Constructicons later revealed that they were still able to use Scrapper's corpse to combine into a complete Devastator, though he is unable to walk due to his right leg being completely unusable.

Transformers: Generation 2

When the Transformers: Generation 2 toy line began a few years later, the Constructicons were again released in a yellow and purple color scheme, this time all over the world, and including the combining pieces (although for their sparing appearances in Marvel's Generation 2 comic, they retained their original green and purple appearances). Rare orange and purple variants were also released and sold in Walgreens stores. While these Constructicons were included with elements allowing them to form Devastator, various connection points and launchers were sealed and made inactive (such as the missile launcher found in the rear of Mixmaster's drum and the purple boxes that made up Devastator's lower arms). Such changes made their transformations more difficult than their bright green predecessors. (This is probably due to Hasbro using the modified British Constructicon tooling for the Generation 2 variants.)

Despite Generation 2's usage of the yellow and orange Constructicons, a pair of "Construction Green" Decepticons were released in 1995. These two were called Auto-Rollers. (Autobot military vehicles named after Optimus Prime and Hound were planned, but never released.) The Auto-Rollers (which transformed by rolling forward into robot mode, and reversely into vehicle mode—once a safety switch was released) were named Roadblock and Dirtbag, and due to their forms as green construction vehicles (Dirtbag a dump truck; Roadblock a scoop loader), both were considered by fans to be "honorary Constructicons"[citation needed].

Following the same logic, seeing as they are green construction vehicles with no other connection to the Constructicons whatsoever, some fans have declared Crush-Bull and Mixing from the 1992 Japanese Micromaster combiner Sixbuilder to be "honorary Constructicons". The other four are not, though - they are the wrong colour and so cannot possibly be "honorary Constructicons".

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

The 2001 series, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, featured the Build Team (Build Masters)—four Autobot construction vehicles that could combine to form Landfill (Build King). Their toys would later be recolored as the G1 Constructicons (see below).

Transformers: Armada

Though technically not classified as a Constructicon, the Constructicons would be reborn in Transformers Armada in the form of Scavenger (Devastor, in Japan - the Japanese name of Devastator). In addition to being named after one of the G1 Constructicons, he sported their familiar green and purple color scheme. The most striking difference between Scavenger and his G1 counterpart was the fact that he was an Autobot.

This was not initially apparent, however, as Scavenger made his first appearance in the show as a bounty hunter, offering his services to Megatron. He confronted Hot Shot in a battle after the young warrior had acquired the Star Saber. It seemed that Scavenger was a dangerous rogue who was in alliance with the Decepticons, but this was called into question when he later saved Hot Shot from being destroyed by the Decepticons. The truth was finally revealed, and it turned out that Scavenger was, in fact, actually an Autobot spying on the Decepticons.

Scavenger was known for his harsh personality, which was contrasted by his tendency to sleep when off-duty. He trained the Armada incarnation of Optimus Prime, as well as Blurr and (over the course of the series), Hot Shot. Scavenger transformed into a bulldozer, and his Mini-Con partner was named Rollbar. In a flashback, Scavenger is seen fighting alongside Optimus Prime, wielding G1 Devastator's solar energy rifle. (Optimus is using his familiar Generation 1 rifle also.)

He did not re-appear in Transformers Energon. However, he was recolored as Treadbolt, another character in that line. (In the Energon comic—a continuation of Armada's series—Treadbolt was illustrated and addressed as a version of Scavenger, repainted/upgraded during the 10-year story gap.)

Bonecrusher appeared in the series as well, but this character is different from his G1 counterpart, as he is a Mini-Con and transforms into a black and gold missile transport.

Transformers: Energon

Constructicon Maximus
Japanese name Buildron
Sub-group Combiners
Alternate Modes 5 Decepticons
Series Transformers: Energon

In Transformers: Energon, a combining team of five robots similar to the Constructicons exists, who form the giant robot known as Constructicon Maximus (Buildron in Japan). The animated series does not refer to any of the components by name - in it, only the central body is intelligent, and the limbs are drones. The five robots transform only from vehicle mode into combined mode, never into their individual robot forms (apart from one out-of-continuity episode). The team consists of:

  • Steamhammer (Scavenger in Japan), the leader of the team who forms the central body of Constructicon Maximus. His toy's bio presents him as dark and stoic, with a primary function in communication and espionage, a job that he performs well due to his ability to jam transmissions and his talent for breaking codes. Although he is a powerful warrior who can literally flatten his enemies in his excavator alternate mode, he actually prefers to avoid getting involved in combat. Steamhammer's toy bio is ignored for the animated series.
  • Bonecrusher - Scoop Loader
  • Duststorm (Glen in Japan, the Japanese name for Hook) - Crane
  • Sledge (Scrapper in Japan) - Scoop Loader
  • Wideload (Long Haul in Japan) - Crane

Animated series

Constructicon Maximus was one of four combining Transformers sealed away in stasis beneath the surface of Cybertron to guard a hidden reservoir of Super Energon. Megatron, guided by Unicron, set out to search for it, and destroyed one of the immobile robots in his rage, only for the reservoir to then reveal itself. As the guardians awakened, Megatron immersed himself in the Super Energon to upgrade himself into Galvatron, and Constructicon Maximus and Bruticus Maximus immediately swore fealty to Galvatron as the one who had awoken them. However, their "brother," Superion Maximus, refused, recognising Galvatron's evil and siding with the Autobots.

Constructicon Maximus added plenty of firepower to the Decepticons' side, and he and Bruticus Maximus had several clashes with the "traitorous" Superion Maximus, until the time for their final battle came, set against the backdrop of the struggle to stop the Unicron-possessed Galvatron out in space. Constructicon Maximus was deactivated by Superion Maximus, who then had his limbs destroyed by Bruticus Maximus, but transferred Constructicon Maximus's limbs to himself and used them to defeat Bruticus, along with a little help from the ghost of the "brother" Megatron had destroyed. Constructicon Maximus was voiced by Don Brown.


The name "Steamhammer" was later recycled as the name of a Mini-Con in Transformers Cybertron. Also, another homage to the original Constructicons was seen when Demolishor was reformatted into a new form by Megatron. His new alternate mode was that of a massive dump truck colored dark green.

The molds of Constructicon Maximus have been reissued as a Wal-Mart Exclusive gift set sometime late 2006/2007 under the Classics Line. The combined form is be named Constructicon Devastator for trademark reasons, and the individual names are Duststorm, Wideload, Bonecrusher, Sledge, Divebomb and Steamhammer. It has a bright green and purple deco similar to the original G1 Constructicons.

Transformers Animated

The Constructicons appear in the Transformers Animated. Composed of Mixmaster (Jeff Bennett) & Scrapper (Tom Kenny), and Dirt Boss (John Mariano), they are Construction vehicles brought to life by Allspark fragments. Unlike the classic versions, the Constructions do not combine and are not official Decepticons at first, though bribed into their service. Prior to becoming official Decepticons, they have yellow and black color schemes like the Generation 2 Constructicons (with the exception of Dirt Boss who was created later). Once branded, they gain a green and purple color scheme. Their personalities resemble that of New York construction workers, complete with Brooklyn accents. The monster that appears in the episode "Nature Calls" was possibly a tribute to Devastator. In some episodes we see some construction vehicles and mining vehircles colored green and purple like the classic Constructicons.

Animated series

In their first appearance, "Rise of The Constructicons", the Constructicons initially befriend Bulkhead, but are later hired by Megatron after his Decepticons tricked the two into helping them steal supplies to construct a Space Bridge. After drinking contaminated oil provided by Bulkhead, the two lost all their memories of the previous events.

They return in "Sari, No One's Home", following a trail of oil spilled by Bumblebee to the Autobot's base. They are eventually scared off by Sari, and run into Blitzwing, who offers them Decepticon oil, and tells them "There's more where that came from."

In the "A Bridge Too Close" two-parter, the Constructicons recite the Decepticon oath of allegiance, and are branded with the Decepticon symbol. When the Decepticon base starts to collapse, the Constructicons stay behind, in an attempt to save their oil supply and end up being buried under tons of rock for their troubles.

In "Three's a Crowd", Bulkhead accidentally created another Constructicon called Dirt Boss from an Allspark fragment, a forklift, and a damaged Headmaster Unit while repairing a space bridge. Dirt Boss got into Decepticon business and led the other Constructicons into stealing the oil supply. However, the Autobots stopped them and sent them to the coast of Dinobot Island.

In the episode "Human Error part 2" we see Scrapper on Dinobot island, he befriends the Dinobot Snarl, Scrapper was the only Constructicon who survived the Explosion, the fates of Dirt Boss and Mixmaster have been left unknown.


Dirt Boss

Dirt Boss (John Mariano) transforms into a forklift. He was created when an Allspark fragment fused a forklift and Headmaster unit together after they fell down the tower. He was soon discovered by Bulkhead and the Constructicons, and quickly establishes himself as the Constructicon's boss, although he was ironically the last one to be created. He is able to control other Transformers (and machines) by firing a special screw into their heads, a remnant of his Headmaster origin. Unlike the other two Constructicons, he began life as a Decepticon, and does not have the laid-back, oil-obsessed mentality of the other two Constructicons.


Mixmaster (Jeff Bennett) transforms into a futuristic cross between a bulldozer and cement mixer; he got his name after Scrapper told him his mixing barrel had the words Mix Master. He has the ability to spray acid from his stomach, a smokescreen from the mixing barrel on his back, and cement and acid from the miniature mixing barrels in his hands.


Scrapper (Tom Kenny) transforms into a futuristic excavator. He got his name after reading a sign that read "Scrap", but Mixmaster told him that it was too short so it was changed to "Scrapper". He has the ability to activate drill weapons, located in his hands. Unlike his G1 counterpart, Scrapper does not lead the Constructicons, but he is the only known surviving one.

Transformers: Universe

In 1992, a combining Autobot Transformer named SixBuilder was released exclusively in Japan, composed of six Autobot Micromasters, who, by coincidence or design, shared alternate modes with the six original Constructicons. When this figure was reissued in 2003, a chase Destron (Decepticon) variant was available in a green and purple color scheme intended to evoke the Constructicons. Eventually, the individual components were released in the USA in 2004 as part of the multi-universe-spanning Transformers: Universe toy line, exclusively available from KB Toys stores, with improved paint applications to even closer match the original Constructicons' colors.

Released under the group name of the Constructicons once again, the team's combined form was named Constructicon Devastator, and its members included:

  • Buckethead (payloader, formerly Gran Arm in Japan)
  • Quickmix (concrete mixer, formerly Mixing)
  • Hightower (truck crane, formerly Iron Lift)
  • Scavenger (steam shovel, formerly Digger)
  • Bonecrusher (bulldozer, formerly Crush-Bull)
  • Long Haul (dump truck, formerly Treader)

In Europe, the Micromaster Constructicons were released in Energon rather than in Universe packaging.

As Hasbro had lost the rights to the names Scrapper, Mixmaster and Hook, the above substitutions were applied, respectively. While "Buckethead" is a new Transformers name, "Quickmix" was the name of a 1988 Autobot concrete mixer, and "Hightower" the name of a 2001 Autobot crane. The individual pieces required to combine the figures together (fists, feet, chestpiece, etc.) can be linked together to form a jet that the figures can pilot.

In addition, a redeco of the Build Team, a quartet of construction vehicles from the Transformers: Robots in Disguise series, was released in 2006 in the form of two Target exclusive two-packs, namely Bonecrusher/Scavenger and Long Haul/Hightower. These four also have the ability to combine into Devastator (just as the Build Team could combine into Landfill), and the change of "Hook" to "Hightower" is consistent with this release as well.

With this set, Wedge, Heavy Load, Grimlock, and Hightower become Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Scavenger, and Hightower.

Transformers: The Game

Scrapper and Mixmaster names returned again for two transformable battle droids. Scrapper becomes a forklift and Mixmaster remains a cement mixer truck. All this because of the results from the poll for name the Transformers from official game website. Hook is thought to be one of the droids in that game that turns into a tow truck. Bonecrusher is not a droid or a playable character, but is in the game and film. Overload, a Constructicon in Transformers: Revenge of the fallen, is not a playable character but is a decepticon droid that turns into a van.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The second Transformers film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen featured the Constructicons and their combined form. The name "Devastator" was previously used in the first film incorrectly for the Decepticon Brawl, and Bonecrusher was also featured; both characters were killed. Unlike previous incarnations of the team, the Constructicon team features a vast amount of members like the Seacons in Masterforce. As a result, Devastator is composed of any Constructicon models that are present among the group, rather than having only one set in-fiction composition.[5]

The Constructicons featured in Revenge of the Fallen are:

  • Scavenger,[6] the red Terex O&K RH 400 hydraulic mining excavator of the same model as Demolishor.[7] He forms Devastator's torso.[8]
  • Long Haul,[9] a green Caterpillar 773B dump truck, which forms the right leg.[8] Long Haul's individual robot mode was designed by freelance artist Josh Nizzi as fan art of the original character Long Haul. The fan art impressed Bay enough to hire him on to the film.[10]
  • Rampage,[9] a yellow Caterpillar D9 bulldozer who forms the left leg. Bumblebee faces a red version of Rampage.[8]
  • Scrapper,[6] a yellow Caterpillar 992G scoop loader who forms the right arm.[8]
  • Hightower,[9] transforms into a yellow Kobelco CK2500 crawler crane and forms the left arm.[8]
  • Mixmaster,[9] who transforms into a black and silver Mack Vision concrete mixer. He forms the head.[8]
  • Overload, a red Komatsu HD465-7 articulated dump truck that forms the torso with Scavenger.
  • Scrapmetal,[9] Transforms into a yellow Volvo EC700C crawler excavator with a Stanley UP 45SV universal processor attachment, is seen on the freighter along with Long Haul, Mixmaster and Rampage. he joins them as they dive to the bottom of the sea and is torn apart so that Scalpel can use his parts to bring Megatron back to life. His robot form looks like Scrapper.

There is one other Constructicon seen in the movie who is not acknowledged in any other media. It is a yellow track loader bearing model M930 that forms the left wrist and hand combining with High Tower.

Mixmaster, Scavenger, Overload and others are destroyed as Devastator in the battle. Other versions of Long Haul, Scrapper, Mixmaster and Rampage are seen separate from Devastator, presumably to serve as the Decepticon military forces. They are killed by the military, Bumblebee and Jetfire.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

A Decepticon who closely resembles Long Haul has a minor role in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, transforming into a Waste Management truck, and Long Haul himself makes an ever-so-brief appearance in Chicago. "Igor" has also been confirmed as being composed of the head of a Long Haul-clone in Revenge of the Fallen.

Scrapper (possibly a Scrapper-clone) appears in the battle in Chicago as well.

Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Sub-group Constructicons, Power Core Combiners, Scouts
Partner Dump truck drone with plow attachment, Excavator drone with drill attachment, Steamroller drone, and Front end Loader drone with excavator attachment
Alternate Modes Bulldozer
Series Transformers: Power Core Combiners

In the 2010 Transformers: Power Core Combiners toy line, the Decepticon Steamhammer leads a Constructicon team, which consists of four construction vehicle drones. These drones can combine with Steamhammer to become a larger robot by forming his limbs.[11][12]


  • Power Core Combiners Steamhammer with Constructicons (2011)
A new mold. Comes with four drone construction vehicles - all of which combine with Steamhammer to form a larger robot.

Transformers: Prime


They appear in the novel Transformers: Exodus.


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