List of Transformers: Cybertron characters

List of Transformers: Cybertron characters
Principal cast from Transformers: Cybertron.

This article lists characters that appear in Transformers: Cybertron, the third chapter of the "Unicron Trilogy" series of the Transformers franchise. The series features the entirety of planet Cybertron's civilization evacuating the planet to Earth when it is absorbed by a black hole left via the destruction of Unicron. The Autobots act as the main protagonists of the series, with the Decepticons as the main antagonists. Various characters originate from fictional planets shown throughout the series.

Originally, Cybertron was created in Japan as a separate standalone continuity called Transformers: Galaxy Force, but it was dubbed and edited into Cybertron. During the dub, most characters were renamed into new or previously established character to match with the continuity (e.g. Sideways, Hot Shot, etc.) Cybertron features a large cast of characters, something which has not been seen since the original 1980s cartoon. This show also features an incarnation of popular character Soundwave, again, not seen since the 1980s cartoon.



Cybertron Autobots

Optimus Prime

As the Commander of the Autobot military, the Supreme Commander Optimus Prime (Soshireikan Galaxy Convoy) organizes the evacuation of Cybertron and the relocation of the planet's inhabitants to Earth. Although a stern and methodical leader, he is a compassionate robot who deeply cares for each of his subordinates. At first, Prime is firmly opposed to interacting with the natives of the worlds the Autobots visit, but soon comes to realize the benefits of the allies the Autobots gain.

Prime transforms into a fire engine, and can convert into a secondary flight mode, or merge with his trailer into Super Mode. Later using the Matrix of Leadership replacing the role of the Spark of Combination, he combines with his fellow Autobot Leobreaker to form Savage Claw Mode (Liger Convoy), and with Wing Saber to from Sonic Wing Mode (High-speed Mobile Supreme Commander (Kosoku Kido Soshireikan) Sonic Convoy) though the Autobots claim when Prime and Leobraker combine for the first time, "I didn't know Autobots could do that".

Whether he or Galvatron are the stronger, or if both are in perfect balance is unknown, as although Prime did ultimately destroy Galvatron in one final blow, it was with Vector Prime's sword, given to him in the last few seconds before they clashed for the last time. His Cyber Key Power makes his cannons more powerful ("Galaxy Cannon: Full Burst!). As Liger Convoy, his Force Chip special attack was Liger Grand Break; as Sonic Convoy, it was Sonic Double Impact or Galaxy Caliber. When he uses Metroplex's axe in Super Mode, he uses Galaxy Giga Crush.


As Optimus Prime's second-in-command, Jetfire (Dreadrock) always follows orders, but he is willing to take matters into his own hands to get things done. Now having picked up the native accent of the planet Nebulos, Jetfire transforms into a cargo plane based on an An-225 Cossack and can unleash a pair of twin cannons through the use of his Cyber Key Power (Dread Cannon - Full Burst). He also has a turbine wind attack (Jetstream, Turbine Wave in the English dub). He became leader of Cybertron after Optimus Prime leaves for the Space Bridge Project.


Back in the day, the elderly Landmine (Guardshell) trained many young Autobots, including his old friend Mudflap and Optimus Prime himself. During the opening stages of the crisis that sprung up around the black hole, Landmine was transported to Earth by Vector Prime to save him from the black hole's power, where he met and befriended the three human children who became the Autobots' allies.

He transforms into a payloader, and can generate whirlwinds with the bladed wheels unleashed by his Cyber Key Power (Tornado Cutter, Cyber Tempest in the English dub). He also seems to be an homage to the Armada Character Scavenger, in transformation and role (as Optimus' mentor).


Mudflap (Demolishor) was an Autobot mentored by Landmine who was among those who evacuated from Cybertron and went into hiding on Earth. Growing dissatisfied with the Autobots' mission and human customs, he was persuaded by Starscream to join up with the Decepticons in a misguided attempt to try and save the galaxy without worrying about the affairs of humans.

However, he found he could not stomach the Decepticon way of doing things, and ultimately left them; consumed with guilt over what he had done, he was given a second chance and welcomed back into the Autobot fold by Landmine. He speaks with a French accent.

Mudflap transforms into a truck crane. His Cyber Key extends his crane arm and deploys a massive saw blade (Mega Crane Blade), and also activates an arm-mounted missile-launcher.

Cybertron Defense Team

The Cybertron Defense Team (Vanguard Team) is the name Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scattershot become part of after reformatting themselves.

Hot Shot

The brash youth of the Autobot team, Hot Shot (Exillion/Exigeyser) has a need for speed. An avid racer, he takes pride in the fact that he considers himself the fastest in the universe. Once on Velocitron, the Speed Planet, however, Hot Shot finds his title challenged by the planet leader Override, leading to many races, and a personal conflict between duty and ego. Later in the series, after being damaged by Megatron, he is upgraded into a new armored vehicle form as part of the Cybertron Defense Team. Hot Shot becomes the leader of Velocitron when Override is gone.

Hot Shot initially transformed into a swift sportscar that could be boosted to even greater speeds through his Cyber Key Power (Accel Wing). After being upgraded, he now transforms into a military APC armed with multiple missile launchers, and his Force Chip power becomes Double X Shot or Battle Dagger. The Cybertron Defense Team can combine their Cyber Key special attacks against a single foe (Triangle Attack), such as Galvatron.


The Autobots' main technical expert, Scattershot (Backpack/Backgild) spends most of his time in the base analyzing monitors. Though he can handle his duties with precision, he is known for being quite nervous and unsure of himself. After being damaged by Megatron, he was upgraded by the Omega Lock and made a member of the Cybertron Defense Team, becoming more sure of himself. He speaks with a Southern accent (which possibly a homage to Ironhide).

Prior to his reformatting, Scattershot transformed into a half-track missile launcher vehicle with Cyber Key Power grenades ("Ground Shot Up" or "Land Shot" in Galaxy Force). In his recreated form as a missile launcher tank, his Cyber Key Power transforms his launchers into a powerful rifle and rocket launcher ("Twin Search Missile" in Galaxy Force). The Cybertron Defense Team can combine their Cyber Key special attacks against a single foe (Triangle Attack), such as Galvatron.

Red Alert

Red Alert (First Aid/First Gunner) is the Autobot Medical Expert and Chief Science Officer, as well as a long-time veteran of the Cybertronian wars. When the British 'bot and Hot Shot were sent to Velocitron, his matter-of-factness lead him to clash with the younger Autobot. Later, like Hot Shot and Scattershot, he gained a new form after being damaged by Megatron and became part of the elite Cybertron Defense Team.

First Aid initially transforms into an ambulance armed with an electron wrench, a repair hammer, and two Photon Beam cannons activated by his Cyber Key (Photon Beam). After reformatting, he became an armored missile launching vehicle, equipped with a massive missile that generates powerful energy blasts (Giga Vanisher). The Cybertron Defense Team can combine their Cyber Key special attacks against a single foe (Triangle Attack), such as Galvatron.

Velocitron Autobots

The Cybertronian starship called the Ogygia came to rest on a barren world, which its inhabitants soon dubbed Velocitron, the Speed Planet. The world was decorated with vast race tracks, and the starship's occupants spent their days competing in races until, by the present day, their descendants filled their time with nothing but. The entire culture of Velocitron is built around racing and speed, and it's Cyber Planet Key is, naturally, a racing trophy that can only be acquired by defeating the planet's leader.


Long-time ruler of Velocitron, the Sonic Commander Override (Onsoku Shireikan Nitro Convoy)'s life is dominated by racing, to the extent that she would not impart information, or even hold a conversation with anyone if they did not face her in a race. When Hot Shot arrived on Velocitron, the noble goals of the young Autobot swayed her to their side, and she joined the heroes in the greatest race of all - the race to save the galaxy. Override transforms into a race car (most likely a Lotus), and her Cyber Key power allows her to boost her engine speed (Nitro Boost). She is armed with a double-barrelled blaster activated by her Cyber Key (Mach Shot).

Override was originally conceived as a male character, and appears as such as in Transformers: Galaxy Force, the Japanese counterpart of Cybertron. Cartoon Network's desire that the show have a greater female presence saw Hasbro recast Override as a female - a change that, though seeming sheer coincidence, functions very well, given the character's friendship with Lori and rivalry with Thunderblast.


A young and spunky denizen of Velocitron, Clocker (Skids) is a student of the racing master Brakedown, who met and befriended Hot Shot when the Autobot came to Speed Planet. He transforms into a convertible race car, and his Cyber Key activated a double-barrelled blaster (Smash Burner). He was in the race for the cyber key, but was dropped after the first race.


One of the oldest residents of Speed Planet and a friend and teacher to Clocker, Brakedown (Autolander)'s wisdom as an experienced racer gives him a different perspective on situation than others, making him invaluable to young racers in training. Allying with the Autobots after meeting Hot Shot, he transforms into a dragster, and his Cyber Key activates a bladed weapon (Motor Blade). His relationship with Hot Shot is comparable to Hot Rod and Kup from the original G1 cartoon. He was in the cyber key race, but was dropped after the desert race.

Dirt Boss

Dirt Boss (Inch-Up) is the most specialized Transformer on Speed Planet when it comes to traveling on multiple terrains, from bumpy, uneven paths to muddy quagmires. He hates Override and seeks to defeat her in a race, which proved to be all the reason he needed to join up with Megatron's Decepticons. Defeated in the race for Velocitron's Cyber Planet Key, he broke of his ties with Megatron. He transforms into a monster truck, but can convert to a "high speed mode" with a widened wheelbase through the power of his Cyber Key. In robot mode, his key deploys twin shoulder blasters (Shoulder Vulcan).

Jungle Planet Autobots

When the Autobot starship the Hyperborea landed on the lush, green world of Jungle Planet, the ship's occupants adopted animal alternate modes, but as time wore on, they and their descendants took on the characteristics of the beasts they mimicked, becoming segregated and bestial. With parties of violent raiders attacking the weaker inhabitants, a feudal law of "Might makes right" came into effect, making the already untamed wilds of the planet even more dangerous.


As a former student of the master Backstop, the Scourge (Ankoku Shireikan Flame Convoy) sought to bring peace to the Jungle Planet, but in using his vast strength to crush all opposition and accomplish his goal, he lost sight of his teacher's ideals and ruled the world through intimidation and shows of power. Hardened and cruel, Scourge espouses the mantra of "Might makes right," but he found his ideals challenged by Leobreaker and the Autobots.

When he was ultimately defeated in combat by Optimus Prime, his pride and jealousy motivated him to join the Decepticons (taking over Starscream's position as Megatron's second-in-command), but from the hard lessons from Lori, Bud, and the Autobots he would learn would eventually turn him to the side of light.

Scourge transforms into an awesome dragon. His tail becomes a massive axe, while his Cyber Key deploys heads over his shoulers in both modes, unleashing a deadly stream of fire breath.

Overhaul / Leobreaker

Overhaul (Jackshot) was once a famous Autobot soldier with a reputation for winning seemingly impossible battles. However, he was considered a loose cannon, and thus, felt alone. As a member of Optimus Prime's team, however, he realized he wasn't completely without friends or allies. Stranded on the Jungle Planet, he engaged planet leader Scourge in battle and called out to the power of the world's Cyber Planet Key when badly damaged, which reformatted him into the bestial Leobreaker (Ligerjack). His doubts cause Nemesis Breaker to be born and Megatron gains Dark Claw Mode ability. Ever since he became Leobreaker he tried to take down Scourge.

As Overhaul, he transformed into a military offroad SUV, and his Cyber Key Power allowed him to launch a piledriving missile from his chest ("Anchor Shot" in Galaxy Force). Reformatted into Leobreaker, he gained a liger alternate mode and deadly Cyber Key Power claws (Platinum Claw, as well as Ultra Liger Drop), and could now combine with Optimus Prime into Savage Claw Mode (Liger Convoy, with the Force Chip special attack Liger Grand Break).


A zen master of combat, Backstop (Saidos) trained the weaker fighters of Jungle Planet, but at the same time, advocated the values of fighting only when necessary, and striving for peace, rather than fighting for fighting's sake. These were values that his student Scourge could not accept, and he left Backstop's tutelage; when the Autobot Overhaul arrived on the planet, Backstop and his last remaining student Snarl trained him, and sided with Optimus Prime's forces in the battle to save the galaxy. He transforms into a rhinoceros, and his Cyber Key extends his horn into a bladed battering-ram (Bloody Horn).


As Backstop's student, Snarl (Fang Wolf) was formerly friends with the planet leader, Scourge. He stayed at Scourge's side to keep an eye on his old friend, until Overhaul arrived on the planet and Snarl was branded a traitor for helping him. He formed a connection with the Autobot, and eventually left his planet to help Optimus Prime save the universe. He transforms into a wolf, with two armor-piercing fangs activated by his Cyber Key (Power Fang).


One of Scourge's troops, Undermine (Dinoshout) is somewhat shifty and underhanded. He transforms into a robotic Spinosaurus with a flail weapon for a tail, and a Cyber Key Power that deploys a blade from his fin (Crest Sword). He speaks in an English accent.


One of Scourge's troops, Brimstone (Tera Shaver) isn't very bright, and relies on Undermine and his leader to do the thinking for him. He transforms into a robotic Pteranodon, and his Cyber Key deploys twin blades from his wings (Slash Knife).

Earth Autobots

Eons ago, as part of a program to create a space bridge network linking planets across the universe, four Transformer starships departed for the four corners of the galaxy, each carrying with them a Cyber Planet Key. The starship known as the Atlantis came to Earth, hovering in the skies above the world before a malfunction caused it to crash into the ocean, giving rise to the human legend of the sunken continent of that name. The descendants of the Transformers aboard the Atlantis mostly entered stasis before the present day, though a few continued to operate in secret.


Cybertron Evac toy

Guardian of Earth's Cyber Planet Key, the Aerial Commander Evac (Koku Shireikan Live Convoy) has existed secretly on the planet for many years, repeatedly switching alternate modes and aiding humans in danger. One such human was a young boy named Franklin, leading the child to pursue knowledge of Transformers for years afterwards. Evac transforms into a rescue helicopter, and his Cyber Key activates a set of thrusters (Jet Booster) that can also launch missiles (Falling Missile/Homing Missile/Jet Missile, depending on his mood).


When Decepticons descended from those on the Atlantis began threatening burgeoning humanity, Crosswise (Autovolt) took on the role of "Monster Hunter" and dedicated himself to capturing and imprisoning them. He succeeded in sealing the Decepticons in stasis beneath the ice fields of Alaska, but he too was trapped, frozen in ice, until Earth's military uncovered him in the present day. Crosswise transforms into a car resembling a Bugatti Veyron, and his Cyber Key activates a set of twin missile launchers (Force Missile).

Originally, Crosswise was intended to be called "Smokescreen", leading to a production mistake that saw him referred to by this name during the original airings of his debut episodes on Kids WB. However, by the time these episodes premiered on Cartoon Network, the dialogue had been re-edited to give him the correct name. The mistake was then drafted into a toy.


Although he was one of the Decepticons freed by Starscream, Lugnutz (Roadstorm) had very little interest in actually fighting for him. He's a very easy-going 'bot with a relaxed, beatnik-like attitude that means he would rather he cruising Earth's highways than fighting Autobots. If any of them were to get in his way, though, he wouldn't be averse to blowing them away with his rifle, Dutch. He transforms into a motorcycle, armed with a grenade launcher activated by his Cyber Key (Side Machine Gun).

Gigantion Autobots

The fourth and final Autobot ship, the Lemuria, landed safely on this world. Some time into the colonisation of the planet, it fell victim to a tear in reality, and slipped through a wormhole into another dimension, where it was attacked by the warmongering inhabitants of the vile Planet X. Through the power of their Cyber Planet Key, the planet's inhabitants became gigantic in size and fought back, leaving Planet X with no option but to use their mightiest weapon, only to wind up destroying themselves in the process. Saddened by their planetary level of destruction, the Gigantions dedicated themselves to construction, covering their planet with gargantuan cities which they completed and then abandoned, moving on to the next project. To continue this ongoing task, they built new layers on top of the cities, repeating the process over and over, until the planet itself was colossal. In addition to the giant Transformers, Gigantion is also populated by Mini-Cons, who perform the small, intricate, detailed tasks of construction that the larger robots cannot.

For whatever reason, all the inhabitants of Gigantion speak with Scottish, German and Irish accents.


The leader of the Transformers on Giant Planet, the Gigantic Commander Metroplex (Kyoshin Shireikan Megalo Convoy) is the largest of the large, the bravest of the brave and the kindest of the kind. He is physically powerful enough to best Megatron in mere seconds (an unequaled feat amongst the Transformers of this era), and joined up with the Autobots almost as quickly. He transforms into a bucket wheel excavator, and wields a gigantic axe, called Sparkdrinker. He can also assume a smaller "work mode" for more precise tasks.

He is partnered with the Mini-Con Drill Bit (Horribull), who become a drilling vehicle. He can mount on Metroplex's right arm or the back of his axe. He functions as a coordinator, and plans all of the Mini-Con work in Gigantion. Many of those Mini-Cons consider him the leader of their planet.

Metroplex lends Optimus Prime Sparkdrinker for Optimus to use as a bludgeoning weapon (Galaxy Giga Crush). His Cyber Key powers up Sparkdrinker (Megalo Crush/Axe Crusher), or he can throw it like a boomerang (albeit a very big one) (Megalo Boomerang).


Quickmix (Blender) is Metroplex's right hand man and knows "a lot about a lot". His skill is as an advisor and a technical worker, but he can fight just as well as anyone, with a Cyber Key Power that transforms the drum of his concrete mixer alternate mode into a blaster (Mixing Cannon).

His Mini-Con partner is named Stripmine (Killbull), who transforms into a mining vehicle. He helps to operate Quickmix while the latter is in vehicle mode. Stripmine's function is Heavy Machine Operations.


A young Transformer from Gigantion who wanted to change his world's seemingly "out-dated" philosophy by force, Menasor (Moledive) fell prey to Megatron's influence, and joined the Decepticons. Ultimately, his Mini-Con partner Heavy Load (Bull Bull) showed him the error of his ways by leaping in front of Menasor's own drill. Unable to harm his own partner, he saw that he would only hurt Gigantion, and joined Metroplex and the Autobots. He transforms into a large-scale drilling machine, while Heavy Load becomes a dump truck. His Cyber Key power increase the power of his drills. His Force Chip special attack is Giant Drill.

Ancient Transformers

Vector Prime

As one of the first thirteen Transformers created by the race's deity, Primus. Vector Prime hails from the very beginning of Cybertron. Having removed himself from the linear universe eons ago, he existed outside of time, watching over the multiverse until the threat of the black hole emerged, forcing him to return to Cybertron and alert Optimus Prime's Autobots to the power of the Cyber Planet Keys.But at last,Vector Prime Sacrifices himself to save Cybertron and to open the warp gate.

Vector Prime transforms into an ancient Cybertronian spaceship. His sword, Rhisling, is sharp enough to rend the fabric of space and time and open portals to anywhere in the galaxy, while his Cyber Key Power generates a protective forcefield but rarely uses it (Repulsion Field, other powers are Time Relief and Action Field). He is partnered with the Mini-Con Safeguard (Roots), and is the guardian of the Mini-Con Recon Team, who he encountered on his journey. Also stranded along with the Recon Team, Safeguard bonded with Vector Prime when he rescued them and became his personal partner. Often functioning as a scout, he transforms into a small jet-like vehicle that can mount to Vector Prime's arm as a blaster.

Recon Mini-Con Team

This trio of Mini-Cons hail from Gigantion, but were stranded in space and time when a game of hide and seek went away. Discovered by Vector Prime, they were brought to Earth by him, where they quickly befriended the Autobots' human allies Bud, Coby and Lori, due to having minds that function like human children's.

  • Jolt (Hop): Transforms into a helicopter and is obsessed with Earth culture, from television to movies to the internet. Jolt is the only Mini-Con who can speak English.
  • Six-Speed (Bullet, but due to Japenese pronunciation was misspelt on the subtitles as Blit): Transforms from a race car.
  • Reverb (Bumper): Transforms from a pick-up truck.

Other Autobots


The Cobybot (Coby Ramble in Galaxy Force) is a Scrapmetal that Coby Hansen refitted as his own pilotable Transformer in the Cybertron series. Like most of the Scrapmetals, the Cobybot transforms into a "spider-tank" vehicle. Its special attack is Hissatu Coby Shot.

A Coby Ramble toy was released as part of the EX-02 Sonic Convoy, which is a giftset that was released exclusively for Toys "R" Us Japan.[1] A reviewer at TFORMER (a division of Entertainment News International) noted that the Coby Ramble toy was simply a "remold and repaint".[1]

Another Galaxy Force Coby Ramble toy, a remold of the Scrapmetal toy, was made exclusively for Takara.[citation needed]


Cybertron Decepticons

  • Megatron/Galvatron (Master Megatron/Master Galvatron): Trapped within an energon sun at the conclusion of Transformers: Energon, Megatron was freed from his imprisonment when the sun collapsed into the massive black hole that threatened Cybertron. Having absorbed the remnants of Unicron's armor and power into his own body, Megatron is now arguably the most powerful Decepticon, and seeks to use the power of the Cyber Planet Keys to remold the universe in his own image. Despite recruiting natives from all the different worlds that the Transformers visited, Megatron was continuously met with failure, but upon his defeat by Metroplex on Gigantion, his Armor of Unicron tapped into the world's Cyber Planet Key and upgraded him into the insanely powerful Galvatron. He won more battles as Galvatron and stole the completed Omega Lock for many episodes.
Megatron is a Triple Changer, transforming from a Batmobile-like dragster into a Cybertronian jet. He can project devastating electrical blasts from his hands, and his Cyber Key activates many powers, including vehicle-mode thrusters, a claw shield (Death Claw) and his deadly "Death Machine Gun", (Death Machine Gun) with which he fatally injured Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scattershot. He could also combine with Nemesis Breaker to form Dark Claw Mode (Liger Megatron) for a short period of time, with a similar Cyber Key power to Optimus Prime's Savage Claw Mode Cyber Key attack (Liger Death Strike).
As Galvatron, he retained all his previous attacks, could project dark energy, and shape it into a sword. In his final battle with Optimus Prime, he gained a new transformation in which his back wings/cape formed a cannon on his chest, which fired dark electrical energy (Death Cannon). His armor can also restore him.
  • Thundercracker: The only Decepticon to take on an Earth mode, Thundercracker is an enthusiastic fighter, but somewhat lacking in intelligence and combat skills. Speaks in a Southern drawl accent. He has a tendency to come up with grand but largely ineffective special attacks (The Japanese version has him parodizing lines said in Mecha anime characters), and would rather be a winner than be evil. He transforms into a Su-27 Flanker, and his Cyber Key activates the blaster in place of his left arm and in jet mode the Cyber Key power gives him a gun on his back (Thunder Hell, English: Thunder Cannon /Super Hell Special Deluxe/Big Spinning Thunder Hell Scattering Fireworks, English: Rain of Ultimate Destruction/Sure Kill Ultra Hurricane Slash And Crush Shoot, English: Triple Spinnin' Laser Willmaker/Drill Spinning Thunder Hell Electric Drop/Hissatu! Super Electric Lightning Shock Electric Thunder Cracker Punch!, English: Super Electric Lighting Thundercrackin' Punch/Hyper Ultra Big Missile Full Burst Maximum Alpha!/Hyper Ultra Big Missile Full Burst Maximum Beta Two). The Decepticons often ride on him a lot. In episode Ambush he did an electric punch.

Velocitron Decepticons

  • Crumplezone/Dark Crumplezone (Landbullet/Armbullet): This big green brawler is the muscular half of the "Gruesome Twosome" and is hardly ever seen without his partner, Ransack. He is not especially bright, but his bulky frame possesses incredible speed when in his three-wheeled dragster mode, and great strength in robot mode. During a later battle on Cybertron, he was badly injured by a horde of Scrapmetal, but Megatron used the power of his Unicron Armor to reformat him into "Dark Crumplezone". His Cyber Key Power activates a pair of massive missile launchers (Land Bazooka, Arm Bazooka after his upgrade). In the final Planet Cup race, he modified himself to give himself extra speed (Ultra Tune Level 2 Ignition), but still lost.
  • Ransack (Gasket): The smaller and most intelligent member of the "Gruesome Twosome" (although that's not saying much), Ransack makes up for his small size in nimbleness, agility, fairly quick wits, and the fact that he has a bigger partner that can beat up people for him. He transforms into a motorcycle with Cyber-Key-activated boosters that act as a double-barrelled cannon in robot mode (Exhaust Shot/Exhaust Boost). In the final Planet Cup race, he modified himself to give himself extra speed (Reverse Tune Ignition), but still lost.

Jungle Planet Decepticons

  • Nemesis Breaker (Dark Ligerjack): An evil doppelganger of Leobreaker who was born from Leobreaker's doubts and the dark power contained in Megatron's Unicron Armor. Nemesis Breaker can combine with Megatron into Dark Claw Mode (Liger Megatron, with the Liger Death Strike Force Chip attack), in opposition to Optimus's Savage Claw Mode. His Cyber Key power is the same as Leobreaker. He is more beast than Transformer, and only speaks through growls and roars. Ultimately, he was destroyed by Metroplex, returning him to the darkness from whence he came.

Earth Decepticons

The Earth Decepticons are the descendants of Transformers who came to Earth on the starship Atlantis. They were sealed away by Crosswise, but were freed by Starscream.

  • Thunderblast (Chromia): Thunderblast is a female Transformer who initially served Starscream, but turned to Megatron's side based on how hunky he was. She has a flighty, fun-loving, girlish personality, but ultimately, her only loyalty is to herself, and she will join whomever is most powerful. She transforms into a speedboat, and her Cyber Key transforms her missile launcher weapon into an even larger rocket launcher (Phantom Wave). She is also lava impervious as she once swam on it, and she is a master of water travel.

Cybertron Decepticons

  • Starscream: Also freed from the sun upon its collapse, Starscream assumed the position of Megatron's second-in-command. But no.

Factionless Transformers

  • Primus: The benevolent creator of the Transformers, Primus is the true form of the planet Cybertron. Each of the Cyber Planet Keys contains a portion of his power; upon the collection of all but the Gigantion key, Cybertron transformed into Primus's robot mode and defeated Starscream in battle using his own moons as weapons. Subsequently, the acquisition of the Giant Planet key reunited Primus's spark with his body, and he used his power to seal the black hole and recreate Cybertron as a new, idyllic world. His Cyber Key power unleashes energy from his hands which he used on Starscream but he deflects it.
  • Unicron: As Primus's brother and ancient foe, Unicron sought to destroy life where Primus sought to protect it. Having been battled by the Transformers in previously in Armada and Energon, Unicron was ultimately defeated when his spark was imprisoned by Primus within an energon sun. The destruction of Unicron - the embodiment of evil - in this manner, however, caused a fundamental imbalance in the universe, which caused the sun to collapse in upon itself, creating the massive black hole that threatened not just Cybertron, but the entire multiverse. Although Unicron does not bear a Decepticon insignia on his body, he is assumed to be on the Decepticon side due to his extreme level of evil and his rivalry with Primus.

Planet X

Planet X was home to thieves, murderers and villains of all walks of life, who took their planet on a voyage of galactic conquest and destruction. That voyage came to an end, however, when Planet X encountered Gigantion, and destroyed itself in the ensuing war. The scattered survivors of Planet X allied themselves with Unicron in hopes of attaining revenge on the Giant Planet in the future, and served his will by acting as enigmatic operatives of misdirection and distrust amongst the Transformers. They pulled a gun at something. Planet X was destroyed!

  • Sideways (Noisemaze): This master of deception had previously served Unicron by acting as an avatar for his spark during the war for the Mini-Cons in Transformers: Armada, and was preserved by his dark power following his seeming death at the end of that conflict. Returning during the search for the Cyber Planet Keys, he aligned himself with Starscream, considering him the best chance he had at revenge against Gigantion.
Sideways transforms into a spacecraft. His Cyber Key activates an arm-mounted bladed weapon, and switches his faction signal back and forth from Autobot to Decepticon.
  • Soundwave: Soundwave made his entrance later on in the search for the Cyber Planet Keys, offering to guide Megatron and the Decepticons to the wormhole that would lead them to Gigantion. Once on the planet, he joined up with Sideways, and they both attempted to acquired the Omega Lock and Keys for themselves, only to be blasted into another dimension.
Soundwave transforms into a stealth jet fighter, and is partnered with the Mini-Con-like robot, Laserbeak (Killer Condor). Laserbeak transforms from a condor into a battery bomb that stores in Soundwave's chest compartment, which deploys through use of his Cyber Key (Blaster Gun). (The animated version of Soundwave is not shown using his Cyber Key to "eject" Laserbeak, or to use it at all.)

Other Decepticons

  • Scrapmetals (Rambles): A army of drone-like, mutant mechanical lifeforms. While they bear the Decepticon symbol, they serve neither Megatron or Starscream, and act not unlike swarms of vicious insects. They come from worlds neighboring Cybertron, and swarmed to the planet when it was abandoned during the black hole crisis. They were faced down by the Cybertron Defense Team, who wiped out a large number of them. However, the Scrapmetal population clearly survived, as shown by the swarm that attacked and nearly killed Crumplezone. Later, a destroyed Scrapmetal was used by Coby to create his own pilotable Transformer, the Cobybot. They all transform into "spider-tank" vehicles, and come in varieties of red, blue, and yellow.


Coby Hansen

Coby Hansen (voiced by Samuel Vincent in English and by Yukiko Tamaki in Japanese) is the primary human character in Cybertron. The character has been used in the television series, comic book series, and collection of children's toys manufactured by Takara Tomy in conjunction with Hasbro. In the series, he is a mechanically-inclined 14-year-old who is often called on by the Transformers to do repairs.[2] He lives in Colorado with his younger brother, Bud,[2] and older brother, Tim and enjoys dirtbike racing and has worked at a mechanic's shop. Coby and Bud, along with their friend, Lori (the only female of the series),[2] befriended the Autobots after finding and aiding the damaged Landmine.[3] He develops a friendship with Landmine, and aids Hot Shot on Velocitron.

Later in the show, he actually refits a destroyed Scrapmetal as his own personal vehicle called the Cobybot ("Cobyrumble" in Galaxy Force), earning himself an Autobot Commission and an active role in the battles after he used it to save Bud, who was trapped among the Decepticons.[4] He is very protective of his little brother Bud.

Relationship with Lori

From the onset of the series, Coby has a somewhat antagonistic relationship with Lori; their first conversation is an argument (in the Japanese version, she mocked him for liking machines to living creatures). However, as the series progressed, the two of them developed a strong unspoken bond, strengthened by their time with the Autobots.[5]

In the finale, as the Autobots prepare to leave, in order to begin construction of a new space bridge, Coby is joined by Lori as he sits on his drone. He tells her that he intends to study hard and someday go up into space to help out; Lori replies to the effect that she'll see him there. The pair hold hands and (in a first for a Transformers series) share a kiss.

The epilogue montage shows both Coby and Lori in space suits, successfully keeping their promise to meet up in space. The final scene of Galaxy Force is a picture of their wedding, surrounded by their family members, as well as Landmine, Six Speed, and Optimus Prime in the background together.

Bud Hansen

Coby's younger brother, Bud is a kid through and through. He likes things that kids like, and he daydreams like kids do, although in Bud's case, his daydreams often become reality thanks to his friendship with the Autobots. Very little can phase Bud - his unrelentingly positive attitude keeps him from worrying too much about anything, even the possibility of his own demise. As the ending credits of the final episode show, he won an Academy Award for the documentary he produced about his adventures.


The most level-headed of the group, she keeps Coby and Bud under some degree of control. As a city girl, she was not best pleased when her parents moved from a city to a small town in Colorado, but the adventures she had with the Transformers soon took her mind off that. Along the way, she gains a friendship with Override, and forms a connection with Scourge - both refer to her as "little sister". She even developed a rivalry with the female Decepticon Thunderblast. The ending credits show that she and Coby eventually get married.

Colonel Mick Franklin

When the young Franklin was saved from a raging river as a child by Evac, he dedicated himself to acquiring information on the Transformers, eventually becoming a government agent and, to the surprise of the Autobots' child friends, an ally of the Autobots themselves. At the end of the series, he developed a romance with Dr. Suzuki, who - to his surprise - revealed they were engaged. The ending credits show that they do get married and have a child.

Professor Lucy Suzuki

Professor Suzuki is not exactly held in high standing amongst her scientific colleagues due to her ideas about alien beings and the Hollow Earth theory, but that doesn't bother her. She quickly and easily befriends Coby, Bud and Lori due to their own open-mindedness about her theories, and becomes involved in investigating the Transformers for the government. When Colonel Franklin revealed that that his motives were peaceful, she became friendly with him, and eventually decided that they were going to get engaged. The ending credits show that they married and have a child.

Minor human characters

  • Tim Hansen: Coby and Bud's older brother. Has an unnamed girlfriend or fiance.
  • Stanton: A mechanic who Coby spends a lot of time working with.
  • Coby and Bud's father is a brown-haired man; he and Coby have been seen racing dirtbikes together. His mother is blonde.
  • Lori's father, Ernie, is a real-estate developer who enjoys amateur astronomy. Her mother is a somewhat portly woman, and her career is unknown. In the English version, Lori has an older brother that is conspicuously absent.

Other Transformers

In the series, multiple "extra" Transformers have been shown, with most of them serving as the general inhabitants of the various planets.

Civilian Autobots

Autobots living on Earth while Cybertron is threatened by the black hole. Several of them have proven to be recurring characters.

  • 4 ancient ancestor Transformers that are seen in "Balance".
  • Longrack - An Autobot who transforms into an excavator, resembles Hoist from Armada.
  • 3 cars resembling Blurr from the toy-line; they come in blue, red, & gold varieties.
  • 2 Transformers that transform into submarines; 1 ended up discovering the remains of Atlantis.
  • An excavator
  • A truck
  • A couple Transformers that turn into passenger planes.
  • An Autobot that was seen transforming into a truck. Seen in the episode "Hidden".
  • An Autobot that transforms into a taxicab. Seen in episode "Search".
  • An Autobot that transforms into a phone booth.
  • An Autobot who turns into either a satellite or a space shuttle. Seen in the episode "Ship".
  • An Autobot that transforms into a traffic light. In the last episode of the series, he transforms (his transformation scheme being similar to that of Mudflap), and his name is revealed to be Signal Lancer in the Japanese version. His unusual alternate mode has made him a favorite among fans of the series.
  • Two Autobots who, apparently, turn into mailboxes.
  • 'Signal Lancer' A traffic light in the episode "Hidden".
  • A submarine in the episode "Hidden".

Speed Planet Transformers

The denizens of Speed Planet. Most appear in the form of cars (most resembling the "Blurr" model), or in robot modes that resemble the usual generic models used in the series. There are, however, some notable exceptions.

  • Buzzsaw - He transforms into a yellow and purple helicopter and could be seen flying overhead during several races on Velocitron. He resembles Cyclonus
  • A blue, camera-like 'bot that served as announcer and "eye-in-the-sky" commentator for the big race.

Jungle Planet Transformers

The denizens of Jungle Planet. They all appear in animal form, and have transformations ranging from modern, mythlogical & prehistoric creatures, which means they must have visited Earth at some point. They include several that resemble an Apatosaurus, an owl, a deer, a giraffe, and a tropical bird.

Ancient Earth Decepticons

Descendants of the original Transformers who came to the planet on the starship Atlantis. They inspired legends of monsters & supernatural creatures among the people of Earth. They were all captured and sealed in stasis pods by Crosswise for a number of years, until they were freed by Starscream. They have the ability to project an image around themselves that resemble fearsome creatures (examples being Count Dracula, a werewolf, Bigfoot, and some dragons). They can also transform into large "Seeker ships" by merging with one another. They were all defeated and re-sealed, with the exception of Thunderblast and Lugnutz. However, Evac and Crosswise made a deal with Lugnutz, and released them to help in the final battle against Galvatron. Ultimately, a large number of them joined the space bridge project at the end of the series.

Giant Planet Transformers

The people of this planet all transform into construction equipment.

  • A Transformer who takes the form of a crane. Seen in the episode "Giant".
  • A Transformer who takes the form of a large dump truck.

Planet X Transformers

In the past, Planet X was populated by "mass production" types similar to Sideways and Soundwave, as well as numerous Mini-Cons fashioned in the same model as Laserbeak. There is a Japanese exclusive toy called Soundblaster, and his minion is a Laserbeak-type named Hell Buzzsaw.

Fun Publications comic book

Available exclusively to members of the Official Transformers Collectors Club, the short bi-monthly comic strip published in the club's newsletter - in addition to explaining away the plot holes that exist between the Armada, Energon and Cybertron animated series - expands the story of Cybertron to include many other characters. Primarily, these characters are from the parallel-universe-spanning Transformers: Universe toyline, but the comic has also featured several of the Cybertron characters not featured in the animated series. These include:

  • Dark Scorponok - An inhabitant of the Energon comic book universe by Dreamwave Productions, where he was killed by Megatron, but revived as a zombie-like creature hungering for sparks. The reality-warping effects of the black hole transported him from his home universe into the animated Cybertron continuity, where he found himself on Cybertron and attacked Skyfall. He transforms into a construction vehicle themed to look like a scorpion, and his Cyber Key activates twin blasters in his tail.
  • Skyfall - A Velocitronian native with no memories of his past who feels he has always been past of something greater than he knows, Skyfall came to Cybertron in hopes of finding out what they something was. He transforms into an A-10 Warthog, can manifest energon weapons and projects a protective forcefield. His toy was available exclusively through the Official Transformers Collectors Club.
  • Downshift - Having previously appeared during the Transformers: Energon animated series, Downshift was shown being badly damaged in battle and being rebuilt into a new form. He now transforms into a green and black muscle car, and his Cyber Key activates a grabber claw in his front grill. (The real-world origin of his sports car mode is highly debated by fans. It appears to be an amalgamation of various features found on Plymouth, Dodge, Chevrolet, and Ford sports cars from 1969 and 1970.)
  • Landquake - A Decepticon with powers like Skyfall, it seems this Transformer may be connected to him in mysterious ways. He transforms into a tank, and was also only available through the Collector's Club.
  • Unicron - The Cybertron toyline included a new incarnation of Unicron in the form of a futuristic alien tank, the existence of which was intended to prove that despite the destruction of his body and the creation of the black hole, Unicron - and evil - would always exist in some form. The club's exclusive comic proceeded to explain the origin of this body by revealing that, before joining the events of the Cybertron animated series, Soundwave was able to free Unicron's essence from its imprisonment within the black hole, allowing it to possess a small planet. Unicron's essence corrupted the planet quickly, and its inhabitants went to war; the planet was eventually destroyed, and Unicron emerged in his new body from within the remains.

Toy-only characters

There are a number of Transformers in the toyline that do not appear in the show, most of which are American-exclusives.

  • Armorhide - An Autobot. Transforms into a tractor truck. Possesses an Earth-Type Cyber Key. His extra bio on states that he's a new recruit who enjoys lightening the mood with comedy.
  • Blurr - An Autobot who transforms into a futuristic race car. He is a remold of the Armada toy of the same name, and his appearance is based on the G1 season three character. His package bio mentions him as a racing veteran (such was true of his Micron Legend counterpart) and there are alternate bios for him which add that he is a veteran of the Armada and Energon battles. The new redesign of has modified Blurr's bio to depict the Armada/Energon version.
  • Brushguard - A Decepticon who transforms into an offroad vehicle. His bio describes him as a botanist who seeks to use Earth plants to develop biological weapons against the Autobots. Said to be the cousin of Overhaul, whom he is remolded and repainted from.
  • Cannonball - US exclusive repaint of Deluxe Red Alert, done as a Decepticon pirate.
  • Demolishor - A repaint of the toy from Armada. Supposedly, the same character from Armada and Energon.
  • Excellion - A repaint of Hot Shot in the spirit of G1 Hot Rod. He's an irreverent and somewhat violent soldier.
  • Hardtop - A Decepticon who turns into a jeep. Possesses an Earth-type Cyber Key. His function is identified as a sniper. He has an extra bio that says he enjoys reading comic books.
  • Repugnus - A repaint of Undermine. He is said to be against Scourge, and leads a separatist tribe in the Steelshard Mountains. He is the brother of Undermine.
  • Runamuck - A Decepticon who ransforms into a car similar to a sedan. His toy is a remold of Armada Sideswipe. Based on the G1 characters Runabout and Runamuck.
  • Shortround - A Decepticon who transforms into a hovercraft. He's somewhat of a nerd, an intense toy collector, and is infatuated with Thunderblast, as shown on the In space comics.
  • Sky Shadow - A repainted toy whose backstory states him to be Jetfire, undercover as a Decepticon.
  • Skywarp - A repaint of Thundercracker, upgrade of Armada Skywarp, who has never been given a show or character description in official fiction.
  • Smokescreen - A repaint of Cybertron Crosswise, a homage to G1 Smokescreen and Action Master Rad. Racing upgrade to the Armada character.
  • Swerve - An Autobot, and repaint of Clocker in red, black, and white. Swerve is a racer from Speed Planet who participates in underground "oil sport" races.
  • Swindle - A Decepticon, and repaint of Hardtop based on the G1 character Swindle. He's Hardtop's brother, and is somewhat brutish and unrefined.
  • Wreckloose - A denizen of Jungle Planet who transforms into a komodo dragon. Is one of Scourge's unseen lieutenants that specializes in ambushes.
  • Deluxe Optimus Prime - A repaint of Armada Supercon Optimus Prime, representing a smaller body taken on by Prime to explore the Giant Planet.
  • Cryo Scourge - A repaint of Cybertron Scourge.
  • Sunstorm - A Repaint of "Legends of Cybertron" Starscream.


The Cybertron series features a strong presence from Mini-Cons, in the form of numerous repaints.

  • Street Speed Mini-Con Team - Oval, Spiral, and Backtrack. They are meant to be new versions of the Mini-Con team of the same name from Armada, who they are remoulds of.
  • Giant Planet Mini-Con Team - Deepdive, Overcast, and Longarm. They transform into a submarine, seaplane, and construction vehicle in that order. All three are said to be rebellious Mini-Cons from Giant Planet.
  • Shockwave vs. Tankor - Repaint of Armada Terradive and Wreckage
  • Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer - Repaint of Armada Terradive and Knockout
  • Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast (not to be confused with the Decepticon Thunderblast) - Repaint of Armada Gunbarrel and Bonecrusher
  • Scattorbrain vs. Monocle - Repaint of Armada Iceberg and Drillbit
  • Payload vs. Ascentor - Repaint of Armada Ransack and Dualor
  • Kobushi vs. Landslide - Repaint of Armada Dune Runner and Buzzsaw
  • Anti-Blaze vs. Thrust - Repaint of Armada Firebot and Energon Scattor
  • Scythe vs. Ramjet - Repaint of Armada Makeshift and Energon Skyboom
  • Checkpoint vs. Sunstorm - Repaint of Armada Prowl and Energon Wreckage
  • Scrap Iron vs. Grindor - Repaint of Amada Astroscope and Energon Grindor
  • Blastcharge vs. High Wire - Repaint of Armada Payload and Enegon High Wire
  • Backblast vs. Sureshock - Repaint of Armada Sky Blast and Energon Sureshock
  • Wal-Mart Tiny-Tin Exclusives - The Mini-Con Race Team members from Armada, Mirage, Downshift, and Dirt Boss, were all available individually with Tiny Tins, packaged with Hot Shot, Thundercracker, Landmine, Dirt Boss, Red Alert, or Override.

Convention exclusives

  • Skywarp - A repaint of "Legends of Cybertron" (a line of miniature versions of the Cybertron characters) Starscream, also in the spirit of G1 Skywarp, available only at the San Diego Comic Con.
  • Ramjet - Another repaint of "Legends of Cybertron" Starscream, available at Botcon. Colored white and blue. May be an homage to "Transformers Universe" Ramjet, rather than the original Ramjet, judging by the colors and Transformers Universe Ramjet's appearances in the fan club comic.

Japanese exclusives

  • Black Fang Wolf - A black recolor of Snarl available through Toys Dream Project.
  • Soundblaster and Hell Buzzsaw - A recolor of Soundwave and Laserbeak, also available through Toys Dream Project.
  • Black Nitro Convoy - A black recolor of Override available only through a Japanese magazine promotion. Said to be a clone of Nitro Convoy, created in a manner similar to Nemesis Breaker.
  • Flame Convoy Sky Lynx Type - a redeco of Scourge in the colors of the G1 character Sky Lynx.
  • Gasket Police Type - a redeco of Ransack in a police paintjob.
  • As with many Japanese lines, a special gold-colored repaint of Galaxy Convoy was released in Japan.
  • A slightly repainted Galaxy Convoy and Sonic Bomber were released in a gift set in Japan; this gift set remains the only way to get the "Cobybot" Scrapmetal toy.
  • Bit - Repaint of Jolt
  • Bug General and Bug Drone - Re-paint of Dead End, Armada Unicron's Mini-Con. The re-paint is a very minor change to the side of the toy in planet mode.
  • Clamp - Repaint of Armada Hoist's Mini-Con, Refute
  • Dice - Repaint of Backtrack
  • Gauge - Repaint of Armada Sideswipe's Mini-Con, Nightbeat
  • Jack - Repaint of Spiral
  • Plier - Repaint of Reverb
  • Plug - Repaint of Oval
  • Socket - Repaint of Six-Speed
  • Trigger - Repaint of Armada Cyclonus's Mini-Con, Crumplezone
  • Wrench - Repaint of Armada Blurr's Mini-con, Incinerator
  • Hellflame Mini-Cons - Graviton, Pulsar, Bulge - Remolds/repaints of Armada Emergency Team
  • Caliber Mini-Cons - Hyakurai, Ichibi, Mugen - Remolds/repaints of Armada Air Military Team
  • Megalo Mini-Cons - Zapmap, Gritbit, Zigzag - Repaints of Armada Destruction Team
  • Platinum Factor, Platinum Element, Platinum Material - Repaints of Jolt, Six-Speed, and Reverb

Force Chip Attacks (Cyber Key Powers) & Japanese names

  • Galaxy Convoy (Optimus Prime) - Galaxy Cannon, Full Burst
  • Liger Convoy (Optimus Prime, Savage Claw Mode) - Liger Ground Break
  • Sonic Convoy (Optimus Prime, Sonic Wing Mode) - Sonic Double Impact & Galaxy Calibre
  • Galaxy Convoy with Megalo Convoy's axe (Optimus Prime with Sparkdrinker) - Galaxy Giga Crush
  • Master Megatron (Megatron) - Death Claw & Death Machine Gun
  • Liger Megatron (Megatron, Dark Claw Mode) - Liger Death Strike (once, Liger Death Break)
  • Master Galvatron (Galvatron) - Death Claw & Death Machine Gun & Death Cannon
  • Nitro Convoy (Override) - Nitro Boost & Mach Shot
  • Flame Convoy (Scourge) - Death Flame & Flame Strike
  • Live Convoy (Evac) - Jet Booster & Falling Missile & Homing Missile & Jet Missile
  • Megalo Convoy & Horribull (Metroplex & Drill Bit) - Megalo Crush & Axe Crusher & Megalo Boomerang
  • Super Starscream - Vortex Blade & Vortex Cannon
  • Noisemaze (Sideways) - Unnamed
  • Soundwave (Soundwave) - Blaster Gun
  • Primus (Primus) - Unnamed
  • Ramble (Scrapmetal) - None
  • Coby Ramble (Cobybot) - Hissatsu Coby Shot
  • Exillion (Original Hot Shot) - Accel Wing
  • Backpack (Original Scattorshot) - Ground Shot Up & Land Shot
  • First Aid (Original Red Alert) - Photon Beam
  • Jackshot (Overhaul) - Anchor Shot
  • Dreadrock (Jetfire) - Dread Cannon, Full Burst & Jetstream
  • Guardshell (Landmine) - Tornado Cutter
  • Vector Prime & Roots (Vector Prime & Safeguard) - Repulsion Field & Time Relief & Action Field
  • Starscream (Starscream) - Vortex Blade & Vortex Storm
  • Thundercracker (Thundercracker) - Thunder Hell & Super Hell Special Deluxe/Big Spinning Thunder Hell Scattering Fireworks/Sure Kill Ultra Hurricane Slash And Crush Shoot/Drill Spinning Thunder Hell Electric Drop/Hissatu! Super Electric Lightning Shock Electric Thunder Cracker Punch!/Hyper Ultra Big Missile Full Burst Maximum Alpha!/Hyper Ultra Big Missile Full Burst Maximum Beta Two
  • Demolishor (Mudflap) - Mega Crane Blade
  • Exigeyser (Cybertron Defense Hot Shot) - Double X Shot & Battle Dagger
  • Backgild (Cybertron Defense Scattorshot) - Twin Search MIssile
  • First Gunner (Cybertron Defense Red Alert) - Giga Vanisher
  • Vanguard Team (Cybertron Defense Team) - Triangle Attack
  • Ligerjack (Leobreaker) - Platinum Claw & Ultra Liger Drop
  • Sonic Bomber (Wing Saber) - Flap Sword & Galaxy Caliber
  • Dark Ligerjack (Nemesis Breaker) - Unnamed
  • Autovolt (Crosswise) - Force Missile
  • Chromia (Thunderblast) - Phantom Wave
  • Roadstorm (Lugnutz) - Side Machine Gun
  • Skids (Clocker) - Smash Burner
  • Autolander (Brakedown) - Motor Blade
  • Inch Up (Dirt Boss) - Shoulder Vulcan
  • Landbullet (Crumplezone) - Land Bazooka & Ultra Tune Up Level 2 Ignition
  • Armbullet (Dark Crumplezone) - Arm Bazooka
  • Gasket (Ransack) - Exhaust Shot & Exhaust Boost & Reverse Tune Ignition
  • Saidos (Backstop) - Bloody Horn
  • Fang Wolf (Snarl) - Power Fang
  • Dinoshout (Undermine) - Crest Sword
  • Terashaver (Brimstone) - Slash Knife
  • Blender & Killbull (Quickmix & Stripmine) - Mixing Cannon
  • Moledive & Bullbull (Menasor & Heavy Load) - Giant Drill


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