List of Transformers: Prime episodes

List of Transformers: Prime episodes

Transformers: Prime is a TV series which premiered on November 29, 2010, on The Hub, Hasbro's and Discovery joint venture, which began broadcasting on October 10, 2010, in the United States. The series was also previewed on The Hub on November 26, 2010, as a 1 hour special.

In Canada the series premiered on January 9, 2011, on Teletoon, in Canada.


Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD and Blu-ray release date
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2
Mini-Series 5 United States November 29, 2010
November 26, 2010 (preview)
Canada January 9, 2011
United States December 3, 2010
Canada February 6, 2011
December 4, 2011 (DVD Only) N/A
1 21 United States February 11, 2011
Canada March 20, 2011
United States October 15, 2011
Canada TBA
2 26 United States November 28, 2011[1] TBA N/A N/A



# Episode title Director Writer(s) U.S. Original Airdate CAN Original Airdate Production code
1 1 "Darkness Rising, Part 1" David Hartman Duane Capizzi November 29, 2010
November 26, 2010 (preview)
January 9, 2011 101

In Jasper, Nevada, Autobot Cliffjumper is captured and killed by de facto Decepticon leader Starscream, as his comrades Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee are too late to help him. Arcee is then pursued by Starscream's Vehicon drones, and Bulkhead and Bumblebee arrive to help protect two humans, Jack and Raf. Optimus orders the Autobots to bring the two boys as well as the girl Miko to base, as anyone associated with Autobots is a Decepticon target. Meanwhile, Soundwave detects a signal from deep space, and Starscream opens their Space Bridge, allowing Megatron to return.

First Appearances: Cliffjumper, Arcee, Vehicons, Starscream, Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Raf Esquivel, Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai, Ratchet, Soundwave, Megatron, Sierra 
2 2 "Darkness Rising, Part 2" David Hartman Nicole Dubuc November 30, 2010
November 26, 2010 (preview)
January 16, 2011 102

The Autobots go in search of Cliffjumper when his life signal suddenly reappears, unaware that Megatron used the dangerous Dark Energon to momentarily revive Cliffjumper before striking the reanimated husk down. Arriving to an Energon mine, the Autobots fight their way through Vehicons before finding the still-living remains of Cliffjumper in his final moments and later escaping when Starscream rigs the mine to blow. After going through disinfection after her horrific experience, with Ratchet getting a sample of their fallen comrade's strange fluid, Arcee takes Jack home to serve as his guardian should the Decepticons attack him; Bulkhead and Bumblebee are assigned to be Miko and Raf's respective guardians as well. While Ratchet unknowingly bring a machine to life with the strange fluid, Megatron stabs himself with a shard of Dark Energon to master its power.

First Appearances: Agent Fowler, June Darby 
3 3 "Darkness Rising, Part 3" Todd Waterman Marsha F.Griffin December 1, 2010 January 23, 2011 103

After killing the machine brought to life by the Dark Energon, Ratchet and Optimus deduce that Megatron plans to raise an army of the undead with Dark Energon, and depart to an ancient Cybertronian battleground. When Arcee and Bumblebee go on patrol, Bulkhead accidentally reveals the children's connection with the Autobots to the disgruntled Agent Fowler, the Autobots' designated liaison with the United States. Soundwave has his Mini-Con Lazerbeak capture Fowler, but not before he sends an S.O.S that Bulkhead and the children follow the Decepticon ship. At the Cybertronian battleground, Megatron raises an army of undead Cybertronians with Dark Energon to kill Optimus and Ratchet.

First Appearances: Laserbeak, Terrorcons 
4 4 "Darkness Rising, Part 4" Shaunt Nigoghossian Steven Melching December 2, 2010 January 30, 2011 104
Optimus Prime and Ratchet fight an army of undead Cybertronians. Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead storm the Decepticon ship Nemesis and save Agent Fowler; meanwhile, the humans find and take a picture of Cybertronian schematics. Optimus and Ratchet destroy Megatron's army and Megatron tells them wait for "the main event." Miko shows Ratchet the Decepticon plans that they found. Studying the plans that Miko found, the Autobots discover that the Decepticons are building a space bridge so that Megatron can send the Dark Energon to Cybertron in order to raise a planet's worth of Cybertronian undead to attack Earth. 
5 5 "Darkness Rising, Part 5" Vinton Heuck Joseph Khur December 3, 2010 February 6, 2011 105
Optimus, Arcee, Bulkhead and Bumblebee Ground Bridge to Megatron's Space Bridge and fail to prevent Megatron from awakening Cybertron's undead. Raf is able to find schematics of the Space Bridge for Ratchet to find a way to sabotage it, and while Optimus battles Megatron, the other three Autobots do so. As the Autobots escape the detonating Space Bridge, Megatron and his undead army seemingly perish in the explosion, leaving an enthusiastic Starscream in command once again. The Autobots cannot return to Cybertron, but instead stay on Earth - as they call it home. 

Season 1

# Episode title Director Writer(s) U.S. Original Airdate CAN Original Airdate Production code
6 1 "Masters and Students" Todd Waterman David Slack February 11, 2011[2] March 20, 2011 106

Upon assuming command after Megatron's "death" Starscream finds that the Vehicons don't respect him as they did Megatron. In order to gain their respect, Starscream awakens the Decepticon Skyquake. Detecting an Energon signal, Optimus and Bumblebee head out to investigate, while Ratchet helps the children with their science projects (essentially doing the projects for them). Skyquake rejects Starscream as leader of the Decepticons and attacks Optimus. Bumblebee joins the battle as does Agent Fowler, who was alerted to the presence of the fighting Transformers. During the battle, Soundwave detects Megatron's Spark still online, and Starscream finds him at the remains of the Space Bridge. Despite removing the shard of Dark Energon that was keeping Megatron alive, Soundwave makes sure Starscream brings Megatron's body back for treatment. Skyquake is defeated by Bumblbee, and the two Autobots return to find that the children's science projects (which were all based on Cybertronian technology, not Earth) were not well-received (due to the damage they inflicted on the school), much to Ratchet's dismay.

First Appearances: Skyquake

Note: This is the first episode to have an opening in the series.

Note: In Canada this episode was supposed to air on March 13, 2011, but was delayed one week, because of Teletoon having technical difficulties. 
7 2 "Scrapheap" Shaunt Nigoghossian Marsha Griffin February 18, 2011 March 27, 2011 107

Bumblebee and Bulkhead find a Cybertronian Pod on an Arctic exploration mission, which they bring back to base. Curious to see if there are other such Cybertronian objects hidden at the Arctic, Optimus and Arcee bridge to the same area. During their absence the Autobots soon discover that the pod is a Scraplet trap, Scraplets being small, metal-eating robots, which attack the Autobots and their base. The Ground Bridge is damaged by the Scraplets, preventing Optimus and Arcee's return from their Arctic investigation. Raf, Miko, and Jack become the Autobots bodyguards, trying to protect them from being eaten alive by the Scraplets. Later the three repair the Energon line to the Ground Bridge successfully when the Autobots are too badly injured to do so, and Ratchet is able to open the Bridge. But the Scraplets are ready to feed, so Bulkhead acts as bait, leading the Scraplets into the Ground Bridge. When the Scraplets enter the Arctic they freeze to death and Optimus and Arcee return to HQ.

First Appearances: Scraplets

Fact #1: The Decepticons didn't appear in this episode.

Fact #2: Starscream is absent for the first time in this episode. 
8 3 "Con Job" Vinton Heuck Steven Melching February 25, 2011 April 3, 2011 108

A starship from Cybertron arrives, piloted by Wheeljack, a former associate of Bulkhead's from when they were both in the Autobot unit "The Wreckers". Starscream intercepts the signal and sends Makeshift to impersonate Wheeljack in order to locate the Autobots' hidden base. The Autobots pick up the disguised Makeshift, and Bulkhead starts telling war stories, which eventually leads Makeshift to make a mistake. The real Wheeljack escapes imprisonment, Groundbridges to the HQ, and battles Makeshift. Returning to the Nemesis, Makeshift is about to reveal the location of the Autobot HQ when he is destroyed by a bomb planted on him.

First Appearances: Wheeljack, Makeshift 
9 4 "Convoy" Todd Waterman Joseph Kuhr March 4, 2011 April 10, 2011 109

The Autobots get a call from Agent Fowler, who is transporting an explosive device called the D.N.G.S. (short for Dynamic Nuclear Generation System), saying that a group of Decepticons attacked him. Optimus, Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee Groundbridge to Agent Fowler's location as Bridging both Fowler and the device would cause the machine to melt down. The Autobots transport the D.N.G.S. Soon they are surrounded and attacked by M.E.C.H., a human terrorist organization, which is led by a man named Silas. Soundwave picks up a transmission to the Autobots from Ratchet, and Starscream sends a group of Vehicons to destroy them. The Autobots try many things to get rid of MECH and can't. The Vehicons attack after the Autobots duck in and out of a train tunnel in an attempt to shake MECH, meaning the Autobots must transform to stop them. This reveals them to Silas, who mentions that there have been rumors flying around about "living technology". Rumors which have now been proven true. In the fight that ensues one of the Vehicons hits Optimus with a log. Optimus tumbles to the ground, temporarily out of the fight. MECH picks up the DNGS' signal. Arcee, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee transferred the DNGS to a train that was in the tunnel with them. MECH follows the train and shuts down Raf, who hacked into their system to buy Jack and Miko time after they bridged to the train. Fowler tells a recovered Optimus that MECH is heading for the train. He transforms and drives there, as fast as he can. MECH spots Optimus and retreats, but Silas shoots a missile at the track the train is on, putting a hole in it. If Optimus doesn't save Miko and Jack they will die. So he drives up o the engine, grabs the train and tries pushing it back as hard as he can. His work is a success. Silas scans Optimus and now wants to find out what makes him tick. Optimus tells Ratchet that Earth has spawned its own Decepticons in Human skin.

First Appearances: Silas and MECH

Reference: The title of this episode is a reference to "Convoy," Optimus Prime's Japanese name. 
10 5 "Deus Ex Machina" Shaunt Nigoghossian Nicole Dubuc March 11, 2011 April 17, 2011 110

Bulkhead and Miko investigate massive Energon readings in Greece. Bulkhead sees a picture of Greek gods, with a Cybertronian Energon Harvester. Breakdown, who has a history with Bulkhead, attacks them. Starscream has a meeting with Knock Out and gets him and Breakdown to help him find the Energon Harvester. Back at the Autobot Base, Raf locates the Energon Harvester in a museum. Unable to contact Agent Fowler, Optimus decides to send Miko, Jack and Raf to the museum to recover the device. The Autobots wait outside the museum and are attacked by Breakdown and Knock Out, as a distraction. Soundwave steals the Energon Harvester and Miko is caught by a Security Guard. Ratchet builds a replica of the Energon Harvester to replace the stolen one. Bulkhead remembers about massive Energon readings in Greece and Groundbridges there. He finds Starscream, Knock Out and Breakdown. Starscream tries to harvest Bulkhead's Energon, but Bulkhead destroys the Energon Harvester. Starscream retreats and Bulkhead is found by the rest of the Autobots. Miko lies to the Security Guard about her history report until Agent Fowler arrives to have her released.

First Appearances: Breakdown, Knock Out

Reference: The Energon Harvester is a reference to the Sun Harvesters in Changing Gears and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
11 6 "Speed Metal"[3] Vinton Heuck Dean Stefan April 9, 2011 April 24, 2011 111

Knock Out starts to develop an interest in Human illegal street racing. One day, Sierra asks Jack for that ride on his motorcycle as Jack promised. Although Jack tells Sierra not this time, Vince (sometimes referred to as "the Bully") tries to show off and give Sierra a ride. Vince asks Jack to go racing. Arcee doesn't want to do it and Jack doesn't take the offer until Vince talks about how "ugly" Arcee is. Arcee gets angry, and tells Jack to tell Vince it's on. Later that day, Vince and Jack go racing. Jack ultimately beats Vince. When Arcee and Jack return to Autobot base, Raf and Miko tell Jack that everybody at their school knows about Jack and Vince's race. The next day, Vince challenges Jack to go racing again. Jack doesn't want to, but he eventually accepts Vince's challenge. Arcee disagrees with Jack and doesn't go. So Jack asks Raf if he came borrow Bumblebee. That night, Jack and Vince enter an illegal street race. Knock Out enters too and he tries to terminate Bumblebee. Bumblebee does some crazy things and Vince is amazed. After losing Knock Out, Jack is confronted by Vince, who demands to know what just happened. This leads Knock Out to the three. Knock Out thinks Vince is Bumblebee's human friend, so he kidnaps Vince right in front of Jack and Bumblebee. Bumblebee calls for backup and Arcee and Bulkhead come to help. The Autobots track down Knock Out and battle him. Knock Out escapes. Back at base, Optimus wonders where the others have gone, and asks Miko and Raf. They act like they don't know anything, but Optimus finds out. So Optimus makes an appearance to stop Knock Out and succeeds. Knock Out returns to the Nemesis and Starscream gives him a punishment for not obeying his orders. Jack and Bumblebee drop Vince off at his car. The next day, Sierra asks for that ride again and Jacks says no, but Arcee feels bad and lets Jack let Sierra have a ride.

First Appearances: Vince

Note: In the United States according to many schedules this episode was scheduled to air on Friday, April 8, 2011, but instead The Hub changed the episode's timeslot to Saturday, April 9, 2011. After this episode the rest of season 1 is scheduled to air on Saturdays.

Fact: Ratchet did not appear in this episode. 
12 7 "Predatory"[3] Todd Waterman
Kirk Van Wormer (Co-Director)
Marsha Griffin April 16, 2011 May 1, 2011 112

On a routine Energon scouting mission, Arcee and Jack stumble onto a crashed spaceship in the wilderness. Arcee enters it and recognizes that it belongs to Airachnid. She picks up Jack and races away from the ship, finding that she is unable to contact base. After dropping Jack a safe distance away, she hunts Airachnid, interrupting her foe's attack on a lone camper. They fight, but Jack's reappearance distracts Arcee long enough for Airachnid to get the upper hand and stick the Autobot to a nearby rock with webbing. Airachnid played on how Arcee seems to have a habit of losing partners. Arcee convinces Jack to run, telling him that Airachnid will kill him as she is on Earth hunting humans. Jack escapes and Airachnid tells Arcee that she will kill her-once she's killed Jack-before she starts to chase Jack. Haunted by her previous meeting with Airachnid, Arcee eventually manages to break free using her motorcycle mode. She catches up with Jack in time to save him by delivering a brutal pounding to Airachnid, who manages to flee underground after Arcee frees Jack. Arcee is left with a new respect for Jack by how he handled the situation, and is happy at the end to call him her partner.

First Appearances: Airachnid, Tailgate

Reference: This episode contains 4 or 5 possible references to the Predator franchise: Airachnid's ship entering Earth's atmosphere resembles the movie's opening scene, Airachnid coming to Earth with the sole purpose of hunting humans echoes the Predator's motive, Airachnid's trophy case of heads is similar to one seen in Predator 2, and the scene in which Jack uses a personally made flaming "arrow" to ignite the Energon resembles a tactic used by Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the first film. The title "Predatory" may also be just as much of a reference to Predator as it is to Predacons. In addition, the musical score of Airachnid's chase scene closely resembles those in the original film.

Fact #1: The sound effects used for when Airachnid spews her webbing are the same used for Spider-Man in the 2008 The Spectacular Spider-Man, in which Josh Keaton (Jack) voiced the title character.

Fact #2: Optimus, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Miko, and Raf don't appear in this episode. Also, the other Decepticons, beside Airachnid don't appear in this episode, ether.

Fact #3: Bumblebee and Cliffjumper only appear in a flash back.

Fact #4: Starscream is absent for the second time in this episode.

Note: Due to a death in her family, Susan Blu no longer voice directs this show. Instead, Jamie Simone voice directs this show from here.[4] 
13 8 "Sick Mind"[5] Shaunt Nigoghossian Steven Melching April 30, 2011
April 29, 2011 (Comcast On Demand)[6]
May 8, 2011 113

When Optimus is infected with Cybonic plague, Bumblebee and Arcee GroundBridge to the Nemesis to find a cure. Bumblebee discovers Megatron has survived their last battle and is on life support in sickbay. Unable to find the cure in the Decepticons' computer, Bumblebee offers to use a Cortical Psychic Patch to enter Megatron's mind and locate it. Finding himself in a Kaonian dreamscape, Bumblebee watches Megatron killing Optimus repeatedly. Megatron realizes he cannot harm Bumblebee during one of these events and demands to know why he is intruding on his mind. Bumblebee reminds him of the space bridge explosion and implores him to give him the cure for the Cybonic plague, playing on Megatron's desire to kill Optimus for real rather than have him succumb to a virus. Megatron shows him the cure briefly, then demands Bumblebee help him out of his stasis lock. Ratchet, however, was recording what Bumblebee saw, and because they now have the cure, Arcee disconnects Bumblebee and the two Groundbridges back to base. However, Megatron's spark has left his body and escaped...into Bumblebee's head.

Note: This episode ends as a cliffhanger, revealing that what happens next will be concluded in the next episode, "Out of His Head." 
14 9 "Out of His Head"[7] Vinton Heuck Nicole Dubuc May 7, 2011 May 15, 2011 114

Bumblebee begins to experience visions of Megatron, causing him to stop dead during a basketball game with Bulkhead. After Megatron forces him to crush one of Ratchet's devices, Bumblebee tells Ratchet about the visions, and Ratchet induces a power down to give Bumblebee's mind time to recover. Bumblebee reactivates, though, under the control of Megatron and, after retrieving a piece of Dark Energon from the old battlefield seen in Darkness Rising Part 4, he bridged to the Decepticon warship which was over the Arctic. Although Ratchet and Raf try to stop him, even managing to get Bumblebee to reassert control for a few moments, Bumblebee successfully brings Megatron back online and transfers his mind back to his body. Free of Megatron's influence, Bumblebee beats a hasty retreat with Ratchet and Raf. Back at base, Ratchet checked to make sure that Bumblebee was completely free of Megatron, and the small Autobot thanked Raf for coming to help him.

Note: This following episode is the conclusion and part 2 of "Sick Mind."

Fact #1: This episode shows flashbacks of previous episodes, such as "Darkness Rising, Part 3", and "Masters and Students."

Fact #2: The Heuck Nigoghossian telescope is named after directors Vinton Heuck, and Shaunt Nigoghossian.

Reference: When Starscream says "I love it when a plan comes together", it is a reference to The A-Team in which the character of Hannibal says that line as a catch phrase
15 10 "Shadowzone"[8] Todd Waterman Marsha Griffin May 14, 2011 May 29, 2011 115

Starscream puts Dark Energon in himself, as Megatron did, and uses another piece to resurrect the Decepticon Skyquake. When the Autobots get massive Dark Energon signals, they assume it's Megatron making up for lost time, and Groundbridge to that location. The boys try to stop Miko from following and fail, the three of them ending up on the battle field. Miko wants to take a picture of a zombie, but she dropped her phone back at the base. The Autobots attack Starscream, blowing off his right arm. Skyquake is not resurrecting, so Starscream calls for an emergency Groundbridge. The Autobots spot the children nearby them, and also call for a Groundbridge. Starscream and the 3 jump in the Groundbridges at the same time, causing an explosion. Starscream returns to the Nemesis, but the children have phased to a "shadowzone" dimension where they can't be seen or heard by the Autobots. They encounter Skyquake, who is also out of phase, and a zombie. Miko, Raf, and Jack run for their lives, as Skyquake tries to kill them. The Autobots try to call the children but are unable to do so, until Jack sends a text message to Miko's cellphone. After running in circles, the kids literally run into Starscream's arm, which was sucked in with them. They shoot Skyquake with the missile attached to it, only taking his arm off. The arm comes to life and chases after them. Having realized Skyquake is functional, Starscream returns to the valley, as Ratchet sends a Groundbridge to the shadow dimension. The kids jump through the Groundbridge to let Skyquake's arm attack Starscream. The Autobots arrive a few seconds later to pick up the children. Finding himself outnumbered, again, Starscream calls for an emergency Groundbridge to the Nemesis and escapes.

Note: From this episode on, Matthew Margeson composes alongside Brian Tyler
16 11 "Operation: Breakdown"[9] Shaunt Nigoghossian Steven Melching June 18, 2011 June 19, 2011 116

After encountering the Autobots, operative Silas began plans for acquiring a living Transformer in order to dissect them and use their components to create such machines that would serve MECH. To that end, they ambushed a battle between Breakdown and Bulkhead where the latter was defeated in the fight. Before Breakdown could bring the killing blow, MECH neutralized him and abducted the winning Decepticon so that they could study him. Taking him to their hidden base, they switched off his pain receptors and began the process of dismantling him for parts, where they learned much from the captured Cybertronian. However, Team Prime arrived on the scene in order to deny Cybertronian technology to MECH. After some prompting from Miko, Bulkhead also goes to MECHs base, and succeeds in freeing his foe. Despite MECH's attempts at reacquiring the test subject, they are forced to retreat when Starscream arrives at the scene with several Vehicons in tow. Thus, the organization was forced to sanitize their hidden base but had managed to transfer much of the newly acquired data to a new facility despite the loss of the test subject. In his report, Silas commented that the diagnostic on Breakdown's vital components had allowed MECH to begin Project Chimera which will allow them to gain the power of living machines that would serve them.

Fact #1: Starscream has fully recovered from his injuries in the previous episode.

Fact #2: While all Team Prime appear in this episode, Miko is the only human Autobot ally (besides Agent Fowler) to appear in this episode.

Fact #3: Other Decepticons besides Breakdown (with the presence of the Vehicons) appear in this episode: Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave.

Fact #4: Breakdown loses his right eye in this episode, and instead of having it replaced (like other characters do for their injuries) he wears an eye patch for the rest of the series. 
17 12 "Crisscross"[9] Vinton Heuck Joseph Kuhr June 25, 2011 June 26, 2011 117

The episode opens with MECH stalking Airachnaid, who quickly outsmarts them and webs them up. She insinuates that she should kill them for what they did to Breakdown as she is an Ex-Decepticon, but quickly changes her mind as she decides to get MECH to help her exact revenge on Arcee and Jack. Meanwhile, Jack gets busted by his mom while sneaking in after his curfew. That, coupled with calls from his boss at KO Burger and his teacher, prompts her to ground him and forbid him from taking Arcee out. Arcee agrees to come back and be in the garage prior to June getting home until the punishment is lifted, although the bargain will be difficult on her schedule. Despite some close calls, the ruse works. But soon MECH and Airachnaid glean info regarding Jack from Facebook, and kidnap June in the hospital parking lot. They then bait Jack and Arcee into coming to them. Arcee is captured and Airachnid plays with Jack by giving him an ultimatum - find June in 8 minutes and rescue her, or watch her being tortured. With Arcee webbed up and unconscious, Jack has no choice but to play the horrible game. Jack despite his best efforts fails to rescue his mother. Silas, however, doesn't trust Airachnid and decides to dissect Arcee here and now. Arcee regains consciousness just in time, however, and escapes, racing to help Jack, thereby revealing their secret to his mom, June. After a grueling fight, Jack, who managed to steal Silas's phone contacts Fowler, who shows up with a fleet of helicopters. Airachnaid and MECH escape though, but not before MECH witnesses Airachnid scanning and acquiring a Helicopter transformation, prompting Silas to smile and say "ingenious". June finally learns the truth about Jack and Arcee, and later goes to the Autobot base to meet the rest of Team Prime.

Fact #1: Another aircraft flown by Agent Fowler is once again scanned by a Decepticon (the first aircraft was in "Masters and Students").

Fact #2: Starscream is absent for the third time in this episode.

Fact #3: June Darby finally learns of the existence of both the Autobots & Decpticons, along with Jack's involvement in helping the Autobots protect earth and its people. 
18 13 "Metal Attraction"[9] Todd Waterman Nicole Dubuc July 9, 2011 July 10, 2011 118

After losing his right optic and being bested by humans in "Operation: Breakdown", Megatron refuses to let Breakdown go on a mission to retrieve a magnetic weapon called the Polarity Gauntlet. Eventually, though, Megatron allows Breakdown to go on this mission in order to prove his worthiness. Arcee, and Bulkhead also go to retrieve the Gauntlet before the Decepticons can. But Breakdown makes it to the location first, and encounters the Ex-Decepticon Airachnid. During their battle, Arcee, Bulkhead, and Miko, who came with them secretly, discover them. Eyeing both of their archenemies, the two Autobots attack. The battle rages on, until Breakdown gets hold of the Gauntlet, magnetizing Arcee and Bulkhead together. Breakdown leaves and Airachnid follows him. The two Autobots, minus Miko, who was sent back to base, track down their foes. They manage to get loose of each other after Breakdown and Airachnid damage Bulkhead, leaving him on top of Arcee. Arcee and Bulkhead later defeat Airachnid and Breakdown, magnetizing both of them together, and then return to base. In conclusion, Megatron is furious with Breakdown for coming back to the Nemesis empty-handed. Breakdown turns around with Airachnid magnetized to his back and Airachnid reluctantly rejoins the Decepticons.

Fact #1: With the addition of the Vehicons, Megatron, Soundwave, Airachnid, and Breakdown are the only Decepticons who appeared in this episode.

Fact #2: With Optimus Prime briefly mentioned, Bulkhead, Arcee, and Ratchet are the only Autobots who appeared in this episode.

Fact #3: Starscream is absent for the fourth time in this episode.

Fact #4: June Darby briefly appears at the beginning of the episode. 
19 14 "Rock Bottom"[10] Shaunt Nigoghossian Tim Jones July 16, 2011 July 24, 2011 119

Arcee, Bulkhead, Jack and Miko investigate a Decepticon Energon mine for Energon that was supposedly stripped clean. Megatron and Starscream arrive shortly after, and Megatron accuses Starscream of hoarding Energon, and reveals that he knew about the air commander's other treacherous acts - including the attempted revival of Skyquake. Starscream begs for mercy, but escapes when Megatron is distracted by the arrival of Jack and Arcee. Megatron's shots cause a cave in. Starscream escapes the mines, only to return to try to save Megatron. Bulkhead and Miko survive as well, with Bulkhead literally holding the ceiling up. Starscream finds Bulkhead and Miko, but before he's able to hurt them, Jack appears with a Decepticon drill. He and Miko escape. Starscream threatens Bulkhead, but Arcee shows up, resulting in Starscream holding the ceiling. The episode ends with Megatron having dug himself out, and Starscream begging for mercy again, claiming he came back to save Megatron. The episode ends with Megatron staring Starscream down contemplating what he should do.

Fact #1: Arcee and Bulkhead are the only Autobots shown, with Ratchet briefly mentioned, and Miko and Jack are the only humans shown.

Fact #2: Starscream and Megatron are the only Decepticons to show in this episode. 
20 15 "Partners"[11] Vinton Heuck Mike Johnson July 23, 2011 July 31, 2011 120

Megatron sends Starscream and Airachnid to the site of a crashed Decepticon ship in order to recover a weapon called the Immobilizer. The Autobots are surprised when they come across Starscream who wants "to become an Autobot" upon finding him in Airachnid's web. Though Starscream is placed in stasis cuffs in order for the Autobots to keep an eye on him. While the others go after Airachnid, Arcee keeps an eye on Starscream and ends up learning that Starscream had a hand in what happened to Cliffjumper. After a long fight, Arcee ends up wanting to finish Starscream off, but she sees Bumblebee thinking that what Arcee was about to do was very un-Autobot like. Arcee decides not to kill Starscream. Later, Airachnid returns empty handed, and declares that what happened was all Starscream's fault. To a result, Megatron becomes very furious with Airachnid leaving the Decepticon second-in-command with Autobots. The episode ends with Starscream declaring his neutrality.

Fact #1: This episode is dedicated in memory of Captain H.L. Larry Cullen (Peter Cullen's older brother who helped inspire Optimus Prime's voice) who died in March 2011 at age 70.

Fact #2: No humans appear in this episode.

Reference: The Fallen is mentioned by Bulkhead, a reference to War Within, Revenge of the Fallen, and Hasbro's plan to add the 13 Original Transformers to Prime, which includes the Fallen. The weapon, the Immobilizer, is a reference to Generation One
21 16 "T.M.I."[12][13][14] Todd Waterman Joseph Kuhr September 10, 2011[12][13][14] August 7, 2011[15] 121

Miko and Bulkhead snuck into a monster truck rally together. A week or so later, they were reviewing the footage Miko had taken on her phone when Bulkhead was called into the field to help secure a Cybertronian data cylinder. He was, of course, followed by Miko, and during the battle she inadvertently activated the cylinder, discharging it into Bulkhead's brain. Though at first Bulkhead seemed fine, he began writing complex equations for synthetic energon, and it rapidly became clear that the cylinder's energy was overwriting his mind. While the other Autobots attempted to secure the cylinder, Miko tried to help Bulkhead retain his memories by taking him to the monster truck track. They were found there by Knock Out and Breakdown, who tried to take Bulkhead's head, but during the attempt, Miko again triggered the energy to discharge from Bulkhead into the sky. Bulkhead was left in a comatose state until Miko managed to wake him with her guitar playing.

Reference: There are several references in this episode. In the beginning of the series a monster truck announces declares the trucks are "the baddest beast machines on the planet." The design of the data cylinders are very similar to the Space Bridge pillars from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, as well as the Quintesson Journal from Transformers: Generation 1. Bulkhead's method of painting the formula is a possible reference to Transformers Animated Bulkhead. This also loosely refers to Sam's behavior in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen after getting zapped by an AllSpark shard. Perceptor's name is also briefly mentioned in Bulkhead's rambling. Lugnut was also mentioned by Ratchet briefly, another reference to Transformers Animated.

Fact: Miko is the only Autobot human ally who appeared in this episode. 
22 17 "Stronger, Faster"[16][17] Shaunt Nigoghossian Mairghread Scott September 17, 2011[18][17] August 14, 2011[19][20] 122

Ratchet endeavored to complete the synthetic energon formula and finally seemed to succeed, running a test engine on the stuff. Wanting to do more for the Autobot cause, he injected the substance into himself as a test. Perhaps almost to his surprise, it worked. In fact, it worked so well that when Arcee got into trouble on a mission, he went out into the field himself and trashed an entire squad of Vehicons on his own. He excitedly showed the other Autobots what he had done, though Optimus was disappointed in his actions. Ratchet still felt strong, even accidentally throwing Bulkhead through a wall. He went on to inject himself with more synthetic energon, before inviting himself along on the Autobots' next mission. His vigorous interrogation of a miner and subsequent attempt to extinguish the Decepticon led to Optimus giving him a lecture. He accused Optimus of not being pro-active enough in their campaign against the Decepticons, and went off to confront Megatron on his own. Reaching the Decepticon energon mine, Ratchet made short work of Breakdown, but Megatron proved more formidable than expected, and Ratchet was seriously injured and left to Knock Out's tender mercies. After Knock Out took a sample of the synthetic energon, Ratchet managed to raise enough strength to fight back, and managed to destroy the sample. The other Autobots rescued him, though he had lost a lot of energon and had to be hooked up to a drip. Ratchet apologized for his behavior, though at least they'd gained a supply of real energon out of it. Meanwhile, back at the mine Knock Out finds dripping liquid, a sample of the synthetic energon.

Note: This episode is the continuation of the previous episode, "T.M.I."

Reference: When Ratchet blinds a Decepticon with a blow torch, this is a reference to what Mikaela Banes did to Wheelie, in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. This episode is somewhat similar to the Transformers: Beast Wars episode "Gorilla Warfare", where Optimus Primal is made hyper-aggressive by Scorponok's modified Cyberbee.

Fact: Raf is the only human to appear in this episode. 
23 18 "One Shall Fall"[21] Vinton Heuck Duane Capizzi
Joseph Kuhr
September 24, 2011[21] August 21, 2011[22] 123

Optimus became concerned that a prophecy detailed in the Covenant of Primus was imminent and that Megatron could regard it as his destiny. When Agent Fowler reported that the Decepticons were stealing components for a new space bridge, Optimus took a team to a military lab to stop them. Though they stopped the Vehicons from stealing the power source, Megatron himself arrived and before they could react, Bumblebee also arrived with a gravely injured Raf. While 'Bee and Arcee returned Raf to base, Optimus and Bulkhead snuck aboard the Nemesis to retrieve the power source. They located it, and Prime sent Bulkhead back to base with it, while he went in search of Megatron. He found his prey near a volcano and the ancient enemies fought. Optimus managed to beat Megatron, but as he prepared to deliver a killing blow, the volcano erupted with Dark Energon. Megatron experienced an increase in power, and turned the tide. The prophesized alignment of worlds had occurred, and Megatron had Optimus at his mercy.

First Appearance: Unicron (Cameo)

Reference: The famous Transformers line (first used in The Transformers feature film, The Transformers: The Movie) "One shall stand. One shall fall" was used in this episode. In the beginning of the episode, Optimus recites the Covenant of Primus, which first appeared in the Transformers: Beast Wars episode: "Nemesis, Part 1." Megatron refers to Optimus as "the last of the Primes," which he is also called in the same continuity video game, Transformers: War for Cybertron. This also is a term to refer to Optimus in the live-action films. Megatron used the term "rising darkness" various times in this episode, this is a reference to the Mini-Series' title "Darkness Rising".

Fact: Jack's mother returns in this episode, when she is called on by Jack, to use her knowlegde of emergenacy medicine (and experince as ER nurse) help Rachet in successfully treating an injured Raf. 
24 19 "One Shall Rise, Part 1"[23] Todd Waterman Nicole Dubuc
Duane Capizzi
October 1, 2011[23] 124

As Megatron is about to finish Optimus off, the other Autobots appeared through the GroundBridge to rescue Optimus. The Autobots take their battered leader back to base, where they're puzzled over the presence of Dark Energon on Earth, and slowly realize the truth. June wheels Raf to the car and explains to Optimus that the children that the children should not be worrying about their own survival; when she demands that all three of the children return with her, Miko refuses and Jack reluctantly refuses to return, angering June as she drives the car with Raf in tow. Fowler informs the Autobots of freakish global weather patterns; June and Raf get caught in the patterns along the desert highway, where an eventual tornado threatens to engulf the two, but Bumblebee arrives to save them from the car, which gets sucked into the tornado, and the three return to base.

The sequence of the tremors emanating from the Earth's core are found by Ratchet to be audibly comparable to a human heartbeat, meaning that the core of the Earth, namely the resident in it, is pumping Dark Energon, instead of magma, through its Cybertronian heart; it is also found that, while under the influence of Dark Energon, Megatron cannot stand the sound of the tremors. Prime explains the conflict between Primus and Unicron to the gathered humans and tells them he believed that Earth has formed around the slumbering form of Unicron.

Meanwhile, Megatron attempts to pledge a legendance with Unicron, but fails after Unicron senses the presence of a Prime. The Autobots set out investigating locations where earthquakes had simultaneously struck with the eruption of the volcano. However, Optimus soon found himself confronted by Unicron formed from stone. Optimus tries to plead with the Chaos Bringer for the billions of humans who dwelt on Earth, but Unicron considers them parasites and attacks Prime. Though he seems to destroy Unicron, Optimus was soon surrounded by many more duplicates of his new foe.

Fact: This is the second time that Agent Fowler and June Darby meet face-to-face.

First Appearance: Unicron (fully) 
25 20 "One Shall Rise, Part 2"[24] Shaunt Nigoghossian Marsha Griffin October 8, 2011[24] 125

In the midst of a pitched battle against Unicron, who can take many rock forms as manifestations of himself, Optimus nearly falls except for the intervention of Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead. However, the group is surprised when Megatron appears to attack a giant manifestation of Unicron with a headshot. Megatron explains that, because of Unicron's stated attempt to slay Optimus, he decided to cast his lot temporarily with the Autobots in order to destroy Unicron. When the group returns to base, the humans are unpleasantly surprised by Megatron's appearance (especially after Megatron's attempt upon Bumblebee and Raf's lives). The group (along with Megatron) resolves to take the Ground Bridge to the Earth's core in order to destroy Unicron from within, and Bumblebee, Arcee, Optimus and Bulkhead reluctantly depart from the base as the humans and Ratchet look on. Before leaving, Optimus lends the Key to the Ground Bridge energy supply to Jack (in case that the Autobots do not come back alive). To Optimus, it symbolizes his perception of Jack's developing maturity throughout their time as allies.

Upon entering the heart of Unicron, the tell-tale heart pounding is heard throughout, and a giant eye moves menacingly at the top of the chamber.

Fact: First time Miko sees Megatron for herself, and Megatron reveals that he never forgets a human's face when he sees Jack and Raf. 
26 21 "One Shall Rise, Part 3"[25] Vinton Heuck Steven Melching October 15, 2011[25] 126

While the Autobots (with the exception of Ratchet) continue their battle at the Earth's core, while Jack, Miko and Raf learn more about Optimus's history on Cybertron as Orion Pax. As Ratchet explains the history of Optimus and Megatron, he finds Jack holding the Key to Vector Sigma in his hand. Although, Optimus told him it was the Key to the Groundbridge supply, Ratchet quickly realizes Optimus thinks he will not return. Meanwhile, the other Autobots and Megatron battle the antibodies of Unicron, where they later locate Unicron's spark chamber. While Megatron struggles to not be controlled by Unicron through Dark Energon, Optimus fires the power of the Matrix of Leadership directly into Unicron's spark. All storms, and bad weather suddenly stop on Earth. Megatron then attracts his blade, ready to slay a steaming Optimus. Right before Megatron is about finally finish him off, Optimus addresses Megatron by the name of "Megatronus", referring to Megatron's original name back on Cybertron. As the other Autobots hurry to retrieve Optimus, the two leaders hurry to the Deception base, the Nemesis. It is later revealed that Optimus didn't only lose the Wisdom of the Primes, but also his memories. The episode ends with Megatron declaring Optimus, under his original name "Orion Pax" as a Decepticon.

Fact #1: This is the season finale for the 1st season, and the episode ended with a "To be continued..." graphic, indicating that the storyline of the three-part "One Shall Rise" will continue into the beginning of Season 2.

Fact #2: This is the first time that Optimus and Megatron work in a double-team effort on camera.

Fact #3: The history between Orion Pax/Optimus Prime and Megatronus/Megatron is viewed in the novel Transformers: Exodus – The Official History of the War for Cybertron.

Note: This episode aired in Asia before in the United States and Canada, in its full and original English dub. 

Season 2

The Hub confirmed that a second season of Transformers: Prime is currently in development. Following the events of the "One Shall Rise" three-part episode, the Autobots attempt to recover Optimus's memories in order to regain his leadership of the Autobots.[2] Season two will premiere on November 28, 2011.[26]


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