The Transformers (IDW Publishing)

The Transformers (IDW Publishing)

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Eric Holmes ("Megatron Origin")
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Don Figueroa ("Stormbringer")
Alex Milne ("Megatron Origin")
Guido Guidi ("All Hail Megatron")
Nick Roche ("Maximum Dinobots")
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"The Transformers" is a comic book series by IDW Publishing, based upon Hasbro's Transformers characters and toy line.

Following Dreamwave Productions' bankruptcy in 2005, IDW picked up the rights and hired long-time "Transformers" writer Simon Furman to craft a rebooted -based continuity, similar to Ultimate Marvel.cite news | author = Iain Burnside | title = Caught in the Nexus: Simon Furman | publisher = Comics Nexus | date = 2006-08-04 | url = | accessdate =2007-04-07] An issue #0 was published in October 2005, and the ongoing series began in January 2006.

The series is marketed as various limited series for each story, [cite web|author=Denyer|title=A Note on Numbering|publisher=The Transformers Archive|url=|accessdate=2007-03-31] in published order as ', ', ', ', ', ', ' and the upcoming '. The series also has a sister title of ongoing one-shots entitled "" which began in September 2006, each focusing on a particular character and impacting the storyline of the main title.


Dreamwave Productions went bankrupt on January 4, 2005, and announced they would cease publication of all their comics, leaving ' and its prequel series, ' incomplete. [cite news | title = Immediate Press Release - Dreamwave will be ceasing operations! | publisher = Seibertron | date = 2005-01-04 | url = | accessdate = 2007-01-31] Chris Ryall, editor-in-chief of IDW Publishing leaped at the chance to bid on the property.cite news|title=IDW Talks Transformers Comic Book Line|publisher=Newsarama|date=2005-05-20|url=|accessdate=2007-03-31] On May 19, 2005, Hasbro announced they had awarded the licensing rights to IDW Publishing, with plans for an issue #0 in October 2005 and an ongoing title entitled ' to begin in January 2006. [cite news|author=Matt Brady|title=IDW LANDS TRANSFORMERS LICENSE|publisher=Newsarama|date=2005-05-19|url=|accessdate=2007-03-31] Beforehand, Ryall met up with long-time writer Simon Furman. Furman aimed for a contemporary version of the ' incarnation to appeal to new and old fans alike. They both cited a focus on the "Robots in "Disguise" element of the characters, aiming to bring back their "myth and majesty".cite news|author=Matt Brady|title=SIMON FURMAN: GUARDIAN of the TRANSFORMERS|publisher=Newsarama|date=2005-05-27|url=|accessdate=2007-03-31] Overall, Furman described it as, "This was, at last (after 20-plus years) MY take on Transformers." Furman also aimed for a real time approach,cite news|author=Arune Singh|title=SIMON FURMAN KEEPS ROLLIN OUT WITH "TRANSFORMERS" AT IDW|publisher=Comic Book Resources|date=2006-10-19|url=|accessdate=2007-04-07] using maps to help guide his stories.cite news| title = Simon Furman creating history Q&A| publisher = TFormers|date=2006-09-29| url =| accessdate = 2007-04-07] "Infiltration"'s issue #0 sold a 100,000 copies in pre-orders, a record for the company. [cite news|author=Matt Brady|title=TRANSFORMERS #0 SEES 100K COPIES|publisher=Newsarama|date=2005-10-05|url=|accessdate=2007-04-06] Furman focused the story on Autobot medic Ratchet and broke new ground for "G1" based storylines by excluding the "Ark" crash storyline, to give proper intent to the Transformers being on Earth, thus separating the fictional universe from the "Beast Wars" one. E. J. Su was hired as the artist, and was given free rein to re-design characters slightly. [cite news | title = EJ Su | publisher = Transfans | date = June 2005 | url = | accessdate=2007-04-21]

"Infiltration" had mixed reviews. Furman's decision to put leaders Optimus Prime and Megatron on the sidelines divided many fans, as did the slow pace and human characters. Furman and Ryall responded positively, promising to make both fans and critics happy after reading various message board comments. [cite news|title=BotCon 2006 - Transformers Comics: Past, Present & Future|publisher=TFormers|date=2006-09-30|url=|accessdate=2007-04-07] "" followed in July, set around the same time frame as "Infiltration", and had art by Don Figueroa.cite news|author=Tobias May|title=Simon Furman Talks Stormbringer|publisher=Comic News International|date=2006-06-22|url=|accessdate=2007-04-07] The four issue tale was intended to be a weekly event, but Diamond Comic Distributors' resistance meant it became monthly.cite news|title=Simon Furman Panel #2 Notes|publisher=The Allspark|date=2006-10-01|url=|accessdate=2007-04-07] Furman had planned to visit Cybertron later on, but the fans demanded a human-less story, and "Stormbringer" was written. Most importantly, the story revealed Cybertron to be dead, giving the saga a darker feel and explaining the status quo of Autobots and Decepticons spread out and fighting pocket wars.cite news|author=Benjamin Ong Pang Kean|title=SIMON FURMAN ON TRANSFORMERS: STORMBRINGER|publisher=Newsarama|date=2006-05-03|url=|accessdate=2007-04-07] Furman intentionally wanted a larger scale and "took Cybertron out of the equation" to shape the overall arc. The story also allowed him to reinvent Thunderwing and the Pretenders, which he felt was one of the sillier concepts.

In September, the companion series, ' was launched, set to last for five issues. [cite news|author=Jay|title=IDW's Plans For Transformers Revealed At The 2006 San Diego Comic Con|publisher=Comic News International|date=2006-07-26|url=|accessdate=2007-04-07] Furman drew upon classic stories for Shockwave, re-created the personalities of Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus, and wrote Sixshot for the first time. Nightbeat's story laid a vital seed for future stories,cite news|author=Arune Singh|title=WWLA: SIMON FURMAN TALKS "TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: GALVATRON"|publisher=Comic Book Resources|date=2007-03-18|url=|accessdate=2007-04-07] as well as allowing him to re-invent the Micromasters. In November ' began, a direct sequel to "Infiltration". It put Optimus and Megatron center stage, and bought in characters from the "Spotlights". The "Spotlights" expanded as IDW accepted Furman's willingness to write for any character. This has even included Wheelie, a character he has personally voiced criticism of in the past.

Furman took a break from the main storyline in June to allow Eric Holmes to write the prequel, ' over four months. Holmes conceived the tale for his favorite character, Megatron and to explore the beginnings of the Autobot-Decepticon war, [cite news|author=David Chapman|title=Eric Holmes "transforms" from game developer to comic writer|publisher=Game Almighty|date=2007-03-17|url=|accessdate=2007-04-07] [cite news|author=Arune Singh|title=ERIC HOLMES TURNS TO THE DARK SIDE IN "MEGATRON ORIGIN"|publisher=Comic Book Resources|date=2007-04-07|url=|accessdate=2007-03-23] collaborating with Furman to further tie-in the story into his "IDW-verse" continuity and taking historical inspiration from the decline of the Roman Empire. [cite news | title = Eric Holmes | publisher = | date = 2007-02-20 | url = | accessdate=2007-04-07] In addition, Furman allowed Nick Roche to write and draw a "Spotlight" for Kup, and Roche also wishes to create another one for Rumble.cite news | author = Steve Bax | title = London welcomes IDW's leading lights | publisher = One Shall Stand | date = 2007-06-09 | url = | accessdate=2007-06-10] Furman returned for ', which will be affected by Galvatron's "Spotlight" (itself spinning out of Nightbeat's), before leading into "The Transformers: Revelation". Galvatron was re-invented as separate from Megatron, and Optimus Prime himself received a "Spotlight", with both issues creating major revelations that will affect storylines beyond "Revelation". "Devastation" had a faster pace and explored rebellion in the Decepticon ranks, similar to the early Marvel stories. [cite news | title = Transformers Writer Simon Furman Interview | publisher = ENI | date = 2007-07-31 | url = | accessdate=2007-08-01] With the conclusion of "Devastation", "Revelation" began in June. However, this series had a different format to that seen previously, consisting of four interrelated "Spotlight" issues that will bring many of the elements of the storyline thus far, most notably the Dead Universe storyline, to a conclusion. [cite news|author=Simon Furman|title=Revelations!|publisher=Simon Furman|date=2008-03-13|url=|accessdate=2008-03-15] [cite news|author=Chris Ryall|title=Revelations revealed|publisher=IDW Publishing|date=2008-03-10|url=|accessdate=2008-03-12] The arc following that will be titled "All Hail Megatron", which began in July 2008 and run for twelve issues, taking place a year after the end of "Devastation" and focusing on an Earth conquered by the Decepticons without the Autobots around to stop them. [cite news|author=Jay|title=All Hail Megatron!!!|publisher=Comic News International|date=2008-03-19|url=|accessdate=2008-03-20] A planned storyline, "Expansion" has now been canceled, although some of the themes the story would have dealt with may still appear. [cite news|author=Simon Furman|title=Revelations!|publisher=Simon Furman|date=2008-03-13|url=|accessdate=2008-03-15] A new series by Furman, "Maximum Dinobots", will spin out of "Spotlight: Grimlock" and feature the Dynobots, Sunstreaker and the Machination, beginning in December after the conclusion of "Revelation", [cite news|author=Simon Furman|title=Maximum...?|publisher=Simon Furman|date=2008-04-25|url=|accessdate=2008-04-26] with art by "Spotlight" artist Nick Roche. , [cite news|author=IDW Publishing|title=Interview with Denton J. Tipton: Roche for Maximum Dinobots|publisher=IDW Publsing|date=2008-05-30|url=|accessdate=2008-07-18]

For the future, Furman has completely ruled out Unicron, as well as the Quintessons (this may no longer be accurate, as they have appeared in a wall painting in Spotlight: Wheelie) and the Liege Maximo. Furman has also expressed interest in re-inventing Japanese-exclusive characters, and female Transformers, exploring the challenge of rationalizing gender in giant robots. Furman addressed the issue of gender in Transformers in a "Spotlight" issue on Arcee, rationalizing them as a failed attempt to introduce gender into the Transformer race by Jhiaxus. [cite web |url= |title=And the next Spotlight is...|accessdate=2007-10-19 |author=Simon Furman] Elita-One and a few other female Transformers have indeed appeared in "Megatron Origin".


Civil War

During the Golden Age of Cybertron, Nova Prime wishes to expand the influence of Cybertronians throughout the galaxy. His Chief Theoretical Strategist Jhiaxus experiments with six volunteers to combine them into a superior being, but the experiment fails, resulting in Monstructor. At some point he also experiments with gender in Transformers, creating Arcee, who grows deranged with hatred for her creator due to this.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Alex Milne|title=|issue=|date=February 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] Sometime later, the "Ark-1" is launched into space under the auspice of exploration, but in reality an attempt to expand Cybertron's influence. The crew includes Nova Prime and Galvatron.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Don Figueroa|title=|date=August 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] When passing through a black hole, the ship enters a "Dead Universe", altering the crew, and is presumed lost.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Guido Guidi|title=|date=July 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] With Nova Prime and Jhiaxus gone, Omega Supreme imprisons Monstructor.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Don Figueroa|title=|date=August 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing]

Later, hard times follow, with the Autobots becoming a corrupt galactic police force. While shutting down an Energon-mining operation, they incite a riot by beating an outspoken miner to death. The riot is extinguished, resulting in the miners either dead or imprisoned. A surviving miner, Megatron, manages to take over a prison shuttle and hide it in Kaon, the seediest city on Cybertron.Comic book reference|writer=Eric Holmes|penciller=Alex Milne|title=|issue=1|date=June 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] Megatron makes a name for himself in the underground gladiatorial matches, learning to enjoy the kill.Comic book reference|writer=Eric Holmes|penciller=Alex Milne|title=|issue=2|date=July 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] He recruits the Seekers, Soundwave and the future Cassetticons to perform acts of terrorism throughout Cybertron. Megatron rallies a large group of gladiators and proposes for them to unite under the same badge, but they are caught and arrested by Sentinel Prime's police force.Comic book reference|writer=Eric Holmes|penciller=Alex Milne|title=|issue=3|date=September 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] . However, this is part of Megatron's plan, as Starscream kills the Autobot Senate. Megatron kills Sentinel Prime, and the newly forged Decepticons take over the city-state of Kaon, heralding the beginning of the war. Comic book reference|writer=Eric Holmes|penciller=Alex Milne|title=|issue=4|date=October 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing]

The war devastates the planet, and a Decepticon scientist named Thunderwing suggests to graft Transformers with protective organic shells, which Megatron rejects. Thunderwing experiments on himself, becoming a beast who devastates Cybertron.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Don Figueroa|title=|issue=4|date=October 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] The Decepticons recover more quickly and stage a new offensive against the Autobots, who suffer the loss of the charismatic Blaster, the voice of the Autobot resistance: he is shot and set adrift in space by a traitor.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Emiliano Santalucia|title=|issue=|date=January 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing]

With their home world dead, the Transformers continue their war on other planets.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Don Figueroa|title=|issue=2|date=August 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] The Decepticons escalate tensions on planets by replacing important people with loyal clones called facsimiles, allowing the worlds to destroy themselves before they move in for the energy resources,Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=2|date=December 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] and send Sixshot to finish off the planets.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Rob Ruffolo|title=|issue=4|date=December 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] Nonetheless, the two sides agree to the Tyrest Accord, in which they will not supply weapons to less advanced cultures. Scorponok violates this treaty on Nebulos, creating "transformable men" with the help of Mo Zarak's corporation, but an attack by Ultra Magnus forces him to flee.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Robby Musso|title=|date=January 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] Badly damaged with only his decapitated head remaining, he arrives on Earth at some point and establishes the Machination, an organization dedicated to acquiring Transformer technology for their own ends.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=6|date=February 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing]

Ore-13/Super Energon

The Decepticon scientist Shockwave begins the secretive Operation: Regenesis — seeding energon on various planets, including Earth. While stabilizing Earth's seeding, the Dynobots attack Shockwave, and they are all buried in molten lava for thousands of years.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Nick Roche|title=|date=September 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] Bludgeon is assigned by Megatron to investigate Operation: Regenesis and Soundwave is told to spy on him. In 1984, Soundwave learns to his horror that Bludgeon intends to use the Ultra-Energon on Earth to re-animate Thunderwing, but is silenced and put into stasis-lock in his cassette player mode. The following year, an organization named Skywatch find LaserbeakComic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Marcelo Matere|title=|date=March 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] and Ravage's bodies.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=6|date=May 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] Starscream and his unit later come to Earth, discover Shockwave's energon and mine it in Nebraska. When they exhaust this supply in 2006, they move to Oregon, entering siege mode to protect their discovery.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=5|date=May 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] As part of their plan to acquire a Transformer, an agent working for the Machination takes a photo of a Decepticon transforming and locates the original Decepticon base.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=2|date=February 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] As a response he is targeted and killed by Thundercracker, Runabout and Runamuck. Before his death, his laptop with the photo is stolen by a girl named Verity Carlo and she is taken to the Autobots - inadvertently leading the Machination straight to them via a homing device in the laptop.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=0|date=October 2005|publisher=IDW Publishing]

In the meantime, Bludgeon returns to Cybertron and reawakens Thunderwing, believing that Thunderwing's destruction of planets will appease and revitalize the spirit of Cybertron. After Nebulos is razed,Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Don Figueroa|title=|issue=3|date=September 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] Bludgeon is driven insane by a failed bonding attempt and Thunderwing is taken down by Optimus Prime. Thunderwing's corpse is placed under guard. Prime sets a course for Earth as he learns vague details of Regenesis, heavily suspicious due to Ironhide's call regarding Starscream breaking into siege mode. Megatron already takes action, exploring the Nebraska base.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=4|date=April 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] Having anticipated Megatron's course of action, Starscream imbues himself with "ore-13 resin" and battles him. His super-powered body is still no match for Megatron, and he is severely wounded. Optimus arrives on Earth to join Prowl's unit, aware that Megatron's presence on Earth has caused it to become the main battle front. The Machination also observes the Autobots entering their Lake Michigan base.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=6|date=June 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing]

War on Earth

Prime decides to send Verity and her two friends Hunter and Jimmy home. Ironhide and Sunstreaker are given this task, but the Machination strikes and seemingly destroy Sunstreaker and Hunter.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=1|date=November 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] Ratchet realizes that Sunstreaker's corpse is a fake and that he and Hunter have simply been kidnapped. Megatron uses the Ore-13 to give him the rare ability of mass-displacement to transform into an earthen pistol,Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=3|date=January 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] and decides to stay on Earth to escalate tensions, using a human facsimile to stir up a war between the United States and El Jira. The Autobots, with newly-arrived allies, battle the Decepticons in the Russian breakaway state of Brasnya where the super-powered Megatron beats Prime to near death. Prime manages to recover and puts Megatron to flight. However, the facsimile Georgi Koska,Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=5|date=March 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] arrives dead at the Autobot base.

The Machination performs a successful surgery on Hunter,Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=4|date=February 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] and Ironhide is seemingly killed in an explosion set up by them. They now begin to manufacture their own army of Sunstreaker bodies. Shockwave and the Dynobots are excavated up by archaeologists in Eureka, Nevada and Skywatch takes over the area. In Oregon, two young humans wonder whether to buy Soundwave, still trapped in cassette player mode. Megatron calls Sixshot to come and speed up Earth's destruction, and the Reapers follow, eager to have Sixshot join their attempt to rid the universe of war-like species. Elsewhere on Earth, Ramjet's grandiose plans for a coup against Megatron fail when the Decepticon leader kills him in one-on-one combat.Comic book reference|writer=Stuart Moore|penciller=Robby Musso|title=|issue=|date=November 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing]

Elsewhere, Galvatron emerges from the Dead Universe, destroys an alien observatory and crushes Hound's unit on Cybertron to retrieve the body of Thunderwing. While unconscious during his battle with Megatron, Prime encountered the presence of Nova Prime, and he meets with Nova's once-associate, Omega Supreme. Monstructor escapes his prison and seeks revenge against Omega. He finds Omega along with Prime, and after battling him, Prime leaves Monstructor to be tended by Jetfire. Elsewhere, Blaster's body is recovered from space. After more assassination attempts he discovers the traitor is an unwilling Beachcomber, controlled by Soundwave and Bombshell's cerebro shell. Angry, he vows to hunt down Soundwave.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Emiliano Santalucia|title=|issue=|date=January 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing]

Back on Earth Nightbeat puzzles out the links between the Machination's various actions. The returned Prime attempts to get proactive by moving the location of the Ark-19, but it is shot down by Sixshot, though the crew survive.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=1|date=October 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] . The subsequent battle between Prime and Sixshot exposes the Transformers to the world at large and forces the military to call in a carpet bombing strike. The Autobots escape, but Hunter and Jimmy are seemingly killed.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Robby Musso|title=|issue=4|date=January 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] Elsewhere, Hot Rod and Wheeljack set out to recover Ironhide's body, but are confronted by the Machination's Headmaster army, only escaping due to Wheeljack's gadgets. Hunter escapes his captors and discovers the decapitated but still living head of Sunstreaker.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E. J. Su|title=|issue=2|date=October 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing] Sunstreaker reveals his mind is being used as the hub for the Machination's army, and Hunter opts to fight back, becoming a Headmaster himself. The Reapers arrive at Earth, attacking the Decepticon base and forcing Megatron to recall SixshotComic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Robby Musso|title=|issue=4|date=January 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] , while Nova Prime (now known as Nemesis Prime), concerned at the pace of events, dispatches Galvatron to Earth.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Nick Roche|title=|issue=3|date=November 2007|publisher=IDW Publishing]

Elsewhere, the Autobot penal facility on Garrus-9 is attacked by the Combaticons, who escape with the Monstructor component Transformers, forcing a reluctant Fortress Maximus to dispatch Arcee to track them down.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Alex Milne|title=|issue=|date=February 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] Learning of this, Prime pulls Prowl's detachment away from Earth to help contain the problemComic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E.J. Su|title=|issue=5|date=February 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] , though Hot Rod elects to stay to learn Sunstreaker's fate. Nightbeat also suspects someone has tampered with his memory.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E.J. Su|title=|issue=6|date=February 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] Elsewhere, Sixshot, having encountered and felt a kinship with the Reapers beforeComic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Rob Ruffolo|title=|issue=4|date=December 2006|publisher=IDW Publishing] , defects to their side, but is taken out by a returned Starscream (revived by the other Decepticons to stand up to Megatron), leading to a full scale battle between the Decepticons and Reapers. The Decepticons win, with aid from Galvatron, who escapes with Sixshot's body as the US military locate the Decepticon base. Scorponok merges with the human Dante into a new body, but is unable to prevent Hunter, now merged with Sunstreaker's mind in a copy of his body, from escaping. In the Dead Universe Nemesis Prime, Jhiaxus and Galvatron agree the endgame is about to begin.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E.J. Su|title=|issue=6|date=February 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing]

Skywatch, having lost control of Ravage and LaserbeakComic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Robby Musso|title=|issue=4|date=January 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] due to interference from Soundwave, reactivate Grimlock to use against the increasing Transformer activity.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E.J. Su|title=|issue=5|date=February 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] Due to Machination sabotage Grimlock escapes and is approached by Scorponok, who proposes an alliance. Grimlock refuses and is out gunned in the battle, but teleports to the Dynobot ship before Scorponok terminates him, still buried after the battle with Shockwave, vowing to bring the Machination down. Skywatch reactivate the other Dynobots, unaware the Machination are manipulating them into killing Grimlock.Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Marcelo Matere|title=|issue=|date=April 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing]


On Cybertron Cyclonus, dispatched from the Dead Universe on a mission to activate the Nega-Core, inadvertently alerts the Autobots to his presence, but is still able to activate the Core, as well as its lethal guardian Thunderwing. On Garrus-9 Prime calls in the Wreckers to deal with the escalating situation as Nemesis Prime leads the forces of the Dead Universe from the Benzuli expanse. [Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=E.J. Su|title=|date=June 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] Meanwhile, Hardhead accompanies Nightbeat to Gorlam Prime in an attempt to find his missing memories. Attacked by Micromasters, Nightbeat is taken control of by Jhiaxus, and Hardhead reluctantly eliminates him, before disappearing into the dimensional portal. A furious Nemesis Prime realizes he must do Nightbeat's job of eliminating Optimus Prime personally. The Wrecker assault on Thunderwing proves futile, while Arcee teams up with Banzai-Tron to track down the escaped Monstructor, and Jetfire prepares to use Thunderwing's technology to enable other Autobots to survive the effects of the Benzuli expanse. [Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Nick Roche|title=|date=July 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] Dealer's attempt to retrieve the magnificence for himself backfires when a suspicious Hot Rod uses it to confirm his doubts about Dealer, and he is promptly killed. Hot Rod uses the Magnificence to locate the other Nega-Cores and their guardians (Sixshot and Monstructor) and passes the information on. Jetfire then formulates a plan to override Jhiaxus' control of them via taking over their mental link. [Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Nick Roche|title=|date=August 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] Nemesis Prime attacks Optimus on Garrus-9 personally, but is betrayed and killed by Galvatron, whom Prime then tosses into a solar pool. Jetfire's plan works, as Cloudburst's team, now equipped with Thunderwing's technology, are able to dispose of the Nega-Cores in the Dead Universe, closing it off completely. Jhiaxus is hunted down on Gorlam Prime by Arcee and Hardhead (now undead like the Dead Universe crew), where his immortality means Arcee can kill him over and over. On Earth, Sideswipe, having beaten Straxus and Grindcore, decides he has proven himself and leaves without Sunstreaker. Over the following years Gorlam Prime evolves into a new Cybertron, and its inhabitants into beings like Transformers. But on Garrus-9, Galvatron still lives within the solar pool. [Comic book reference|writer=Simon Furman|penciller=Nick Roche|title=|date=October 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing]


One year after the initial battles on Earth, the Decepticons launch a full scale assault on New York City, randomly annihilating buildings and causing mayhem as part of a simultaneous galaxy-wide assault. The initial human aerial counterattack fails, while the Autobots on Cybertron, including a comatose Optimus Prime, receive word of the attack. [Comic book reference|writer=Shane McCarthy|penciller=Guido Guidi|title=|issue=1|date=July 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] Even opposed by Colonel Daniel Witwicky, the Decepticons decimate all further military assaults and destroy all bridges and tunnels leading into the city. [Comic book reference|writer=Shane McCarthy|penciller=Guido Guidi|title=|issue=2|date=August 2008|publisher=IDW Publishing] The Decepticon assault moves to other cities in the country, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., as the Constructicons begin to build in what was once Manhattan. [Comic book reference|writer=Shane McCarthy|penciller=Guido Guidi|title=|issue=3|date=September 2008|publisher=IDW PublishingReferences

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  • IDW Publishing — Infobox Company company name = Idea and Design Works, LLC/IDW Publishing company company type = Limited Liability Company foundation = 1999 key people = Ted Adams, President/Owner Robbie Robbins, Executive Vice President/Owner Chris Ryall,… …   Wikipedia

  • The Transformers: Megatron Origin — Cover art by Alex Milne Publication information Publisher IDW Publishing …   Wikipedia

  • IDW Publishing — Création 1999 Personnages clés Ted Adams, Robbie Robbins, Chris Ryall Forme juridique Limited liability company …   Wikipédia en Français

  • The Transformers (Marvel Comics) — The Transformers If this infobox is not supposed to have an image, please add |noimage=yes . Publication information Publisher …   Wikipedia

  • The Transformers: The Movie — This article is about the animated film. For the 2007 live action film, see Transformers (film). The Transformers: The Movie Original theatrical poster Directed by …   Wikipedia

  • The Transformers: The Movie — Dieser Artikel behandelt den Zeichentrickfilm Transformers – Der Kampf um Cybertron aus dem Jahr 1986, der Artikel zum Spielfilm Transformers aus dem Jahr 2007 findet sich unter Transformers (Film). Filmdaten Deutscher Titel: Transformers: Kampf… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Beast Wars (IDW Publishing) — Infobox comic book title title = Beast Wars caption = The Gathering: Issue #1 cover by Don Figueroa schedule = monthly format = limited=y publisher = IDW Publishing date = February 2006 onwards issues = 4 per miniseries main char team = Maximals …   Wikipedia

  • List of The Transformers human characters — This is a list of human characters which had appeared in the original American The Transformers series first aired between 1984 and 1987. Name First appearance Last appearance Voiced by Sparkplug Witwicky More Than Meets the Eye (Part 1) The… …   Wikipedia

  • Transformers (fiction) — Superteambox imagesize= caption=A battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. In the center are Optimus Prime (right) and Megatron (left). team name= Transformers debut= 1984 creators= Takara/Hasbro base= Cybertron subcat= hero= villain= sortkey …   Wikipedia

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