Kicker (Transformers)

Kicker (Transformers)

Kicker is a fictional human teenager who works with the Autobots in the "" (called "Transformers: Superlink" in Japan) cartoon and comic book series. Although an action figure of Kicker was released both in the United States and in Japan, they differ from one another in regards to construction. In the United States, the Kicker action figure was produced in the Transformers: Energon toy line, which came with a larger version of the Mini-Con High Wire who turned into a motorcycle Kicker could ride. This version was constructed much like a Gi Joe vs Cobra figure. In Japan, Kicker was part of the Microman Action Force line and the construction of the figure follows the 2003 rebirth of the microman figure.

Depicted as a rebellious teenager, Kicker is friends with the autobot, Ironhide, and be seen kicking him whenever he has done something great. His human friend and love interest is a girl called Misha.

His real name, Chad Jones, was only ever revealed in the comic books, and never mentioned in the cartoon.

Animated series

In the anime, Kicker is the son of humanity's foremost Energon expert, Dr. Brian Jones, and his wife Miranda. He was brought by his parents to the planet Cybertron as a young child. Frightened by the world's gigantic inhabitants, Kicker ran away, and found himself falling into the chamber of Primus, the living core of Cybertron.

Primus caught Kicker with several energy tendrils to stop his fall, and then endowed him extra-sensory powers, most notably the ability to sense the presence of Energon, indicated by his hair flashing in a "super saiyan" like yellow glow. This ability would come to be exploited by his father, who brought Kicker to various places within the solar system, including Mars and the asteroid belt, and used his gift to locate energon deposits.

By the time he has become a teenager, Kicker had grown embittered. Living at Ocean City, an Energon mining outpost on Earth manned by humans and Transformers, Kicker developed a deep resentment for the alien robots. He was forced to overcome this when the Terrorcons began their attacks, as Kicker's powers made him an invaluable part of Optimus Prime's team.

Working within a battle suit designed by his father, Kicker was partnered with the Autobot rookie Ironhide, and over time the two of them overcame their mutual antipathy to become close friends.

Dreamwave Productions

Kicker appeared in the Dreamwave comics Energon comic book series.

Transformers: Energon #25 - In order to keep the young Omnicons out of trouble Optimus Prime assigned Hot Shot to bring them to the Autobot base in the Yukon where Ironhide and Kicker were working.

Transformers: Energon #27 – In a flash back we see Alpha Quintesson recruiting Tidal Wave and reformatting him as Mirage. Mirage is assigned with Slugslinger and Sharkticon to abduct Kicker on Earth. On Earth Mirage and Slugslinger attack the Omnicons as Sharkticon goes after Kicker.

Transformers: Energon #28 - In the Black Sea Mirage and Slugslinger are defeating the Omnicons when Kicker breaks free of Sharkticon, charged with energon.

Transformers: Energon #29 – In the Black Sea Kicker powers-up the Omnicons, who attack Mirage and Slugslinger, forcing the Decepticons to retreat.

The Dreamwave Summer Special contained a story called "Perspective" - Now in command of the Decepticons, Megatron sends Snowcat, Slugslinger and Sharkticon each on missions to steal copies of the plans for Omega Supreme from the Autobot's Ocean City. Snowcat failed when he was confronted by Omega Supreme himself. Sharkticon failed to get in because he tried to sneak in a waste disposal unit and was flushed out. Sharkticon was overpowered by underwater defendes and then tossed out by Kicker and the Mini-Cons Scattor, Skyboom and Wreckage. Each of the three made up stories to Megatron as to why they failed. After consideration Megatron decided that Slugslinger's story was the more impressive lie and appoints him as his lieutenant.

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