List of characters in Transformers comics

List of characters in Transformers comics

This is a list of characters in Marvel's Transformers comics.

For the time being, this list deliberately excludes the Transformers themselves, as there are far too many to list. They might be added later.




  • Walter Barnett - US government official and friend of the Autobots. Originally suspicious of the Autobots, Barnett became convinced they were friendly after seeing they chose not to fight back when attacked by humans. Barnett saved the lives of the Throttlebots by transferring their "brains" to toy cars before their bodies were destroyed.
  • Berko - Originally a homeless man, abducted into the cosmic carnival.
  • B'ghdad - Crime lord. He appears in a Matrix Quest story based on the film The Maltese Falcon.[disambiguation needed ]
  • Big Top - Owner of the cosmic carnival.
  • G. B. Blackrock - Millionaire and friend of the Autobots. Blackrock owns several companies, most prominently a chain of gas stations. He is a bit of a playboy and likes to flaunt his riches.
  • Boltax - Seen in a video recording from millions of years ago as a guardian of the Underbase.


  • Carissa Carr - Science fiction film actress. Carr played the lead female character in a movie, where the Decepticon Pretender Skullgrin was chosen as the main villain. This led to an enormously successful movie career for Skullgrin, but it ended abruptly when Circuit Breaker discovered he was a robot and attacked him.
  • Charlene - Woman who accidentally became Skids's friend.


  • Jake Dalrymple - Short-tempered man.





  • Hook, Line and Sinker - Assassins created by Unicron. They originally were three minor criminals from the planet Ghennix. As Unicron devoured the planet, he reformatted the criminals into three powerful assassins to serve as Galvatron's assistants. However, Galvatron betrayed his master and killed Hook, Line and Sinker.



  • Jake "Jackhammer" Jackson - Professional wrestler. He participated in a couple of wrestling matches against the Autobot Micromaster Roadhandler. His nickname comes from his use of a real jackhammer in the ring.
  • Jessie - Buster Witwicky's girlfriend.
  • J'Oh - Bartender. He serves as the bartender of the Central Space Station and is decidedly unfriendly to robots, whom he refuses to serve anything.


  • Keeper - Ancient being watching over Primus's slumber. The Autobot Pretender Classics met him in the centre of Cybertron. The story where the Keeper appears is the first appearance of Primus in the American Transformers comic.


  • Last Autobot - Legendary Autobot warrior. The Transformers equivalent of a king in the mountain, he has been dormant in the centre of Cybertron for millions of years, until he was finally called upon to defeat the Decepticons at Klo. This story marks the end of the American G1 Transformers comic.
  • Llyra - Lord Zarak's daughter. In love with Galen Kord, Llyra was torn between two devotions. Llyra was left heartbroken on Nebulos as both her father and her lover were forced to depart, having affiliated themselves with opposing sides.


  • Mecannibals - A race of robots that eat other robots. These bright red, spherical robots live on a spaceship in orbit around the Central Space Station. The Autobot Sky Lynx was captured by them and about to be eaten, but he was rescued by the Pretenders Cloudburst and Landmine.
  • The Mechanic - Notorious car thief. The Mechanic's criminal career underwent a huge improvement after he accidentally stole the Autobot Ratchet, who he thought was just a normal ambulance. This gave the Mechanic access to the Ark's technology, which he used to fit various weapons into stolen cars. His criminal career was finally put to an end by a co-operation with the Autobot Blaster and the local police.



  • "O" - Buster Witwicky's friend. "O", whose real name has not been mentioned, only appeared in the very early issues. He usually likes to hang out with Buster and his girlfriend Jessie.




  • Roadjammers - Group of four vigilantes.
  • Robot Master - Comic book figure and actor.
  • Rorza - Stunt driver. A very minor character, Rorza's only appearance was as a stunt driver in the Cosmic Carnival, where he tried to stop Sky Lynx and Berko from escaping.


  • Cecilia Santiago - Talk show host. A fairly minor character, she presented a talk show where the Autobot Micromaster Roadhandler appeared as a guest during his career as a professional wrestler.
  • Scraplets - Robotic parasites.
  • Scrounge - Scrounge is an Autobot first seen in the Marvel Comics Transformers series. His alternate mode was some sort of Cybertronian unicycle (or, simply, a wheel). He is very proud of his special arm which has extending fingers.
  • Sentinel Prime - Autobot leader.
  • Soriza - Nebulan council member.






  • Emirate Xaaron - Autobot chieftain. Invented by Simon Furman and first appeared in the UK comic. His first US comic appearance was as a leader of a group of Autobot rebel squad trying to overthrow Decepticon suppression. This drew him deeper and deeper into the secrets of Cybertron's past, until he finally became an avatar of the god Primus.



  • Ethan Zachary - Computer programmer. The owner and chief software architect of a computer games company. It was in his company that Optimus Prime and Megatron fought in a virtual battle, ending with the apparent death of Optimus Prime. However, Zachary had saved Optimus Prime's mind on a floppy disk, and he was later resurrected as a Powermaster.

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