List of crossings of the Columbia River

List of crossings of the Columbia River

This is a list of bridges and other crossings of the Columbia River from the Pacific Ocean upstream to its source.



Photo Crossing River mile Carries Location Coordinates

Oregon - Washington

Astoria-Megler Bridge Astoria-Megler Bridge US 101.svg US 101 Astoria, Oregon
to Megler, Washington
46°13′02″N 123°51′47″W / 46.217222°N 123.863056°W / 46.217222; -123.863056 (Astoria-Megler Bridge)
Wahkiakum County Ferry Wahkiakum County Ferry 43.2 WA-409.svg SR 409 Westport, Oregon
to Puget Island, Washington
46°08′12″N 123°22′41″W / 46.13675°N 123.378028°W / 46.13675; -123.378028 (Wahkiakum County Ferry)
Julia Butler Hansen Bridge Julia Butler Hansen Bridge WA-409.svg SR 409 Puget Island, Washington
to Cathlamet, Washington
46°11′57″N 123°22′56″W / 46.19929°N 123.382323°W / 46.19929; -123.382323 (Julia Butler Hansen Bridge)
Lewis & Clark Bridge Lewis and Clark Bridge 66.0 WA-433.svg SR 433 Longview, Washington
to Rainier, Oregon
46°06′17″N 122°57′42″W / 46.10472°N 122.961774°W / 46.10472; -122.961774 (Lewis and Clark Bridge)
BNSF 9.6 Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 9.6 105.6 BNSF Railway Portland, Oregon
to Vancouver, Washington
45°37′29″N 122°41′27″W / 45.624722°N 122.690833°W / 45.624722; -122.690833 (Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 9.6)
Interstate Bridge Interstate Bridge 106.5 I-5.svg I-5 45°37′05″N 122°40′30″W / 45.618068°N 122.675138°W / 45.618068; -122.675138 (Interstate 5 Bridge)
Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge 112.7 I-205.svg I-205 45°35′35″N 122°32′55″W / 45.593056°N 122.548611°W / 45.593056; -122.548611 (Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge)
Bonneville Dam Bonneville Dam 147.1 Lake Bonneville
at Bonneville, Oregon and North Bonneville, Washington
45°38′32″N 121°56′41″W / 45.642265°N 121.944792°W / 45.642265; -121.944792 (Bonneville Dam)
Bridge of the Gods Bridge of the Gods 148.3 Pacific Crest Trail Cascade Locks, Oregon
to near Stevenson, Washington
45°39′45″N 121°54′05″W / 45.662424°N 121.901276°W / 45.662424; -121.901276 (Bridge of the Gods)
Hood River Bridge Hood River Bridge 168.8 Hood River, Oregon
to White Salmon, Washington
45°43′05″N 121°29′43″W / 45.717976°N 121.495211°W / 45.717976; -121.495211 (Hood River Bridge)
The Dalles Bridge The Dalles Bridge 191.3 US 197.svg US 197 The Dalles, Oregon
to Dallesport, Washington
45°36′36″N 121°08′21″W / 45.610136°N 121.139099°W / 45.610136; -121.139099 (The Dalles Bridge)
The Dalles Dam The Dalles Dam 191.5 Lake Celilo
at The Dalles, Oregon
45°36′46″N 121°07′55″W / 45.612868°N 121.132061°W / 45.612868; -121.132061 (The Dalles Dam)
Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge 200.0 BNSF Railway
Sam Hill Memorial Bridge Sam Hill Memorial Bridge 208.2 US 97.svg US 97 Biggs Junction, Oregon
to Maryhill, Washington
John Day Dam John Day Dam 215.6 Lake Umatilla 45°42′53″N 120°41′37″W / 45.714722°N 120.693611°W / 45.714722; -120.693611 (John Day Dam)
Umatilla Bridge 290.3 I-82.svg I-82
US 395.svg US 395
Umatilla, Oregon
to Plymouth, Washington
McNary Dam McNary Dam 292.0 Lake Wallula 45°55′47″N 119°17′46″W / 45.929722°N 119.296111°W / 45.929722; -119.296111 (McNary Dam)


Union Pacific Rail bridge 323.5 Union Pacific Railway
BNSF Rail Bridge 328 BNSF Railway Pasco, Washington
to Kennewick, Washington
Cable Bridge Cable Bridge 328.5 WA-397.svg SR 397 46°13′06″N 119°06′14″W / 46.218401°N 119.103813°W / 46.218401; -119.103813 (Cable Bridge)
Blue Bridge 330 US 395.svg US 395 46°13′10″N 119°06′15″W / 46.21955°N 119.10404°W / 46.21955; -119.10404 (Blue Bridge)
I-182 Bridge aka Lee-Volpentest Bridges 336 I-182.svg I-182
US 12.svg US 12
Pasco, Washington
to Richland, Washington
46°15′50″N 119°14′45″W / 46.263917°N 119.245949°W / 46.263917; -119.245949 (Interstate 182 Bridge)
Vernita Bridge 388 WA-24.svg SR 24 West of Hanford Site
Mattawa Ropeway Conveyor Mattawa Ropeway Conveyor Mattawa, Washington to West of Hanford Site 46°37′37″N 119°51′51″W / 46.62684°N 119.864298°W / 46.62684; -119.864298 (Mattawa Ropeway Conveyor)
Priest Rapids Dam Priest Rapids Dam 397.1 Priest Rapids Lake
Beverly Railroad Bridge Beverly Railroad Bridge aka Milwaukee Road Bridge Former Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Beverly, Washington 46°49′52″N 119°56′54″W / 46.831111°N 119.948333°W / 46.831111; -119.948333 (Beverly Railroad Bridge)
Wanapum Dam 415.8 Lake Wanapum 46°52′31″N 119°58′16″W / 46.875213°N 119.971004°W / 46.875213; -119.971004 (Wanapum Dam)
Vantage Bridge I-90.svg I-90 Vantage, Washington 46°56′32″N 119°58′23″W / 46.942293°N 119.973106°W / 46.942293; -119.973106 (Vantage Bridge)
Rock Island Dam Rock Island Dam 453.4 Rock Island Pool 47°20′32″N 120°05′41″W / 47.342155°N 120.094773°W / 47.342155; -120.094773 (Rock Island Dam)
Rock Island Railroad Bridge BNSF Railway Rock Island, Washington 47°22′01″N 120°09′13″W / 47.3668611111°N 120.153722222°W / 47.3668611111; -120.153722222 (Rock Island Railroad Bridge)
Sellars Bridge Senator George Sellar Bridge WA-285.svg SR 285 Wenatchee, Washington
to East Wenatchee, Washington
Old Wenatchee Bridge Pedestrian, water pipeline
Richard Odabashian Bridge US 2.svg US 2
US 97.svg US 97
Rocky Reach Dam Rocky Reach Dam 473.7 Lake Entiat 47°32′00″N 120°17′40″W / 47.533264°N 120.294424°W / 47.533264; -120.294424 (Rocky Reach Dam)
Beebe Bridge US 97.svg US 97 Chelan, Washington
Wells Dam Wells Dam 515.1 Lake Pateros 47°56′43″N 119°51′58″W / 47.9454°N 119.866°W / 47.9454; -119.866 (Wells Dam)
Brewster Bridge WA-173.svg SR 173 Brewster, Washington
Bridgeport Bridge Bridgeport Bridge WA-17.svg SR 17 Bridgeport, Washington
Chief Joseph Dam Chief Joseph Dam 545.1 Rufus Woods Lake 47°59′43″N 119°38′00″W / 47.995206°N 119.63321°W / 47.995206; -119.63321 (Chief Joseph Dam)
Grand Coulee Bridge Grand Coulee Bridge WA-155.svg SR 155 Coulee Dam, Washington
Grand Coulee Dam Grand Coulee Dam 596.6 Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake 47°57′24″N 118°59′00″W / 47.956667°N 118.983333°W / 47.956667; -118.983333 (Grand Coulee Dam)
Keller Ferry Keller-Wilbur Ferry WA-21.svg SR 21 Keller, Washington
to Wilbur, Washington
Gifford-Inchelium Ferry Gifford, Washington
to Inchelium, Washington
Kettle Falls Bridges Kettle Falls Bridges US 395.svg US 395
WA-20.svg SR 20
BNSF Railway
Kettle Falls, Washington
Northport Bridge WA-25.svg SR 25 Northport, Washington

British Columbia

Trail Bridge Trail Bridge Hwy 3B
Hwy 22A
Trail, British Columbia
Kinnaird Bridge Crowsnest Highway Castlegar, British Columbia
Rail bridge Canadian Pacific Railway Castlegar, British Columbia
to Robson, British Columbia
Castlegar-Robson Bridge Broadwater Rd.
Keenleyside Dam Keenleyside Dam 780.0 North of Castlegar, British Columbia
Needles Cable Ferry Needles Cable Ferry Hwy 6 Needles, British Columbia
to Fauquier, British Columbia
Arrow Park Ferry West Arrow Park
to East Arrow Park
Upper Arrow Lakes Ferry Galena Bay, British Columbia
to Shelter Bay, British Columbia
Big Eddy Bridge Big Eddy Bridge Big Eddy Rd. Revelstoke, British Columbia
Rail bridge, Revelstoke, BC Rail bridge Canadian Pacific Railway
Revelstoke Bridge Revelstoke Bridge Trans-Canada Highway
Hwy 23
Revelstoke Dam Revelstoke Dam 934.0 Revelstoke Lake
Mica Dam Mica Dam 1018.0 Mica Creek, British Columbia
Rail bridge Canadian Pacific Railway Donald, British Columbia
Donald Bridge Trans-Canada Highway
Kicking Horse Drive Bridge Kicking Horse Dr. Golden, British Columbia
Canyon Creek Bridge Nicholson, British Columbia
Parson Bridge Parson River Crossing Rd. Parson, British Columbia
Spillimacheen Bridge Westside Rd. Spillimacheen, British Columbia
Botts Channel Bridge Brisco Rd. Brisco, British Columbia
Brisco Road Bridge Brisco Rd.
Athalmer Bridge Athalmer Rd. Athalmer, British Columbia
to Invermere, British Columbia
Fairmont Bridge Hwy 93
Hwy 95
Fairmont, British Columbia

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