Outline of the Ottoman Empire

Outline of the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire (1299–1922) is a historical Muslim empire, also known by its contemporaries as the Turkish Empire or Turkey after the principal ethnic group [1]. At its zenith in the second half of the 16th century it controlled Southeast Europe, Southwest Asia and North Africa. Below are the links to articles about Ottoman Empire. The organization of the sections is thematic rather than alphabetic. Within each section the links are arranged according to date order where applicable.


General history

Main periods


Structure of the Ottoman Empire

Titles and posts

History of Ottoman-ruled countries

Ottoman Dynasty

The sultans

Some male members of the Ottoman house

Mothers and other women assumed the title Valide Sultan

Some female members of the Ottoman house

Notable people

Some Crimean Khans[2]

Some Grandviziers

Other notable viziers, governors and soldiers

Sea men (Kaptan Pashas)


Artists (painter and calligrapher)


Poets and authors

Men of letters and historians

Scientists (including Astrologist)

Some families


Palaces (İstanbul)

Mosques (İstanbul)



Croatian–Ottoman Wars

Ottoman–Venetian Wars

Polish–Ottoman Wars

Russo-Turkish War

Other wars


Battles (before World War 1)

Battles of the First World War

Caucasus Campaign

Mesopotamian campaign

Sinai and Palestine Campaign

Gallipoli Campaign


Revolts and notable events


  • French Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire
  • Polish Jagiellon ambassadors to Turkey



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  3. ^ Piri Reis can also be classified within the scientists subsection
  4. ^ Seydi Ali Reis can also be classified within the authors subsection
  5. ^ For Balyan Family see subsection Some families
  6. ^ Factuality of the Ahmet Çelebi and hasan çelebi is disputable

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