Croatian–Ottoman Wars

Croatian–Ottoman Wars

Croatian–Ottoman Wars can refer to one of the several conflicts between the Kingdom of Croatia (in Kingdom of Hungary-Croatia and in Habsburg Monarchy) and the Ottoman Empire:

  • Long campaign (1443-1444) of the King Vladislas II of Hungary
  • Hundred Years' Croatian–Ottoman War, War for Croatia - a period of near constant mostly low-intensity warfare ("Small War") approximately 1493-1593
  • Long War (1593-1606)
  • Great Turkish War (1662-1699)
    • Great Liberation War (1683–1699) (1683–1699) (see also Morean War)

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  • Milan Kruhek: Granice Hrvatskog Kraljevstva u međunarodnim državnim ugovorima, Povijesni prilozi 10/1991, p.37-79
  • Ferdo Šišić: Pregled povijesti hrvatskog naroda 600.-1526.

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