List of animal names

List of animal names

This list gives names of animals used depending on the context. Many species of animals, particularly those domesticated, have been given specific names for the male, the female, and the young of the species. There are a few generic terms, "bull-cow-calf", for instance, that are found across species, but many species have been granted unique names for these gender/age characteristics. An empty table cell indicates incomplete data and should not be interpreted to mean that the animal does not have a specific name of that type. However, a table cell with a dash in it signifies that no term for the indicated combination exists.

It is thought that many of the bizarre words used for collective groupings of animals were first published in 1486 in The Book of Saint Albans, in an essay on hunting attributed to Dame Juliana Berners. Many of the words are thought to have been chosen simply for the humorous or poetic images they conjured up in her lively imagination.[1][2]

Most terms used here may be found in common dictionaries and general information web sites.[3][4][5]


Generic terms

This table contains terms generally applicable across some common categories of animals.

Animal Young Female Male Group Adjective Sex unspecified generic term
Bird chick hen cock flock avian bird
Bovinae calf cow bull herd bovine cow, cattle
Canine puppy, pup[6] bitch dog pack canine dog
Equidae colt (male), filly (female), foal jenny (asses), mare (other equines) jack (asses), stallion (other equines) herd equine horse
Feline kitten, cub queen tom clowder feline cat
Fish fry, fingerling school, shoal piscine, ichthyic fish

Terms by species or taxon

Animal Young Female Male Group Adjective Meat
Aardvark cub sow boar orycteropodian
Alligator hatchling cow bull congregation[7] eusuchian
American Bison (Buffalo) calf cow bull herd bovine, bubaline
Ant larva, pupa queen, worker, gyne drone army,[8] bike,[8] colony,[8][9] swarm[8] formic, myrmecine
Anteater pup sow boar
Antelope calf[10] doe buck herd,[8] cluster,[8] tribe[8] alcelaphine, bubaline, antilopine
Ape infant shrewdness,[1][7][8] troop[7][8] simian
Armadillo pup, baby sow boar cingulatan
Ass/Donkey foal jenny jack herd,[8] pace,[8][9] band, drove,[7][8] coffle[8] asinine
Baboon infant troop,[7] tribe, flange,[note 1][3] congress[citation needed]
Badger cub, kit sow boar cete,[7] sett, colony, clan, company musteline
Barracuda school[11] percesocine
Bat pup colony, cloud,[12] flock[13] pteropine, noctillionine
Bear cub[14] sow boar sleuth, sloth ursine
Beaver kit, kitten, pup family,[7] colony[7]
Bee larva, pupa queen, worker [note 2] drone grist,[7] hive,[7] swarm,[7] colony, nest[7] apic, apian, apiarian
Bison calf cow bull herd, troop
Boar shoat sounder[7]
Buffalo calf cow bull herd,[7] troop,[7] gang,[7] obstinancy[7]
Bush baby infant queen king, drake congress, plot, gathering galagine
Butterfly caterpillar rabble, flight, flutter,[7] swarm pieridine, pierine,lepidopteran
Camel calf cow bull flock,[7] herd, train[7] camelid, cameline
Caribou calf herd
Cat kitten, kit molly, queen, pussy tom [note 3] clowder,[7] cluster,[3] clutter, glaring,[3] pounce,[7] kindle (young) feline
Caterpillar army,[7] constituency
Cattle[note 4] calf[15] cow[16] bull herd,[7] drift,[3] drove,[7] mob, kine (female)[7] bovine,[note 5] vituline (young), vaccine (female), taurine (male) beef, veal
Chamois calf doe bull herd rupicaprine
Cheetah cub coalition[17]
Chicken chick, peep hen, pullet rooster, cock(-erel)[note 6] flock, brood,[7] peep[7] galline poultry
Chimpanzee infant empress blackback troop, group, harem panine
Chinchilla tureturle, kit velvet, sow boar herd chinchilline
Cobra quiver[18] elapid
Cockroach nymph intrusion[18] blattid
Cormorant chick gulp,[18] flight
Coyote cub, pup, whelp bitch dog pack, train canine
Crab hen cock, jimmy consortium, cast cancrine
Crane chick, colt[19] herd, sedge, siege alectorine
Crocodile hatchling cow bull bask, nest, congregation, float,[7] bask[7] crocodilian
Crow hover, murder,[7] parcel[3] corvine
Deer calf,[10] fawn doe, hind, cow[10] buck, stag, bull,[10] hart (red deer) bunch,[20] herd,[20] mob,[20] rangale[20] cervine, elaphine venison, humble (organ meat)
Dog whelp, pup,[6] puppy bitch, dam dog, stud, sire pack,[20] litter (young), kennel,[20] gang, legion canine
Dogfish troop[3] capeshark (USA), rock salmon (UK), flake (UK, AUS), huss (UK), rigg (UK), kahada (CAN)[21]
Dolphin calf, pup cow bull team, school, pod, herd, team,[3] alliance (male), party (female) delphine
Donkey See Ass
Dove chick hen cock cote, dole,[20] dule,[20] flight,[20] piteousness,[3][20] troop, arc,[7] pitying[7] columbine
Dragonfly nymph queen king, drake cluster, flight anisopteran
Duck duckling duck, hen drake brace, bunch (on water),[3][20] flock, raft (on water),[20] sord,[20] team[note 7] anatine, fuliguline poultry
Dugong calf cow bull herd dugongine
Eagle eaglet convocation, brood, aerie aquiline
Echidna puggle sow boar tachyglossine
Eel leptocephalus (larva), elver (juvenile) swarm, cell, pipe, array
Eland calf cow bull herd
Elephant calf[15] cow[16] bull[22] herd, flock, parade Proboscine, Proboscidean
Elephant seal calf cow bull herd, pack, arrangement miroungan
Elk (wapiti) calf[10] cow[10] bull[10] gang, herd cervine venison
Falcon eyass/eyas falcon tiercel acciptrine
Ferret kit jill hob[note 8] busyness,[1] business, fesny(i)ng musteline
Finch chick hen cock quiver fringilline
Fly maggot swarm, cloud, business dipterous
Fox cub,[14] kit, pup[6] vixen tod, dog leash, skulk vulpine
Frog polliwog, tadpole, froglet - - colony,bundle,fester ranine
Gaur calf cow bull herd bovine, gaurine garabeef
Gazelle calf[10] cow[10] bull[10] herd gazelline
Gerbil pup doe buck horde cricetine
Giant Panda cub sow boar
Giraffe calf, giraffeling cow bull herd, tower[23] giraffine
Gnu calf
Goat kid nanny, doe, doeling billy, buck,[note 9] buckling herd, mob, tribe caprine, hircine chevon, cabrito, mutton
Goose gosling goose gander gaggle (skein when in flight)[note 7] anatine, anserine poultry
Gorilla infant blackback,
troop, group (band) simian
Guanaco chulengo camelid
Guinea fowl chick hen cock flock[24] numidine poultry
Guinea pig pup sow boar herd
Gull chick, scorrie[25] hen cock flock larine
Hamster pup doe buck horde, saladbowl[citation needed] cricetid
Hare leveret doe, jill buck, jack band, down leverine, leporine
Hawk eyas hen tiercel cast, kettle, boil[note 10] accipitrine, falconine
Hedgehog hoglet sow boar array[3] erinaceine
Heron siege[note 7]
Hippopotamus calf cow bull bloat, crash, herd, thunder[18] hippopotamine
Hornet larvae, pupae queen drone vaginafull vespine
Horse[note 11] foal, colt (male), filly (female) mare stallion herd, band, mob equine
Human child, girl, boy woman man band, crowd, clan, tribe human long pig[26] (See cannibalism)
Hyena cub, pup, whelp bitch dog clan, cackle[7][9] hyenine
Iguana iguanine
Jackal pup pack
Jaguar cub
Jellyfish planula, polyp, ephyra[27] sow boar smack,[3] smuck,[3] smuth,[28] fluther,[4] bloom scyphozoan
Kangaroo joey flyer, doe boomer, buck mob, troop, court macropodine
Koala joey doe buck colony, population phascolarctine
Komodo dragon hatchling, chick, calf cow, hen bull, cock bank varanine
Kouprey calf cow bull herd sauveline, bovine
Kudu calf cow bull herd
Lark chick hen cock exaltation alaudine
Lemur infant princess dictator plot, congress, conspiracy lemurine
Leopard cub leopardess leopard leap, lepe pardine
Lion cub[14] lioness lion pride leonine
Llama cria hembra macho herd, flock camelid
Lobster hen[4] cock[4] homarine
Locust nymph cloud, plague, swarm caelifera
Loris infant colony[29] lorisine[30]
Louse nymph colony, infestation pediculine
Lyrebird hen cock musket menurine
Magpie chick hen cock tiding, tittering, gulp, murder, charm, flock garruline
Mallard duckling hen drake brace, flush, lute, puddling, sord anatine poultry
Manatee calf cow bull herd manatine, sirenian
Meerkat pup clan, gang, mob
Mink cub, kit sow boar musteline
Mole pup sow boar labour, company, movement talpine
Monkey infant troop, tribe simian
Moose calf[10] cow[10] bull[10][22] herd cervine venison
Mouse kitten, pinky/fuzzy/crawler/hopper (as pet food),[31] pup doe buck colony, harvest, horde, mischief, nest murine
Mosquito nymph, wriggler, tumbler scourge, swarm, cloud aedine, anopheline
Mule foal molly, mare mule john, horse mule barren, pack, span, rake
Narwhal calf - - blessing[citation needed] -
Newt eft[32] - - - -
Nightingale chick hen cock watch, flock, route, match philomelian
Okapi calf cow bull herd okapine
Oryx calf
Ostrich hatchling, chick flock, troop ratite, struthious
Otter pup, whelp sow boar romp, bevy, lodge, family, raft musteline, lutrine
Owl owlet parliament, stare, wisdom strigine
Ox calf cow bull yoke, team, drove, herd bovine
Oyster spat bed, hive, cast, culch ostracine meat
Panther cub pantheress pantherine
Partridge chick hen, chantelle cock covey perdicine
Peafowl chick, peachick peahen peacock party, muster, ostentation, pride pavonine poultry
Pelican chick, nestling scoop, pod[7]
Penguin chick, nestling rookery, waddle, colony (on land), raft (in water) [33] spheniscine
Pig[note 12] piglet, shoat/shote (a young, just weaned pig), gilt (female) sow boar herd, drove, mob, drift porcine, suilline pork, ham, bacon
Pigeon squab hen cock flight, loft, flock, kit, team pullastrine squab
Platypus platypus puddle
Pony foal (either sex), colt (young, immature male), filly (young, immature female) mare stallion herd, marmalade, string equine
Porcupine pup sow boar prickle hystricine
Quelea chick hen cock flock, swarm queline
Rabbit bunny, kit, kitten, nestling doe, jill buck, jack warren, nest, colony, bevy, bury, drove, trace leporine
Raccoon cub, kit sow boar nursery, gaze procyonine
Rail chick reeve ruff ralline
Ram lamb ewe ram flock arietine, ovine lamb and mutton
Rat kitten, nestling, pinkie, pup[6] doe buck colony, horde, mischief, pack, plague, swarm murine
Raven unkindness,[1][34] congress, conspiracy, parliament, murder, crime[citation needed] corvine
Red deer calf hind stag herd venison
Red panda cub sow boar pack ailuirine
Reindeer (caribou) calf cow bull herd rangiferine
Rhinoceros calf cow bull crash, herd ceratorhine
Salamander tadpole, salamanderling sow boar maelstrom, band caudatan
Sea lion pup, calf cow bull pod, colony, crash, flock, harem, bob, herd, rookery, team, hurdle otarine
Seahorse seafoal seamare seastallion shoal hippocampal
Seal pup[6] cow bull pod, rookery, bob, herd, harem phocine
Seastar chick hen cock group, school asteridan
Shark cub[14] frenzy, shiver selachian flake (AUS)
Sheep lamb ewe ram[note 9] drove, mob, flock, herd ovine lamb, mutton, hoggett, haggis (visceral meat)
Shrew shrewlet, baby sow boar colony, race, drove soricine
Skunk kit sow boar[4] surfeit
Snail - n/a n/a hood gastropodian escargot
Snake snakelet, hatchling (a newly-hatched snake) pit, nest or bed anguine, elapine, serpentine, viperine, ophidian
Spider spiderling cluster, clutter arachnine, arachnoid
Squid chick hen cock roundup, audience tethidine calamari
Squirrel pup, kit, kitten doe buck squad, dray, scurry[18] sciurine
Stinkbug nymph intrusion pentatomidae
Swan cygnet, flapper pen cob flock cygnine
Tapir calf cow bull measure, herd tapirine
Tarsier infant doe buck herd, plot, harem, troop tarsiine
Tiger cub[14] tigress tiger ambush,[7] streak[18] tigrine
Toad tadpole, toadlet knot,[7][9] lump, coven ranine, batrachian
Turkey poult hen tom, gobbler, stag, jake (immature) cream, rafter poultry
Turtle hatchling bale, dule chelonian
Vicuña calf cow, señorita bull, señor posse, herd cameline
Walrus calf cow bull herd, flock odobenine
Wasp larva queen, worker drone swarm, hive vespine
Water buffalo calf cow bull pot carabeef
Weasel pup bitch, doe, jill buck, dog, hub, jack sneak, gang[35] musteline
Whale calf[15] cow[16] bull gam, pod, herd, school cetacean, cetaceous blubber
Wolf cub, pup,[6] whelp bitch, she-wolf dog pack lupine
Wombat joey wisdom
Worm wormlet bed, bunch, clew, squirm, wiggle helminthic, vermian
Yak calf cow bull herd, cabinet
Zebra foal mare stallion herd,[7][36] cohort,[36] zeal[7][36] zebrine, hippotigrine

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  1. ^ The term "flange" was originally used to denote a group of baboons in a Not the Nine O'Clock News comedy sketch entitled "Gerald the Intelligent Gorilla" where it was used for comic effect. It has since been used in the scientific literature for a collection of baboons.
  2. ^ A worker bee is a sexually undeveloped female.
  3. ^ A castrated male cat is a gib or neuter.
  4. ^ Castrated male cattle are steers in the United States, or bullocks in the United Kingdom. A young cow that has not given birth is a heifer. See Cattle for more names. Cows is often used informally to refer to cattle in general.
  5. ^ Bovine refers to all species of genus Bos.
  6. ^ A castrated male chicken is a capon.
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  8. ^ A castrated male ferret is a gib.[citation needed]
  9. ^ a b A castrated male sheep or goat is a wether. See sheep for more names.
  10. ^ a "kettle" or "boil" is a group of hawks swirling and cris-crossing in a thermal air current, see "A Kettle of Hawks"
  11. ^ A castrated male horse is a gelding. A male foal is a colt, and a female foal is a filly.
  12. ^ A young female pig that has not given birth is a gilt. A castrated male pig is a barrow.[citation needed]


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