Air Algérie

Air Algérie
Air Algérie
Aeriverdan idzayriyen
Founded 15 March 1947
Hubs Houari Boumediene Airport
Focus cities Oran Es Sénia Airport
Frequent-flyer program Air Algérie Plus
Airport lounge Marhaba lounge
Fleet size 42 (+30 in pending order)
Destinations 68
Company slogan Always Caring for you
Parent company Sonatrach
Headquarters 1, Place Maurice Audin, Algiers, Algeria
Key people Salah Boultif (Director General and CEO)
Revenue increase 997.5 million (2009)[1]
Net income increase 591.2 million (2009)[1]

Air Algérie SpA (Arabic: الخطوط الجوية الجزائرية‎, transliterated:Al-Khuṭūṭ al-Jawwiyyah al-Jazā’iria;, Berber: Aeriverdan idzayriyen) is the national flag carrier airline of Algeria, with its head office in the Immeuble El-Djazair in Algiers.[2][3] With flights operating from Houari Boumedienne Airport, Air Algérie operates scheduled international services to 39 destinations in 28 countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as domestic services to 32 airports.

Air Algérie is in the process of becoming a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. Bilateral codeshare agreements, frequent flyer programs and airport lounge agreements with each of the SkyTeam carriers must be in place before it can meet the alliance's membership requirements.[4]



Formation and early years

Boeing 737-200 of Air Algérie at Paris Orly Airport in January 1971.

Air Algérie was founded in was formed on 15 March 1947 as the Société Algérienne de Construction Aéronautique (SACA)-Air Algérie. On May 23, 1953, it merged with the Compagnie Air Transport to form the Compagnie Générale de Transports Aériens (CGTA)-Air Algérie. Following independence from France in 1962 the company become Air Algérie (Entreprise Nationale d'exploitation des Services Aériens). In 1963 the Algerian government took possession of 51% of the company assets, increasing its stake to 83% in 1970 and to 100% and nationalisation in 1974, after acquisition of the remaining 17% stake held by Air France. It employs 9,775 staff (at March 2007).[5] Air Algerie is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization. Air Algérie is a joint-stock company SPA with a capital of DA.

Modernization of the company

Airbus A330-200 at Montréal-Trudeau

The airline covers a network of 96,000 km. More than 3.000.000 passengers and nearly 20.000 tonnes of cargo are carried every year. In 2003, the number of daily flights in peak periods was 120. Air Algérie has generated almost five billion available seat-kilometres and performed 3.3 billion revenue passenger- kilometres. A few years later, Air Algeria, relieved of the management terminal, became a limited company in 1997 and 2006, its capital amounted to 57 billion dinars (about 560 million euros). With nearly 6 million passengers a year on its regular routes, Air Algérie saw sales go up year after year. Thus, an airline is doing very well. It has modernized its fleet.

The sales network comprises 150 agencies in Algeria and abroad, linked to the booking system and distributed through GDS to which Air Algérie has subscribed. Air Algérie is a Joint Stock Company (J.S.C) the registered capital of which is,00 DA. Air Algérie is a company resolutely turned towards Modernity. Air Algérie has made in 2005, a 48.7 billion DA turnover, a 5% progress compared to 2004 and a 8 billion DA net profit. The Company carries annually nearly 3 Millions passengers on its regular services.

In 2009, Air Algérie made a turnover of 58.1 billion Algerian Dinars (DA) with an increase of seven percent (7%) compared to 2008, and a four (04) billion Algerian Dinars (DA) net profit.

Air Algérie has invested 400 million Euros in November, 2010 for the renovation of his fleet for 2011. This investment was modernizing the cabins and image of the aircraft. The company promises to offer a service on board with high technology of last generation in his planes.[6]


Airbus A330-200 Landing in Montréal-Trudeau
Air Algérie headquarters in Algiers

Air Algérie is a joint stock company. The shares are totally owned by the Algerian state. Its Board of Directors is headed by Abdelwahid Bouabdallah, Chairman and Managing Director.

Recently, the Air Algérie was divided into several departments to better meet the expectations of its customers and challenges of global aviation. Now, there are poles separate maintenance, domestic routes, international routes, cargo and service tour operator. Four subsidiaries were established: Technics Air Algérie, Air Algerie Catering, Domestics and Air Algérie Cargo Air Algérie. Soon will see the launch of Air Algeria Plus is a customer loyalty with discounts on flights, car rental or hotel reservations. Company to the modern fleet, the balance sheets balanced, Air Algérie is resolutely turned towards the future.

Air Algérie performs the following activities:

  • Passenger carriage
  • Cargo carriage

Air Algérie services include:

  • Air transport functions such as flight operations, maintenance, transport and commercial functions.
  • Supporting activities such as logistics and catering, as well as the coordinating activities such as finance, personnel management, legal affairs, computers and telecommunications.
  • Charter services in support of oil exploration and the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.


Air Algérie Boeing 737–800 (7T -VJN) Landing at London Heathrow Airport (2007).

Between 1947 and 1974 Air Algérie was a property of Air France. In the same year the Algerian State bought 100% of the company.

In 1990 Air Canada attempted to buy the company but did not manage to come to an agreement with the Algerian State. a businessman, Rafik Khalifa who owns Khalifa Airways expressed his interest on acquiring Air Algérie. The businessman offered a great sum of money and many times the value of Air Algérie, but a year after the negotiations the businessman was accused of money embezzlement of more than EUR 1 Billion, and forced Khalifa Airways to cease its operations.

Air Algerie has no intention on hastening the privatization of the company, but there are already three companies that want to acquire the company,which are Air France, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

Nowadays this one in negotiation the sale of 25% of Air Algérie to the company Cevital and other one 25% to the businessman Djilali Mehri. Remaining 45% of Air Algérie was continuing with the Algerian State for the present time. Remaining 5% of Air Algérie belongs to the Union of employees of Air Algérie. The Algerian State already has declared oficialemente that the made one the sale of 50% of Air Algérie began a process to sell 45% that they remains. The plan of the Algerian State is to divide the sales to different owners in order that the company not this one controlled by an alone owner.

Air Algerie logo was created in 1966 in Algiers and since then has never gone to change or modify. It is a historical logo that despite the years pass still gives an impression of a modern logo on home time. Never revealed what the true meaning of this logo, some say it's a plane, others say it is a bird and others say it is very similar to peace symbol. This logo is one of 10 logos of the commercial aviation in the world most original and the most historic in the world after that of Lufthansa. On June 21, 2011 the company has officially informed that the logo is a Swallow. This bird is a national Algerian symbol.


Air Algérie Airbus A330-200 take-off

Codeshare agreements

Air Algerie has codeshare agreement with the following airlines:


Air Algérie possesses its own catering service, where more than 2,000 employees prepare the plates of all the Air Algérie's flights that depart from Algeria to another destination. Air Algérie also works with other companies of catering for example Gate Gourmet and LSG Sky Chefs.[7]



As of April 2011, the Air Algérie fleet consists of the following aircraft with an average age (passenger airplanes only) of 8 years:[8]

Air Algérie fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Details Notes
F C Y Total
Airbus A330-200
14 22 196 232 to be equipped with AVOD entertainment until 2012 Delivered 2005
ATR 72-500
largest operator of this type in Africa (mostly fly regional routes) Delivered 2004
Boeing 737–600
16 85 101 Non with winglets Delivered 2002
Boeing 737–800
48 114 162 10 fitted with winglets Delivered 2000 last Delivery on 02/07/11
Boeing 737-8 MAX[9]
TBD TBD TBD Intended to replace 737-600
Boeing 767–300
10 16 187 213 Exit from service 2013-2014 Delivered 1990
Boeing 787–8
TBD TBD TBD TBD Pending (Order anounnce at 2012) Begging Delivery at 2016
Total 42 30

The airline has plans to add more longhaul aircraft to its fleet and foresees reaching 50 aircraft by 2025.[10]

Air Algérie is considering the purchase of 10 Boeing 787, once made this purchase the company plans to open new routes. In a statement the CEO of Air Algérie made ​​it clear that once made ​​the order of these aircraft would be arriving recently in 2016. The New York route will be opened in 2012 and will be operated by Airbus A330-200.

Fleet history

Over the years, Air Algérie has operated the following aircraft types:

Air Algérie retired fleet [11]
Aircraft Introduced Retired
Airbus A300
Airbus A310
Airbus A330
ATR 72
Boeing 707
Boeing 727
Boeing 737–200
Boeing 737–400
Boeing 737–600
Boeing 737–800
Boeing 747–100
Boeing 747–200
Boeing 747–300
Boeing 767
McDonnell Douglas DC-10
Sud Aviation Caravelle
Fokker F27


Boeing 737-600 Landing in Paris-Orly

Air Algérie offers two types of cabins. The Airbus A330-200 is not equipped with the AVOD entertainment system, but cabin refurbishment is being considered. The Boeing 767–300 and Boeing 737–800 are equipped with audio systems.

Classe Affaires

The Business Class is offered on the Airbus A330-200, Boeing 767–300, Boeing 737–800 and Boeing 737–600. In the Airbus A330-200, reclining seats up to 118°. Each seat includes a 10.4" touchscreen TV monitor with interactive gaming and AVOD. An express drink is served shortly after takeoff. In the Boeing 767–300, Boeing 737–800 and Boeing 737–600, there are reclining seats up to 118°, with an audio system.

Classe Économique

The Classe Économique aircraft is at Airbus A330-200, Boeing 767–300, Boeing 737–800, Boeing 737–600 and ATR 72-500. In the Airbus A330-200, reclining Seats 118°. Each seat includes an audio system. In the Boeing 767–300, reclining Seats 118°, with an audio system. In the Boeing 737–800 and Boeing 737–600, reclining Seats 118°, with an audio system. In the ATR 72-500, reclining Seats 118°.

Incidents and accidents


  • On 19 May 1960 at 9:46 UTC, a mid-air collision occurred 13 miles away from Paris-Orly Airport, involving an Air Algérie Sud Aviation Caravelle (registered F-OBNI) on a scheduled passenger flight from Algiers and a small privately owned Stampe SV.4 biplane (F-BDEV). The Stampe was completely destroyed upon impact, killing the sole pilot on board. The cabin roof of the Caravelle was torn open by debris, especially caused by the propeller blades of the biplane. Its two jet engines stopped due to sucked in debris, but could be restarted almost immediately, allowing for a safe landing. There were no fatalities amongst the 32 passengers and 7 crew members of the Air Algérie flight, and the aircraft could later be repaired.[12]
  • On 11 April 1967, an Air Algérie Douglas DC-4 (registered 7T-VHU), which was on a flight from Dar El Beïda Airport in Algiers to Tamanrasset Airport, crashed into a hill in the Sahara desert near Tamanrasset during landing approach, killing all 33 passengers and 6 crew members omboard.[13]
  • On 26 July 1969 a fire broke out on board an Air Algérie Sud Aviation Caravelle (registered 7T-VAK), which likely resulted from an electric malfunction. The aircraft was on a chartered passenger flight from Marseille to Biskra, and the pilots tried for an emergency landing at Oued Irara – Krim Belkacem Airport, but the plane was quickly engulfed by flames and crashed, killing all 30 passengers and 7 crew members.[14]
  • On 24 January 1979 at around 19:40 local time, an Air Algérie Aérospatiale N 262 (registered 7T-VSU) crashed 15 kilometres short of the runway of Boudghene Ben Ali Lotfi Airport, resulting in the death of 14 out of the 20 passengers on board. The three crew members survived the accident, which was blamed to the malfunction of an altimeter (as the approach was performed too low), coinciding with pilot error and fatigue.[15]
  • On 21 December 1994, an Air Algérie Boeing 737-200 operating Cargo Flight 702P from East Midlands Airport to Coventry Airport (both in England) on behalf of Phoenix Aviation crashed 1.7 kilometres short of the runway at the destination airport, killing the five crew members on board.[16]
  • On 6 March 2003 at 15:15 local time, Air Algérie Flight 6289, a Boeing 737–200 (registered 7T-VEZ) on a domestic flight from Tamanrasset to Algiers via Ghardaïa, crashed shortly after take-off from Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport because of an engine failure, killing 96 passengers and all 6 crew members on board. There was only one survivor, thus making it the worst accident in the history of the airline (as well as of Algeria) to date.[17]
  • On 13 August 2006 at ca 20:15 local time, Air Algérie Cargo Flight 2208 (a Lockheed L-100 Hercules registered 7T-VHG) crashed near Piacenza in Italy, resulting in the death of the three crew members. The aircraft had been on a flight from Algiers to Frankfurt when a problem with the autopilot occurred, resulting in the pilots losing control of the plane.[18]


  • On 8 June 1949, the right main landing gear of an Air Algérie Douglas C-47 Skytrain (registered F-BCYO) collapsed upon landing at Lyon-Bron Airport, following a cargo flight from Algiers. During the crash landing, the aircraft was destroyed, but the three crew members survived.[19]
  • On 30 October 1951, an Air Algérie Sud-Ouest Bretagne (registered F-OAIY) caught fire and was subsequently destroyed at Paris-Orly Airport, following the sudden collapse of the right main landing gear during take-off run. All 30 passengers and 4 crew members on board could be saved.[20]
  • On 26 April 1962, following the end of the Algerian War, an Air Algérie Lockheed Constellation (registered F-BAZE) parked at Maison Blanche Airport in Algiers was blown up by OAS terrorists, a militant French far-right nationalist group strongly opposed to the independence of Algeria.[21]
  • On 23 September 1973, an Air Algérie Sud Aviation Caravelle (registered 7T-VAI) was damaged beyond repair in a landing accident at Algiers-Dar el Beida Airport.[22]
  • On 1 August 1989, an Air Algérie Lockheed L-100 Hercules cargo aircraft suffered a ground loop upon landing at Tamanrasset Airport following a flight from Algiers, resulting in the aircraft being damaged beyond repair.[23]
  • On 25 July 1991, the nosegear of an Air Algérie Fokker F27 Friendship (registered 7T-VRM) collapsed during a hard landing at In Guezzam Airport, damaging the aircraft beyond repair.[24]
  • On 2 August 1996, an Air Algérie Boeing 737-200 (registered 7T-VED) overran the runway at Tlemcen Airport in an attempt to abort the take-off for a scheduled flight to Algiers. There were no fatalities among the 100 passengers and 6 crew members onboard, even though the aircraft was substantially damaged.[25]
  • Another runway overshot involving an Air Algérie Boeing 737–200 (this time 7T-VEH) occurred on 31 January 1999. Upon landing at Constantine Airfield in unusual snowy conditions following a flight from Paris, the aircraft was severely damaged when it overshot the runway and struck a heap of snow. There were no casualties among the 92 passengers and 7 crew members.[26]
  • On 18 March 2006 at 10:30 local time, the right main landing gear of an Air Algérie Boeing 737–600 (registered 7T-VJQ) collapsed upon landing in poor weather conditions at Seville Airport following a flight from Oran. Approximately 45 out of the 101 passengers and 6 crew members on board were injured.[27]
  • On 14 March 2008, an Air Algérie Boeing 737-800 (registered 7T-VKA) that was operating Flight 1143 from Paris to Sétif with 120 people on board suffered extensive damage during a hard landing at Ain Arnat Airport.[28]


  • On 31 August 1970, three passengers armed with pistols and molotov cocktails hijacked an Air Algérie Convair CV-640 on a scheduled domestic flight from Annaba to Algiers and demanded the pilots to head to Albania instead. During a fuel stop in Brindisi, eleven passengers were allowed to leave the aircraft. As the aircraft was denied landing permission by the Albanian authorities, it diverted to Dubrovnik in then Yugoslavia instead, where the perpetrators could be arrested.[29]
  • When an Air Algérie Boeing 737-200 landed at Houari Boumedienne Airport on 31 March 1991 (during the Algerian Civil War) following a scheduled passenger flight from Béchar, a passenger threatened to detonate a hand grenade and insisted on being able to have a political statement live national television, concerning the planned national election. The demand was rejected, and the hijacker could be persuaded to give up and set free the 53 other persons on board the aircraft.[30]
  • Another hijacking occurred on 13 November 1994, when three persons onboard an Air Algérie Fokker F27 Friendship (registered 7T-VRK) on flight from Algiers to Ouargla demanded to be granted the possibility to have a political statement (that is, a live coverage). The aircraft with 39 other people diverted to Palma de Mallorca Airport, where the perpetrators surrendered.[31]
  • On 25 July 1996 at around 9:00 local time, an Air Algérie Boeing 767-300 with 232 persons on board was hijacked at Oran Es Sénia Airport by a man who demanded to be flown to the United States of America, rather than to Algiers where the aircraft had been scheduled to leave for, actually. After more than four hours of negotiation he surrendered to the local authorities.[32]
  • On 19 January 2003, Air Algérie Flight 6025 from Constantine to Algiers, was hijacked shortly after take-off by a man who demanded the pilots to fly the Boeing 737-800 to North Korea. The flight continued to Algiers, though, where the perpetrator could be restrained by police forces storming the aircraft. None of the 24 other passengers and 6 crew members were injured.[33]
  • On 19 August 2003, an Air Algérie Boeing 737-800 was hijacked by a mentally-ill passenger right after take-off from Houari Boumedienne Airport, who threatened to blow up the aircraft when the crew would not divert to Geneva (rather than to Lille as the flight was scheduled). The crew carried out an allegedly necessary fuel stop at Oran Es Sénia Airport, where the man could be arrested.[34]


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