UPS Airlines

UPS Airlines

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*Louisville International Airport
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*Philadelphia International Airport
*LA/Ontario International Airport
*Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
*Chicago Rockford International Airport
*Columbia Metropolitan Airport
*Bradley International Airport"Latin America-Caribbean:"
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*Cologne Bonn Airport"Canada:"
*John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport

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UPS Airlines is a worldwide cargo airline owned by United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE|UPS). The company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Its home airport is located at Louisville International Airport.


UPS Airlines flies to more than 200 countries.


UPS Airlines has a fleet size of 265 aircraft [,2305,1278,00.html?mkname=upsairlines UPS Pressroom: Fact Sheet ] ] , 9th largest airline in the world:

UPS Airlines had ordered ten Airbus A380 freighters and had options on ten more. As part of the deal the airline was reducing an existing commitment for ninety Airbus A300 freighters to fifty three. But, in March 2007, UPS canceled their A380F orders. UPS has yet to announce a replacement order in place of the A380Fs. It has been rumored that UPS will order Boeing's 777F. UPS has also ordered eight Boeing 747-400 freighters to increase capacity on its major "trunk" routes to Europe, Asia, and North America. These are expected to be delivered in June 2007 and go on through 2008. [UPS press release, 17 August 2005] UPS Airlines placed a firm order for 27 additional Boeing 767-300 Freighters in February 2007 to be delivered 2009 to 2012. [ [,1088,4858,00.html UPS: Press Release ] ] Most UPS Airlines flights go through the UPS Worldport at Louisville International Airport.

On August 1, 2008, the last 747-100F in the fleet was removed from service and retired. The airline's three remaining 747-200F's will be retired in January 2009.

Major incidents and accidents

* On September 11, 1998, Flight 744, N316UP, a Boeing 767-300 suffered substantial damage after running off the runway at Ellington Field from Louisville International Airport. The airport was experiencing a tropical storm at the time of the landing, the aircraft was unable to stop on a wet runway with a strong tailwind. After running off the runway, the aircraft's right landing gear broke off and the right engine separated from the wing. The aircraft was put back into service after major repairs [] .
* On June 7, 2005, Flight 6971, N250UP, a McDonnell Douglas MD-11 suffered substantial damage after a landing gear collapse at Louisville International Airport from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The crew accidentally lowered the nose of the aircraft too fast, putting too much pressure on the front landing gear. The aircraft was put back into service after a $10 million repair []
* On February 8, 2006, Flight 1307, N748UP, a Douglas DC-8 was destroyed by fire at Philadelphia International Airport from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Just before landing the crew reported a smoke detector was going off in the cargo hold. After landing, the cargo hold of the aircraft caught on fire, the source of the fire was never found. [] .

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