List of unincorporated communities in Oklahoma

List of unincorporated communities in Oklahoma
This innovative grain elevator was built circa 1920 near the small community of Ingersoll.

Unincorporated communities in Oklahoma do not have a formally organized municipal government. Rather, residents rely on the county government for services. State law allows unincorporated communities, under certain conditions, to incorporate or join another municipality

Many unincorporated communities were at one time incorporated but for various reasons no longer have a municipal government. Depopulation during the 1930s and 40s caused the loss of many communities and some no longer exist even as unincorporated communities. In Oklahoma, incorporated municipalities may petition for dissolution[1] or be declared dissolved after missing two concurrent municipal elections[2] (held April of odd numbered years). Platted unincorporated communities do have some right under the laws of Oklahoma that non-platted communities do not enjoy. A town plat is also one of the conditions required for incorporation.

Driving Cattle to Pasture near Bliss.

Although unincorporated communities have no municipal governments, they may organize their own water districts[3] or fire districts[4] and tax citizens to support them. Additionally, many communities have school districts with elected school boards.[5] Also, several unincorporated communities still have their own post offices.[6]

Many unincorported communities (such as Boggy Depot, Tuskahoma, and Skullyville) played important roles in the development of Oklahoma and others, especially those with schools and post offices, continue to be important centers in rural Oklahoma.

"Oklahoma Municipal Government" from the Oklahoma Almanac published by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries is the source document for this list. Additional communities have been added using Wikipedia articles which cite authoritative sources. Geographic coordinates, if known, are provided for those place names which are unlikely to be communities.

See also List of cities in Oklahoma, List of towns in Oklahoma, List of abandoned communities in Oklahoma, and List of Census Designated Places in Oklahoma.

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Community County Comments
Acme Grady 34°47′56″N 98°01′09″W / 34.79889°N 98.01917°W / 34.79889; -98.01917
Adams Texas
Adamson Pittsburg
Adel Pushmataha 34°47′56″N 98°01′09″W / 34.79889°N 98.01917°W / 34.79889; -98.01917
Agawan Grady
Ahloso Pontotoc
Ahpeatone Cotton 34°20′52″N 98°33′04″W / 34.34778°N 98.55111°W / 34.34778; -98.55111
Akins Sequoyah
Albany Bryan
Albert Caddo
Alden Caddo 34°58′31″N 98°35′07″W / 34.97528°N 98.58528°W / 34.97528; -98.58528
Aledo Dewey
Alfalfa Caddo
Allison Bryan
Alma Stephens
Alpers Carter 34°29′33″N 97°23′14″W / 34.4925°N 97.38722°W / 34.4925; -97.38722
Alsuma Tulsa
Altee Jefferson
Altona Kingfisher 35°46′59″N 98°10′16″W / 35.78306°N 98.17111°W / 35.78306; -98.17111
Alwinn Stephens
Anchor Wagoner 35°50′08″N 95°24′11″W / 35.83556°N 95.40306°W / 35.83556; -95.40306
Antioch Garvin
Apperson Osage
Apple Choctaw 34°07′39″N 95°25′03″W / 34.1275°N 95.4175°W / 34.1275; -95.4175
Arlington Lincoln
Arpelar Pittsburg
Artillery Village Comanche
Aubrey Creek
Avery Lincoln
Avoca Pottawatomie
Aydelotte Pottawatomie
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.
Identified as abandoned by at least one source.


Bunch, Oklahoma, sets in the background near Sallisaw Creek in the Cookson Hills.
Community County Comments
Babbs Kiowa
Bache Pittsburg
Bacone Muskogee
Bailey Grady
Baker Texas
Baldhill Okmulgee 35°44′25″N 95°50′14″W / 35.74028°N 95.83722°W / 35.74028; -95.83722
Balko Beaver
Ballard Adair
Banner Canadian
Banty Bryan
Barber Cherokee 35°45′26″N 94°52′04″W / 35.75722°N 94.86778°W / 35.75722; -94.86778
Barnes Logan (Locale-USGS)
Baron Adair
Bartlett Okmulgee
Battiest McCurtain
Baugh Pawnee
Baum Carter
Beachton McCurtain
Beckett Stephens (Alternate name for Sunray, Oklahoma.)
Bee Johnston
Beland Muskogee
Bell Adair
Bellemont Pottawatomie
Belva Woodward 36°29′56″N 98°58′30″W / 36.49889°N 98.975°W / 36.49889; -98.975
Belvue Creek
Belzoni Pushmataha 34°11′08″N 95°27′56″W / 34.18556°N 95.46556°W / 34.18556; -95.46556
Bengal Latimer
Bentley Atoka
Berlin Roger Mills
Berwyn Carter (Present day Gene Autry, Oklahoma.)
Bethel Comanche
Bethel McCurtain
Bidding Springs Adair (See Golda's Mill.)
Big Cedar Le Flore (Stream-USGS)
Big Spring Hughes 35°10′27″N 96°14′50″W / 35.17417°N 96.24722°W / 35.17417; -96.24722 (Church)
Binkley Lincoln (Railroad siding and switch.)
Bison Garfield
Blackgum Sequoyah
Blanco Pittsburg
Bliss Noble (Now known as Old Bliss, Oklahoma.)
Blocker Pittsburg
Blue Bryan
Bluff Choctaw
Boatman Mayes
Boehler Atoka 34°10′15″N 95°53′01″W / 34.17083°N 95.88361°W / 34.17083; -95.88361
Boggy Depot Atoka
Bois D'Arc Kay (Stream-USGS.)
Bokhoma McCurtain
Bond McIntosh
Boone Caddo
Boss McCurtain
Boulevard Cleveland
Bowden Creek
Bowlin Spring Craig
Bowring Osage
Boyd Beaver
Box Sequoyah
Braden Le Flore
Brady Garvin 34°37′22″N 97°16′57″W / 34.62278°N 97.2825°W / 34.62278; -97.2825
Brent Sequoyah
Briartown Muskogee
Briggs Cherokee
Brinkman Greer
Britton Oklahoma (Incorporated part of Oklahoma City.)
Brock Carter
Brooken Haskell
Brown Bryan
Broxton Caddo
Brush Hill McIntosh
Brushy Sequoyah
Bryant Okmulgee
Buffalo McCurtain
Buffalo Valley Latimer
Bugtussle Pittsburg
Bunch Adair
Burmah Dewey
Burneyville Love
Burns Washita
Burwell McCurtain 34°11′09″N 95°09′05″W / 34.18583°N 95.15139°W / 34.18583; -95.15139
Bushyhead Rogers
Butner Seminole.
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.
Identified as abandoned by at least one source.


This abandoned W.S. Kelly gas station and general store in Cogar was used in a scene from the 1988 movie, Rainman.
Community County Comments
Cade Bryan
Cairo Coal 34°35′26″N 96°07′55″W / 34.59056°N 96.13194°W / 34.59056; -96.13194
Calhoun Le Flore
Calida Pawnee 36°11′35″N 96°17′53″W / 36.19306°N 96.29806°W / 36.19306; -96.29806
Cambria Latimer
Cambridge Kiowa 35°04′22″N 99°12′19″W / 35.07278°N 99.20528°W / 35.07278; -99.20528
Camp Houston Woods
Canadian Shores Pittsburg
Caney Ridge Cherokee
Capitol Hill Oklahoma (Incorporated as part of Oklahoma City.
Cardin Ottawa
Carlton Blaine 36°00′52″N 98°30′55″W / 36.01444°N 98.51528°W / 36.01444; -98.51528
(Also spelled Carleton.)
Carpenter Roger Mills
Carson Hughes
Carters Corner McIntosh
Carters Landing Cherokee
Cartersville Haskell
Cartwright Bryan
Casey Pawnee 36°16′57″N 96°40′27″W / 36.2825°N 96.67417°W / 36.2825; -96.67417
Castaneda Cimarron 36°52′52″N 102°31′17″W / 36.88111°N 102.52139°W / 36.88111; -102.52139
Catale Rogers 36°33′39″N 95°22′19″W / 36.56083°N 95.37194°W / 36.56083; -95.37194
(Railroad siding–PO closed in 1933.)
Catesby Ellis
Cayuga Delaware
Cedar Crest Mayes
Cedar Lake Canadian
Center Pontotoc
Center City Oklahoma
Center Point Atoka
Centerview Pottawatomie
Centralia Craig
Ceres Noble
Cerrogordo McCurtain (PO closed in 1958.)
Cestos Dewey
Chance Adair
Charleston Harper (See abandoned communities-USGS.)
Chase Muskogee (See Beland.)
Cherry Tree Adair
Chester Major
Chewey Adair
Cheyenne Valley Major
Chigley Murray
Childers Nowata
Chilli Latimer
Chilocco Kay (See Chilocco Indian School.)
Chisney Pottawatomie
Chitwood Grady
Chloeta Delaware
Chockie Atoka
Choska Wagoner
Christie Adair
Cimarron City Logan
Cisco McCurtain (PO closed in 1916.)
Citra Hughes
Clarita Coal
Clarksville Wagoner
Clayton Lake Pushmataha (Reservoir-Clayton Lake (Oklahoma)-USGS)
Clear Lake Beaver (PO closed in 1944.)
Clebit McCurtain
Clemscot Carter
Cleora Delaware
Clothier Cleveland
Cloud Chief Washita
Cloudy Pushmataha
Clyde Grant
Coalton Okmulgee
Cobb Bryan
Cogar Caddo
Coleman Johnston
Concho Canadian
Connerville Johnston
Conrad Cimarron (Railroad siding and switch.)
Conser Le Flore
Cookietown Cotton
Cookson Cherokee
Copeland Delaware
Corbett Cleveland
Corinne Pushmataha
Corum Stephens
Cottonwood Coal
Council Oklahoma (See Council Grove.)
Countyline Stephens/ Carter
Courtney Love
Cove Acres Comanche
Cowden Washita 35°14′52″N 98°42′43″W / 35.24778°N 98.71194°W / 35.24778; -98.71194
(PO closed in 1908.)
Cox City Grady
Craig McCurtain 34°02′18″N 94°37′44″W / 34.03833°N 94.62889°W / 34.03833; -94.62889
Craig Pittsburg 34°50′25″N 95°37′39″W / 34.84028°N 95.6275°W / 34.84028; -95.6275
Cravens Latimer (PO closed 1916.)
Crawford Roger Mills
Crekola Muskogee
Creosote Choctaw
Creta Jackson 34°31′00″N 99°32′59″W / 34.5166667°N 99.54972°W / 34.5166667; -99.54972
Criner McClain
Crusher Murray
Crutcho Oklahoma
Crystal Atoka
Crystal Lakes Major
Cumberland Marshall
Curchece Pawnee
Curtis Woodward
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.
Identified as abandoned by at least one source.


The Antelope Hill, a National Historic Place, lie just north of Durham.
Community County Comments
Daisy Atoka
Dale Pottawatomie
Damon Latimer
Dane Major 36°13′01″N 98°37′10″W / 36.21694°N 98.61944°W / 36.21694; -98.61944
Darrow Blaine 36°05′53″N 98°23′18″W / 36.09806°N 98.38833°W / 36.09806; -98.38833
Darwin Pushmataha
Dawson Tulsa (Incorporated as part of Tulsa.)
Degnan Latimer 34°56′50″N 95°21′12″W / 34.94722°N 95.35333°W / 34.94722; -95.35333
Dela Pushmataha
Delhi Beckham
Dempsey Roger Mills 35°31′03″N 99°49′22″W / 35.5175°N 99.82278°W / 35.5175; -99.82278
Dennis Delaware
Dewright Seminole 35°05′15″N 96°39′31″W / 35.0875°N 96.65861°W / 35.0875; -96.65861
Dighton Okmulgee
Dillard Carter
Dixon Seminole
Doby Springs Harper
Dodge Delaware
Dotyville Ottawa
Dow Pittsburg
Doyle Stephens
Drake Murray 34°23′52″N 96°57′03″W / 34.39778°N 96.95083°W / 34.39778; -96.95083
Driftwood Alfalfa
Dripping Springs Carter
Dripping Springs Delaware
Drumb Latimer 34°55′47″N 95°28′52″W / 34.92972°N 95.48111°W / 34.92972; -95.48111
Dunbar Love
Dunjee Park Oklahoma
Durham Roger Mills
Durwood Carter
Identified as abandoned by at least one source.


Community County Comments
Eagle City Blaine
Eagletown McCurtain
Earl Johnston
Eastborough Wagoner
East Duke Jackson (Variant name for town of Duke.)
East Jesse Coal/ Pontotoc
East Ninneka Grady (Variant name for town of Ninnekah.)
Eastside Custer
Eddy Kay 36°43′54″N 97°27′31″W / 36.73167°N 97.45861°W / 36.73167; -97.45861
(PO closed in 1957.)
Edgewater Park Comanche
Edna Creek
Eldon Cherokee
Elk Plaza Stephans
Elmwood Beaver
Emerson Center Cotton
Emet Johnston
Empy Pawnee
Enos Marshall
Enterprise Haskell
Enville Love
Eram Okmulgee
Estella Craig
Ethel Pushmataha
Etna Garfield (Railroad siding.)
Etta Cherokee
Eucha Delaware
Eva Texas
Ewing Custer
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County Comments
Falconhead Love
Falfa Latimer
Fame McIntosh
Farmers Hill McCurtain
Farris Atoka
Fay Dewey
Featherston Pittsburg
Felker McCurtain
Felt Cimarron
Fewell Pushmataha
Fillmore Johnston
Finley Pushmataha
Fisher Tulsa
Fittstown Pontotoc
Fleetwood Jefferson 33°53′48″N 97°51′04″W / 33.89667°N 97.85111°W / 33.89667; -97.85111
(PO closed in 1961.)
Floris Beaver
Flynn Oklahoma (Incorporated as part of Oklahoma City.)
Foley Custer (Railroad siding and switch.)
Folsom Johnston
Forest Hill Le Flore
Forney Choctaw
Forrester Le Flore
Fort Reno Canadian (See Fort Reno (Oklahoma) for the fort.)
Four Corners (Locale—name of several in Oklahoma.)
Fox Carter
Franklin Cleveland
Fransen Custer
Frisco Pontotoc
Frogville Choctaw
Fugate Atoka


Community County Comments
Gaar Corner Pontotoc
Gansel Noble (Railroad siding and switch.)
Garden Grove Pottawatomie
Garland Haskell
Gay Choctaw
Georgetown Muskogee
Gerlach Woodward (Railroad siding and switch.)
Gibbon Grant 36°56′34″N 97°58′56″W / 36.94278°N 97.98222°W / 36.94278; -97.98222
(PO closed in 1945.)
Gibson Wagoner
Gideon Cherokee
Gilmore Le Flore
Glendale Le Flore
Glover McCurtain
Golden McCurtain
Goodland Choctaw
Goodwater McCurtain
Goodwin Ellis 36°11′48″N 99°56′06″W / 36.19667°N 99.935°W / 36.19667; -99.935
(PO closed in 1916.)
Gowen Latimer
Grady Jefferson
Graham Carter
Grandview Heights Muskogee
Grant Choctaw
Gray Beaver
Gray Horse Osage
Greasy Adair
Green Pastures Oklahoma
Greenville Love
Greenwood Pushmataha
Griggs Cimarron
Grimes Roger Mills
Gulftown Okmulgee
Gyp Blaine (Historical community-USGS.)
Gypsy Creek
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Haywood, Oklahoma, in the coal mining district of Pittsburg County, was named for radical labor leader, Big Bill Haywood.
Community County Comments
Hale Tulsa (See abandoned communities-USGS.)
Hammon Junction Roger Mills (Abandoned railroad siding and switch.)
Hanson Sequoyah
Happyland Pontotoc
Harden City Pontotoc
Hardy Kay
Harjo Pottawatomie
Harmon Ellis
Harmony Star Rogers
Harris McCurtain
Harrison Sequoyah (See abandoned communities-Shirk.)
Haw Creek Le Flore
Hawley Grant
Hazel Dell Pottawatomie 35°26′56″N 97°00′01″W / 35.44889°N 97.00028°W / 35.44889; -97.00028
Hayward Garfield
Haywood Pittsburg
Heman Woods 36°32′06″N 98°56′38″W / 36.535°N 98.94389°W / 36.535; -98.94389
Hennepin Garvin
Herring Roger Mills 35°36′36″N 99°31′04″W / 35.61°N 99.51778°W / 35.61; -99.51778
Hess Jackson
Hester Greer
Hewitt Carter
Hext Beckham
Higgins Latimer 34°48′41″N 95°26′01″W / 34.81139°N 95.43361°W / 34.81139; -95.43361
Hill Le Flore
Hilltop Hughes 34°56′05″N 96°10′54″W / 34.93472°N 96.18167°W / 34.93472; -96.18167
Hockerville Ottawa
Hodgen Le Flore
Hogshooter Washington
Holley Creek McCurtain 33°58′41″N 94°49′00″W / 33.97806°N 94.8166667°W / 33.97806; -94.8166667
Hollow Craig 36°53′15″N 95°16′12″W / 36.8875°N 95.27°W / 36.8875; -95.27
Hollywood Corners Cleveland
Homer Pontotoc
Homestead Blaine
Honobia Le Flore
Hontubby Le Flore
Hopeton Woods
Hough Texas
Hoyt Haskell
Hulen Cotton
Humphreys Jackson
Hyde Park Muskogee
Identified as abandoned by at least one source.


Ingalls, Oklahoma, was the site of a famous shoot-out between U.S. Marshals and the Doolin-Dalton Gang depicted in this scene from the 1915 silent film, The Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaws.
Community County Comments
Imo Garfield
Independence Le Flore
Indian Meadows Cherokee
Ingalls Payne
Ingersoll Alfalfa
Iona Murray
Iron Post Creek 35°43′35″N 96°24′20″W / 35.72639°N 96.40556°W / 35.72639; -96.40556
Iron Stob Corner McCurtain
Irving Jefferson
Isabella Major


Community County Comments
Jackson Bryan
Jacktown Lincoln
Jesse Pontotoc
Jimtown Love
Joburn Atoka
Joe Tulsa (NOTE: Joe Station in Tulsa, Co. no longer exists per USGS.)
Jollyville Murray
Joy Murry
Jumbo Pushmataha.
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.
Identified as abandoned by at least one source.


Community County Comments
Keefeton Muskogee
Keetonville Rogers
Kellond Pushmataha
Kellyville Ottawa
Kengle Tulsa
Kent Choctaw 34°06′47″N 95°37′23″W / 34.11306°N 95.62306°W / 34.11306; -95.62306
Kenton Cimarron
Kenwood Delaware
Kiamichi Pushmataha
Kiersey Bryan
Kosoma Pushmataha
Kullituklo McCurtain
Kusa Okmulgee


Community County Comments
Lacey Kingfisher
Lafayette Haskell
Lake Tulsa (Incorporated place in Tulsa County.)
Lake Creek Greer
Lake Ellsworth Addition Comanche
Lake Hiwasse Oklahoma
Lake Humphreys Stephans (Reservoir—Lake Humphreys (Oklahoma).)
Lakeside Bryan
Lakeside Village Comanche
Lake Station Tulsa (Historical-USGS.)
Lake Valley Washita
Lake West Bryan 33°53′45″N 95°53′08″W / 33.89583°N 95.88556°W / 33.89583; -95.88556
Lane Atoka
Lark Marshall
Last Chance Okfuskee
Latta Pontotoc
Leach Delaware
Leader Pontotoc
Lebanon Marshall
Lecox Oklahoma (Railroad siding.)
Lefeber Tulsa
Lela Pawnee
Lenna McIntosh
Lenora Dewey
Leonard Tulsa
Lequire Haskell
Lenox Le Flore
Lewisville Haskell
Liberty (Different communities in Bryan, Sequoyah, and Stephens counties).
Limestone Latimer
Limestone Rogers
Limestone Gap Atoka
Lincolnville Ottawa
Little Seminole
Little Axe Cleveland
Little Chief Osage
Little City Marshall
Little Ponderosa Beaver
Loder Oklahoma (Railroad siding-USGS.)
Lodi Latimer 35°00′33″N 95°02′32″W / 35.00917°N 95.04222°W / 35.00917; -95.04222
Logan Beaver
Lona Haskell 35°09′21″N 95°17′23″W / 35.15583°N 95.28972°W / 35.15583; -95.28972
Lone Oak Sequoyah
Lone Tree Okmulgee
Long Sequoyah
Longtown Pittsburg
Lookout Woods
Lost City Cherokee
Lovedale Harper (Railroad siding-Shirk.)
Lovell Logan
Loving Le Flore
Lowrey Cherokee
Lucien Noble
Lugert Kiowa
Lula Pontotoc
Lutie Latimer
Lynn Addition Osage
Lynn Lane Tulsa
Lyons Adair
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.
Identified as abandoned by at least one source.


Salt, an important commodity in Indian Territory, was produced near the present community of McKey.
Community County
MacArthur Park Comanche (Housing addition in Lawton.)
McBride Marshall
McCord Osage
McKey Sequoyah
McKiddyville Cleveland
McKnight Harmon
McLain Muskogee
McMillan Marshall
McWillie Alfalfa
Madge Harmon
Maguire Cleveland
Manard Cherokee
Maple Sequoyah
Martin Muskogee
Marty Jackson
Mason Okfuskee
Matthew Choctaw
Matoy Bryan
Maxwell Pontotoc
Mayfield Beckham
May Ridge Oklahoma
Mazie Mayes
Medio Tulsa
Meers Comanche
Mehan Payne
Mellette McIntosh
Melvin Cherokee
Meridian Stephens
Merrick Lincoln
Merritt Beckham
Messer Choctaw
Micawber Okfuskee
Middleberg Grady
Midlothian Lincoln
Midway Atoka/ Coal
Milfay Creek
Miller Pushmataha
Milo Carter
Milton Le Flore
Mingo Tulsa
Monroe Le Flore
Montclair Addition Le Flore
Moodys Cherokee
Moon McCurtain
Moorewood Custer
Moseley Delaware
Mound Grove McCurtain
Mount Herman McCurtain
Mount Zion McCurtain
Mouser Texas
Moyers Pushmataha
Mudsand Choctaw
Mule Barn Pawnee
Murphy Mayes
Muse Le Flore
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County
Nani-chito McCurtain
Narcissa Ottawa
Nardin Kay
Nashoba Pushmataha
Natura Okmulgee
Navina Logan
Nebo Murray
Needmore Cleveland
Neff Le Flore
Nelagony Osage
Neodesha Wagoner
Newalla Oklahoma
New Cordell Washita (Official name of Cordell, Oklahoma.)
New Liberty Beckham
New Lima Seminole
New Mannford Creek
New Oberlin Choctaw
Newport Carter
New Ringold McCurtain
New Woodville Marshall (Variant name for Woodville-USGS.)
Nicut Sequoyah
Nida Johnston
Niles Canadian
Nobletown Seminole
Noel Woods (Railroad siding.)
Non Hughes
Norris Latimer
Northeast Tulsa
North McAlester Pittsburg
Northside Tulsa
North Valliant McCurtain
Northwest Oklahoma
Nowhere Caddo (NOTE: Located at the SE end of Fort Cobb Reservoir, 8.9 km(5.5 mi) SSW of Albert and 22 km(14 mi) NW of Anadarko. U.S. Board on Geographic Names decisions, either decisions referenced after Phase I data compilation, or staff research on non-controversial names.-USGS.)
Numa Grant
Nuyaka Okmulgee
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County
Oak Grove Murray
Oak Grove Pawnee
Oak Grove Payne
Oak Hill McCurtain
Oakhurst Tulsa and Creek
Oakman Pontotoc
Oak Park Washington
Oakridge Creek
Oberlin Bryan
Octavia Le Flore
Oglesby Washington
Oil Center Pontotoc
Oil City Carter
Okesa Osage
Okfuskee Okfuskee
Oleta Pushmataha
Olive Creek
Olney Coal
Omega Kingfisher
Onapa McIntosh
Oneta Wagoner
Oney Caddo
Ord Choctaw
Orienta Major
Orin Grant
Orion Major
Orr Love
Osage Kay
Oscar Jefferson
Oswalt Love
Otoe Noble
Overbrook Love
Owanda Oklahoma
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County
Page Le Flore
Panola Latimer
Panoma Texas
Paradise View Mayes
Parker Coal
Park Hill Cherokee
Parkland Lincoln
Parkview Tulsa
Parthena Creek
Patterson Latimer
Paw Paw Sequoyah
Payne McClain
Payson Lincoln
Pearson Pottawatomie
Pearsonia Osage
Peckham Kay
Peggs Cherokee
Pernell Garvin
Pershing Osage
Peterman Ridge Pawnee
Petersburg Jefferson
Petros Le Flore
Pettit Cherokee
Pettit Bay Cherokee
Pharoah Okfuskee
Phelps Caddo
Pickens McCurtain
Pickett Pontotoc
Pierce McIntosh
Pine Ridge Caddo
Piney Adair
Pin Oaks Acres Mayes
Platter Bryan
Pleasant Hill McCurtain
Plucketville McCurtain
Pocasset Grady
Pollard McCurtain
Pontotoc Johnston
Pooleville Carter
Port Washita
Porter Hill Comanche
Powell Marshall
Prattville Tulsa
Preston Okmulgee
Price Tulsa
Proctor Adair
Pruitt Carter
Pumpkin Center Comanche
Pumpkin Center Muskogee
Pumpkin Center Okmulgee
Purdy Garvin
Pyramid Corners Craig
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County
Quail Creek Oklahoma (Incorporated as part of Oklahoma City)
Qualls Cherokee
Quick Sequoyah
Quinlan Woodward
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County
Rabornville Pawnee
Raiford McIntosh
Rayford Murray
Reagan Johnston
Reck Carter
Red Fork Tulsa
Red Hill Haskell
Redland Sequoyah
Reed Greer
Regal Comanche
Reichert Le Flore
Remus Pottawatomie/ Seminole
Retrop Beckham/ Washita
Rhea Dewey
Richards Spur Comanche
Richland Canadian
Richville Pittsburg
Rigsby Pawnee
Ringold McCurtain
Roberta Bryan
Rock Island Le Flore
Rocky Mountain Adair
Rocky Point Wagoner
Roll Roger Mills
Rose Mayes
Rossville Lincoln
Rubottom Love
Rufe McCurtain
Russell Greer
Russellville Pittsburg
Russett Johnston
Ryder Johnston
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Sacred Heart, Oklahoma, the birthplace of author Tony Hillerman, was established in 1879 as a mission for the Pottawatomie Indians.
Community County
Sacred Heart Pottawatomie
Saddle Mountain Kiowa
Sageeyah Rogers
Salem McIntosh and Okmulgee
Salt Fork Grant
Sams Point Pittsburg
Sandbluff Choctaw
Sand Point Bryan
Sans Bois Haskell
Santa Fe Stephens
Sardis Pushmataha
Saundra Woodward
Sawyer Choctaw
Schulter Okmulgee
Scipio Pittsburg
Scraper Cherokee
Scullin Murray
Scullyville Le Flore
Sedan Kiowa
Selman Harper
Sequoyah Rogers
Seward Logan
Shady Grove Sequoyah
Shay Marshall
Shea Garfield (Railroad switch.)
Sheridan Comanche
Sheridan Tulsa
Sherwood McCurtain
Shinewell McCurtain
Shirk Tulsa (Railroad siding and switch.)
Shopton Muskogee
Short Sequoyah
Shults McCurtain
Sickles Caddo
Silver City Creek
Slapout Beaver
Smithville McCurtain
Snow Pushmataha
Sobol Pushmataha
Southard Blaine
Southeast Oklahoma
Southeast Tulsa
South Haven Tulsa
Southside Tulsa
Southwest Oklahoma
Spaulding Hughes
Speer Choctaw
Spelter City Okmulgee
Spencerville Choctaw
Spring Creek Caddo
Springlake Oklahoma
Stafford Custer
Stanley Pushmataha
Stapp Le Flore
Star Haskell
Stealy McClain
Stecker Caddo
Steedman Pontotoc
Steel Junction McCurtain
Steen Garfield
Stella Cleveland
Stockyards City Oklahoma
Stonebluff Wagoner
Stones Corner Wagoner
Stony Point Adair
Stony Point Le Flore
Story Garvin
Straight Texas
Sturgis Cimarron
Sullivan Village Comanche
Summerfield Le Flore
Sumner Noble
Sumpter Kay
Sungate Comanche
Sunkist Choctaw
Sunray Stephens
Sunrise Okmulgee
Sunshine Valley Ottawa
Supply Woodward
Sutton Osage
Survey Hills Texas
Svoboda Kiowa
Sweethome Lincoln
Sweetwater Roger Mills/ Beckham
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


In this aerial view Tiawah nestles in the Tiawah Hills along State Highway 88 in Rogers County.
Community County
Tabler Grady
Tablerville McCurtain
Tahona Le Flore
Tailholt Cherokee
Tallant Osage
Tangier Woodward
Taupa Comanche
Taylor Cotton
Teresita Cherokee
Texanna McIntosh
Texola Beckham
Ti Pittsburg
Tiawah Rogers
Timber Brook Wagoner
Timberlane Pawnee
Tiner McCurtain
Titanic Adair
Tom McCurtain
Topsy Delaware (Variant name for Chloeta, Oklahoma-USGS)
Tracy Seminole
Trousdale Pottawatomie
Troy Johnston
Tucker Le Flore
Turkey Ford Delaware
Turley Tulsa
Turner Love
Turpin Beaver
Tuskahoma Pushmataha
Tuskegee Creek
Tussy Carter/ Garvin
Tuxedo Washington
Twin Hills Okmulgee
Twin Oaks Delaware
Tyler Marshall
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County
Ulan Pittsburg.
Ultima Thule McCurtain
Unger Choctaw
Union Cleveland
Union Kingfisher
Union Tulsa
Union Hill Pontotoc
Union Valley Pontotoc
Uniroyal Carter
Utica Bryan
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County
Vamoosa Seminole
Vanoss Pontotoc
Vernon McIntosh
Victory Jackson
Vinco Payne
Vinson Harmon
Virgil Choctaw
Vista Pottawatomie
Vivian McIntosh
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County
Wade Bryan
Wallville Garvin
Ward Springs Pittsburg
Wardville Atoka
Warner Muskogee
Warren Jackson
Washita Caddo
Waterloo Logan/ Oklahoma
Watova Nowata
Watson McCurtain
Wauhillau Adair
Weathers Pittsburg
Webb Dewey
Welling Cherokee
Welon Jackson (Railroad switch.)
Welty Okfuskee
Wes Pawnee
West Park Oklahoma
West Seneca Ottawa
Westside Muskogee
Westside Oklahoma
Wheatland Oklahoma
Wheeless Cimarron
Whippoorwill Osage
White Bead Garvin
White Eagle Kay
Whitefield Haskell
White Oak Cherokee
White Oak Craig
Whitesboro Le Flore
Whittier Tulsa
Wildcat Point Cherokee
Wild Horse Osage
Williams Le Flore
Williams Rogers
Willis Marshall
Willow Springs Oklahoma
Wilson Okmulgee
Wilzetta Lincoln
Winganon Rogers
Wirt Carter
Wolco Osage
Wolf Seminole
Woodford Carter
Woodland View Tulsa
Woodville Marshall
Woods Oklahoma
Woody Chapel McClain
Wybark Muskogee and Wagoner
Wye Pottawatomie
Geographic or historic reference undetermined.


Community County
Yanush Latimer
Yarnaby Bryan
Yewed Alfalfa
Yost Lake Payne (Lakeside community, called Yost, or Youst-Shirk.)
Yuba Bryan


Community County
Zafra Le Flore
Zaneis Carter
Zeb Cherokee
Zena Delaware
Zincville Ottawa
Zion Adair
Zoe Le Flore



  • Shirk, George H. Oklahoma Place Names. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1987: ISBN 0-8061-2028-2 .

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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