Coronary thrombosis

Coronary thrombosis
Coronary thrombosis
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ICD-10 I24.0
ICD-9 414.8
MeSH D003328

Coronary thrombosis is a form of thrombosis affecting the coronary circulation. It is associated with stenosis subsequent to clotting.[1] The condition is considered as a type of ischaemic heart disease.

It can lead to a myocardial infarction.[2] The terms are sometimes used as synonyms, although this is technically inaccurate as the thrombosis refers to the occlusion, while the infarction refers to the necrosis due to the consequent loss of perfusion. The heart contains anastomoses, and depending upon the location of the thrombosis, the infarction may be subclinical.

Coronary thrombosis can be a complication associated with drug-eluting stents.[3]

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  • heart attack


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