Chaplain Branch (Canadian Forces)

Chaplain Branch (Canadian Forces)
Chaplain Branch
Country Canada
Allegiance Canada
Branch Canadian Forces personnel branch
Type Chaplain
Motto Pre-2006: In Hoc Signo Vinces (Latin) (Engl., "In This Sign, You Will Conquer")

Since 2006: Vocatio ad Servitium (Latin) (Engl., "Called to Serve")

March "Ode to Joy" [1]
Brigadier General K.R. McLean [1]

The Chaplain Branch is a personnel branch of the Canadian Forces (CF).



Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre

The Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre (CFChSC) in Borden, Ontario, is responsible for the training of all chaplains (Regular and Reserve, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim and Jewish). CFChSC provides training in operational and static ministry. The training is provided with an operational focus and an interfaith approach. Courses are available in both official languages English and French. Courses include Chaplain Basic Officer Training, Ethics, Pastoral Counselling, Chaplains in Deployed Operations, Intermediate, Advanced, Chapel Life Coordinator (Protestant and Roman Catholic), and Ministry in a Pluralistic Environment.[2] CFChSC prepares military chaplains for service in times of peace and times of conflict. The Resource Centre contains a library relating to ministry, religion and related areas. The Chaplains provide ministry to Canadian Forces personnel and their families.

Annual Chaplain Branch Retreat and Seminar

Since the amalgamation of the former Protestant and Roman Catholic Chaplaincies in the mid-90’s into a single multi-faith Canadian Forces Chaplaincy, a joint annual retreat and seminar has been held. Consisting of seminars, business meetings and worship services, the annual retreat provides opportunities for the professional and spiritual development of chaplains and for fellowship as a Branch. The Annual Protestant Chaplain Branch Retreat and Seminar was held annually at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario in the late 1980s and 1990s.[3]

Noncombatant status

See: Military chaplain#Noncombatant status


On 24 September 2006, the Department of National Defence issued a press release indicating that, "[i]n order to better represent the diversity of Canadian society, and reflect the multi-faith nature of today’s chaplaincy", the current Branch cap badge would be replaced with three new badges. The new badges would retain the crowned wreath of red maple leaves and central blue circle; the Maltese Cross behind the circle would be removed. On the circle would be "a different symbol for each faith tradition: for Christian chaplains, the Maltese cross, which has long been associated with Christian chaplaincy. Jewish chaplains will wear the symbol of the tablets of the Law and the Magen David (the star of David) and Muslim chaplains will wear the crescent." A scroll with the motto "VOCATIO AD SERVITIUM" would be placed below the circle.[2] These badges were approved by the Canadian Heraldic Authority on 15 March 2006.[3]

Chaplain General

See also: Chaplain General and Military Chaplain#Annual International Military Chiefs of Chaplains Conference

Order of precedence

Preceded by
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch
Chaplain Branch Succeeded by
Canadian Forces Military Police

See also

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