Royal Canadian Armoured Corps

Royal Canadian Armoured Corps

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The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps (RCAC) is the armoured branch of service of the Canadian Forces Land Force Command (Canadian Army), including regular force and militia regiments.


The corps was formed in 1940 as the Canadian Armoured Corps with Major-General (then Colonel) F. F. Worthington as its first colonel-commandant, but claimed lineage from the Canadian Tank Corps of the First World War. The "royal" designation was added in 1945. Canadian armoured regiments split their heritage between the cavalry, from which many armoured regiments were created, and the infantry beginning in 1936 with the creation of "infantry (tank)" regiments and continuing from 1940 when many infantry regiments mobilized armoured units for the Second World War and eventually transferred from the (Royal) Canadian Infantry Corps into the RCAC.


Armour School

The Armour School in Gagetown, New Brunswick sustains and conducts armour advance qualifications, advanced armour leadership qualifications, basic armour officer requirements, and specialized qualifications on behalf of the Army. [ Canadian Forces Schools]

Infantry School

The Infantry School in Gagetown, New Brunswick sustains and conducts the advanced infantry qualifications, advanced Sr NCO leadership qualifications, basic infantry officer training, pertinent specialized all-arms qualifications for the Infantry Corps and the Army. [ Canadian Forces Schools]

Tactics School

The Tactics School in Gagetown, New Brunswick develops, conducts and monitors combined arms operations. Within a battle group context, the tactics school focusses on tactics, techniques, and procedures at the combat team level. The Tactics School's mission is to educate and train army junior officers in the integration of combat functions at the combat team level on the tactical battlefield. [ Canadian Forces Schools]

Regular Force

#Royal Canadian Dragoons — armoured/armoured reconnaissance
#Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) — armoured/armoured reconnaissance
#12e Régiment blindé du Canada — armoured reconnaissance

Primary Reserves

#The Governor General's Horse Guards — household cavalry/armoured reconnaissance
#8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) — armoured reconnaissance
#The Ontario Regiment (RCAC) — armoured reconnaissance
#The Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment) (RCAC) — armoured reconnaissance
#Sherbrooke Hussars — armoured
#12e Régiment blindé du Canada (Milice) - armoured reconnaissance
#1st Hussars — armoured reconnaissance
#The Prince Edward Island Regiment (RCAC) — armoured reconnaissance
#The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) — armoured reconnaissance
#The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own) (RCAC) — armoured reconnaissance
#The South Alberta Light Horse — armoured reconnaissance
#The Saskatchewan Dragoons — armoured reconnaissance
#The King's Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC) — armoured reconnaissance
#The British Columbia Dragoons — armoured reconnaissance
#The Fort Garry Horse — armoured reconnaissance
#Le Régiment de Hull (RCAC) — armoured reconnaissance
#The Windsor Regiment (RCAC) — armoured reconnaissance


The main vehicles operated by the RCAC include:
*Leopard 2 main battle tank, purchase announced in 2007
*Leopard C2 main battle tank
*LAV III infantry fighting vehicle
*Coyote Reconnaissance Vehicle; this is in service with the Regular Force regiments
*G-Wagon reconnaissance vehicle; this is used by the Militia regiments

Order of precedence

RCHA on parade with guns: (See note below)

RCHA on dismounted parades: (See note below)

"Note:" The honour of "The Right of the Line" (precedence over other units), on an army parade, is held by the units of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery when on parade with their guns. On dismounted parades, RCHA units take precedence over all other land force units except formed bodies of Officer Cadets of the Royal Military College representing their college. RCA units parade to the left of units of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps.

See also

* Royal Armoured Corps
* Royal Australian Armoured Corps
* Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps

External links

* [ Canadian Forces Recruiting]
* [ Canadian Forces and Department of National Defence]


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